American Idol 2012 Green Mile Part 1 Tonight

American Idol Chase Likens

After what has seemed like months and months as mediocre audition episodes, we’re finally ready to see those final American Idol 2012 performances before the Top 24 sing for our votes.

Tonight we will get to hear some of the Top 42’s final solo performances before they take the long walk to learn is they’re one step closer to becoming the season 11 American Idol.

And in the promo below, it seems to be pretty similar to previous seasons except for the judge nudity. Yes, Steven Tyler strips off his clothes, moons the camera and jumps into the weird round pool surrounding the stage. Ah, to be a rockstar.

Oh, and if you don’t want to wait until the end of this week to meet your Top 24, then just click on over to our American Idol Spoilers.




  1. another show to record and watch over the weekend as it is sure to be loaded with brainless commercials.  oh for the live shows already!  enough of the inane fillers 

  2. Man, the shot of Heejun crying bout broke my heart! I hope those were tears of joy and not tears of disappointment. HeeJUN!

  3. There are times when I wish TV wasn’t so prudish but if Tyler runs around naked, thank God they can’t show it!

  4. You all need to get rid of some of the commercials!!! I am about to boycott watching if something doesn’t happen soon. 

    • What would you rather have a few minutes of commercial or have the show sponsored by PBS, where there is no commercial but instead of commercials you will have a long break and you will have very boring volunteers asking you for your pledge to sponsor the shows instead of rich companies paying for the show, but I do know how you feel,LOL.

  5. Oh and enough of people throwing up in trash cans and falling out!!!!  Who wants to watch a bunch of people getting sick and falling out?  I always watched the show to bring me up, not down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I dvr every show and then watch it an hour later……No commercials for me.  The show is bad enough who needs commercials…….
    The shows tonight & tomorrow should be more singing and less BS….

  7. Sometimes I think the black male singers are under appreciated. Nico, Jairon, and Jermaine were all Top 24 caliber. I dont get the Fraker guy….and think any of those three were much better. At least to my ears.

  8. So you send someone with real talent like Lauren Gray with the vocal coach screaming at her and having a bipolar episode, but you keep someone that can’t remember the lyrics. You let me down Idol. Lauren you deserve to be there please come back next year!!! Jenny from the block has no real talent, just a body.

  9. You shouldn’t have sent Lauren Grey Home she had a beautiful voice. Her confidence would have grown as she progressed, she sang with passion

  10. doesn’t he know cowboys do not wear hats inside.  i guess its ok when you are on stage but when you are just walking around…its too silly.  glad cowboy is going home to grow up.

    • Black female singers got the boot over white beauties who scream like banchees.  See my comment for feeling that blacks are definitely discriminated against here.  I mean Adam over Jermaine.  Yep I’m repetitive but that one blew me away!

  11. Adam Brooke over Jermaine.  Now I know for a fact this show is prejudice.  Adam is another Danny Gokey look alike.  Average voice and will never make it that far.  Cried like a baby cause he has one – where was the tear jerker story here?  Most of the female artists have good voices but do nothing but scream.  I really have no interest in this season.  Of couse I’ll watch but there is only one American Idol I can foresee and I cannot think of her name.  Very young with a gorgeous voice who doesn’t scream.  Bring back Jermaine – a travesty. 

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