American Idol 2012: What To Expect Top 5 Week

Carrie Underwood American Idol 2012 performance

There are only four American Idol 2012 performance shows left this season and this week’s performance theme will be british music.

That means on Wednesday night, the American Idol Top 5 – Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez – will take on songs from British bands and artists. I think that  also means we can expect them to pull out the Beatles song book again. There’s no word on whether or not both songs the Top 5 sing will be British-themed.

On Thursday, another finalist will be heading home, leaving you with your Top 4. Also that night, Idol winner Carrie Underwood is set to perform as is Coldplay, which will be the first time the band has been on the Idol stage.

Check back tomorrow for my song suggestions. Also, be sure to join us on Facebook & Twitter and we’ll keep you updated all season!




  1. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Hollie goes home this week? I mean, not only will her Idol Carrie Underwood be there, but the theme is BRITISH MUSIC!!!

    • No, it’s not Hollies week to go, it’s Phillip Phillips week, the following week will be Hollies.

      And I don”t really care who wins, as long as it’s Jessica Sanchez

      • ugghh I wish it was Phillips turn to go, I like him, but I just think its time..his vocals are not that strong & he will make it very far in his career either way

      •  I just don’t think Phillip will go this week. He’s the only one who’s never been in the Bottom 3, like most winners and runners-up. He will definitely make to the Top 3, though, whether or not he will make the Finale is to be seen. And yes, Jessica Sanchez is the next American Idol !!!
        What I want (not a prediction):
        5th- Joshua
        (Yes, I DO want a two-girl Finale this year, it’s high time!)

      • jessca is not wining american idol, the people who have not voted will see to it, it’s called american idol, asian iodlor pic idol.

      • it’s called american iodl, not asian iodl or pic iodl, jessca will not win, phillip has more votes then her.

      • Hollie has a far better voice than Elise (who sucks), Colton (great performer, thin vocal), and Deandre (good performer, HATE the falsetto with a passion, but his natural tone is really good).   So that’s how Hollie is still in the competition.   Only people whose music I would buy out of the Top 5:  Phillip and Hollie.  Hope that Jessica (only an imitator so far in her career, would love to see if she can sing for herself)  goes this week, but it could be Skylar.

      • @065c89705455a372e9342c14172c43e9:disqus Sooo you think that Hollie-alwayscrackhervoice is better than elise, colton, deAndre, and especially Jessica?? I don’t think sooo not even close… The top 5 should have been Jessica,Elise,DeAndre,Colton and Philip/Joshua.. Well atleast Jessica never crack her voice and never been pitchy..Well, as for Hollie only  always crack her voice and pitchy in her career would love to see if she could control her pitch problem… tsk.tsk 😉

      •  Sorry, Elise was not that good. I like Holly, as I did Colton. Elise had a unique voice but that is all. She is not good at connecting with her audience. In show biz you need not only to sing well but also be a good performer. She was not…  Holly does need to improve on performance also so my vote is for Philip Philip. He has both..

    • It was British music that influenced the music in America today, without British[limey music] you yanks would be still singing hoe tunes and Negro songs

      • Are you nuts?  Read some biographies by the Stones or the Beatles.  They were influenced by American music and say so.  Everyone from Howlin’ Wolf to Chuck Berry. 

      • thank you, gary.  don’t forget elmore james and the granddaddy of them all, robert johnson.  now THERE was some hot music

  2. Hope Jessica will sing Cher lloyd’s “With ur luv”, since they want jessica to connect with the audience.. And it’s popular too.. or just Jessie J’s “Price tag” or “Who you are”

    • I hope Jessica will sing the damn London phone book so we can see that she really doesn’t walk on water…BORING!!!!  A younger not near as hot version of Pia.

    • I hope Jessica will sing the damn London phone book so we can see that she really doesn’t walk on water…BORING!!!!  A younger not near as hot version of Pia.

  3. If the 5 players will sing 5 beatles songs as their theme,I need HELP by Tina Turner version will be Jessica Sanchez pick & 1 song from Amy Winehouse(Stronger than me).No need for any suggestion by the others.
    Jessica? go go go…………………………………………….FTW
    Sanchez?………………………………FTW…………….go go go

    Here are the most popular female British singers now(Top 5)
    1.Leona Lewis
    2.Amy Winehouse
    3.Lily Allen
    Here are the most populat male Brish singer(Top 5)

    1. Paul McCartney2. Elton John3. Rod Stewart4. Robert Plant5. David Bowie

    • Most popular based on what?

      I would think Adele would be in the Top 5 British Females now!
      I would also think John Lennon would be ahead of David Bowie — and possibly George Michael ahead of David Bowie…..

      • correct there are many more then Bowie but it depends upon the person writing this piece,possible he was born during the late 50’s/60’s
        there are and where many other sol artists who were equally as good but not in the charts both male & female. Bryan Ferry for instance

    • Are you trying to get her voted off?  “Imagine” is a long, dreary song with no vocal ability required.  No one should sing Imagine.  JMO

      • “A Little Help From My Friends” – Joe Cocker may be in Phillip’s wheelhouse……

        “Sailing” – Rod Stewart – for Hollie

        a couple of thoughts!

  4. Hollie is OK although pitchy in some parts of her songs. She probably can’t control it. But she’s pretty and decent. Joshua has a fantastic voice but sometimes overdo his songs. He shouts a lot and always resorts to vocal acrobatics to impress the judges. Skylar’s voice is very generic and she almost sounds like every other country singer in America. She screeches a lot because she probably thinks getting the high notes makes her a good singer. Phil is always droning like a bumble bee. I can almost sense from him that he feels that he isn’t as much qualified as the others. Jessica is always pitch-perfect from day 1. Her vocal renditions come from the heart and her eyes says it all especially in “Dance With My Father”. Only time will be the best judge on how Jessica will blossom into a great singer and reach greater heights with her God-given talent.

    • Jessica is going to have to get out restraining orders on half of you people! Settle down. Its American idol not finding world peace.

      • I’m sorry but she does lose the pitch occasionally. It’s nothing permanent, I’m sure … but it’s there.

      • Then you need some serious listening to do. She does have some issues with her tone and melody. Not saying that she can’t sing, just that she can’t control her voice right and gets off key on some parts of the song. At this point in the competition she needs to show some consistency. Having said that, she needs to be able to learn how to execute right by knowing when to tone up and down. Good luck! to her though….

      •  Im not inclined to music but Hollie has pitch problem. Look at how she sang Save Me, she cant stand straight coz she’s having a hard time reaching the pitch or breathing. Also, you can see her that there is this split second movement that she does before going to that big not. There is no fluidity or smoothnessin the change of pitch.

      • I love hollie but she can be a little pitchy at times but Jessica can be as well. Plus Jessica has nothing unique about her voice. She sounds like everyone else. But that’s just my opinion…. Don’t kill me.

    • i like this comment but am not fun with skylar. her voice is like a barbie doll haha.

      jessica the american idol 2012.

      •  Same here. She’s nasal.  I live country singers but with Skylar she’s kinda old style of country singer.I love Carrie.

    • Mr. LANUZA ANGELO, you are very correct in your statements…i hope people appreciate your comments here…you seem to be a musician or a holder of a degree in music…

    • Well if jimmy would take the time to help Hollie and stop spending all his time on dang Jessica who like you already said has good pitch then maybe Hollie could do better in the competition (since he is their mentor) like ugh im tired of jimmy and the judges having favorites and praising  Jessica like she’s JESUS!. Im just sayin!!. ((:

  5. Im sooo excited and soooooo looking forward to JESSICA’s performances every week. Just lstened to jessie j’s mamma knows best! It was amazing! Hope i could hear jessica cover this one! 🙂

    •  To those who are writing good comments and pressing LIKE will not forget to VOTE FOR JESSICA.  Finale is almost near.

  6. Jessica Sanchez are like Ellen d generes Video’s,once you watch one, you’ve watched them all. Goodluck idol!

  7. I agree with the votes from a few weeks ago where Jessica was voted off and the judges saved her.  I was surprised the judges did not think about selling songs is talent and popularity.  If Idol is to be a success going forward they need another big winner and Jessica is not that.  Her voice is a dime a dozen and best for Disney movies and such

    • I can sing– You can sing? So her voice is a dime a dozen? Says who? You? ha ha ha ha. Show us a video of you singing see if your voice is not a penny a dozen….lol

      • It is about the contestants……lol, not you. Obviously if he thought he had the talent he would enter. By the way – why don’t you put your money were your mouth is and show us what you can do ?

    • You pathetic judgmental loser! How dare you make such snide remark about someone that really honed her talent to be able to sing good? If you are who you say you are, then why are you hiding under your pathetic ” I can sing 26″ lame screen name? Get a life! You don’t even know what your mouth is running around with. You’re just jealous about the fact that someone is actually getting accolades for having a beautiful voice, especially so when you claim to be a singer too….. 

    • so you think you’d better than the judges? Do you know who they are? How would you know that jessica is not gonna succed?Do you know what is best disney movies?You have know idea what is in your head! Jessica will be the american idol 2012.

    •  Me and Akon beg to disagree. Didnt you hear the interview with Akon? she is OVERQUALIFIED  for AI. He would like to sign her at this point in time.

  8. Rank of the remaining: 

    1.  Phillip 
    2.  Hollie
    3.  Joshua
    4.  Skylar
    5.  Jessica


  9. Akon has said he hopes Jessica gets voted off cause he wants to sign her to a contract.  So true test for Jessica fans, its probably better for her career if she gets voted off ASAP, will they stop voting for her?

  10. My top 3 is jessica, joshua and elise but since elise is out, i’ll go with skylar.

    Hollie, though she improved a lot, i think she still has to check on her pitch.she has a big voice and very beautiful. Barbie look alike. She has ro carefully sing her song. Pitch problem.

    Skyalr, maybe the best belter this batch, she effortly hit the big notes and usually she hits the notes perfectly. My problem is, she’s a country singer. She’s trying to cross over a bit, but still, she made it country style.

  11. Philip, i’m sick of watching him, i like his voice but i can’t stand anymore watching him, i don’t know why..

    Joshua, maybe one of the top when it comes to musicality, my problem is, he oversings most of his songs, distorting the melodic line. I’m also concern with his vocal chords. Haha

    Jessica, she may sound generic but she’s my favorite. She sang well, seldom she miss a note. The problem is, it seems like she loss her swagger after the top 7 elimination. Hope to see the swagger back

    God bless all the contrstants 🙂

    • i like joshua to be in the top 2 with jessica…my problem with joshua is my eardrum breaks if he continue overdoing his songs…i dont know why the judges continuously giving standing ovation with him and the fact is joshua is annoying already…

  12. I hate when people has get on here to run down other contestants just to compliment the contestant they like. Just compliment your favorite contestant and quit bashing all the others. So childish.

  13. i hope joshua gonna sing if u wanna be my lover…….LOL…..#just kidding

  14. This will be my last year to watch AI, even though I have watched it for years!!. In my opinion, the contestants have lacked not only true talent but also personality. Every year I have had a favorite and have voted…….but not this year.  SO SAD. 🙁

    • You have no idea what true talent is! This season is the best so far. These kids are amazingly talented! Why don’t you stop watching now as you are obviously not informed or intelligent enough. They don’t need people like you. Get over it and carry on with your live that is clearly miserable .

      • No it isn’t.  There is not a single “Star” in the bunch.  Colton and Hollie come closest, but that’s mainly based on potential.  This is a season full of Lee DeWyzes.

  15. Coldplay is performing! AWESOME! Coldplay is the best. I hope the contestants will choose the right songs this week. Plus its british music – so i hope no one ruins the week for me! 

  16.  1
    Phillip Phillips
    “White Blank Page” (Mumford & Sons)

    Skylar Laine
    “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (The Rolling Stones)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “Domino” (Jessie J)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “Imagine” (John Lennon)

    Joshua Ledet
    “Oh! Darling” (The Beatles)

    Phillip Phillips
    “The House of the Rising Sun” (The Animals)

    Skylar Laine
    “Rumour Has It” (Adele)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “You Had Me” (Joss Stone)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction)

    Joshua Ledet
    “Somewhere Only We Know” (Keane)

  17. Here is what I want:

    5th: Hollie Cavanagh
    4th: Phillip Phillips

    3rd: Skylar Laine
    2nd: Joshua Ledet
    1st: Jessica Sanchez

    Jessica Sanchez will be an international superstar post-Idol win or lose.

    • I agree, jessica has the best voice but her personality is not as good as the other contestant.  She might be Top 3, I voted 50 times for her but . . . .

      •  Jessica needs to develop her personality but has an outstanding voice, the others need to improve their voices. Now which would you prefer?

      • Carmen–Please define “Personality”. What is Jessica lacking in personality the others contestant have? Is it now a personality contest instead of singing contest?

  18. Some people will always have something bad to say on the performances of these AI contestants. AI is a competition, the contestants will be controlled by it’s  themes each week. I’m  looking forward when this is all over and see them all on their own showcasing their  own real talents/

  19. we need to push Hollie through cmon guys she is NOT BAD!!! seriopusly she deserves to beat out philip phillips and claim her rightful spot in the top 4 while he goes out 🙂

  20.  Hollie needs to sing some old classic British pop from back in the day.  Petula Clark, Dusty Springfiled, etc. All these new top Brit female singers (except Adele) are weak and very forgettable.

  21.  Agreed.  And she does NOT have pitch problems. Believing that is just drinking Randy’s Kool Aid.

  22. I’d like to see Phillip or Hollie go this week. I’m still surprised that Hollie has made it this far. I think she’s all right, but I seriously thought that she’d be voted off by now, seeing as though she’s been in the Bottom 3 enough times… 

  23. Jessica should sing one of jessie j songs especially “Who you are” or with Adele songs maybe “Set fire to the rain” would be good.

  24. Listen to skylar when she start to sing. It is sound like a barbie doll haha! its just like she swallow her voice. Hollie is beautiful she can belt a high notes but NO control she delivered the words very hard! philps2 is a good looking and his good but its kind of boring already because he sung the same version and its too much, can u do varieties? Jessica & joshua can belt the high notes very flowless and they target the quality of professional artist. could be one of them in American idol 2012.
    Hollie 5
    Skylar 4
    philps 3
    Joshua 2
    Jessica 1 she is the american idol 2012.

    • To Shanghai23….you are right with your comment with skylar’s voice…if you wanna imitate her voice, just press your nose and sing and that’s it…very irritating and i dont know why these three judges praising this kind of voice…with joshua, my eardrum is breaking with his overdoing his songs….Jessica is perfect for AI 2o12 i guess…

  25. Am very proud of you jessica. Hope you & charice from the philippines can do a concert in cali or vegas soon.Am looking forward to see you guys.

  26. I think all of the contestants deserve their place. I dont see how every one is all of a sudden team Jessica. She got voted off one time. She does have an amazing voice. Just not my pick. I’d love to see Skylar win, or Phillip!! I wish Colton was still here. I figured he wouldve been top 2!

  27.  After the survey,from social networks,blogs,news,American idol fanatics,

    and After the nationwide votes…

    in random order top 5 picks(last result show)

    1st safe
    JESSICA SANCHEZ-16,she really has what it takes,if America’s bottomline
    will still the race she can’t win the title,but,if America will try a
    different flavor of an icon/star then she is THE ONE….

    2nd safe
    JOSHUA LEDET-19,powerful voice he has,he is “BI” like
    adam,jacob,clay,but they didn’t win the title,but they are amazing
    talented people,,,he needs to balance when to shout and not…

    3rd safe
    PHILIP PHILIPS-20,adorable,has “it” factor but for the past season we
    have a winners with a man with a guitar,hmmm,same dessert?turn out a
    beast hearthrob on the stage ,some likes it,some are not…

    4rth safe
    SKYLAR LAINE-18,country musics feels you at home,with her performance?so
    redundant so last year,she needs to experiment her songs,or else people
    will compare her from other country singers.

    5th safe
    HOLLIE CAVANAGH-18, cute she is,like a hollywood actress,she has a
    problem on the stage ,off key with her songs,pitchy,needs more
    effort,she should beat the stage,or else she’ll be on the bottom…

  28. I disagree about Jessica being an imitator. Professional singers with a twist of natural talent, like Jessica can revive obscure songs like Stuttering and make their own version, with scats. She can also hold great restrain in some of her songs( Dance with my Father and Sweet Dreams). Amateur singers who have big voices have the tendency to let it all out- resulting them to have pitchy, flat or missed notes. Some people really need to check whether their musical knowledge is at a certain legitimitate par before commenting about imitating.

  29. Amen, somebody else finally agrees with me. I am a big Skylar fan. I did a Talent show with her 3 years ago and she has the total package. Jessica needs a few years to grow up.

    • are you kidding me ?when it’s come to talent there is no such thing called young or ready or old .nowadays people doesn’t base on that,sorry to disagree wih you.

  30. I thought I will never love any Idol contestant as much as Carrie,but there she goes my little miss Jessica.I love you Jessica!

  31. At this stage, AI is not a singing contest anymore. It is popularity contest. No need to comment on who is the better, the worst, or the best singer. Jessica has the best shot because the entire San Diego county is behind her. “Vote for Jessica”  banners are everywhere there. The mayor of Chula Vista even attends viewing/voting party with its citizens.

  32. Off topic, but my God The Voice sucks!!! Is anybody watching this show? None of those people would even crack the top 24 on Idol. And if y’all think the Idol judges are bad, just watch The Voice, they are the biggest butt kissers of all. Any of the Idol top 13 would win that show hands down. Just awful, AWFUL!!

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