American Idol 2012: Top 24 Results – Final Judgment Part 1

American Idol 2012 Top 24

The American Idol 2012 Top 24 will be revealed tonight, well at least some of it will be. Tonight’s shows delivers part one of the two-part confirmation of our American Idol spoilers that we’ve shared so far. Let’s see how many were right.

American Idol 2012: Final Judgment Part 1 – Top 24 Results

Update: List sorted to make it easier to read. Top 24 first. Cuts at bottom.

  • Jen Hirsh – “Baby, I Love You” – Top 24 performer
  • Creighton Fraker – “New York State of Mind” – Top 24 performer
  • Joshua Ledet – “Up to the Mountain” – Top 24 performer
  • Haley Johnson – no performance – Top 24 performer
  • Elise Testone – “This is a Man’s World” – Top 24 performer
  • Reed Grimm – “It Don’t Mean a Thing” – Top 24 performer
  • Erika Van Pet – “Don’t You Remember” – Top 24 performer
  • Chelsea Sorrell – no performance – Top 24 performer
  • Baylie Brown – “Here Comes Goodbye” – Top 24 performer
  • Heejun Han – “New York State of Mind” – Top 24 performer
  • Jessica Sanchez – “The Prayer” – Top 24 performer
  • Phillip Phillips – “Nice and Slow” – Top 24 performer
  • Colton Dixon – “Fix You” – Top 24 performer
  • Brielle Von Huegel – “Killing Me Softly” – Top 24 performer
  • Lauren Gray – “I’d Rather Go Blind” – Cut by the judges
  • Naomi Gillies – no performance – Cut by the judges
  • Blaire Sieber – no performance – Cut by the judges
  • Neco Starr – “Lady in my Life” – Cut by the judges
  • Clayton Farhat – no performance – Cut by the judges
  • River St. James – no performance – Cut by the judges
  • Caleb Johnson – no performance – Cut by the judges
  • Richie Law – “Ring of Fire” – Cut by the judges
  • Adam Brock – “You Don’t Know Me” – … To be continued…

Did your favorite get cut tonight or will you get to the chance to vote for them in next week’s live shows? The rest of the Top 24 Thursday on American Idol!

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  1. I’m voting for Philip Phillips! I hope David Leathers won’t be cut tomorrow :/
    He’s awesome too!
    Richie Law was great, I was quite surprised that he was cut :O
    I’m also hoping Jermaine Jones will stay, he has such a rich, deep voice!

  2. As of now my vote will go to: Jessica Sanchez
     But after tomorrow night we will see. LOL
    Good Luck to them all.

  3. Thank God!  Richie Law is gone!  Most of the contestants that made it through I am satisified with.  There is no “Scotty” this year.  Only GOOD country singers!  If i had to guess, I would say that Holly Cavenaugh, Jen Hirsh and Jessica Sanchez will be the best girls out there, and Heejen, Jermaine Jones, and Colton Dixon will be the best guys.

    • Scotty is a very good singer love the deep voice for his age
      heres hoping he will do well and I am sure he will

  4. Sorry that Lauren Gray got  the cut.I really like her voice.I also like Phillip Phillips – happy we`ll see more of him! (I mean “hear” more of him) He does kinda look like Jude Law.

    • I am sad for Lauren Gray as well.  Here is hoping she will return for Season 12 better and stronger 🙂

  5. I am sad Lauren Gray got cut, she is very good, the girl whose mother is always around I hope someone tells that mother to get lost. Love Heejun yea
    but my votes so far are for Baylie Brown and Lisa Sanchez yea

  6. Pretty happy with most. However, not liking Brielle, her voice, her ATTITUDE, her mommy…Her mommy could ruin it for her…..Some of my personal favorites are..Jen Hirsch, Reed Grimm, Adam Brock, Phillip Phillips, Heejun, Jessica and of course Colton Dixon.  

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