American Idol 2012 Top 2 Performances: Finale Night

American Idol 2012 Top 2

Here we go! It’s American Idol 2012 finale time as the last round of performances are heading our way right now. Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will battle it out for your votes with their three performances each tonight. Phillip won the coin toss and will perform second which puts Jessica first.

Even if your favorite Idol performer didn’t make it to tonight’s stage you’ll be able to see them all this summer on the American Idol tour. Check the Idol tour listings and dates to find out when this season’s Top 10 will be performing near you.

Check out what other American Idol fans are saying on our Idol Facebook page and join us in our Idol chat room while we review tonight’s live show.

American Idol 2012 Top 2 Performances – Simon’s Choice:

  • Jessica Sanchez – I Have Nothing – 1-866-436-5701
  • Phillip Phillips – Stand By Me – 1-866-436-5702

American Idol 2012 Top 2 Performances – Singer’s Favorite:

  • Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer – 1-866-436-5701
  • Phillip Phillips – Movin Out – 1-866-436-5702

American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performances – Coronation Song:

  • Jessica Sanchez – Change Nothing – 1-866-436-5701
  • Phillip Phillips – Home – 1-866-436-5702

Tonight’s performances and votes will decide who wins American Idol 2012 so be sure to support your favorite! Will your American Idol 2012 favorite make the cut? You better keep voting to make sure that happens.

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite from tonight’s show. Share your thoughts on this round of American Idol performance and who you thought had the best performance from the group.

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  1. Hoping Jessica sings “dance with my father” for her previous performance song choice!

    Im ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN ! ! !


  2. lets VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ! enough of guy winners. its been 4 years and guys have been dominating the reality tv show. ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE.
    this season should be GIRL POWER! the women of American Idol are more successful than male winners and they were able to sustain their career as a singer. Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwoods. Lets also count Jennifer Hudson who didnt even make it to the finals yet she is successful.
    FRIENDS. PLS VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ. no more cute guys for this season. looks can be deceiving.
    Let Jessica Sanchez be the FIRST youngest winner.

    • Vote for Jessica because you believe that she deserves to win and not because of  other sh!tty stuff and out of this world analysis. I like them both but my vote is on Jess.

    • I am a  P2 fan and will vote for him because of his talent, not his looks.  I love them both and will be happy with whomever wins.

  3. Let’s help make a young girl’s dream a reality.  Vote for JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!  She deserves to be the next American Idol.

  4. its so stupid just to vote for jessica because she’s a girl. who cares that a girl hasnt won in a while, there’s obviously a good reason for it. Vote for who you like best not gender, race, age, ect.

      • That should be a comma, not a period.. For example; people are voting for her because she is a great vocalist (comma) or because she is a female (comma) or because she is part Filipino (comma) or because she is part Mexican (comma) or because she is a military brat (comma) or because your favorite was eliminated (comma) or because you don’t like Phillip and she’s the only option (comma) and im sure theres many more. So you see, there’s actually many more reasons why people would choose to vote for Jessica, not for the reason in which you gave….period.

    • MI has not produced International Males Superstars yet. Jess has a wide International fan base. P2 is just a typically country music singer.

      • AI has not produced International Males Superstars yet. Jess has a wide International fan base. P2 is just a typically country music singer.

      •  No, not country. If you know a little more about music you would know that he has a blues style with a modern day twist. But, you’d have to have a true appreciate for music to get it.

    • I don’t think she will sing “And I Am Telling You” tonight. I believe she’ll do a duet with Jennifer Holliday with that song tomorrow.

    •  WHy in the world didnt Jessica sing “And Im Telling You?? ” She wouldve sealed the deal with that song. Her 3rd song was not great. Not a finale kinda song. I hope people will still vote for her, she has been consistently very good all season, an amazing singer who could well be on her way to becoming the next WHITNEY or MARIAH, in her own way. I cant belive shes only 16!!

      • he’s phillip, not kris allen or lee or anybody else….jessica may sound like other artists at times….didn’t you listen to what jimmy said last week…

  5. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND JESSICA. Sure she can sing okay, but look at her when she is performing. She is one of the WORST performers that has ever been on American Idol. And look at the title of the show…American IDOL, not singer. I would never keep up with her, much less would she EVER be one of my idols. Out of the two left, Phillip is much better. However, I am still a fan of my two favorites (because they were the best 2 performers/singers), Joshua and Skylar!

    • come on….pls move on…One man’s meat is another’s poison. Even Simon stressed in SEason 2, “American Idol is a Singing competion”. You do not like her? WE get it. But pls dont ever say she is the worse performer on stage. THAT IS YR OPINION. For me and a whole lot of ppl out here, when she sings….our hearts stop !!

      • My opinion and obviously others too, since my post has more likes than yours. You thinking she is good is just as much of an opinion as me saying she is the worst. Don’t get on me for doing the same thing you just did.

      •  Move on my friend… we love jessica that is why we keep supporting her, Just vote and stop saying bad things to our IDOL

    •  self pity …. unlucky  your bet not even make to the finale… your losser

      • Yes my dear you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Those who thought that Jessica is the worst performer are PATHETIC……BITTER……and full of envy in their hearts. Get a life……gosh she’s only 16, can you guys when you’re in her in age was able to do something amazing? A person like Jessica has a bright future win or lose because she is talented and a good person, unlike you guys. So why not look in the mirror and ask yourself……am I good enough? Have I done something worthwhile?
        And the answer is………………….you know what!

    • Sorry pal but this is, first and foremost, a singing contest and not a beauty pageant.  That’s why she joined American Idol.  You should be watching Miss USA.  Your personality sucks ‘coz you only look at the physical attributes of a person.  I pity you.

    •  hey janice just stop your blahblahs and support your idol…ok……whatever what you wanna say about your idols we don’t CARE….

    • Sour graping will get you nowhere! hahahaha! Go ahead, live in the past. Why do you hate so much? Jessica is going to win this whole thing, whether you agree or not!

    • Come on everyone, peace.  Everyone has a right to their opinion.  Please do not put the contestants or the other folks on this site down.  These young people are singing for their lives and both will do so well.

    • why cant u just watch then vote for your fave after.. bashing is a sign of disrespectfulness and being uneducated u know.. just enjoy your night.. mute your button when u see Jessica so it wont hurt u.. we’ll have our TV’s on loud when she sings! lolz

    • wag kang epal janice pipito lng nglike sayu.. e d manuod k n lng pala beauty pageant.. sa tingin mu my itsura si joshua???helow?????

    • I feel sorry for you, you’re just bitter………………..can’t sing and perhaps doesn’t know what a good singer is. Maybe have your eyes and ears check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s your opinion. The majority will prevail. Vote for Jessica!!!!!! =p

    • can u sing? if u can sing better  than jessica then u have the right to comment negatively……..

    • then move to the backstage and had some duets with ur avengers (Nasal-sound-like Skylar and Scream-gay-to-death Joshua). you awful Janice girl to say Jessica as the worst! Stupid folk, stay out of your shadow, Go to the IDOL STAGE and do your BEST performance, then we will give you the COMMENT you never ever had in your Life!

    • sorry to you baby no Joshua or skylar for the Final …….still Jessica stood in front of your TV  he he he he he…..

    • if you can’t then keep ur big mouth shut. where are your favorites now? Joshua is ok but skylar? so terrible. Nosey and trying hard.

      • josh and skylar? legit? skylar sounds like she has got water up in her nose and shes sqeezing it… DO YOU REALY THINK THATS SINGING?
        and dO NOT get me started on joshua hes terrible all he does is scream his way out of songs

    • you are the best she is the WORST?lol come on,your degrading one person,who do you think you are?

    • just your opinion but where is your Skylar now? hahahah..Jessica God Bless’re the One..

    • Janice, let me back you up here…I would totally have to agree with you that JS is NO American Idol. These people may think it is envy and jealousy why we say these things, but it is just the cold hard truth. If I remember correctly, this is the same girl that America wanted to vote off the show not too long ago. So, why is she in the finale??? A bunch of b.s. created by the judges and the show in my opinion….and yes I have every right to express my opinion here people! Personally, I fast forward through all of Jessica’s performances. Not only do I think they are a big yawn fest, but I really can’t stand her voice at all. Again, I agree with you…I would never keep up with her either. As for Phillip, he most definitely deserves to be in the finale, but not with her. The real singers worthy of standing next to him on finale night have already been voted off thanks to the travesty of the show where they saved this want to be diva…the save should have been “saved” for one of the real and true artists. 

    • SHUT UP JANICE you are just jealous that you cant sing like she can or can be as pretty as she can. joshua was terrible he screamed wayyy too much! he basically stunk and if skylar was soo good then why isnt she in the finals?
      oh i know why she stunk too! you do not know good music if it hit you right in  the face! obviously you didnt hear I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU whitney houston that JESSICA sang that already made her win SHE is going to win not phillip, yeah hes cute but he cant sing and has the worst facial expressions… well thats my opinion

  6. Great job Jessica, I just wish she could have sing it longer? Seemed very short

    •  whitney Houston’s songs should not be changed and should be sang the way she sings it…..wonder how they would sound like if you changed  the arrangement?

      • It would take a true artist to be able to do it. Hopefully, we will hear a remake sometime soon.

  7. wow I’ve been waiting for her to sing that song….finally…….i love you simon fuller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Whatever happens, Jessica Sanchez will be always my Season 11th American idol! <3 She is amazingly talented, good hearter, hunble, and many more.

    She has an amazing career ahead of her.

    There are recording contracts already in the line for her.
    She is in the line to possibly play Ms. Saigon for the broadway movie remake of Miss Saigon.
    Stars in hollywood are taking notice of her talent.


  9. jessica all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jessica sanchez i have nothing blew me away!!!!!!!!!! simon fuller will congratz u in advance!!!! whitney houston will be proud of you.

  11. jessica is good but sounds like any other big female voice out there. Nothing differant. Phillip is differant. You will know its him on the radio but will have to question if its jessica,jordan,jennifers… I still think Holly was better and I hope she goes country…another carrie underwood if she plays it right…

  12. jessica is back to the false vibrato….i guess the judges need to support her, since they kept her in there. but phil is so much more talented.  jessica is a kid pretending at this point.

      • @Mary:  Pretty toxic tonight isn’t it.  Wow, it was so positive earlier then I guess everyone left work and started posting…Ugh, I hate the negativity.  Well, I am a P2 fan but whomever wins I will be ok with, they will both have great careers.

    • Seriously nothing wrong for a 16yrs old girl trying her damn best to reach her dream especially the door is opened in front of her, don’t you think?

  13. STOP let’s try not to annoy and hurt each other by words. Just Vote who you wanna vote. You can’t convince others. I have my fav. And I’ll just be quite about anything may the best contestant win.

      •  common  girl… the way how you give comment, its reflect your true personality.. your a damm… you start it well every body will get mad with you.. so stop bushing. if you dont like it so dont give it comment and support your idols…

    • I totally agree, we all have our favs and I do not know anyone on this site, why would I bash someone for having  an opinion?  That is just ignorant.

      • Having an opinion is one thing but bashing the contestants is another thing.  Those people are so sickening that they need to have their minds and hearts check.

  14. maybe it’s just me but i have a feeling PP does not want to win this …at least after round 1, i know he could have killed stand by me… thoughts anyone/

    • No one will know, but I read online that some contestants feel as if it would be better not to win, considering the fact that if you do win, you are essentially a slave of the show for an entire year. If you do not win, you are free to do whatever you want to do/sign with whoever you want. They have all gotten what they really needed…their names have been heard in houses across the country. Popularity will get them places if they are good enough!

  15. Does anyone know when all the eliminated contestants will be back to perform again? I am ready to see everyone back together. Can’t wait!!

  16. JSan, like her or not, is the better prepared of the 2 finalists and the best prepared of all Season 11 contestants. 

    • You also have to remember that Phillip is very ILL and struggling to get through each day much less the biggest performances of his life! 

  17. these judges are just playing us.  i really don’t think they know who they are for.  i am really bored.  just let me hear Phil. 

  18. another OMG performance for jessica….she  nailed it..perfect rendition….i know u gonna win this….your the true idol!!!!!!

    • Now you have seen the light.  I hope you are in the US so you could vote for her.

  19. A little girl should not be put up against adults.  jessica is a little girl pretending to be older.  and now she is screaming…idol should be limited to 18 and above.  phil could not even perform and beat her on round 3.

    • I felt that was definitely her worst tonight. I think it was too high for her and you could definitely tell. Go Phil!

    • more bashing…bashing….ts’ your time! Enjoy it till it last!  We are all happy for Jessica!!!!

    • So….So….Jordin Sparks should be disqualified also right cos she was only 17…a “little girl”…and Scotty was also young. Why did u not say this few seasons back?

    • My God !! I cannot believe what I am reading. This is a singing competition and P2 and Jessica are friends. Yet, look at what the fans for both parties are doing? This is becoming an ugly battle….i.e. my friend is better than yr friend. We should be happy for either of them. Yet, what are we doing?? So disappointed at the world today

  20. Phillip is the one that should win, he is fresh and original unlike Jessica who screams and not original. Phillip has a stage presence and is entertaining. As I am watching Jessica sing now I cringe, screams and has hit some off-key notes. Now it is time for the true singer – Phillip for the win!!!

      • To kiwicatz:

        Ummm… No

        Jessica did great!!!
        It was mayb her last song, but hey! She had no say in it! It was the composer who organized it. Btw Jessica did still sing her heart out in that song 🙂

    • Whose face cringes when singing notes that are not even high – or whose shoulders get “dislocated” while singing.  Oh well….

    • I see that you have a hearing problem. Might help if you get over the obsession with Phillip, you might hear a note or a melody perhaps. You are tone deaf!

      • I don’t have a hearing problem, I have studied music for several years. This is my opinion and if you don’t like it too bad. I feel that Phillip has the better musical package vs Jessica. Maybe you are the one obsessed with Jessica and tone deaf

    • Ummm… Jessica doesn’t scream. She has a lot if control and knows how to channel her pitch and voice so it comes out perfect. Even if Jessica did scream (even tho it’s so obvious she doesnt lol!) I would still listen to her then someone who looks constipated every time he sings

    • How can the 7th place LOSER win ? Phillip won last Thursday night!!! This is AMERICAN IDOL = (def. being) A singing compitition held in Hollywood Ca. USA and voted on by AMERICA —- each week 3 will be in the bottom according to the # of votes AMERICA gives them—– and the one with the LEAST # of votes (giving by AMERICA) will be sent home- The contestant who AMERICA keeps in till the end will be Crowned AMERICA’s Choice and hold the title of …..”American Idol 2012 WINNER” =
      OR to sum it up in fewer words — ….. Phillip Phillips =Winner !!!!!! —- Jess = NOT ! 7th place = loser…..

    • As if she has a say on it. It was given to her. If the song is not for her, the judges should blame the composer.

      • But I like the way she handled the song. Showed her vocal prowess & it was flawless..

    • yeah, they planned that. giving her an ugly song. because they don’t want an asian to conquer america. they can’t accept that asians are better than america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!  levels: very easy, easy, hard, diffcult, very difficult, asian…



      • Did I say I was a judge? They were 2 different sentences. One was the judges did not like, one was I did not like.

  21. i don’t think we should hate on either.  but Phil is just more talented at this stage.  if jessica wins it will be for other reasons than talent.  but phil wins anyway.

    • Yes, WHY ARE WE HATING JESS OR P2/. They are both beautiful human beings. Why? I cannot understand

  22. PHilip PHilipps is sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo booooooriiiiiiingggg!!!!!!!!!!!.  just like the other previous male AI winners.. where are they now??? P2 will end up just like them if he wins!!!!!. hope he will not…

    • hmm, Scotty’s first album went double platinum and my daughter and I both listen to his songs all the time…can’t wait to hear Phil’s first album and see him in concert.

      • but not as famous as Jeniffer hudson? Jessica is walking on the same track as Jennifer.. P2? well, maybe  like david cook? he was once famous but that was before.. 

      • Scotty also won Best New Artist at the CMA awards.  Country is huge in the US, he will be so successful!!

    •  i beg to disagree with this statement. Scotty is doing very well and has been nominated/won several awards. Scotty as a performer is way way better than Jessica.

  23. Are you for real, Simon Fuller?why choose a song for Jessica that was already sung by a contestant that was voted off??are you freaking stupid!! Whitney Houston had dozens of great songs to choose from,One Moment in Time,would have made more sense for JSan,it would have been another Am Im telling you moment..Thanks Fuller,It’s a crime to allow a Brit(I dont care if he’s the Producer!!) to pick a finale song for both of them…both song choices from Fuller SUUUUUUCKSSS!! 

    • Who does P2 sound like on the radio?!?!?! That’s what’s original. A singer’s skin color and what instrument they play isn’t what makes them original. It’s HOW THEY SING….hence the fact they are called a SINGer.

    • Phillip is genuine and original…a true artist.  JS is a pretender.  I’ll listen to and watch Phillip every time rather than a wanna-be like JS.

      • Really? I believe Jessica is a performer, the way she runs around stage on the perfect songs. She is her own style, her little diva style and I like that about her. I don’t really like Philips style, but hey that’s just my opinion 🙂

      • ???? SHUT UP DANG!!! keep your opinions to yourselfs, dang! they are people living out there dreams! vote for who want to wina nd leave it as that! dang why is the public so mean???

    • It’s time for the best singer and entertainer to be the next American Idol.  Go Phillip!

    • no its not. a girl hasn’t won in 5 seasons and some people are tired of  boys winning so  its not prejudice and i think you need to look up what prejudice means. -_____-

    • SOs don’t count.  The one who gets the SO gets eliminated anyway.  JS FTW!!!

  24. I can’t wait to listen to that phil song tomorrow.  ok all the haters…love it or hate it, it was very unique.  he is amazing. 

  25. “I Have Nothing ” by Jessica Sanchez. Perfect. Flawless, Growl And All! Thank You, Simon Fuller for picking that song for her!

    • Of course, they gave Phil a song that he can run with–using his limited range voice.  So he did the best performance.  That’s fine.  I still love my Jessica–even when they didn’t give her the right song.  I wonder if they switched the songs?  who would do a better job-we’ll never know.

    • You know.  i feel so sorry for all these kids.  They are on TV trying to live their dream and people like most of you come on here and make fun of the contestants they dont like or who is giving their favorite competition.  Not cool.  You wouldnt like it if it was done to you.  Youre just like people who picked on kids in school.  No reason to be mean.  No reason for it at all.

      • I totally agree, some of  the folks on this site are hateful, I never seen anything like it.  I think they must be very unhappy people.  Both contestants deserve  respect as do their fans.

      • Of course we are not on TV trying to win a competition either. They put themselves out there. Someone should have told them that they were gonna be subject to critique and ridicule. If they didn’t warn them then that’s not our fault.

      • I concur. You are so right. Such cruel remarks about both of them. So wrong…so wrong

    • What? I haven’t made of anyone here? Do you ever read this blog? i’m one of Jessica’s number one fans. I can’t see the show live, that’s why I’m asking if it’s true that the judges didn’t like Jessica’s last song (I didn’t even listen to it). I’m not making fun. 

      • Yes it’s true. They gave a standing O for Phillip which he did not deserve! Not in the least. Wrong two finalists if you ask me. 

    • I don’t think anybody did Ferjp_88. That was not even her genre. She does way better when she has someone to mimic. She had nobody to copy on that performance. It wasn’t even good lyrically. I could hear Carrie Underwood singing something like that, but Jessica Sanchez…..uhhhh NO!! Wow wow wow! 

      Don’t get mad because Phillip’s was no better in my opinion. It was like the Beverly Hill Billiess meets Phil Collins. And the marching band was a little bit corny if you ask me. Oh my!

      Shoulda been DeAndre and Skylar in this finale. These were just the wrong two right here.

      But I wish them the best! They got the most votes….if the votes actually count. 

      We all can ask Joshua who had the most of the “Os” for the season.

      • My prediction………………….Jessica will win. PP is very good too, he will have a nice career; but Jessica’s voice is out of this world

  26. Round 1 goes to jessica! round 2 slight edge for jessica, round 3 absolutely P2, his AI song is better than Jess 🙂 This is just my opinion guys! anybodys ballgame here! Im gonna vote now! :))

  27. Fm yr comments, i conclude you are a heartless person. I love both of them and they are both good kids. But to say cruel things about Jessica. God forgive you

  28. im mad at Jessica.

    why didnt she sing’ im staying’?

  29. To me Jessica is a great singer with no performing skills. I don’t think she would be a great performer. On the other hand Believe that phillip’s voice is not as good as hers but he is unique and more of a performer then Jessica. It will be interesting to see who wins. My persona
    Vote is for Phillip because of his uniqueness.

    • ???? i think you need to look back at her performances cause that girl is a STAR on stage.

    • why does everyone say philip is unique and therefore he deserves to win? Jessica was also unique, hell everyone was unique in their own way. 

  30. why do you have to be a freaking bigot???  It’s just a contest,these two are both going to get a record deal,either way….at 16,JSan has shown America that she has an impressive singing voice,P2 is a also good at what he does,so hopefully,the deserving singer wins tomorrow..but please,why do you have to be sarcastic with her ethnicity..just chill…

    • i concur with you Mae. I dont know this Terry32 but I can tell you that I pray that God will forgive him for being so cruel

  31. that last song for phillip deserves to be the winner’s single….hands down!!!

  32. Jessica got no standing o from the song CHANGE NOTHING? Hahaha. And all negative comments? And Phillip’s last song got standing o? Well, which one is harder to sing? Can phillip sing CHANGE NOTHING? XD.

  33. What just happened?

    I mean I wish the best for both of them but both of those singles are gonna flop!

    Jessica’s song didn’t sound like what I would expect her to record and Phillip’s song was too folksy, hill billy even! 

    What in the world? Definitely not the best season on American Idol. Anyone come to this same conclusion tonight? Last week was bad, but this finale was just horrible if you ask me. Sorry if I offend but that’s just my opinion. 

    Good luck to them both! They’re gonna need it releasing stuff like that! 

    No, really best wishes Phillip and Jess!!!!!!!

    • Taymaro:  This site is set up for opinions  and if someone gets  offended they should not be here.  Your post is respectful to both the contestants and the other bloggers, I thank you for that.  Have not seen too much of that tonight.
      That being  said, I do not get AI until 8 pm West Coast time…can’t wait.  Did P2 sound good with his hill billy song?  🙂  I hope so.

      • He sounded good and actually got a standing O. But that might be the kiss of death…LOL

        Still wishing them well though.

    • Me too I dont like the 3rd songs, not a finale quality. But for me Jess first 2 songs beat Phil’s..just my opinion…

  34. For you to win the American Idol, you have to connect to the audiences whatever song you are singing on the stage. It is not base on the number of standing ovation you will get from the judges… Still the people will decide for the winner…

  35. worst finale ever!!!…neither one had the chance to do a studio-length version of their songs…i feel cheated!!!! thank you FOX!:-(

  36. sorry guys…but i thought it was a horrible finale. 🙁

    their third was more of like not a winning or moment song….its was totally forgettable.

    Adam-kris finale was still by far the best.

  37. Branden’s review should be very simple this week. Only 2 words.

    Oh my!

    Nothing more needs to be said in my opinion.

  38. Sorry I didn’t connect with both of them…….for me this show was like SAVE THE WORST FOR LAST. I was rooting for Jessica but she kinda dissapointed me!

  39. The judges pissed me off!!! Why did give philiph a standing o??? if nOt saying he didn’t deserve it but Jessica deserved it TOO!!!  on that second song ” the prayer”!!! The aways wanna give other contestant standing o!!! like why??? UGH

    • i know, right? but to be honest, jessica’s last song is better than PP but the thing is that song is not a winning song for a 16 yr old girl. PP’s is more of a victory song. :(…

      PP might win this bec of one age inappropriate song for jessica.
      sad but true, AI sabotage jessica’s chances. IMO

    • Anyone who has heard the young Jackie Evancho sing The Prayer wouldn’t be giving a standing ovation to Jessica.  Sorry.

  40. Jessica did not get the most number of Standing Ovation but for sure she will become the american idol this season

  41. what i like about Phillip is that he makes every song he sing like his own. i don’t know almost all songs he sang throughout the competition, but he makes me love it. i think that is the signature of a true artist.

  42. i vote fo phillip. we need a change in style. i think he has what it takes. he doesn:t over power the songs or screams them out to strain his vocal cords. i think he:s great, mellow and a wonderful artist. people will enjoy listening to his music and what he s to offer.

      • @daef233641830875b164e0ce1d41548d:disqus So what if the he’s a Filipino? It’s plenty obvious that you’re a P2 fan.. no need to go dragging the race issue here. Filipinos are neither blind nor deaf to talent. The Filipino & Mexican community in America isn’t just blindingly voting for JS just because of her race, if you can’t see what I’m getting at… it’s clearly a WASTE to answer to your post in a rational manner. Pointless. Out of Reach. 
        P.S. I actually like P2 as well, he has that Jason Mraz aura going about him. I think they’re both equally talented. It’s now up to us fans to vigorously vote for our favorites. 

    • Phillip? Change of style? He is like the same with the last few seasons.

  43. As I said before, it is no longer about performance or the song. In this homestretch the fans will take over from hereon in. The one with the most fanatic and passionate fan base will win tomorrow. Just vote for your idol and let us see the results tomorrow. 

    • Yes, w/ or w/out SO’s fans will still vote like mad for Jessica. Judges comments really dont matter to them..Both obviously has the most fan base thats why they are at the finale. Lets see tomorrow who has the most…

    • beg to disagree, they both sucked! not that they’re not good, must have something to do with the time constraints:-(

  44. Statistics in Dial Idol show that more votes come in for Phillip.  Is it because the East get to vote ahead of the West?  Jessica supporters should wake up and start voting….

    • The west coast will be voting all hours of the night for Jessica. They will get their 4 hours too. or they could just start voting now. 

      • Well, I’m concerned for her.  I hope her supporters will find time to vote for her.  Jessica for the win!!

      • You are wrong. Each time zone has only 2 hours to vote. You don’t leave in the states, do you?

  45. Who’s last song was more marketable? I think Phillip nailed it. We’ll be supporting him!

  46. Review of the Night:

    Jessica: 1st song:  This was her best song.  It went downhill from there, unfortunately for her.  When she sang the prayer, my first thought was to compare her to Jackie Evancho (, and there is just no comparison.  Jessica is no Jackie Evancho.  Moreover, a religious song needs to be sung with a bit more reverence.  It is not the time to try to be a diva.  The third song was just not good, and some places sounded egregiously out of tune to me.

    As for P2, he remained true to himself and sang in his typical style all three performances.  He has the artistic style and flair that Jessica lacks right now.  His performances got better as the night progressed, rather than the other way around.  I think he has more of a developed style.   Moreover, he was never voted off by the voters.

    At the end of the day, I think P2 deserves to win (against Jessica).  However, I think the audience should be prepared for the opposite result.  Why?  Well, whenever the judges push one contestant really hard and give a standing ovation to one constestant, the fans of the other contestant kick into high gear.  The fans of the other contestant tend to relax.  If you want P2 to win, you can’t relax at all.  Don’t be surprised if JS wins if P2 fans get sleepy.  Her fans will vote hard for her if she sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.   

  47. AI don’t want Jessica to win with the last song they gave to her … they obviously want Phillips to win with that last song they gave him … Another shining example of giving the baby his bottle … VOTE FOR JESSICA AMERICA!!!

    • @ Terry32 I just dont understand how a person will be so happy if a 16 year old kid will not realize her dream tomorrow, how mean is that..I hope & pray all the more that Jess will win tomorrow..

  48. The final songs were disappointing! Jessica and Phillip have way more talent then what was written for them. I don’t believe either song would be a hit.

    Jessica’s rendition of “The Prayer,” was excellent.

    Replace the judges next season. The standing ovations this season were a distractions. It obviously didn’t help Joshua. He would have been competitive in the finale.

    Good luck to both – I bet their relieved!

    • No way – her version of The Prayer did not show reverence.  Listen to Jackie Evancho sing it.  Jessica is no Jackie Evancho.

  49. benefit of the doubt… they gave PP a SO….coz Jessica outshine him… Go Jessica for the win!!!! :))

  50. Phillip is a real artist….fantastic last performance!

    I’ll definately buy his CD,

  51. I don’t know everybody hates “Change Nothing”. I like it the first time i listen and even loved it the second time. I couldn’t stop listening… IMO it was worthy to be a winners single… I will wait for the studio version, it must be much better.

  52. I’m tired of listening to jess song because everytime a contest is held those kind of songs that she sings is always chosen unlike for phillip the songs that he performs are seldom heard. For a change vote for idol Phillip 🙂

  53. Ummm… Noo
    Jessica has her own originality! And you’re so cruel for making fun of a 16 year old girl. Even if Jessica lost, I know she would cry. But the only reason she would cry is because she is so happy that her fans support her. She WILL have a better career than Philip!!

    And I wonder why your saying this. Something similar happen to you?
    Were you a teenage girl that lost a competition and became a bad sport and cried????

  54. I love Jessica but horrible choices were made by her tonight. She chose 3 ballad type songs and her last song sounded like a Hollie song not a Jessica song. Like who is allowing her to torpedo herself like this. Phillip on the other hand has the I know who I am thing down. Jessica should have sung at least one beyonce song. She thinks because she wants to show she has a big voice that she has to do ballads & that’s gonna be her downfall. So I think she doesn’t deserve to win. Even though I loveeee her so much.

    •  She only picked one of those songs!!! The producer picked the other two!

    • She should’ve never sung The Prayer.  People will compare her (not favorably) to Jackie Evancho.

    •  I was surprised by the “pop” ballad she was given as a finale song. I really have to agree with the judges here – she should’ve had something bigger than that. I agree that it was more Hollie than Jessica. She’s going to be a girl with an amazing career, regardless of the outcome.

      • Yup I agree too bad for her. Or maybe not beings that the idol contract is so limiting so maybe Jessica wins regardless

  55. Jessica always sounds like she’s singing karaoke. She couldn’t hit the notes on the first song, and on the third song you couldn’t undrestand what she was saying. Phillip is so original, and his last song was pure magic. Phillip by far dominates the competition.

      • I’m just calling it like I see it tonight.  People who have read my posts know that my favorites weren’t in the finale tonight.

    • I wouldn’t go that far.  I thought she won round one, but it went downhill from there.  What in the world was she thinking singing the prayer.  Everyone will be comparing her to Jackie Evancho, and she is no Jackie Evancho.  A religious song needs to be sung with a bit of reverence – it’s not a song to go “diva” on.  Jessica’s last song was not good at all, and places were egregiously out of tune, in my estimation. P2 gave consistent performances in his own, artsy style.  He is the more mature of the two performers we saw tonight.  However, JS has a strong fan base who will vote til their fingers bleed.  P2 fans can’t take it easy if they want him to win.  When the judges stand for one contestant, that contestant’s fans cannot get lazy!

  56. I don’t care who will prevail tomorrow (whose fanclub will prevail tomorrow) because all I care and know about is that there was once a young lady stood on American Idol stage who is amazing, seasonal, blessed, fantastic, superb, great singer. God bless you Jessica.

    • Jessica !! we r waiting for u tomorrow night to be crown the American Idol 2012.. Congratulations!!! and to PP congrats also for being a runner up….

    • They will both prevail, Top2 on AI, amazing!!!  After tomorrow P2 will go get well and then they are all together again for their tour, what fun they will have.  The pressure of the competition behind them and great careers ahead of them.  Does not get any better then that.

  57. They should give the SAME song for both finalists as they used to do. It’s unfair. They gave Jessica that song so she doesn’t win. Too bad.

    • Have some faith, last year Lauren Alaina had a great song and Scotty not so much.  Scotty won Idol.  I am a P2 fan but I think anyone can win.   Whatever happens they will both be so successful!!!

      • and didn’t scotty go first n’ lauren got the pimp spot as well?  also, in the finale polls, it showed scotty ahead of lauren of who performed better just like this poll between jess n’ p2 here

    • You can tell it’s a set-up…what else is new…but the truth will prevail….America is not stupid…everybody knows the producers and those incompetent judges are trying to manipulate the voters..they will do everything to keep the ratings up…you see, the British producers are dividing us Americans…in the meantime they are laughing at us for making millions from all the drama and intrigue they have stirred…..America wake up!!!!

  58. America, it’s time to vote for . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!

  59. please america we need a new female singer coming from A.I.!


  60. Hmmm….. Why is everyone saying that Philip Philips is unique. As I see
    he would be like lee, Kris Allen, and Scotty. Even though Scotty have a double platinum album I never heard even one of he’s song in Philippines.
    The winner should be known worldwide not just america like david cook,
    and Adam lambert

    • jessica is a little girl whose mother makes her sing like an adult.  she is almost as good as the artists she dresses up like.  i know being from the third world philippines you probably don’t really understand western music so you only look at her skin..too bad you area racist.

      • Your comments are so ignorant and unnecessary. Your comments about the Philippines is unfounded.

        Stop with the remarks.

      • How could you call someone racist and jump to conclusions like that.
        I never said i like Jessica or Phillip Phillips and for your information
        i did not say anything about western music. So at least have a respect to me and my opinion and for someone being in the third world Philippines judging someone your own race makes you the one who is racist.

    • just guest and others..just you said you have never heard one scotty song in the philippines…HELLO????? this is american idol..its not about the philippines you racist idiot.  and its not about appointing a mediocre singer because she can sell some cd’s in a third world country.  it america…you know the country you want to sneak into.  jessica will lose because of you…sit back and watch.

    •  If that were the case it would be “International Idol.”  It’s AMERICAN Idol, people.

    • This is the America Idol, and of course we knew all the songs that Phillip had sung. Why it was even an issue for you who lives in the Phillipines?

      • Nothing I mean if he is that famous why just be famous on your own country…. By the way don’t look on the comments below their nasty

    • There’s only one Adam Lambert.  I used to count the minutes until his performances.  *sigh*

  61. They should have made the Performance Night a two hour show instead of just 1 hour so they can sing their songs in full. It doesn’t look like a finale to me.

  62. I’m so sorry that Jessica is gonna lose. How could they give her that song? I hate the AI producers!!!

  63. lets just hope there is no filipino contestant who makes it to hollywood next year.  jessica fans are the worst i have ever seen.  blind, deaf and racist.  you embarrass the philippines. 

      • you are only hear because she is filipino.  you people are really outrageously racist.  you pretend to be objective but its all about her half heritage.  you are sick sad and bigoted.  i hope we don’t have another american idol candidate for decades from the philippines because i am tired of your bs.  we have had candidates from other heritages but none of the racist self righteous cr ap we have heard from jessica’s fans.  go away.  start your own contest.  i promise i will not care what you do. 

      • please, not all Filipino fans are like that. and you are not actually sure if they really are Filipinos,.. hell, they might be haters.. don’t generalize please.

    • I could’t agree more! They have completely turned me off from her. Jessica is very talented, but her fans are the WORST. They’re very rude and bash all the other performers (especially Phillip because they just dont get him)

      • Rude?  And aren’t you being rude to Jess fans who are not rude?   Don’t generalize–otherwise, you are even worst than them.

      • Well then sorry for our rudeness and you apologize for generalizing
        all Jessica’s fans as WORST.Not every Filipino is racist and rude.First
        of all i don’t know if it is Philip Philips fans that discriminate her but as you can see its not just Filipino who are being rude. Many americans 
        here judge her because of her race. By the way this is just a Singing competition why so serious if you don’t like jessica or Philip Philips

      • Please don’t generalize all Jessica supporters….  There are also Phillip fans who malign Jessica, even criticizing her physical attributes.

    • And you embarrass America and Americans as well. I hope they kick you out here of America. How ironic you call on Filipinos as racist without minding your own comment. Try to get off your couch and move your  butt.

      • after nights of reading the racist comments by the filipinos in this room, i can comment on them.  so gellie who cares what you think.  they are disruptive and probably illegally voting. its a shame. 

      • you won’t reply if you don’t care on what i’m thinking. are you on medication? your words are different from your actions. can you be more coherent?

      • Haist hmmmm.. tsk tsk this is what have been saying JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS find my first comment then let as see.

    • As i see you are the one who is racist. Really Jessica’s fans embarrass the Philippines. Then how about you judging Filipino’s you’re the one who is embarrassing the Philippines and destroying Philippines image
      saying that Jessica’s fans are blind, deaf and racist. 

      • you destroy their image by only showing up for filipino skin.  you embarass yourself.  but you are too bigoted to even get it. she is not that good.

      • what?  see you are a racist.  you should not be voting for american idol.  why are you here?

    •  Samantha, you embarrass a nation that’s closely linked with AI. Try to google and you’ll find out how the Filipinos love the show having Fil-Ams the biggest number of mixed heritage who took part and succeeded in this show. Most of them were born in the Philippines.

      You are the bigot and racist based on your negativities that you spread in this site. There are also Mexicans, Americans and other Asians who support Jessica. Please don’t generalize.

      If you don’t like the posts, just ignore and skip reading…….as easy as that.

      • Its american idol…we don’t vote in the other idols, why would you think we like it when you try and steal ours?  you are a bigot.  you would not even be here if she was white even if she really was greater than average.

    • If you do not want to see comments from Filipinos in this site, JUST GET OUT OF HERE. Okay? Thank you so much.

      • They are not stealing “your” American Idol Samantha, they even patronize it. Haaaahhhhhhh…sigh……eyes rolling….

    •  We’re not trying to steal American Idol from you Samantha. Your insecurities are coming out. AI will not be broadcasted worldwide if you think the show is only for the Americans. I guess you’re too young to understand and don’t be a cry baby.

      Bigotry is such a big and delicate word that you don’t have to use like a household chores. Be careful next time.

      Fyi, I’m an avid fan of AI from the start. David Cook, Adam Lambert, Daughtry, Thia Magia and Jordin Sparks are my favorites. Read again, only one has brown skin. My main criteria for liking is voice quality ‘coz it’s a singing contest.

      If Jessica is pure American and white, I’ll be more dying for her to be the next AI winner!

    • Look who’s talking….You started a bad comment, her fans just commented back..People, both are in the finale & both deserve the spot. Win or lose both will have a bright future ahead of them…

  64. Voting steadfastly for Phillip! Loved his finale song. I thought “Stand By Me” was great too. I wish he’d selected something different for his personal favorite. “In The Air …” was one of my favorites. Jessica did great too, but Phillip took the cake for me. 

  65. Its so clear Jessica won the night… If you may not find her 3rd song likable but there are other people including myself really love it. 

    Nevertheless, I love Phillip’s rendition of Stand By Me but I Love Danny Gokey’s (AI Season 8 contestant) rendition MORE.

      •  Yeah he won’t win because that one was good.  He’ll win cause they were all 3 good!

      • No she won’t.  People will be comparing her version of  The Prayer to Jackie Evancho’s (not favorably).

  66. At this point they are both going to make it big. If it were me i’d want to come in 2nd place so i could skip Idol owning me for a year, and get on with my singing career. 

    • But you wouldn’t want the name “The American Idol”? rather than the almost american idol

      • Didn’t hurt ClayAiken, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Lauren Alaina and oh yes, Adam Lambert.

      • No i’d take getting off Idol and making the money. It’s not like the winner will be winning 5 million . 

  67. To all Jessica fans, you may want to hear this:

    Thalia ‏@thalia

    WOWgreat news! #TommyMottola just call me from #AmericanIdol & he is confirm to work in the first #JessicaSanchez CD!

    •  Jessica said something about choosing that song…from the way I’ve always understood it, they write several songs and then the final 2 pick their potential singles from that.

      • No it’s  not true–they are only given one song.  She might have been talking about the one that Simon chose for her.

    • I have to agree with you there.  Jessica has a hard time pulling off the “simpler” stuff.  If it isn’t diva style, she can’t pull it off.

  68. @thalia: WOWgreat news! #TommyMottola just call me from #AmericanIdol & he is confirm to work in the first #JessicaSanchez CD! #MexicanFilipinoPower

  69. Before you vote for JS, please do yourself (and everyone) a big favor and go listen to Jackie Evancho sing The Prayer.  Then you’ll hear how it should be sung.

    • Really now? Everyone can make their own rendition of whatever song as long as it was  executed beautifully. =)

      • I know.   After you hear Jackie sing it,  many other versions (particularly the ones from young teens like Jessica) sound amateurish.  The Prayer was not a good song choice for Jessica, imho.  A religious song is something that should be sung with a reverence rather than diva-style, if you know what I mean…

    • I checked out jackie’s rendition.. AND.. make me love jessica’s rendition more..

    • You keep on pitching in Jackie Evancho. She’s not even the original singer of the song. You just prefer her rendition and that’s about it. I don’t even know the girl.

    • We like her version so we don’t need to listen to somebodyelse’s .  We can listen later and I’m sure we will also like that version.  So go home and stop telling us what to do. 

    • and after listening to Jackie Evancho’s version, whoever did so at least, you just lost a few precious minutes of power voting to JS . . . nice strategy Only the Truth! lol!

  70. Philip’s Future Single Song is kinda “Coldplayish” and it’s really nice & it really sounds like a perfect finale song. It shows what kind of artist he is and the kind of songs he’ll be doing in the future. Now I’m nervous for Jessica. Before tonight’s show I really dint think Philip had a chance at the title but after that last song I’m convinced he may be going Home with it. Although I’ d love for Jessica to win as well..I dunno…I love both of them. It’d be really up to America. I’m voting for both of them. Let’s just see who got more votes tomorrow. I’m fine with whoever wins.

    • if you vote both of them. then, it’s just nothing. so please vote for the one you like more. 🙂

    • Phillip had the advantage for the title even if he does not good with the song.  That is how popular he is.  Will Jessica beat the odds?  We’ll see.

  71. I can’t get “Change Nothing” out of my head.

    “I don’t wanna change nooooooooooooooooooothing!”

  72. America….  there’s still time to vote for JESSICA SANCHEZ….  Pick up your phones or go online now….

  73. Jessica Sanchez is probably one of the best singers I have ever heard  in my life, but Phillip Phillips is the most unquie different and most talent artist I have ever seen on the Idol stage, Im sorry Sanchez fans but Phillip can do more then just sing a big note

    • phillip was so underwhelming why is everyone saying he’s unique? like jessica isn’t unique…

  74. Personally, I think Phillip kinda kicked Jessica’s little but tonight.  (Yes, I’m aware I now have to hire 8 bodyguards to hide from the BB Chez psychos.)  Can’t get through on Phillip’s line at all!  Good Luck to p2!

    • i did not see phillip kicking jessica’s butt at all, but rather the other way around

    • I thought it was the other way around but whatever good luck!!  I’lls till be happy tomorrow even if my idol is not the winner.  After all, she will get a contract and a car.  So I’m all smile!!!

  75. america might be the most powerful country in the world but that doesnt mean you have the right to ill-talked about a third world, you BULLY!

  76. America’s a bankrupt nation with 115 trillion dollars in debt. China rules as far as I know. Read your history man, you are disgracing the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who died fighting your war against the Japanese in WWII! So disgusting entity you are.

    • But if given a choice, they all wanted to come here. Didn’t a Chinese activist just came to this country? What country that has such generosity? Certainly not the Philiipines.

    • @44281b482abe55b4227bceb0e3931762:disqus They come here because they find opportunity in America. You don’t even own America. I would prefer to work with Filipinos because they serve with compassion and honesty. You’re just lucky to be born American. I’m an American but working in Hong Kong. The world doesn’t revolve in America. Travel the world and see for yourself how beautiful other places are.


  78.  Steve you are such a racist, why don’t you take a nice long running leap into a lake………..Go Jessica! The Philippines is a great and Beautiful country!



  80.  No, just you Steve, sucking worse than sucks itself. what a worthless human being you are. Go Jessica! The Philippines is a great and Beautiful country!

  81. Watch your grammar Steve. Using your native language shouldn’t be that difficult.

  82. Matt, please flag Steve’s comment. Steve, what are you 8 years old???  Yes, the Philippines is a third world country. The more you step on us, the more we fight back. I’m for both Phillip and Jessica. Just vote ok? This is American Idol, NOT Vote for the Best Country! Sheeesh!!!!

  83. Watch your grammar Steve. Using your native language shouldn’t be that difficult.




  85. P2’s song was definitely a better song for him. Jessica had a terrible song, but sang it well. Who wrote that garbage?

    Btw, did u guys see the way they were looking at each other at the end? I think there’s something brewing.

  86. go jessica u  deserve it    dont care for phillip  he is way to stiff and boring

  87. Invade? You are so old school Stevie. Wake up your senses… if you have one.

  88. I command the filipino people to vote for Jessica.  A great voice and an inspiration to the Philippines.  Drive the American Imperialist into the Sea…drown the white devils..

      • I just can’t decide which shoes to wear to the kicking into the sea ceremony…..

    • if it were coming from you, no thanks. i rather be drowned with what you call white devils than be with a second rate con-artist like you. very poor acting btw

    • Imelda you are such a con artist–as it we can believe you.  Hahahahahhahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa–my stomach hurts from laughing.  Get a life and stop pretending that you are Filipino.  It does not become you. Hahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahah.

    • But we love the white devils–Mr/Ms. Impersonator.  You don’ t have to command us–don’t you remember we are smart to think and act on our own? 

  89. i dont mind….at least we are all asian and we are proud of it! go get yourself a tan. maybe you will look better and feel better about it.

  90. yellow? we are not yellow. we are brown. or should i say naturally born tan. how bout you Stevie? Still sun bathing to achieve that golden tan? lol

  91. Correction, brown people! Yellow is for the Chinese. review your history……moron. If there will be a 9/11 part 2, it will be directed on your state. Mind you Steve, your greatness will get into your balls!

  92. we are brown people you white blue eyed devil.  jessica is our queen.  of course she still reports to me…


    • No, Hollie was better, but JS has a nice voice.  JS just needs to develop her own style and be true to it always.


    • My prediction………………….Jessica will win. PP is very good too, he will have a nice career; but Jessica’s voice is out of this world

  95. I just love the brown people of the philippines. you guys are so much fun.  too bad you take these contest so seriously.  i am going to miss you guys.  ok lets hope at least one filipino american makes it to hollywood next year, or else i will never see you again..: (   past hollywood and we will back to same bs we saw this year.  please don’t try and find me and eat my dog.

    • Yay at least you change your opinion about filipino’s unlike the others. 

    • I hope you won’t have sleepless night thinking about us Steve–honestly you must be so much in love with us now.  Take care, Steve and who knows i might find you again–i might be your next stalker–but you will enjoy that.  (Lol) 

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha–you mean you actually fell for that?  Hahahahahahahahahahaha–don’t worry I am harmless.   But you just gave me self satisfaction.  Thank you, Steve.

    • And I won’ t eat your dog–i am not a dog eater but I will give your dog so much love you won’t be able to stand it and wish that I will give  you the love instead.    You are the greatest, Steve.     See you in my dreams. 

    • Lets just say, FILIPINOS are very emotional, and they take these things to the heart. They really really want their KABAYAN (co nationality) to win, even if she’s only half. It means something to them….They get UNITED for a cause, and that  cause is for JS to win. 

    • ur a foul git!!! wish ur white neighbour  kill ur dog and gave it to u as a dish ull eat for dinner!!!

    • I’ve seen this guys so many times-  a dime a dozen. You will have to accept them  as  the bad and the ugly in this world.

  96. Doesn’t matter if they did as we are not cowards and most of us are half Chinese! Study your history, maybe Benjamin Franklin can teach you a thing or two.  You need China more than we do. Go visit your groceries, your malls, hardware stores, look at your watch “Made in China”, dude!

    • ben is dead.  and you are the ones with navies facing off in the south china sea…oh well…we don’t need china..we can print the money and hand it over…china needs the west…maybe you should do some study yourself. chinese leaders sit on the back of a tiger.

  97. INSECURITY Strikes! LOLs.. Just vote for your “BET” and wait until the results show! and please, dont insult the two of them [phillip and jessica] coz im sure, they sang by far greater than you! [those people insulting them]

    • Oh Angela, you  must be very pretty–lucky you that God blessed you.  He is watching you now, though and remember what He said about giving you more abundantly–in looks?   I envy you and  hope your heart will follow your looks soon.

    • Angela did you ever go to school? You are very poor in Language and Spelling, please don’t make comments anymore, you are embarrassing yourself. 

    • Angela,are you from 3rd dimension? your hiding, your a shadow,look at yourself infront of the mirror,ugly is not the word….awwwwwwwww, learn,

  98. Hahaha Steve, you’re funny.  As if you have a say about that kind of thing.  Love you for being so naive.

  99. i dont  like jessica  shes  ulgy and she icant sing and   phillp phillps is the next  american idol … .

    • Hahahaha! What a statement Angela. Who do you think you are to be liked by Jessica? lol

    • Another JAMES here…if you don’t like JS, its fine, but don’t criticize her about her looks….this is not a beauty contest, this is a TALENT contest. You should give your comments in Miss Universe or Miss America….

    • Jessica is ugly???  Well, look in the mirror to find out who is ugly….  On second thoughts, DON’T….  ‘coz the mirror will break into pieces…. HAHAHA….

    • If she can’t sing, how would you describe PP then?
      Clear as crystal, you listen with your EYES and see with your EARS.
      Your an alien!

    • She’s not ugly at all.  You must be blind.  That’s just being nasty.  She can certainly sing.  But P2 won the night.

    • cannot sing? do you? why your not in there,goooooooo be american idol,what a f….k, look at your PP,hahahah going to the toilet everytime he sing,cannot even do the high notes,only the orchestra that you can hear,6 feet under the ground voice,LOL UGLY???? describe yourself…awwwwww your MISS UNIVERSE<show off sing nad be beautiful,,YOU WISHHHHHHHHHHH

  100. Seriously not just recently but ever since the beginning. Every time
    Phillip whatever gets on stage. I fast forward (Thank God for PVR) to
    the next singer. I really don’t understand how people could like his
    singing!?! Yes, I agree he’s a likable person but this is a singing
    contest. He always looked like he needs to go to the bathroom every time
    he tried to sing. 🙁 GOOOOOO JESSSSSSICA!

    • Because you fast forward through his songs, you can have no idea how he sings.  He is a true artist and talent.  Every song he sings, he puts his own twist on.  Jessica only copies the sound of the original singers of the songs she performs.  She has a great voice, but no artistry. 


  101. Honestly, I would be satisfied if either one of them won.  Not even going to vote because they were a dead tie in my opinion

  102. IMHO, based on the over-all performances, Jessica had edged out P2. if the judges or any Americans will based the winner on a single performance (i.e. 3rd round which they blamed the song actually, not the singer), it will write off the whole demographics of AI season 11.

    Jessica consistently topped all polls, gained accolades and respect from celebrities, real music icons and critics and lead all social networks 2:1 vs the closest rival, P2.

    Only rigging of the result could make it happened.  We induce all Fil-Ams, Latinos, Asian-Americans and TNT’s to vote for the obvious winner and not be complacent!

    • yes lets make sure asian vote against the white devil.  its about race not talent.  lets put the white americans in their place.

    • You’ve got to be kidding, right?  Where were you when JS got voted OFF?  How was that fair to the other contestants that three judges were allowed to override America’s vote?

      • It’s the show’s mechanics, judges saved her because they believe (at that moment) she deserve to be saved.  And the one they saved is now a finalist…that’s already a proof that JS is really better that the other contestants..

        How much you hate JS?

    • “Jessica consistently topped all polls, gained accolades and respect from celebrities, real music icons and critics and lead all social networks 2:1 vs the closest rival, P2. ”
      And I did not see any endorsement from any celebrities endorsed Philipps.
      So if Phillips still wins I can conclude that this show is rigged.

  103. Jessica WINS, IF it’s still a singing competition. 

    Otherwise, Philip ain’t so bad to listen to. 

    Both can sell records, so AI must be happy.

    • I also was expecting that both will be singing the same finale song. If they did that at least we can compare who did well in interpreting the song.

  104. Both are outstanding and both will do well! Phillip is an extremely talented artist and Jessica has an amazing voice!

  105. AI sucks P2’s Home why all the drama yet Jes is so simple are they telling us that it has to be P2 OMG this is not fair so disappointing, why didnt they give the same to Jess, the band, etc OMG unbelievably DISAPPOINTING, i just hope the votes will not be rigged.

  106. I hope that Patrick wins as Jessica did get cut but the judges usthat darn safe on her I did not like that at all so Patrick needs too win tomorrow night for sure so please have a heart and vote for the best man Patrick Patricks he was the best

  107. I’m praying for Jessica Sanchez! Please vote for her, people in the States! I’m from Vietnam and I can only pray in vain! Please help me make her the next American Idol! Please please please!!! 

  108. they planned that. giving her a simple song. no impact at all. its should be a diva like song because that’s what suits her voice.  they want her to sing a song that willhide her pipes. because they don’t want an asian to conquer america. they can’t accept that asians are better than america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     levels: very easy, easy, hard, diffcult, very difficult, asian…

    • you’re super right yes it’s pretty obvious this is not a leveled playing field, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTING.

    • youre absolutely right,they are the one giving the song,, past 2 performance they gave song to Jessica that is so SIMPLE but Jessica gave it and made it beautiful. Jessica GOD WILL SHOW HIS GRACE ON YOU,,,smile ASIAN PEOPLE,STAND FOR JESSICA LETS MAKE HISTORY.

      • it was all a set up. to give drama to AI. so that people will watch what is that “shocking event” will happen. Just to grab viewers.. COm’on!!!! 

      • yeah jessica was saved by the judges so thanks to them and thanks to those teeny boppers who’s so obsessed with P2’s handsome face that’s why he’s still in the competition 

    • Stop it!! Just because she is Asian does not make her a better singer.  She is a better singer than Phillip—that is all!!!  Don’t worry about the colors. 

  109. i really dont get it AI will someone from you tell us why in performance 3 P2 obviously was given “moment, moment” with the band etc. etc and Jessica was made to sit in a piano “pity moment” OMG this is truly DISAPPOINTING. AI should have leveled the playing field.

    • AI has been relentlessly promoting JS all season.  No one can say they haven’t.  If JS didn’t like the last song, she could’ve changed it up a bit.  Is she artistic enough to do that?  No… lol.

      • Wrong, Only The “Truth”(really?). There is a limit to how much one can change a song given to you. If you are given a bad song from the start, then it will be bad no matter what you do (although JS voice really made the song sound decent). JS is just too amazing that is why she is the most popular contestant and not because AI is promoting her.

      • They were promoting her only to face P2–they wouldn’t dare let P2 face Joshua because then it will be 2 males and you will really be able to see the big difference.  They used Jess as a scapegoat so they can get away with a Phillip win.  But hey, it’s not over yet.  The tide might turn over against them.

  110. Same song, different renditions will tell who sings better. Why different songs from PRODUCER this season? This is not being OBJECTIVE anymore, it more SUBJECTIVE!!!

  111. Phillip should deffinitly win!!!!!! the juddges said themselves!!! Listen to them thery LOVE him!!!!!!!

    • Not only the judges, include the producers and Jimmy. They wanted PP to win that’s why they choose different songs for the 3rd song this season. IMHO, this is very unfair…

      • 100% agree SUPER UNFAIR SEASON P2 with a great production number as if he won the finale and wtf they just let Jessica sit in a piano OMG really unfair.

      • If you want to talk about fair, JS was voted off once.  (Phillips wasn’t.)  Please… lol.

      • idk, Jess org song is actually good if you listen to  the studio record version, but the execution last night is kinda doubtful for me…

      • They should give the same song to the 2 finalists and see who can give a better rendition.

    • yes they love PP,why? coz they wanted PP to win,,, come on so bias, AMERICAN IDOL is for singing its called talent,love doesnt have to do with these,they want to make the people vote for PP which is so clear doenst have voice at all,you can hear his voice anywhere in every corner and club of the world…..JUDGES, be FAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

      • Not only the judges and Jimmy, the writers also like Sarah Parker and I cann’t think of his name at the moment.


      •  Any ordinary guy can sing PP2 songs unlike that of Jessica’s. The level of difficulty of the songs you sing will tell you who is the best singer cause AI is a singing contest. 

      • Enough already  . . . for every other single post of yours in this thread, you’ve been pimping Jackie Evancho . . . are you Jackie’s manager or something. It’s getting ridiculous already how you’re comparing JS with JE . . .

      • She carried her own and Jackie Evancho who is she?  Sorry I don’t know who she is.

  113. Good: News The Winner Of American Idol 2012  Jessica Sanchez Vs. Philip Philips   Will Be Announced In 30Minutes

  114. I Wish That Jessica Sanchez Sing  “Dance With My Father” Beacause That Is The Beautifull Song I Have Heard    I Wish She Will Win   Soo Lets Vote Him Guys!                      Go! Go! Go! Go!  Jessica Sanchez!   

  115. “The Prayer” was AMAZING!!! I can’t believe JLO said Phillip’s “Movin’ On” was better!!! It was a sold game since the beginning…(and i’m not even Jessica’s fan).

  116. it was jessica she the one who win that competition..

    go jessica!

    vote for her

  117. Again, for me I love your last performance. You should sing the whole song so Judges can feel it. It suits you so well. Perfect rendition. And I will buy your CD or iTunes.

    Change Nothing <3 Jessica Sanche <3 WINNER!

  118. it’s funny that philip keeps being called an “artist” and “unique.” honestly, he sounds like our neighbors during their karaoke sessions. maybe calling him an “everyman” is more like it. it is unfortunate that the judges, ai producers and even some in the media call him an artist, that is for want of a better term to use since he got this far. dont get me wrong, he appears to be a likeable guy but…
    and on the matter of the singles the final 2 will record, i seem to detect a push by ai judges and mentor towards a perception that jessica is not yet ready…well, well, well…it’s them who should be penalized here…and the selected selected piece could be readily replazced…come on guys, be fair…just hope karma wouldnt get to you
    still, as always. JESSICA for the Win!

  119. Cmon guys, relax! It’s no longer about the songs or the performances. It is now down to the voting fans! Let’s show them who is the new queen of AI! Come on Jessica’s fans, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Let us complete our mission.

  120. I would have voted for Jess, but after I read all the Jess fan comments on her, I switched my 500 votes to P2. The comments about Asian Pinoy pride crap, praying for Jess crap, and Jess is the best singer in the world crap; all turned me against Jess. I’m very sure I’m not the only one influenced this way. If Jess loses, it’s because of one thing, the obnoxious Jess fans!!!!

    • This is another crap, if JS loses she loses not because of what think…
      Not all people think the same as you…other people use their senses dude…I’m afraid you dont.

      • Learn to spell. How can you call me a liar, see…this was the crap I was talking about. Jess fans attack anyone that doesn’t think the same as them. So think you, you just proved, how much I was telling the truth…call me a liar again and I will ask my old friend Matthew to ban you.

    • As if you would really give your vote to Jessica. If you intend to really vote for her, you won’t have to stoop down to their level (as to comments posted by “some” Jess’ fans) and believed enough to her talent to vote without being swayed by any opinion. Your not voting for the contestants’ fans in the first place. You vote because you believe the contestants is worth your vote.

    • Nothing could have made you sway your votes and that is okay.  If there are obnoxious fans then that is beyond all the other Jess fans who just want to support her.   Now, though, tell me, was it only Jess fans who said she is the best singer.  All others rooted for their favorites and claimed their favorites are also the best singer.  So what is wrong with that?  You either like or love one singer.   If Jess loses, I am sure her fans just got outvoted–plain as daylight. 

  121. JS is already a HUGE winner, from being eliminated, saved  and finalist.! already a BIG achievement…and IMHO no one can repeat that…ever!

    • How is having to have the judges save you a win. Lol, that like disgraceful that she couldn’t win it on her own merits, she had to get special treatment or she would have been long gone. You Jess fans need to learn something about humility…or better yet humiliation. Maybe Karma will teach you a lesson with a Jess loss.

      • You’re missing the message…
        As I said, she is already a winner (not literally), she achieved the impossible from being eliminated then saved to being a finalist. 

        Are you Jesus Christ? If not, stop preaching humility!
        What karma are you talking about?  Enlighten me Guru…

      • Eat your heart out–she got saved because she deserved it.  Wahahahhaha.  Peace to you.

  122. Sorry folks, Actually the so called original song for Phillip HOME is the original song already sang by Greg Holden the tune sounds the same but I prefer Greg Holden’s version.
    Try google it and youll see!

    • Greg Holden wrote it for the winner of X-Factor UK but it was not used. Both finalists chose their own songs and their choices were wide open.

      There was no restrictions on the song so Jessica had as much choice as did Phillip to choose her own song.  

      • How did u know that? And even if she was given several choices, maybe the song she picked was the only one that was decent enough for her voice. I guess we will never know that so don’t pin this like it was her fault. Jessica has a lot of favorites songs but she was not given a chance to sing them. She sang mostly difficult songs that was given to her and I think she delivered all these songs beautifully. To me that’s the epitome of a great champion.

  123. I am very amazed with the beautiful voice of Jessica Sanchez! She has touched the hearts of millions of Americans, Filipinos and Mexicans around the world! She sang the great songs of Mariah Carey, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston. She has a great talent in singing which attracted millions of people around the world. She has an angelic voice which creates a big spark to all the people around the world!

  124.  jessica is the winner!   she got 68% of the votes here  and philip got only 31%
     let’s assumed those  31% votes of philip are 100% correct? , 

     and   even if we  do  minus the   50% of jessica’s 68% votes  still jessica is  leading by a   margin of 2-3% votes! 

     hence ; 



    • How can someone who was voted off by AMDERICA win????? sheis the 7th place LOSER ….. AMERICA VOTED FOR THEIR FAVORITE AND THAT IS PHILLIP PHILLIPS !!!!!! He has NEVER EVEN been in the bottom – EVER! she was not only in the bottom but voted OFF !!!!!! I know you are a day away in time so WAKE UP and smell the Coffee PHILLIP is serving at his VICTORY PARTY…. (see you are asleep cause your math is hilarious — Phillip = 100% and well nobody is 0 – He won according to AMERICA —- Counting the votes week to week…… She is the 7th place loser…. PHILLIP PHILLIPS …. AI2012 Winner was crowned last Thuirsday by AMERICA ! Last night was the judges compition and what ever the results are tonight – Thats The “Judges Pick Idol” …. It will be Phillip too – just you watch and see…..

  125. jessica got 68% of   the votes while philip  got only a 31% .

      jessica is the american idol !!!


    • How can someone who was voted off by AMDERICA win????? sheis the 7th place LOSER ….. AMERICA VOTED FOR THEIR FAVORITE AND THAT IS PHILLIP PHILLIPS !!!!!! He has NEVER EVEN been in the bottom – EVER! she was not only in the bottom but voted OFF !!!!!! I know you are a day away in time so WAKE UP and smell the Coffee PHILLIP is serving at his VICTORY PARTY….

  126. Remembering their moments since then, both Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez had 4 solo standing ovations. But I think Jessica Sanchez has a slim edge better than Phillip…so i bet her to win American Idol 11!

  127. Jessica is Amazing.. But hey, what about the complete stage setup with marching bands during PP’s last song.. are u covering his pitchy voice ??? Don’t be too obviously biased pls…

  128. The judges are rooting for phillip to win,but that’s not gonna happen!just like they did for lauren last year…

  129. What happen to the Poll….  Jessica 65%  P2 35%.   If Poll is correct since Top3  You know who the winner is………  Jessica Sanchez……Go BB CHEZ

  130. it’s just one song that Jessica did not impress the judges but she prove her self since the beginning !

  131. Source from AT&T . In top 3 week Jessica got 61% votes and the remaining 31% are for Philip and Joshua. By the we didn’t count FB and Tweet.

  132. i used to be non jessica  and being so in denial of  her talents but for the past weeks I realized that she is the best singer for all the groups. she can sing almost all of the songs that will be requested. I know most of the judges are building up Phillips that hes the best. I like him too, but comparing him too her she’s really out much. american idol is how good you sing, it’s not the looks, and how the judges influence the people, but they know who’s the best singer among the two. People knows who the  will vote from the very start whether they’re good or not cause that’s their idol no matter what. The judges had standing ovation on Phillips but not Jessica , how about Jessica? can’t she sing? Hello

  133. i’m done w/ randy. will avoid his shows like the plague.  he was cool during simon’s time at AI. now something has gone thru his head.

    • He’s never been any different. The difference is that with Simon Cowell on the panel, Randy Jackson was the “dude” at the other end who everyone thought of as the clown of the panel.

      When Simon left, Randy became the “leader” of a very poor pack and is now the “primary” on a very poor “judging” panel.

      After 11 season, it is time to put him and his clown clothes and act out to pasture and bring in someone who knows the current business because all he talks about is his time with artists who are well past their prime. He is a dinosaur as, frankly, is Steven Tyler whose comments are generally useless.

      It would be great if they could replace them all (since JLo is supposed to be leaving) and bring in some younger, more in touch, judges who can help the contestants.

      The average age of this group is 54 and JLo is the youngest at 43. The average age of the 4 on the Voice is 35 and they are all in the business now, either as performers, song writers or producers.


  134. It seems like there’s always one amazing, talented, different singer that comes to the show…and isn’t voted off (only to be saved by the judges)..they make it all the way to the final two and then amazingly the other contestant wins. I’m all in for Phillip. Sick of hearing ballads 😛

    • Jessica Sanchez is the first saved contestant to go beyond the top 4 and make the final 2.

      The save first came in Season 8 and was given to Matt Giraud who was saved at the top 7 spot and voted off as the #5 finisher.

      In Season 9, it was Michael Lynch who was saved in the top 9 spot and then was voted off as the #4 finisher.

      Last season, they saved Casey Abrams in the top 11 position and he was eliminated as the #6 finisher.

      Last year, Scotty McCreery was never in the bottom 3 and Lauren Alaina was in the bottom 2 once at the top 5 position.


  135. It was a set up for Philip to win. Jessica was obviously the better singer, however AI decided to give it to Philip. They will definitely keep losing viewership and ultimate death of the show. Other shows are sprouting left and right. Jessica will ultimately become successful and Phil will vanish in oblivion as history repeats itself. Goodbye AI…

  136. I’m from Bangkok, Thailand and I have been watching since first day of this show and I always root for Jessica. I can’t vote but I told my BF in LA just vote for her every week. Good luck Jessica. I hope you are American Idol this year. ^^

  137. Dial idol!!!

    PHILLIPS: 14.200

    JESSICA: 12.800

    There’s no big difference like last year between Lauren (11.000) and Scotty (19.000).

    I’m sure this time Jessica will beat him.

  138. If Jennifer Sanchez wins tonight, that will mean that the two youngest winners of American Idol will be female and have the initials JS.

    So far, Jordin Sparks is the youngest winner at 17 and Jessica would become the youngest at 16.

    What an odd coincidence that would be if Jessica wins.      

    • Its Jessica NOT Jennifer — How can she win when she has already LOST… We (the American Voters) kicked her 16yr old butt OFF !!!! She will always be the 7th (THATS S-E-V-E-N-T-H…… aka NOT THE WINNER) place LOSER !!! Phillip Phillips MOPPED THE FLOOR WITH HER LAST NIGHT-She looked like a kid that won a trip to the Preimere of PHILLIP PHILLIPS FIRST SINGLE —HOME—- She is the most boreing singer wannabe that I have ever heard….. AMERICA VOTED and Phillip Phillips was NEVER EVEN IN THE BOTTOM – she was in the bottom AND SENT HOME BY AMERICA !!!!!!  PHILLIP WON LAST THURSDAY NIGHT !!!!! HE WAS THE BEST and Wins The Compition that was aired for AMERICA to VOTE ………………………………. sorry bbchez or BaBye sanCHEZe …… bahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahha and bahahahahahaha !!!! PP2 Wins!  

      • Joy you are such a mean person.  I get it –i like them both and could care less who wins because they both have a great future in the bag.  Here have some of God’s blessings.  You badly need it.

      • Saved by the judges was intended to be awarded to ANY finalist the judges at that time of the competition thought worthy of saving  in case got the lowest vote based  on “popularity” and given a second chance. It just so happened that when Jessica got the lowest number of votes, the judges used the saved option to keep her. Remember, AI is supposed to be a Talent Competition primarily and not a popularity contest. Peace!

      • Jessica is winner check out result in Wikipedia n check out Phillip phillips Wikipedia too. Wikipedia is reliable with results and info. Loserssssss ! It’s time to party . !

      • That why the show is “American” idol.
        I wish there’s a  “World” idol and for sure JS will win it.

        Common, voice, range, control…name it…JS has it, PP dont have it.

        What if….AI assigned “Home” to JS and PP the other song?It is pretty obvious that AI wants PP to win it even though PP is not in it.

      • PP wins in votes but JS wins as far as singing is concern and she together with Ms Holiday gave an exclamation point in Nokia theater!
        and take note how AI still manipulated the duet by not showing the crowd reaction. AI showed the judges instead.

        AI is for america…
        AI don’t want other race to win it, that’s all!

  139. It was so unfair that the judges unfairly criticized Jessica on the AI final night for singing a “bad song” not suited for her when in fact the song was written specifically for her, and poor Jessica did not have the choice but give her her best to interpret and give justice to the song. Where are the “mentors” who were supposed to guide her and made sure the song written for her is the “one” perfect for her voice and singing skills IF the final voting will be influenced by that new song “written” for her, and winning the title of  “AI” will be influenced by judges feedback during the final night prior to voting? The Final Song should have been “judged and critiqued” based on how it was sang/interpreted by both finalists, and not whether is was the best choice of song for her or him. American Idol title should be awarded by popular vote WITHOUT the judges blantant act of influencing the voters on who is going to be the ultimate “AI” champion based on the Final Song ALONE. That was so UNFAIR!
    Phillip was lucky to have someone wrote a song “perfect”  for him and tailored for his voice, personality and antics whioch luckily the judges liked! He was lucky to have the judges behind him on his Final Song who tried to influence how voters will pick the “ultimate” American Idol. Who ever gets the most number of votes and wins deserved the title ONLY IF the decision by the voting public was made based on the overall performance of the finalists during the entire season, and including how the song written for the finalst was sang and interpreted during the final night of the competion.

    IF voice, singing skills, and aattitude of being the future great singer (e.g. stage presence, charisma, etc. can be developed) are the sole criteria for picking the Americal Idol champion, viewers and listeners should know better who to pick the most deserving of the title American Idol!

  140. MAy the best person win. They’ve both tried and given in their own very best.

  141. Jessica no doubt has a good voice, but she is unoriginal and boring. She trys to hard to be like everyone else, I suppose this is what you would expect from a 16yr old. Phillip Phillips is unique and is a true artist, yes his voice may not appeal to the majority. But, he is the better artist, what are we judging on? A god given sound, or their ability to utilize it? America tends to vote for their favorites, not who is the best.

  142. I dont really like phillip as a singer buthe has a great personality. Jessica, well she is amazing at singing and she has a great personality the poles so far are jessica sanchez 62% phillip phillips  37% so as you see jessica has a lot more votes than phillip which means that jessica is mor likely to win

  143. Jessica shows little individuality.  She has attempted to copy the great diva’s and each time has fallen short.  If she could develop her own style of singing I think she could make it in the industry, but to be a copy-cat  will make it difficult  for her to sustain.  Her voice is not easily identifiable as is of the diva’s.  In time she may find it a struggle to compete in this highly competitive industry.

  144. I love Phillip and picked him from the start of american idol but… I think Jessica is in it to win it all the way.

  145. #JessicaSanchez!!!! I love her! She’s amazing. she has SOOOO much talent. AND, she is very friendly and an amazing preformer. how amazing would it be to have a girl win!!?!?! I don’t want two teen-twentysomethings males winning two seasons in a row.

  146. Here is my comment…. take it or leave…  both singers are amazing.  Jessica can sing anything like anyone else…. but better…..  wow… But Phillip sings anything like anyone else but makes it his own, and BETTER… and I think is more unique in his own way.  Jessica needs to develop her own uniqueness too…  It comes with age…..  she can sing, but has now uniqueness about her… It is what it is…. 

  147. phillip deserves this people!!!!! jessicas still only 16! shell have more chances than phillip …THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! go PHILLIP    I LOVE YOU!

  148. all i have to say is one this people (or two)…………GO PHILLIP!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Both Phillip and Jessica  are very talented idols!  they do both deserve to win…but as i have said before Jessica does NOT have enough experience, she is only 16 and phillip is 21. Phillip has the experience and knows how to use it. Yes jessica is amazing but not amazing enough…to win

    im voting for phillip this time

  150. JESSICA SANCHEZ  ,american idol 2012 !!!  – “As it was WRITTEN so it shall be DONE !”

  151. Go for the win Jessica..We appreciate your vocal skills and talent! only few have that range. .you deserve to win, you have a good future ahead of you! Good luck girl!!

  152. I really don’t think it’s fair if other countries voted. That is just not fair to Phillip, as he is an American and it is American Idol for America to vote.
    Just not right.

  153. Phillip Phillips is well-loved in the Philippines because of his name… Seriously now, they are both good singers,however I voted for Jessica Sanchez… Peace brothers!

  154. About time Jessica was voted off AGAIN. It should of been Josh and Phillip in final, best two singers and time will prove this.

  155. Glad to see Phillip win and Jessica voted off AGAIN! Josh deserved to be there and we need a bit of balance on this CALF site?

  156. Go PHILIP! after watching Josh sing all could see he belonged in the final with Phillip. Go ahead and take off my post on this slanted Calf sit.

  157. may best be Phillip Phillips and next year if the 3 present judges still around – this will be the last American Idol I watch – I really cannot stomach the 3 anymore

  158. Phil Phillips, really, are we sure about that?  I’m trying to figure out who is doing the voting.

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