American Idol 2012: San Diego Auditions Episode Will Re-air Tuesday

San Diego American Idol auditions

Some American Idol fans missed out on Sunday’s special night of San Diego auditions because the NFC Championship Game ran long, so Fox will repeat the episode Tuesday at 8 pm in Glee’s timeslot.

Not everyone missed the episode, however, Entertainment Weekly is saying that, according to preliminary ratings, American Idol earned a 7.9 rating among adults 18-49 and drew 19.8 million viewers.

The Glee spot the repeat is taking was going to be a re-run itself, so Fox is likely to pick up more viewers for re-airing the San Diego auditions.

American Idol 2012 is back Wednesday at 8 pm with a new round of auditions.




  1. They don’t need to air it again. It was quite disappointing enough the first time. I hope they are keeping some really good performers hidden from us to be revealed later on because this has just been so disappointing so far.

    ¬†Thanks for all the spoilers but it seems from them that my hopes may be quashed and we may have to sit through a season of mediocre performances at best. I will still watch and try to pick out a favorite though. Sorry for the negativity. ūüôĀ I am pretty preoccupied right now. Getting ready to move and not looking forward to it. I can’t wait to get into my new place but I wish I could say a magic word and wave a wand and all the work would be done. LOL. It may take me a week to get to a point that I can come back and join you all again but I will be back. You have been warned! LOL

    • Yeah, i thought this season was going to be very mediocre as well but when i heard that DeAndre Brackensick and Aaron Sanders are back this season that totally changed my mind. im definitely watching this season

      • Yeah i loved that too and also the way it happened how he wasn’t even going to try out ¬† that was cool

  2. from what i’ve seen so far, no one really to write home about yet.¬† but on a completely different note, check out the cover of adam’s new “trespassing”.¬† is he hot or what!!¬† he’s gotta be the best thing to come out of idol in¬† long, long time.¬† march 20 can’t come soon enough!

    • pr63……I really feel that Idol is not showing some good talent and we will see them during Hollywood week. (Lets hope so anyway)….
      Yes, I’ve seen the cover and yes he is Hot, Hot, Hot and the best thing that has come out of Idol (to me)…….Yes, before I get a ton of comments, there has been really good talent coming out of Idol but TO ME Adam has been the best!!!!!! JMHO

      • i think our problem is that we’re all expecting too much too fast.¬† there’s only one adam to come along and he’s spoiled us rotten!!

  3. Yes, I definitely think Jim Carey’s daughter had special treatment. ¬†My daughter auditioned for Idol in San Diego and her voice was 100% better then hers. ¬†If she wanted to quote “Make a name for herself” she shouldn’t have let everyone know who she was. ¬†And shame on you American Idol for rubbing it in all the kids that didn’t make it’s face by promoting her. I give AI about two more seasons. ¬†The talent in XFactor was amazing. ¬†Good luck topping XFactor’s talent.¬†

    • x Factors talent was bad compared to all the talent on Idol over the years,¬† yes they have put through some that I thought were terrible, but over all its a great show.

  4. There was a lot of good talent from San diego, mostly girls, but I enjoyed it but to play it again is a little arrogant for fox

  5. We didn’t get to see it last night so advertised they would play it tonight ¬†don’t know where you are at but some Obama and campaign stuff was on here¬†

  6. Okay, the news got to me too late and I missed the re-airing, also. ¬†Does anyone know how I can watch this episode (episode #3, I think)? ¬†Are they posted online anywhere? ¬†(Because if you can’t watch them online then how are you supposed to watch them in cases like this?)

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