American Idol 2012 Finale Performance Show Recap: Jessica vs. Phillip

American Idol 2012 finale Jessica and Phillip

Tonight the American Idol 2012 two-part finale kicked off with the Top 2 facing off for the final vote of the season. It was a Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips showdown and neither American Idol contestant backed down.

Like the rest of the season, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved.

Round 1: Simon Fuller’s Pick

Jessica Sanchez, “I Have Nothing.” This wasn’t the Whitney Houston song I expected to hear from Jessica tonight. I was creation we’d hear her do “I Will Always Love You Again,” but I was wrong. Oh well, this performance was a great way to start the night. I would have preferred a better Whitney song, but Jessica handled it very well. (A)

Phillip Phillips, “Stand By Me.” I’m pretty sure I recommended this for Phillip one time or another, so I was very happy to actually hear him do it. I really liked the arrangement too. It was just different enough for Phillip to make it his own. He owned it like he always does. It went from a Ben E. King song to a Phillip Phillips song. (A+)

(My Winner of Round One: Phillip. But just barely.)

Round 2: Contestants’ Favorite Song of the Season

Jessica Sanchez, “The Prayer.” Now this is a season finale song. Jessica first and this during Top 24 week and it was the performance that put her in the Top 13. She did an even better job with it tonight. It was definitely a performance that showed she meant business tonight. (A+)

Phillip Phillips, “Movin Out.” Really, Phillip? This was your favorite performance of the season? Are you trying to lose this contest? What about “Volcano”? Or “In The Air Tonight”? Or “We’ve Got Tonight”? I mean this wasn’t a bad performance. It just wasn’t finale worthy, especially compared to Jessica’s performance. (B +)

(My Winner of Round two: Jessica)

Round 3: Finale Song

Jessica Sanchez, “Change Nothing.” More like change everything. What an awful song. Not only were the lyrics bad, they were all wrong for a 16-year-old. And the key wasn’t right. Nothing was right about it. Jessica still sang it wonderfully. But that was that. She just didn’t connect. Just a bad song choice. I at first thought she didn’t pick it and couldn’t be blamed, but she made it sound like she picked it. So… yeah. (B)

Phillip Phillips, “Home.” The complete opposite of Jessica’s song, this was the perfect song for Phillip. It was right in his range, the lyrics were great and the song had a great hook. He connected with the song. There was emotion. And even the “aaaaahs” were right on. It was like Jonny Cash meets Coldplay. And that’s a sound I’ve never heard before. Great finale song. Great finale performance. (A+)

(My Winner of Round 3: Phillip. Hands down)

So who is going to win American Idol 2012? If you based it on my letter grades, it would pretty much be a deadlocked tie. But if you go with history in addition to tonight’s performance, then Phillip Phillips is your new American Idol. If I were a betting man, I’d put all my money on Phillip.

Who won the night for you? Who is going to win the title tomorrow night?




  1. JESSICA FTW!! She has been the most consistent singer all season and tonight was no different! I disagree completely about the judges with her single. It sounded like a hit. A girl should win, especially since it’s been 5 long years. Jessica will be HUGE regardless. Like if u agree 🙂

      • My wife is Pinay and her maiden name is Sanchez.   We love how Jessica sings.  Philip may not have the equal voice and range but he has somthing special.   He can sing Mary had a little Lamb and make your toes start to dance.   My wife, myself and our two kids love him.   We buy all his songs.  
        Jessica will need those big songs to go with her voice.   Philip can create all he needs.    I want Jessica to win but we voted for Philip.

      • nationality doesn’t matter here, what matters most is Jessica is the better than philip!

      • @ Kderhas…you shouldn’t even be allowed to post comments unless you know what your talking about! Country music are you crazy?? Phillip is not a country singer, so what you say doesn’t matter, not until you gain more intelligance as to what musical “genre’s” are, jessica gives me no gooseys *PHILLIP FTW*

      • test for sure is a crazy racist..have life dont belong with the conversation of the smart people…

    •  Jessica’s studio version of “Change Nothing” is the best ever FINALE SONG…. I don’t know why the judges don’t like it…. Listen to Jessica’s studio version on YOUTUBE… If Jessica just sang it full on AI.  

      • yeah i thought Jess song was not right but when i heard PPs home, oh MY, REALLY? they give STANDING Os? 

        Nothing Change is best FINALE SONG. and aside PPs HOME is not ORIGINAL, it was sung before. So whats the big DEAL?

        PPs has ADVANTAGE because he knows how to make it beautiful (it was sung before) on the other side, Jess has a little days to memorize and make it beautiful (you know mostly songs are a month to release so they make it beautiful and catchy, ex. Undefeated by Jason D., it takes a season to be release, or Run the girls by Beyonce, it has many versions then they release the final version.) 

        for me, JESS can make it wonderful if she has more time but overall, i like CHANGE NOTHING. 

    • I won’t give you the sexiest remark that a girl needs to win. However, I will agree Jessica is the better overall singer.

    • I wonder how other people thinks Philipps is better than Jessica. Philipp can’t sing high notes. Jessica can sing any kind of music. Philipp doesn’t. 

    • Sorry to disagree, but tonight Jess was consistent, it was P2’s night by far. Jess was super boring. Maybe not fault on Simon’s song choice, but her last song was really bad choice, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      P2’s last song choice really was great in every way, wanted him to do M&S knew he would be great taking them on,

      However hope Jess wins because AI win; it the kiss of death of career.

    • I agree. I don’t watch AI but regularly but I did last night. Philip has only one kind of style of singing compare to Jessica. She is so versatile and the last song she sang, was pretty amazing. And oh BTW she did it sitting down.

    • I am a fan of Jessica…and certainly think she has done enough to deserve to win…but that song selection (last one of the night) hurt her bad…if she does not win, and I think she WILL win…the last song would be the only reason

      • Last year Scotty did not do his song as well as Lauren did hers, but the following night after the win when he sang it again, it was much better and went on to make it to the top of the country music charts.  Hopefully, Jessica will fine tune her song as well.  She still did a good job with it, but I do wish she had done another song.   I have not been a Phillip fan, but he did a great job with his song last night.  For once, I had to agree with Lopez when she said he just sounded like Phillip Phillips instead of anyone else.  It’s hard to compare singing abilities when they sing in such different styles.  Jessica  definitely has the more talented voice, but Phillip has all the other stuff going for him right now.  I’m not sure which is going to win.  Both, in their own personal way, deserve  it.

      •  Just read one of the post here that Phillip song “Home” is not his original.   

    • you know what is the advantage of having wide mouth? it can belt songs. What planet  you came from? you dont know it?

      so, you prefer a guy having weird face while singing than a girl having a wide mouth while doing belt songs (oh, i doubt you cant sing like a JESS) 

    •  You are a very nasty person to give personal attacks  and  you do not even know her and she is only 16 years old and calling her who dresses like a whore and you do not even know how to spell.   These contestant are being dressed by AI staff.   I was just reading the comments and will not post but when I saw your comments,  I cannot help myself to express my thoughts of  you,  are a disgusting person and hoping that you do not have a 16 or younger daughter of your own.   You are worst than a bully.    I like both contestant as they would have not been in this position if they are not good singers and definitely have talent.    Although,  I am clinging to Jessica and it would be OK if Phillip will win.
      I will not give negative comments to Phillip as no one is perfect in this competition.    Your post is surely nasty, rude and how low can you go this far to attack a young girl 16 years old and only wanting to sing.
      You should leave this post.  

    • you are very offensive..just shut your mouth up! it’s not necessary to bash jessica in this blog..P2 is a great singer but he doesn’t deserve the title…and jessica is a much more better singer than him, yes he’s unique, but just unique. Jessica has a voice that could sell millions of albums.. what a dummy.

    • I disliked Jessica’s single.  I would never buy it.  And I didnot vote for her because of it.  She had none of her best single qualities in it and no artist performance.  I agree completely with the judges.  It just wasn’t good for her.  I voted for Phillips all the way ….He had the full American Idol Package.  And I’d buy the record and go to his concerts…very entertaining that Philllips.

      • see only one person like you comment, and i think that is you also  lol! sorry for you Phil will never like you cute meat hungry girl.You only like Phil because he is cute but sorry again Phil was taken .. 

      •  I am not sure of this but just read a post here that Phillip song “Home” is not his original.  This song was sung by someone before.  

      • Jessica didn’t choose her song. It’s not her fault that she was given such a horrible song (sabotage, anyone?)
        PP’s song on the other hand was already sung by another singer called Greg Holden and Greg’s ORIGINAL version was much better. PP didn’t even sing the ‘oooooo’ part of the song, he just let the backgroud singers sing it.

    • yeah me too…i just thought that the final song of jessica was more catchy than phil. more billboard material than phil’s home. but it was a kind of song that is not for finale. just a thought. but i still voted her 20 times and 15 times for phil. enough said. haha

      • Me to even tho I missed it. I still voted like heck for Jessica. I just do not like Phillip style of singing. To lame sometimes just me tho probably. Let’s pray Jessica wins.

      • Just confused guys, I thought that the 3rd song choice was a original composition like it has never been sang or performed before but look I just saw it on Youtube. A singer named Greg Holden posted public performances on Youtube singing this song “HOME”. Well, I just want others know it. Peace out……………

      • Don’t quite get the reasoning behind your 20 votes for jessica and 15 for Phillip …………. I’m no rocket scientist but why not take the difference of 5 votes and just give them to Jessica.  Coulda saved yourself a bit of money for the same result.  Please explain it to me, I’m quite intrigued with your thinking  

      • I dont understand the SO the judges gave him. But did you see the 3judges before they give SO? It wasnt given right away…For me Jess won the night..

      • that is really crazy you 15 times for phil cancelled out 15 of your votes to jessica, so you should have just voted 5 times for jessica and left it only, gosh

    • Ok 1st P2 singing style is boring and an another country singer… Its time for the new generation to win…. I mean cmon throughout the contest Jessica is by far the greatest ( SHE can even sing the songs of the Legendary Whitney Houston). Btw it should’ve been Jessica vs Joshua.. even joshua is better than P2

      • P2 is a better singer then jess just because of his style of sininging it is not country but he singing his his own he dose not try to be like any other singers. Jess “s Whitney Houston song was not great at all when I hear other Artists sing her songs I get chills from her performance last night I had no chills and the song was not right for her. P2 when he sings I do get chills I am not a teenager but i still like P2. I do wish both P2 and Jess the best of  luck . No matter what happens.

  2. Phillip was incredible – his final song was perfect – so moving and beautiful.  Looking like Steve McQueen doesn’t hurt either.

    •  Philip ROCKS and WILL WIN…PERIOD! He is not trying to be like anyone else. Unlike Jessica…Beyonce….really….good thing all the little girls of the world can stay up late enough to vote, that is the only reason Jessica is still remotely in it!

      • if voting outside the US is possible, i just wonder how these people from the other side of the world are intelligent! Wonderful! AI should probably hire them to make their systems stronger.

      • Im just a 9 year old girl but I know who’s got the best voice & I think Jessica is really really good on how she handles with her gift  & I believe that she will be the last one standing! Her endowed, God-given talent will undoubtly & certainly put her to the right spot. .and trust me she will win!!! 

      • wth are you saying dude the reason phillips is still in it is because of the “appeal” and the “popularity crap thing” and His style is just plain boring and some ppl dont connect with it… BTW even Joshua’s better singer than him. It’s just the popularity that made him through

      • Nope.  I’m 55 and think Jessica is the better singer.  I don’t care for Beyonce and the others like her that are mostly selling sex.  Jessica has amazing range and is a little powerhouse when she lets loose with her voice. Phillip sounds the same.  No matter what he’s doing.  I like some of his songs, but can’t see buying a whole album.  Jessica, on the other hand, has shown time and time again that she is proficient in many styles.  Her album would have a variety.  I’ll buy that one.

      • I like Phillips voice over Jessica’s. The thing about Phillip is he puts his whole heart into what he’s singing and he haves fun, he stays humble too 

    • What is incredible to me is that people actually liked his first two songs!  He ruined Stand by Me, couldn’t even hit the power notes.  and the only reason I even recognized Movin Out was thanks to the backup singers!  I don’t have a problem with putting your own flavor into a song, but it should at least resemble the original, especially if said original is a classic!!  I really, really hope that P2 doesn’t win.  I like some of his performances, but not as the overall Idol.  I also think that Joshua should have faced Jessica tonight.

      • P2’s voice and style is not for everyone…It is the (perfect) Imperfection that defines many of the great artists that changed  the music itself over the many years… Generally a unique sense of harmonics.. and unusual  and highly original phrasing.The sum is equal to more than the parts with artists such as P2..For me he joins the ranks of ..Paul Simon Billy Joel
        James Taylor And so many more..All where and are imperfectly perfect….

      • As a writer and that follows they’re considered as media, they should not be biased. That’s a rule in journalism. Non-partisan.

      •  @twitter-412278296:disqus : Wrong. This is a fan site. Run by fans, for fans. We’re not journalists. If you’re allowed to have an opinion, then so are we. Welcome to our fan site. Feel free to share your opinion. So will we.

    • WHY its not right for JESSICA? WHATs ure reason or maybe ure opinion in saying that

      • Because it wasn’t in a key suitable for her voice and it didn’t had enough moments for her voice to shine. I think the melody was too plain.

    • I refuse to be hearded in the derection the judges want me to go, like a flock of sheep. Jessica’s finale song was 100% better than phillip’s finale song. Jessica took a typicl boring American Idol song for the future album and make it great. Phillip took his boring song … and kept it boring.

      • Quit hating on PP, just cause the judges liked him best.  Win or lose Phillip will be the bestt  AI ever!!!!!!!!!

      • Jessica is so boring ….. She doesn’t sing she shouts )-: no good I forward thur all her songs tonite cause they were soooooo boring

      • So….you just don’t like Phil’s singing style. That’s OK.  Others don’t like Jessica’s song choices.  Everyone has an opinion and will eventually vote with their pocketbooks.

    • The song shows the versatility and ranges she can sing. P2 just gave us a typical Vegas bar stage show. Nothing exciting

      • Versatility and ranges?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It’s just the same style she’s been singing since the beginning.
        And trust me friend, as a musician i can tell you that “bar stage shows” are sometimes better than the pop commercial crap the “big” artists do.

      •  To James: I think PP’s last song is so outdated. I never heard singer/artists these days singing in that style…..It sounded like a folk song in the 60’s…. Remember Simon & Garfunkle???…that’s what i meant. 

    • but who is to blame for the 3rd song of jessica. She did not picked that song….Anyway, let us just be reminded that this is a talent and popularity contest. Talent alone cant make you the next American idol. It is also popularity and based on Jessica’s twitter followers of 460000 compared to P2’s 8000, it will be JS FTW.

    • I respect your opinion, it’s a matter of taste but I actually like the way she handled the song, her voice is just amazing, so flawless…Good luck to both…

  3. Branden you are always busting on Jessica of course your vote is going to phillip. Jessica is the better singer hands down , no matter how you slice it!

      • Phillip has the looks! but not the voice 😐 another indie artist! i would like another diva! the age of mariah! whitney! AND OTHER DIVAS!! THOSE WERE REAL MUSIC! SOUL!

      •  The only reason Jessica is even being considered is because J lo decided to save the Latino! Jessica should not even be in the competition!

    • Yes Jessica is a better singer hands down, but Phillip is a better artist whole body down lool

      •  Reply to Johhny: What then is American Idol all about, isn’t it the best singer and artist for the season? Jessica is both….. a very good singer and a good artist!

      •  agree and we already have to many Whitney’s… Jessica is just another copier….

      • Why do people think PP is ‘original’ and ‘a better artist’?

  4. Have been a Josh fan all season, but I loved Home and I have not been the biggest phillip for him tho

    • i agree but disagree with you because i am voteing for phillip but ive always been aphillip fan  🙂

      • I am totally a Phillip fan for many reasons but most of all he stayed himself even when he was told to change. He made every song his own as for Jessica no one can deny a fantastic voice but she never changed things up meaning the songs all sounded like they were being sung as they were by the original and thats not an artist she will grow to be an artist. Plus she dresses way to mature I would never had let my daughter walk around like that come on tight leather pants hmmmm

  5. Jessica is simply the best singer ..She  can sing anything  I hope si wins..but I really won’t mind if the title goes to has been proven in the past the the runner up always end up a bigger star I am happy with that .

    • You were making an exaggerating  statement. It has been not ALWAYS the second runner up ends up a bigger star then the winner. Only Adam lambert outshine Kris Allen.

    • No kidding…anyone wonder where Lee Dewyze is now??? They dropped him………

      •  Agree not only Dewyze,  there are several winners that did not do anything.   This is just my opinion as far as better revenues Jessica will be the better winner.   Justin Bieber is from Canada and we have Jessica now who I think can be an international phenomenal and will definitely produce more sales.   We need to have one of our own in this country to make it internationally.   We already have good singers from England and Canada.  It is about time we have one of our own.

  6. JS will win.  no further comments.  no blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah & blah blah blah.

  7. Whoever wins, they both deserve it! They were both great singers. So happy for both of them to make it in the finale.

    • Both are great singers, but the best singer in the whole American Idol since season 1 to 10…is Jessica Sanchez. Branden is always rooting for Phillip to win, I have recognized already that every performance that Jessica did, branden always puts B-,A- to jessica

  8. First Round:
    Jessica Sanchez – I Have Nothing – (A+) – Really nice version! Awesome Performance.
    Phillip Phillips – Stand By Me – (A-) – Good. But it’s kinda boring for me, maybe because I just like the original sound of it more.

    Second Round:
    Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer – (A++) – Gooossiiiieesss! AMAZING! Best performance of the night for me.
    Phillip Phillip – Moving Out – (A) – Good job. The song fits his voice. 😀

    Third Round:
    Jessica Sanchez – Change Nothing – (A+) – Amazing song. She sang it great. And why the judges gave her negative comments? I don’t understand!
    Phillip Phillips – Home – (A+) – Great job!

    My American Idol Season 11 Grand Winner:

      • Well, if the judges don’t really like that song. They should blame the one who gaave that sone to Jess. XD

      • Jimmie Iovine and his production team have been working directly with Jessica Sanchez to tailor the message and vocals to showcase her talent. I thought they did it really well. But they were in competition with musical genius. Phillip Phillips FTW.

      • Fans & supporters of Jess doesnt care about what the judges say anymore they will still vote like crazy…

      • @Tadan – If AI has its writers or composers then they must be so generous to give it first to a singer named Greg Holden who sang the song “HOME” and posted it on Youtube. For anyone who has not seen the video yet, just type GREG HOLDEN SINGS HOME and it will appear. I thought that the 3rd song must be a composition that no performer has ever  sung it yet in the public.

    • You need to listen to Jackie Evancho sing The Prayer.  Jessica can’t touch her.

      • I don’t need to. I don’t know her and I’ll stick with  Jessica’s performance.

    • First Round:Jessica Sanchez – I Have Nothing – (D)
      Phillip Phillips – Stand By Me – (A+)
      Second Round:Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer – (D-)
      Phillip Phillip – Moving Out – (A)
      Third Round:Jessica Sanchez – Change Nothing – (F)
      Phillip Phillips – Home – (A+++++++++++++)
      American Idol Season 11 Winner:PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!

  9. since day 1 jessica captured my heart .shes so good, i should say over the top, she could win this,easily but tiny teeny and the cougar give me doubt,i just hope her the best. GOD bless you.

  10. Jimmy Iovine picked the 3rd song, so don’t blame Jessica. 

    I still think Jessica will win.. I would’ve prefer 
    1. Listen
    2. I will always love you

    That’s a sure win. 

    • I don’t think Jimmy had the final say given his opinion on her singing more age appropriate songs.  I doubt it.  This was a bit of a reach for a 16 year old no matter how well she can sing, and that she can. No doubt, but age appropriate, nope not even a little bit.

    • Yeah…and he will keep picking songs for her. She will just be modeled into what they want of her just for money. If you don’t understand this things and have a clear mind of what is your approach as an artist, you will be swallowed by the industry and become another product.

      Welcome to the industry, you teenagers who think being a singer is being found by a tv show and jump immediately to fame!!!
       It takes more than that to be a real musician, you have to work hard and actually have a real musical training. 

  11. The best thing about tomorrow being the last night?  I don’t have to listen to Jessica fans anymore — that’s awesome.   I apologize to every Scotty McCreepy fan from last year , I only thought ya’ll were the most annoying fans ever– you were nothing compared to this JSanchez crowd —  they were Annoying with a Capital AAAAA!!

    • Haha! My husband calls him McCreepy, too, but I like him.  Your comment is funny, though.  Agree re most JS fans on this site.  Some are OK, but not the majority.

      •  I believe they were just young teens rooting for jessica and you level yourselves with these innocent types…..

    • I have to admit Jessica fans  have been very insulting toward Phillip for the most part…… Scotty does have and amazing voice, and Phillip is awesome, Most of you guy’s never thought Scotty would win last year and Phillip will win too

      • Some P2 & Jess haters too did the same, even saying she’s ugly, monkey, wh*re, sl*t, rabbit, and many more. 

  12. Im Sorry but that last song put Phillip in his own league, im sure America will vote for Jessica cuz she can hit some big notes, but Phillip is in his own class and doesnt really need this competition to succeed soo im happy either way

    • If they think that 3rd song of  P2 has won the night for me Jess won the 1st & 2nd song..Overall she won the night!!!

  13. The singles point out my take on these two contestants.  Jessica, as an imitator, does well when she sings songs others have made popular, as she can imitate how they sing it, but with original material, she is lost. She brings nothing new to the table–lots of singers have good voices. Phillip, on the other hand, does better on original material, as he is a true artist who puts his own spin on songs.  Even when he sings songs made popular by others, he still turns out an original performance, ie “Phillip Phillips it”.  That’s why I like him.

    • This may be the best analysis I’ve heard — 

      She is an emulator — He’s an Originator…..

      Excellent post!

    •  How would jessica sing it otherwise?? If she wins, she’ll have her very own music, she’s not imitating…..  In a instrumental music competition, usually, the one who can perform closest to the original artists…wins!!  

      I believe, Philip’s last song was so outdated, it sounded like songs in the 60’s  like in the style of Simon and Garfunkle…(excuse my spelling). I never hear such a music played on a radio in our present time…it’s really old.  Isn’t that type of music called folk songs??  it was very popular until the year the 70’s. The artist always sing while playing a guitar

  14. It’s so obvious that Jessica is the better singer.  She sang as she has week after week all season long.  Phillip wasn’t even on pitch half of the time.  I also saw that Phillip didn’t even bother to get cleaned and dressed up for this occasion.  I thought that he might at least try to improve his appearance for these finale performances.

  15. Agreed with you Braden. Jessica won round two, and I gave a slight edge to Jessica in round one. But Phillip won round three so overwhelmingly that made you forget how Jessica did. You don’t get the pimp spot for nothing. Just a reminding note: Phillip won the coin toss and he chose to sing last.

  16. Vote for jessica she’s the best… i love her so much.. very humble and a great singer.

  17. I will put my money on Phillip too Branden. But he had this competition handed to him on a silver platter if he wins.

    Unlike you, I did not like his last song at all. I did not like the sound, I did not like the marching drummers and I did not hear Johnny Cash or Coldplay. I heard Foggy Bottom Boys meets Phil Collins and those two styles do not blend well in my opinion.

    I don’t think either of them did a good job with their Winner’s Single and Jessica had a lot of problems on her second song, “The Prayer”. She didn’t control her vibrato very well and she didn’t have enough diaphragmatic support to those lower softer notes again. Her last song was just a bad song as you said but also it didn’t have the inflection in the words that she learns from repeating other people’s performances. She had to add the embellishments herself and didn’t do a very good job of it.

    The first song that Jessica sang was actually her best vocal performance of the night. 

      • Um, not quite but it was a pretty song and I didn’t dislike it. I was just pointing out the technical issues.

        I can’t point out the technical issues with Phillip because his style is not to produce technically correct vocals. You just have to be a fan of his sound and style. I didn’t like either of the Winner’s Singles. 

        Still wishing both of them the best though.

      • JS sings it well. But do I like it? No. I cant stop making comparison with Evancho’s. Same happened when she sung My All/I’ll Be There last week. So thats it. No originality only makes her a good karaoke singer

  18. First Round – jessica ( the best to start the show exciting)
    Second Round – jessica (hope i will always love you but AMAZING performance)
    Third Round – jessica  (dont know why they did not like jessica????????)
     Winner:  JESSICA SANCHEZ —-like phillip but its my opinion sorry 🙁

    • If you also liked Phillip, you wouldn’t have given Jessica all three rounds. Be honest!

    • Once your musical tastes develop, you will understand the difference between an incredibly talented backup singer like Jessica and an original musical innovator like Phillip. Phillip Phillips FTW.

      • Once your musical tastes develop, you will understand the difference between a reality tv singing show and real artists and music innovators.

  19. change nothing from jessica is a great song– demi lovato like kind of song. Fun, young and a sure hit! 🙂

  20. I like how you put it as “Johnny Cash meets Coldplay” xD
    If only P2 could pick a more wellknown song for the second selection, there would be no contest on who will win

  21. Branden predicted that Jessica will be eliminated during  Top 3.  Now, he is predicting a P2 win.  What else is new?  He is consistent with his wrong predictions.

  22. Whooo.! Busy Signals.

    If the East Coast Can’t bring P2 in the Green light during the first 4hours of voting in dialidol, JS will win. If they did, P2 have the biggest chance of winning. 

    Dialidol is not credible during the whole season but it never missed during finale. 🙂

    just sayin’

    • Less & less people watch American Idol because the judges have become broken tools. Simon was a great loss. Wish Jimmy Iovine runs the show… Having said that, with less audience watching and more people being oblivious to these hopefuls, the contestants should double their efforts to break through the music industry post Idol.

  23. Phillip definitely was good in the finale.  Couple that with young girls voting for him and his (maybe unintentionally) pulling at people’s heartstrings because of his urgent need for kidney surgery, he is your American Idol.

    • people (girls) vote for him because he is cute, every time he sings i am very irritated because he is the Tenor-version of Joshua Ledet…Jessica Sanchez is the best of them all

  24. In dial idol P2 wins. I hope he doesn’t. JESSICA is so much better than him.

  25. Thalia tweet;;@thalia: WOWgreat news! #TommyMottola just call me from #AmericanIdol & he is confirm to work in the first #JessicaSanchez CD! #MexicanFilipinoPower so who do you think is the winner?? if philips wont win then all of you are looser!!!

  26. you could at least be respectful for the people who love Philip. They are both great and they both deserve respect. so far no one is as moron and as stupid as you maw!!!!!!

    • Branden PP will win 2morrow by default if u will kidnap Jsan tonite.. hehehe….

  27. tomorrow i will say goodbye to this site because its obvious this site dont like jessica and i will never watch american idol again bacause they are biased when judging!!!!!!!!!!!! For me jessica handed the crown and if phillip phillips win congrats but for me JESSICA for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. how come the judges seem to have negative feedback on the third song of jessica while infact this song should have to be promoted if jessica wins. how bad that instead of giving positive remarks this will eventually affect sales on this single.

    • Branden just trying to push PP on top thats why he scores 2 to 1 for Philip.. sad to say but its not working….. poor Branden… :(((

  29. Jessica is an awesome singer… question……her range is impeccable.  Phillip doesn’t have that range, nor will he ever.  I think we all agree.  However, American Idol is a show about finding the music genius / artist and singing goes with that.  In that perspective, Phillip should be the American Idol, no question.  He can envision music as it is to be heard, sung, and performed.  He proved that with his 3rd song tonight…..Make this place my Home.  Somehow, it ends up as a popularity contest, as do most contests, right?  I just hope the producers along with others, don’t hold his physical ailments against him.  Yes, with the surgery he will be out of commission for 6 weeks, more or less, but that doesn’t mean he can’t perform.  He has performed all season with this ailment and look at what he has accomplished.  Both of them will have amazing futures, because of their abilities.  He has made the statement about it not bothering him if he doesn’t win, as they are ALL winners, he said.  At this point, their names have become household names, and people know who they are.  This season was BY FAR the best……more talent was shown this season than ever before!!

  30. oh c’mmon we saw our eyes that jessica is far better!!!!!!!!! she gonna be HUGE like brandy which is TRUe……..She deserves to be an American Idol 2012…..this is straight to the point….OK  Jessica Sanchez ……..Believe me.   She make money in the Music industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  31. It’s all about “white boy with guitar” image ! Of course the judges favored caucasian …. What else? No matter how Jessica sang her best as she always did week after week. The judges will always favor white male over asians :(((

    • I am sick and tired of this WGWG. I think it is totally irrelavat. Phillip is an all around singer, songwriter and musician. Most consumers today do not understand that concept, since there are very few of them with all the goods.

      • Don’t be sick. REALITY BITES or subtle to say TRUTH HURTS. Caucasians are always favored in AI to win.

    • Well, that “image” must be coming from the show’s producers. We have a white guy, a black guy, and an Hispanic gal for judges……

      I’m telling you all: the winner will be whoever the producers are happier with…..

      • Producers’ choice speaks louder than viewers choice. Couldn’t agree more.

  32. I wonder who wrote Philip’s song, and/or who chose it for him. Still Jessica for me, they just gave her the wrong song.. and who chooses the last song for them anyway?! sabotage.

    • Actually they choose the song.  Several are written and they have a choice, Jessica chose that song.

      •  That’s not true!!!! Do you think they have time to rehearse a whole bunch of songs and then pick it out of the air and practice it enough?  The producer chose each song and they decided it was the best for them!  The producer wanted the song to be released!

      • If thats the case the others must have been really bad. I can’t see her picking a dog like that for any other reason.
        By the way how do you know that several were written. I only read that a song was being written for each contestant.
        Either way Jessica made the song sound better that it was.
        PP was scratchy out of key and spent half the song going oooooooo and being drowned out by the singing chorus. Neither of the songs they sang were that good.

      • She actually said herself that he chose it. If you watch the show back you’d see. Said she chose it because the thought it was a nice pop song.

      • Oh my!  If you are right, Sandi, then Jessica’s youth and lack of experience has hurt her somewhat.  She needs adults helping her choose her songs.  Think about it: she’s just old enough to drive but not yet done with high school or old enough to vote yet!

    • someone already sang ‘HOME’, phillips 3rd song.. search in youtube –>
      ‘Greg Holden – Home’

      • They may be ready to toss Phillip under the bus, I find it funny they give him the old song and he is awesome and Jessica didn’t come close to making her’s good.
         If Phillips loses now I know this show is set up, why call it American Idol if American’s aren’t really the ones who pick……….. Phillip know we love you and voted you to the top

  33. The next American idol is … Philip Philips Philip is entertaining where as Jessica sing a ballet I would fall asleep at her concert or if I was listening to her record

  34. First off,  I think you are full of stuffing.  Jessica was by far the best of the two all season long.  Phillip is only just that.  He continued to look as though he was going to have a seizure while singing.  The facial contortions are way over the top.  Someone needs to work with him on that part of his stage presence. 
    Jessica has so much potential that Phillip couldn’t begin to fill a thimble full of what she has.  Jessica owned the first two song even though the judges clearly sided with Phillip as they have been doing all year long.  Jessica’s 3rd song was a disaster for her and I can’t imagine that this atrocity came from a professional song writer.  It was horribly wrong and once again showed that Phillip had the better song written for him.  Phillip’s SONG was good but HE was flat in parts of it and his voice was digitally enhanced throughout most of it.  
    If America is not totally deaf, they will vote for Jessica Sanchez.  She has the most promise for a brilliant future.  Phillip will be in the spotlight for a while but will fade shortly after all this calms down.  Jessica will be a star. 
    American Idol is rigged.  I think I’ll take my kids advice and start watching The Voice.  I hear it is much more fair.

    • All a matterof taste!  They are both good, just different.  I just went on tTube to listen to Jackie Evancho sing The Prayer and it was mind blowing, she is only 12.  There is always someone better out there. 
      I think everyone is selling Jessica short here, already have their minds made up that its P2 for the win.  I am aP2  fan and I hope so but live on the West Coast and the show does  not air until 8.  I think Jessica has much support in CA.  They will both be so successful, at this point it does not really matter.

      • Jackie is good, but ever since I heard Sissel sing “The Prayer” with Josh Groban I don’t want to hear anyone else sing it. She hits notes that I couldn’t hit if I stood on an extension ladder. But you’re right on two counts: it is a matter of taste, and there is always someone better out there which is why we watch shows like this.

    • Yes, The Voice is fun to watch.  Don’t know if it’s rigged or not…

      If Jess wins, it will be for her voice, the range, the melodious quality she has.

      If Phil wins, it will be for his creativity, his originality, his “I’m going to do it my way” rebelliousness.

    • And the standing ovation???wasnt given outright. I saw Jen & the 2 talked at each other & then thats the time 2 male judges stood then Jen followed…hmmmmm 

  35. Change Nothing is the winning song compared to PP’s Home— it’s really a mess

  36. But Branden, you are starting to sound a little like Randy Jackson. LOL

    “I was creation we’d hear her do “I Will Always Love You Again,” but I was wrong.” Huh?

    LOL, you need to fix that.

    That’s as good as Randy’s “We all disagree cause we agree. I didn’t like it either.” or “Listen Something”

  37. In the last performance.. jessica owned that stage… put her heart and soul to the song… and gave everything she has. 😉 her performance is far more deserving for the judges standing O. yes p2 is is great in the final round.. but it is much enough to receive a standing O.
    Jessica FTW!!

  38. Love Phillip’s last song and the accompaniment. It will help that he picked a song that gives hope.

    I would have loved to hear Still Raining again.  That was my favourite of his performances.

    Jessica sang one of those songs that put down women.  I don’t understand why these talented women sing songs that make women feel they have to belittle themselves to keep a man.  

    • The third song was NOT picked by them they were supposedly written for them. That is a shame because the song they wrote for Jessica was not even remotely close to giving her a chance to impress.

      • I agree! Getting a not so winning piece is not jessica’s fault. Its theirs, and the gull for the judges to give s atnding “o for a laid back performance, com’on since when did that happen! Oh well, they never learned their lesson. If they really wanted philip to win, the shouldn’t have done taht, right joshua????? JESSICA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

      • they killed her with that last song….if she does not win… it would be because of the last song

      • Hey Art you are wrong. They do not write a bunch of songs for them to choose from. The last song was written for them not picked from a list by them

      • I believe several songs were written, they read them and chose the one they liked. Now stop crying cause Little Jess made the wrong choice. Maybe her mama chose the song.

      • Im sure her fans & supporters still voted for her no matter what..Remember last week? Almost everyone said it was her worst night & they are afraid that she may go home but it didnt happen because her fans did not fail to support her..

  39. Forgot to mention that I too thought Phillip had a Paul Simon vibe for his last song.

  40. I thought Phil sang the same song all 3 times All of his songs sound the same and always looks like he’s taking a crap

  41. Really looks like P2 will win this! He did a great job with his last song, it’s like there’s something Coldplay thing in it! but Jessica did also her best! Goodluck to both of you!!!

  42. I actually had Phillip taking 2 out of the 3 rounds. I think he has it in the bag. Whoever wrote that last song for Jessica might have killed the title for her.

    • You are absolutley right the song they gave her was a dog. If she wins it will be in spite of that song.

  43. Come on guys… stop the debates. bottom line is that they both did their best and sang their hearts out.  they both deserve to be in this stage of the competition. it is futile to discuss who is better than who because we all have different tastes in music. so please…. just vote for your idol and wish the other one well. lets all be mature about this ok. no more fights nor insulting/rude remarks. for God’s sake, its just a singing competition.  Just vote!

    • Great post, I agree, just a reality show…..really?  So glad this is not my life, I feel sorry for some of these people, WOW.  Some of them need anger management.

    • You are absolutely right. P2 and Jess are good friends. Imagine them reading all the ugly remarks about each other. Am sure they would be so pissed off

  44. jessica  really did great tonight and the whole season.. Don’t just base it on the Finale song.. It wasn’t their choice… If they were given same song just like the previous seasons. we’ll see the difference…Come’ on! Jessica is by far the better singer.. She deserves the title!

    • That’s what I was expecting, they will sing the same song so there will be a comparison but it didnt happen tonight..

  45. if another man wins idol tomorrow then don’t let girls anymore to audition on idol…it’s useless…you can’t win…

    • exactly let the cute guys swoon all the ladies. Remember Scotty? All the teeny boppers rushed on stage just to touch him

  46.  I always thought Phillip would win and i’m not saying no tonight because he’s awesome. Please everybody vote for him,he’s the best.

  47. my thoughts on the final songs… Jessica was not bad on her single… Phillip… the band was great and the production.. but the singing.. did he- sing? the instruments got more air time playing in the background than the time he’s delivering the lyrics… just saying.. the director should win AI if its based on the last song… ohh and the ‘aaahhhs’ get standing ovation? duh

  48. I have a question for Branden or anyone else with an answer. Did Phillip write that song?  I mean, I assumed that he did, but I’m not sure.

    • yah your right
      Round 1:  PP lost
      Round 2:  PP lost
      Round 3:  PP lost
      The Result:  JS won

  49. what about stuttering honey? tell me you know the song before she gave justice on it? I remember comments like this for david cook, kris allen and lee. they’re unique, true artist, original material… blah blah blah…  but what happened after? P2 should be the typical behind the scene artist. who compose and arranges songs but the not the front liner type.  

  50. a close fight but JS will prevail by +4% margin because of Latinos & Latinas, Pinoys & Pinays, Californians, US Navy, Facebookers, Twitters, Texters. JS have the advantage of those group mentioned..

    • Sorry, i am a jessica fan also but let’s not predict? Any can happen in AI. Everyone expected Adam Lambert to win…but Kris Allen took the crown in the end. Same with KMcphee and Taylor Hicks…in the end Taylor took the title. So it is anyone’s game

    • Sort of the way the 2008 Presidential Election went — blocs of votes cast for personal favorites instead of performance and potential.

    • Does the 4% margin account for the illegal and egregious overseas voting via magic jack?  Appalling.

  51. Damn it!!!!! I couldn’t get through jessica’s line!! Power voting and power blogging!!!!! WHEW!!!!!! That”s not easy! 🙂

  52. Jessica by far has been the most consistent singer this season. She may have almost gone home because of the lowest votes (i still think that was scripted), but she still owned the finale night.

    • he should have joined another contest, not a singing contest where his charm would be a big advantage and not his singing ability, which is sad to say is really very ordinary

  53. Jessica Sanchez all the way:-) Philip phillips sucks……. Jessica a way better singer and she young and she bi racial and I think that she.can emerge into something big!!!! Jessica.sanchez

    •  Philip all the way I hope he wins the hole thing it is all a set up the judges want Jess to win so that is who will win but Philip has stayed true to his self the hoe show Jess is stuck on her selff

      • Phillip wasn’t staying true to anything. He was only singing the only way he knows how. Badly and off key.

  54. Of all the very talented singers on Idol this year, if Phillip wins something is very wrong with the show – I like him, but he is NOT the best of this season by far.
    Phillip has gotten by all season by getting the teeny-bopper girls’ vote based on sex appeal, and NOT his singing talent.
    The finale should have been between Jessica and Joshua – hands down!!!
    Go Jessica!

  55. is it just me or those jessica fans are too aggressive??? u guys put jessica to shame? i mean come on now…is that how u guys want to show the world how hateful u guys?? i mean dont you want her(jessica) to be proud of u all..come on jessica fan and i am so shame reading all this rediculous comments from jessica fans…nakakhiya talga…

    • exactly what I have been saying all along. And…and…not only jessica fans but I find P2 fans are also getting out of hand. In short, everybody(even fans of Joshua’s, Skylar’s and Hollie’s) are making this to be an ugly battle but it is actually supposed to be just a clean reality, singing competition. No wonder there is so much hate and war in our world today. There is no peace even in a simple singing competition. I am pretty sure that P2, Jessica, Skylar, Hollie, Joshua and the rest are very disappointed reading all this hateful remarks.

    • What I find more deplorable is the audacious and shameless unauthorized voting by fellow Filipinos abroad using all kinds of resources from internet voting to magic jack usage.  Many of them openly post their admissions to such illegal means of casting their votes, which the Philippine media actually encourages – just google “illegal voting for Jessica Sanchez” to see for yourself.  I am Filipino-American and would want nothing more than for Jessica to win, but such display of fanaticism is simply unethical.  It’s just wrong and, as a Filipino, I am ashamed that SOME of my own have engaged in this reprehensible behavior.

  56. The third rendition of Phillip as the standing ovation for the judges was just a consolation because of Phillip’s first and second performance are not worthy…So JESSICA deserves to win the IDOL.

    •  No she does not the judges have build her up so that she is stuck on her self her last song was not right for a 16 year old I hope Philip wins it a

    •  its not original… check in youtube.. search — ‘Greg Holden – Home’

    • You may be right about Phillip being tossed under the bus, It bothers me he didn’t get a new song, but Jessica blew her song…. And I think Phillip won American Idol… The question now is are they going to let him have it

  57. PP if America wants an Idol that goes to nothing and nowhere to be remembered…. But if America wants someone who can be lined with the music icons, definitely JS will win their votes. 

    JS FTW!

  58. Phillip Phillips’ oh so cute, we’re gonna vote for him. If American Idol were a singing contest, Jessica Sanchez would win.

    • but hold it, American Idol is a singing competition, and SimonC, Paula and Randy have been saying this since Season 2, when Reuben was in bottom 2

  59. Branden…I think you are wrong…not only will Jessica win but it will not even be close!!

    • Not true — Phillip Phillips has been my favorite since they announced the Top 13. Be prepared for him to soar to incredible new heights once he has the major surgery he needs to regain his health.

    • Some of us who love Phillip are OLD girls! I’m old enough to be his Grandma!

  60. I smell a setup… Crappy song for Jess and the perfect song for PP.

    Really they are both fabulous. Both are American Idols.

    • I wish not… But we can’t really help it. They give JS and PP different songs not like the previous idols? So biased…

  61. jessica won the night with her sooo amazing vocals. she’ll be the next american idol. philips vocal range is limited while hers is way up to heaven.

  62. Thank you Jessica for sharing your music to the legendary singers

    Celine Dion – the Prayer
    Dolly Parton – I will Always Love You
    Gloria Estefan – Turn the beat around
    Billy Joel – Everybody has A Dream
    Whitney Houston – How will i know/ I Have Nothing
    Beyonce – Sweet Dreams
    Madonna – madonna Medley
    Jazmine Sullivan – Stuttering
    Aretha Franklin – I know you were waiting
    Alicia Keys – Fallin
    Kelly Clarkson – Stronger
    Otis Redding – Try A Little Tenderness
    Freddie Mercury – Bohemian Rhapsody
    Luther Vandross – Dance with my Father
    Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher
    Tina Turner – Proud Mary
    Joe Cocker – You are so Beautiful
    Etta Jones – Steal Away
    Jennifer Holiday – And I Am Telling You
    The Bangles – Eternal Flame
    Mariah Carey – My All
    Steven Tyler – I don’t wanna miss a thing
    Michael Jackson – I’ll be there




  63. This is a no brainer…JESSICA FOR THE WIN!!! but judges are sooo obviously biased.. but maybe Steven Tyler is just forced to stand because of Randy and JLo. Oh well, I guess the 16 standing ovations (if I’m not mistaken) given to Joshua didn’t even affect the votes…so let’s continue to vote for Bebe Chez!! 

    actually it should have been a Jessica/Joshua finale 🙁

  64. Ehh, Jessica def won round 1.. Jess def won round 2… Phillip I guess won round 3..

  65.  Phillip I hope he wins he has been true to his self the hole show. Jess sings good but she is stuck on hersef.

    • I am sick and tired of idiots like you saying Jessica is stuck on herself or full of herself. You are just a moron who is in no way actually paying attention to what is going on. If so you could see tonite exactly what Jessica is>>>a 16 year old girl who can sing with no pretentions at all.

  66. Worthless retarded Phillip fans?  C’mon, homey, it’s just a singing contest.  Ease up on the useless name calling!

  67. I did think they are great. Last music of phillip was not the good. Was boring , i think Friday of Rebecca black is better LOOL

    I am not fan of jessica sanchez but she deserves to win hands down!

    Better voice, better music!

  68. Phillip is an original. He did an amazing job.
    I loved Jessica’ rendition of ‘The Prayer.’
    However, I’m all about Phillips for the win.

    • You truly need to listen to the young Jackie Evancho sing  The Prayer.

  69. Round 1 and 2 goes to Jessica Sanchez no doubt about it. but the 3rd song hmmm for me JS song is lack of something unlike Philip Philips Home, you can see that his final song is well arrange..

    So Voting System:

    Philip Philips – 70% of the American votes,international votes he gets 9% specially in Asia and europe.

    Jessica Sanchez – 30% of the American votes,based from my recaps from the past show she gets 91% of international votes.

    Who wins American Idol?

    Jessica Sanchez….because of her popularity worldwide..if the producer wants to earn money they should showcase JS…

    • They say the same about Charice. It turns out it’s not only about the voice.

    • Worldwide popularity?  Is that how she’s been staying afloat – through illegal voting from other countries?

  70. I am just wondering why the judges would give a standing ovation to either contestant at this stage. It is predjudicial and also very unproffesional. They gave out standing ovations like they were handing out free passes at the foodbank. I am very disappointed at the last song for both. Phillp gets a marching band, accompanied by two or three guitars and a loud chorus. It was give a big prodution treatment. Jessica got a little back up of 2 or 3 girls and got to sit on a piano. This looked like it was done to push PP and hold back Jessica. I would like to see Jessica win, but if it doen’t happen she will still have a good start to a possibly great career. To me the jury will be out on Phillip, because all the giggly little girls voting for him this year will go on to next years WGWG and he will be all but forgotten probably. I could be wrong but then again it is only my opinion, As you know everyone has one. Some just more right than others.

  71. you said Jessica’s last song was all wrong, but sang it beautifully anyway???…. then that is the mark of a true great singer for you!!!! take that! She is the new American Idol!!!

  72. I vote for Jessica Sanchez. She’s really good and I think she deserves the title.

  73. I thought Jessica one the first round, I am not a big Jessica fan, I feel she has a good voice but never once in this competition has she made me connect with her in a song, I never really feel her emotions until that songm it just sucked me in and I felt it was flawless, were I felt Phillips was lacking a little, and HE is my favorite, I always feel his emotion.

    Second round I give to Phillip, even though I was also disappointed that was the song he picked! I mean come on! But again like usual I connected better and felt the song more than I did Jessica’s and I felt hers was a little boring.

    Third round hands down I goes to Phillip and I 100% agree with the whole coldplay vibe which was way crazy (in a good way) I loved it, I thought Jessica could of done way better than what she did with hers.

    I hope Phillip wins.

    • Phillip only “won” on the last song in my opinion, the first two were horrible.

  74. Is this the Branden that most readers criticized for being biased?

    Your round one contradicted the judges decision which favored Jessica.
    Round 2 was hands down for Jessica.
    Round 3, you went with the flow based on the tentative judges’ SO for P2.

    Even not considering the finale performances, the demographics and facts had proven the obvious winner: Jessica via TKO!

  75. Like an idot I forgot that Idol was on tonight. So I missed by watching a repeat of DWTS. Stupid. If I had known I would have watched IDOL instead. Why the networks played the rating game tonight is beyond me. My one cousin is so upset that Colton isn’t in the bottom 2. So she didn’t even watch. I watched what I could. I am in hopes they will repeat the show from 8-9 tomorrow night. I am sure Phillip did great. But I really don’t care for his singing. Jessica got to win. The people who I vote for I must jinx their  chance to win.

    • Excuse me?  I LOVE country music!  It is the fastest growing musical genre in this country! The top selling AI winner is Carrie Underwood, who is a country singer……

  76. If I were a betting man, I’d put all my money on Phillip.” — LOL. that’ll make you broke.

  77. I’m so extremely sick of the constant, Phillip is different, Phillip is unique, blah blah blah crap. Imo that’s juss an excuse for him to be crowned the winner, yea he’s different, OK? We been knew that from his first audition. What else does Phillip bring besides that wierd voice of his? Then you have Jessica who can do all types of things with her voice, who shows she’s able to do different things, R&B, pop, ballads, jazz, blues. If Jessica doesn’t win, Idol is garbage and next season the top 13 should be all cute guys with guitars.

  78. whenever we heard jessica sings… we felt different… it’s like heaven.. and everytime she sings solemnly, we are bound to appreciate the voice she have.. go jessica!!!! Filipinos are so proud of you!!

  79. I smell sabotage too.

    Just imagine if PP was given “Change Nothing”, how could he have sung that?

    And if JS had been given PP’s song, she would have done a much better job at it.

    Still, JS made the best of it. That’s the mark of a true IDOL!

  80. Round 1…Jessica, stand by me of P2 was just boring for me, im not bashing, its just my opinion! it wasnt bad, it was still good but just boring.

    Round 2…Jessica. we’re on d same page here Branden, i was expecting P2 to sing Volcano, or beggin, or we’ve got tonight but then “movin out” cmon….

    round 3…P2, like the song, it was catchy, it was simple, it fits his style and his voice! jessicas song wasnt that bad but not enough punch i guess!

    i would have give it to jess but since the judges gave P2 a standing ovation, then its a 50/50 battle here! no clear winner, its all up to the fans and supporter! VOTE VOTE VOTE for ur favorite! goodluck P2 and Jess!

  81. Honestly. I am IN for PHILLIP all the way…but after hearing his songs…hmmm I think JESSICA deserves it…

    Jessica’s 3rd song has melody…compared to PP

    But when it comes to looks??…PHILLIP all the way!

  82. This is a reminder to everyone that American Idol is a singing contest and not a personality contest. 🙂 So, I therefore conluded that Jessica should win. Vote for the best!!!

  83. are you serious? just coz the judges say so it doesn’t mean they are right. Jessica’s 3rd song is great! She will still win this… And by the way, Stand by Me on Finale is better than I Have Nothing? are you serious? It sounded like a soundtrack from a B-movie… C’mon!!!!

  84. Watching the finalists sing, Phillips just sang his second song.  So far not impressed with either.  Pretty boring finale.  Jlo just basically said she has heard Jessica sings those songs before but P2 is authentic.  Hmmmm, still boring for me.

  85. Wow, Branden sweetie, this is the first time I disagree with you (although partially).

    To me the first two performances went to Jessica for sure. Phillip’s “Movin Out” should get a “C” at best. His first was too bland too, both performances from Phillip were disappointing.

    But, I agree with the last song, Jessica’s song was so bad that even a Jessica could not pull it off.  Phillip on the other hand, did an excellent job with his original single.

    • nope he is just an extra to the parade which judges gave standing ovation. poor judges.

    • no, he just let the marching band play…and he gets a standing o for that…hahaha

  86. By far the best performance of the night was “The Prayer” by Jessica.  How can J-Lo possibly think Phillip was better in round 2?  No way!!!   I love Jessica, but “I have Nothing” really wasn’t that great for her.  She is definitely capable of much better.  I think she was extremely nervous.  “Stand By Me” by Phillip was sooooo boring(yawn). Phillip, probably took round 3, but both of those songs are terrible. A marching band, really? A standing ovation, really?  What did those judges smoke?  All of the standing Os that Joshua received, and all were not deserved, were way more deserving than that last Phillips song.

    Very disappointing finale!

  87. I’m praying for Jessica Sanchez! Please vote for her, people in the States! I’m from Vietnam and I can only pray in vain! Please help me make her the next American Idol! Please please please!!! 

  88. PHILLIP hands down is the winner for me. He is an original for sure. Jessica sounds good like a bunch of singers we already hear everywhere, but Phillips is authentic and always himself doesn’t copy anyone and that’s refreshing. It Doesn’t hurt that hes  a cutie as well….GO PHILLIPS!

    • are you serious? philip not sounding like, david cook, lee dwayze and all other artists singing with guitar? how often can you hear a soul/blues singer like jessica in the radio? cmon now!

      • who cares! You have your opinion, why not let others have theirs.  People like what their senses allow them to like. It doesnt matter if it doesn agree with yours.

  89. i personally did not like any perormances of phillip because they were all underwhelming not a single one catching my attention. in his last song, i started laughing when i saw the marching band coming out lol.

    • Its a production number and credits for PP is only 20%.. The rest for the band and back-ups…. boooo

  90. Jessica singing her 3rd song, terrible, she is all over the place with it.  Not good!  She just stated to Ryan that she picked that song, bad choice.

    • It’s not horrible, it’ just not right for her but she sounded just as great. 

    • Do you know what an audiologist is… need to seek out a good one and get you’re ears tested….seriously

    • The 3rd song was not her choice. She had nothing to do with it (it was written for her). She was just being the well poised girl she is and taking the responsibility. In any case, her vocals were awesome in that song. I’m not sure what you were listening to.

      • Well, I really don’t think that they were chosing their songs for single on their own… I don’t think that we should blame Jessica or Phillip for their songs – both of them were being well poised kids and taking their responsibilities as Kevin said.

  91. jessica is the best and needs to win.. i’m afraid though because off all the dumb girls that vote based on looks.

    • Im a JS fan but your comment is very bad. It will have a negative effect on all Js supporters. Be responsible w/ what you say here… 

  92. kudos to the bloggers for posting blogs for this season. they’ve been boxed, bashed,hit, aplauded, liked,..the readers emotions we’re all over the places. Spare them some space, it is hard on their part not to be biased on their blogs and restrained from their true emotions just to make it fair and equal. the fact that they still have their on personal types and choices…they still did a great job not putting it on words. I find it pretty decent thou,..

    congrats to both jessica and phillip…thou the real competition for stardom is when the show ends. and it is about the fans to make it real.

    if jessica loses, she’ll be fine, she had I think built a strong fan base, she had a lot of time ahead of her to grow as a performer.

    if phillip loses, he’ll be fine, he will proved the voting public wrong, he will not carry the burden of being the WGWG on AI.

    I think PP will win, thou JS had a solid fan base, PP had the entire america backing up with him. About post idol, JS solid fans will buy her records, I am afraid for PP, because the thing is, Will the people who voted for him would buy his records?( I am considering the success of the so-called WGWG). well I hope not.

    It should have been JOshua FTW…since it is a singing contest…and Joshua can really SING. no pressure at all after AI, if he does well or not…


    • entire america? ahmmm…im from La and we’re Jess all the way here… :))

      •  whether we like it or not, there we’re silent tweenies and teens who admired and will vote for PP in LA.  silent voters are dangerous thing than a rabid fans support system…:)

  93. Philip, not even close.  Of course Jessica is a better singer but she’s not a better artist, song interpreter or performer.   Sorry to all of her supporters, I just don’t feel her, she doesn’t make me stop and listen.  And I disagree on Moving Out…I’ve always hated that song but Philip turned into something I actually liked.

    • Phillip will thank you as one of his music buyers, but win oe loose, Jessica will out sell him, maybe two to one.

  94. hahaha, so crazy that judges gave standing ovation in philips last song. hahhaha marching band accompaniment with almost no words form philip. hahaha again, judges you are funny. hahahahahahaha

    • standing O for a song that is not original? c’mon, go searh home by Greg Holden in youtube…you’ll see what I mean! hate the judges!

      •  none of the songs are original for the first single.  Each season they pick something from a catalog.  They don’t have time to fully write and plot a song crafted for each artist.  What kind of staff do you think AI has?? it less than a day or two before they begin learning the material and the producers don’t know until we do who moves on.  So please in what kind of oompla-loompa composers under the stairs in Jimmy Iovine’s studio world are you living in.  If you think Jess’s song was original I assure you it isn’t.  It just sucked to badly for anyone else to ever want to record it!! Sucks for her, but please tell me how when you are cramming 20 or more songs you don’t know into an entire season is one person to make EVERYTHING original? And again as it has been said before, exactly what makes Jess original.  She is a clone of Beyonce, Whitney, Celine and a number of other great singers.  Personally, I’ll buy Beyonce/Sasha Fierce over BB Chez anyday.  She had me until she rolled out that crap. I know she’s young, but perhaps don’t pick out the biggest shoes and pretend you can fill them.  I feel terrible that she got a crappy song choice on the third song, but then she threw herself under the bus by agreeing it was awful. I am sure she had more than one choice…probably should have picked a different one.

  95. Jessica should have been let go when we voted her off the first time.  Phillip is an entertainer and has a much better chance in the industry. Jessica will show her real self as a 16yr old Diva and melt away into oblivion…

    • That was an AI ploy to get ratings. If she really was rated at the bottom then then she would have been gone a long time ago….

    • Hey Krys you are wrong as a $2 bill. Phillip has no better chance than Jessica. If all the little girl voters do what they do all the time. He wins does a little singing and is all but forgotten next year when they start voting for the next WGWG.

      • Maybe so…but he is a better entertainer hands down. The top 10 last year and the top 10 this year have been very good. I’m sure the vote tally has been closer that we, the general public, will ever know. He may sing for a while and be gone. She will show her roots and be someone no one will want to work with. At 16 with a voice like she has she still has opportunity if she doesn’t let ego or delusion take over. I actually wish the best for both of them. Heck, I liked Elise and Skyler as much as anyone! Anyway, I voted for P2 and will hope for the best. If “she” wins…well, we’ll see how well it goes…

    • yeah right! Jessica has a lot of room for growth being so young.. Philip is ok but I really dont wana look at him when he sings.. best to just listen to him.. btw, did u know his 3rd song isnt really original? search for Home in You Tube by Greg Holden. not P2 ‘s fault but definitely it seems AI had given him such song for his advantage… anyway, even if Jessica lose she has so many options for her singing career..

  96. To all of the Jessica fans out there. I would rather see her lose that win. If she wins she will be tied to a contract with the show for at least the next year. If she loses she gets to make her own decision on which way to go. Look at Clay Aiken, he didn’t win but he is very successful without being tied down with a contract like that. Phillip can have the contract because he will need it more than Jessica. Who needs another Dave Mathews.

  97. Dear America, if I were you I’ll vote Jessica Sanchez to be the American Idol for one reason. It can help resolve your economic crisis/RECESSION. Why? Jessica’s market is not just America but other continents esp Asia, which is the largest continent on earth. Phillip’s market is just America and other neighboring countries (can’t say which one)… Just sayin’ 

  98. Round 1 – Jessica
    Round 2 – Jessica
    Round 3 – Philip. ‘Change Nothing’ sucks. Blame the writer. Tell Philip to say thanks to his back up singers + band. lmao

    Who I want to win: Jessica
    Who will win: Philip (teeny + cougar votes, yes.)

  99. Well that was probably the worst finale I have ever seen, P2 picked a better song then Jessica but still boring. 

  100. they planned that. giving her a simple song (last song). no impact at all. its should be a diva like song because that’s what suits her voice.  they want her to sing a song that willhide her pipes. because they don’t want an asian to conquer america. they can’t accept that asians are better than america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     levels: very easy, easy, hard, diffcult, very difficult, asian…

  101. Just listened to the studio version of Jessica’s single “Change Nothing”. I think it’s really good. I could imagine every radio station will be playing this.

  102. Philip’s Home does not deserve a standing O, it was not original, it was sang and i guess written by Greg Holden a German! 

    • Are you sure?  I thought the producers came up with a songwriting contest for that….

      • go and search in youtube, search home greg holden, I orginally posted a link but the moderator which I guess is a Philip fan does not want to approve it…hahaha

    • First…Greg Who?? Sang in Germany?? The actual writer of the song, brought it to Jimmy Lovine, Jimmy had not heard it before, and choose it to be one of the songs to choose from. Now….Jimmy had never heard the song before, the judges had never heard the song before, I had never heard the song before-and do not tell me you heard it. If someone had not searched UTUBE, this moot point wouldn’t even be brought up.
      How Philip sang the song was original, as is every song he sings, even the American Hits he makes his own.

  103. We have different opinions. Jessica’s “Change Nothing” was simply incredible for me, and so were the other two songs… All of Phillip’s performances were mediocre to me. JESSICA SANCHEZ all the way!!!

  104. Go jessica… we will support you all the way…

    you got it jessica… go for the win…. 

  105. J-Lo said she can’t think of anywhere that she has heard a song like Phillip’s last one.  guess she has not been to any college football games and saw the marching band. Ridiculous!  Both final songs were bad.

      •  Apparently not.  I must say that Phillip sounds better, but the song is still awful.

    • yeah, and she probably not know Greg Holden from Germany. Phillip? not so original at all…

  106. prediction of single events is tough… if you get it right, no one remembers… and if you don’t, people do… so good luck to all soothsayers! 

  107. Mid-center stage seat: While Jessica was singing “The prayer”, everyone was mesmerized by the song. It was like savoring every bit of Jessica’s notes. On their final songs, JLopez was nudged to stand up by the other two judges to give Phillip a standing ovation. I felt the judges were disengaged and disinterested in this finale. Thank God for Ryan who tried his best to liven the show. As much as I love Phil’s artistry, my final vote goes to Jessica!

  108. Guys Go To YOUTUBE and search Home by Greg Holden, and you be the judge of “Phillip’s” originality! The judges are so naive to think it was so original but in reality he is just a copycat!

    • As the winner of “The X Factor UK” Joe McElderry also released a cover of “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus so it’s not uncommon for that to be done. If that song has never been released in this country it’s fair game. But I did think that it would be an original so that takes a little of the piss out of it doesn’t it?

      •  they are never original and by most standards the AI coronation songs are crap that no one else wants to sing.  HOMEBYGREGHOLDEN perhaps you should look up some Whitney, Beyonce or Celine performances…betting you can see the same lack of originality in Jessica, too.  Non-issue on the last song.  Did the song they rolled out for Jess suck worse than Phil’s? YES.  I agree.  Do I care that someone else sang Home? No. How original do you want them to be when the song choice is out of their hands. 

      • In all honesty there is only one degree of original. Look up the definition of the word and see for yourself. 

        I never, EVER claimed that Jessica was original. I have said many times that she tries to hard to mimic other artists and doesn’t put her own twist on the songs. 

        That said, I didn’t like either of the third songs from these two. When I finally found Jessica’s studio recording of “Change Nothin'” it is much better than Phil’s song. I don’t like Greg Holden’s version or Phil’s version. 

        I wish them both the best though. I don’t have a dog in this fight so it doesn’t matter to me.

    • Philip did not choose that song to be one of his options! Jimmy Lovine did. Philip had not heard the song before…just as Jimmy, the judges, me, and most of the world(except for Germany). So it was Philip’s version was original-not imitation, karokee, or wannabee.

  109. P2’s 3rd song was not an original composition for him. the same song was sang by Greg Holden live @ Knust in Hamburg, Germany – April 4th 2012.. check in you tube!!

  110. Jessica is the American Idol! She is true representative of what the title states,best Voice and the look. She would make contemporary records.
    Philip’s songs all sound the same.

  111. The first two song categories were fairly close between Jessica and Phillip. I really loved Phillip’s unique version of the Billy Joel’s song, “moving out”. But, for the life of me … I just can not and will not EVER understand what all the standing 0’s and compliments were for in regard to Phillips last song. At the end of the song, I was thinking to myself, if this is going to be the hit single on his approaching album, I am so not interested. It was a freaking snooze fest for me. His other two songs were by better than his last song … By a freaking mile. In fact, in my viewpoint that was one of the most boring and mundane songs Phillip has performed all season. And this is what the 3 stooges, (I mean judges) want to rave about. Can you all say the words “totally unnecessary pimping” on the judges part? By far, worse than any ot the uncalled for standing O’s  they ever did for Joshua.

    • Time for a new TV pal…….something’s wrong with it, or it’s you! Phillip’s last song was his best of the season, period.

      • check Greg Holden on youtube.. think his version is better minus the band! lolz

      • If you think that was his best performance, that does not say much for Phillip if you ask me. I hear Justin Beiber’s greatest hits was just released. You might as well get that when you buy Phillips first recording … If you think that was a great perfomance. 

    • To think that Phillip’s 3rd song Home was originally sang by Greg Holden, go check youtube. What a copycat. Thought it was written for them? and they got to arrange it? 

      •  seriously get  a life.  I believe you’ve posted this a half dozen times. let’s check out some video of whitney houston, beyonce or whoever else Jessica parroted out this season and see how ORIGINAL she is by comparison.  Neither one has anything to be concerned over as they will both get a contract. Give it a rest.

      • hey another guest.. we all know Jessica’s and all other contestants songs prior to Finale are all not orginal but they do try to make them their own.. what homebygregholden was saying is that the supposedly original composition for the 2 Finalist.. P2’s 3rd song isnt original as what we all thought to be for the the Finalists!!!

  112. Kind of interesting how the 3rd round went. P2’s song was an awesome song, and Jessica’s was just OK. But neither contestant wrote their song. And I’m 99% certain they were not allowed any input as to making changes to it. So the song choice shouldn’t even factor into it, and the judges shouldn’t have used that as the basis for their comments. The only thing that should matter is how strong their vocals were, in which case Jessica sang the you-know-what all over P2. Those were incredibly powerful vocals. Actually, she out-sang him in all three rounds. But P2 got the benefit of a better written song and going last, so he surely has the advantage. I think the only mistake for Jessica was in her choice for round 2. Since her other two songs were ballads, she should have chosen a more upbeat song…like maybe her song from the first live show. In any case, her vocals are superior to P2’s and, in my opinion, she should win. I hope that’s how it plays out, but I think it’s going to be incredibly close. Using Branden’s betting analogy, if I were a *smart* betting man, I wouldn’t even touch this bet.

    • the songs were not written for them, especially for Phillip, I searched the song in youtube and it was originally sang by Greg Holden a German which he already had an advantage of copying the artist. He does not deserve a standing o!!! Jessica’s song was for her I guess since I can’t find any song with that title in youtube.

      • Interesting. I’ll have to look that one up. They said the 3rd round was the song they would release as their first record. I guess I just assumed that they were written as originals for them.

      • no, it just sucked too bad for anyone else to sing it.  But, she’ll be fine.  There’s no way she doesn’t get a contract after tomorrow.

    • How can she sing the you-know-what all over P2 when they’re not the sam type of singers? It’s just stupid to look at this finale like that.

  113. I’m a die hard Jessica fan, but I’m now hoping that she won’t win. AI will destroy her. They don’t appreciate her talent. Let her sign with Motolo or a producer that understands her genre. They set her up to fail with that last song. They didn’t understand her at all and it showed with the song they presented her with to record if she wins. I wonder what the other selections were.. I’m convinced she’ll be more successful sans AI. I’m done watching AI. Won’t even watch tomorrow night. Don’t want to invest any more time. I wish Jessica great success in her future.

    • i with you.done watching american idol,wgwg always win,so feed  up the good singer always end up runner up,anyway jessicas career is more success ful than the winner one.goodluck jessica.

    • Thalia, wife of Tommy Mottola, tweeted about his husband confirming that he will be working with Jessica’s first CD.. below is the exact tweet  (even checked it myself) :

      WOWgreat news! #TommyMottola just call me from #AmericanIdol & he is confirm to work in the first #JessicaSanchez CD!#MexicanFilipinoPower 

  114. By popularity, performance, style, showmanship, voice range, etc…JESSICA IS THE WINNER!!! Like if you agree!!!

  115. P2 may have a fairly successful first album, but I think his stuff will get old real fast.  It’s good now(matter of opinion) because we have never seen him before.  Jessica’s singing ability is miles and miles ahead of P2 and she is so much more versatile.

    I really hope she wins, not because I think it will matter for her career, but because she wants it so badly.  She was 5 or 6 during the 1st season of Idol and probably has been her dream since.  She is such an amazing talent.


  116. For whoever who think s Phillip’s 3rd song is “the bomb”, go to YOUTUBE and search for HOME by GREG HOLDEN, and you’ll see how copycat he is… I hate the judges for giving him a standing o for a song that was not even original!

    • the same could be said for nearly every performance by Jessica.  Either way they will both get contracts.  Personally I’d only buy one of their albums.  We’re entitled to different opinions.  

  117. I would have to give it all to phillip phillips hand down he is the one love u phillip phillips way to go. Tonight

  118. I have watched it and I would say, it is Jessica Sanchez winning the title.. the 3 songs she rendered,, awesome.. i didn’t see any negative on her 3rd song either.. i love it..  Philip just stand 2nd .. 

  119. For me, the last song of Phillip and Jessica shows how far apart the 2 contestants are. On one hand, you have the musician, artist, original, talented and true Phillip, and on the other, you have the “singing machine”. I could go to a Phillip Phillips’ concert and still want more after 3 hours of listening and watching him perform; at Jessica’s concert, I would simply have to walk out after 3 songs, being bored to death. She sounds exactly the same over and over again – nice voice, certainly, but more boring than that, there is not! I am sure you could put all of Jessica’s songs on a CD and not even know which one she is singing after a while: they all sound the same….over and over again.

    Fabulous job Phillip – hope you win!

    • Yeah but it wasn’t original. LOL What a joke AI has played on the public with this one! 

      I repeat that song of Phillip’s was NOT original. Stop saying that! It’s someone else’s song. He can’t take credit for that one at all!

      • I think it sounds pretty much like Greg Holden. Only Greg has much more melody in his voice. It definitely wasn’t better. I don’t really like either version…LOL

        Oh yeah, the studio performance of Phillip’s version is up and it’s auto tuned to the hilt! Give it a listen.

        You can also listen to Jessica’s studio version of Change Nothin’. It’s actually a pretty decent song but not what I would have expected from her.

        Right now I am expecting a Jessica Sanchez win and the immediate release of this song which will go straight to number 1 on the charts.

    • Seriously? P2 sang the same song every week, except they had different words.

    • yeah right! u might wana search Home by Greg Holden in YOu Tube.. u can see who copies what!  I like p2 but the way the 3rd songs was provided … seems JSanchez was cheated!  not really but looks like it!

    • There are a numerous number of viewers feel the same but Jessica the versital artist and P2 the boring same song one style singer

    • Fresh from iTunes, it might shock you if I dare say Djs are already putting a spin on Jessica’s songs in clubs dance club worldwide: Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Amsterdam. Soon, we can’t deny Jessica’s global popularity, especially in countries like Japan and China

    • Most people will agree that it is Jessica who sings many different types of music and Phillip is the one note wonder. And his last song was his most boring of the whole season.

      • @ yay, the winner is not declared yet so why would we be bitter? Let’s wait until tomrw and then you can brag about it…. God bless you!

      • Why is everyone saying I am bitter. Afterall, it is no secret that Phillip pretty much sticks to the very same style of singing week after week … Only the lyrics are changed. That has been stated 1000 times before, so it’s no secret. And in my viewpoint, his last song was his most boring of the season. Heck, it almost put me to sleep. So, if speaking the truth is what passes for being bitter these days … than so be it.

  120. Jsanchez fans, don’t worry about what the judges said. Remember last week they praised Joshua ledet and yet he was eliminated. I think it’s the same strategy tonight. At this point in the competition, no one is listening to the judges. The fans will vote for their idol no matter what. Do u think that Philip’s fans will stop voting if he was criticized so much tonight? This was already proven in the past weeks. Philip had a few bad weeks but still never land in the bottom. Because his fans are not listening to how he sings…they see eye candy and their hormones start raging and telling them to vote… Therefore, you just continue voting for Jessica and try your best to outdo them. In my book, she is already a winner!

    •  yeah a strategy seemingly out of desperation..they should start acting like professionals  because god never sleeps..whatever was their motivation, at least they did not succeed and still their efforts to degrade someone isn’t that effective after all..karma works 100% all the time!!! hehe

  121. I don’t think that “The Prayer” was a good song choice for Jessica.  The way she sang it was beautiful and she couldn’t have done it any better, but sadly enough I think a lot of people do not want to hear a song about praying and we all being God’s children. 

  122. I have two simple observations.  One is they did both contestants an injustice with the horrendous song they gave Jessica as a single.  Worst EVER!! And two, Phillip may not sing as pretty as Jessica, but he knows who he is and that helps him a lot with arranging songs.  She is still figuring that out and sometimes it hurts her because she comes off as a mimic.  She can parrot out the best female singers of all time, but she has yet to figure out who Jessica is in order to put her own BB Chez spin on it.  She will undoubtedly figure it out, but she’s going to need to do what J. Lo suggested (the fact that I agree with J. Lo is scary stuff) and not do something that isn’t a good fit just because someone tells her she should.  By the way she rolled over on her choice when put in the hot seat I’m guessing she either knew it was a bad choice or she didn’t want to look stupid defending it.  Either way, while I am sure Jimmy or someone picked the song choices I highly doubt it was the ONLY choice she had.  So some of the blame on that one undoubtedly falls to her also.  But, that song should have never even made it to the table it was AWFUL!  Poor girl.  And I am a Phillip fan.  But, still this in my opinion wasn’t a fair fight.  But, again I have to believe she had at least a little say in that song she’s certainly not a hapless victim.

    • You didn’t have to say you are a Philip fan at the end of your post… It was too obvious! Jessica FTW!!!

    • or AI should have told P2 the song he chose isnt an original composition for him. though maybe the one they intend to release for him.. check You TUbe lolz

    • Actually, the only song they had a choice on was the 2nd round. The other two rounds were chosen for them…they did not have a choice. I would agree that for the first round they probably had input on the arrangement. But I would bet quite a bit that on the 3rd round, the song that would be released as their “original,” that they were handed it as it was to be performed.

  123. Power voting now….. let’s make Jessica Sanchez dream come true, enough of cutie pies been called an artist but everybody in AI is considered an artists but where are those guys being called an artist now? This girl can represent America globally, so vote wisely….. Jessica for the win!! 🙂

  124. Finally I’m done with this blogsite too. LOL! The writer could just blindly assign letter grades without having have to hear the performances. Good bye man, you can keep all your opinions now to yourself. Just make sure you’d put all your money to PP when he wins. He’ll be much interested in that LOL! Congrats to the winner!

    • I agree with Branden’s grading. So my opinion and his opinion make two, against yours and one other like which makes two. So…two against two. Your opinion is just that-your opinion. I enjoy Branden’s site, and his OPINION’S. Because you disagree, does not make Branden wrong-or you right!

  125. Randy, JLo, and Stevens comments 30+ million dollars

    Ryan’s rhetoric 15 million dollars

    Idol’s Summer Tour Tickets 57$

    ITunes singles $1.29

    Listening to Jessica sing I Will Always Love You      PRICELESS!

    • Have you checked the mirror lately? You might be referring to yourself!

      • I am a phillip fan, but the only thing ugly is your comment.  No one should vote or not vote based on looks and that goes for both contestants!! Someone should flag your comment!!! Be nice or shut it.

    • this isnt Ms Universe lolz.. so how does those non-white artists/ singers look to you???  How do you find Whitney Houston, Akon, Jennifer Hudson and many others??….. btw, how do u look like?? i guess you’re too beautiful to judge others’ look.. why not join the beauty pageants???

    • wow! obviously a hater! show us ur picture and we’ll decide who’s ugly! so mean, people like u should be banned here!

    •  Ummm, dumba*s, she will be the prettiest winner “all season” too.  There is only one winner per season. Besides, I think Jessica is a very pretty girl that will only get better as she gets older. That is just your opinion as this is mine.

    •  Hey Wai Leong, u sound like u r Asian, right.  Shouldn’t ur name be Wai Short.  Just saying. Haha!!!

    • and your country is shameful to have a citizen like you… and when does an Egg looked good??? hahahahaha :-p

    • you are sooo mean. i don’t know how you were brought up by your parents. If you claim to be an american, pls. take note that this country gives opportunity to all people – white, black, brown, or yellow like you (you’re chinese, i guess).  Why zero in on her looks? JS is young, talented and beautiful! If you don’t like her, don’t vote for her, nobody is forcing you. But respect the process!!

    • and your’re the prettiest fan. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that PP will even notice you!! LOL… it seems like pretty people represents a country huh???  careful, baby with your thoughts or i will start making a list for you

    • how about your face??? everyone has its own personality and looks, Our creator creates us perfectly… I think your creator is from hell…

  126. Phillip is all around the total package of talent, good vocals, and moving performance.  He is ready,  Jessica needs some coaching in the performance arena.

    •  Yeah, because Whitney, Mariah, and Celine Dione put on such great performances.  People just want to hear them sing because their voices are phenomenal.  Jessica’s is as well.

  127. dial idol:
    pp: 16.69
    js:  11.447
    it is a close one, although not reliable.  JS will pull through – mark my word !  surge of votes will leave pp behind. 

    • West coast and Hawaii just started the voting time. If you rely on dialidol you have to wait for another 3 1/2 hrs…which is around 5 am east coast

  128. I have nothing against Jessica she’s 16 almost 17 years old and she’s a great singer. However what Genre is she in because she hasn’t really shown that? IMO I think Phillip should win this competition. All Jessica has sang is ballads and to me that is boring. She hasn’t sang any fast songs or anything I mean is that all she can do?

    • lol what channel have u been watching?? Jessica sang almost all types of genre. .. P2 on the other hand has the same tune for whatever song he sang.. I like P2 but i got bored as he sing… try to review all their performances.. btw, Jessica I think prefers RnB  and d likes..

    • She hasn’t sang any fast songs or anything I mean is that all she can do? – hey, are you really watching the show? it’s obvious that you’re not

  129. Phillip is going to win. I’m sure of it. He’s got the total package, why shouldn’t he win? *sigh*
    My opinion aside, just vote for your favorite. I really don’t care who wins, but I’m voting for who I want to win.

  130. philips voice is the voice that only idiots would appreciate..including j lo and randy..!!!

    • Im a Js fan but I disagree w/ u..Its a matter of taste.  Watch your language.  P2 fans can also say all people who appreciates  Js are idiots..

  131. Phillip has a very boring style. Every week he is the same. Lasr week he proved that he cannot carry a tune’s melody with the Pete Seeger song. Jessica can sing ballads and upbeat pop eventhough we’ve heard songs many times before. Each one is right now still a very raw talent, but I thought tonights show wasn’t an honest production of either one’s best abilities. The producers and directors are to blame for that. I give them an “F” for the finale!

    • Bob Seeger. Peter Seeger was  folk protest singer from the 50’s til present.

  132. I hope your prediction will be wrong. I just dont know why you never guest it right. Too bad.

  133. they had more than one orignal song to pick from, Jessica said she tried to pick a good one, she did not….

  134. Wow, I dislike people like you. Most of us are voting cause he actually HAS talent. Just quit hating, you bitter. (:

    • Would u still vote for philip if all the things you like about him ( originality, style, genre of music, etc) are in heejun or Joshua’s body?
      And don’t fool me with your answer since you r only fooling yoursel!

    • @Idolfan
      I was originally voting for Heejun AND Joshua, so actually I wouldn’t mind. (: I’m just voting for Phillip because he’s the only one left that I like. That, and I like his singing. (:

  135. for a 16 year old, Jessica is way way talented. I’m a singer too, but gosh, I can’t do what she can. Definitely and absolutely talented! Other singers can learn the trick but with a very young age, that’s not trick anymore, that’s really talent. P2 is a talented musician. I can see him more as a great musician who can sing, rather than a singer. I love them both. Torn between the two of them now. Whoever wins, definitely deserves to be the winner! God bless you both!

  136. her last song was not good, his was better, her first was better… just vote for who you like

  137. I liked Phillip’s performances better tonight, even though I’d like a female winner.  These 2 kids are so different that America has a real choice here. I personally would  not buy a Jessica CD, but would consider buying something from Phil.  His final song had a country flavor to it, and that’s my favorite genre.  Also, he actually seemed more melodious in “Home” than in the other songs.

  138. @Taymaro:disqus  You’re right. P2’s song wasn’t original. Here’s a story run by Hollywood Reporter. Anyway, he did justice to the song.

    ‘American Idol’: The Story Behind Phillip Phillips’ Coronation Song  (Exclusive)

    Moments after the Top 2 finalist delivered his last song “Home,” THR spoke to Drew Pearson, the man who wrote it.

    A possible game-changing moment during Wednesday’s American Idol performance show? Phillip Phillips’ final number which could easily go down in Idol history as the best coronation song ever.
    our editor recommends

    Home” was written by songwriter Drew Pearson, who’s worked with more than his share of Idol alums before, including Adam Lambert, Casey Abrams and Lee DeWyze. It was originally meant for British artist Greg Holden, but was submitted to Idol as a possible finale number by Pearson’s publishing company, Pulse Recordings.

    “Pulse has a relationship with Jimmy Iovine and were able to pitch the song directly to him,” Pearson tells The Hollywood Reporter exclusively. “Jimmy heard it and loved it and that was it.”

    And it seems the audience at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater did as well,
    judging from the thousands who leapt to their feet and clapped along.
    Pearson was among them and says the moment was surreal.

    “It’s hard to describe — it’s not just watching Phillip, it’s watching peoples’ reactions,” he added.

    Although the song wasn’t written with Phillips in mind (Holden is a
    co-writer on the track), Pearson says the sentiment lined up nicely with
    the finalist’s experience. “When they did the homecoming episode,
    Phillips’ [segment] was especially moving,” he explains. “Not just when
    his dad got all teary, but you could see that it’s a small town and
    everybody knows everybody. It ended up being perfect for him.”

    The distinct Mumford & Sons feel was no accident either. “I do
    love Mumford,” Pearson confesses. “I also like Arcade Fire and there’s
    some of that, too, along with a few Irish bands that influenced it.”

    Pearson also recorded the song with Phillips just days ago. “He came
    in to sing on it, sat down and killed the song,” he reveals. “He got
    into it so easily.” The produced version he adds is very close to the
    rendition we heard on the finale, minus the marching band.

    Says the 31-year-old songwriter, who’s also worked with Zac Brown Band, “I thought Phillip did an amazing job.”

    • And here’s the youtube link: www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=QSSDxF53rZM&feature=player_detailpage

      You decide who fared better. I must agree that it sounds like it was really intended for P2 to sing.

    •  If it wasn’t original song for P2, why let him cover it? The people were made to believe that the finale songs are of original meaning haven’t sung by anybody (esp by a known singer, Greg Holden)?

      This is cheating per se and it’s unfair to Jessica who could have been given a popular song.

  139. Whoah! Talking about Phillips originality huh? Y’all betta check youtubes of Greg Holden “HOME”! This must be an debut single(original) not a cover song!!! Spread!!

  140. Whoah! Talking about Phillips originality huh? Y’all betta check youtubes of Greg Holden “HOME”! This must be an debut single(original) not a cover song!!! Spread!!

  141. Jessica Sanchez’ Change Nothing will be a great Music Video …. I love the performance and the studio version.

    Honestly, I’m loving every single bit of it. . I’m listening to it all over again. It’s great actually. Goosebumps with her journey

    Phillip Phillips’ Home is also good…

  142. What is all the fuss about original songs? My assumption was the third song was a song written by any artist but hadn’t been released on any album to date. Each artist was given a selection of songs and they chose the one they liked the most. I never thought that P2 had written his song any more than I thought Jessica had written hers. That would be totally unfair. I was unfamiliar with both songs at least until tonight.

  143. Lindsey
       I like Jessica’s Change Nothing it sounds better than Phillip’s Home no doubt about Jessica’s vocals but with Phillips he really should be marching Home for good.lots of love:)

  144. It’s strange that so many people liked JS’s performance of The Prayer.  Have they not heard the young Jackie Evancho sing it?  JS shouldn’t have touched that song.  It requires reverence, not a diva voice.

    • she sang it beautifully. with all of emotions and composure. she can hold the notes very well and knows how to let it go.. 

    • You keep on pitching Jackie Evancho. You can vote for Phillip if you want. Don’t mind others’ business. I heard Jackie’s version and it’s good. So as Jessica’s.

    • Maybe your Philip can sing it better than Jackie Evancho. I heard Philip can make that song his own. He can sing it with his original style. Im sure Jackie won’t hold a candle to Philip…..sarcasm!

  145. Poor Jessica, she was given the boring song to sing “CHANGE NOTHING” ::((( The AI production carefully chose the best one for Phillip Phillips, a song that taillored to his style and a grand back up instruments. Clearly they wanted Phillip Phillips to win. UNFAIR.

  146. Poor Jessica, she was given the boring song to sing “CHANGE NOTHING” ::((( The AI production carefully chose the best one for Phillip Phillips, a song that taillored to his style and a grand back up instruments. Clearly they wanted Phillip Phillips to win. UNFAIR.

    • I actually found P2’s coronation song boring. Maybe I’m not really a fan of country sound. Jessica’s song is not that bad. Try to play it over and over. 🙂

  147. Poor Jessica, she was given the boring song to sing “CHANGE NOTHING” ::((( The AI production carefully chose the best one for Phillip Phillips, a song that taillored to his style and a grand back up instruments. Clearly they wanted Phillip Phillips to win. UNFAIR.

  148. I haven’t seen all of this yet as it doesn’t air in Australia until tonight (3 or 4 more hours) but I feel sorry if Jessica was given a dud song AND sorry if they were pimping Phillip. I thought we had enough of that with Joshua, and they only did him a disservice – you’d think they would have learnt their lesson!

    Surely all of Jessica’s fans will vote for her anyway and will not be swayed at all by the judges or by a not-so-great song. 

    Still a Phillip fan but love Jessica’s voice. 

  149. You all know Jessica won already on americas got talent when she was 6 right? -_- I think Phillip deserves it more than her. Mainly because she has already been famous over YouTube extremely.

  150. So far…
    Jessica’s performance of her coronation song CHANGE NOTHING was performed like Stuttering…it’s a love song, sort of continuation to the previously mentioned song…if u listen carefully to the lyrics it will grow on u and ull see what i am talking about, Stuttering is a confession to a guy and Change Nothing is having that love with that guy…it fits her voice and style.

    Haven’t you notice, she sit and perform like in Stuttering…

  151. Jessica’s third song was actually not that bad. i listened to it several times and it looks like that it is a kind of song that grows on the listener. It may not stun listeners and audiences the first time around, but once you listen to it again then one will start appreciating it. i really hope that jessica makes it. but even if she doesnt, i am sure she will have a bright future ahead of her, perhaps even ahead of all the finalists of AI season 11, including Philip Phillips.

  152. it seems like the american idol set it already for philip, the production, the songs, specially the song if they going to make record. if we going to  base the winner and favorite that night, its already baked for philip, but i still hope for jessica to win.

  153. If that’s your take… Joshua should not have been eliminated 17 standing ovations did not save him….One song will not make a difference at all.  Hold your head up high Jessica! Your the best American Idol contestant in the history of AI…. Don’t ever change, remain humble and God will do the rest… Good night!!!!! 

  154. its already confirmed…Tommy mottola is gonna work on jessica sanchez first CD/album :)) thalia tweeted about it, so win or lose, i know she’s gonna be successful :))

  155. What’s with American Idol????? Why did they chose that song for Jessica? Oh, my….. The production is crazy. Now, I’m gonna cross my fingers as well as my feet. 

  156. You talk about overseas voters and who we would vote for???? The most talked about seems to PP but we also agree the JS is talented. For me I always pick the unusual people like Skylar and Hollie but I knew they weren’t going to win but I will consider buying their albums. See this is the thing no matter how much you are a fan or voted for you favourite to win, if your not going to support them after the show then you never really were a fan.

    Let me throw something out there for you all to consider – if you enjoy watching talent then I recommend you look up Australia’s The Voice in particular Sarah De Bono, Prinnie these girls show what talent is all about or look up Krarise Eden or Rachael Leachar now that is talent.

  157. American idol is rigged and biased. who ever is the song writer of third song for Jessica is favoring Phillips. They should have been given the same song to sing at the end. After that song it was no longer Jessica Sanchez against Phillip Phillips,
    it was PHILIPPINES VS PHILLIP PHILLIPS AND AMERICAN IDOL! The racism is very obvious and it cannot be hidden from people who know.

    • I’m Filipino-American, but can’t help recoiling at your inane outburst.  It’s no wonder we face hostility in several online fora. This is so infantile.

  158. Philip Philipis, David Cook, Lee Dewyze ALL THE SAME singers wearing a guitar and boring me in my opinion, while Jessica Sanchez, something never seen on Idol! She in my opinion is a more talented singer than Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and she is even a mainstream singer(not country) that could be topping charts nowadays!

  159. Awww, P2 is so sweet when Ryan asked the both of them what are their message for each other… P2 can’t look straight at Jessica’s eyes and he has only words of praise for Jessica how amazing she was at her age and one can really feel P2’s sincerity while saying all those nice things about Jessica, if i were in Jessica’s shoes that time i  might have blushed and fainted…. lol :-)))

  160. Sure winner is for this season is gonna be Jessica. The song was great! I don’t know why the judges thought of that. The only main reason why they bet on Phillip’s 3rd song was because of the arrangement. Anything else is just okay for me. I say that both of them are tied in the singles. Both are A+. My only question is——–WHY? WHY? WHY?! Why did the production choose two completely different songs that aren’t out yet!????? 

    By the way, Branden. Jessica DID NOT PICK THE SONG. Of course, a singer should make it her OWN whether it was hers or just given to her! “I at first thought she didn’t pick it and couldn’t be blamed, but she made it sound like she picked it. So… yeah. “—–> Such a lame line.

  161. Its not fair how the judges aren’t criticizing Philip when he isn’t showing any talent trying to hit the notes and making his performances exciting and moving unlike what Jessica is always doing. The judges always make this EXCUSE that Philip is unique and they like it even if it was so boring! Being unique ISN’T everything, being great, hitting notes, moving people is WAY more important than seeing someone unique who doesn’t even give an effect on the one’s who listen. Isn’t Jessica unqiue in her own way too?

  162. Listen “Change Nothing” studio version in youtube..
    Jessica is ready guys!!! She’s ready to compete in music industry

  163. Top 2 Finale


    Simon Fuller’s Choice

    Jessica Sanchez – I have Nothing – A decent song
    choice I guess, I’m glad that it wasn’t some off the wall song choice, but I
    would have loved for it to be a more modern choice. But, Jessica and I can’t do
    anything about that. I thought she did a really good job on this song. Not the
    absolute best I have ever heard, but a really good solid performance. (A-)

    Phillip Phillips – Stand By Me – Another old
    song choice.. hmmmm.. But, there was something about this that I liked. I
    actually liked that arrangement he put on this song. He sounded pretty well..
    although it was just a little bit boring. Overall good though. (B+)


    I’ll give the slight edge to Jessica in this

    Favorite song from the season

    Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer – I am really happy
    that she sung this song. This was one of her best performances of the whole
    season, and at the right time in the competition to have another moment. This
    showed all the aspects of her voice perfectly like her tone, falsetto, vibrato,
    and belting. I loved this performance. (A)

    Phillip Phillips – Movin Out – I think this was
    a smart choice by Phillip, because it was something uptempo.. something that
    has been missing from the show thus far tonight. I thought he did a really good
    job on the song. He enjoyed himself and you could see it. (B+)


    Jessica, still won this round for me though..
    and I think this was more clearer than the first round, so IDK what JLo is
    talking about. You’ve seen both of these songs before.. lol

    Potential Singles

    Jessica Sanchez – Change Nothing – Hmmm.. Well I’m
    going to start off by saying that Jessica sounded really good on this…
    especially the chorus. The low notes were a little pitchy, and the song was
    decent.. but nothing that blew me away. But, she really hit some power notes in
    the Chorus that I was happy to hear. (B+)

    Phillip Phillips – Home – Umm.. Standing
    Ovation??? Seriously? I found this song to be unique but it was a total snooze
    fest in my opinion. So, I’m not sure what the judges are getting so excited
    about with this. It may have been the better song, but definitely not a winners
    song. (B-)


    For me, the song that I enjoyed the most was

    • I agree with everything you said. Especially the standing-0 for Phillips last song. That song was positively sleep inducing.

  164. Jessica will surely win. I read people in the Phil were using Skype to vote.

  165. Only the one with the highest votes will win, let’s no longer talk about who’s more talented, greater singer, and greater performer on stage.  But i pray JS FTW!!!!  

  166. Phillip literally murdered Stand by me.. same tone with most of his performances…with different lyrics.

  167. who is still voting in the westcoast? 1 hr & 15 min to go i think. is it really 4 hrs?I’ve been voting since 9p and my hands are about to fall off lol.powervoting at its best. does it count if I mispelled the word vote in some of my texts? ughh ok Im goin back in… 

  168. So far…

    Jessica’s performance of Simon Fuller’s choice I HAVE NOTHING was given a justice…Loved that vibrato and the growl…like JLo said to her before, yes so fiesty.
    Haven’t you all notice, she is being prep to be the next SELENA/WHITNEY, if Mol0tta of SONY really wanted her then surely she has a future so far ahead of the others.  

  169. The Judges don’t like the lyrics of the song change nothing, to clear things out, judges love the way jessica delivered the song… She gave justice and power to a boring song… Its the composer of the song that should be blame on the ugly lyrics. So, for those who are bashing Jessica, please review the comment first before you make any… JS is the winner for sure…

    • Thank you Jaspy! At least there are people here who understands that the 3rd song was a nightmare for Jessica but like a dutiful daughter, she sung the song. She made the song more pleasing to us in spite of a very bad arrangement and the lyrics was a disgrace for a 16 yrs old to sing.

      • If you think the lyrics of “Change Nothing” was a disgrace…well guess what? When Britney Spears recorded the song “Hit me baby one more time” she was only 16 years old too. Now tell me which song is a far worse of a disgrace for a 16 yo to sing? Just sayin…..

  170. So far…

    Jessica’s The Prayer captured our hearts once again…nicely done…


  171.  What a GREAT VOICE!!! Thank you Jessica Sanchez. 🙂 Good luck and God bless!!!

  172.  jennifer Lopez, Tyler, Randy?
    are you guys are qualified as

    American Idol Judges?



    and you 3 are overwhelmed PP’s

    drummer boys marching that made

    PP’s best hahaha


    • It’s very hard to sing when you’re sitting especially singing high notes.

  173. phillip phillips will win it tomorrow no doubt about it…he was the best of the two performers tonight.

    • It is likely that he will win tomorrow, but to say he was the best? No, I don’t think so.

  174. Jsan fans out there.. instead of talking trash here why don’t you put your mouthfuls on to votes as according to dialidol P2 is winning how accurate are they as far as the finale is concerned well check their website… they were never wrong since season 4….

    • Dialidol has never been accurate. Just sayin’. One time I saw Hollie leading and bam! she’s in the bottom 3.

      •  yeah they were even wrong with joshua but check their predictions when there were 2 contestants left, they all got it right since season 4

      • well its confirmed already…Thalia tweeted about it  (wife of tommy) she said she just received a call from tommy telling her about a good news, that tommy will help on JS first cd/album

  175. both of these contenders are both winners in their own right..and whatever will be the result, i still believe that the winner deserves the jessica and p2, congratulations in advance..jessica, i hope that you will be the one..thank you for sharing with us your talent and striving for us who are supporting you..godbless..

  176. Jessica Sanchez deserve to be next American Idol season 11,,,,,,,…. i will cheer for JESSICA SANCHEZ…GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO

  177. Believe me guys! American Idol is only a title. It’s the voice and quality that matters. Just look in the past, non-winners are even more successful than the winners.

  178. people, after all! we have to thank this site! for giving us the chance to be updated on the show, for allowing us to voice out what we feel, for letting us support our faves. we had some battled discussions here in this site, but above all these,  this site deserve a warm applause.. congratulations for another season, the pros and cons posts here made this site stronger, and became a home for idols’ supporters!!! til next time! 🙂

  179. I have to say that even if I’ve hated Philip since the beginning and find him unbearable to listen or watch(while singing), “Home” is a great song and fits his style. 

  180. this is the kind of song that jessica should be doing. it is co-written by her. sadly she is in american idol, she can’t be like in this video coz she might not win…the last time she do swag..she was voted out…here is a doze of those who think JS is boring and can’t be original…enjoy!

    • uhh according to the jugres last year luaran won on 2 songs and did’t win

  181. its confirmed, tommy motola is going to work with jessica’s first album!motola’s wife tweeted this today

  182. i voted more than 500 times for Phillip.  if diva wins, i will never watch idol again.

  183. “The Prayer” was AMAZING!!! I can’t believe JLO said Phillip’s “Movin’ On” was better!!! It was a sold game since the beginning…(and i’m not even Jessica’s fan).

  184. I am gonna miss this site for sure though, it’s one day to go before i finally say good bye to this site unless there’s an interesting contestant to watch for on the next season but i think this bunch of contestants and hopefuls are really good, i think this is the best season ever…. PP & Jessica deserves to be in the Top 2, so goodluck to both of them. I am still praying & hoping Jessica will bag the AI crown…. 🙂

      • i guess you are not a 3rd grader for you not to understand what i mean, it’s just a term aside from AI title…. 

      • i am going to miss you too, Sailor Moon but after AI i am flying back to Manila to attend my cousin’s wedding, will just finish the AI tour so i could see them all in person especially Jessica…. let’s keep in touch here sometimes and it’s so nice meeting you… (^_*)

      • i’m living in Manila and when is your cousin’s wedding? i want to meet jessica and the other idols too so i really hope that they’ll do a concert in Manila 

      • Sailor Moon ….my cousin’s wedding schedule is first week of Aug…. so i am leaving maybe by the end of July. i read somewhere that JLo is bringing her concert tour in the Philippines in November and she is bringing in Jessica to perform so i guess it will be super fun…. 🙂

  185. at 3:38 HK time,
    dial idol says:
    pp:  14.42
    js:  12.849
    vote surges for js. accurate or not, i can tell u, js will win.  

    • text votes aren’t included in that…. i will tell you, expect the text votes to come as tsunamis….. 🙂

      •  True! When all the Americans are sleeping, Filipinos are continuously voting for her still.  Jessica will win for sure.

  186. JS is super as sixteener, voice quality definetly excellent, charm so cute, humble and great to be a STAR.  

  187. The 3rd song of Phillip got a standing ovation?! What a lame number that was. I would rather watch the production number of Reynaldo Lapuz way back on American Idol finale show, much better. Phillip didn’t even sing at all. Thanks for the back ups and the band. That was far behind from Jessica’s change nothing. If Phillip will this season, oh come on! AI should not include girls on the auditions. First qualification next year for AI would be, you should be a 100% WGWG! FYI Thalia just tweeted that Mr. Motolo will sign Jessica Sanchez no matter what! That’s the T honey!!! Way to go Jessica.

  188. Yeah! I’m the first American Teeny Girl who didn’t vote a WGWG!! 😀

  189. voted 1348x for JS, while my three friends here voted 898…789 and 1349 respectively! goodluck to jess and P2….LA is rooting for you Jess, me and my frieds do! 🙂

    • Girl, lol you in LA too? I tallied all my votes and I had a total of 3285! I relied from texting alone=3091 times, coz I always get dropped calls or busy signal so I only dialed 94 times then plus 100 on my 2 fb accounts online. My Iphone is like 8% battery after lol.

    • go girl!! same here, but a lot of times i am having a hard time going thru on Jessica’s numbers…. 🙂

  190. You are all a bunch of horrible hateful mean people! All those people on that show had talent. All of them went out and worked hard trying to make their dreams come true. They don’t deserve people like you calling yourselves fans! Desperate and hateful because your afraid your favorite won’t win! Will they die if they loose? Will you? I don’t think so! The shows over they will all go away now! Then they will tour all together and have a great time! Then they will, most of them, make their albums, go on more tours & hopefully make more albums. So, where is all the bad? What’s going to be so awful if they don’t win? Grow up! These people are friends they want to win, but they are truly happy for each other! So why are you all so hateful? You have a rule that says you can’t buy the album for runner up? Didn’t think so! So chill out, enjoy the last show tomorrow be happy that all these kids have such a good chance at making it as musicians & singers. And be glad you got to share in the beginning of so many young careers. A few months ago you had never heard of any of them before and without AI you might never have.

    • httinyurlDOTcom/cuqnv9j
      Check out that site and see how many people off this show are successful in entertainment and music. 

      Some sad stories and success stories there. But mostly sad.

  191. WOW that “CHANGE NOTHING” at first when I heard it from jessica yesterday –>> no impact but when I listen to the studio version from iTunes this is actually VERY GOOD!!! 

  192. Jessica Sanchez you really deserved to become American idol just go go go you’re absolutely a better singer and a great performer..,cant wait to buy your first solo album…go jessica goodluck & god bless you….

  193. The show is about popularity and personal preferences, not the most talented. Here’s an idea. Why not change the show’s name to “American Idols” and select a male and a female winner. Their music is worlds apart so why try and pit one off against the other, when we can vote for our favourite male and favourite  female performers. And change the name of the show to “Most popular new male and female American artists” for 2013 or something similar. (Just an example)  The talk on this blog is quite hateful at times. Let’s stick to liking our own “idols” and not crucifying the ones we’re not voting for.

  194. I <3 it. Change Nothing Song whole version. It's very original. Love her voice it suits her perfectly!!!

  195. Hawaii your turn!

    You can vote for Jessica Sanchez by calling 1-866-IDOLS-01 (1-866-436-5701) or Text “VOTE” to 5701

  196. What if both finalists have YELLOW colors on dialidol? Before wasn`t it that Scotty had a GREEN color?

  197. Jessica Sanchez’ voice alone is the best in its 11th season. wide range, flawless, perfect, rare.

    who can beat that?

    • Well… would appear that the judges attitude towards Jessica last night was very sour……in short, they threw her under the bus……so at this point….the Red Neck Wins

      • Awww how sweet. You called him a red neck. That’s an endearing term here in the south. A compliment even. Thanks for your kind words!

        Now let me go git on my John Deere and git some plowin dun affore the sun goes down. Yeee hawww! Watch this y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!

        How y’uns a duin? Jeet yet? Iza fixin to! Yont to? Git er dun!

    • Taymaro….now that is a typical “American Mind” set……really… should listen to yourself……..we too here in the “Great White North” have our versions of “Red Necks”…so I would take that as a kind word. 

      And for the record Taymaro…..I too own a John Deere………

  198. Again, for me I love your last performance. You should sing the whole song so Judges can feel it. It suits you so well. Perfect rendition. And I will buy your CD or iTunes.

    • Oh-my. I felt the same way! I love the song for JS. I’m about to download studio version of it (many say it’s good in that version)
      I love P2 but I felt short with his last performance, it feels like I haven’t heard a lot from him. 🙁

  199. Both deserve to win! To bad only one has to be the American Idol. hmmmp!  I cant wait to find out in a few hours……. in the meantime, vote vote vote everyone!!! 

    • now..what we have to do ….just enjoy the results performance ..right!!!!….ENJOY!!!…AND GOODLUCK TO JESSICA AND P2…

  200. Philip has been consistent all year, remember the judges used the save for Jessica if they hadn’t she would have gone home weeks ago.  She is an awesome singer but has no style quite her own.  Philip on the other hand sings every song like he owns it and wrote it.  I predict Philip Phillips to win!

  201. What if both finalists have YELLOW colors on dialidol? Before wasn`t it that Scotty had a GREEN color?

    •  lambert and allen, which i think the closest competition on idol, also had yellows but they predicted it right with allen winning..

  202. Philip Philips song style is outdated….. You hear this type of music in the 60’s like in the style of Simon & Garfunkle….and isn’t this style called “Folk music”?? I never heard anything like that sung these days….Can the folk songs be revived again???  

    • Oh my gosh, the 60’s rocked big time!!!  That music will NEVER EVER go away……..I know I was there and I’m still there……..Peace to all!!

  203. Phillip supposed original song “HOME” for his would be album has actually been around and been sung before by some other WGWG dude… YOUTUBE this, search –

    Greg Holden – ‘Home’ live @ Knust in Hamburg, Germany – April 4th 2012

    • You stupid people who don’t know music. Home is a hit from Mumford & Sons, a very successful Brit band.
      Where did you get that the “song was supposed to be original”? It was suppose to be the first song they would like to release as their first hit. Jess’s song wasn’t an original either.

      • Nothing Change isn’t orignal then? pls name the artist who previously sang it..tnxs

  204. Jessica should be the winner, a good singer can sing bad song in a good way. If you will base on lyrics or fitness to the singer then it should declamation and not singing. Hope judges will not be critics about the song but they should judge the singer not the song and that’s why Americal Idol and not american lyrics contest. lolz!

  205. the only thing about Philip’s Finale is his last song.. Thats it.. the thing about Jessica’s Finale is that, she murdered most of her songs. it is so sad to think that people are so mesmerized by people’s charm and charisma and not seeing the total package.. Lee dewyze made it to the finale because of charisma and right now, he is nowhere to be found. Jessica is a well defined singer even though she only freakin 16 years old.. ILL SWEAR THIS TO HADES.. IF PHILIP PHILIPS WILL WIN THIS, HE WILL BE LEFT IN THE INDUSTRY.. its like Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze.. AMERICA LOVES JESSICA! -Nathan from New York

    • Typical Jess fan…if you don’t love Hess, you get damn to hell. You people need to get a life and find God instead of worshiping Jess a 16 year old wannabee who isn’t that great, she’s very boring.

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!  That’s what you think, I don’t think so………….Yup

  206. It’s funny that many people consider Phillip as an original and creative artist well in fact the coronation song that he did was originally performed by a real artist named Greg Holden. Go check out his performance on youtube to see what I mean.

    • Yeah, I don’t get it. I thought the 2 songs are original or must be. Is “Changed Nothing” is also not original? I hope not.

  207. AI has failed to make worldwide hits for AI winners for years, nobody since Kelly. It’s time for a real diva to salvage AI’s image. Thank you Jessica! Can’t wait for your album!

    • Jess salvage AI? LOL. AI needs to make changes, new judges , new voting, etc. if it wants to be salvaged.

      • without the drama…without the controversy…without it, any show is plain..

  208. anybody notice that P2 wearing the same outfit (white t and blue shirt) in the photo above as what he’s wearing in the summer tour ad (you can see it in the left column with bright yellow color).
    is that a hint that it’s the winner outfit or…. he doesn’t have many clothes… JK! 🙂

    • how about jessica..wearing a sexy dress….showing her …u know what i mean..ewwww…..cheapest publisity..

    • The clothing choices say much about these two people.
      P2 is the real original thing, no fluffiness, nothing to detract from what’s important; the music.

      Jess is trying to be something she isn’t, Beyonce. Her vocal range is short 2 octaves of Beyonce. She dresses like her as much as possible instead of dressing like a 16 year old girl. Jess needs to take a break, find her own identy and come back to us as Jess…not Beyonce wannabee


  210. Idol airs in Australia in 15 mins & “yes” I’m counting down ‘cos I’m excited to see the finale. They have been an incredibly talented group of kids this year & making negative comments about any of them is poor form! We can’t vote for our favourites from Australia. I’ll just sit in my lounge chair & enjoy the show. I think they’re both fabulous.

  211. Dialidol pegs phillip with a narrow lead over jessica. However, both stats make use of yellow bars which tell us how close and uncertain the actual figures really translate. We might see an underdog (JS) create history in tomorrow’s big revelation. 

  212. i dont care who’s gonna win..both are d best……..what i want now…watch finale performance…my dear colton dixon…cant wait!!!!!!!

  213. I think the point that all of you are missing is that they are looking for the next American Idol – someone who is unique and talented and isn’t afraid to take chances.  Jessica is a good singer, but she is just a clone of Whitney and Mariah.  There’s nothing new there.  Phillip is different, he has his own style and will bring something new to the music industry.  I’m tired of the same old, same old – I voted for Phillip!

  214. I don’t think dial idol is accurate because it only measures the speed dial/landline signal and it doesn’t include text messaging and online voting so it was never accurate. When it was Top 3, Dial idol says Joshua was in the middle and Jessica was in the bottom. But guess who got voted out? So definitely not accurate. Anyhow, I just finished tallying my text messages=3091 + online voting= 100 on my 2 fb accounts, + phone line = I only called 94 times coz it keeps on giving me either dropped calls or busy signal. MY total votes…..3,285 alone for Jessica Sanchez!!!! I just downloaded “Change Nothing” and I luv luv luv it!!!! Well no matter what is the outcome, I know she’ll be successful than she already is. What’s this I heard Tommy Mottola is lurking around to sign her for a record deal already? Tommy is Jimmy Iovine’s friend so I’m pretty sure they already talked about the impending deal. WOW just amazing how her journey has become and I’m just proud for this gifted talent. And Tommy Mottola knows.

  215. The finale song of P2 is anomalous and very controversial. We were made to believe that the finale songs are originally written for them. P2’s ‘Home” was originally sung by Greg Holden.

    Even AI management insists that those songs are their future hits, it’s very unfair for Jessica to be given a song that’s totally new to our ears (eventhough she killed and nailed that song).

    We demand an explanation on this matter to avoid a bigger howl of protests even Jessica gets the crown. 

    • tsk, tsk, tsk…  lets just pray for Jessica.  win or lose, it’s ok.  its what’s in store for them after the contest that matters anyway.  i’m sure she will be very successful….  

      • Well, I really hate what they did to Jessica on that single. Heck, she handled that song well! What’s with American Idol this year? They changed the Finale and placed two completely different songs. Kudos to Jessica because she did amazing on all 3 songs!

      • To you it sucks but to me it’s great! And i know a lot more out there like it… Who knows maybe that song will top on billboard.

  216. Really liked the final performance  by McCreery guy.  However, no voting number was given for him.   He clearly is the best choice for the idol.

  217. Jessica needs to act her age n stop dressing like a over priced escort… she is 16yrs old… yes her voice is gud… I’m sry great… but there are plenty of singers out there now who sound like her… she is very commercial… PP shud win just on pure talent alone… she can’t hold a flame to the fire PP does when he sings… he has stayed true to himself since day one… I can’t say the same for Sanchez… all of you who argue tht Jessica shud win must’ve missed your meds cause your crazy… Americas Idol is Phillip Phillips… GET OVER IT…

      • If her father was any kind of a father, he would put his foot down and set his daughter straight on dressing correctly for her age, but I guess he isn’t a father who cares, he’s just seeing dollar signs and doesn’t mind his daughter is being pimped.

      • Her father should also be concerned about his 16 year old daughter singing songs about sleeping next to men and you know the rest…..

    •  I agree….nothing new with Jessica – she has a beautiful voice but she just sounds like every other pop singer out there.  Time for something different!  Of course, the voters don’t seem to understand that or they would have voted for Colton, Elise, and Joshua.

    • Oh yea, you hit it right on the button!!  Phil Phillips, can I just say, “He’s got everything he needs, He’s an artist…… he don’t look bad” ( took this from the ever great Bob Dylan).  Peace to all!!

  218. DIAL IDOL: 
    this is the first time that I saw a finale with 2 yellow bars. The last time was Kris & Adam`s but online voting wasn`t prevalent back then. Unlike before, Scotty made the green bar right away. It`s really unknown

  219. have you heard the studio verision of Change Nothing .. its superb.. go jessica for the win…. 🙂

  220. You can hear P2 at the local pub in the next year and JS at  high school reunions.  No winners 2012.  Go 2013!!!!

  221. Anyone else notice that Jess seemed sharp several times…to the point it was hurting my ears. Not bashing, just being honest.

    • hmmm… you must’ve heard Hollie. Just kidding!  Go Phillip! Go Jessica!!! 

  222. No reason not to go for Jessica!!!!. 
    I love you Jessica and praying you bag the American Idol title!!!!
    Not because that she is our own, a Filipina, but because we have all the reason to be proud of her for having the astounding voice. Praying for Jessica, but may the best contestant win.

    • Let’s all pray that God teaches the fanatic Pinoys a lesson in humility when Jess loses!

      •  Hey Legacy, If Jessica lose, its okay at least she went thru the finale. Hahaha so what now? At least we enjoy it win or lose still proud. Anyway thanks for your prayer God will understand us and I’m pretty damn sure it will threw back to you the insanity lessons!

      • Jessica will be handled by Motola! Wow! Its ok if she looses, but lets wait till tomorrow

      • dont you ever dare use God for your ignorance. we know humility and we live by it. i hate people bashing other people by their color. what do you want? bow to you because you are not a filipino and superior than us? think before you speak. 

  223. Finally Phillip Phillips  Make it Through the Final.. I Hope He Wins… I Hate This Come To An End… Love Phillip Phillips..

  224. so happyphil will win it all!
    no more widemouth jessica with no originality.the judges showed who won already by giving Phillip a standing ovation! YAY!!!!

    • With phillip singin Greg Holden Song called Home? See it in you tube its the same thing p2 does.

  225. Jessica should win based on her ability and range and…well…she is just a more gifted singer.  Philip will win.  He is good and easy to listen to.  Unfortunately, Jessica’s fate was sealed with that horrible song THEY gave her and Philip’s was cemented with the marching band and crowd pleasing song.  I don’t see how that fit in the finale, but whatever…she will be the next mega singer AKA Jennifer Hudson.  And, I was pleasantly happy to see Scotty on the stage…sounding great.  I kept thinking how he would have done this year…with the talent…but when I heard that voice…I think he would have done just fine.  He – for me – is so much better than Philip.  However, I wish Philip (and Jessica) the best, and I hope my prediction is wrong.

    • I decided to keep an open mind last night and I agree Caman……Clearly the judges favorate is Philip….what a shame……..They threw Jessica under the “BUS” last night. If she wins, she will make history……if he wins, it’s another “Boring” Dave Matthews type of entertainer.  He may sell out the local club/pub but I cannot see him fill a 17,000 seat venue like the Air Canada Centre here in Toronto.

  226. it could have been colton tho… but he was a jerkwad and wouldn’t listen to advises, so he got the boot.

  227. i thought voting lines are alredy closed..please someone tell me if it not close yet!…

  228. YEah,?! and ur philip singing greg holden’s song is original? cmon he just copied the guy. Want a proof? search home by greg holden in youtube. He never deserve that standing o. What a copycat.

    • Ketrgsuwiwj…………you hit the nail right on the head with that one.  Could not have said it better.

    • I just looked it up, you are nuts! phillip sounds nothing like greg holden, or anyone I’ve ever heard, ya he has a dave mathews vibe to him on top of that he’s more versitile, phillips arrangement, his sound, originality… those are exact words spoken from judges, and I completely agree with them

      •  The arrangement maybe yes but the song, a BIG NO! They have to sing an original composition.  Jessica did.

      • arrangement? thats a laugh.he did not arrange ” stand by me”, he just made a complete mess with the melody. originality? he just copied also the melody of greg holden. versatility? could he rap? or even sing like jushua ledet? the judges? ow please! for a simple song like “home”, standing o?  ridiculous! 

    •  1. They sound nothing alike
      2. Greg Holden and Andrew Pearson wrote the song.  They brought it to Jimmy’s attention thinking it would be a good finale song.  That’s not cheating.  Calm down.

  229. Jessica pretty much LOOKS and SOUNDS the same on each and every song she has done all season!!  Technically good-yes / Versatile-NO / Boring-Yes  (SORRY)   Philip can add variety, make a song his own, and always pleases! 

    • Weh??? Really. The whole time I thought it was the opposite and here you go. Anyway, you have your opinion. Not agreeable to me but I respect it. 

    • so true. she is like that. even when she dresses herself… copy from a fil ho. LOL

    • “Phillip can add variety” … are you kidding me? If there is one single perfomer this season that made the top 10, who sound the same, week after week … It’s ONE NOTE PHIL.

  230. Fact for the singles: I listened to Jessica’s 3rd song and finished it. I tuned in to Phillip’s 3rd song and I found myself raping the back button. Nothing is really wrong with the song Jessica’s song. Phil’s song was yeah, great but it wears me to listen a lot to it. There’s really no Adam factor for him.  Anyway, congratulations to both of them!

  231. Haters stink! ..Phillip ATW!!..I want Phillip to win, but I know by the looks of the comments here and other polls Jessica probably will..Jessica’s voice is beautiful..but Phillip is just more exciting to watch, he’s absolutely gorgeous!

    • I’ve seen many polls that were at 50/50 or 49/51…all close.  And dialidol is close too.  Phillip has more fans than everyone thinks.  It’s anybody’s game.  (Pulling for P2 though!)

  232. If philip win…This is stupic…
    He not on frod music,it is injustice…
    Jessica….worthy ,You will win 100%…

    • Just wondering, do they have an English class coming your way soon??  I’m sorry, my Mother was a school teacher and I always pay attention

    • You post makes no sense. God hates AI, it goes against every thing godly. If Jesus was alive today, you people would probably try to put him AI. Colton was the only one displayed Gods importance in his lufe

  233. So Simon Fuller thinks P2 will be the winner. Was he even watching his own show last night. Jessica’s first song  ” I Have Nothing”  by WH was close to perfect and I know that Whitney is smiling down from from heaven as we speak now. P2’s “Stand by Me” was a good song but not for a finally on AI, boring. Round 1 for me goes to Jessica.

    Round 2, Simon said it all P2 makes another bad song choice while Jessica wow’s us again with the “Prayer” she could have done “And I’m Telling You” but that would not have been fair now would it!?
    Round 2 for me goes again to Jessica.

    Now the third round was tricky cause in my opinion both songs sucked eggs, if i had to choose a song to buy on iTunes it would be “Change Nothing” because it actually sounds much better in the studio version and Jessica did what she could do with that lousy song live so i give her props. And it just proves how talented she really is.

    P2’s song “Home” was so boring i was falling asleep. He looked liked he wanted to sleep. It had this, hillbilly, folksy, country twang to it. ST hit it on the head “It sounded like Paul Simon.” What really shocked me was the standing ovation they gave him for that song. The judges really want him to win. Aren’t they supposed to be like Switzerland, on every bodies side. Do they have money riding on these contestants. I mean whats the deal? Randy is clearly a racist. And Jlo looks like a HS girl in heat when she looks at P2 and she clearly is jealous of the 16 year old little diva, that she wished she can sing like. ST is the coolest cat in my book and I hope he returns to the show because he adds an edge and a touch of class in the “Rock Artist” sense of the way. He doesn’t say to much just enough to get his point across and that’s what i like about ST. And bring Simon Cowell back please. I miss his brutal honesty. He and ST would be great together. Replace Randy please, he is just a racist and he is tired and you can see it guy’s he’s brunt out completely.

    So Round Three for me is a toss up or call it a draw if you like.

    If history serves me correctly the runner up is always the one who comes out on top in the long run. Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, etc. So if Jessica is not crowned AI fear not fans cause I can guarantee she will be around for a long time to come and be remembered along with the greats of our times. I’m already on line waiting for her first CD, come and join me!

    But I believe America will get it right again like last year with Scotty and Jessica will be the first Asian woman to be crowned American Idol.  Actually the first woman to win AI in a long time.

    Peace Out and God Bless America!

    My son Luke has pick 100% each week and he says Jessica will win so there you have it!
    My daughter was an Hee Jun fan so she is on the fence right now. she does not care.

    Corey “The Power” Getzel

    • You’re such a Jess worshipper and your analysis has no objectivity at all. Everyone knows it was P2’s night, your just bitter that Jess didn’t deliver.

      •  oh come on! really..i can’t see anything amazing on P2’s performance tonight..boring (yawn)

      •  Disagree with you,  Jess delivered all three songs.  My honest opinion is I did not like her last songs however she still delivered it.   Their songs were composed by songwriters and was helped by music producers of AI.  She had advised on how that song was sung.   As JLO stated when you do your recordings which I believe she will have an opportunity make it your own.   They were advised and however the song was delivered it was supervised and approved by the mentors.  It was not her fault however still she did a very good job on the song.  Hoping she wins however if Phillip wins OK by me as he is also a talented singer.

      • jessica delivered, philip’s last performance became lively because of the back up only

      • I guess you didn’t read all my thoughts on this years AI. I’m very happy and glad P2 was crowned AI in my opinion Jess had the better voice and she was mentored the wrong way or it could have been the other way around. Read my other threads before making such dumb comments. And i really don’t mean to use the word dumb but sometime your just forced to.

      •  Thanks Ramos_marcy I was wondering if anyone really cared about what I thought. I thought Joshua was just about emotion and it actually covered up a lot of his off pitch screaming. In all fairness I thought Colton and Even HeeJun were technically better then Joshua, call me crazy I know but hey that’s the way I heard it, doesn’t mean I’m right, But I guess having to many Asians in the finally would be over kill… especially for Randy.

    • Corey, I agree with everything you said about that last song. They were both the sort of songs I would never listen to. But, at least Jessica did something with her song to make it a bit interesting. That is the mark of a performer. All Phillip did with his last song, was put me to sleep … And I think Phillip looked as if he was going to fall asleep while he was performing it. And did anyone notice how prearranged that worthless standing O, for Phillip looked.

      •  That standing ovation was so set up. I felt bad for Jessica cause they made her feel like crap. Or maybe they were trying to make P2 feel good about himself cause they knew it was bad so it was kind of like charity. Who knows why. If he wins the show is rigged and there is nothing we can do  about it. Let’s just see if America got it right! I’m glad P2 was in the finals to though cause I like him. He reminds me of a young Elvis.

  234. Philip sung Greg Holdens song? What a shame for American Idol! They cant make good new songs. Ugh!

  235. I think what makes Jessica an exceptional singer is her ability to control her voice, flawless transition from low notes to high notes and vice versa, amazing falsetto and versatility which many singers don’t possess. She has this huge voice but you don’t hear her shouting all the time. Phillips on the other hand is also incredible but he is limited only to one genre. All his performances are the same: same voice, same range of notes, same mannerisms, the only difference is when he’s playing his guitar or not.

  236. “Home”…marching band??! are you kidding me?!?!? that’s theatrics at its best…. i think Phillip will win… pushed by the judges. I’m still rooting (and praying) for Jessica Sanchez but I think America will choose the WGWG. Oh well… she will do great things in the future. you just watch! she will be an International Superstar!

  237. Did anyone else notice that Shannon sang “I Have Nothing” earlier in the season?

  238. Don’t  you, guys, miss Simon and Kara?
    Simon had the guts of assessing a performance for what it’s worth. He wasn’t afraid to call a it  ‘horrible’ or  ‘horrendous’ . . . and was right most of the time.   He was spot on.  He was great.
     Kara had the gift of weighing the weakness and strength of a performance . . . and would even offer  technical advice to a contestant.  She had such an informed ear for music and good-singing. She was glib and smart  in offering her very insightful criticisms.
    Randy? The viewers rarely considered his remarks. He was irrelevant then .
    And , suddenly , this clown became the leader of the pack?!!!
    This is saying so much about idol.

    • absolutely miss them both.  simon told it like it was, harsh though he could be.  kara did too but not as harshly.  and paula, ditz that she was, was a helluva lot better than the crew up there now.  even randy was not as ridiculous as he is now.  the best part is that they didn’t pimp their favorites.  and when simon gave you a standing o, you deserved it.  same with kara.  she said to adam, “i don’t usually stand up, but i gotta for this one.”

  239. you’r smilling jimmy… on judges’ comments…did you see it amusing?? Anyhow JS, i like the song and the way you singing it, and im not the only one. Your vocal capability is amazing, bless you.

    • Yeah maybe jimmy find the judges’ comments amusing. I listened to the studio version of jessica’s song and i thought it was really good. The song’s not easy to sing but i think it would hit the chart! For me it’s still a good song choice (if the contestants do not really have other sing options better than that).

  240. I don’t see Jessica winning, I agree she’s a better singer, but this show is about finding someone who will sell the most records, my opinion Phillip has more of a market other then just ballads

  241. Oh no this page is consisitently not liking  jessica! Every performance review, it’s always jessica   who is the underdog, even if she sang it better than the others.  I can’t see any great performance from Philip tonight, he’s just like the other male winners from the last four seasons.. after the competition..always forgotten, no impact anymore! God, i hope something differnt will happen in american idol this time, a winner tha will last long!

    My vote is for Jessica! Girl power!

    • Yes, I think with the 50 or so posts about this, we get it already, thank you.

  242. All I know is I enjoy “Change Nothing” performance 🙂
    Judges, you just don’t blame JS because of the song? 
    Her vocals is outstanding. Wait for her album.
    P2, you did great with that last song too. Awesome but I don’t think It’s an SO deserving over JS vocal prowess on a song that doesn’t suit her style. 

    P2 having much suited song for him and JS vocals on “change nothing”, I think its draw again for me. 🙂

    just saying. 🙂

  243. Phillip is going to win hands down. He much more of an artist then Jessica will ever be. Jessica will not win because she is horrible and her voice is bad when she hits high notes. She sounds like a cat getting strangled, its so high i think it would crack some windows… Phillip FTW.

    • Phil deserves the win, but beating the pinoy mafia voting machine may be impossible, particularly when they doing over seas cheating votes

  244. We don’t need WGWG anymore,,,you know what? Jessica gonna break the curse!!!

  245. Judges give Philip a standing Ovation, its a price for him by making it as runner up…… Its like giving them Joshua a standing Ovation for making it in top 3. Then tomorrow they will just not give SO, but jump with tears of joy coz jessica sing the True American Idol hit single for winning it!…. Its a surprice song, with a great Orchestra!

  246. Jessica won round 1 by a wide margin…Simon picked a better song for Jessica than Philip…Jessica stepped it up and won round 1 (hands down as you said in your article)

    Jessica should have picked up plenty of Joshua votes with her song selection “The Prayer”…she could have performed and chosen a better song, since this is a singing competition…but because it is also a popularity contest…I understand what she did here…P2, did nothing to help himself in song selection or performance…Jessica was stilling the night at this point…

    Round 3, the tables turned…I have no idea why Jessica was singing the song she sang for the last song in this competition…really concerns me as a fan of hers…P2 on the othe hand nailed his final selection of the night…and he did so, so well…he may have overcome the first 2 rounds and stole the night…

    I am a fan of Jessica, no doubt…but P2 showed he belonged in the finale…Jessica definitely had the most moments of the season between the two…

    I am ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN !!!


    • I think American Idol wants a controversial and dramatic finale. Thats what i think, because they gave us almost clueless regarding what we saw earlier in the show. Tomorrow is the big event!

  247. Jessica has all these fans over seas who vote for her through Skype and Phillip has all these young girls who vote for him. It’s going to be close. (hoping Jessica wins)

  248. reading a lot of this stuff here i have a question.  why does everything have to be about racial, religious, and ethnic slurs??  people, this is a SINGING COMPETITION, not a meeting of the local chapter of the klan!!  it doesn’t matter what “group” these kids come from.  it’s whether they can sing or not.  and besides, they’ll both get contracts, win or lose.  HATE IS UGLY; STIFLE IT!!!!

  249. Greg Holden sang HOME better that PP, i think Greg Holden is the SECRET american idol….. the marching band won the night, PP sounds like a back up singer for the marching band…..(and to  TPTB, please explain that supposed to original song, saw it in youtube performed over the crowd…original?)

  250. Sorry to dissapoint all you jessica fans, we had a succesful american idol party turn out in lil ol’ higley, Az of over 80 people all in which brought numerous phones had permission and access to family/friends fb accounts for online voting etc.. so with the ability to call, text and do online voting (were lines were open 3 hous past the 4 hour window given which is a total of 7 hours to vote) big thanks to hawai 🙂 We tallied our votes at ***888,672 !!!*** All I have to say is If you didn’t do all you could to vote for your favorite then maybe some of you shouldn’t even comment, I was personnaly able to make 14,231 votes that’s one person 2 computers and 7 cell phones ya babay! PHILLIP ALL THEWAY

  251. To the ones who keep being on Phillip’s back for copying Greg Holdens’ song (if that is the case, who cares!), can you please explain what you are accusing him of doing?? Unless I missed something on the show last night, he never claimed to write the song or to have made the arrangements himself, never! If one thing, it’s the producers of the show that should be blaimed for telling us that it would be the winner’s first single, insinuating that it had been written especially for them, which, if you think about it, makes absolutely no sense considering how much work goes into writting a song: months and months of hard labor…

    At least, Phillip did some research to make his interpretation of the song more interesting and original, which is way more than what Jessica did for this entire season, which is “copy catting” the versions of the songs we are so accostumed to hearing (hence boring), so he should get points for that, as opposed to being blamed! It’s like David Cook’s version of Billie Jean a few years ago – it might have been somebody else’s version, but it was awesome! What is the difference??

    I don’t get it??? Get off his back – he did no wrong other than performing a song nicely and in an original manner….Awesome!

    •  your idol also sounds like DAVE MATTHEWS. so who’s the copy cat? I really hate to comment on this but you are so pls. stop commenting on originality.

    • The third songs were supposed to be written for them as originals. If you check it out you will find it is true.

  252. I thought the third song should have been original? Why is it that AI let P2 sing “home” by greg holden?

    • You people are retards. The song was not suppose to be original, it was to be the song the artist would like to release as their first hit. “home” is a Mumford & Sons hit.

  253. Whoever picked Jessica’s last song – lost the contest for her.  She is way too young to sing those lyrics. 

    Jessica has the best voice in this year’s contest. 

    • Jess chose it and why the age should be raised to 18. You watch, they keep the age below 18 on these shows and eventually a teen is going to commit suicide. Too much pressure for teens

    • I don’t think JS was the best this year at all.  Some of the best people didn’t even make it to the finale (due to the save, which changed everything).  However, I agree with you about the last song.  Very bad choice.

  254. So Jessica finally sang song she would make if she wins, and it was booooooring. All she did all season was singing songs that are at least 20 years old, so outdated, and so karaoke.  Bad song choices, bad styling, no image what so ever. She is good singer and that is reason why she is in finale, but that is not enough for win. There is so many stars in the music industry that don’t sing as well as Jessica, but they are stars for some other reasons – Stiven Tyler and Jenifer Lopes included.
    IMHO Phillip was standout from the beginning. Talented and smart, he didn’t took bad advices from no one, did his own thing, and despite the fact that hi is not fantastic vocalist, ended in the finale, and smashed the “wining” song. Hope he wins.

      • Still bad song choices for 16 years old girl. There are more current songs, that fit her type of voice and her age that would by much better for her.

  255. I Love Jessica , i remember Acon commenting that she would be the one , and that was early on in the contest , i guess he was right ! Loved her voice and range!

  256. Bottom line, no matter what anyone of us thinks, feels or believes, the girl vot for Phillip will win him the title. It showed last night when Ryan asked the audience who are the Phillip fans and who are the Jessica fans. The audience when nuts for Phillip.

    Second, regarding the songs, each of them on their first songs were not that great as they were both nervous. Second songs much better. Third song, terrible choice for Jessica as there had to be better choices for her vocal range. Phillip’s choice was indeed the best of the season.

    Who should win: Jessica as she has been the best of the season; who will win: Phillip due to the girl/teenie bopper vote.

    • How about Phillip wins because he would sell the most CDs. I think revenue boppers are great fans and for some reason Jess fans always bash them. Because Jess cannot connect to who she is suppose to be, she doesn’t act likes 16 year old and they don’t connect to her. Also why she doesn’t have friends. Her mother has made her life a living hell.

      • Really?  I don’t know anything about her mother or family life.  All I can say is that JS is a talented young lady.  I hope she is singing because it is truly what she loves and wants to do with her life.  I also hope that she starts to think more about how she will connect with the audience.

      • you know her mother personally?  you love jess that much that you have to drag her mother into it?

    • JS has not been the best of the season.  Many people were better (but they didn’t have the benefit of a save).

      • Oh my, how absolutely right you are.  You know what, I just can’t for the life of me connect with anything Jessica sang all season long.  Phil Phillips, you rock on brother, you are so such a breath of fresh air……Peace and Love to you always, just be yourself as you have been!!!

      • the saved one reaching the finale only proves that the judges’ save was not wasted at all

  257. the coronation song of PP i snot original thus is doesnt gives me a WOW, as in for FINALE, i thought PP will dominate the night but for me it was not, JESS own it. 

      • Really…….ha ha ha ha ha , i love that.  As for me, I double check all I write on this site.  “Nice grasp of the English language.”  Love it Pally45!!

  258. When Jessica finished her 3rd song and she told Ryan she chose that song, go back an listen to their conversation.  No one  said the song would  be original, just the song they would be their first recorded song if they won.  Jessica chose (I believe an original) and Phillips chose one written by Andrew Pearson and Greg Holden. I’d say this is not so much my type of song, and it is not written to show off vocals. It is written to tell a story, and Philip’s vocals do a good job of telling that story.  Both finalists are good, Jessica has great vocals and Phillips is an artist.  Both will have careers, how successful those careers are wil be up to them.

    • Thank God for a sensible wrap up. Trying to compare these two artists is like comparing chalk to cheese.

      As for their last songs, they chose them themselves, as you correctly state and Jessica said “I would not choose this song for my album but I liked it and wanted to sing it tonight.” 

      If she would not record the song, why choose it because it will be released as her first single, win or lose.

      • exactky…it’s an original piece…so how can the judges say that it’s a bad pick or something wherein it’s the first time they are hearing it….as if saying it was a bad song at all….

  259. On another subject matter as it hasn’t been discussed much: How many out there would be happy to see J Lo leave as the rumors are flying she will leave? And who do you want to replace her? In my opinion, someone with talent such as Alicia Keys (Extreme long shot) or Stevie Nicks, Shania Twain, Sarah McLachlan to name a few.

    • Madonna !!! (well, I hope)
      and I also hope they will replace Randy and Steven with someone who is like Simon Cowell (knows talent when see it) I was thinking David Foster, maybe?

      •  I know it won’t happen. But I’d like to see the x-Factor flop because it is such a blasted fix of a show, come on now! And Simon Cowell come running back to American Idol where he belongs with Steven and yeah Alicia Keys is cool. But who is that British chick that was working with Simon sometimes on the X-Factor, I really like her. Can some educate me on her name…lol. I’d love to see Simon and Steven together it would be classic TV in the making.

      • I think Jimmy Iovine should be one of the judges as he’s in the business and won’t skimp on his criticism.

  260. every week” branden’s comment to jessica makes me wonder…
    “I Have Nothing.” (A)
    “Stand By Me.”(+A)
    Winner of Round One: Phillip
    WHATTTTT!!!! jessica for the WIN!!!

  261. Remembering their moments since then, both Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez had 4 solo standing ovations. But I think Jessica Sanchez has a slim edge better than Phillip…so i bet her to win American Idol 11!

    • Probably a good bet.  Jessica clearly has very energetic fans that will stop at nothing (it seems) to get people to vote for her.  P2, only the other hand, probably has fans that will vote once or twice and be done.  He probably has more “unique” fans.  JS has fans that will vote til they drop.

  262. It  must be based on the WHOLE PERFORMANCE!!! Not only to the finale! Jessica made a big impact in American Idol since day 1 ! C’mon guys!  Jessica for the win!

  263. fyi, i believe that Branden doesn’t like jessica at all…from the very start of AMERICAN IDOL season 11, he never gave Jessica a good comment. why so???? JESSICA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! Negative commentaries won’t get in her way of winning the next american idol title. I just hope that Branden will be fair in his commentaries next season….