American Idol 2012: Hollywood Week Round 2 Part 1 Recap

Well it might be hell week on American Idol 2012 but all I saw on Thursday night was a bunch of sick people walking around in circles and a couple annoying stage parents who need to go back to their hotel rooms.

Seriously, an entire episode with almost NO singing? Isn’t this a singing show? American Idol, you’re doing nothing to save those dipping ratings.

The episode exploited showcased more of Symone Black’s poor eating and diet decisions by opening with her falling of the stage again. She wasn’t out long, went off to the hospital where the doctor told her to eat food and rest — basic life rules. The good news is, she made it through to the next round.

So Symone goes on the hunt for a team, like everyone else.

Speaking of hunting for teams, how annoying was Alisha Bernhardt I don’t care that you’re a cop. And if you can’t find a group, then you might want to change your song choice. “Joy to The World” by Three Dog Night isn’t bad song, but you’re in a contestants with a bunch 16 year olds. Get a clue.

And speaking of getting a clue, Brielle Von Hugel’s mom should be ashamed of herself. What she calls being a “stage mom,” I call being a heartless a-hole. A grown woman talking smack about how a kid sings. Disgusting. Parents should be outlawed from Idol.

Aside from the scrambling to find groups, the other other interesting thing that happened was Amy Brumfield, or Patient X, as Ryan Seacrest called her, caused an outbreak. I’m hoping next week all the contestants will be blood-thirsty zombies. Now that would be a great show.

At nearly the 60-minute mark during the episode there was still no singing, so I thought maybe the show was really a two-hour one. I thought I had been mistaken all this time. So as I was checking my DVR and the first group, The Betties, were about to take the stage, the credits started rolling. And we saw the same preview for next Wednesday that we saw for this episode on Tuesday night. So I’m guessing this night may have been the result of that final audition episode the producers cut. Or maybe I’m all wrong. Maybe there’s a completely pointless Hollywood Week episode every year and I’ve just blocked those memories out.

What did you think of Thursday night’s episode?




    • No, it was well worth it to hear David Leathers sing and hit a note the others can only dream of hitting. That boy can sing!!!

  1. You see it was like this, I thought ok I will watch tonight’s show and listen  to one of our faithful AI fan who told me to shut up and watch the show because it is not boring at all so I did………………!!!!

    And you know what, this person is right!!!! it is not boring because for one solid hour I watched:

    A girl fell down on the stage but miracles of miracles was ok and able to sing
    A guy throwing up inside a garbage can
    A lady police officer yelling at her fellow contestanst to take her as a partner
    A bunch of sleep deprive zombies wondering how to survive this evening
    A cowboy who thinks he is Brad Paisley teaching a Korean guy how to do
         line dancing, ha ha ha that was hilarious!!   
    Enough tears shed to fill up an olympic size swimming pool (just kidding)
    A girl with enough virus to infect all of Hollywood and she almost did.

    And to top it all of no one sang out of tune, because no one sang , wow!

    So I apologize to that person,I didn’t realize I will be watching an hour
    of a very funny show, I was expecting to watch another boring singing

    • you have got to be joking please don.t insult our intelligence. the show is really going downhill without simon and paula get rid of these judges and make this show real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @Puzzlewm, I am sure you are familiar with the word” Sarcasm”  in case you have not then look it up please, and if I have insulted your inteligence then forgive me, I won’t do it again. 🙂

      • @Puzzlewm , oh by the way I am Joking, really , I am.  Just ask some the bloggers here, I joke around a lot, lighten up will ya 🙂

      • Idol,  has lost it’s wow factor.   What happened to including the TV audience in the auditions and group competitions.   All the other stuff is just boring to watch.   If I wanted to see this I would watch Jersey Shore not Idol.  It’s  a shame it’s going down hill at warp speed.   Not a fan of the show anymore. 

    • This show was a complete waste of viewing time.  If this continues, I will not watch it anymore.

  2. This whole audition season has been brutally lame. Complete waste of bandwidth and I have not heard enough singing to even form a like for any contestant. Might have to watch the voice if this continues.

  3. Really want to see Haley Johnsen from Beaverton, Oregon! Spoiler sites say she is in the top 24, so why hasn’t she been on? I live in Oregon and am thrilled we have someone to represent our great state.

  4. this show is a disgrace. I rushed home to watch a comedy?  you must be joking. and get rid of those judges randy has to be the biggest phony on there jo lo I love but steve well………………….. his mouth speaks for him and his values

  5. Sometimes what you see in AI is not true. For example, this group stuff is done, not in Hollywood, but in Pasadena (east of Hollywood).  Wonder why they do that????

    • @idol fan,  as you know already,  this show was taped a while back and not live.  Most of the people that was eliminated after Hollywood week are already home watching what we are watching, probably laughing their heads off seing themselves for the first time on tv.  The shows producers  could have spared us some of the non-sense fillers but no, we have to endure this until the live show begins hopefully in 2 weeks.

  6. Yeah, this was basically a complete waste of a show.  I was constantly watching the clock wondering just how much singing we were going to get.  As I eventually suspected, we basically got none.  I need to just learn my lesson and give up on this show until the real show starts.

  7. to ed-i think you’re hilarious!!  you should have watched the ranger game.  that was real drama. and by the way, how many more days before REAL television comes back??  by that i mean the best show on tv, “sons of anarchy”  SERIOUS DRAMA

    • @Pr63, yeah I know but this very persistent person in our blog keep insisting we were all out of our minds not recognizing the true talents here in Idol so I have to give it another try! Right!  Although I did have a few good moments of laugh especially watching Heejun line dance with Hop-a-long Cassidy, ha ha ha.

      I just want to make sure that I was not out of my mind and needed to prove my self that I still have my full faculties intact so I gave in to the call of the “IDOL” the minute I heard that announcer says that magic word “American Idol, then that very familiar music started playing, I had to sit down and finally I was pulled into the abyss, whoa is me, doomed for an hour of “General Hospital”, LOL

      • the problem is, they just don’t get it!  this is only TELEVISION, people, not the be all and end all of existence.  if you want some REAL talent, try william shakespeare, seriously.  he’s covered every type of drama there is, not to mention writing some of the most beautiful lines in the english language.  he also wrote and sang songs.  in additi0n, a good book never hurt anyone either.

  8. only one good thing has happened this season……… Randy doesn’t call everyone DAWG !!  I wish they’d eliminate him !!!

  9. It’s the first time I fell asleep watching American Idol, but the group set ups are always boring.

  10. I think they should do away with the team thing. It is sooooooooooo boring. There wasn’t even any singing last night, all drama!

  11. It was awful! Waste of time! What were they thinking?, if it continues like this……. American Idol you will loose me as a fan!

  12. SO….JUST FOR THE RE ORD!!!! In the sincere view of this aging Canadian aficionado, I must say last night’s American Idol was mis-spelled. It should have been labeled American Idle! What else could you call an hour of Kentucky Fried Chicken ads and the compilation of shyte we loyal fans had to put up with? Contestants talking about barfing and the flu. Making a drama spanning two weeks about some poor kid who fell off the stage? People fainting and dropping to the point that the show has more casualties than the ****ing Superbowl had! The show is starting to go too far towards Jerry Springer. Even the hotel was the pits that the contestants stayed in. Never heard anyone sing. Jaylo looked her forever worse, wearing that stupid lipstick that looks like she agte a jelly filled donut covered in icing sugar, then sprayed her lips with wood lacquer. How dumb! She seriously needs a tune-up in the image department. She looks great when she looks latina, but of late her hair and makeup is like a wannabe gringita. Not the thing for her to do. I luv the show when people are singing, and the judges are paying attention. But his year pales in comparison to last year. In fact it is a vacuum for improvement and legitimacy at this point. By being a vacuum, I guess I am saying that the show as depicted last night…SUCKS! This is the American way…they get something good, and then they decide to “FIX” it! Henry Ford had the right idea…”if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!” The three panel judges should sit down with the director/producer and review last years shows. That might give them a clue. Last years runoff contenders all have sweet deals. This year they will just keep falling over comatose and running to the room to barf, filling us in with the details on their ailments and nerves. American Idol as we knew it last year…is now just a fond memory. Time to tune into The Voice for this season, and later, again the X Factor. Randy Jackson knows music, having produced some greats like Mariah and others. Steve Tyler is great…and still rocks on. Jennifer is a great dancer, very, and a real representation of latina love. But she can’t sing. Her latest hit…on the floor…is a reggaeton thingy with her saying …not singing…”on the flo” about eight hundred times to a latin disco theme. But yes she can dance!! Enjoyed it last year when she danced her soon-to-be-X hubby right off the stage. Ah..I’m rambling. American Idol was a BIG LETDOWN last night. I feel cheated…disenfranchised, and unrewarded for my loyalty and support. Those producers and directors need to change drugs. That horrible evisceration of opportunity should never have made it onto the air waves. All I can remember is the ****ing chicken ad…”Hey mister are you the guy who sold my wife a bucket of chicken for $14.99? Are you hitting on my wife?” The guy who directed that commercial should apply for the new producer role at American Idle when it sinks down. Jennifer has to know that her ratings are now….”on The Flo!”

    • No one at home to talk to?  So, you get diarrhea of the fingers all over your keyboard?  Chill, grandpa, or figure out how to change channels.

    • You could have wrapped up your complaining in a sentence or two.  We get it, you are annoyed because there was no singing.  Big deal.  I enjoyed it.  Kinda reminded me of a sitcom!  Unrewarded for your loyalty and support?  Give me a break.  Its one episode.  If you are that upset, then stop watching the show.

  13. Two episodes of a total waste of time and air space. An infomecial would have been more entertaining. I thought the first HW was bad until I saw the 2nd. If their intent was to build suspense for what the next week has in store I think they REALLY missed the target. In the past I have usually picked at least one contestant who has caught my interest but I have no clue if any of the contestants can do anything but whine. Are they awarding prizes for American Idol most ill or more appropriately American Idol’s biggest whiner and most obnoxious and annoying. At this point I could care less who, if any, make it past another second let alone a round. The whining is what will sray in my mind through the rest if the competution.

    • @Mmhanlon, good point and yet Nigel insisted that he is very happy with the ratings and has no intentions of making changes, we should copy all this comments and send it to him , unless of course he is looking at it already.  He probably thinks we are so short minded that we will put up with this garbage.

      I am almost sure that if I would have access to previous clips of the past seasons and mix it with next weeks clips no one is going to notice that some of the clips are from previous AI Hollywood Hell week.

      So next week , would it be any different than the past 10 years of Hollywood week, no it will be the same thing, the crying, the isolation room, the room that looses , the room that wins, etc etc etc etc.

      I got to find me another show……………:)

  14. I expected much better than this.  Last night was a waste of my time.  I agree with almost everyone that it was a bust……..Are there really people out there that are enjoying all this BS??????? Now I can say I am totally ready for the live shows….

  15. I was looking forward to last night episode so much but was let down. I would have said for them to spend only a half hour focusing on the formation of the groups and the rehearsals, and the last half hour on performance. If they wanted another cliffhanger then it should have been a group performed and one judge is on the fence about whether or not to let one of the people in the group to move forward. The person in question has one yes and one no so it’s down to the judge who’s on the fence. The judge is about to make his/her decision then fades to black and Ryan’s voice over of the preview for the next show.  Instead we got an hour of pointless drama. The only thing that was worth watching was Heejun’s commentary on the “cowboy guy”. Heejun is becoming a favorite of mine.

    • @Shawn, yeah I like him too, they should make a movie together and although there are already a few duos kicking around, Harold & Kumar , Batman & Robin , Fred & Barney , Yogi & Booboo, ahh I know,    Starky & Klutz might work!!

       I can’t help it  today Shawn , I know I’m just being very foolish today!!
      Have a good weekend my friend, and cheer up one more week of this then we get back to a singing competition once more, LOL

  16. I thought the whole show sucked. I kept waiting for the singing to start and it never did. How disappointing. I don’t want to see sick, whiney people. Who cares. I want to see talent. I hope this doesn’t continue. Ryan didn’t even make an appearance.

  17. I agree with what every one is saying. If Heejun wasn’t so damn funny and Phillip wasn’t so damn cute, I probably would have flipped the channel. 

  18. Heejun made this entire episode worth watching, he is hilarious.  This episode was better than all the audition episodes put together, not joking.

  19. You fools (Ed, Phyliss, lalacharley) can complain all you want about there not being singing on one episode.  OH MY GOSH WE GOT DEPRIVED ONE NIGHT OF OUR PRECIOUS SINGING!!!  Give me a break!  I for one ACTUALLY ENJOYED getting to know some of the charecters, because you know what…when they shine during the solo rounds coming up in the next few weeks, its just makes me cry that much more.  

    • ha ha ha ha ha , you are funny Steve, you are funnier than Heejun the other night!!  Bravo, well done!!

  20. Complete waste of an hour….I can’t believe that there was no singing. I didn’t change the channel because I kept thining that there would be singing…”after the break”…no such luck. Boring………………………….

  21. I think this website is horse crap!!! Same as x factor. Every time you click on a link you get the same bull crap advertisement wasting my time!!  This is sickening. there is not one video you click on that takes you to the real place it just takes you to some advertisement after another. simon  you have enough money why make your website so un user friendly. You are the typical scum that is reining the U.S. 

  22. I think that is crap that Rachelle Lamb did not make the final cut.  Rachelle was much better than that Skylar chick that sung that “lie” song

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