Adam Lambert Reveals Second Album Details

Adam Lambert‘s highly anticipated, post American Idol, second album just got a little more time for the anticipation to build. Lambert tweeted over the weekend that his sophomore release was being held up and the fault was all his own. Adam tweeted, “Here’s the deal: there have been a couple of creative set backs on the first single. Mainly cuz I’m a perfectionist. Ha.”

Adam went on to say that first single should hit in November with his album release coming in the early part of 2012, hopefully around February or March.

THR spoke with RCA Records COO Tom Corson who confirmed the delays and reiterated Adam’s comments that the hold up was their focus to get everything right. Corson told THR:

It’s been noted that Lambert is “taking the reins” on this album much more so than on his debut, and Corson concurred: “Adam is definitely more involved than ever and I think he’s really enjoying that. Those first records when you come off of Idol, the timelines are really tight, so it’s an artificial experience. Now he has room to breathe and time, he doesn’t have to come off TV, onto a tour and then have an album out for Christmas.”

Considering how well “For Your Entertainment” was received the interest is high for Adam to really succeed this second time around and it sounds like he’s getting the right support to make that happen.

Are you ready to hear that first single next month?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter




  1. The wait is killing me but anything for Adam and he can do no wrong. I will wait impatently for as long as it takes, he is worth the wait. He will produce album that will let the world know what a special and one of a kind artist Adam Lambert is.

  2. I am so ready….I couldn’t play his first CD enough now I am waiting and anticipating this one to be even better if thats possible. Adam Rocks…..

    • Hi Phyllis from Vegas…are you a glambert??If so, is there a glambert club in our area. Hope when Adam performs here it’s not at Mandalay Beach…the sun and sand didn’t work for me! X-factor seems to be getting better! Personal reasons … I want it to succeed.

      • @Carolee….I’m not a Glambert (whatever that is) but I am a hugh fan. He is my all-time favorite Idol to date. I don’t know if they have a fan club here in Vegas….I know what you mean about Mandalay Beach. I saw him there in concert and stood in the water for 3 1/2 hours but he was soooo worth it. I’m hoping next time he’ll be in an indoor arena..LOL…

        I’m loving the X-Factor….I truly hope it succeeds…..

  3. I am so glad Adam’s label is giving him the time to make his second album really special. RCA said it all he had to record songs for FYE between shows on AI Tour and then hurry to finish it after tour ended. That’s crazy. It’s amazing that FYE turned out to be so good with little time to complete. Can’t wait for his sophomore album to be released and his first single in November. I know it will be perfect.

  4. Adam Lambert is worth the wait. I’m so excited to hear what he has in store for us. Single in November….new cd in 2012. Gosh…just love him so much !!!

  5. Adam, You look like a doll in that suit with that black shirt! I can’t wait until you put out another album. I am a HUGE fan of yours. And I can’t wait to buy your new album. Kisses doll face. I printed your picture out for my musicians guy album. You look GREAT in that picture too. Love you Adam Lambert!

    • @Sherry K. You are too much. I’m just hoping he makes a trip back to Vegas after his CD release. He is one awesome entertainer. THATS OUR GUY!!!!!!
      Hope all is well with you…….Have a great day…

      • Phyllis, You know I just love Adam! I wish he would come here! I would even go by my self just to see ADAM. Yes indeed ADAM is awesome in every way! Have a good week Phyllis. PS, Do you like the X/Factor. I don’t really like the format of it too much! I am starting to get bored with the group thing. And Boot Camp too. Duh! See you later.

      • @Sherry K. Believe it or not, I really like the X-Factor. They have some eally good talent and I love the judges…..Not as much BS as Idol. Well like I said before the jury is still out. I want to see how they conduct the voting…..but so far I’m really enjoying it…Have an awesome week.

  6. For sure it will be worth the wait!! But I hope Adam will take some time to write while he’s touring next time so we won’t have to wait so long after the next tour ends for the next one 8-). I’ve been listening to FYE remembering how I felt when I first heard it and got chills! I also LOVE my CD of all his Idol performances, that brings back the chills he gave us every week for months!!!

    • @shadamholic….I definitely know what you mean. No one before or since has given me chills when they sang (well maybe James D.) like Adam did. I really wish he would put out a CD of all the songs he sang on Idol….either way he is my all time favorite entertainer/singer on Idol…..

  7. if it’s adam’s it’s gonna be great. and worth the wait. and as we all know, new ablum means new tour!! can’t wait to see him at madison sqaure garden. rock on, you utterly gorgeous creature!

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