American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 6 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 6

It’s time for our weekly American Idol 2012 rankings based on your votes and this time we’ll be looking at the Top 6 positions and what it could mean for the rest of this season.

Leading the pack is Jessica Sanchez, who found a double digit increase in her % overnight last week (read: international votes), with 50%. Jessica has continued to dominate the polls here even when she’s had the lowest votes on the show which means we’ll have to take her results with a grain of salt since we’re not getting a clear picture of where she stands in the competition.

A sizable gap separates Jessica and the second place spot this past week where you’ll find Skylar Laine. Skylar is another poll paradox as she had her second highest week here in our voting, but still found herself in the Top 6’s Bottom 3. She managed to pull 13% of the vote, an increase from the previous week’s 9%. Skylar will need to keep gaining support like that if she wants to press on the finale rather than ending up in the danger zone until it’s too late.

Phillip Phillips holds the honor of again being the highest ranked male left in the competition with 12%. Phillip has earned double digits in the votes every week but twice in our polls with a steady spot at the top of the mid-ranks. Slow and steady might get him to the finale, but can it earn him the win?

BFF’s Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet each shared 9% of the vote last week bringing them in at a tie for fourth place. Based on your votes I had expected to see both of these American Idol 2012 finalists in the Bottom 3 last week, but only Hollie faced that danger. Both of these singers have shown growth in their fan base over the season, but Joshua has slipped a little in recent weeks while Hollie has experienced the opposite effect. Despite peaking later in this season’s polls than Joshua, it seems like Hollie will heading home sooner.

Then there was Elise Testone. Elise managed to escape the single digits of votes only once this entire season and with 4% of the poll’s votes this past week her elimination wasn’t any surprise. It was the second week in a row for her to earn just 4% and the third time in four weeks for that to happen. Elise was hanging on by a thread for quite some time and it finally snapped. Her fans shouldn’t be worried though as she’s got lots of plans for what to do next.

With just a few weeks left until the American Idol 2012 finale the pressure is on for the remaining Top 5 finalists. We’ll soon find out who is willing to still take big risks and who wants to play it safe and hold out for the final round.

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American Idol 2012 Top 6 ranking




  1. yes , jessica is the surefire international recoding star. no wonder music producers are fighting each other to be able to sign her . this is the 1st for AI. a finalist with a built in international fans !

    •  Pinoys on this site power vote because they have nothing else to do. They are power racists and voting for Jess because they think their race is superior, much like Hitler did. It doesn’t matter if Jess wins between the judges’ save, judges’ favoritism, and the foreign power voting, Jess’s vote and possible win would have no legitimacy at all.

      My fear is if Jess is voted off and doesn’t win illegitimately, they will probably launch a terrorist attack against us.

      • James….ang Kapal ng mukha Mo akusang ang mga pinoy ng mga ganyan.

        How dare u to accussed us of such us hitler…..? Stop doing this kind of thinking this is far and beyond the topic….where did u got that info that filipino race is superior?

      • Look who’s talking about being racist!!! Before you judge the Filipinos, better check the dirt in your own face…before God does…

      • HAHAHHAHA NON SENSE!!!!! Just ignore this sarcastic James. Anway he is nothing compared to us.. At least we are talented but this guy????? I know this guy is very uneducated he don’t even know about history. Shame on you.. !!! HE IS JUST VERY JEALOUS..!!!

      •  I pity you James. you must have been the last racist on your family tree. Pinoys only appreciate pure talent on music  whoever he/she is.

      • where do you get that idea….filipinos are fun loving, dedicated and workaholic people……….they just do the BEST they can in everything and why do you have to compare them to Hitler, you just didn’t know what you are saying…..6 millions jews were killed by that heartless demon……and pinoys are exactly the opposite because if you really want to know them they are the most kind hearted people I know they won’t stoop to your level of thinking………why speak of terrorist attack, this is a singing competition James…….WAKE UP…… must have a truckload of garbage in your head better dumped it because you are already polluted………for pinoys….ignore this guy…for HE  needs attention (KSP)…….

      • JAMES must be CCCCRRRRRAAAAZZZZYYYYYYYYY!!! My AMERICAN FRIENDS just had their groups to ALWAYS POWER VOTE & SUPPORT Jessica Sanchez after her performance… 

        After all, Pinoys on launching a terrorist attack against Americans??? A BIG NO!!! This is sooo insane!! Philippines is one of the allied nations of United States! So how come you can say this??? 

        Guys just PRAY for this person… 🙂

      • I’m white, a male, and have no relations tothe philipines and like Jessica.  Problem?

      •  Thank you James for a very shallow nonsense declaration of your bitter personality! Your writing clearly mirrors your muddled hypocrite mind perhaps brought about your obsession to degrade Jessica. Such crab mentality, I pity you!   

      • James, here you go again..I believe this guy intentionally spews out these nonsense just to get a rise out of Pinoys and JessPushers (his term) and others who visit this site. And I think he is succeeding…look at those irate responses!

        He knows what he is writing is pure hogwash and is laughing his head off! He is  enjoying his spot of “fame” here and all the response rants here confirms it. 

        Enough said…one  “can’t win illegitimately” with him,  what ever that means.. LMAO!!!

      • James you a fool. Pinoys are better than white devils. In time you will see we will take over everything American and get rid of all whiles.
        Put all whites in camps like the did Asian Americans. America would be nothing without Asia
        Jessica is best singer in world and will top control American charts music.

      • James think so smart, Pinoys are smartest and most talent on planet. We would only vote for Pinoy because the best. Just try to stop us voting, vote 100x for Jessica and turn American idol into ours. You just jealous of how perfect Jessica is and she the only one good enough to be idol

      • Hey James,

        Take that stick out of your behind and take it easy.   You have been bashing the pinoys here for quiet sometime, enough is enough.  If you are truly who you say you are , you would not put down the pinoys here.  You could not find a more loyal citizens than these guys.  You should be ashamed for saying that. Stop it now. 

        It is one thing not to like Jessica as a singer, that is your opnion, it is another to insult a race of people.  I would be embarrased to be in the same country as you, you are the racist.  Shame on you and you brag you served in the forces.  I did too.   Shame on you.    🙁

      • hindi ko pa ito nagawa sa buong buhay ko sa pagcocomment pero gagawin ko na:

        TANG INA NITO! akala mo kung sinong makapagsalita! suporta lang naman ung ginagawa natin pero tignan mo, nilait pa tayo! ito ang tunay na reysismo! ang tanging alam kundi ipamuka ang dominanteng kulay niya sa mundo! kung alam lang niya na ung mga kano d2 sa pilipinas binibigyan ng importansya. sa mga reality shows halos manalo sila dahil sa suporta natin. ung mga pinang lalaban sa mga pageants may mga lahi nila pero tignan mo, hay nako! 

      • Oh my, James.. I can’t believe how rude you are dude. The dumbest thing in a world a person could to is to go deep in the color of other people.

        You are one hell of a coward. I don’t take  your words for granted because it is seemingly undermining. You are making a spectacle of yourself by disrespecting one’s race.

        What’s with all these people putting their votes on Jessica? It’s their choice, not yours.

      • You are pathetic!  It seems YOU and James are against Jessica Sanchez.  If you are getting bored, well… it’s your problem.  We will still support Jessica whatever it takes because she’s really the best singer in this competition.

      • @0a6aff7f9e0e6dbbd76a7ecbfaad9226:disqus She is the best singer.  However, she isn’t the best entertainer, and that’s what this is really all about.

      • Jerileo: why is Pally pathetic? Seriously. I think Jessica is an excellent singer but she is no where near my favourite. Why? First of all I don’t like the songs she sings. I’ve never been a fan of pop music and I have always found the Diva music boring regardless of who sang it. Does that make me right? No it just doesn’t appeal to my tastes in music. Does she sing the songs better than the originals? No she doesn’t. Does she change the songs she sings? Not really. Does she sing as well as the originals. No but again I agree that she is a very good singer. Therefore my lack of interest in Jessica has nothing to do with her blood heritage. Does she deserve to still be in the competition. To that I would answer yes, but she still doesn’t grab me personally as an artist. Don’t take it so damn personal. It’s not an attack on you or Filipinos. For me I also am not a Houston, Carey, Beyonce, Adele or Dion fan, but I understand a lot of people do like them and their music. Can they sing? Of course they can. But for me personally I find their music ininspiring and boring.

      • To Jerileo and Branch: She isn’t the best singer or entertainer. Hollie is the best singer and Skylar is the best entertainer.

      •  Did you try listening to Hollie’s songs over and over again? There were several flats and sharps in each of them. Is that what you call the best singer?

      • Oh I sincerely hope that Filipinos everywhere don’t hate me for not voting for her.  I am part-Filipino, but while I find her voice truly amazing, she does not interest me.  I think what we are looking for is someone who is consistently good whether s/he is singing the blues, country, R & B, rock or pop.  While Jessica was fantastic when doing her Whitney numbers, she does not really deliver the goods when she sings a different genre.  I do not hate her, I do not dislike her, I just want her to be worth all this hype. 

    • in other words , BBChez is pulling away from the rest of the finalists ! they should declare jessica the winner of 2012 American Idol by a   m i l e   .enuff said.

      • Why would they declare someone a winner who a few weeks ago was voted off by the American people..and is only there thanks to judges who want a girl to win.  I guess a we don’t want u, but now ur back, so now u can win is okay for ur fav.    If any of the others win, it will be a sweet victory bc they were never voted off in the first place!  They won fair and square.

      • Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Not everybody shares the same taste of music. There are few more weeks left, we’ll see who is last one stading.

      •  Jessica has the best / outstanding voice in the competition but needs to improve her personality ( take note she is only 16) or you would rather prefer the remaining voice with good personality but with average and below average quality of voice? 

    • Actually she’s not my TOP either, but people just simply likes her and not only those “SOME” annoying Filipinos but also Americans (both young & adults) and some other races too.
      Way too much hype if you ask me but we will find out how people really “LIKE” her once she launch her first album, I guess…
      Good luck to all of those remaining hopefuls, surely they’re having a blast with their fame right now.

    • Mga Pinoy, sa darating na poll ulit dito sa site na ito. Wag muna tayo bumoto para malaman natin kung gaano kalaki ang suporta ng America kay Jessica. Para rin ipa-mukha natin kay JAMES na puro dada na maraming tagahanga ang ating kababayan. Salamat.

      • you are an irritating person Kalabaw, English if you want the rest to reas it if not do NOT POST – shoot yourself 

    • You’ll believe it when she sells more than all of the other Idols combined. LOL.

      • i don’t think somebody will beat carrie underwood in terms of selling records..

      • I thought I will never love any Idol contestant as much as Carrie,but there she goes my little miss Jessica.
        I think she can reach Carrie in Sales.

      • Lou, JESSICA is just 16. At her 30s, she’ll be a legend and sell a lot more than Carrie Underwood. At least, internationally, because she has got a lot of fans all over the world. Carrie is only popular in the USA, but not worldwide. 

    • I’m Filipino but I don’t care about Jessica’s descent. I just love her for her talent. It is AMERICAN idol. She represents America. Let’s stop this nonsensical debate. 🙂

    • yeah, because jessica is really that popular, otherwise, nobody will mind about her existence at AI at all.

  2. jessica is the only reason why we are all watching AI… for the rest, it’s a NO..

    • Me too!  She is the main reason why I’m back watching AI since Season 5.  Would like to share what AKON said about Jessica through Digital Spy.

      AKON says:

      “I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I kind of want her to get voted off so I can sign her,” Akon told E! News. “She’s beyond the talent that’s supposed to be there. I think she’s overqualified, I really do.”He added of Sanchez’s talent: “She’s only 16. Like, I’ve been around a lot of superstars. I haven’t seen anyone at that age sing like that.”I am sure all Jessica’s fans will be happy to hear this.

      Needless to say, Jessica is the Legend.

      • Spy…
        I knew you Pinoys were spying, you are subversive and trying to interfere with the culture of the USA. Ask Saddam what happens when you F with America.

      • Personally, I channel surf during Jessica’s and Skylars performances.  I watch Hollie, Josh and sometimes P2.

      • Jessica’s fans still don’t get it.  If they want her to succeed they should not be voting for her.  She can start her recording career now by signing with Akon, instead they keep voting for her which will delay her recording career.  Recent AI winners have not been successful.

      • I agree with Akon. She’s not a legend right now, but she’ll be a legend in a few years. You’ll see!! While nobody will remember who Phillip Phillips or Hollie Cavannagh are, the whole world will know who Jessica Sanchez is. Just wait an time will speak for itself. 

    • Don´t say “all”. There are a lot viewers who may watch the show not because of Jessica.

      • I’m sure Apoloriverz23 meant Jessica is the only  reason they (pertaining to her/his group only)  are watching AI–” “we”  meant “them” only.  Of course , others watch because of the other contestants.  A lot us watch because we like 2 or 3, and some like all of them–so chill…just enjoy :-).

      •  So you noticed it already. This is the first time in AI that a contestant is being asked to sign a contract in the middle of the competition. I dont hate Akon for wishing Jessica to be booted out in AI because I know his good intentions.  As Akon said she is overqualified in AI.

      •  Have you been reading other sites? They are all talking about Jessica Sanchez how good she is.

      • Then is everybody just jealous, who don´t like Jessicas music and voice?
        Respect the other peoples opinion and taste in music and voices.
          I think, that Jessica is a  very talented and hard-working ( and also beautiful) singer, but her voice and music is not my taste. I prefer  rock-music and husky voices. That´s why my  favourites always been Phillip and Elise.

    • I just watched her performances and i turned off my tv. She is the only reason of watching AL. She makes me happy and complete my day.

      • Whatever Akon said, still support and vote Jessica to be the next American Idol.

    • Yeah keep voting for her so she can’t sign with Akon now and delay her recording career.

    • I disagree with the humble comment.  While she may not assume anything she also has not acknowledged how talented her competition is on the show.

    • I believe it. The administrator of this blog hates Jessica as much as James. Just check all of his reviews and comments and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. 

      We can’t say nothing about James, but he’s a poor person (maybe he’s rich but has a very poor soul).

  3. Branden or matthew can u check what this james wrote……kinda annoying….I dont know how old this guy is to think this kind of accusation/allegation to filipino race. For me i dont care who ever win in this american idol thing, but to talk about race in general is diffrent.

    • I’ll agree, and im not a mad filipino, im a white and I thought what he said was racist and rude.

    • You need to go back and read the last 10 threads, there are Pinoy on here that are doing nothing but trashing other contestants and other posters, and calling for Pinoy pride by voting for Jess. But I guess it ok when Pinoy make racists remarks and disrespect other people, they have different rules to live by?

      • No it’s okay.  The hard working  Pinoy’s don’t live with that rule.  If some of them are rude–please do not generalize it. 

    • i agree with you Travis.. and am curious about James… why he hates Filipinos very much.. WHY WHY WHY

  4. The voting results in the net here seem to be different form the  telephonvotings.
    I red , that Phillip got 28,8 percent and Joshua 25,9 and  Jessica 25,8  percent .

    • Online polls mean absolutely nothing because they are not limited to the USA.  Only the actual votes into Idol count.  The rest is just wishful thinking.

    • It means Jessica has only 3% less than Phillips. She’ll beat him in a few weeks!!!

  5. Phil Phillips is bringing it!  His version of  ‘fat bottom ladies’ was very entertaining ….especially with the mischievious grin he had on his face the whole time. lol.  For me, he’s the total package.  The next best for me was Holly, with ‘the Climb’ and then Skylar with her performance of   ‘the show must go on’. 

  6. The poll’s showing exactly what I want!!! the next 2 to go is Joshua and Hollie and a finale with Skylar and Jessica 🙂 unfortionatly I think Phillip might will take Skylar spot at the finale…


  7. Don’t forget “Godwin’s Law:  An observation made by Mike Godwin in 1990 that has become an Internet adage. It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. In other words, Godwin observed that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to beliefs held by Hitler and the Nazis.

  8. The week 7 Jessica voting fiasco is easy to understand.  No one that I know thought she needed their help.  All of the other contestants sucked badly that night and everyone rallied around their second and third favorites so that they would be “saved” from elimination.   Jessica fans will not let that happen again.

    • Jessica fans knew what they were doing in week 7.  Get her off the show so she can start recording with Akon now.  Fans who don’t understand what’s going on started voting for her and are messing up her career.

  9. i hope that phillip wins he has a terrfic and amazing voice i get goose bimps when ever he sings omg

    • Yes, stop the hating.   Only look at our military of different races and you know why you shouldn’t be holding any prejudice in your heart.   Just vote for your favorite!!!   Anyone of the remaining contestant who gets enough votes to make it to the final should be applauded because it only means that their supporters went above and beyond to make them win–it does not mean that he/she is better than the others.  It’s true that some are better than the others but the ” others”  can also win with enough support.   And it doesn’t matter what color they are!!!

  10. To pally45 and James…. Instead of making noice here, giving comments hitting below the belt, of which i think doesnt give you an honor. Better build a strong force for voting you idols instead making a force bashing other contestants. That is a doing of Satan. My dear God bless you….

  11. If Phillip would win this competition, he would follow the fate of past idol winners eg. Lee Dywze/Kris Allen(with exception of Scooty, as we all know country music has a wide following as in the case of Carrie), female teenager fans bends to vote religiously during elimination, but seldom supports the idol after the competition thus low album sales.
     Great exceptional talent is the main ingredient of longevity in this industry 

    • ITA Which is why Adam is doing so well despite losing to Kris.  The real talent gets the national exposure and the fans support them when Idol is done.  It really doesn’t matter at this point who wins.

    • I don’t want him to win. He’s not the best singer in the competition. He’s not the best entertainer and he’s not got the best voice of them. He’s ok but not for being an AI winner (considering that there are more talented contestants).

      •  Maybe Phillip is not the best singer, but that doesn´t mean, he is is not talented. I saw him on you tube playing and singing his own written song and it sounded great. I think that he is very talented musican.
        And that´s why I also think, he won´t forget after AI. The alternate music market can need him.

      • Jayirocks, of course Phillips is a very talented musician. I haven’t denied it. I’ve just said that there are MORE TALENTED ARTISTS than him in the competition. That doesn’t mean he’s not talented. He’s a great singer, but not the best among them.

  12.  All these discussions are interesting but getting too heated. I am sure all the contestants would be horrified to read all this- hopefully, they are not.  No, Filipinos are not racist or terrorists, etc.  That is just silly.  They are very nice, hard working people, though there are some scary ones down in Mindanao.
    In the article, the percentages mentioned were of the AmericanIdolNet’s own poll.  It gave JS 50% of the vote in the poll, but with the caveat that it was “international votes” in this poll that got her that high of a percentage. The question, of course, is not whether non-Americans- Filipinos and others- are able to actually get to vote online (not on the phone, of course) on the actual competition. If they do, and it is determined that their doing so, en masse, actually influenced the outcome of the competition, it will spell the end of American Idol. If American’s votes are offset by nonAmerican votes they will stop watching figuring it isn’t their program anymore. With no one watching, no advertisements will be sold, and the show will be cancelled. 

    • I agree that I hope the contestants don’t see these discussions.  They all seem like very nice kids and seem to truly be friends.  Its so refreshing to see that in a competition show.  You can be nice and win, you don’t need to backstab and treat others like trash.  Adults can learn from the kids.  Yeah I’m talking to you Survivor and Apprentice.

    • If they are so nice, why do they get all worked up about Jess, and they go and hate on all the other contestants?

      • You want to know why Filipinos get fired up? I can’t explain it here without sounding racist. 

        I am not racist by the way but check the history and see how that country is viewed within it’s own geographical neighborhood and then see how they have tried to branch out into other parts of the world to find a more friendly environment and the whole plight of this sector of Asians and you will see why they are so excited about Jessica Sanchez, Thia Megia, Jasmine Trias and others. 

      • All AI hopeful are being bashed by everybody here!!!! It doesn’t really matter who is worst or not, it is just simply pitiful and childish and to think the ages we are now…
        And if you are gonna try to educate somebody about ones country make sure that you’ve been in that country, experience their environment and fully understand their characteristics and culture otherwise don’t even think about educating somebody base on what you read or just simply leave it alone because you’re just making yourself like a fool… Hopefully you’ve been to Philippines because if you haven’t then you are exactly what I thought you are.

      • really pitaoo? really? do you know who really are filipinos here that you can conclude that all the filipinos hate other contestants?  just say most, not all.

      • We don’t hate the other contestants–we have our favorites and we could care less what is the color of her skin.  Right now I like all the remaining contestants but deep inside of me I like Jessica and Hollie the most. 

    •  I  assure you people outside america can not vote online in american idol,,I know because after reading comments that Jessica”s fans in the Philippines are voting for her to vote last week but I failed…the americaidol website is blocked.
      So it means all the votes Jessica is getting are coming only from the United States..

  13. But it is very interesting to see how everyone around the world is so enamored with whatever we are doing and with American reality shows, and our singers and personalities.  I guess they must show our shows over there within a day and everyone gets invested with everything we in America are doing.  In America, we have no idea what anyone else is doing in the world. I know that many nations have their own xxxxx Idol, X-Factor, Got Talent, etc., but we have no idea who is or has competed in them, especially on a week to week basis (and frankly, no one here cares).  The closest we get is when, a year after the competition is over, and one of the winners of the British competition gets a big hit, we hear a Leona Lewis or One Direction and discover that they got their start in UK X Factor and we say, “oh, well that’s cool”.

    • Yes, we really enjoy American Idol (I think we get it about 12 hours after you guys). We are ahead in time (!) but we watch the performances a day later than you do in America. Australian Idol finished a couple of years ago, so we thought we would give this a go. Not sure that I am”enamored” with whatver you are doing in America!

      And it’s OK, we don’t worry if you guys in America aren’t interested in what we do here!

      Phillip for the win, I hope! – and not because of how he looks, I just like his style and so does my husband.

      • Julie, You already know I have followed “The X Factor” Australia the past couple of years. So I am interested in what your country and others are doing. We also loved Steve Irwin and still love Bindi. Crocodile Dundee was a very famous film here in the USA. Of all the other countries around the world, I think Australia is favorite among a lot of Americans. I, personally, would love to visit there and also New Zealand.

        Absolutely loved the judges on “The X Factor Aussie” except for Melanie from “The Spice Girls”.  She just seemed so fake! But I loved Guy and Ronan and Natalie. I know you didn’t watch that show but it was really good and had great talent both of the past two seasons. 

    • It’s called Youtube! Check it out some time. You might be surprised. Just search x factor or idol or got talent in other countries. It’s very interesting to see people of other nationalities and other 1st languages who are able to sing a song in English and absolutely nail it!

      Some suggestions:
      X Factor UK
      X Factor Denmark
      X Factor Australia
      Britain’s Got Talent

      The X Factor Denmark is the most remarkable I have seen. They also sing in their native language but mostly in English. I especially like it when they actually retain a bit of their native accent within the songs sang in English. 

      There are a lot of British and Aussie or Oz songs and groups that never made it across the pond which are pretty good songs and are sang really well. 

      It’s just unfortunate that they some of the artists and performers in some of the smaller countries don’t have the opportunities that are available here in America. That’s why a lot of British artists end up coming here to really tap into the money and fame market. Most of them do pretty well after coming to The USA.

      • Of course we Americans love the people from down under.  The founding fathers, many of which were Rosicrucians , planned America’s birthday on July 4 because that is during the sign of cancer.  Cancers, of all the zodiac signs are  the ones closest to their mother.  The founding fathers did not want us to lose our ties to the mother country, England.  200+ years later, our closest ties are to mother England and siblings Canada and Australia/New Zealand.
        Back to Idol:  i hope the singers stay away from gloomy, drawn out ballads and give us some razz-ma-tazz up stuff.

    • Many of us from my country – we are globalize cultured people, not really interested in America on the whole. Some of the realty  tv shows we enjoy – many aren’t suitable for my taste, but it doesn’t mean it is not good, just not suitable. Many of us went to study in the States – 2 of my brothers in fact study there. I went there twice for holiday, but I prefer Australia and Europe. 

      Musics – I like a few American artists who graced my country & performed here and tv shows – NCIS  & criminal minds – original & a few good movies too. 
      Many of us are more into F1 racing & motogp racing – European sports. We have more followers there than the American realty shows. Once a year for a few months – we watch AI for fun. Honestly, I cannot even stomach the Voice nor I can stomach the copy of the voice they make here back home. Deep down me personally, most of the AI contestants, winners or losers only lasted for a season and they are gone accept for a few for me. I still like David Archuleta & Scotty McCreery. Scotty won & David A did not. I don’t mind Stephano Langone & he did not win – the 3 I can remember, honestly the rest I cannot. To conclude my interest in American’s realty shows or any shows on earth, this is about it. My group, not out of loyalty, but out of suitableness and likeness we like & enjoy K-Pop – Corean base, so with other tv shows or movies. Chinese or Hindi, but not really into Indonesian or Filipinos.  I have many Filipinos friends – nice people, but what they like or they did not, it has nothing to do with me. Well what do you expect I studied more about Salahuddin Ayubi, Genghis Khan & Kublai Khan and watching History channel how we human destroying each other, yeah read about Atlantis too and the Greeks  history – like Alexander, I even read Hitler a little. I am color blind by the way – I try not to hate anything or anyone – I follow what my heart desire. 

    • We know what POPO Power means….so how is that any different than someone using WhitePower?

    • A lot of shows in America, including American Idol, can be watched in the Philippines on the same day these shows were aired (6 to 8 hours after the end of the show). Some folks are using live streaming for more up to date information about their favorite show/s. The country is very Westernized that many Filipinos idolize European/American celebrities and artists.

    • Why Joshua, should be Hollie IMO. Do you really want such a great song to be reduced to whining and screaming?

  14. “Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. INSULTING  the author, American Idol Net, or OTHER COMMENTATORS will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.”

    —> What’s with this instruction? Some people here are beginning to act wild on their comments. They’re far beyond the topic already and it seems that they’re talking about race. Are you guys asleep? With all due respect, I want to see a site where everyone keeps a civil and intelligent conversation. We can’t deal with things like these. -_-

      • No, the topic is “The Voice”…. -_-
        Isn’t it obvious Taymaro? Have you ever read the recent comments about American Idol with all those humiliation and discrimination towards other people?  They’re trying to channel a lot from that single topic only. How about you? Are you into it also? I wouldn’t be surprised if you are. That is, if you are. 

        Have a great day, fella. 🙂

      • Into what? I think the battle of the races is a two way street most of the time. It’s hard to discuss anything that involves race without someone getting offended so some people just quit trying and just say what’s on their mind without trying to be politically correct.

        But that comes from both sides. Not just one.

      • “The Voice” is another show altogether. Actually watched it live tonight. Pretty good show. Check it out!

      • Gheez, the topic was so obvious to ask. 

        Well actually, the battle of the races are nothing but stupidity most of the time. It adds fuel to the fire. We got off to a bad start and spoof! Eveything branched out. That’s what I hate about people. They’re being too irrational. And oh, by the way, I was not talking about race alone. 

      • Thank you for that @ff38ca9b84b9f5acd849848f5dbeb1bf:disqus or Gary…. Well, I should revisit Mr. Webster to check the meaning of Bash. 🙂

    •  Practice what you preach. Just 2 threads ago you were calling Americans “White Trash”. You are a real hypocrite.

      • You may want to re-address that because you are barking on the wrong tree…
        Just saying you know

      • Really? Well, as far as I can remember, I didn’t talk about Americans being a white trash… Gheez, my relatives will kill me if I do that. You, my friend, are the real hypocrite. Address that to yourself. 🙂

      • Apologize for Lando.  I am Asian and my father served in the U.S. military and lucky enough to be exposed to different nationalities.  So it saddened me to see all these backlashing regarding Asians being that and Whites being that.    Just pick a favorite and don’t worry about their color….just vote and vote and disregard those people who are still living with hatred.   God bless you–i hope you can see over that comment.  

  15. When Phillip is gone–I’m gone–he is the only reason I watch!  And everyone that is throwing out the race card–get a grip–it is a show, entertainment–it is not real life.  Enjoy the show–root for your favorite, vote for your favorite, but keep the hateful nasty comments to yourself.  I think they are all pretty great.  They get up there every week and put themselves on the line–pretty gutsy in my book!  Wish I had an ounce of any of their talents.  Here is hoping Phillip does great…cause personally I like his style and music–but I sure don’t hope for anyone to suck–they have all worked hard and deserve respect for their efforts.

    • Au, contraire mon frere!

       It is real life for the contestants on the show! That’s why it’s called human interest programming or a reality show. It’s supposed to drive deep divides and strong feelings among the public. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be a success. That’s how they gauge it! 

      • @Taymaro:disqus Shouldn’t your comment read au, contrare mon ami?  Or are you certain that Mmcrell is a male?

      • Hey! Randy Jackson calls everyone, male and female, “Dude” so why can’t I call everyone “brother”?

    • The Vote For The Worst crowd also agree with you (sort of).   Every year they choose the worst contestant and vote like rapid animals every Wednesday night (up to 500x each).  So, PP will most likely win……but not because he is the best.

  16. My Prediction
    5th Place – JOSHUA LEDET. He just bores me. I don’t like him that much but with the judges’ take on him, I bet I am wrong to place him in fifth place.
    4th Place – HOLLIE CAVANAGH. She will survive this week (British song as the theme) is the sole reason I place her at the fourth spot.
    3rd Place – PHILIP PHILLIPS. Never been in the Bottom 3 Stool O’ Sorrow but I am slightly, smoothly and surely feel that when it’s Top 3 week, he’ll be landing at the last spot.
    Runner-Up – JESSICA SANCHEZ. She was saved (and we are shocked that she got the lowest votes last three weeks ago) by the Judges (now, that’s not a shocker) and with that I predict she can place high enough as a runner-up only. My belief is that when an idol hopeful was saved, he/she will not win.
    Winner – SKYLAR LAINE. Country-song lovers will definitely put her on top.
    What I Want
    5th Place – JOSHUA LEDET. Like I’ve said, he’s boring. I am not enjoying his performance. Yes, the judges said that it is easy for the audience to connect with him, but with my case, I have a hard time to connect with him.
    Favorite Performance: When A Man Loves A Woman (Top 11 Week)
    Hatest Performance: Runaway Baby (Top 7 Part 1 Week)
    4th Place – SKYLAR LAINE. I think she’s good. I placed her fourth because I see her as a threat with my favorite idol hopeful. And with the fact that I like (not love or whatsoever) country songs is also a reason why I put her in that place (over Joshua Ledet).
    Favorite Performance: Wind Beneath My Wings (Top 8 Week)
    Hatest Performance: Tattoos On This Town (Top 6 Week)
    3rd Place – HOLLIE CAVANAGH. I don’t like Joshua. I think Skylar is a threat. I am a fan of Jessica. I love Phillip. Now, do you get why I placed Hollie at the middle?
    Favorite Performance: The Power Of Love (Top 11 Week)
    Hatest Performance: Perfect (Top 7 Part 1 Week)
    Runner-Up – PHILLIP PHILLIPS. I love everything about Phillip – the voice, the way he sings, the way he raise his one shoulder when he needs to sing the high part, the guitar, just everything. I really do think he’s cool.
    Favorite Performance: Still Rainin’ (Top 9 Week)
    Hatest Performance: Give A Little More (Top 7 Part 1 Week)
    Winner – JESSICA SANCHEZ. She is the best singer this season. And no doubt, I love her strong voice. She can sing any song. And I just hope she wins.
    Favorite Performance: Sweet Dreams (Top 9 Week)
    Hatest Performance: N/A I can’t think of any. Like I’ve mention – She can sing any song.
    That’s all. Thank you for reading.

      • Well, thank you Arnulfo. Let’s just see. Most of the times when I predict, I got them right. God bless.

    • I do not want to smash your dream,  Phillip will be the champion of AI 2012 – at this point I can see the clear winner and thank you. Then when Jessica make her album – you go buy it and support her

      • I surely will. I love Phillip too, that’s why I WANT a Jess-Phil finale. Whoever get the crown, I will be happy.

  17. Jessica vs. Sanchez……………………………………FTW
                    or winner
    Sanchez vs. Jessica……………………………………FTW…………….. lol
                    or winner
    Hollie vs. Phillip……………………………………….FT2nd to 3rd only 
    Joshua vs. Skylar………………………………………FT3rd to 4th or ousted

  18. Jessica Sanchez is the most talented 16 year-old singer! Like if you agree 🙂

  19. Thursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM)               Results Show & Elimination
    1. Jessica Sanchez…………………………Safe
    2. Phillip Phillips…………………………..Safe
    3. Joshua Ledet…………………………….Bottom 3
    4. Skylar Laine……………………………..Bott0m 3(Eliminated)
    5. Hollie Cavanagh………………………. Bottom 3
    Thursday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM)             Result Show & Elimination
    1. Jessica Sanchez………………………….Safe
    2.Phillip Phillips……………………………Safe
    3. Hollie Cavanagh…………………………Bottom 2(Eliminated)
    4. Joshua Ledet…………………………….Bottom 2
    Thursday, May 17 (8:00-9:00 PM)            Results Show & Elimination 
    1. Jessica Sanchez………………………….Safe
    2. Phillip Phillips……………………………Bottom 2
    3. Joshua Ledet……………………………..Bottom 2(Eliminated)
          Wednesda, May 23 (8:00-9:00 PM)     Season Finale – Results  
    Jessica Sanchez versus Phillip Phillips….Finalist
    Declared winner???????????????  Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips?
    Declared 2nd??????????????????  Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez?

    Fanbases & Followers dictates the winner.

    • Hmmm…. I guess not. Fanbases and Followers PREDICT the winner.  The Voting Process DICTATES the winner.

      That’s how I see it. Well, I sure hope that people will vote for her but anything can happen. All of them are great. Still, I go for Jessica as the ultimate winner. 

  20. Nothing to argued……………Jessica Sanchez will sell the most numbered of records internationally.
    1. Most discussed AI11 contestant in many international tv news.
    2. Most popular AI11 contestant in every sites elsewhere.
    3. Most visited video in youtube,dailymotion,video streaming globaly.
    4. Most commented AI11 contestant of all polling sites & blogs.
    5. Most anticipated AI11 contestant every week around the world.
    6. Most celebrity followers & appreciated with her power vocal ability at 16.

    • Yeah, It’s amazing to know that a lot of celeb compliment her like ALambert, PToscano, JMcCartney, RMarx, CCaillat, Akon, JHoliday, etc. 
      I wonder, how can anyone says she’s not a good singer?
      Well, for me, they’re all good anyway.~ :))

      PS. Is it possible that JS have a share of support from those celeb fans too~? that would be big.

      • Hey are you a gay?Haha I think you need some attention this time did your bet gone already,anyway just relax if he/she was kick out give your vote to Jessica ok?lol………………………..FTW Jessica Sanchez

      • Wowowoah… You’re messing with the wrong guy. LOL

        Another orientation to a Jessica fan.

        1. I am a guy… Yeap, a family guy.
        2. I don’t need some attention. I have lots of it.
        3. You should know by now that my bet is Jessica Sanchez. I’m an all-time rock fanatic so yes, that would make Elise, Phil, and Colton in the list—respectively. However, Jessica is my bet since she has the total package of a performer at such a young age.
        4. I’m a calm person. No need to follow your advise because I’ve been voting to the contestant that you’re talking since Top 13.
        5. You should read my post again—know how to read idioms and phrasal verbs.

        Take it as a compliment. 🙂 Have a great time! 🙂

  21. its funny how the author emphasizes international votes only on Jessica. Its true people all of the world vote in this site’s poll, but does that mean the other contestant dont have supporters from around the world too? id buy this article but it somehow insults jessica by saying the poll isnt that reliable coz people from all over the globe voted for her and it insults the other contestants too coz it doesnt recognize that people from europe, africa etc also support sky, joshua, phil, and hollie.

    Another example would be colton. So why bother share predictions if one is excluded. it isnt fair to all. just saying

    • Well, she was number 1 on this poll the week she was voted off.  You figure it out.

      • that was very easy to figure out.  NO ONE thought she needed any votes!!!!   Everyone concentrated on their second and third favorites because they all needed help to stay alive.  With the exception of Elise, everyone predicted to be at the bottom was at the top.  I’m sure this will not happen again during Season 11.

  22. I’m from Argentina and I’m a huge fan of Jessica. And I know lots of people who love her too. If she ever comes to Argentina, I’m defenitely going to see her. She’s like Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera. She’s the best voice among this generation of artists. She’ll be a big star in a few years. And she’s starting right now!! She’s doing really great.

  23. Guys, please, keep on voting for Jessica. She’ll sign with American Idol if she wins. And if now, Akon will sign her. But if she gets into the finale and wins, she’ll be even a bigger star than what she’s now, and she’ll have a lot of fans more. She must win. Don’t believe those who say “you’re retarding her career”. Are you serious?? American Idol is finishing in a month. She’ll be signed and sell records anyway, so don’t worry. Support her as much as you can and vote for her. JESSICA SANCHEZ FOR THE WIN! She’s the star we’re looking for.

    • Really?  Well which list below has been more successful?  The winners at the top or the “losers” at the bottom?

      Ruben Studdard
      Fantasia Barrino
      Taylor Hicks
      Kris Allen

      Clay Aiken
      Jennifer Hudson
      Chris Daughtry
      Kellie Pickler
      Adam Lambert

      • Well, if you’re going to count all the losers and winners, you will see that the winners have the biggest break.

        Fate is like a spinning wheel. It goes round and round whenever there’s a big opportunity. 

      • Why did you leave out “Winners”  Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreery and Carrie Underwood.  And why don’t you mention “Losers” Pia, Crystal Bowersocks, and Bo Bice.  Selective memory?

      • Winners Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson individually are more successful than either/or list, together they are untouchable.

    • jessica will get signed to a label whethere she wins or not.  most idol losers are doing better than the winners and they have the freedom to do what they want and not be tied down to a contract that might or might not be in their best interests.  look at adam (i hate to be repetitive but he’s the perfect example.)  he didn’t win but his career shot up sky high, the only contestant to take on a world tour right after the idol tour nonsense.  he’s doing phenominally well for second place.  no need to discuss jennifer hudson or chris daughtry either.  and katherine mcphee is tearing up “smash”.  what idol does is give these kids the exposure they need to jump start their careers.  i also have a feeling that skylar will be going places.

    • don’t get me wrong about my comment prior to this ,i’m a jessica’s fan too.if we could only vote here in middle east  for sure shes always on top,and money is not a problem.are you voting for her? in argentina ,as far as iknowvoting on line is not allowed in your country sa well as my country.

  24. Jessica has been ruling the polls every single week. The reasons? Many of them! She’s got a great voice, her performances are excellent, she’s very popular, she’s young, she’s got a lot of fans (and haters, lol), she’s extremelly talented. Everyone has his/her own reasons for choosing a favourite to win. I chose Jessica because in my opinion, she’s the best contestant on the show, she sings very good and I really like her voice, style and the kind of music she plays. She’s my idol and lots of more people’s too. We don’t have to listen to haters (there are millions of them). We have got to suport our girl and make her win the show! Enough said. 

    • I got to agree… Like what Jesseasing said, she’s been trending in the different sites around the globe. 

      She’s a total stand out.

    • It’s not just about voice. Look at Thia, Pia, Latoya, Jennifer, Tamyra.

      • Thia was not great.
        Pia was not spectacular.
        Latoya, she’s not striking.
        Tamyra, she’s a little amazing.
        Jennifer???  she’s not even counted in this list!

  25. Finally, Matthew my dear, you wrote what I have been saying for WEEKS. The polls here are accurate, with the exception of Jessica. Just look week after week, the bottom 3 is quite consistent with the polls here.

    Why Jessica’s poll number here doesn’t count? Because of the “international votes” from the Phillipines. When she was voted off 2 weeks ago, her number here was extremely high too. Thank you for finally agreeing with me 🙂

    • Do you really think all Filipinos vote for Jessica alone in polls??? or other people outside America vote for Jessica alone??? :))) Now, that’s funny.

      But I agree, Jessica have many fans outside America~ 🙂

      • Yeah you’re right this is global poll rating survey and not only  Philippines,we are already in internet world today.Many comments & reaction every now and then are bashing the Phil.Mexican,American roots like Jessica Sanchez.It only show many comments and criticism are coming elsewhere around the globe who watch the show.American Idol being watch by anybody on cables and internet streaming(American Idol Net) is not alone having their poll ratings many sites are involves with this kind of surveys everyday.

      • I am just trying to explain the “anomaly”, if you will, why Jessica’s poll numbers in this website does not reflect the bottom three accurately, while the other contestants are basically accurate or very close. How can you be number one here, but got voted off.

      • Of course not, any nationality who loves Jessic’s  kind of music vote for her. Liking her music is not based on the color of her skin.  So just vote and vote for your favorite.   Good luck to the final 5.

    • It’s because of the international votes. But they aren’t rom the Phillipines. I’m from Argentina and I vote for Jessica Sanchez every week. She has got millions of fans ALL OVER THE WORLD. She’ll be an international star, in the USA, in the Philipinas and in every single country in the world. You’ll see!

      • Anything is possible, I am basing my analysis on evidence, based on the supporters who call themselves Filipino here and also in youtube.

    • You’re saying How did JS got voted off when she top almost all polls and views on youtube and other reason perhaps~
      I really get your point~ 

      Polls in the internet are open for all, international. 
      However, AI voting process is open for America and is just limited for other countries for 50 votes online/person~ that’s why I guess, there will always a big possibility of JS being eliminated. 
      Nevertheless, if I were to ask, If AI voting is open for all countries, there’s a big chance of JS winning AI based on polls, followers in twitter/fb and views of videos. 🙂

  26. AI11 ring of fire nearly end in a span of 3 weeks?…………………lol

    Jessica Sanchez vs. Hollie Cavanagh?????????????????????????????
    Winner…………………………………………Jessica Sanchez
    2nd Placer…………………………………….Hollie Cavanaght


    BOTTOM2: Joshua Ledet&Hollie Cavanagh
    With Joshua eliminated

    BOTTOM 2:Skylar Laine&Jessica Sanchez
    With Jessica eliminated

    Bottom2:Skylar Laine&P2
    with P2 eliminated

    Winner: Hollie Cavanagh

    • Hmm. Anything is possible but I guess it is really difficult for Hollie to win at this point because she has been in the bottom 3 so many time~ just my opinion~ I would love to Hollie & JS in the finale though~ 🙂

  28. I am very happy for Jessica  I will vote for you everyday in youtube.. since that I ca not vote thru text.. you are my favorite singer now, I think you are so can sing like that with all eyes watching at you including myself.. you are my “IDOL”

  29. This is ridiculous! You people are going way to far with it all. This is a show in which we are supposed to pick the person we like to hear most. We don’t pick by race or gender. So voting for someone because of race or not voting because of gender is what screws the show and the fans. This wgwg is absurd! Every winner minus the first three play instrument and they also play piano drums keyboards ect. Which is a good thing! It’s very helpful to read & write music not just lyrics. As far as all the guys being the same, not even close! If America didn’t think they were the best, why did they vote for them to win?

    • Cause they had more fans. Not necessarily the best. It’s not just about the voice. It’s the whole package. Your race is part of the baggage you carry. Some Asians are going to be inclined to vote for Asians, some whites are going to be inclined to vote for whites, some African/Americans are going to be inclined to vote for Af/Ams and so forth and so on.

      Some young girls are going to be inclined to vote for cute guys, some men will vote for “fat bottomed girls”. And so forth and so on. Everything is at issue here. Not just the voice. There’s another show for that. Go watch it!!

      • Yes, I agree~ I guess everything is in consideration.
        Bottom line is that SOME or MOST of the people tend to vote for their favorites regardless of their performances. 

        So just go vote for your favorites~ 🙂

  30. Last week, Jessica received more votes than Skylar. So, you’re analysis is not very relevant. 

  31. Oh well……that’s what you think.  Common, Jessica, Hollie and Joshua fans–are you letting that go by?  Let’s prove that we are going for the fight so Juvy don’t bag it yet for the 2–the other 3 will give you a run for your money (heheheheh)

  32. Jessica Sanchez,  ” American World Idol ”  Let’s support her dream and aspiration!!!


    Facebook: 159.010 followers

    Twitter: 256.943 followers

    Youtube: 11,358,597 views (Only her solo performances on the official American idol website).

    Who’s the best one?

  34. So, I’ve been offline for nearly 3 days, who the hell was using my name and posting crap? Come on…step up and tell the truth.

  35. “Dancing With the Stars” topped its Fox rival, “American Idol,” to be the most-watched show of the week for the first time this season.

    Gee, I wonder why people are abandoning AI?

  36. How could anyone impose anybody when you have a icon picture in the posting ???    It was impossible….. It was all  lies lies lies lies……… You have to lie more intelligently. 

    People lied in these postings and I found them very very disgusting !!!!! 

  37. HELLO. Jessica sucks. She should have been eliminated even during Top 13.

  38. If Joshua had a lower percentage of the votes than Skylar did last week why wasn’t he in the lower three?  Is this just another situation where the judges are interfering with the votes and making sure that their “Josh” does not get eliminated and trying to ensure that Josh will be in the final two.  I have watched every American Idol show since its beginning but I have never seen such favoritism being shown by the judges toward one contestant.  It truly makes one sick and you wonder if this year the winner is going to be a “fixed” job by the judges.  Where’s Simon!!!!!

  39. I love Jessica, but i want to know where she stood before the international votes came in. Was she at the bottom? I hope not because she’s amazing. Maybe you should limit the voting on the poll for US residents so that we know what the voters really think. I don’t have anything against the international voters. I’m from the Philippines myself, but I don’t want to go through another “shocker” like on top 7 week.

  40. all the contestants are good now…jessica is boring although very talented…she needs direction and then will be amazing.   Philip is the most original but Joshua is also amazing…they all deserve to win….it will boil down to who the audience likes the best. there is no bad singer this season…left …they all deserve to win!!!

  41. for a 16-year old, Jessica has “IT”! Her “you are so beautiful” performance left me speechless… truly a pro!

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