American Idol 2012 Amy Brumfield’s Troubled Past

Amy Brumfield

Amy Brumfield appeared on Wednesday’s premiere of American Idol 2012 as one of the season’s sob stories. Amy was down on her luck and living in the woods but sure enough, she was soon handed a Golden Ticket and trip to Hollywood. Unfortunately for Amy and her fans, that’s where her Idol story goes downhill.

Reality Rewind reports that Amy Brumfield has been allegedly arrested 6 times in the past 7 years with 3of those occasions involving alcohol. Way too much alcohol.

Brumfield was arrested in 2005 for trespassing. Again in 2007 for living somewhere she shouldn’t (stopped paying rent, but kept staying). Later that year for underage alcohol consumption. Brumfield was picked up in 2010 for extreme public intoxication then again a few days later for similar conduct.

Of course a criminal past doesn’t necessarily preclude a Hopeful from moving forward in the American Idol process, but it doesn’t help. Either way, according to Amy Brumfield’s Facebook activity she won’t be moving on to the live shows.

Starz Uncut tracked down a screenshot of Amy claiming online back in December that she was out of the running after having trouble working with other singers.

Amy Brumfield on Facebook

We’re still a few weeks away from the Hollywood Week episodes. We’ll have to wait until then to see what really happened. If true, are you sorry to hear she won’t be joining the live shows?

Sources: TMZ & Reality Rewind & Starz Uncut




  1. If she has no outstanding warrants, and has satisfied all past ones, I don’t see the need to bring this up. This is another case of the press going overboard.  Not talking about you Matt as I’ve read this on other sites.  There’s little chance of her winning Idol, but also no reason to kick someone who’s down.

    • No offense taken. I debated posting the topic (obviously even waited a few days since this is getting old now). Since she possibly out’d her  own elimination I figured there wasn’t much to protect anymore. Combo that with someone who gets arrested for drunk in public and then goes back and does it again just days later doesn’t strike me as much of a victim. But I’m sure we’ll get a few angry “you’re the worst person in the world for writing this!” comments later and that’s okay.

      • Hi Matt,
        This is one of the major reasons some of us here are tired of these fill our eyes with water stories,  because it steers us away from the real issue and that is “singing”.  I know this has been a major part of  AI , the background life stories of most of the potential contenders.  My question is for these reason are we missing out on some really good
        singers because we seem to choose quirky, funny , singers with plankers , or just plain down on their luck  mediocre singers than real
        good potential singers with great voices because of our emotions.

        What I am trying to say is why can’t the show give us what we crave for,
        a real out of this world, blow our minds with super talented singers that
        we can vote for period,  but then again no fun in that is it?

      • Hi Matt,
        May I add I’m not being heartless to those who wants a chance to better themselves Like Amy and anyone else who wants to change and have a second chance in life.  That’s what makes us who we are as people.

        But these is “American Idol” , is it?  And if it is then , those who are in it
        should be able to compete because of their talents. Set aside any baggage , prove it by singing not crying.

    • The South Carolina auditions were held in July 2011. Then the Savannah audition callbacks (singers invited back from the NC auditions) were held in August 2011.  Amy’s Facebook message is dated December 2011. That would be after she was videotaped as homeless and living in the woods.

      • Anyone can go to a Public Library to use the internet.  Did anyone ever think of that?????  It doesn’t matter where you live.

  2. she lives outside of gatlinburg…im sure there are internet hotspots everywhere where a person can sign into unlocked internet…resturants and hotels are everywhere up there

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