American Idol 2012 Hollywood Round 1 Tonight

Tonight marks the beginning of American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week and it looks like we can expect the usual drama that the week brings and a whole lot more.

American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lytgoe said contestants this season are surely talented, but he has to question their intelligence.

“The surprise is that people still don’t realize what they’re going to be put through, because we haven’t changed it,” he says. “It’s still that sleep deprivation, that night that they’re going to work. The best ones were going to bed by 11:30, 12 o’clock. And the ones that sucked when they started and sucked when they finished were going to bed at 3:45, 4 o’clock in the morning.”

He’s referencing the fact that contestants were literally “dropping like flies” from fatigue, illness and who knows what else. One of the contestants actually falls of the stage.

“You literally see her wobble and her eyes drop into the back of her head,” Lythgoe said. “She falls, and the cameraman, bless him, tries to dive to catch her, ’cause he’s on the floor on his knees. He doesn’t get there, and knocks his camera, that falls on top of him.”

The Hollywood Week promo (posted after the jump) dares to call it the “most intense ever.”

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  1. oh lord!!  heavy drama, heavy crying, heavy emoting.  is this a talent competition or a soap opera??  (or the wwe??)   (or america’s next top model??) when do we get down to the actual singing??  will tape the show tonight and tomorrow and watch it over the weekend.  have more important stuff to watch.. hawaii 50 and ncis already recorded.  but all the comments here will give me a heads up on what to watch and what to skim through

    • @Pr63,  hi my friend, I know , I know I told you so.  They should rename this show to “Days of our lives”  wait a minute that is already
      taken, how about “All my children” ooops taken,   I got it,  how about
      “The in it to win it talent show” hosted by the Dawg, hey maybe.

      Forgive me I am just bored that’s all , it is going to get better soon!!
      It starts tonite!!!! cheer up.

      • If you say so Ed……but I wouldn’t bet on it…….I really think we need to wait for the Top 24 live shows to start but of course I will watch all the shows as usual because thats what I do……but I’m not expecting too much.

    • Hawaii5-0 was a really good one this week.  Lot of drama but its suppose to have drama.  American Idol should have talent not people falling off the stage, etc……How come we don’t see that on other talent shows?
      I will dvr it, watch one of my other shows and then zoom thru the BS…
      BYW…my soap operas don’t have this much drama on it…LOL

  2. Already went through hell week in college.  Don’t need to watch them torture delusional kids.  I’ll be watching Jon Bon on Person to Person and will pick up word on the street about Idol tonight.  I just can’t watch any more stressed out people.  The news shows have enough of that.  I’ll jump on board when they get it all in one shoe.

  3. Let’s get it on-I think this will the best year ever for the talent.Practice makes perfect. Let’s hope Idol is learning from it’s past. 

    • My daughter and I like it too, but were disappointed that the producers decided to use the injury of a 16 yr old girl to get us all to “tune in tomorrow.”  If that was not their intent, why stop there and not list more about her on their site at least?  Perhaps they’re more worried about the X Factor than they’re letting on, in which case they’ll be sure to make it less about the music and you’ll be sure to see more “drama” and cheap antics from Idol.  I for one will have switched to X Factor… I’ve got enough drama in my life.

  4. come on idol. there is enough “DRAMAS” on tv the least you could do is let us know that little girl is ok. I hope she is. her poor dad just standing there watching sad….

  5. What the heck,
    Keeping crappy singers sending good ones home. Don’t actually know can watch it this year.

  6. their was a very good singer sent home in the group where they kept that ding dong Willy Wonka singer!

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