Heejun Han Taking American Idol Very Seriously

Heejun Han Takes American Idol Seriously

Much to many fans’ chagrin Heejun Han survived this week’s elimination on American Idol 2012 to carry on to next week’s Top 9 performances. Following his Billy Joel rendition of “My Life” Idol judge Steven Tyler warned Heejun that he needed to start taking this more seriously. Not a problem, insists Heejun. He’s already taking this very seriously.

Friday morning Heejun took to his Twitter account and let fans know that tough love from judges was welcome and he is working hard on American Idol:

“criticism makes me strong love makes me even stronger.I take this very seriously my goal is to deliver love and hope for people who needs it”

I can understand the fans who are upset that Heejun has outlasted a singer like Erika Van Pelt, but at the same time I have to remind them that neither Erika or Heejun had/have a real shot at winning American Idol 2012. Han adds a little comic relief to the show and I’m sure he knows he’s on his way out very soon. He promised us something special this week if he made it through to the Top 9 so lets see if he goes out with a bang.

Are you ready for Heejun Han to be eliminated from American Idol 2012 or do you hope to see him stick around a few more rounds?




    • ¬†I don’t think he will win, not even close, but hopefully top 5. He is entertaining to me.

      • I said want, not think.

        I doubt he will win, doesn’t mean I don’t want him to win ūüėõ

      • Why not? Scotty & Chris won( it could had been Alaina & Adam or even Danny). Look at JLo, Justin. They are not the best singer but they are luvable – look, personality, presence.

    • I want Hee Jun to be in the top 5 atleast! America should eliminate those contestants with boring personalities like Elise, Deandre, and JOSHUA! OMG!¬†

      • It’s not personality idol! So someone who can’t sing, but is funny, should win a singing competition huh? I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone that agrees with you on that. Josh an Elise>>>>>>>>>>>>>Heejun.. Tune in to last comic standing if you want to see personality an comedy, not American idol. Geeez.

      • Joshua is good but he does not have a camera face
        He reminds me of a chamelon(sorril), very serious.
        He’s¬†like Fantasia in drag(bow, sorril again). Actually, not a bad idea¬†if he would to dress up as Fantasia & sing one of her song for this songs-from-your-week, then reveal that he’s actually her long twins. It’s going to be a DADA moment on tv, very surreal.

    • HEE JUN has an interesting personality! That makes AI ratings go high!

      Honestly, America should eliminate those contestants with boring personalities like Elise, Deandre, and JOSHUA! 

  1. My Top 2
    1. Jessica
    2. Philipps

    bubbling up for Top 5
    3. Colton 
    4. Hollie 
    5. Joshua 

    others are so..so..

    Heejun? A big joke in this competition. 

    • ¬†I don’t like his singing, but strangely he is the reason I tune in to Idol each week. No other candidates make me this excited to see. I find it strange myself.

      • The same thing happen to me. I¬†do expect every week¬†to see what is he singing.

      • He’s like the male korean version of Madonna – unusual, creative, defiant, brave & real. He has more soul(that’s why P.diddy thot he might be black) than a typical Asian.

    • HEE JUN has an interesting personality! That makes AI ratings go high!
      Honestly, America should eliminate those contestants with boring personalities like Elise, Deandre, and JOSHUA! 

      • AI is worth watching this season bcoz of Hee Jun. If Hee Jun is out, i would not even waste my time watching anymore (I rather have sex….hmm with myself). The ratings fell bcoz of that expose on JJones. Going to be bad if Hee Jun is no longer on the show.

  2. I’d love to see Heejun stick around..makes the show more interesting to watch ūüôā¬†

  3. Heejun needs to stay. It’s not all talent that wins a competition. After all, he’s already a winner. ūüôā¬†

  4. The judges got him into the Top 12 after so many rounds of auditions…that is not a fluke…He is being his funny self…that’s authenticity..what is wrong with showing your personality? He is funny and quick witted. Is that not allowed as a singer? And if some people are not happy that he’s still in the show, blame the AI voting system…this is a popularity contest after all! He probably will go next week or the following week but the judges and Iovine should stop the “unkind” words…they got him there in the first place!

    • Couldn’t agree more. He is the same as before. Judges are the ones who picked him, and now they’ve changed the music. I don’t think that Heejun is fantastic vocalist, but he is as good as many famous artists. He is entertainer, and I always look forward to his performances, ‘cos he doesn’t bore me to death as many others do. Joshua is exceptional vocalist but is sooooo booooring. If this is just a singing competition, than AI wouldn’t be on TV. We could listen to it on the radio and just decide based on voice. And to be clear, I am needer teenage, nor girl. I don’t even vote. Just have an opinion.

    • He is getting unwarranted anger from EVP’s elimination.I do not know why people do not remember that EVP was not even in the Top 10 while Heejun was. ¬†I wasn’t at all surprised from Erika’s elimination and judging from her tweets she knew she had to fight to stay on.

      He has a loyal fan base and they seem to be getting stronger because they know that if they do not vote frantically, Heejun will get eliminated.  He might outlast another finalist this week.

      He is in a very “damned if you, damned if you don’t” position now. ¬†If he sings a ballad, it would be boring. If he sings an upbeat song, people might think he is mocking it.¬†

    • I think he being himself rubbed the wrong shoulders with Jimmy & Tommy.
      I guess he’s seen as disrspectful towards Tommy(karma, remember the ‘¬†you ugly people dun wear my clothes yrs ago’). EVP said during a Enews interview
      that she’s confused by all the feedbacks given to her on the show. Thank God that this grp of contestants give each other constructive critcisms.
      Hee Jun outwitted & outsmart Jimmy with that autograph pic(lol) in front
      of the world.  

      • Need to rectify the statement ‘Tommy(karma, remember you ugly people dun wear my clothes yrs ago)¬†They said it was a¬†hoax.¬†
        My apologies.

      • I agree, also.¬† He may not be the best singer in the competition, but Iike him.

  5. apparently america thinks he is good…for now. ¬†it’s just one of the strategies to boost up the tv ratings. ¬†¬†

  6. SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to see him leave.¬† This is supposed to be a singing contest, not America’s Got Talent.¬† We really don’t need a ‘pseudo-Jackie Chan’ on AI. ¬†

    • What? The only thing to link Heejun and Jackie Chan is that they are Asian. What’s with the ‘pseudo’ thing?

      “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy… but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” – Harper Lee

      • ¬†Pseudo Jackie Chan ?¬† Trying to be a comic like Jackie Chan.¬† Not a racist comment, just a comparison. I have watched lots of Jackie Chan movies.¬† But would you seriously buy Heejun’s CD should there ever be one inflicted on the American public?¬† I wouldn’t!¬†¬†

    • Yeah, that’s a pretty racist thing to say…..and I’m a Big Bang Theory watching, Apple pie eating, ¬†Rush Limbaugh listening white guy.

    • He’s a¬†¬†great singer who’s better looking than Jackie Chan!
      When I saw the Cowboy episode, I was praying that he would make it to Top13. AI is getting a bit too predictable & boring b4 he comes along.
      If he’s gone, I see no point watching the show anymore.

    • so ready to see AI cancel, the show is a joke, we already got many circus around.

  7. Heejun is what makes the show. He’s the most entertaining. And America always loves a good bromance! (Pheejun)

    • This is one of the most endearing things on tv now. They genuinely care for each other and if P2 move to New York, they can even get married(kidding, but great publicity stunt for them to release a collabrated album together).
      You could P2’s hands that he was so worried so Hee Jun when he was inthe btm 2 last wk. Could not imagine the tears(& ours)¬†if one of them has to be eliminated. Their world is – beyond colors.

  8. I love Heejun……I hope he stays a while, I know though that he has his work cut out for him. At least the world knows and has got to see Heejun and he now will have a large opportunity! <3

    • I hope he stays for 4 more wks/TOP 5 week so we would see him celeberate his birthday 20 Apr on the show.

      • Yup, his birthday is on April 20!!!

        I do hope he stays for 4 more weeks.  Like the millions and counting, I started to watch AI again because of Heejun Han. 

    • Isn’t all of this irrelevant? I mean Jessica is so far ahead of everyone that she’s obviously going to win. All the rest are close to 2nd place

  9. Matthew you are spot on, in that both Erika and Heejun have no shot at winning this. Most likely if not this week, then next week Erika would have been voted off. It is very strange that so many posters here seem not to realize that Erika, as much as I love her voice and personality, has been in bottom 3 consistently, even bottom 2.

    • But Hee Jun did a better interpretation of ‘New York State of Mind’.
      Sad to see her go coz she wanted to stay very much.

  10. I think he is brilliant!  He may not win American Idol, but he is well on his way to a TV/Movie career. 

  11. Heejun may not the best singer of this competition. But u have 2 remember that this is Idol competition. Good voice is not enough. Look what happened with all AI winners. Carrie can do well because she has a look, a voice, a personality …

    Erika sings great, no doubt. But once again, if she has all what¬†Carrie’s has maybe voters will keep on voting for her.

    So it’s very rude to say hurtful words in national television like ST or JI did.

    I love Heejun from the very beginning of this competition. He has a beautiful voice, and he sings from his heart everytime. He brings fresh air to this competition. He’s the only reason¬†I watch AI. I don’t care if he’s winning or not. I just enjoy his performance and that’s it. Being a star not just started from American Idol. He’s already a star anyway. And I love him.

    • Definitely agree. See what Scotty has done? He might not have the best voice from last season, but people so fell in love with him. He has received many awards in less than a year.

  12. Heejun, like some of the other contestants, seems authentically who he is when he is on stage.  I like this quality most in a performer. 

    Some of the other performers are being told that they need to make their performances believable.¬† Jessica, though she may be the frontrunner, is one of those, doing the “right” moves on stage¬† and executing technically on emotion.¬† She has an amazing voice no doubt, but I’d appreciate a more “real” performance that let us see a different aspect of who she is than a young woman who wants very badly to win American Idol.

    • I am a Filipino and I agree.

      Unfortunately some of those Heejun bashers–so mean, so rude—- ¬†are indeed Filipinos who are rabid supporters of Jessica.

      • You really think so? I have a filipino friend who’s an avid follower of jessisa, but i never heard her say anything bad about heejun or any other contestants for that matter. I think its kinda unfair to make a sweeping judgment like that. In the first place, what would jessica followers get out of bashing heejun? Nothing? I’m sorry if i need to say this – but heejun is not jessiva’s rival, he will never be a threat to jessica. I like heejun tho

      • Lindsay :
        ” ¬†heejun is not jessica’s rival ”¬† … From what I see, Some people trying to make a comparison between H and J . I don’t get it¬†… coz of the asian face ??? That would be silly .. right ??¬† …¬† They think they would hurt her chances by that ….¬† perhaps they are not¬†real fans of Heehun ” I like him BTW”¬† >>>> Who knows ???

      • I know a lot of Filipinos who find Heejun entertaining. Please do not generalize fans like that.

  13. Heejun is one of the reasons why I still tune in every week.¬† That being said, there are some talented kids on this show that seem to get undue criticism because they don’t fit the “mold” of what the judges want to see/hear.¬† That criticism trickles down to the votes – people are EASILY influenced, but particularly so by celebrities in flashy outfits.¬† The 3 judges have been the biggest detriment to these kids throughout the entire competition.

    My Top 3 –
    #1 – Phillip (didn’t like him until this week – thought he was a Dave Matthews wannabe until he smoked the Billy Joel song this week!)
    #2 – Skylar¬† (bet the judges don’t want another country singer after last year – she gets a lot of undeserved negative comments)
    #3 – Colton (sometimes he seems like he’s got this ego, other times he’s incredibly humble, but always he’s got mad musical skills)

    I can’t wait to see what Heejun does each and every week.¬† He does have a nice singing voice, but I think he’s trying to entertain in other ways besides singing. For me that’s a PLUS and I look forward to his performances, but in a singing competition (which this sort of still is) he needs to focus on those vocals.

    And… what’s up with Jessica Sanchez?¬† She OVER sings everything and is already WAY too much of a diva at her young age.¬† She needs a bad week to shake her up a little and maybe she’ll get more “real” and start singing the way she did in the earlier stages of the show.¬† I was rooting for her until her inner diva came out – maybe she just needs a Snickers?¬† ūüėČ

      • Hey Ali.

        Don’t you get a funny feeling there are only a handful of us guys in this
        column.  we are practically surrounded by a lot of women, which by the way is ok by me , LOL  How do I know, guess who they like?

      • Hi Ed :
        I just wish that those weeks go fast ,so , we don’t have to click “Load More Comments”¬† 10000 times. LOL. .

      • Cmon, jessice was in america’s got talent when she was younger. Her family spent so much money for her on voice training or whatever. She’s ready and experienced..
        While heejun never do such professional voice training or whatever that is

  14. Heejun is so amazing!!¬† He can sing, he’s got personality, and he’s entertaining.¬† Yeah, the other contestants can sing but their personalities don’t shine through in their performances and are not even remotely close to entertaining as Heejun is.¬† Heejun really is saving this season from an otherwise bland season, much like Haley Reinhart last year.¬†

  15. Good to see that you are okay after all that bashing. Please stay strong, continue to be yourself and be a messenger of hope and love.

  16. Okay, let’s be honest here. Probably, the reason American idol still keeps him is probably to spice things up but it won’t be long and he could be eliminated. I just hope he will LIMIT (I didn’t say remove exactly) his comedies onstage coz A LOT of us hate that but oh well his charisma got us. Haha

  17. I actually think this guy could crack the top 5.¬† He is, afterall an entertainer.¬† And this is American Idol, not American Singer!¬† This is how I have ’em ranked so far…
    1.)  Jessica 2.)  Colton 3.)  Skylar 4.)  Hollie 5.)  Heejun 6.)  Phillip 7.) Elise 8.)  Joshua 9.) Deandre

    • The diversity of viewpoints¬†is¬†interesting and you could be right, but Phillips might be a little higher on the list. Personally I’m a Hollie fan and want to see her breakout of the middle of the pack.

    • thanks Tim329…but i would say… 1.) Phillip 2.) heejun 3.) colton 4.) skylar 5.) hollie…

  18. Wow…….¬† HeeJun is the most talked about contestant besides JSan. ¬†No wonder he is so popular.

    Finally the Heejun lovers started to speak out in the blogs.  There are more people started to like him more despite the fact that his singing is O.K.    His humor and personality attract a lot of attention and a lot of people like him.

    I guess heeheehee………… jun¬†will not be going home soon, ¬†he probably¬†maybe¬†the 6th or 7th contestant¬†for the Top 10.¬† ¬†¬†


    • watever pls say heejun stay strong u are the reason most of us watch this year american idol after all i am actually your biggest fan and guess wat all the way from botswana a country in southern africa go heejun go

      • Agree AI this year would just be a way to help me fall asleep if Heejun isn’t in it

      • I watch AI while surfing the net.
        Once Heejun’s on, I stop & turn up the¬†tv vol just¬†to watch him sing.
        I probably suffer from withdrawal syndrome once he’s gone.
        Life goes on, sans the laughters

    • super agree…that way i will tuned in up to his last performance…and just wait for the AI summer tour and their dvd later on…

    • To be honest, JSanchez has the best package & big voice in a petite body.
      She should win. BUT Hee Jun will the only one we will remember after AI ends. Just look at the responses & supports from as far as Iceland & Africa!
      It would be interesrting to see Hee Jun casts as the witty, funny, unconventional brother of Kimbo Cho in THE MENTALIST. He would be the one screwing everything up but always solves the puzzle with the missing piece ūüôā

  19. I’m not “looking forward” to Heejun’s elimination but he’s simply not as good of a performer as the remaining contestant. ¬†He’s funny and I don’t think he deserved the harsh criticism because comedy is just part of his personality.

    • I have to disagree. Go listen to his “All in Love is Fair”. He sang the 2 bars¬†‘the writer takes …..’ pretty well. His ‘New York State of Mind’ was full of life & yearnings…..i could see & feel New York thru his singing.¬†Watch his facial expressions & gestures¬†on stage,¬†¬†he made ppl¬†fall in luv with New York (which i m particularly fond of) again. His voice is a interresting mix of Vandross¬†+ Buble + G Michael. Both Hee Jun & P2 have a mind of their own.
      They are enjoying the process. The other contestants are just too nice, cautious and a bit bland. They are well-behaved, always say the right thing. They could be just someone you meet on the street or in a mall(sorril).
      I think they need to work on their Presence & Star Quality, if possible.

      • Sounds like your in love with the least talented Singer on the show. Congrats on the romance, or bromance, whichever it is.

  20. I actually Love Heejun. He sounds really good to me. I think the judges didn’t know what they were talking about. I think his performance was better than jessica sanchaz. Yea sure she can sing but it’s nothing special about her voice. Everytime Heejun sings I am amazed how good he sounds. That’s just my opinion!

    • Heejun’s better than Jessica? It was the same as saying he’s good than anybody else. Puh-lease tell me you’re joking.

      • No, Heejun is not better than Jessica, but at least he is not robotic as she and Hollie are, no personality at all….

      • what? i think you have some problem with your point of view. It’s obvious that Jsan is better among all contestants.

      • Jsan is good, very good(vocal tecniques)¬†at 16. Does the industry need another Charice?
        Can¬†Jsan outsing¬†Charice & bring something differentto the table? dun forget Melanie(X-factor winner), she’s also good. But they are all very similar & just¬†way too much competition in this group.
        Then look at Adele, Gaga, Swift,etc. Their branding are more unique, distinct & fascinating.
        Heejun, on the hand, is much more talented than Jsan. He could cross over to radio, TV, movies, sitcom, drama, hosting, being a spokesperson & even K-pop.

    • what? definitely you are wrong with your point of view.. it’s obvious that jessica is better among all contestants.

      • Com’on now! I like heejun a lot and i like the way he entertains people but saying he is the best in the whole competition is way out of line……:-) just saying! Don’t get mad heejuners, i will still vote for him and jessica! ūüôā

  21. I was ready to see Heejun go home last week after his horrible Richard Marx rendition.¬† This week was even worse.¬† This is a SINGING competition and he can’t sing!¬† Please let him go home this week.¬† Even DeAndre is a better singer.

    • DeAndre is a songstress & MJ-wannable.
      Heejun is actually from Congo but bleaches his skin to take part on the show.
      Heejun is adopted & his real father is Michael Bolton.

  22. I think Erica’s voice really was the best, she just is too mature for the audienceand for the judges. They gave her so many mixed messages, “Let yourself go, don’t let yourself go.” ¬†Then she is told she is the best, but then they don’t use the save on her. She is a grown up, the childish judges, who go for cliche and copycat singers, failed her. You know the show has a big problem when Hee Jun gets enough votes to stay on the show. It’s not that he doesn’t seem to care, he’s just not good. Something is not right in the land of American Idol and it’s turning off many people, as seen in the chats.

    • you know, choosing between Erika & Heejun who¬†both won’t last long in AI, i will choose Heejun. He was entertaining last week. I enjoyed his bluff from slow to “i wanna dance”. then i enjoyed his sing & dance. in order to watch a show, you should be entertained. if i want to watch AI again next week, i wanna see Heejun, not Erika… who cares a lot of who is gonna win AI, what i care about is i like & enoy what i am watching…

  23. I think heejun is great! And whilst he won’t win he’s still brilliantly entertaining! Phil Philips to win!!

    • How abt a¬† double winner? 1st in AI history?
      So we could watch Hee Jun & P2 mankiss each other on atage in front of the Cinderlla ‘s Castle¬†at Disneyland for AI Final, pls…….

  24. Hejuun is a joke to this show. Humor and personality are great, but not when you don’t have the voice to back it up. Creighton should have made it instead of him. I honestly do not understand why people like him. I also find him to be arrogant…although he likes to play the innocent underdog card, but I see right through that.

  25. ¬†If the season were full of great singers, I might feel differently, but most of these people are pretty mediocre. None of them has consistently knocked it out of the park every week, and a couple have been worse than Heejun. That fact, plus the fact that Heejun’s Billy Joel number was genuinely entertaining made me glad that he is still in. He won’t win, but he’s not taking the spot of a more deserving person either. Some numbers have been a snooze fest. I would have tuned out weeks ago if not for Heejun.

  26. this guy have no chance of winning, and I think he knows that.¬† That’s why he’s joking about, making people laugh. People going to remember him for that.¬†

  27. Heejun should have been gone long ago, this is not the GONG show, it make’s one think ,do the judges or the fan’s decide who goes or stay’s

    • Then why dun you produce your own ‘Real American Idol’ & get Voldemort & Gollum to sing on your show. Better still, get Darth Vader to be your judge *& the only one who decides. It’s gonna be a big hit, u know?
      Looking forward ūüôā

  28. Matthew, we have a theme exclusively for Heejun?  WOW.  If Heejun is not eliminated,  he has no one to thank but you who gave him extra mileage and advantage over other contestants.  I am not a Heejun hater,  but I believe that all 9 remaining contestants deserve equal treatment by way of having a theme that lets commentators discuss about all of them, and not just one single contestant.          

      • You may be¬†correct.¬†¬† But timing makes a big difference.¬† Past comments are already forgotten by the voters.¬† ¬†Voters who have short memories¬†will only remember the fresh ones we are giving¬†right now on Heejun.¬†¬†I strongly¬†believe that many voters get swayed by the comments that we give.¬†¬†The problem with the current theme is¬†that it¬†is worded in such a manner than commentators will only talk about Heejun and not about other contestants.¬† This gives Heejun an extra advantage over other contestants,¬† especially over Deandre and Elise,¬†whom I believe will also be in the¬†bottom 3 next week.

  29. I don’t care if he stays or goes. I always have to get up and get a snack from the fridge during the show and the perfect time to do it is during Heejun’s performance.

    • Hi Taymaro,

      Imagine if He wins we are going to gain a lot of weight getting snacks
      from the fridge, we should move the frdige a couple of blocks away so
      we can work out the fat at the same time. LOL 

    • Just the opposite for me, I like to have my tv dinner while watching Hee Jun.
      Strangely, he makes the food more platable & delicious.

  30. am hoping he stays a little bit more…despite all the mean things other people are saying bout my AI…i still love him and seek for his album later on…aja!

    • Gotta like this your post! ūüôā Other people are already bragging about his race and it is just not right.¬†

      Anyway, what do you think he will sing this week? This song book is I think the most interesting part. Well, I hope that Hee will do fine.


  32. believe it or not…he’s one of the reason why i am excited to watch AI. Its because i want to see what he did especially the mentoring days, def it hilarious. if he’ll be eliminated, its fine with me. he already drawn his trademark in AI which is a comedian and an entertainer..

  33. Someone in the blogs ¬†mentioned that Heejun’s dad has 20 cell phones.¬† Guys, why get so serious ??¬† ¬† Hee was joking !!!!! ¬†¬† See, his jokes will¬†take awhile for people¬† even to ¬†understand his jokes.¬†¬† He is brilliant !!!¬† ¬†He never laughed about his own jokes, ¬†it will take others¬†15¬†seconds (or longer) afterwards¬† to know that he was joking.¬†¬† This is an¬†example that the public did not understand his jokes………¬† If you don’t get it, you don’t get it……¬†¬†heeheehee


  34. this year AI contestant are all boring!! nothing special,i can”t stand Joshua,Jessica,Hollie ok they have great voice but they r boring to watch and listen too they are all common..that include Elise..this season all contestants are getting lousier and lousier…the best¬† ones are all gone..Erika is great shes like Adelle, i”d say Craighton is good but didnt make it,Adam Brock has great voice but never had chance….so i only watch this season bec of Heejun and Colton they are the only one that perks up the show!!!

    • So why are you still watching? Go watch something else if you feel like you’re wasting your time.

    • Joshua would be a natural in ‘Friday the 13th: Outer Apace’, his personality reminds of a lizard(sorril)
      Jessica would be good on Broadway in ‘Ms Saigon’. But the black dress she wore is beautiful
      Poor Hollie, she looks like ‘Honey, I shrunk Rita Haywood’¬†into Barbarella.
      after the makeover ūüôĀ
      Elise looks like Gaga’s aunt(90 degrees bow & sorril). The red dress she wore on Elimination Nite would look better on Hollie.
      The show would be a riot if Firecracker Craighton And Drama Papa Adam are on.
      Colton is edgy – christian with a punk hairdo. He’s much better than Chris Allen.

      • Mrfun, it’s obvious you take this show as a joke. You bash every contestant but continue to praise the worst singer in the competition. Your a joke and your comments are baseless and ridiculous. Find another show to ridicule and make a mockery of.

  35. I agree he needs to gake it more seriously, his jokes are sometimes not appropriate for the moment, feels like trying hard sometimes. Maybe its his defense for the stress of the competition.

    • Understand where u r coming from.
      Hee Jun been thru a depression b4 AI. Humor is prbably his defense mechanism. Sometimes, the timing is a bit awkward.
      I think he’s at peace whether he stays or leave. Could tell he would not mind giving his slot to EVP. But EVP version of ‘NYSoM’ was like a lounge singer in a piano bar. It pales in comparison to Hee Jun’s version, which¬†was¬†lively & colorful.

    • I believe u misconstrue his meaning. He just means he is not getting bigheaded and acting like a star to placate Mr. Iovine

  36. Heejun for me is the most interesting contestant in AI i love him and He is our winner

  37. Hee Jun is an ordinary guy, who met an accidental fame – He wasn’t polished or trained to be a star like the rest of them, but he is easy to love. I disagree with the comments that he couldn’t sing, because he could – He just doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s so freaked out by the sudden twist of fate – ¬†given the right song, the right image, the right mentors – he could have made his performances better. ¬†I think he got lost – a little Identity crisis along the way. ¬†Unlike the others, like Colton, Jessica, Skylar, Philip – they already know who they wanna be before they auditioned for AI. ¬†Hee Jun is NOT a joke – He is actually inspiring. Someone who has the ability to touch people will always be a star. ¬† Yes, I want to see him more. ¬†And I have a feeling , he will stay and he could be in top 3, 4, 5.

    • Nicely said.¬† Am not a Heejun fan,¬† but I respect your argument.¬†

    • Can’t wait to hear Hee Jun sings ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carrey in the beginning and then break into ‘Hero’ by Bonnie Taylor¬†for the chorus. With flashbacks¬†of¬† ‘The Cowboy & HeeJun’ on the screen behind, Hee Jun lassoing Richie on stage.

  38. hee jun needed help more than the rest of them. ¬†I hope he got a personal mentor to help him out with his songs and image – I think he got lost, like a little kid who passed an audition because he was really loved, but doesn’t really want to be the lead star. ¬†He can stay for a few more weeks, but he must be strong enough to accept the critics, because the others think that they are all so good and better than hee jun, when in fact, most of them don’t look like stars, like Erika.

  39. i want that he win ,…he is so cute and ofcourse he sing so good ,really good …… never dont give up hee jun .

    • win – no way. but he’s not bad and he makes idol interesting. I hope he goes far – but not too far.

  40. Okay, HeeJun’s performance was very disappointing last performance night. However, If he will do better on the next song book, he will be okay since it will match up with his humor.

  41. I want Hee Jun to be in the top 5 atleast! America should eliminate those contestants with boring personalities like Elise, Deandre, and JOSHUA! OMG! The ratings are low, we need contestants with inesteresting personalities like JESSICA, COLTON, PHILLIPS, HEEJUN, and Holie!!

  42. HeeJun is cute and likeable. He reminds me of that Evan? kid a few years ago on SYTYCD. HeeJun will likely go pretty far on personality, but not likely to win. For some reason I don’t feel real emotionally invested in any one contestant this season.¬† I try closing my eyes when they sing and I’m not hearing any one fantastic voice that would make it as a future superstar.¬† (Not even Jessica, although she’s probably one of the best of this crop) There’s a LOT of good singers out there, and always lots more on the way. I MIGHT buy a CD from a couple of these kids, but so far I have yet to even pay for one download (Mostly because the singers I like aren’t singing songs I particularly like) This season seems kind of blah and ordinary to me so far.

  43. Heejun is the reason I’m even watching Idol this year. Loved his audition, loved him in Hollywood and Vegas. Especially loved him in MIT singing “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” and then “New York State of Mind.”

    I love his voice and the emotion he brings to everything he sings. I think he just needs to find songs that blend the best qualities from his voice and fit with his personality.

    Ive bought his songs from iTunes and play them all the time.

    No way did I think he ever wasn’t serious – Like Scotty, he never expected to get this far and now he has to find his way on a huge platform. And as Erika said, and other said last year, it can be very confusing to have different advice coming from different (or even the same) people. He’ll get there.¬† He has the singing ability to make it, and he can perform too!

  44. The show i s American Idol, not Anerican Comedian. He should have gone a long time ago.

  45. When Heejun is voted off I will not be watching …he is the sole reason for turning on the tv.

    • Simon would probably say¬†“Bloody Mary, jesus & Oprah, Hee Jun. You are like William Hung with better teeth¬†and who could¬†vibrate & hold¬†the last note longer. You reminds me of an alien in MIB, black guy living inside a yellow skin. You should change your last name from Han to Hancock(like will smith in the movie) not to confuse the audience at home any longer. You should not be here, you should be on Candid Camera”

      • Mrfun … Now u sounds like Heejun … You’re very funny .. I think you’re admire Heejun so much … Welll done

  46. Every season the time comes when the people who auditioned and made it to the top 24, or 13, or 12, or 10 (whatever) lose themselves. In the beginning they knew who they were, what they liked, the way they wanted to present themselves. Time has a way of wearing people down, especially after they have been told to pick up the pace one week only to be told that it didn’t really work and to find who they are as a singer so they can be criticized the next week for not connecting with the audience (even as far as not closing their eyes when they sing). The contestants try to please the judges who really don’t know what they want to begin with and here we are now…9 people who are trying to find something that will please the judges, the voters, the audience, and themselves. Some criticism is valid, but much of it wears away at the people we liked in the first place and leaves strangers who are tired and don’t sound, look or act the way they did originally. ¬†Good luck to the final 9. Stay strong, pick good songs to sing, and most of all be true to yourself. If you do, you’ll win no matter what the voters decide.

  47. Oh my gosh. You Heejun fans are either deaf, not all there or just don’t appreciate what AI is all about! Nobody can deny the kid is very likable and funny, but he doesn’t hold a candle compared to all the other contestants. Personally is part of this competition, but it shouldn’t be the primary basis for voting for someone. He may have the best personality, even tho it’s a very dry one, but seriously, he is nowhere near Jessica, Josh, Phillip, Hollie, Elise, Colton or Skylar vocally. It’s not even close. Keeping Heejun around in this competition over any other contestant would be an absolute joke!

  48. The Vote For the Worst crowd must be keeping Heejun on the show.¬† How else do you explain it?¬† He cannot sing, he disrespects the show and for those who think he is funny-well I don’t know what to say to you except the guy is NOT funny.¬† He is ridiculous.

    • vote for heejun america…he can sing…he respects himself…he sure can entertain… thanks to heejun haters for making him more noticeable and famous… ūüôā

  49. i think heejun is hilarious and very entertaining, but he’s NOT a world class singer.¬† simon would have ripped him to shreds

  50. I happen to LOVE Heejun as a singer! I think he’s got a great voice. I agreed with Jimmy that he could lead the “Asian Invasion” if he wanted to. This show needs personality as well as singing talent. Other than Heejun, frankly the rest of the teeny boppers are about as interesting as bubbly wrap (mildly intertaining but only until its gone)….

  51. Heejun I know you like michael Bolton. Can you sing ‘go the distance’ by michael Bolton. For sure you will nail this song and leave the judges jumping up and down.

  52. So when you listen to a cd while doing whatever, or listening to the radio while driving, you actually care about the personality of the artist your listening to? I don’t think so! This show is about signing a vocalist to a recording contract, not a personality contract! That’s just the facts.

  53. He will be in the TOP 3 .

    This kid is a natural born entertainer and can sing – for sure a lot of people will go to his concert.

    I want to be entertained and have a good time when I go to a concert.

    • So listening to great vocals is not something you care too much about when going to a concert then?

      • if that was true why does people go to katy perry concerts half the sinngers these days are awful! ¬†he can actually hold a tune!¬†

      • heejun can sing! ¬†hes better than half the big stars out there today! … half the stars here cant hold a tune live . they have to get fixed by a studio… Go Heejun!¬†

  54. I agree he needs to gake it more seriously, his jokes are sometimes not appropriate for the moment, feels like trying hard sometimes. Maybe its his defense for the stress of the competition. Also noticed his reply to iovine on the result show regarding his performance, he says he is not trying to be a star, he is pretty happy to wherever hi is, my thought is then why are you in the show?1 person liked this. Like Reply

    Loo_perry 0 minutes ago in reply to BratPAQI believe u misconstrue his meaning. He just means he is not getting bigheaded and acting like a star to placate Mr. IovineFlag

  55. I agree he needs to gake it more seriously, his jokes are sometimes not appropriate for the moment, feels like trying hard sometimes. Maybe its his defense for the stress of the competition. Also noticed his reply to iovine on the result show regarding his performance, he says he is not trying to be a star, he is pretty happy to wherever hi is, my thought is then why are you in the show?1¬†person¬†liked thisHi BratPAQ1…..I believe when he says he is not trying to be a star is not what u take to mean. I believe u misconstrue his meaning. He is simply assuring Mr Iovine that he is not acting bigheaded as a star but just performing his heart out because of the pressure he is facing. Asians are not to be known as big-headed and are usually humble and u can see that he always bow after performances

  56. I absolutely love Heejun!!!! He is a comic relief and a great singer. I look forward to seeing him. I work night shift and have to DVR alot, sometimes unable to vote, But guess what I am off this Wednesday and will be non-stop voting for you!!!!!
    Hang in with that criticism. They are tough on you. It will make you stronger!!!!!

  57. i believe heejun is just as good as any singer on there except jessica …. he is the most entertaining… he is true to who he is… ¬†look at the singers we have now half of them cant sing live and sound like dieing animals… look at steven tyler… he ¬†cant sing .. he ruined our national anthem!!! GO HEEJUN AND PHILIP!!! ¬†and jessica ! ¬†the only reason ¬†i watch it…¬†

  58. Skyler¬†I love you,¬†U R SO GREAT! I¬†just think U had a better idea on how to dress for your shape,¬†Most of all I love your fun loving personality¬†, Dont ever change ūüôā Thank you

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