American Idol 2012: Did Jane Carrey receive special treatment?

Jane Carrey, daughter of comedic actor Jim Carrey, has created quite the stir since showing up on Sunday’s American Idol  2012 auditions in San Diego.

Now, there are people claiming the comedian’s daughter received special treatment. Radar Online is reporting that Jane did not have to go through the same red tape that a typical American Idol hopeful does.

“She did not have to sleep outside and wait for hours like everyone else,” a source told Radar Online. “She basically had an appointment and showed up. Her audition was prearranged with the producers. She did not wait and line up for hours or days outside. She had a time, she showed up and went in.”

During her audition, Jane said her last name has been both a good thing and a bad thing.

“The last name definitely helps and hurts,” she said. “I feel like there’s kind of this pressure to maybe be better, because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying ‘Oh you only got there because of this.’”

Of course there’s no confirmation or denial about any of this, so take this information from Radar Online as you like. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time someone didn’t have to wait in line for days or hours to audition.

Do you think Jane received special treatment? Do you care?




  1. why are these “sources” never named??  i should think that if they have the goods they would want people to know who they are.  oh well, another season, another “scandal”…..

  2. Nope, don’t care…. Either she can sing or she can’t…. America decides, right? Iffffffff she makes it that far!!!!

  3. Nope, don’t care..its not going to matter if she got special treatment or not. Once she gets on stage, money and fame from her father will only take her so far. It’ll be her talent alone that’ll help her though Hollywood week and IF she survives that it’ll then be up to America

  4. Yeah me too, who cares, it is not important whether she did not have to
    sleep in a tent or stay in a 5 star hotel, at the end of the day she have to
    compete with the rest of the pack and prove she is good to stay.  And based
    on the spoiler list,  I did not see her name in the final 12.  I do admire her
    courage whether she is succesful or not.  It is hard to live under the roof
    of a famous parent, you are automatically expected to shine as well.  I know
    a few who became miserable because of it.  I wish her the best.

    • I agree Ed. In fact I think I already stated that I admire the fact that she chose to try and grow her career along an avenue like this instead of just having her dad make the connections for her. Her comments suggested she really wanted to blaze her on trail and not ride in on her father’s coat tail. My only issue with that is I think she should not be ashamed to make use of all the advantages she can get from her father being famous. It’s very hard to break into the industry now days and a little leg up every chance you get is nothing to be ashamed of. I think her desire to do her own thing and make her own name will come through in the end. She seemed like a very sweet girl who has her head on straight and is very down to earth despite her father’s fame. It’s better than the drug, alcohol and party scene that you see most of these celebrity kids fall into. With all the media attention on this show I am sure some paparazzi would have spotted her in the crowd and caused her issues if she had tried to do it the conventional way. Celebrities and their families some times have to slip in the back way to avoid being mobbed.

  5. I really do not care as long as she can sing, but did anyone think she looks just like Miley Cyrus?

  6. I think that this is a competition and anyone with a voice should get special attention. She’s lovely and she has a voice:) Good luck Jane!

  7. i dont care if she was first in line, she still has to get the votes and a fan base like everyone else.   and I did see her adution and I liked her alot, she cute and classey and seems on track, and she sang very well in my opinion.Good luck Jane in Hollywood and further. and yes she looks like Miley.  loved her.

  8. I don’t even remember her so I guess I wasn’t impressed. Or maybe it was because it was close to f—— midnight  when it aired and I dozed off!

  9. Famous people have perks and I guess her not having to sleep under the moon was one.   Why not? Seriously, who cares!  I thought she did very well, better than some who have been given a GoldenTicket.  Will she go far? According to the spoiler list, No she is not but I do give her credit for showing up and trying out.  I do wish her good luck.
    YES!  She does look like she could be Miley Cyrus’ sister.

  10. Not really a big deal…I did read somewhere a while back that there are contestants that get a “free pass” into the judges because they won a talent competition at Disney or AGT…it is the voice that does count and I did not see her name on the spoiler list.

  11. i dont care if she can sing or not, everyone should be treated fairly, and the same . that way no one can say that the child of a celebrty was given special treatment . its about talent not about “oh I”ve known you scence you where 2. so dont wait in line, i know you so just push every one else aside and come on in.  after all your some one special”. Everyone who trys out for AI is special.

    • Don’t care.  Celebrities have been getting special  treatment forever.  Why are we surprised or even care.  If one of the ones complaining were getting special treatment it would be a different story. She has a nice voice but will probably get eaten alive in the competition. If you can’t get special treatment when your Jim Carrey’s daughter I don’t know who can.

    • I agree all who try out are special, not very good but special. and it dont matter if she did get special treatment, she still has to prove herself to America and get fans. But really the reailty of life is if you know someone its a plus, if your a stars child its a plus. its part of life, the whole point of Jane is she wanted to do it on her own , not through her fathers name.

  12. she can sing sure but nothing special, but sure let her give it a try, its a good experience & a good place to start & get advice on what to work on, she wont make it to the top #10 or anything like that, but why not let her sing and see what happens or doesnt happen

  13. Personally, I don’t care.  If I were one of the contestants that stood in line for days and she walked right by me to the judges then I would definitely have an issue with it.  Also, if she wanted to be judged fairly, she should have stood in line with everyone else and didn’t tell AI people who her father was.  In the end, she wasn’t that great anyway so even if she makes it through to the live shows (which I doubt), the public will decide.

  14. Well it doesn’t matter in the end she still has to compete. If she makes it through to the top 24 and Jim Carey has a movie coming out around the time the live shows start and shows up to not only support his daughter but to plug his movie then I will be suspicious about it, but other than that it doesn’t matter.

  15. Yes, she did get special treatment by not having to stand in line.  I am sure all of the other people that were good enough to get the ticket to go to Hollywood would have liked to call the ‘producer’ for a scheduled time.  Not right!!!

    • She did not get special treatment.  They pull many people to the front so they can do a piece on them.  For example, look at all the homes they visited prior to them even audtitiong, Ryan Seacrest look alike, they do that with all the people that want to single out and do an extra piece on.  She is a great singer and should do well.  All other stories pulled people to the front also, she just has a good story!

  16. I agree with most..special treatment or not we will all see how far her talent will take care. People please quit saying she looks like Miley..this Carey girl has too much class and not to mention much prettier!

  17. I knew she had tried out and made it to Hollywood. She did not advance past that so it all is really a mute point. She does have a band website jane carrey band with some songs that are actually really good. To bad that she could not use the influence of her dad to get past Hollywood week. Goes to show you that fame will only get you so far.

    • Sure, if I can avoid large crowds, especially angry, hungry and anxious
      crowds, I definitely will use any influence I can get from anyone who
      will give it especially from my dad, and why not?  But a singing competetion?  the only thing you can influence or use is your own
      vocal chords and musical talents. LOL

       I think this is why Jane wanted to experience the American Idol Competetion because this way she is doing this on her own and there is nothing Jim can do for her but hope she does well. That shows she has
      the right attitude and character.  With enough determination, drive
      and training I believe she will be succesful someday.

  18. From watching all the seasons I just assumed that and have heard mention on occasion “where did you find them” so I took it that there were always appointments for the talent that had been scouted all over the country. So I really don’t care… if she can sing…let her sing!

  19. I think she only made it because et dad was famous honestly the girl in the booty shorts was better

  20. How can some of you not care?  Personally I can’t stand the program because I think they are getting rid of a lot that can sing and are picking people on their looks.  But with that statement aside, she should have to stand in line like everyone else.  Besides, since her father is famous, I don’t think this is the right place for her.  This should be for people who are unknown with unknown families.  This isn’t Celebrity Idol, or is this where this is going?

  21. I should really let this one go and let it simmer to a point of obscurity but out of respect for Branden who pointed out this subject in the first place
    allow me to ask one question, but folks promise me one thing before you
    respond that you be honest to yourself,ok? yeah that means you too Serena
    and Tina. so here goes…. besides I am bored silly, LOL

    How many of you out there will refuse to go if given the chance to jump
    ahead even though you have waited patiently for hours to be in front of
    those panel of  judges and sing your heart out. Now you can lie to me but
    please don’t lie to yourself, ok? I know this is foolishness but maybe there
    are a few of you guys out there that can still handle the truth.

  22. Good Luck Jane!!!!   Famous father or not…she is a person like the rest of us made up of the same material.  She has talent.  I wish her the very best of luck and hope that her name is a good thing and not a deterrent.  Best to you Jane!!

    • I hope Jane goes far – she is has a very likeable personality and her voice was decent.  I do not care how she got in, I would think that there were others over the years that had appointments as well.  Like Jason Castro’s brother for example.  Doesn’t matter how they got in, what matters is how far they go.  First the audition, then the yes’s, then more auditions, and so forth.  If they have what it takes it will show, if they don’t it won’t. 
      Good luck Jane, I seriously hope you make it.

  23. I think she was very competitave. I totally understand the priviledge given to her, in that she may be unknown, but if in a line up outside it could have caused quite the commotion if people got word of who she was…..She called it dead on “people will question if she got their on her own”….they would have done it in a line up…she could have even been in danger by an obsessive person.meaning another contestant who viewed her as a threat of their chance.

  24. Give her break………..she was actually good.  Can’t be easy growing up in the shadows of your famous parents………….we all need to just have a chance one in a while.

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