American Idol 2012 Spoilers: Top 3 Song List Revealed

American Idol 2012 Top 3

Tonight on American Idol 2012 the Top 3 singers will each perform three songs for a busy night featuring nine total performances plus any surprise, unlisted group numbers. Right now we’ve got your American Idol spoilers for what those nine songs will be so read on to find out. Looks like we’ll have to wait until showtime to find out which one is the singer’s choice, the judges’ choice, and Jimmy’s choice.

Perhaps the funniest part of this week’s spoiler list is the picture of JLo’s head with a bubble featuring her trademark “I’ve got goosies!” commentary. If even the show thinks she boils down to that one liner then she might be right to start questioning a return invitation for next season.

American Idol 2012 Top 3 song spoilers:

  • “Imagine” – John Lennon
  • “My All” – Mariah Carey
  • “No More Drama” – Mary J. Blige
  • “We’ve Got Tonight” – Bob Seger
  • “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” – Aerosmith
  • “Beggin'” – Madcon
  • “I’ll Be There” – Jackson 5
  • “Disease” – Matchbox 20
  • “I’d Rather Go Blind” – Etta James

Let’s start hearing your predictions on who sings what on tonight’s American Idol.

American Idol 2012 Top 3 song spoilers




  1. I think Jessica will sing My All, I dont want to miss a thing and Id rather go blind!!! good luck to all three of them!!!!

    • WOW!  We have the same (3) song choices for Jessica and these songs will make her stand out again tonite.  I really like I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James and I am sure she will give justice to this song better than Steal Away last week.  I really appreciate this song first time heard it on You Tube.

      Goodluck to Jessica.

    • I agree with you 100%! I am so excited to watch her now! 😀
      Anyone here know a live stream of the show? please comment back:)

    • I just hope that Beggin is not Jessica’s choice and My All is not Joshua’s choice because that Mariah song is more fitted to Jessica lol.

    • I hope, she sing these 3 songs.
      Im just saw a video on You Tube with Jennifer Hudson performing “Imagine”. I didn´t like it and I hope Jessica doesn´t sing this song.

    • For me, Jessica sings… IDWTMAT, My All and No More Drama…
      Good Luck BBChez!

    • Bulleye!!!  It’s quite obvious that’s why when I saw the list, those were the songs I believe Jessica will sing.  Good song choices for her.  I just hope America votes for her tonight. 

      Kindly post updates on their performances and judges’s comments later. 

    • bwahaha…somebody should pay attention to joyelsberry…message haad to be re-posted again and again and no one seems to care..hahahahahahahaha…poor thing…booohoohoooo..why i even bothered, i wonder….

    • Hahaha, it’s actually you who’s funny. That ” voting off” that you keep yakking about was an obvious mistake because if America really want Jessica out, she wouldn’t have gone this far to TOP 3. Jessica didn’t even land in bottom 3 since top 13 except on that “vote 0ff mistake” episode.

  2. i think:

    JESSICA will sing: “My All”, “I Dont Want To Miss A Thing” & “I’d Rather Go Blind”

    JOSHUA will sing: “Imagine”, “No More Drama” & “I’ll Be There”

    PHIL will sing: “We’ve Got Tonight”, “Beggin” & “Disease” 


    • Interesting.. I could see that, I thought Jess might be doing No More Drama but I can see Josh doing it too

    • That’s exactly what I think. The only ones I’m wavering on is “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” and “No More Drama.” In my opinion, either Jess or Josh could do both. 

    • I beggin:  Phillip, please don´t sing “Beggin”! That could be your end on A.I.!
      But I would think, Jessica could do a great job with that.
      I pray for Phil, that he is performing “Imagin” and  “We´ve got tonight”! I love these both songs.

  3. These are my guesses 🙂

    Jessica Sanchez:
    Mariah Carey – My All
    Etta James – Id Rather Go Blind
    Aerosmith – I  Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

    Phillip Phillips:
    John Lennon – Imagine
    Bob Seger – We’ve Got Tonight
    Matchbox 20 – Disease

    Joshua Ledet:
    Jackson 5 – Ill Be There
    Mary J Blige – No More Drama
    Madcon – Beggin

    • I agree with the songs and who you gave them to. The only difference from our list is that I think Joushua is going to do arosmith and Jessica will do No More Drama, but you could be right.

      •  I was thinking that too, but I think No More Drama fits more with Joshua.

  4. Ugh..Imagine AGAIN?  I think Joshua is going to sing Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. Jessica My All..and Phillip…We’ve got Tonight. Other than that? I do not know. I would kind of like to see Phillip put his own spin on I’ll Be There but that just might be one of those songs you don’t change…

      • I love I’ll Be There…I think I would rather Joshua sang it but without screaming. If he sings Don’t Wanna Miss a thing….he can scream at the end like Steven Tyler does.
        I’m so sick of Imagine..I hope it’s not Phillip’s song. I know..I has beautiful lyrics..but’s boring.

  5. Jessica i guess will sing 1. Id rather go blind 2. My all 3. I dont want to miss a thing.

    • oh…4th futile attempt..hahaha…hey, joyberry whatever, u have to thank me.  i am the only one who’s giving you undue attention!!!

    • Hahaha, it’s actually you who’s funny. That ” voting off” that you keep yakking about was an obvious mistake because if America really want Jessica out, she wouldn’t have gone this far to TOP 3. Jessica didn’t even land in bottom 3 since top 13 except on that “vote 0ff mistake” episode.
      Hey, you keep copying-pasting your same reply comments everywhere around here and you even include the options ‘FLAG’ and ‘LIKE’ in your pastings. LOL

    • She has ALREADY Been Voted OFF BY America — The 2 finalist are PHILLIP And Josh…. PHILLIP FOR THE WIN but Joshua is also Amazing — PHILLIP PHILLIPS Is AMAZING……. Jessica Well is NOT …. Proof –The Week we as voters SAID So and voted her off …… (someone needs to let her know like a kid on the Tball field after they get out and keep standing on the base untill the coach walks over and shows them back to the dugout to watch the others run the bases and SCORE ! ! ! ) hahahah funnny huh…….

  6. I think JS will sing My All,IDWTMAT,I’ll be there…  hopefully she’s fine and a lot better now, so she can get at least 2 SO.. =)

  7. So pretty sure Jessica is: 
    -“My All”
    -“I’d Rather Go Blind” (she has a cover of it on youtube)
    -“No More Drama” 

    Josh for sure “I’ll be there” jackson 5
    Phil for sure “Disease” matchbox 20

    But I have NO IDEA for the others.. I feel like the rest Phil or Josh could be doing. Also, I could see Josh doing ‘No More Drama’ I’m clueless this week. 


      • She has ALREADY Been Voted OFF BY America — The 2 finalist are PHILLIP And Josh…. PHILLIP FOR THE WIN but Joshua is also Amazing — PHILLIP PHILLIPS Is AMAZING……. Jessica Well is NOT …. Proof –The Week we as voters SAID So and voted her off …… (someone needs to let her know like a kid on the Tball field after they get out and keep standing on the base untill the coach walks over and shows them back to the dugout to watch the others run the bases and SCORE ! ! ! ) hahahah funnny huh…….

      • No.  Begging for votes for her only makes you and her seem pathetic.  I wouldn’t walk across the street to her concert if the tickets were free.

  8. Well we all know that “I’d Rather Go Blind” is probably Jessica’s contestant’s choice. 

    So let’s speculate on the rest. I will try to continue my streak of getting it wrong this season. I’m listening to some of these right now for a vocal reference. So here goes my thoughts:

    Imagine = Phillip – Jimmy’s Choice

    My All = Jessica – Jimmy’s Choice

    No More Drama = Joshua – Jimmy’s Choice


    We’ve Got Tonight = Phil – Judge’s Choice

    I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing = Joshua – Judge’s Choice

    Beggin’ = Jessica – Judge’s Choice


    I’ll Be There = Joshua – Contestant’s Choice

    Disease = Phillip – Contestant’s Choice

    I’d Rather Go Blind = Jessica – Contestant’s Choice

    • Funny. I’ve been listening to them also. I love Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing and that is definitely for Joshua. Beggin…I still don’t know…am I listening to the right song? There’s rap in it, correct? 
      I’m excited for Phillip to sing Disease.

      • The video starts off with two guys playing some war game. It’s by Madcon. 

      • beggin was originally sung  by frankie valli and the four seasons and it didnt have the rap part, so maybe joshua will sing it.  regine velasquez, a filipina diva has a great version of dont wanna miss a thing. maybe jessica will do that version

      • P2 can definitely nail “Disease” no doubt~ 🙂

        to maila773, “Beggin-Madcon” it is in the spoiler~ so I guess somebody will rap~ 🙂

      • If Jessica raps, and does it well, she’s got my vote. 

        My guess is that it’s Jimmy’s choice for Phil, though. The voice in the song sounds exactly like Phil. Then again, it could be Joshua if it was originally a Frankie Valli song. 

  9. Here are my guesses…

    Phillip:  ‘Imagine’, ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ & ‘Disease’

    Jessica:  ‘No More Drama’, ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ & ”I’d Rather Go Blind’

    Joshua:  ‘My All’, ‘Beggin’ & ‘I’ll Be There’

    I’m guessing that the last 3 are their choices.  If so Jessica is going to KILL it with ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ and Phillip will do an incredible job with ‘Disease’. 

    Joshua?  ‘I’ll Be There’?  Really?  Really?  I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

    ‘Beggin’ is a great choice for any of them.  Can’t wait to hear/see it.

  10. i think phillips gonna sing beggin…i cant imagine jessica nor joshua rap…

    • Jessica has a video on Youtube where she raps a little. Check it out. It’s “Love the Way You Lie”

      • okay……either jessica or phillips….but,..forsure, joshua can’t rap…right…!!

      • yeah, she didn’t rap on ‘beggin’ cover~ but did a few covers where she rap~ 🙂 What do ‘ya think of her rappin, Taymaro? hmm. Wanna hear P2 rap too~ 🙂

        to, Team CD (Now P2), yeah~ P2 or JS, but what if Josh~? woohoo. 
        I give him a share of my vote if he’ll do it~ 🙂


      • What do I think about her rapping? Uhhhhh, Maybe she should save that for Christmas. Maybe help her mom wrap a few gifts…LOL

        She did fine with what I saw. Sean P. did better though.

        My family member that I spoke of back on another post raps and sings. That’s why he has a recording studio in his house. He also does mixing and mastering for other aspiring artists. Not only hip hop but all genres of music. He is on Itunes and has a couple of CD’s out and has sold quite a few. He has only realized local recognition so far but he does live shows and gigs and he is a pretty decent performer. He’s probably better at the hiphop than Jessica is…LOL. As hard as it is for someone other than Af/Am to get accepted in the hiphop community he must do pretty well to be making in roads into that genre. I am not an avid hiphop fan but I support what he is trying to do and wish him the best.

      • I wish him best too~ 🙂
        Thanks~ 🙂

        I also find Js rapping not that amazing but I think it is something I would want her to do, a new for her~ 🙂

      • Okay..I just went and listened to her rap. It is NOT good. I hate when women rap to begin with but this is not good.

      • Yeah, I also felt it is not that good but I would love to see her doing beggin with rap thing.. 🙂 and could balance her 3 performance~
        Perhaps, I think she could nail the other songs~ 🙂

    • Jessica has a cover of beggin in youtube already and she loves to rap~ got some of covers that she rappped~ 🙂

      • She doesn’t do the rap on the video I saw of Beggin. Sean P. is doing the rap. She raps on Love the Way You Lie though.

    • okay……either jessica or phillips….but,..forsure, joshua can’t rap…right…!!

      • Fortunately, Joshua can rap, too. LOL.:-)

        And he even speaks some sort of an alien language (listen to It’s A Man’s World).

      • HAHA. You makes me laugh~ 🙂 
        Yah, How many times? 🙂 solution: copy-paste
        Sorry, I added up to those who said JS can rap~ :))

      • oh my much i gonna say…’
        okay……either jessica or phillips….but,..forsure, joshua can’t rap…right…!!’

      • Oh wow I stand corrected haha..maybe she is doing Beggin.. this song list is crazy, I have no idea! But Jess also does a cover on youtube of ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’

    • This is a great song and a real toss up.  Phillip would also do a good job on it.

    • jessica can definitely rap people..check her on youtube..damn she can definitely sing anything..

      • oh my much i gonna say this… ‘okay……either jessica or phillips….but,..forsure, joshua can’t rap…right…!!’

    • If Phillip does sing it…wow…it could be fantastic or it could be the worst ever.

    • I super love Archuleta’s rendition of it, takes a lot of originality for P2 to slay it~ He can do it like what he did in Volcano thing~! 🙂

  11. what ithink will happen

    Jessica Sanchez- I’d Rather Go Blind, My All, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

    Phillip Phillips- Beggin’, Imagine, Disease,

    Joshua Ledet- I’ll Be There, No More Drama, We’ve Got Tonight

    • I knew 6 songs, but I-youtube the others, now I know~ 🙂 can’t contain the excitement. 🙂

  12. Joshua needs to go.
    expect the judges to stand up 3 times for him tonight

  13. I really think someone from the judges or jimmy watched JS’ covers in youtube. I think it is JLo when she said before “…I’ve been watching you” (slipped of tongue?)
    Why I’m thinking of this?
    JS has covers of “Beggin” and “I’d rather go blind” in youtube?
    HAHA. It maybe just a coincidence though, but if those songs for her,hmmmm..?~ can’t wait~ going crazy~:)))) lol.

    God bless the top3~ 🙂

    • Now that I have listened to it a couple of times..I really hope Phillip does it.

  14. your body next to mine… i believe is a line in the song My All and you expect a 16 year old to sing that song? come on… id rather be blind is already in the bag. IMO, the other songs of jessica might be beggin since the song has a rap part and only she among the three finalists can rap. The other one might be i dont wanna miss a thing (i really hope she would do this one) or imagine,approaching the song the way she did with the song beautiful by joe cocker.

    •  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Phillip got out there and rapped.  He’s unique.  Probably could pull it off better than a lot.

  15. jessica will probably sing My All, No More Drama and I’d Rather go Blind.

  16. That’s What I Guess…

    Phillip Phillips – Beggin’, Disease &  I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
    Joshua Ledet – My All, I’d Rather Go Blind & I’ll Be There
    Jessica Sanchez – No More Drama,  Imagine & We’ve Got Tonight

    Really good song choices this week. I Hope my thoughts are right… 🙂

    • Just flip We’ve Got Tonight to Phillip and I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing to Joshua and I think you are right on the money.

  17. John Lennon – Imagine, Bob Seger – We’ve got tonight…could make a fan out of me (P2)

    Looking forward to “My All” done by Jessica!!!

    Who is singing Aerosmith song? that is biggest question…

  18. Joshua went last last week, so he’ll go first this week.
    Phillip will probably get the pimp spot this week. Jessica will perform in the middle. I guess. #idol

  19. Jessica Sanchez:  My All,  I’d Rather Go Blind, Imagine

    Joshua Ledet:  Ill Be There, I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing, No More Drama

    Phil Phillips:  We’ve Got Tonight, Disease, Beggin

    • It’s one of my favorite all time rock ballads but I honestly don’t see Phillip singing it.  I love Phillip but this is not his speed. I bet it’s Joshua.

  20. I Just hope Phillip and Joshua’s songs work out for them.  They’ve been 2 of my favorites since day 1 so I’d love to have a finale of favorites.  But obviously at least one of them will be there, so this week I don’t care what happens as much.  Looking forward to the music tonight.

  21. My thought is
    JESSICA: “My All”, “I Dont Want To Miss A Thing” & “I’d Rather Go Blind”
    JOSHUA: “Imagine”, “We’ve Got Tonight”,  & “I’ll Be There”
    PHIL: “No More Drama”, “Beggin” & “Disease” 

  22. Here is the thing this week, based on the song list revealed…the potential for P2 to be singing 3 killer songs and having the “pimp” spot in going last is there…I have NOT been a fan of P2…tonight, that could change


    • Admit the song choice is hardly inspiring, but concidering you are readilng this site even before the show has been aired I doubt you are totally done with this show.

    • Because the themes don’t allow her to chose current songs. And keep in mind that the contestants only picked one of the songs tonight. The judges and Jimmy picked the other two. Because of her large fanbase, she will be in the finale, but it will be Phillip who ultimately wins. Why? Because he’s white, he’s a guy, and he plays the guitar 😛

      • Oh hush, please.  Race doesn’t mean crap.  Joshua and Jessica wouldn’t have gotten this far if it did.

      •  Give me a break, she was already voted out once and trust me race had nothing to do with it.  Do we have to play the race card really?????  Good God the excuses for JS not making it to the final two already starting.  She doesn’t deserve to even be where she is at, Colton was much better and didn’t have the benefit of being saved. 

  24. Mary J Blige – No More Drama, “My All” – Mariah Carey are good song choices for Jessica…her third song is what will determine if she is in the finale…will she be singing Aerosmith? News agencies are putting out there she has a sore throat…so, very possible that song is giving her trouble…hoping Philip is doing Aerosmith but I dont see another song on the list for Jessica…so this could be make or break night for Jessica

  25. I’m certain that the advisors for all 3 contestants spent plenty of time helping to select the 3 songs for each performer.  The most talented singer should be evident tonight after the performances.  I’m betting on Jessica being that singer, and winning Idol by a large margin.  I think she is the only performer who has a chance of selling an initial Platimun Album (1,000,000 copies).  Let’s hope all three singers do a superb job on all of their songs.  But I want Jessica to win because of all the pluses it would be for the Idol program.  Airforce1

    • I honestly think Josh is going home. I don’t want him to (a Josh-Jess sing off in the finale would be great) but it seems like he has a smaller fan base than the other two.

      •  Joshua is the predetermined winner of season 11 AI. It is the only choice the producers of AI have in response to Simon and his X Factor challenge.

  26. my guess:
    disease, beggin and we’ve got tonight – P2
    my all, i’ll be there and imagine – josh
    i don’t wanna miss a thing, no more drama and i’d rather go blind – jessica

  27. Joshua will do “My All” for sure. He likes singing diva’s songs. lol =p

    • Yeah he does. He could also do I’ll Be There ’cause Mariah Carey covered that song.

  28. Phillip Diese 
    Joshua Dont want to miss a thing
    Jessica Imagine
    Phillip Blind
    Joshua Weve Got Tonight
    Jessica My all
    Phil weve got tonight
    Joshua “Ill be there
    Jessica no more drama

  29. Madcon – Beggin…this is a bad song choice IMO…this could be a P2 song, if it is…bad bad bad song choice and will surely cost him…

    many people predict Joshua is singing this…I cant see it…if Joshua tries this song…it just went from B A D BAD, to worse!!!

    this song choice is best news of the night for Jessica…whoever sings this song, will be eliminated

    • Ik, who the hell was dumb enough to pick that song for one of the contestants? I’m pretty sure none of them would pick it for themselves. Whoever gets that song is obviously not a favorite lol

  30. no doubt, Joshua is singing Michael Jackson…I’ll be there….when he sings this, that will determine how it carries him…this could be an opening number…this will be his best song of the night…

    Etta James – Id rather go blind…very strange song choice…but it has Joshua written all over it…this song will not help his efforts…and will be one of the worse songs of the night…no way the judges can give him a standing ovation on this one….one of the worse song choices of the night…

    Joshua 3rd song…a bit of a mystery…I dont see another song that makes sense…if it is Madcon – Beggin…no way he is in the finale…I dont care how well he sings Michael Jackson – I’ll be there

  31. Phillip -Imagine,We’ve got tonight,Disease
    Joshua-No more drama,I don’t want to miss a thing,I’ll be there
    Jessica-My All,Beggin,I’d rather go blind

    • Agree 100%.  And I was 100% correct guessing last week, so let’s see how that holds up. 🙂  

    • I’m reading it as 
      “Imagine! We’ve got tonight, Disease!” and laugh~ lol.
      “No more drama! I don’t want to miss a thing, I’ll be there!” and laugh again lol.

      It’s like a script~ haha.

    •  Hi Maricel,

      Are you related to a gentleman that won a singing competition back,
      way back and the show’s name translated in english – “Call of the Stage”
      with Patsy and Lupito as hosts?????

  32. i don’t care who gonna sing beggin…but i hope some B BOYZ will dance on the stage…lol…

  33. JS will most likely sing My All, I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing and No More Drama (great song by Mary J Blige), JL I’ll Be There, Beggin and I’d Rather Go Blind (highly doubt JS will sing another Etta but if she does she’ll do great having covered this on youtube) and PP the rest 

  34. PP-Imagine, Disease, We’ve Got Tonight
    Ledet-Beggin’, No More Drama, I’ll Be There
    Sanchez-My All, I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, I’d Rather Go Blind

    If it is set up the way the list reads then I’m assuming that the first three are the idol choices, the second three are the judges and the third three are Jimmy’s but who knows what order they’ll actually do them in.

  35. What I’m excited to see:
    P2’s  “Disease”
    JS’s   “Beggin”
    JL’s   “No more Drama”

    I hope it turn out this way~
    PS. I still hope JS won’t sing “I’d rather go blind” but I know I have a low chance~ 

  36. Jessica – I’d Rather Go Blind, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, Imagine
    Philip – My All, Beggin, Disease
    Joshua – No More Drama, We’ve Got Tonight, I’ll Be There

  37. O.K., just watched a Youtube video of Jessica singing “Beggin”, will they allow her to bring in Sean P to sing with her…that should be interesting decision by AI…this song clearly requires another person to be singing…

    • No, she can do the rap. I hope. that’s if in the first place she will sing it~ 🙂

    • You might be on to something. There are a couple or three songs on there that could be done as duets. Maybe each contestant will sing one song with another person. 

      We’ll just have to wait and see. 

      If it would be I would think: 

      Beggin = duet

      We’ve Got Tonight = Duet

      I’ll be There = Duet or Multiple singers

    • actually, beggin was originally popularized by frankie valli & the four seasons , they didnt have rap in 1967 then lol.  so i see this being sung by joshua.

      • On AI’s facebook page, it clearly says Beggin by Madcon so it’s not the Frankie Valli version.

  38. beggin and l rather go blind is a good choice for jessica,,,,,etta james will  be rolling in her grave again…..if she sings this 2 songs she might probably go to the  finals……..

  39. “I’d Rather Go Blind” is going to be P2, with Disease and weve got tonight. I just listened to Etta’s verson and Beyonce’s he could do I’d rather go blind, and maybe no more drama, I think this weeks songs are not going to those who have sung them before, to keep the show fresh and a surprise. 

  40. my all, no more dream, and i’ll be there – jessica sanchez
    imagine, disease, and i dont want to miss a thing-philip philips
    beggin, we’ve got tonight and rather go blind – joshua ledet

  41. I can’t wait to hear Phillip sing all 3 of the songs I think he’ll perform tonight:
    Imagine, We’ve Got Tonight and Disease.  I am thinking the first 3 songs on the spoiler list are the contestant’s selections, the next 3 the judges’ and the final ones Jimmy’s.  Can’t give a good reason, but just my thoughts.

  42. Why are we even having a top 3? We all know its going to be Joshua Ledet and Jessica

  43. I have watched this show for a few years now…never have I wanted someone to win, as much as I want to see Jessica win…cant wait to see tonights show!!!

    • I have watched every year. It’s funny how you have never wanted someone to win as much and I have never wanted someone to not win so much!

      • You’re a bad person, Pally. You have to be happy when someone success. As much as I don’t like Phillips, I have never said “I’ve never wanted someone to not win”. Of course, I don’t want him to win because I think the other two are better singers. But I’m not wishing him failure. If he wins, I’ll be ok too.
        Daniel, I’m with you in this one. “I’ve never wanted someone to win as I want to see Jessica win.”

      • @ferjp88, Now I’m a bad person? It’s people like YOU that have made me not want her to win. My God, it’s even been in the news how the Jessica Sanchez fans are completely obnoxious.

      • Stop pointing your fingers at Jessica’s supporters cause you didn’t like her from the very start.

      • So you don’t like JESSICA because of their fans? (I think we’re the best EVER!). You must be stupid. If you like someone, you do because of him/her and not of the people who support them. I guess you have suck a problem. Go to a psychologist. It could help you, man. Seriously!

      • @ferjp88..and you are just proving my point. When someone doesn’t care for Jessica..they’re stupid or need a psychologist. Maybe I just don’t like the kind of artist she is going to be. I have said numerous times, the girl is talented. I just don’t like that kind of music. That doesn’t make stupid, deaf..too old..whatever.

      • As I said Paly…the world is more interesting because of people like you.  Please don’t want it so much that you’ll flip over.  Hapy watching.

  44. I think it will be Jessica and Phillip going to finale, unless her throat is still bad.
    I love Josh’s voice, but for me the whole having a choir everytime he sings is bugging just a bit.  Phillip is so different you cant help but give him props, and Jessica is great, but still to young to connect sometimes.

    • If her throat is still bad, is a better cause for people to vote for her. She will show how good she is by standing there and since even if she can’t. That’s what a true artist must do!

      • A young girl like that shouldn’t be doing those kind of things to make her throat sore. You Jessica people was making fun of p2 when he was sick…karma is hell isn’t it

  45. Jessica  – My All
                       No  More Drama
                       I’d Rather Go Blind

    Joshua –  I’ll Be There
                        I Don’t Want Miss To Miss A Thing

    Phillip – Disease
                     Why Don’t You Stay

  46. I am sure Jessica is singing Madcon…I am sure P2 is singing Seger, Matchbox 20…I am sure Joshua is singing Michael Jackson…hoping to see Jessica sing Mariah…P2 sing Lennon…I do not want to see Joshua sing Areosmith, anyone but Joshua…rather see Ryan Seacrest sing Areosmith, than Joshua

  47. All 3 are VERY GOOD But one has Stood Out for me since I saw him in the Sav. Ga. auditions—- PHILLIP PHILLIPS has a talent like No other Contestant has- He is a Bright light inside and out- Humble in his actions and words-He will bring back what the music ind. has lost site of- Good Ole Southern Rock with an R&B Twist- like Bob Seger and Journy mixed with a little Prince and then spun with a good dose of Phillipness……….  I live down the road from his home town and even if I didn’t I would still feel the same way…. He (I think but don’t know cause he is so cabable of all the songs listed) Will Put his Phillipness all over , or so I hope, Bob Segar’s   -We’ve Got Tonight  and Diese   by  -MatchBox20 – 3rd song (as I stated above) going to be a curve ball thrown by Jlo or Jimmy so I am not going to even guess it- ONE Thing is For SURE about this curve ball  is – He is going to Knock that Cruve Ball out of the PARK !  VOTE VOTE VOTE and enjoy ! ! ! — One more comment – ABOUT Jessica — She has already LOST So along with almost EVERYBODY Else —- America narrowed it down and the 2 that have never been voted off are PHILLIP And Joshua — so pick between these two…. MY Vote is for PP2 — Who R U voting for?????

    •  great post!  I will be voting for p2 as well.  All the tweens will be voting for Jessica, the girl could belch and they would argue until they are blue in the face about how great she is.  I agree Joshua and Phillip didn’t have to be saved so please vote between those two only.  If Jessica wins she will be the single biggest flop in idol history.

      • Is Jessica wins she will sell much more than Phillips and Joshua together. Numbers will tell who is the best among them.

      • Or fart pineapples…ugly goo back that only on now because judges had to save her Asian alien eyes. Hollie would be wining if not for Jessica and her Judges favoritism

    • Ok let it go u knew the rules before the season started that the judges would have a save and i am sure if pp2 would have been saved u would have been ok with it

    • IMO P2 is not that good and just being saved by the female votes. He had a couple of bad performances and survived cause of wgwg syndrome and might win for the same reason. I think the top 3 may have a successful career with Jessica on top and Joshua the least. But I guess P2 may win it.  Most of the flops among the winners of AI are wgwg.

      • Well at least he didn’t have to cheat with a judges save to get in the top three. Jessica will NEVER be accepted as AI because she couldn’t do it without cheating. Why hasn’t she win anything else, she been in every show that exist, including America’s Uglest

    • Are you retarded or just a dumb goo back that don’t know what small letters are….RETARD

    • Jessica did not lose. People did not vote at all during that week because of complacency so she got the lowest votes – BUT that doesn’t mean people wanted to get rid of her. Just like Colton and Skylar – people did not vote at all because of complacency so they got the lowest votes but that doesn’t mean they wanted to get rid of them. Colton was never at the bottom three and Skylar was at the bottom three only once. It only goes to show that it’s just the roll of the dice.

    • @Geoffrey: Jessica did not cheat with that save because that’s part of the competition’s “rules”. Jessica did not invent that save option. It was the AI Producers who invented that save. The judges just used the save on her because they think that Jessica is worthy of that save. SO STOP GRIPING AND DEAL WITH IT.   

  48. Jessica- My All, I’d Rather Go Blind and Beggin
    Phillip- Imagine, I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing and Weve Got The Night
    Joshua- No more Drama, I’ll Be There and Disease

  49. I hope Jessica will sing I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing…Regine Velasquez version…

  50. 1.“Imagine-philip. 2.My All-jessica 3.“No More Drama-joshaua. 4.We’ve Got Tonight-philip. 5.I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing-jessica. 6.Beggin. 7.I’ll Be There-joshoua. 8.“Disease-philip 9.I’d Rather Go Blind-jessica really? two etta james songs in two weeks bad choice.

    • Two Etta James songs is a bad choice? Why is that? We been waiting for Jessica to sing “I’d rather go blind” for awhile now its finally here I hope she slay it like she did on “youtube” 

  51. Jessica – My all
    philip-we’ve got tonight
    Joshua-ill be there

    Aerosmith song im not sure who is gonna sing it but maybe Joshua

  52. we are gonna have a lot O stand with these songs im sure!specially” Ill be there “and” my all” …the fact is that they stand for an emotional song
    p.s: “Ill be there” is one of my favorite songs EVER…hope they rock it

  53. It doesn’t matter how well the top 3 sing tonight. People have just already chosen their favourites and the 2 with more fans will be in the finale.

    I predict Phillips will be the worst of the night but he’s still gonna be in the finale because he has got more fans. 

    •  Correction.  The person with the most fans does not usually make it to the finale or win in my opinion.  If you took out the ability to vote as much as you wanted for two hours I think we’d see a slightly different outcome every year.  However this year could be an exception, since if Jessica makes it to the Finale, I believe she actually is the top two in fans.  Just my thoughts on that

  54. ppl seems to be fed up with songs like Imagine but watching Phillips phillippizing popular records is the best thing this season has to offer

    • How many times has that been performed on AI? I can’t remember all that many. The most memorable is David Archuleta.

      • You just a cougar chasing down a moron boy. You know them morons were magic underwear don’t you?

      • First of all it is my opinion…..I was a hugh fan of David A.  Infact I voted for him over David Cook…..I loved his Imagine that season, I’m just saying that I (my opinion now) like the way Phillip makes the songs his own and I feel he will do a great job with it if he sings Imagine…..I hope you read this after you get up off the floor!!!!!!!

      •  Hey guys, are we sure Philip is singing Lennon’s Imagine?  I am not convince he can reach the pitch??

        “imagine all the people, living for todayyyyy, ah haaaaaaaaa”

        he may swallow his tongue, or pass gas….. one or the other, LOL

        we shall see!
        Just having fun…………………………………….

      • Ed… I don’t know if Phillip is singing Imagine but I hope he does.
        We are just having fun too…isn’t that the point of this blog?????  We all voice our opinions but I noticed a lot of people are real nasty and insulting on this site these days (and I DON’T mean Taymaro) but have you noticed the nastiness going on?

    • My gut tells me that Phillip is going to make us forget David A. rendition of Imagine.   His performance could put him right up there….

      • OMG!! LMFAO! What a joke….hahahahhehehehehahahah!!!! That is effing hilarious Phyllis! When I get up off this floor I’ll really let you know how I feel!!! Woooohoooooooheeeeeeeeehhaaaaaa!!!!!

      • You made me swallow my gum!!! Hahahahhehehehe woohoohoohaahahahheheheheh!!! I can’t take it!!!!!

      • I can’t breathe! Some one call 911!!!! Phyllis I used to half way agree with some of the things you said. Wow that was funny….let me catch my breath. Wooooohhh.

  55. Jessica- Beggin, My All, I’d rather go blind
    Phil- We got Tonight, Imagine, Disease
    Josh- I’ll be there, No more Drama, Don’t wanna miss a Thing

    Josh and Jess could switch on Blind and miss a Thing but I think the others are pretty set

  56. My Guess –
    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice:“Imagine” – John Lennon (Philip)“My All” – Mariah Carey (Jessica)
    “No More Drama” – Mary J. Blige (Joshua)Judges’ Choice:“We’ve Got Tonight” – Bob Seger (Joshua)“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” – (Aerosmith Jessica)“Beggin’” – Madcon (Philip)Contestant Choice:“I’ll Be There” – Jackson 5 (Joshua)“Disease” – Matchbox 20 (Philip)“I’d Rather Go Blind” – Etta James (Jessica)

  57. If Jessica wins I will not ever watch American Idol again. I think Jlo did a bad thing when she stood up for Jessica and did not let her go home when she was voted on to leave.  The last two girls sent home were a lot better singers than Jessica.

    • Whatever, dude. Can’t live pass it? I am quite worried about you. You need professional help.

    • then don’t watch cos she will be part of top 2 along with p2. :))
      not to mention…that save was the best thing ever happened on the show…

    • First of all, it wasn’t only JLo that stood for Her. It was unanimous. Secondly, it’s already the Top 3, might as well moved on.
      And this early…I’d say you going to swallow what you’ve just said and will be watching next season’s AI.
      And oh… JLo’s not returning next season, hope it makes you feel a little better.

    • that is just your opinion so just be it.  I am mot complaining.  Just let me love and appreciate who I want. to win.

    • What’s with the drama. You have the remote and we don’t care much. Jessica wasn’t voted on to leave. She just got the least number of votes thus she’s eliminated (and saved). And hey, to whom would you want the save to be given? She has the most pressure because she needs to prove that the save is all worth it. Skylar and Hollie will be very pleased if you would buy multiple copies of their album.

    • You are very funny.  Guess you have to clean your ears or have them examined by a physician.  Perhaps your eardrums are infected.  Jessica has a voice beyond her age and physique.  Go JESSICA!!

  58. I always thought Jessica was ugly as all hell till I saw a picture of her when she was 8…ugliness kids I’ve ever seen. No wonder she can’t win any talent shows, she way to ugly, Hollie was a hottie and should win on that basis alone. As long as the spook or gook don’t win I happy.

    • your bitter dude. I think you’re also bullied & maltreated in your school for being the ugliest among ugly..

    •  let’s not dwell much to an 8 year old being ugly…

      I have this perfect example of a girl being so beautiful at age 9 and stands 5’6″ in height.

    • regardless of who you want to win–that is just mean and distasteful–there is no place for that–her family could be on this site reading.  You should be ashamed.

    • My, my, my, your mother must have puke the day you were born! When has AI been a beauty contest? You are certainly insulting Hollie. 

    • okay… that’s your opinion… maybe you don’t have more important things to do with your life that’s why you’re bashing on others… GOD BLESS YOU!

    • Ah, ok. So you’ve been to Hell. I bet they didn’t like you there either ‘coz you’re over qualified.

    • is that how you treat young people? you gotta be kidding us, you HOMO ERECTUS!

    • AI is a SINGING CONTEST, and not a beauty contest.  Besides, inner beauty is more important than physical beauty.  Jessica has that and more because she has a SINGING TALENT.  I guess you don’t have them.  Pity you….

    • Your opinion is very subjective because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What may be ugly for you maybe pretty for the others and what maybe pretty for you maybe ugly for the others.

      What if I tell you that I don’t find Hollie attractive because she’s just a typical Caucasian with NO exquisite features?  Would you take that against me and tell me that I don’t have a good taste?

      This is a singing competition so stop disparaging Jessica’s appearance because it’s preposterous.   

    • I recently looked at my school class pics when I was 8 years old and I think we all had some issues either with out of control hair, cat style glasses or something else that made us look “weird.”  I also remember that by the time I graduated high school, those “ugly duckling” girls were the prom and May Day queens and beautiful girls.  Jessica is a young girl and as she grows, she will develop more style.  She will sure be making enough money to look like anything that she wishes.  Let’s give the girl a break. She sure can sing and that is what Idol is about.

  59. Phillip. Imagine. Please please. Phillip sing Imagine. I’ll be there. Jackson’s. Phillips version. I don’t want to miss a thing. Aerosmith. Go Phillip gooooo

  60. 100% Sure:
    Jessica will sing My All, Dont wanna miss a thing and I’ll be there!

    • Where did you get that info? I’m not so sure with I’ll Be There. I’m foreseeing Joshua singing that song tonight. I think she’ll go with I’d Rather Go Blind.

      Whatever their song choices be. I hope all three of them would be able to own it and slay it.

  61. What the? I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing? I wonder how Steven will react to that.

  62. Go Jessica with “My All,” “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” and “I’d Rather Go Blind.”  Perfect song choices.

    America, VOTE for JESSICA SANCHEZ.

    Kindly post updates here on their performances later. 

  63. no matter what happens, you guys will still top the charts compared to XFactor and the voice winners! Woohoo for AI

  64. Okay listen up Jessica Sanchez fans… Her song choices for tonight are:
    1) My All – Mariah Carey2)I don’t want to miss a thing -Aerosmith3)I’ll be there – The Jackson 5

    Good Luck & God bless you JS!!!   😀

  65. If Joshua doesnt win I will be shocked. Clearly he is the judges’ favorite. The last few years the judges complained about contestants screaming songs out but apparently THIS year they love it because Joshua has to scream in some part of every song he has done so far.

    • Absolutely!! I have never really been a PP fan but he did awesome! Great song for him and great performance.  Joshua also blew it out.  He will be in the finale for sure. Jessica…..I didn’t like her song. Hope she can step it up.  Her performance in the first round was the weakest of the 3.

  66. Second round goes to “Sax Lady”!!! She is awesome!!  Phillip is rocking another one out.  He is so on tonight! 

  67. Im a big fan of JS but after watching her performance im sorry but just lost it! Im mad! So now im rooting for Joshua!!! Goodbye Jessica Sanchez!!!

  68. i hope jessica gets the finale…so far she’s doing good on her 2 songs..

  69. is it me, or is it so transparently obvious the judges are pushing hard for a J&J finale?…just wondering:-)

      • personally, i don’t think she’s an idiot…probably she’s smarter than you and i, she’s in this for the money and exposure…mission accomplished, let her move on now, and make room for a professional…thoughts anyone?:-)

    • Right now it is looking like maybe and all “guy” finale.  Randy didn’t care for Jessica? Wow…amazing!  I bet J-Lo was kicking him under the table.  =)

    • You are right now!!! Can the judges be anymore partial, I thought the judeges are suppose to be impartial….Maybe the judeges should read these comments…

      • or maybe simon should come back…or anyone else who’s into real music, as opposed those divas trying to get their mojo back 🙂

  70. for me, round 3 goes to PP…he’s the real thing, as far as i’m concerned…but then again, i think for all the ‘politically correct’ reasons and the way i think america votes, a guy will go home…and it will be wgwg, unforutnately:-(

    • There have been a few years when it was 2 guys left in the finale.  Has it ever been 2 girls? I can’t remember. Too many seasons.  Whatever happens and whoever wins, the top 12 have been amazing. Lots of talent this year.  I am pretty sure that Phillip will be in the finale just because he is so original and liked but I’m not sure who the other final contestant will be.  They are all winners as far as I am concerned!

  71. i think phillip did a good job on wed. it to bad that the judges have there favorite in jessica, and that they make it ovious every week. i don’t think phillip gets a fair shot in that department.

    •  15 or so standing o’s for Joshua and you think Jessica is their favorite, really?

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