American Idol 2012 Finalists Give Audition Advice

American Idol 2012 Top 10

American Idol 2013 auditions are under way and if you’re planning on auditioning, then you might want to read this. The American Idol 2012 Top 10 recently shared their advice on auditioning for the reality show.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Phillip Phillips: “Be yourself and don’t worry about what people think…Know who you are when you come into this competition.”

Jessica Sanchez: “Don’t let the other contestants intimidate you. You’re there for a reason and this is your dream, just sing your heart out.”

Hollie Cavanagh: “Don’t uncontrollably cry and break out into hives (it didn’t work for me and it won’t work for you)…and don’t overthink your song. Keep it simple and sing a beautiful melody…1,000 high notes doesn’t get you to Hollywood.”

Skylar Laine: “Go into the audition knowing exactly what kind of artist you are and be ready to rock out!”

Elise Testone: “Whatever you decide to sing, own it and believe in it as if it was straight from your heart…Don’t think!”

Colton Dixon: “Be yourself…and think twice before wearing red skinny leather pants.”

Auditions in San Antonio, Texas, are today. The next rounds are coming up next week in Charlotte, NC.





  1. My Advice: If you’re a guy and you can play a guitar, then don’t hesitate to audition! Be the next WGWG6!

      • be 100% American blood otherwise there’s no way you’ll get the crown even if you are way way better than them.

      • Um..there’s no such thing as “American” blood. Our ancestors all came from somewhere else. My mother is 100 percent Irish but proudly calls herself American. Race had NOTHING to do with Phillip winning.  That’s just a total cop out. 

      • Your comment should be removed. I hate to think there are people like you in existence.

      • @Elslec:  By saying Jessica is not an American is ludicrous.  She was born and raised here.   Her dad is in the military.  WTH.  Have you run out of legitimate excuses for her loss…so u r drumming up racism and prejudices.  It’s bullshit, you have to bite the bullet and move on.  Acceptance is the last step in grief. 

      •   What a controversial comment. You’re really successful in puncturing in thousands hearts of thousands people. Great job, guy!

    • doesn’t even matter if you can sing or not, in many cases.  as long as you’re cute and have a winning smile you’ll go far in the competition.  as far as lasting  in the biz…anyone’s guess

      •  Too many bitter Jessica fans here around!
        How far did come Colton and Deandre with their cutiness?

    • blahblahblah..same ole same ole.  Come up with some new material, it really bores me.

  2. My advice is just relax,smile, enjoy singing  your song and don’t  try to make everyone happy by changing yourself. People are goning to like you are their not. 

    • Just like Phillip…he refused to compromise and it paid off for him.  Being yourself is usually the answer to everything in life.

  3. Colton’s advice made me laugh.  I was hoping the comments on this blog wouldn’t be as nasty but I see it has already started. Sigh.

  4. My advice:

    1. Get or fake a completely nonthreatening illness so that way if karma comes back and bites you with the real illness at least you wont be risking life or limb.

    2. Learn to play guitar or at least learn to look comfy wearing it around your neck and pretending to play it.

    3. Learn to make all sorts of faces and grimaces while you are singing. You can practice sitting on the toilet in your bathroom.

    4. Once you are on the show become good friends with Jimmy and Ryan. They are the true PTB (Powers That Be) on American Idol. Remember Ryan is doing this live and he can announce any name he wants whether it’s on the card or not. IT’S LIVE!!! And is anyone really gonna reveal anything detrimental to show? I think not!

    5. Bring onions with you on the stage when you sing those emotional songs. It helps in tear production at just the right moment of the performance. Remember you have already rehearsed the song over and over and you have already been in the studio so the emotions have pretty much worn off of it by the time you reach the live performance. So you definitely need the onions.

    6. Don’t come with any preconceived expectations because America and the AI judges are totally unpredictable and nonsensical and will stab you in the back when you least expect it. 

    • Most important is don’t appeal to Pinoys because they will lose the competition for you.

      •  Yeah…it’s so funny they don’t even realize they are the reason she lost

      • Exactly! It wouldn’t have mattered to me who was up against Jessica in the final 2..I would have voted for that person. Nothing against was all the horrible fans that called people names if they liked someone else!

    • I think if u r cute kinda goodlooking white guy even average singing ability…. try……who knows this might be ur time to shine.

      • @Craig…people are always saying this BS about the cute WGWG.  Get real.  Kris Allen, cute, but tiny, David Cook, okay but whiny, Scotty was a great country singer but not a heartthrob..and Phillip is pleasant looking, but I think his overall appeal was his low key, straight from the hip style.  Colton and DeAndre probably would have appealed more to the teenagers and they were booted pretty early.  But Taylor Hicks and Reuben won and dang they are hot!!!! (insert canned laughter here)  So much for theory.   Rely on the facts, talent usually dictates the win….even if it’s not the one you were rooting for.

    • You are so cold and heartless!!! Why can’t you idiots get over the fact even all the Philipinos put together couldn’t get your Princess the win? Such sore losers you are!!! Phillip won so get a life already you ignorant B!!!!

      • Having read Taymaro’s comments for months, I don’t believe he/she is cold, heartless, and particularly not ignorant.  Quite the opposite.  However, I do believe the foreign influence turned into a big PIA (pain in the rear) on this site.  It took me a long time to realize that….they treated Jessie like she was the chosen one.  And this…made me dislike her intensely…I didn’t like her voice or style anyone.  Drives me nuts when teeny little girls play dress up and act superior.  Even stealing Little Bluejays from GaGa’s Little Monsters and naming her alter ego..again stealing from Beyonce.  You gotta be original sweetie, come up with your own ideas.   Yes the grapes, they are sour but no amount of name calling, lies, plots, etc. can change the final result.  Phillip Phillips is the AMERICAN IDOL.  Ta Da

      •  Princess…
        more like Imelda Marcos reincarnated, she even has the shoe thing

      • Vanessa cheers for explaining the names of the fans. Don’t follow pop music and certainly not Diva music as I find it boring to say the least. As a result I assumed that the baseball team in Toronto was pulling for her and the bb thing  just left be totally baffled. Taymaro is far from being a cold heartless person but is a bit of a drama queen at times. When not in a tizzy makes some good comments, but sometimes the filter is turned off.

      • I haven’t even scratched the surface of my cold and heartless nature on this site nor any other @Lyn.

        Please understand that I did not EVER vote for Phillip or Jessica!

        I am not Pinoy or Pinay or what ever you are thinking. I just state my own opinion and the proven facts. Add a little humor and there you have it.

        You have really, really torn my poor frozen heart to shreds by calling me names and insulting me the way you have in this post.

        I will take your advice though and go work on my intelligence and bring some enhancements to my life so I won’t feel compelled to come on here and participate in any more conversations about Phillip Phillips. I’m quite sure it won’t work and my comments will remain as ignorant and mindless as they have always been. It’s just my nature…I do apologize in advance though!

    • Jimmy loved Jessica, they all seemed to.  There is only so much butt kissing can accomplish when America is voting.  I think a lot of people get so annoyed with the judges’ off the chain favortism, they will vote just the opposite.  I think that was the case with Simon, cuz they said he was so mean!  The show has never been the same without him imo.

      • Some people just can’t comprehend humor. Either that or I’m just not good at it.

        But to be serious the “butt kissing” as you call it is what gets you the special treatment and the obvious pimping by the judges. It also gets you extended and more detailed mentoring sessions and more of the budgeted special effects for your on stage productions. “Butt kissing” also gets you the coveted “pimp spot” (last up) position on the live shows as well as more face time prior to the live shows to build a bigger fan base. All of those facts translate into votes….that is if the voting even counts. 

        The producers can make you or break you. So you better be ready to sidle up to the right people and pick and choose your battles wisely or you wont be going very far on the show. It’s all about how well you are liked and how well you come across to the people that are going to be working with you and playing a key role in forwarding your career at the end of the competition. 

        Now all that said, I am just going to say one more thing. I think that maybe there might be the rare occasion where a person’s talent supersedes all of the above and TPTB can’t ignore the $$$ signs they see in their eyes and are willing to take on a “tough to manage” individual despite them not having the best of characters. But the previous paragraph is the general rule.

      • America did not vote! White teen-aged horny girls and girly boys like you and your daughters did, not once, not twice, but a million times… That is America for you and the likes of you can’t even get invited to sing the National Anthem…

      • Starvin Marvin…you’re definitely a few cards short of a deck.  How do you know I’m white…kinda makes u wonder doesn’t it Pinoy?  BTW my daughters are 4 yrs old..not yet ready 2 vote yet, but I’ll make sure it’s a wgwg when they do.  Have a blessed day…I have 2 run, surf’s up.

  5. OooO Com’n Colton yeah that was a mistake and that really hurts but lets move on we are waiting for ur album

  6. Here are some tidbits of advice for the incoming contestants:
    1. You need to have a story. Don’t go with police records or kidney stories–they have been done before. Go with hanging ‘rhoids. Then contort your face while you’re singing and you will be so believable because your ‘rhoids story will back it up.
    2. Be original and by that I mean you have to tweak and change the song so no one will recognize it. Don’t forget to remove the melody…with melody you will be at risk of being pitchy. 
    3. Playing any kind of instrument is a plus but make sure it’s a guitar…works every time like a charm.
    4. Be yourself and by that I mean you need to look scruffy–that is the winning look. 
    5. Be very good friends with the people who will give you the song.  They can sucker punch you by giving you the choice of 3 or 4 of their “suckiest” songs. If you are good friends with them, they will even give you a marching band as well as disguise your voice with a lot of backup singers.
    6. Whatever the judges tell you, do the opposite.
    7. It will also help a lot to get the support of VFTW.

    • Seriously? Still this bitter? It’s been a month for God’ s sake! I can’t imagine how you are after you get dumped. Move on!

      • Not bitter at all. Just sharing the formula to success. You’re not selfish are you?

      • Look at their name “Takethat”, how much more vindictive of a name can you chose. How many restraining orders are against you…stalker

      • I assumed takethat was named after that lame british boy band of a few years back.

      • Speak for yourself Pally45. You were dumped and you still remember it huh, up to this day, Bitter Biyyach yach… yak yak yak

      • I’m still bitter, Pally, so what? Who won’t feel bitter after biting by accident the kidney stones of that accidental winner.

      • georgette and marvy:  you two are a match made in heaven.  I can’t determine which one of you is less intelligent and comes up with the most pathetic unoriginal responses.  Get married but please don’t have children.

    • So funny! I guess you forgot to add don’t get into the bottom 3 ever!!! Phillip never did! Jessica did and would have been voted off if she had not that judges save! She was lucky it didn’t happen a week later cuz then Colton would have been saved and Jessica would have been GONE!!!

      • Philip was never in the bottom 3. He was in the Bottom 2 with Joshua. And he was in the Kidney Top 1 with Sharon Stones…

      • @georgette…Ryan never said that Phillip and Joshua were in the bottom 2. He just sent Jessica to safety first. They never say at the end. 

    • if you’re half blood American or full blooded Asian? don’t join, you’re just wasting time…..

      • Why so bitter…Scotty won and it seems you loved him.  Trust me Americans loved transports, her ethnicity has nothing to do with loss.  Honestly.

      • True, true, so true Elslec, if you’re not white, forget it. Look at Joshua as well. This is still a white man’s land. And we’re already in the 21st century, and we still have people like vanessa…

      • There are many that are happy I am around.  I don’t whine about things I cannot change.   You obviously aren’t aware of the world Everly Brother, whites are beginning to be the minority.  Surely you can come up with better excuses than color for losing.  If I am not mistaken, Reuben, Fantasia, name a few winners were not white.  And there is a myriad of other contestants who were of color.  Do your homework before you attack me.

      • @Guesty..haha, as Jack said in A Few Good Men  “You Can’t Handle The Truth.”  This to no one in particular, just the Debbie Downers who won’t accept Jessicas’ loss.

      • @LCRK:  They are, aren’t they.  You have to kiss up to the judges, be white, be a guy, be a guy with a guitar, don’t bother if you’re Asian…if all the haters feel this way, then maybe next year this will be a pleasant site to post on!  Maybe not, they aren’t saying they won’t watch..they will.

      •  no vanessa baby, next year when we’re gone from this site, this would be a boring one and you will surely miss us…vavoooooo

      • What do these horrible spoil sports do when their presidential candidate doesn’t win.  Oh never mind, they don’t vote for president, they are either not from America or not old enough to vote.  Got it.

      • @idontgetya….I don’t think anyone gets you from the sounds of it.  Don’t count on it witless one, I will be here…well if there is someone worthy of listening to for three months that is.  At least I won’t have to mute out sanchez anymore, now you can listen to her by choice.

      • Hi LordCalvinReKlein, where have you been? i’ve been looking for you! Missed you darlin’!!  HeyVanessa dudette, Jessica placing second in this competition was a good thing! I noticed how she had no regrets and was happy for PP taking the crown. I believe, she knew she’s better off  placing 2nd because even before the AI grand finals ended, she already got some gig offers from music producers who believed in Jessica’s talent. Now let’s put aside the growling and screaming thing, i know, you have your own preference when it comes music…Jessica’s style is ain’t your style and taste, but there are other people who appreciate and love Jessica’s singing ability! So i ask for your understanding with open mind. I know how much she wanted to grab this opportunity, and If she had won AI, she would be tied up and would miss that chance. I would like to apologize to those whom i offended with my comments, LordCalvinReKlein, Pally45, including you Vanessa… i think we shouldn’t be arguing over Philip and Jessica’s matters because i believe they are good friends…Let’s support both of them..  

      • Hi LordCalvinReKlein, where have you been? i’ve been looking for you! Missed you darlin’!!  HeyVanessa dudette, Jessica placing second in this competition was a good thing! I noticed how she had no regrets and was happy for PP taking the crown. I believe, she knew she’s better off  placing 2nd because even before the AI grand finals ended, she already got some gig offers from music producers who believed in her talent. Now let’s put aside the growling and screaming thing, i know, you have your own preference when it comes music…Jessica’s style is ain’t your style and taste, but there are other people who appreciate and love Jessica’s singing ability! So i ask for your understanding with open mind. I know how much she wanted to grab this opportunity, and If she had won AI, she would be tied up and would miss that chance. I would like to apologize to those whom i offended with my comments, LordCalvinReKlein, Pally45, including you Vanessa… i think we shouldn’t be arguing over Philip and Jessica’s matters because i believe they are good friends…Let’s support both of them..  

      • Hi LordCalvinReKlein, where have you been? i’ve been looking for you! Missed you darlin’!!  HeyVanessa dudette, Jessica placing second in this competition was a good thing! I noticed how she had no regrets and was happy for PP taking the crown. I believe, she knew she’s better off  placing 2nd because even before the AI grand finals ended, she already got some gig offers from music producers who believed in Jessica’s talent. Now let’s put aside the growling and screaming thing, i know, you have your own preference when it comes to music…Jessica’s style is ain’t your style and taste, but there are other people who appreciate and love Jessica’s singing ability! So i ask for your understanding with open mind. I know how much she wanted to grab this opportunity, and If she had won AI, she would be tied up and would miss that chance. I would like to apologize to those whom i offended with my comments, LordCalvinReKlein, Pally45, including you Vanessa… i think we shouldn’t be arguing over Philip and Jessica’s matters because i believe they are good friends…Let’s support both of them..  


    • Point # 5… Takethat, are you implying that Phillips could have “sold” his soul to these devious friends who gave him the marching band? Maybe LordCalvin was one of those friends, and now he’s all over Branden’s site to support the soul he had bought? lol… peace my Lord… but is the rumor true? Takethat, please, please, girl, I need your input in this very interesting drama of the marching band.

      • But Elslec, if you’re going to say only WGWG win..James Durbin should have won..not Scotty. Oh, and Scotty cute? Yeah, if you like the looks of the guy from the cover of Mad Magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I love Scotty and I wanted him to win but he is NOT cute.

  7. Not that I’m a teenager anymore..but Phillip has been nominated TWICE at the Teen Choice Awards 2012  1) Choice Break Out Artist and; 2) Choice Love Song for “Home.”   Go get em P2!

      • I guess her reward would be that she has felt she belongs to the Idol Winners before her who also sang the National Anthem, to wit:

        Kris Allen

        Less than a month after winning Season 8 of
        “American Idol,” Kris Allen headed to the Staples Center to perform before Game 2 of
        the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic series. With no guitar or
        instrumentals, Allen delivered a clear crisp version of “The Star-Spangled
        Banner” to the California crowd. This was the first of many national
        anthem performances for Allen.

        Carrie Underwood

        Fresh into the country music world, Carrie
        Underwood took the court during the 2005 NBA Finals. This performance
        isn’t as well known as some others like the MLB World Series, but it showcases
        how good her voice is live.

        Jordin Sparks

        Jordin Sparks may seem like one of the forgotten
        “American Idol” winners, but in 2007 she was going strong after her
        victory over Blake Lewis. In San Antonio, Sparks showed more range than viewers
        ever saw on “Idol” with an excellent rendition that delivered
        emotion at just the right moments.

        David Cook

        David Cook usually provides a rock edge to his
        performances, but during the 2008 NBA Finals, he took a subtle approach to it.
        Cook sang a traditional version of the song and while his voice
        was a little raw from weeks of singing, he still pulled out a memorable
        performance at the Staples Center.

        Kelly Clarkson

        Kelly Clarkson is used to using her
        powerhouse vocals
        for the national anthem, and it was no different during the 2011 NBA Finals in
        Dallas. As Dallas Mavericks fans cheered her on, Clar
        kson wowed the audience in
        what would be a precursor to her amazing Super Bowl National Anthem Performance.

      • Christopher Greene…Phillip just got out of the hospital! Good God, people. Lighten the eff up and just accept that he won.

    • goes to prove who is voting for him like we have always been saying, the teen girls

    • An oxymoron: Philip Phillips has been nominated…at the TEEN choice awards. Yeah, but of course. He won the Idol because he was adjudged by teens to be the handsomest man in AI 11.

      •  The only moron around here is you who doesn’t know what an oxymoron is.

      • Oh Marvy.. more than teens vote on this show.  I absolutely can’t go through that again…as I recall Sanchez is the teenager, P2 is 21 which means he impresses all ages and genders that is except bitter, jealous men which is comical to me and all of js fans.  Buh bye

    • The teen choice awards have a heck of a lot more clout than the reality tv awards!

      • Isn’t that the truth!  At least they are relevant and might mean something to P2’s career.  (pally45, it’s embarrassing how much I’m posting, but on vaca for a few days) and this site can be sort of addicting!)  If nothing else to defend Phillip, my friends on site and of course, myself.  Have a great wknd! 

      • Vanessa, I embarrass myself at how much I post also! lol..I’ll be done at around 2 today because I’m going away for the weekend! Whoo hoo! Can’t wait to get out on the boat and just veg.

      •  I will be around this weekend to defend the faith. Have fun boating…take lots of sun screen!

      • Yay Pally 45…I used to live in Ft. Myers so I know how much fun those boats trips can be.  My time off is a stay-ca but still relishing the time off.  Later.

      • Pally. Enjoy your weekend and make sure you dress properly. No grey colors and designer shorts if you feel you must wear that white trash stuff.

    •  Oh my this makes Phillip the greatest singer in the history of the world…just like Jessica’s nomination did..right? Oh sorry that Phillip got more nominations that Jess.

  8. Pieces of Advice to the Aspiring AI Contestants: 

    1. Check your Voice Range. Get a professional music teacher or mentor to measure it. Get a score, say, if your score is “8,” that means you’re cool with one-octave songs. You must score at least 12, so you can reach an octave and a half. If your score is below 10, you cannot win, unless you are a handsome man.

    2. Check the Resonance of your vocal cord and diaphragm. If you can’t sustain a high note without employing vibrato, you can’t win unless the vibrato doesn’t sound awkward for your type of “tone.”

    3. Check your “tone.” What kind of singer are gonna likely become? Are you the Jessica Sanchez or Celine Dion type, or are you the Jennifer Lopez type, or the Leonardo Cohen type, Damien Rice, etc, etc. Your music instructor can tell you this. If you are told to sing within your “tone” type, then you will be alright. Otherwise, make sure you can “internalize” what you are told to sing. As they say in music school, if you can reach the pitch, at least, reach the “itch” of the sentiment of the song.

    4. Approach the stage as a stage actor or actress would. “Own” the song assign to you. If it’s a sad song like “Volcano,” appear as if anytime you were going to erupt due to the deep emotions within. If you’re singing a jolly song, of course, appear happy, but you don’t have to smile if it’s not called for by the song even before or after the song.

    5. Be confident. Do not appear shy or apologetic. You deserve to win and project yourself as the eventual winner. 

    6. Do not read blogs on this site that will affect your emotions. Assign someone to summarize to you and tell you in a wholesome way what people say about your performance. 

    7. Relax, take it easy, and drink a lot of not-s0-called water.  If it is meant to be, it will happen and you will win. If you lose, accept the fate calmly but don’t concede within; move on with a smile on your face as if you were the winner. You have to inspire your fan base who are fighting for you, for these people are the ones who will bring you to the zenith of success, money-wise anyways.

    • Revision to point # 1: If you’re a fair-haired handsome guy, there’s no need to sing at all. Just stand up there until the likes of Vanessa and teenage screechers will have been titillated by so much pleasure.

      • You are so jealous of Phillip.  Oh my…please don’t clump me in a group of teenagers when I am a 30 yr lawyer married to a NY cop.  I think every post should have the flag of the country the poster is from and their age, possibly their IQ.  It might clear out the nastiness, but probably not.

    • Jessica Sanchez is already successful by far and by a wide margin in Jango, in Wal Mart, in Itunes, in NBA, Boxing, Concerts, etc. No need to patronize; don’t include her, please as she is already in that upper echelon of Idol alumns.

      •  Her sales are still less than William Hung’s. Jess is in an AI category of all her own> AI Alum with the most rude, crude, uncouth, and diluted fan-base

      • marvy, i think it’s better to say that “it seems like jessica is on the road to success as are philip, skylar, colton, joshua, and, hopefully, the rest of them, especially…. name your favorite…” 
        i don’t think carmencita is patronizing anyone.

      • idontgetya
        There is no rudeness, crudeness, uncouthness, or dilutedness in thy Lordship; I’m not Pinoy. Maybe I’m just a touch of boy arrogance. I can’t help it, my father was LordAragornReKlein; so I got it genetically.

      • Oh please. The upper echelon? Dream on. Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and Daughtry are the upper echelon. She has sung a couple of anthems..that is it.  Oh, and please..hardly anyone knows what Jango is so don’t even bother talking about that.

      • Jango is free listening..the only kind you can afford.  After having the displeasure of reading your posts, I’ve come to the conclusion that you would get lost in a closet.  

      • @LordCalvinReKlein:disqus The word you’re looking for is deluded, not diluted.  Look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls.

    • Hey, GeyLordKalvinKlein, my sistah, MyHanh Chu has just insulted you… What’s wrong with red leather pants my hanh chu? The Pope and Pres Obama and George Clooney, not to mention John Travolta, all have red leather jackets, and I presume red boxers to match with them…

      • lenny, my father has a RED es 350 lexus. i hope this doesn’t diminish his masculinity as you might be implying in citing the case of at least, john travolta. well the pope was rumored to be a homosexual even before he became pope. nowadays, yeah obama and clooney were rumored to be some kind of fwb (friends with benefits), and john travolta, well i’ve always thought that he is not that strt8. anyway, so what, everything’s cool whatever floats their boat.

      •  Lenny

        Everyone knows that homo-phobes are really homo-closeted. Put your phobia away and just accept what the rest of the world has accepted for the last 20 years; that sexuality is fluid and labels are really only needed for very dense people.  

        It’s OK Lenny, you can come out of the closet and we will support you.

  9. some bits of advice: based on IDOL as an acronym:

    I: interiorize, internalize, integrate your song/music/performance with your life and experience so that you become interesting and able to “connect” with the audience. (joshua, skylar, and philip did this beautifully)

    D: deliver, deliberate the delivery of the song so that the audience will feel and appreciate the power of your voice. (jessica, joshua, and elise did this beautifully)

    O: own, overpower (kill) the song as yours regardless of the who, what, and why of the song. the song is yours. (joshua, jessica, and philip did this powerfully)

    L: love yourself, love the song, love the stage, live as if music were indispensable in your life and that music is the air you breathe. (philip, jessica, and hollie did this beautifully)

    • Carlos, you have been a huge supporter of DeAndre but his  name was noticebly absent from your list. Is that because you felt he did not make the top three or did you only base your results from the top 6?

      • not really. i’m not his fan. but, yeah, i remember seeing a Carlos here before but i’m Carlos5118.

  10. Since Jess suffered the biggest loss of AI, I’d listen to her advice the most
    1) Don’t let the other contestants intimidate you because of your bad teeth.
    2) You’re there for the reason to win AI and not to become Anthem singer girl.
    3)Don’t dream that your anything like Beyonce or tell people that because they will easily see you aren’t and that you are delusional and unoriginal.
    4) Just sing your heart out and don’t scream and growl like a possessed black woman because Randy & Jimmy will call you out for using gimmicks in order to cover up your limited vocal range.
    5)Don’t wear slutty clothing and try to pretend to be someone much older than you are because Jimmy will say so.
    6)Do learn to be more than a lounge singer, sing something besides ballads.
    7)Do learn how to connect to your audience by living a real life instead of being a TV show talent contestant since age 5.
    8)Do ditch your pushy Parents who just want to exploit you.
    9)Most important of all, make it clear to the world you are American and if you have any percentage of  Pinoy blood that you do not want any Pinoy fans claiming you to stalk and pimp…a sure way to make normal people hate you.
    10)Finally, get you teeth fixed before going on national TV, wear clothing appropriate for your age, sing age appropriate songs, go to normal school, and have some normal friends.

    • That is not nice….regardless of who you had a rooting interest in….grow up.

      • Google it “Jessica Sanchez bad teeth”, you get 564,000 hits, so I not only one who thinks this. Why don’t the fix them before the tour….Phillip fixed his kidney stones.

      • @Linda..if you are talking about making contorted faces you must be talking about Jessica Sanchez.  If you are talking about Phillip Phillips, you obviously have never been with a man who has passion in his face.  Poor you.

      • The days of being nice are long gone.  Apparently, some people get very vindictive when their favorite loses competitions.  So much for good sportsmanship.  I am just as guilty yelling right back at those who have no interest in posting about the show, but rather have a contest on who can say the nastier thing about the winner.    Ah..and that isn’t Jessica BTW

      • Wow Vanessa,
        I must say I’m impressed.  You’re a high priced lawyer,  your an expert on sexual experiences and knows what a man looks like with passion on his face and you do all this while posting incessantly to this site.  You must be one heck of a mutli-tasker and explains why you would think that was passion on PP’s face.  Is your nickname Wham Bam?

      • @ Linda: And a wife and mother of two, that’s where the passion comes from.  Between my incessant posting, since 5 am I managed to write a brief and pack for my trip.  Sorry if my success bothers you so much.

      • Vanessa,
        I just wonder how much of your success is true. You allude to being a high priced lawyer when you told another poster he couldn’t afford you and you help put defendants in jail. I believe if you are doing that, you are not a high priced lawyer at all, but a civil servant woking for a district attorney? Nothing wrong with civil servants mind you. Only if you are alluding to be something your not. Have a great time in the Hamptons

    • you forgot no.11 Queen CalvinReKline……Don’t sound like a million other guy on the street corners throughout this nation…12. Don’t look sweaty and smelly as if you hadn’t showered at all, wearing the same clothes as always with your guitar.  13. don’t sing off key,melody-less versions of Beloved songswhich seemed completely out of tune and with almost non-existent vocal range.

      •  Nice moomoo you got on today MiMi

        According to Jess fans, the pointers you gave describe Phillip, HE WON, so these are things you recommend as Do’s, not Don’t. I think you are just a very confused Pinoy.

      • Mimi,
        You forgot:
        14. Make weird, contorted facial expressions when you can’t make your notes. The audience will be distracted and think you meant this to be your take on artistic expression.

      • I never thought Phillip looked sweaty and smelly.  I also don’t think he sounds like a million other guys on street corners and I don’t think he sang off-key.

      • I can’t get over how bitter you people sound..and all over a TV show! I’m surprised some of you weren’t found hanging from a rope. Geez.

    • Hey geyklein sistah I hope you’re happy and ga y now that you hava already set your criteria

    • I so pity you. :))) Try harder to pull JS down, because this doesn’t make any sense. :))) I feel for P2~ I hope he wouldn’t see this.

    • LordCalvinReKlein, Phil won. Be magnanimous in victory; don’t appear like a sore loser. You’re writing against Jessica as if she had robbed Phil of victory. Losers whine and winners dance and dine with wine. But your wine seems to have been aged and distilled from the sour part of the vine.

      But if your subconscious drives you downtrodden in the face of reality that Jessica is seemingly becoming more popular due to Anthem singing and what not, then it is understandable (very understandable, in fact), why you have written such a spiteful diatribe unbecoming of a well bred gentleman (or are you a lady masking as a man? For it is hard for me to imagine a gentle man insulting a woman like that in a blog site so public such as this one). Any rate, if your comment is meant to be satirical, then I accept it as such, although it doesn’t appear to be a good one, in any shape or form that befits a literary style of one who is schooled and un-sullen despite the vicissitudes of life’s travails.

  11. So if Jess is the world’s top anthem singer, why isn’t she singing at the Olympics next month? So much for the world Idol theory…lol

    Maybe she can sing at the World Jello Wrestling Competition next week in Mexico City. I heard Bill Cosby canceled and not singing it this year. 

  12. Lordcalvin and vanessa either teenagers or do not have anything else to do cause all i see on here are comments by them. Grow up and get a life instead of coming on here wanting to put people down

    • I am starting to feel like Carlos.  I’m researching a legal case before I leave for our summer to join my family in the morning.  This site is reminds me of the defendants I am helping to put behind bars.   Nothing like reading some of these posts to get me ready.  My advice for you is if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t speak.

      • Sorry to all who will correct my vast amount of errors in trying to pack and type simultaneously.   Summer home was the phrase, Hamptons here I come.  Not Europe, but at least I’m getting out of the city.

      • Make fun of lawyers all you want, just wait till you need one dude, they beg, cry and promise their lives away for my help.

      • Maybe I’ll see you there.  I’ll be at Jon’s house in East Hampton off Main Beach.

      • “My advice for you is if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t speak.” Good advice likewise for yourself, Attorney. 

      • How can you ever beat or outdo the wit and flair of that commenter by the name of Carlos5118? He’s got a lot of writers and researchers in Malacanang Palace in the Philippines. Did it ever occur to you that he could be a spy and writer of the boxer Manny Pacquiao or the President of the Philippines? Didn’t you read it somewhere that Jessica Sanchez requested the Philippine President to defend her against the devious attacks of Philip’s fans, who, like you, will devour any Jessica fan alive if they dare criticize their so-called Giblet Idol?

    • Really Jeffcr3, so you didn’t see the posts where someone hopes that Vanessa’s kids go deaf..or the posts where LordCalvin’s sexuality is called into question..or that we’re stupid? Really? Or that Phillip smells and doesn’t bathe on a regular basis?

      • Good for that stinking lawyer Vanessa. If she can throw stones at people, then she and her children deserve to be treated like beasts. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

  13. News flash

    Phillip’s stuffed turkey, aka “Gobbles” has been recovered from his captors early this morning. Unknown to the kidnappers, Gobbles did have a tracking device on his person and was rescued by police after zeroing on the tracking device signal. Gobbles was kidnapped during the Break in of the pawn shop owned by the Phillips family. Soon after they had received a ransom note demanding 1 million dollars and all of Phillip’s kidney stones as well as a demand for Phillip to renounce his AI win.

    Police recovered Gibbles at the international headquarters of Pinoy Stalkers. Apparently Gobbles was slightly injured with broken eardrums from the Pinoys listening to the National Anthem at extreme volumes over and over again. When reached from comment, Gobbles said he was relieved to be rescued from such annoying terrorists and is requesting extensive therapy to over come the mistreatment at the hands of of Pinoy who tortured him his sitting in his face and farting the National. anthem

  14. Very good suggestions, Carlos5118 in using IDOL (Interiorize, Deliver, Own/Overpower, Love, etc) as an acronym, for AI aspirants. I like the suggestions, but I disagree with your ranking and putting Philip in there as one of your top 3 examples. I like Philip as a movie star but not as a singer. 

    This is how I would rank them according to your IDOL criteria:

    I: Joshua, Jessica, Skylar, Elise, De Andre, Erika, Heejun, Colton, Hollie, Philip

    D: Jessica, Joshua, Colton, Elise, Skylar, Hollie, Heejun, De Andre, Erika, Philip

    O: De Andre, Jessica, Joshua, Skylar, Elise, Erika, Philip, Hollie, Colton, Heejun

    L: Jessica, Joshua, De Andre, Skylar, Elise, Colton, Philip, Hollie, Heejun, Erika

    (I would add another criterion, S, so that the acronym IDOL becomes IDOLS, to stand for Sensational … Be sensational and appear like a movie star on stage:)

    S: Philip, Hollie, De Andre, Colton, Jessica, Skylar, Elise, Erika, Heejun, Joshua

    Total Score for each contestant:

    1) Jessica 44;  
    2) Joshua 36; 
    3) De Andre 35;
    3) Skylar 33; 
    5) Elise 30; 
    6) Colton 25;
    7) Hollie 22;
    8) Philip 20;
    9) Erika 16;
    10) Heejun 13

    • You do realize this is a reality television show, right?  You take this so seriously to the point that it is scary.   Do you work or have a family.  Spend all this quality time with them.  All of us enjoy posting or we wouldn’t be here a month after Phillip won the title of American Idol.   But there are other things in life.   Peace out Christopher Greene.

      • Of course, it is a reality tv show, stupida! You’re throwing stones at people here and everywhere on this blog site, and the stones you throw are hitting back at you, and now you’re whining? Beat it, mama mia… 

    • Still doesn’t change that Phillip WON and if someone wants to win AI, they sure better not take advice from you or Carloser. Using your advice, they would be losers like Jess

      • You are correct, LordCalvinReKlein. I’m only expressing my own take of the contest if I had been one of the “judges.” I happen to like Philip Phillips very much as a person and as a son. Though I won’t buy any of his CD’s I will buy every movie that he will be on later in his movie career, which I hope he would venture in the future. 

        I don’t despise nor dislike you for liking Phil as a musician; he is a cool, handsome man and can play the guitar very well. It’s just that I have an entirely different taste of music than yours. My standard is Steve Perry, but I think you’re too young to even know him, but you can google him on youtube and you’ll see where I’m coming from in terms of what good singing for me is. 

    • @Christopher Greene…nope, minding other people’s business and saving their butts is how I make my living and I live well.   But Mr. Greene, I’ve seen a few of your posts and now realize you’re not a youngster shall we say.  With that being said, I will let you rant on with your statistics and not comment upon them any further.   Best wishes to you sir.

      • I think Mr. Greene is close to 70 yrs old. He used to teach at the Harvard School of Music.

      • So you must be a nosy nurse? “… minding other people’s business and saving (wiping) their butts..”

      • @Aquila:  I have offered my apologies to Mr. Greene and extend to him my respect.

      • Telanique, you took my part. I’m supposed to observe the “stats” of the comment thread/s today… lol. Anyhow, Vanessa will be happy that I don’t have to spend a lot of time here, so I can rest. But Aguila and Vaness, age doesn’t matter though matter ages. I am not close to 70 though, lol. I’m not a teen for sure either. How old am I? Well guess… When Madonna and Michael Jackson were at the peak of their career, I was a very young asst. professor somewhere in the East Coast. I also love the songs of Steve Kerry (Journey), Steve Tyler (Aerosmith), Paula Abdul, and Barbra Streissand. I used to watch Randy Jackson in a band. Last but not least, my mom was often in argument with my “smoker” older brother who was a great fan of Jimi Hendrix. When Hendrix died, this brother of mine got depressed. Nuff said, How old am I guys and gals? 
        From Telanique below: “Thinking that too…. whoaaa…. article posted 3 days ago…. 299 comments .. and all other articles AFTER .. with just a sprinkling of comments… might be a good barometer of future threads… Just put Jessica’s name and the swarm will turn up ….:))”

      • Correction: Steve Perry, not Kerry; Steven Tyler, not Steve. I pasted this comment of mine from a column about Jessica’s singing the anthem, which has elicited more than 300 comments (and counting)…

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