American Idol 2012 Farewell Song By Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

As you’re probably already know, Scotty McCreery performs the American Idol 2012 farewell song, “Please Remember Me,” at the end of each results show. With all the chaos at the end of each show it’s easy to miss the song amid the bustle so here’s your chance to listen to Scotty’s cover of the Tim McGraw song.

Scotty McCreery has also released the American Idol 2012 farewell song on iTunes so now you can download “Please Remember Me.”

What do you think of Scotty’s performance? Does it stack up against last year’s goodbye song performance by David Cook? Listen to it below as a refresher and see which you think is better.




  1. I can’t say I think it’s better.  I watch every week, yet if Scott’s song came on the radio, I wouldn’t be able to say “oh, that’s the one they play when a contestant gets eliminated.” 

    Scott’s song just hasn’t caught on with me.  He seems like a nice enough kid.  I wish him well, but I don’t think he should have won last year.  For that matter, I don’t think he should have came in the top half dozen or so.  Again, this isn’t an “I hate Scott” post.  He just never caught on with me.

  2. What do you think about the song, Mathtew?
    Personally I love it. I think it’s the best vocal Scotty has done yet. He shows great range and his voice is so rich and full. The song itself is terrific too and it’s a very suitable song for the occasion.

      •  I see. It depends on the type of music you like, I guess. I love country music so Cook’s song is only mediocre to me.  I’ve always loved Please remember me and I think Scotty did it justice.

      • Matthew (GTB), Why are they having to moderate everything I post??? I have been posting on this blog for 9 years. And I am very moderate as top what I say. Unlike some of the ugly comments. I won’t say who!!! Everyone can read. Thanks. I am a nice person. Tame compared to some. Sherry K

  3. Not my cup of tea. I prefer  Reggae/Rock/Blues.  He and Alania weren’t my picks last year. I felt the Judges wanted Alania to win from the beginning. I felt Haley was way better than both of them. But the Judges made it clear they didn’t want her to win. Very critical of her. Not so of Alania and Scotty. They only sing one type of music.

  4. I liked David Cook’s song so much, I bought it. I’m not really noticing Scotty’s song. Nice all-American polite kid, but I don’t buy a lot of country.

  5. It will be 30 years from now and there will still be things I won’t ever get:

    1. Popularity of Sushi
    2. Mick Jaggar’s success
    3. Jersey Shore
    4. Bowling on TV
    and 5. Scotty McCreary winning American Idol

    • Those are the  5 things you don’t get?   So, you fully comprehend string theory, spending billions of tax dollars for the DEA to fight drugs instead of growing it here as a cash crop and taxing it like alcohol,  researching cancer while the govt. subsidizes tobacco farmers, why a guy in Detroit makes $50 an hour to operate an electric [UAW]screwdriver,  and why people call it a HOT water heater?  LOL

      • I’m sure there are more……

        Why are there locks on the doors at 7-11?
        Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?
        Why is a women’s prison called a penal colony?


      • Not to mention:
        1. Why is there no heating system at the Mall of America in Mn.
        2. What were the French thinking with the Maginot line?
        3. Why did Superman duck when the bad gut threw his empty gun at him?

      • Hi Templar/Bahloo2000,

        Whos is Mick JAGGAR again???  LOL, just being picky he he

        Because no one will ever buy a Cold Water Heater, would you?

        Billions on the DEA , wow imagine if Tabacco is illegal !

        Superman did that, oooooh 🙁

  6. I could listen to Scotty all day. He just has a great natural talent. One of my favorite Idao winners!

  7. Scott you are fantastic and the next to win the best in country music  male vocalist you just  watch.David Cook awesome you are so good and professional i voted for you and Scott i no so good talent when i heard  both of you.your great

  8. I much prefer David Cook’s song.  He is my favorite Idol winner and I truly love his voice.

    Country is not my favorite music, but I do like it..especially the kind without the twang.  I actually like Scotty and love his wholesome image.  Defintely a good thing.

  9. I love the song…wish they would let it play…but since I can get it now…doesn’t matter.  As for the Scotty down-sayers…he is a great new talent.  Lovely mellow voice….you don’t have to like country to like the tone.

  10. Hard to say which is the best of the two. Both of these performers lack originality IMO but both songs are appropriate for the moment. 

    In this world of everyone doing everyone else’s stuff the covers are not bad but these two performers need break through originals to get my attention. I could hear these two songs on the radio and not even know who it was or for that matter care who it was. 

    IMO you either have to be outstanding in your genre or completely original and unique and bring something to the table that we haven’t heard before to really set yourself apart from and above all the rest. 

    All that said I still think there is a slice of the market for these two and they will do well.

  11. As Randy Jackson would say Scotty can sing the phone book if he wanted to. Also I love “Please remember me” I think he did a great job and I know Tim McGraw is very proud of him. This kid won last year soley because of his talent and no one can take that from him after all in less than 1 year now He has had 2 gold sigles and 1 platnium CD How can anyone even think he did not deserve to win this competition. REALLY!! He will go far in his journey YES he is a great guy but lets not lose sight of the fact he has a God given Talent and can sing any cover he would like and make it his own!!! True Scotty fan.

    • Randy also said David Cook can sing the phone book. So…. David Cook does write original music ~ many forget this.  “Don’t You Forget About Me” was the one AI decided that Cook should sing and he sang the heck out of it.  I prefer his obviously but then I do not like country music at all and prefer Rock.  Scotty McCreery will do well in his genre where they take care of their own and in this country this type of music is huge.

      P.S. Most of the Winners (most) have a God Given Talent that many huge acts can’t even touch with all the auto tuning etc… so I say both songs are good boot songs

      • I guess you have not been to a country concert lately it is more Rock in it then some of the Rock bands, the country concerts are great, you never sit down or stop singing along, and in between sets they play Aerosmith, sweet home Alabama etc… and everyone is still singing and standing, Jason Aldean is country Rock!! love him, just saw him at the Izod Center NJ it was great, and I am not dating myself but I was around with Aerosmith, Rolling stones, Journey etc…  My Kids turned me on to country, and I love it and them.

  12. I love Scotty ,and I love this song,his voice is so beautiful and so country.I watch Ai this year just to hear Scotty at the end,can’t wait for this thursday to hear him on AI as a guest

    • Sorry, This is for valconce. But it can be for you too Earlene!  I like country! And I love rock and roll and pop too! I like Scotty, like Keith Urban. Tim McGraw, And the one and only George Strait. I like Daughtry. David Cook. Adam Lambert. Stevie Nicks. I just love music period. And like valconce so many of the country ones roll over to pop. Lie Lady A.  Keith Urban, Jason Aldean. Its all good. I am anxious to see who goes home this week. Have a nice week Everyone!  

  13. Horrible song for american idol. I love country music but this song is not right. I think bad day was the best.

  14. Love Scotty and did from the git go….the song is good. Also like David Cook but Scotty is #1

  15. Love this song and Scotty’s  voice is beautiful.  Looking forward to seeing him again on Idol. I was not really a country fan but I love Scotty.

  16. It’s ok. But I honestly couldn’t tell it was him singing until someone told me it was him. Scotty sounds like most other male country artists IMO

  17. His music is good and his voice is really great, but I kind of like David’s music farewell song. Anyway, I like Daughtry’s farewell song the best.

  18. Nigel Lythgoe ‏ @dizzyfeetClose
    next week they’re singing their #IDOL’s songs. Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin. Now that should be interesting?

    Any thoughts?
    I think Jessica = Beyonce
    Colton = Daughtry
    Philip = Lifehouse
    Hollie = Mariah?

    • Jessica—Yeah, kinda like that. She’s a total modern diva.
      Colton—I guess not. I like him singing like Coldplay or something.
      Philip—-He kind of remind me of the Fray.
      Hollie—really? No no no… LOLS

    • If Hollie sings Mariah she can start kissing it goodnight.  She won’t go before Heejun, but she’d better start having her bags packed.  She was my favorite the first week.   The 2nd week she had to sing Whitney, so I’ll cut her some slack on that. 

      She’s the same every week.  Same type songs & same trying to look like she’s a glamour lady.  She said something about how every girl likes shopping for dresses.  Not sure of the exact comment, but something along those lines.   What she doesn’t seem to get is that if she doesn’t sing better, no one’s gonna want to provide those dresses for her. 

      I wish her well, but I’m fast losing interest in her. 

    • I think it’s 

      Colton – Lifehouse
      Phillip – Daughtry
      Elise – Zeppelin
      Skyler – Miranda
      Hollie – Celine
      Joshua – Otis Redding (Try a little Tenderness!)
      HeeJun- Michael Bolton (ha!)
      DeAndre – Mariah
      Jessica – Beyonce

    • Hollie would probably be in trouble if she sings another ballad.. it’s not like she should be stuck on those genre

      • I think that she is really good at singing ballads… Yet I love her voice even more in upbeat songs…. But the again, I love upbeat songs a lot better.

    • Led Zeppelin…I think that HAS to be either Phillip or Colton. I can’t see Joshua or Deandre or Heejun singing that. You don’t have enough artists listed for all the contestants

      • Pally45:

        Elise could be zeppelin. I saw him on her musical influences on the official idol site.

      • CallmeAHaleyReinhartFan:

        You are probably right about Elise. To be honest, I kind of forgot about her.

  19. Who I would like to see in the top 55 Deandre4 Heenjun3 Skylar2 Phillip1 Colton
    Who I think will make the top 55 Skylar4  Holly3 Jessica2 Phillip/Colton1 Phillip/Colton
    This is just mho and how I think its looking so far and as the weeks go by my opinion may change

    • I disagree with you on Deandre. I don’t think he will make it much longer. I think it’s Heejun this week out, then Deandre. He’s not as talented as some of the other. (in my opinion)

      • I didnt say Deandre would make it to the top 5 I just said I would like to see him make the top 5 though I know he wont make it there 

  20. Who I would like to see in the top 55 Deandre4 Heenjun3 Skylar2 Phillip1 Colton
    Who I think will make the top 55 Skylar4  Holly3 Jessica2 Phillip/Colton1 Phillip/Colton
    This is just mho and how I think its looking so far and as the weeks go by my opinion may change

  21. I really like this farewell song better then last years I was a fan of  Scottys they day they aired he audition I think he has a beautiful voice

  22. Matthew (GTP)  Why are they having to moderate almost enverything I post??  I have been on here at least 8 to 9 years.   And my comments are tame compared to some. I will not name anyone because everyone can read. I am a country fan! But more the likes of Keith Urban. And lady A. They crosss over to pop. Thanks Sherry K

    • Hi Sherry K,

      What’s wrong with liking country??  Don’t pay attention to the jerks in this blog, don’t stop being nice, there are only a few of you left here.

      • Hi Ed. Aren’t you just the sweetest person in the world. I just love you. My friends are so nice!  I know there are not many jerks on here.And only a few nice ones like you and Phyllis G. l love her too! I just am going to ignore the jerk! It’s getting ready to go again this week. Have fun and give me a shout. OK. Nice people. Ed and Phyllis

  23. I Like David Cooks best, it’s sexy.  I like Scotty, I voted for him his year. But I do hate country music with the hate of a 1000 suns.

    “Come on’ call my name” why yes I will David.

  24. by the time scotty sings the goodbye song, i’ve already changed the channel.  no need to watch long, tearful farewells.  let’s get on to the next.  scotty, by the way, is pleasant enough to listen to but i don’t know if i could take him in large doses.

  25. I love Scottys Song, but Daughtry’s is still my favorite AI leaving song.  I saw Lauren Alaina this past weekend at the Jason Aldean concert and boy that girl can sing. After seeing that, this years contestants don’t stand up to Scotty or Lauren 🙂 Season 10 was the best ever!

  26. It’s unfair to compare these two songs as they are completely different genre. What you are comparing is “rock vs country”. That being said David’s song is very impersonable where as Scotty song is believable and has that personal touch to it Also. Scotty sings it magnificantly.

  27. Sorry Scotty, but David’s cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me” was much better.  There’s more grit, more depth, and obviously more maturity in cook’s voice.

  28. Sorry Scotty, it doesnt match up to David’s song. You sing it beautifully, it’s just not enough….well, the song is just wrong.

  29. No one will ever match Scotty again on American Idol  he is the best idol ever no one can hold a candle to him.

    • Oh please. Set the crack pipe down and back away slowly. I love Scotty but until he wins as many grammys as Kelly and as many country awards as need to refrain yourself from preposterous statements like this.

  30. I liked David’s better than Scotty, but I liked the “Bad Day” song some years back. For some reason from Scotty’s I don’t feel any sadness. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard ANY feeling from Scotty other than happiness. Even in the sad songs. I wish he hadn’t won. Haley deserved it much more.

    • Haley??? LMAO! That has got to be the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while! Wow..thanks for the laugh.

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