American Idol 2012 Auditions: San Diego Callbacks

American Idol 2012 San Diego auditions

American Idol 2012 auditions keep on rolling with the latest callback auditions. Well, let’s make that the auditions just finished after one final round of callback performances this weekend in San Diego.

The judges team followed up their Aspen callbacks last week with one more stop in sunny California where they spent two days, Sunday and Monday, listening to over a hundred performers competing for a chance at the golden tickets.

That was the consensus during Monday’s brief news conference on the U.S.S. Midway, in which “American Idol” judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler waxed über-enthusiastic over the quality of talent they saw during the second round of local auditions.

“Today was good, but yesterday was amazing,” Jackson said of this two-day callback round, where the contestants who made it through the mass auditions held at Petco Park in July sang for the three judges for the first time.

Nearly ten thousand singers had turned out over the summer for the American Idol 2012 auditions, so there were a lot of options to pick from and it sounds like they didn’t disappoint. “Amazing” is what we needed to hear after finding out the Aspen auditions consisted of “5 out of 10” rated singers.

American Idol returns in January 2012 for the new season, so just a few more months to keep busy. I’m sure we’ll have more news along the way so stay close by. In the meantime, are you checking out X Factor USA for more Simon and Paula?

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  1. I’m always excited about a new season of Idol.
    Regarding The X-Factor….I don’t understand why the ratings are not that high. It is an amazing show. People should tune in…it really is a good show. Right up there with Idol on so many levels. I’m just waiting to see how the judging system is going to be once its out to the public.

    Once again Matt….thanks for the updates….

    • Phyllis G. Go look at what I had to say about the X/Factor on Adam Lambert reveals second album details. Phyllis, I think you like anything with singing except for country. LOL! BYE

      • Sherry K…..Hello my friend……Now thats not completely true…I love Lady Antebellum, Sugarland & Carrie Underwood….LOL….
        I’ll let you know when boot camp is over on X-Factor and then you can watch it again…..LOL……I love your honesty…..Have a great day my friend….

  2. Phyllis g. Sorry I forgot to go there first.Just now saw your answer! I still don’t like the X/Factor. If something better comes on like the voice I will watch it instead. My husband likes the X/Factor. But like I said all that group stuff and for goddness sakes boot camp?? Sorry all of that just confuses me. Maybe when they get down to the nitty gritty and I can tell if some of my favorites are still there I might like it better. OK, Have fun!

  3. Hi there Phyllis my friend. No it’s not completely true. But I think I remember seeing a post by you somewhere that said something like this. Ugg, I am tired of the country stuff. LOL. That’s not the exact words you used. And the ones you listed cross over to pop. I like Lady A, Sugarland ( Mike loves Jennifer Nettles voice, and she does have a great voice.) And Carrie Underwood too. I like some of the guys too. I like Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban,Josh Turner. But they are getting so many new young ones on that I don’t even know who the heck they are! So, I don’t listen to country much anymore. I get in my car and pop ADAM in. Or Journey and away I go with the radio blasting. It makes my husband mad. Ha, Ha. He keeps telling me I am going to have a wreck the damn radio. That it is too loud. Funny when I am with him in his Tahoe I have to listen to oldies. Yuk, some of them are OK. But a lot of them must be 1 hit wonders. You can tell me when boot camp is over!! But if Mike is home he watches the darn show and I read. LOL again. Take care. See you later Phyllis

  4. @ Phyllis G. What the heck? Is it just you and I talking on this blog Phyllis? I guess we both have big mouths. Oh boy! LOL again. Where is everyone? Oh one more thing, I like The voice too. I like Adam Levine. I think “I got the Moves like Jagger is so funny!”

  5. Sherry K……I love the Voice too. I guess you are right….I love anything with music and dancing too. I love Adam Levine too and his new song is my favorite right now….”Moves Like Jagger” I watch the video on Sat. Mornings on the Top 20 Videos of the week. I dance all over the house. LOL……
    This is like our own personal blog…..HAHAHAHA LOL…..

    P.S. I don’t hate Country but I’m not fond of Scotty’s old style country singing…….I like more of the above mentioned artists than that southern drawl type singing….Oh well….JMHO…..
    Have a great day my friend….Phyllis

  6. Coming over from Sweden, will absolutely swing by and say “Hej!”.(Hi in swedish)

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