American Idol 2012: Hollywood Week Round 1 Recap

We finally made it to American  Idol 2012 Hollywood Week and while Round 1 is always the least exciting part, Wednesday night’s episode was still so much more fun than this season’s audition episodes combined.

We got to hear a lot of good voices, see some early favorites go home and see one contestant pass out and fall off the stage. Now that’s drama. So much better than the first several weeks.

The Standouts

Johnny Keyser. We just saw Johnny during the St. Louis auditions, so he’s fresh in everyone’s minds. His Hollywood Week Round 1 performance was even better than his initial audition. The judges seemed to think so too. He goes on to the next round.

Heejun Han. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this guy but I don’t see it yet. All I see right now is a bundle of nerves and insecurity. Anyone who says everyone else is “prettier” than them has some issues that should probably be worked out before becoming the next American Idol. The judges put him through anyway.

Elise Teston. I like Elise. She seems a lot older than the Idol age limit, but that’s neither here nor there. She has a great rasp in her voice — the beautiful smokes-a-pack-of-cigarettes-a-day voice. And that’s not a bad thing. I love that sound.

Baylie Brown. She sounds as sweet and smooth as the first time we heard here. Expect to see a lot more of her, I think.

Phillip Phillips. If you can get past his name (serisouly, what WERE his parents thinking?) this guy has a sound. I really enjoyed his soulful rasp. I’m glad he made it to the next round.

Reed Grimm. Having been on the stage his whole life, Reed is a natural. But he’s not just a great singer, he’s got an amazing personality that makes his stage presence off the charts.

David Leathers. This kid’s voice, range, tone — all of it — are off the charts. I can’t believe that voice is coming from a 17-year-old boy and not a 30-year-old woman. That’s a compliment, so no one take it the wrong way, please.

Erika Van Pelt. There are a lot of girls this season with the same sound, but she has an amazing power in her voice and some great soul as well.

Creighton Fraker. This guy puts off a little Justin Timberlake vibe, only with a more powerful voice.

The Surprising Cuts

Jane Carrey. Everyone who claimed that the daughter of Jim Carrey received special treatment can chew on this. I thought her audition was actually quite good, but the judges sent her packing anyway. So what are people going to say now? That the judges were too hard on her because she’s Jim Carrey’s daughter? You can count on it.

Travis Orlando. For the second season in a row, Travis was cut after Round 1 and for the second season in a row, I think the judges made a mistake. I think he has a great look and a great sound. I think cutting him was a terrible decision.

The What the #^%^ Just Happened Moment

Symone Black. I thought her version of “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay” was a great one. I thought her tone and pitch were great. She had great control of her voice. But then she start weaving and stumbled several feet off the stage, on to a cameraman then onto the ground. I think I’m going to blame Randy Jackson for opening his annoying mouth. I know I want to throw myself down anytime that hack opens his mouth.

What did you think of Hollywood Week Round 1?




  1. I think it is disgusting that the show would use Symone’s fall and medical issue as a cliff hanger to advertise for the next show. Very tacky!

  2. SO disappointed they sent Travis home and kept those other two guys that sounded like dying cats! They need to admit that they screwed up and call him back before we end up watching a whole season of Reed and Phillip. Certainly NOT American Idols!

    • omg-I thought I was the only one that flt that way-I just sat there with my mouth hanging open for a long time.  That’s why people get turned off of these shows because that was soooooooo wrong.  I would deownload Travis’s music today-but those other too-singing the song from Willy Wonka-so crap

  3. I’m not surprised by Travis Orlando. I didn’t see anything special or anything about him that stands out. Though I hope this is a lesson to teenagers out there to stay in school and not to gamble your future on a singing competition. I hope Travis had a plan b for himself in place, like for instance getting a GED and looking into a possible community college.

    • Be logical and try to understand that he cannot even afford community college. He never gambled his future on a singing competition, it is just an opportunity he took advantage of. He loves singing and it is his decision to pursue it.

      •  There are grants and scholarships especially for underprivileged kids not to mention there are all kinds of financial aid. And if he likes singing and wants to pursue that dream then that’s fine, but he also must be logical as the chances of him becoming a huge sensation as a singer are pretty slim, thus he should have a back-up plan in place and his dropping out of high school is truly not a smart move.

    • Shawn….I agree whether these kids get to be a big star or not, should have an education.  In this business (show) people take advantage of you and if they don’t make it big at least they have an education to fall back on……KNOWLEDGE IS POWER……Always was and always will be!!!

  4. Wondering about Brittney and hailey the Oregon and washi from girl 🙂 agree to end the show as they did with her fall was tacky!!

  5. It is so amazing that everyone talks about how tacky the end of the show is and how they ended it………MY CONCERN IS IS SHE OKAY, I LOGGED TO SEE IF THERE WAS AN UPDATE.   It is so easy for people to be critical that’s what is wrong with this world today, how about some compassion, empathy, concern.  Not one person expressed worry.

  6. I know Elise well,she is 28 and probably never smoked in her life,you should see her live its incredible…

    • I liked Elise. I didn’t say she was older than the limit, I said she seemed older. And I didn’t say she smoked, I said she sounded like a smoker. I love a good rasp in a singer’s voice. 

  7. I couldn’t find anything on line about the young lady that fell off the stage-actually she looked like she had a seizures-I hope she is okay and will be able to continue on the the competition.  I think she did a great job with Dock of the Bay,

  8. I was disappointed that they didn’t show more of the talent.  Lots of kids never got shown at all and some just for a short clip.  I would like to have seen Danny Lacker… but I am already part of his fan club…

  9. So I think everyone can shut up now about how the show has been boring…that all changed last night.  It is horrible that they kept showing the girl that fell off stage.  If she is okay, I’m sure she will move on because her audition was great.

    They showed quite a few auditions in the first round.  Remember, they can only show so many in an hour. 

    I don’t understand why everyone is so caught up on Travis.  I don’t agree that he should have been cut after the first round, because he was much better than last year.  However, his voice is not memorable at all!  Jane Carrey wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t great.  I think she has a lot of potential though and definitely should not give up.

    I don’t understand why people are coming down so hard on Philip and Reed.  I understand they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are definitely talented individuals, and definitely not forgetable.  My worry with Reed is…his confidence is going to start coming across as arrogance, and there is nothing worse than arrogance on these kind of shows.  There is no reason for any of these people to be cocky or they would already be famous musicians.

    I’m excited for tonight…although most of the drama always comes from group night.

  10. Branden, I must admit that last night was definitely better than the Auditions. 
    Last night featured quite a few of the Top 24 so I got a better insight to their talents.  Still don’t know what went wrong with Ashley Robles, maybe we’ll hear from her tonight.
    I hope Symone is okay.  I heard on the radio this morning that she is banged up but she is going to be  okay.  I thought it was a cheap shot last night on the part of Idol (Nigel) to showcase the accident and then leave us hanging as to how she was.  This is a talent show not a soap opera.  Are they so desperate that they needed a cliffhanger????

    • i bet they had to get permission from symone and her dad to use that footage.  publicity.  get her name out there.  exposure!

  11. Cannot believe they cut Travis! Incredible look, amazing voice, a sweet and gentle heart…..what more could you ask for? So disappointing!!

  12. Jim Carreys daughters song was terrible.She should have chosen another song.I could have done that…

  13. Bad taste and poor judgement on the producers part when they ended the show with Symone’s fall…it looked to me that she possibly fainted..her walk right at the end was very unsteady. Hope she is ok. BTW…she did a great job with Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.

  14. DOes anyone think 16 is too young for this show? While they may have beautiful voices, I think the stress is way too much for them. Any comments or thoughts on that?

    • I could see why people might think it would be too young, but I do not think it is.  I believe the age is actually 15 now as of last season.  In some instances, the younger contestants are more mature than the older contestants.  I think it is all on a case by case basis, so it is hard to say.  I also think it is unfair when people judge or comment on the contestants that may get emotional or cry.  Just because someone gets emotional or cries on this show, does not mean they cannot handle the business.  Again, I believe you need to judge everyone individually on this matter. 

      What does everyone else think?

      • Kris, I agree. Some of the younger contestants at times do have a higher level of maturity than the older ones. I do think, however, that in some of the instances where a contestant may appear overly emotional may be due to the fact that the “producers” encourage this behavior to add more drama…which I  feel is unfair and misleading.

  15. Back in the 50s their was a singer named Phil Philips he a a hit song called Sea Of Love . I wonder if Philips philips is any relation? just wondering?

  16. what is the bi-polar teenage girl’s name?  did she make it through to the groups?  and also the flower child girl in the aspen auditions?

  17. Where the heck is Holly Cavenaugh???  If she is in the Top 24 then why arent they giving her any air time.  Surely the revival of the crying girl that turned out to be amazing is at least worth a couple minutes of air time!!!

  18. THANK GOD there are no Scotty Mccreery type singers this year!  The Teeny boppers actually have to decide based on talent!  Woo hoo!!!

  19. I’ve written articles on Reed and his band the shoeless revolution. I’ve seen him at UW La Crosse and I can say he’s the real deal. There’s something about him that gets people excited…he has that it factor…and can play multiple instruments well. I believe he’s picking the right songs to stand out, and he is just getting started

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