American Idol 2012: Watch All The Las Vegas Performances

During the American Idol 2012 Las Vegas Round we only got snippets of what the groups had to bring to the stage, but now we’ve got the full performances here for you.

Sit back and get a taste of what your Top 24 (spoilers) will have to offer because somewhere in that group of 42 are your 2012 semi-finalists. We’ll find out who those people are this week on Idol.

For now, enjoy these full American Idol performances:

See the others at American




  1. I’m so glad something was finally posted of Hollie singing…she is so awesome!!  I really hope she makes it into the top 12 after singing for American in the top 24. 

  2. I refuse to get invested until the live shows start.  Ten seasons have taught me not to hope for anyone.

  3. The Cowboy sounds like Rick Astley…LOL And we all know what happened to him…hmmmm He became a YouTube phenom!

  4. Branden, Do you hve any thoughts at this time in the contest who will win? Do you think the ones left are talented?  They must be or they wouldn’t be there!! Did anyone see ADAM perform with Queen at the music awards?  I do not care what anyone says. ADAM is going to be a star!  And make lot’s of money!!

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