Phillip Phillips’ Family’s Pawn Shop Burglarized

Phillip Phillips

The pawn shop owned by American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips’ was burglarized this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to Leesburg, Georgia, law enforcement officials, the burglars didn’t just break in, they busted in, literally. Apparently, they used  a backhoe to break through the back wall of the shop. Reports say the thieves took $4,000 worth of merchandise, including firearms, electronics and jewelry.

No word on whether or not Phillip’s newfound fame encouraged the burglary. There are reports, however, that the shop is up for sale.

Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn was prominently featured on this past season of American Idol. First during Phillip’s audition rounds and again during Phillip’s emotional Top 3 homecoming episode.




  1. Nobody’s attending the pawnshop anymore? Everybody’s in Hollywood already? Including his beloved brother-in-law? Bah!

    • His girlfriend is with him and his folks have been in Cali too, although he hasn’t mentioned if they are moving there.  He did state to make the music he wants, he is going to move from Ga.

  2. “a backhoe”…a little bit over-kill I would say.
    Sounds like a terrorist attack to me, maybe from an Asian terrorist group.
    Hmmm…a hoe…back…Could be an Asian prostitute ring trying to steal Phillip’s magic kidney stones…the ones that made him the winner of AI.

    • You are pathetic!!!! His talent won him the title! The color green looks terrible on you!

    • Doubt it was an asian terrorist group, probably just some idiots that heard that P2 and recently obtained seven stones, and mistook them to mean gems.

    • you’re a freaking moron to just insult other race!! can’t you comment without insulting others??? oh i see, sign of no education and no parents who should have thought you what respect means!!!

  3. What a misfortune! Thank God nobody got hurt. The Hollywood idea for Phil is an excellent option for him. Phil has the looks of a veritable movie star. Jennifer Lopez was a movie actress before she was known in the music world, and so were Selena, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Marlon Brando. Barbra Streissand too, to a certain extent as she started as a Broadway usherette, and a host of other singers. 

    •  Lou Diamond Phillips was excellent in Camelot, I didn’t know he could see until I saw him in it.

      • in case you don’t know lou diamond phillips was born in the philippines but in a u.s. property–in a u.s. naval facility near manila. his mother is filipino and his father half scottish-irish/cherokee.  he became famous in the movie la bamba, where he was known for his guitar skills. 

  4. OH! Wow! A backhoe? Branden is this for real or another fairy tale like when he was/wasn’t/did have surgery?

    You mean to tell me that the police force in Albany, Ga is so defunct that a big ol’ noisy backhoe can make it’s way to the back side of a business and bash it in and then the thieves get in collect their bounty and get away before anyone arrives on the scene?

    There’s a 24hr Waffle House right across the street and 24hr convenience store also right next door and it’s a pretty busy thoroughfare too and right off of a main highway. 

    Just tell me one thing; Did they get that stuffed turkey that Phil tried to give a high five? That will probably be the most valuable thing in there if they post it on E-bay. 

      • Google P2’s net worth and then check your bank statement…..wonder who is laughing now!

      • They did get the turkey? What a shame!! These people are just jealous and took advantage of the whole family being away for the favorite Idol having surgery for Pete’s sakes!! TERRIBLE I hope they catch them!!

    • disgusting comment!…listen to his music, or don’t, but please reserve your comments for the trailer park community where they belong…and leave the rest of the more civilized world out.

      • Oh Please! You have got to be kidding me!

        I’ve written comments that were way more disgusting than this. 

        I mean thanks for the complement but it’s really, really undeserved.

  5. Phillip and his brother-in -law both worked in the pawn shop.  Now they have big careers ahead of them. it’s time to move on.  It’s time to sell the pawn shop.  So if it is up For Sale,  good for them.  Phillip is an sensation.  And a decent, type guy.  Shame on whoever broke into to there shop while the family was supporting Phillip in Hollywood.  Best of Luck for the Phillips family!!! 

      • He has been home from the hospital for exactly 4 days. Would you like him to sing from his bed?

  6. I just love you phillips and your whole family.  Phillips parents are good people and they love their son and he is a family type of guy.  Can’t wait for your first album.  There is bigger and better things ahead.  I hope they catch whoever did the awful thing as to  break into the pawan shop.  That is simply terrible.  Some people just can’t be happy for your new found succes.  Good Luck to the Phillips Family.  I wish the best for you all..Lot’s of Love!!!

  7. Phillip….better now that you have the money than a year ago when you didn’t.  Out with the old and in with the new.  The best thing about evil people is that  good people outnumber them and in the end, the evil will pay for their evil deeds.

  8. Yeah heard about it. Hope no one’s hurt~ 
    I think, it being featured during the AI could be one of the reason the burglars targeted it. hmm. 🙁

  9. What a shame that someone would take advantage of a sick kid and his family. I hope they catch the people who did this! I can’t believe they actually have the b#$#s to try to sell that turkey on Ebay!! Makes me sick that they would do such a thing to a nice family. U can tell they weren’t the richest people in the world so why????? ENVY!!! THAT’S WHY!!

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