American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez Continues To Question Her Return

American Idol 2012 Jennifer Lopez

Last week American Idol 2012 judge Jennifer Lopez called in to question her return to Idol for season 12. This week Lopez was out promoting a new movie on Ellen and when asked again about her return JLo again answered in vague and uncertain terms.

“I don’t know,” said Jennifer when Ellen asked, “are you going to go back [to American Idol] next year?” Lopez continued saying she didn’t know if she could go for a third year. “I miss doing other things,” Jennifer added. What? Like resting your unfinished album on the shelf until your label, Sony, drops you?

Considering her paint-by-numbers repeat of last year’s “I don’t know” approach to negotiating her contract I initially assumed this was her trying to grab for more money yet again, but that might not be the case. Yesterday we learned about FOX looking to making some big changes which could easily mean new judges. Lopez could see the writing on the wall and is carefully positioning herself to avoid an embarrassing dismissal.

Check out Jennifer Lopez discussing American Idol on Ellen:




  1. You can’t avoid the inevitable, JLo. I think there’s gonna be new judges on the table. Of course, if you’re going to make your exit, please make sure that you do it gracefully.

    Oh well. It’s too late for that.

    • Drop JLo and bring in Cher.  She’s had a top 10 song in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.  She has a wealth of experience in the biz and unlike JLo, she can actually sing.

      • Simon, really? Have you listen to his new boi band yet? Simon is part of the problem with the American music scene. He is pushing crap and is nothing but a rip off artist

    • If they can’t afford JLo, then ditch her. Simple as that. Why is Matthew writing like a drama queen about this issue? Unless he wants her to stay…

  2. even though jennifer is not the greatest singer, she is a great judge. why? because she isn’t afraid to give criticism.

    • isn’t afraid to give criticism? you sure? oh yeah, she always tell the contestants that she had goosebumps and she liked it all over again. those are really constructive criticisms. 

    • Well, you’re right on one thing: she’s not afraid to give criticism. Unfortunately, the quality of her constructive criticism is a bit subpar to me. Goosies? Come on. She can do better than that.

    •  Hi Pr63,

      The producers should give her a basket of goose eggs for a farewell gift.

      Yes I know you will be recording tonight’s show there are far more important sport events at hand, 😀  Go Rangers!!

  3. I saw this and new something fishy was up..b/c on her E! news interview last wk she sounded more like she was returning so I agree with you Matthew about her positioning herself..I personally hope she is still a judge b/c I love seeing all her outfits/

  4. I don’t want more new judges!!! Just don’t! It’s taken me two years to get used to the current panel and if they change it I will have to start from scratch all over again! 🙁 Even though I dislike the sugar coated and repetitive comments, I am used to the judges now and would not necessarily want a change in the panel, just the format…and yes, the current “IDOL” logo.
    Having said that, would anyone like Shania Twain on the panel? She was amazing in Season 9, so was Katy Perry!

  5. american idol has made j lo.
    there aint any kids from 14 and down would know who j lo is if it wasnt for ai.
    kick her booty off. along with tyler & jackson

  6. MADONNA, CELINE DION, MARIAH CAREY will be the perfect judges. Could you imagine that??

    American Idol producers, please, think about it.

    • You can’t be serious. All three of those singers only care about one thing. Themselves.

  7. i want katrina darrell to be a judge.
    but i want to also see her in a wrestling match with kara dioguardi

  8. am i the only one who sees.
    Bruno Mars
    and miley cyrus as the new judges

  9. BTW, good post Matt. Not used to seeing you post a piece out of pure speculation like this. Most, if not all, of your post are based in actual facts. I hope that means you have some information to support this other than the old 2 plus 2 adage. It would make all our hopes come true. The only thing better would be that Randy Jackson exits stage left along with her. Please tell us it’s gonna happen….LOL

    That’s just plain mean to hope that someone loses their job isn’t it? If he wasn’t already a millionaire and had that other show going on I would feel so bad. He doesn’t need American Idol anymore.

    I hope that Little Steven, Stevie Nicks and MJB are being considered to be judges.

  10. I’d like to see em dump some of the judges salary & give it to the contestants.  AI is getting a LOT more time/effort out of everyone than they’re paying out. 

    By that I mean they get 100,000 people to go to the cattle calls.  No pay.  Then they get about 300 people to put in anywhere from a few days to several months of their time for what will likely be no pay.  Then the top 10 make a few dollars & the winner gets a million. 

    For AI, that is a SWEET deal.   Yea, some of the contestants will go on to other things from the exposure, but overall AI is making out like bandits.

    Therefore I’d like to see 1 mil for the winner, $750,000 for runner up, $500,000 for 3rd, & so on until the top 40 or so each get $10,000.

  11. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please get rid of Randy Jackson………………..he still hasn’t figured it ourt, after all these seasons on AI, that it is not about him.

  12. jennifer’s career isn’t hurt by idol. if she’s balking for next season, beonce’ will take her place.

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