American Idol 2012: Elise Testone Talks About Summer Tour Plans

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Elise Testone. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Last week on American Idol 2012 Elise Testone was eliminated from the competition, but like the rest of her fellow finalists, we’ll get to see more of her on tour this summer. Elise spoke with THR’s and Season 9’s Didi Benami about her plans for what she’d like to perform and who she hopes to sing with again as a duet.

“On tour, I’m going to have the best time. I’m going to leave it all out there on the stage. I’m going to meet all the wonderful people who have been supporting us. And enjoy singing a whole song,” Elise explained to Didi when asked what we could expect from her on tour this summer.

As for what songs you can look forward to hearing from Elise on the American Idol 2012 tour she had a few ideas in mind. “I want to give some suggestions to the tour manager… “A Whole Lotta Love,” Led Zepplin, would be awesome but I don’t know. I’d love to do some Adele on tour. I’d love to do some Jessie J.”

Who would she most like to duet with on the tour? Phillip Phillips. Elise is hoping to reprise their “Somebody I Used To Know” performance out there on the tour.

What would you like to see Elise Testone perform on the American Idol tour this summer?




  1. She should make a scent. I’d love to have that “Testosterone by Testone” everyone is talking about! LOL

    Elise, about your forte in music… Can’t wait for that! 🙂

  2. Ohh I love Jessie J’s Who You Are. Elise mentioned on one of her interviews that she’s actually planning on singing that song this week. Damn! I have been wishing that someone on Idol will sing that song. *sigh*

    Michael Orland responded on one of the fans of Idol and said that the Top5 will sing two songs 🙂 Yeah.

  3. Whole Lotta Love and Somebody That I Used To Know (w/ Phillip) would be amazing on the summer tour. I’ve had this picture of her doing those two songs for a while now, so I am excited to see it being suggested be Elise herself.

    • I still watch somebody that I used to know with phill and Elise on YouTube. It’s amazing. Elise killed that song. I also thought she did really good on No One by Alicia Keys

  4. Want more and more of Elsie and Phillip…Can’t wait!!!!   Love them two singing together…..Elsie killed both the duets with Phillips and the Led Zepplin.  You go girl .  Your the real deal!!!

    • I guess but they sound so good together. On the other hand Phil doing a duet with heejun would kinda be awesome.

  5. I swear if I was 25 years old and not married (instead of nearly 60 and married for 30+ years!!) I would do everything I could to make this girl fall in Love with me because I am in Love with Her!  (OK, creepy I know but wow do I love how Elise does her Thing!)  Elise… have a Bright Future Ahead!  Believe in that!  Your voice and style and delivery are incredible!  My favorite from this year’s group!  You Go Girl!!

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