American Idol 2012 Las Vegas Round Recap: You’re In! Wait, No You’re Not

American Idol 2012 Las Vegas Week has come and gone and we got to hear some new voices, many of which will make up our Top 24.

But I have a feeling the one thing people will be talking about is that dirty move by the judges that’s being called a “twist.”

The contestants who made it through Day 1 were certain they had earned their spot into the Top 40. They couldn’t be happier. Then the judges drop the bombshell: If Day 2 contestants are better, then more Day 1 cuts will be made. That’s not a twist, that’s pure bulls**t.

And some great great voices were cut after that 2nd day. All because the judges couldn’t get the number down to 40? They still didn’t achieve that goal. In the end, there were still 42. Before we get to the Top 42, let’s talk about the talent.

The Standouts

Skylar Laine, Colton Dixon and Chase Likens. I’ll try not to be biased, but Chase is from my hometown and it’s great that he finally got some airtime. Colton, was a favorite of many up until the final cuts last season, so it’s great to see him getting closer to the finish line. Skylar has that Reba vibe that makes her standout.

Reed Grimm and Elise Testone. I can’t get enough of Reed. The fact that he’s a great singer can’t be argued. But I expect to get some opposition from the fact that I love his stage presence. What some people will call quirky or irritating, I call charming and entertaining. And Elise’s voice sucks me in every time.

Jessica Sanchez, Deandre Brackensick and Candice Glover. Where did Jessica and her HUGE voice come from? I can’t believe that amazing sound came out of such a small package. Very impressed. I remember Deandre from last season also, and I think he’s gotten a lot better. Candice just kind of showed up tonight and definitely delivered.

Other standouts that I’m kind of tired talking about because they’re that much of a standout: Jen Hirsh, Phil Phillips, Heejun Han and Erika Van Pelt.

At the end of Day 2, the Day 1 contestants were called back for any remaining cuts. Cut at the very last minute were: Gabi, Schyler, Angie, Candice, Johnny, Jairon and Britnee. The biggest surprise cuts were Johnny Keyser and Britnee Kellogg. Hopefully we’ll hear from them again.

Next week we finally get to meet the American Idol Top 24 for 2012. Who do you hope makes it to the live voting rounds?




  1. So mac Johnny went home! Huge mistake he’s amazing! Also the blond from Ca the only girl from her group was the worst 1, so why did she get to stay? Oh how they throw us thru loops! If Lauren Grey or Phil Phillips go I’m done with this season!

    • I agree. I saw several who should have gone home instead of Johnny. I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore of this season after that move. 

    •  Hands
      down the best group preformance of the year so far. First tears of the
      season go to Jessica, Deandre, and Candace. What a shame Candace was
      already taken off the show. She’ll be back!

      • All I could think when Richie and Jermaine were singing was Clay and Ruben 2.0.  I know Richie is arrogant, but there is a Clay vibe there, although I doubt his voice has the same power.  Jermaine is smooth and mellow as Ruben in a slightly more attractive package.  

    • I too would like to know why Holly has not gotten air time, she was one of my favorites from last year….any one know?

  2. I’m so pissed they didn’t air Hollie Cavanaugh’s performances !! she’s considered one of the frontrunners this year (even last year) and yet they never gave her chance to be in the spotlight. I guess they’re trying to save it for the live round where people can finally see how much of an underdog she is…… Hollie Cavanaugh for the win!! 😀

    • I’m with you…I’ve been waiting for Hollie Cavanagh! I think she is the only singer of the predicted top 24 they have not shown at all this season. They better recap all of her performances during the green mile episode. I want to see her go all the way. I’m worried that by not showing her, the American public has already gained new favorites and will forget about her.

    • I guess they wanted to show more of the less familiar among those rumored to be part of the final 24, knowing that Hollie is well known to viewers from last season. I just wonder why they still showed a lot of Brielle when she hasn’t much improved vocally and the attitude has gone much worse.

      • I love heejun Han he is awesome and deserves to win American idol plus I think American idol needs an Asian winner for a change

    • Hallie Day is the whole package, naturally beatiful, great body, excellent voice and a natural stage name all in one package it don’t get any better

  3. jessica sanchez! wow, what an amazing voice, didint see her before,  just 16 yrs old?? top 12 material

  4. why Gabi carruba was cut.. i hope she joins again a year or few from now. She has great potential. after all, she’s 16, she can go back and be in top 24. Good luck.

  5. Come on Branden? Really? Chase Likens and Skylar Laine? I love Reba McEntire but Skylar Laine….not so much. Skylar doesn’t remind me at all of Reba. Maybe Kelly Pickler who was from a small town 25 miles south of me. And Kelly Pickler I could not stand because she was so fake. That aint the way we tawk and act round these hyere parts. Aint no dad burnd Yosemite Sam running round hyere slingin his six shooters and chasin varmin. Yeah you have the occasional dead possum on the side of the road after a long dark night but we are definitely not that deep south. Maybe Skylar is fake and maybe not but she just sounds too much like Kelly for my taste. Also Chase Likens wasn’t as good as Cari Quoyeser IMO. His vocals were a little weak and I do realize he was out of his comfort zone a little but you got to be able to sing anything. I know they are hanging on to the country singers because of last season’s results and ratings but I don’t think we need two country singers back to back winning this thing. 

    And on another note did you hear that The X Factor is auditioning in Greensboro, NC this year on May 1. Woop Woop. I think you will hear some real NC talent that isn’t fake at all and see what we are really about down here. Unfortunately you may see some real kooks as well. We have our share of those too. LOL. 

    I do respect your opinion Branden but from your past favorites I was surprised you picked those two as stand outs. But I agree with you on Reed Grimm but the only thing is I think his on stage persona is kind of interesting and fresh right now but I think week after week he will get annoying and people will grow tired of him pretty rapidly. I do think he is a real artist and he really pulled it together with the drum playing and made it work. That was brilliant and I actually expect him to be a front runner but still not my favorite. I am still not willing to divulge my favorite yet because they might blow up in my face at this point and I still have time to switch…LOL. Lame huh?

  6. Joshua Ledet sound like Bobby Blue Bland…..and that’s a huge compliment. I am a traditional R&B guy, and hated to see Jairon Jackson get cut. I also like Jumaine Jones and not happy to see that he gets cut. He has a beautiful voice…

    Can we please cut the Cowboy soon! No repeats of last year and the Howdy Doody stuff… Please?

  7. Ok i hate to say it, but i am already down to one.  Phil Phillips is the only real interesting one.  I googled and found a clip of him at a local fox affiliate from last fall and he does an original song live.  I think he is like some of the 2nd third or even lower placed people from prior years and would be better off losing in the top ten somewhere..getting that idol contract doesn’t work for many.  But when he leaves i think I leave too.

    •  Well I can tell you this Mary, Phillip Phillips is good, but there are plenty of other amazing preformers this year. 

    • There are a lot more that way better than phillip phillips, plus you almost never see how good the contestants really are till the live shows

  8. I have to disagree with you about Reed Grim. I either can’t stand him or I like him. I depends on what he’s doing. There are some people who like him and others who can’t stand him. So that will make him polarizing and sometimes contestants  don’t mean to make themselves polarizing, and polarizing contestants never win. If he doesn’t get voted into the top 13 then he’ll get a wildcard and might last a week or two and end up getting voted off.  Unless this is like how it was last season and the majority of the female contestants get voted off first.

    Heejun- He could possibly go far in the competition based more on his personality over his vocal ability. How far will he go? Not sure, I think he needs to focus on his vocal ability if he wants to be a true contender.

    Phillip Phillips- I like him. He’s getting a lot of comparisons to Casey Abrams who I didn’t like.(I know that’s not a popular opinion but if you want to know why I didn’t like Casey then ask and I will tell you why because this post isn’t about Casey Abrams). I would say he’ll get the votes needed to make it into the top 13(though anything can happen). I just hope he stays true to himself and doesn’t go down the road that Casey went down that got him eliminated twice.

    • I happen to agree, dont compare him to Casey
      Casey was not good at all not range to him
      Phillip is really good

  9. Can’t stand Heejun. He’s a decent singer, but attitude turns me off. Although Reed is quirky, he can sing. We seem to be passing over Adam Brock; he’s another Danny Gokey. And lastly, how many out there can’t satnd Richie Lawson with the “i’m the best” attitude that you’d like to smack that hat off his head!

    • Frank,

      Why dont you try commenting on the singing of these contestants first, and then slam their personalities.  I’m sorry that you “Cant Stand” Heejen, but he is more than just a decent singer.  He can fit falsetto and diminished unlike any Asian preformer I have ever seen on this show, and that includes Thia Migia from 2010.  I also cant stand Richie Lawson, but its not because of his attitude…its because he is a Scotty McCrerry wanna-be.  Another low winded guy who knows the teeny boppers will vote for him so he has MUCH more confidence than he should. 

    • yes the cowboy has a smirky attitude
      but he can sing
      i dont think he will go far if he even makes it

  10. Guys, lets not get so hasty about being “done with the season” just because your favorite singers were cut during Vegas Week.  Have faith!  Remember what the first round of the Top 12s gave us last year….the beloved Pia Toscano stepping out from the Clouds and gracing us with that Angelic Voice.  

    • OMG!!!!!! Angelic? Pia? I have to disagree. She squealed and called it a note. Her voice was very annoying to me. I couldn’t stand it. Like nails on a chalk board to my ears. Not her whole performance but when she pushed for the big notes it did not sound good to me. I am not going to apologize for saying it either. We are each entitled to our opinion. And I know plenty of more people who held the same opinion as me so don’t tell me how crazy I am. One thing that proves what I say is that she didn’t receive enough votes to keep her on the show. If she had been as amazing an artist as some people think then she would have gotten the votes. The fact of the matter is that she was a mediocre singer who pushed for the high power notes and they came out as a squeal and some people might have thought those were goose bumps but it was actually their skin crawling because of their inner ear rebelling against them. That is my opinion of Pia Tuscano.  I was glad to see her go. And that is the last I will say about that. 

      • you are welcome to your opinion Taymaro.   But you are wrong about one thing, and thats why she was eliminated.  That would be because of the flawed voting system.  You can be glad to see her go all you want, but the fact of the matter is, she made people cry when she sang, and in a good way.  Every single preformance she gave got a roaring standing ovation from the audience.  Pretty good sample size if you ask me. 

  11. I have no objection to Reed Grimm’s voice, but can’t watch him.  It’s like he’s a marionette and the puppeteer is drunk.  Colton Dixon is an Ok singer, but he lacks star quality.  Decent voice, not an Idol.  Phillip Phillips is destined for early obscurity.  He’s not nearly as good as he thinks he is.  Unfortunately the teen texters will keep them in far too long.

    • I totally agree with you about Reed Grimm.   My first impression of him was a drunken marionette….LOL…..but he is lovable…..Not the best voice in the litter.
      I am still keeping my options open.  I’ll wait for the top 24 to perform solos so I can get a better picture of their potential.   I did hear a lot of the top 24 last night but they were in groups.    I think there is a lot of  great singers in the bunch this season.   I’m starting to get excited about the show now>>>>>FINALLY!!!!!

      • watched wednesday’s show last night (the rangers bombed) and some of the talent is really outstanding. will watch last night’s tonight.  on a completely different note, are you watching “smash”?  katherine mcphee is fabulous!!  really good show with great music.  off to a/c tomorrow.  have  a great weekend

      • ps-our boy’s new album is now coming out either april or may.  he’s doing a collaboration with bruno mars, of all people.  adam, you’re killing us!!

  12. Pr63…….I love, love, love SMASH……Katherine McPhee is great in it.
    I was a little disappointed on Monday but something has to happen.  I’m thinking since they advertise her as the star of the show in all the ads.
    Idol is getting much better and you will enjoy last nights show.
    Hey girl…..have an awesome weekend in AC…..I’m going to Laughlin, lets hope we both have a profitable weekend…..LOL…..

  13. I believe the judges should have taken more time in picking the people to put through to the next round.  I totally disagree with putting someone through on day1,, only to take it away because to many went through on day 2.  The judges should have left the selections and eliminated more next week.  They made the error. Not a good show of good faith on their part. This was a cheap-shot, and not well received.  Very disappointing!

    • well as far as that goes then they shouldnt have to make sure they have an equal number of male and female contestants. I know it’s how it has always been done but all the contestants should be selected based on talent and the best singers should go through no matter what gender they are. If there is a female that is better than a male then she should make it and let the male go and visa versa. I never understood this format. Anyone else agree. I might not get anyone to agree after they read my post on Pia Tuscano above…LOL

  14. what happened to the group chillen in the hot tub? So weird that they didn’t show that group singing..and the guy with ‘the eyes’ in that group had an awesome (gave me chills) voice…the one Jennifer stopped signing and asked…’how old are you?”…ok, keep singing!!

  15. Well, finally!! I was hoping that the time will come for me say yes, Idol is coming back to life.  I was just about ready to sing “American Pie” that’s when Idol’s music died but,……..not to be dissapointed.

    However, I will still wait for the solos next week for me to decide who is my pick as a personal favourite when they cut it down to the final 24 (which we all know who they are, wink wink) by then it will be easier to choose since each singer is now faced with show casing their singing style, vocal range and skills.  There are far more good singers to choose from this year.

    Although the names I saw on the list have matched my expectations listening to most of them on the group sing out.  I am tempted to name some of my favourites so far but I will hold on just like Taymaro until the final eliminations of the remaining 42 singers.  Watch out there will be tears going to pour out next week.  Good job Idol, it is  about time!!!

  16. Also, it was a treat to hear the group singers do the 50’s, like I was back in the Drive in theaters , or in one of my favourite soda joints sipping an out of this world milk shake and lining up at the jukebox to play a favourite 😀

    No  itunes , no smart phones , no CD’s no sirious satelites only 45’s and 78’s,

  17. Lot of good talent out there, I cant pick, love Phillip, love Reed, Love Skylar love Baylee, love Heejun, love the cowboy, love the young kidwho sang the nite has a thousand eyes.  still dont know all the names with the singing and the faces, but we will soon.

  18. I seriously don’t get this love for Reed Grimm, imo he’s not that great of a singer… He’s good, but not idol good.. he comes across really forced and cheesy. the best male singer who gets no credit is Joshua Ledet, his voice is amazing.. phillip phillips is also another guy who isn’t that great, (of course ppl love him because he’s handsome, figures!) American Idol has really changed for the worse, I can already picture a Eben, Reed, and Phillip final 3 just because people like/love them and their voices are “the best thing that ever graced earth”. I really hope the voting gets changed this year, because in all the comments I can already tell Reed, Eben, and Phillip will get all the votes, of course! This show also needs more diversity, are there even any blacks/hispanics in the rumored top 24?? The voice and X factor always have diversity so I know this show can…

    • Seriously?  The black population of the US is about 12%.  Out of ten Idol seasons 3 winners were black.  That’s nearly 3x the ratio.   No way you can get away with playing the race card here.  Also, not to harp on it, but if TPTB would change the voting policy we’d have a better chance of a clear majority. Without text voting we’d never have been stuck with Lee DeWyze.

      • Actually Templar, I have inside information (semi-reliable) that says the voting IS changed this year.  He could be wrong though, He is about 75% right, usually.  A low man on the totem pole, if you will.

    • Some of my favorites were Jermaine Jones and Jairon Jackson. Love that R&B sound. Jermaine pulled off Jerry Butler, that ain’t easy to do. I also like Ledet a lot. But I think Phillips is great, a cross between Dave Matthews and Joe Cocker…..and Grimm is interesting….and is a good entertainer.

      Watch out for the Testone girl….she’s GOOD!

      I think the talent level is great. Just because there isn’t a lot of hip hop doesn’t mean the talent level is down. After watching the Grammys…..what I saw the last two nights is on par with the “elite” talent that is out there already…

    • Oh stop it. The diversity lies in the voices. This is a singing competition not an exercise in affirmative action. I personally don’t agree with there having to be an equal number of guys and girls but that is the format of the show so I just accept it. 

    • @SMH , hi I do agree with Taymaro , this is not a political arena and or anything to do with civil rights, please dont make it one.  This is simply a singing competetion and it will depend on how good you are vocally, how well you cope with pressure and how well you adapt to the demands of the competetion.  Please kindly leave colour out of it !

      • also, if you still in doubt then take a good look at the panel of judges,
        tell me what do you see????

  19. dont like the cowbow, sounds  to me as if he is singing through his nose, hes not that great to me at all.

    • The two things that bother me about him are his immaturity and total lack of personality.  He seems very young for being 19.  Scotty at 17 seemed far more mature last season.

  20. let the judge pick the right singer, sometimes they are not picked the right one … if someone good looking your going to hollywood hey guys this is singer competition not for model.. sometimes jlo disappointed bout that …i know in the end well be the new american idol who sing good

    • Actually it’s a bit of both.  The name of the show is American Idol, not American Singer.  To quote The Buggles “Video killed the radio star”.  They are looking for a great voice coming out of a charismatic personality.  Don’t ask me to explain Lee DeWyze, no on can.  

  21. Can someone tell me what happened to Ashley Robles….she was my favourite in the auditions but never saw any of her since…did she make it pass Hollywood or Vegas???

  22. i hate american idol ! Reed Grimm should have stade!!! i’m so mad!!! im not wachen that show ever again!!!

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