American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week Round 2 Tonight

Last  night we saw the start of American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week and a whole lot of drama.

The episode ended with Symone Black’s audition, which we all now know resulted in her passing out and falling off the stage.We’ll find out tonight what happened with Symone. Is she OK? Did she make it to the next round? Was she even healthy enough to go on?

And apparently, the drama doesn’t stop there. There will be more contestants dropping like flies, whether it be literally (as shown in the photo above) or figuratively.

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  1. ranger game tonight,  idol being recorded and viewed over the weekend in between errands.  not looking forward to the drama

    • @Pr63, I’m one step behind you, I did not watch it last night and would not watch it tonite, so I’m just relying on you guys to let me know what’s happening.  And based on what I have seen so far in some of the comments that it has gone from bad to worst in the drama room which what I expected to happen, no surprise there! 

       However using that girl’s accident on stage as a ” cliff hanger” instead of them using a singer’s fantastic performance that will make us tune in the following day is a “NEW LOW” and it is not acceptable in my books.  This is a definite sign of a lack of concern for the girl’s welfare and privacy.  Now instead of us admiring the way she sang Otis Reading’s classic song, the media is more concern about her mental and physical condition. Bravo, producers of Idol, you reached another plateau. Maybe you should take away the singing altogether and stick to drama.

      I have an idea, re-name the show “I wanna be an Idol” screen the good singers, and send them home right away, keep the bad singers with lots of juicy stories and lo and behold a brand new show.  Just having fun folks……… know me!!!!

      • I hear yo on that note but as far as the airing of Idol tonight it was a disgrace and just a waste of air time. I sure hope that the editors find a way to make a change or I’ll never watch the show again besides I’d rather watch The Vampire Diaries

  2. I love the idol producer saying that these kids need to get it together and that they haven’t changed things (it’s still exhausting and tough – we get it) but the fact that it’s the first time they’ve seen contestants “dropping like flies” should tell them something.  HELLO!  There are illnesses that run rampant this time of the year – especially in confined areas where you have hundreds gathered (cruise ships for example) and they’re stuffing these contestants into rooms all together and they have sick individuals actually being ill right there in the rooms instead of quarantining them as they should.  They aren’t dropping because of exhaustion, they’re dropping because they’ve been exposed to and caught a genuine illness.  Have some common sense and human decency and do something about it (keep sick contestants confined or something). 

  3. I thought the last girl who fainted actually sounded great and was truly sick and deserved to go thru to at least sing on her own, dont think it was the “pressure”

  4. does any one know the name or who sings the song they played when Room3 was sent home… already deleted it thanx

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