American Idol 2013 Auditions Hit San Antonio

It’s never too early to start wondering who the next American Idol will be. The American Idol 2013 audition crew was in San Antonio Thursday and we’ve got some video of that for you now.

It’s quite possible the next American Idol might be featured in the video below. OK, probably not (hey, I heard some of them sing and … well … yeah).

At this stage of the audition process, hopefuls are singing for show producers. The Idol judges won’t be on hand until much later in the narrowing process. Host Ryan Seacrest was, however, at the audition for his usual crowd shots.

The next round of auditions will be June 19 in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Time Warner Cable Arena. Did you audition in San Antonio? If so, how did it go?




  1. i hope the new season is more about the music and less about the racial and ethnic issues.  let’s try sarcasm instead of downright nastiness, people.  it’s much more fun.

    • You and me both.  This year you almost had to carry a weapon for protection just to say something nice about your fav.   Please no racism and ethnicity issues….and no save!

  2. Gawd..can you imagine having to sit through hours of listening to people like that? I suppose when you find the one diamond in the rough, it’s all worth it but it has to be torture!

  3. Makes me want to head on down to Charlotte on the 19th and capture some footage for you Branden.

    I wonder how close to the corrals I can get with my camera without a press pass and how many people I can get to sing on camera? 

    We may get a sneak preview of a finalist. What do you think?

    “Someone who can sing”…notice he didn’t say “very well”…LOL “and someone who doesn’t bore them”.

    And you’ve got about 22 seconds to make an impression…”you know it when you see it”…”we like to call it lightning in a bottle”.

    Well good luck to all of those people in San Antonio but remember N.C. aint no joke when it comes to AI finalists. Remember Scotty McCreery of Garner, Kellie Pickler of Albemarle, Bucky Covington of Rockingham, Fantasia Barrino of High Point, Chris Daughtry of McLeansville and Clay Aiken of Raleigh and of course don’t forget Anoop Desai of Chapel Hill?

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