Watch Lauren Alaina Perform Georgia Peaches

Watch Lauren Alaina perform Georgia Peaches, her new single from her debut album which just hit shelves yesterday, on Good Morning America. If you haven’t already, then be sure to grab a copy now.

Lauren went on GMA yesterday morning and put on a big performance for the show. There was some chit chat before she got started which you can either enjoy or skip to the two minute mark in the video for see Lauren Alaina get right to it.

Alaina’s debut album, “Wildflower,” is available on Amazon for just $8. Not bad.




  1. She’s kind of acting like a hoochie mama again. Don’t like that. And I wish she’s get over that boots with a dress thing.

  2. Templar, I am not surprised; you’re not a fan. I think that particular song has a riveting beat and will be quite successful. Though I admit I don’t like this album personally, I am sure the demographic it was meant to please will love it.

    OK, that’s nonsense. She’s merely emoting for the lyrics of the song. Give her a break. She’s 16. Did you listen to her talk before the song? She can barely hold a conversation, for heaven’s sake. She’s a kid in the spotlight doing the best she knows how. I find nothing wrong with the bit of sexiness thrown in there.

    • I know, Pup and I didn’t mean to paint her as trashy. But, I just think back to when the final 11 were chosen and she was so flirty with Ryan and Steven. When she acts like that it puts me in mind of those poor little girls whose mothers put them in beauty pageants before they can even talk. Lauren is a sweet girl and can make it on her voice.

      • Hi, OK! You gotta think back to when you were 16 and didn’t know the first thing about the first thing–but probably thought you did, if you were like most teens. Sometimes kids do what they think is expected of them (act in a certain way–used to be the “bored” thing, if you recall); mostly kids are “trying out” a way to act to find out if that’s the authentic “them.” And sometimes they are caught up in what’s going on around them. I think Lauren is a sweet, sweet girl and grounded well, but I am sure is aware of her attributes. The spotlight has got to be a giddy experience. So she is probably testing things out–and someone is for sure coaching her–telling her when to put her arm up or down, when to wink and when to smile. Part of growing up is making choices about what you’re told vs what you finally decide you believe. You make mistakes. You change course. Every day she is finding out who she is, and she is doing it smack in front of us.

      • I can go along with most of what you say. The thing is that this is country and like it or not the too sultry girls don’t last long in that genre. Shania broke down a lot of barriers, but she was such a crossover star that a lot was overlooked. Faith Hill pushed the envelope, but she was a married, mature woman. And even she is having a hard time staying on top. The ones who act too “fast’ [ Gretchen Wilson] don’t last long. I agree that Lauren isn’t sure of what’s appropriate, but if her handlers know anything about country, you’d think they’d clue her in.

  3. Wow, OK. I had no idea that country was that moralistically (and I must say, superficially) rigid . . . still!

    I am not a country fan and really don’t follow it. I just liked Lauren Alaina’s sound a lot from the beginning. (Though I will admit loving Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, and more currently, LeAnn Rimes. When I heard Tim McGraw recently, I was shocked at how much I liked his voice, too.

    I have to say, unless it is really off the wall behavior (Michael Jackson), I really don’t pay much attention to the behavior of performing artists . . . I just listen to their recordings!

  4. I think she is adorable and I wish her well. Looks like she lost some weight too…..Good for her….

  5. I think Lauren is a beautiful, talented young lady and she may have a lot to learn, but she’s going places. She is already good, she’s going to be a great.

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