American Idol 2012: Hollie Cavanagh Media Tour Clips

American Idol 2012 Hollie Cavanagh

Following in the footsteps of her fellow American Idol 2012 eliminated finalists, Hollie Cavanagh made the rounds this week for interviews and performances. Hollie stopped by the Today Show on NBC, Access Hollywood for a performance of “The Climb,” and then Live! With Kelly for a performance of “Bleeding Love” and brief interview. No Anderson Cooper clips this time around like we’ve seen over the past few weeks, but if we find more of Hollie’s post-American Idol performances then we’ll add them on here.

The Today Show hosts try to corner Hollie in to picking a potential winner, but she successfully dodges the question by answering “you never know what’s going to happen.”

Watch Hollie perform Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” on Access Hollywood:

Watch Hollie perform Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” and then talk with Kelly Ripa and Jimmy Kimmel:




  1. my most remembered and favorite performance of Hollie is her rendition of Whitney’s “All The Man that I Need”.
    Good Luck again Hollie……………

  2. Hollie’s right: it’s hard to tell who’s going to win this year. That said, I think it’s going to be Phillip, not Jessica as the world is hoping.
    WHY? Phillip has the all-important country vote, that’s why!
    Jessica has an international fan base, which is why she may not get enough votes since voting is limited to America only.
    Joshua winning might be possible, but it depends on his performances.
    So: 3rd: Joshua
    2nd: Jessica
    WINNER: Phillip

    • hollywoodreporter dot com quote:
      In cruelly timed footage, Idol aired a highlight reel of contestants’ opinions of one other. Phillips, showing a thus-hidden mean streak, sniped of Cavanagh, “Hollie is just weird. She’s just a little mouse.”
      – That was so mean… 🙁

    • Onceagain Hollie shows the world what class is, she and Skylar.   They will both be very successful in their careers and in life.  That being said, I do not have a favorite and probably will not vote.   I think the top three are all equally talented, just different.  I do like Phillip, he is talented, unique, very cute and appeals to the ladies.  If  I do decide to vote it will probably be for P2.  Best of luck to all contestants.

  3. see you again hollie in the finale with skyler of course miz u both..thou im rooting for jessica but still like you both with skyler.. good luck to both of you

  4. Absolutely spectacular performances. You see the difference here who needs all the production to sound amazing and who doesn’t. Hollie was so robbed! Hollie needs nothing. Her voice just soars and you see how note perfect she can be when she is relaxed and at ease.

    Great job Hollie! I really felt like you put just as much effort into those performances as though you were still in the competition. That’s called “work ethic” if you ask me. You give your fans the best of you each and every time you perform. You have nothing left to prove in my book. Go and have some fun and I wish you all the best for the future.

  5. While I don’t think she was the most talented Idol & was probably the right one to go.  She was by far my FAVORITE Idol this year.   I wish her nothing but the best in the future.

  6. All song list has been posted on twitter already!!! This blogsite is late!!!

  7. NO MORE “AMERICAN” IDOL  for me or my family and friends. Skylar, hollie, and phillip should be the final 3.. I HOPE all the skylar, and hollie votes go to phillip.  IF i deside to vote it will be for phillip for sure. IF he goes home this week this will ruin AMERICAN idol.  Hope people dont let this happen..  SORRY judges you dont have a save left for your favorite josh and jessica

    • I completely agree with skylar and Hollie. *especially Hollie, she should’ve won. But really…Phillip. My votes were for Hollie and I really don’t know who to vote for now. Not Phil though

      • I agree with you that Skylar and Hollie should have been the winner. But now it’s not the reality. I think we should vote for Joshua. He also has a talented voice. And He is Hollie’s best friend. I think that Hollie and her friend will support for Josh

  8. I love you Hollie! You’ll go far. Farther than any idol contestant. I believe in you so much. Miss you!

  9. Phillip, is original… he’s not the cookie cutter idol, like the others.  He’s in a class on his own.  Go Phillip!

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