American Idol 2012: Jimmy Iovine Gives Top 4 Advice

Jimmy Iovine on American Idol

After Thursday’s elimination on American Idol 2012 Jimmy Iovine took a few minutes to talk with FOX. Jimmy explained what the Top 4 need to do if they want to make it on to the big season finale in a few more weeks.

First up is Phillip Phillips. Jimmy advises Phillip to “pick a song that isn’t reminiscent of anything he’s done so far. It could still be something that he feels and feels comfortable with, but it’s got to be closer to where he’s going to go with his solo career.”

Jessica Sanchez is told to “stay young, heartfelt, and fun. She can’t go too old with these records or it’s going to hurt her. And that dress last night [shakes head]. They just picked the wrong dress for her.”

Jimmy thinks Wednesday night was “a miracle for [Hollie Cavanagh].” He worries that she isn’t coming on “strong enough,” but he believes she’s “coming on quick and she’s doing really well.”

Joshua Ledet might have the easiest task of all. Jimmy believes he’ll need to “stay steady because he’s doing a great job. What he did last night with “To Love Somebody” was just mind blowing.”

If you were able to give advice to your favorite what would it be? These final four singers will be back on stage next Wednesday and will be one step closer to taking home the American Idol season 11 crown.




  1. Best advise: Listen to Jimmy!!!
    Love all of you. 
    Hmmm, there’s a screen with Hollie and Joshua in Jimmy’s picture above. I’m liking what I see ;  )

      • Maybe… but maybe  just a sign of a beautiful friendship. 
        I agree, Jessica has an amazing voice.  Can’t say I dislike any of them.

      • Wednesday’s theme is California Dreamin’ so here are my hopes for the final four:
        P2 – I Put a Spell On You [CCR version]
                 Light My Fire [Doors]

        Hollie – You Don’t Own Me [Leslie Gore]
                        Somebody To Love [Jefferson Airplane]

        Joshua – Under The Boardwalk [Drifters or Lynne Anderson]
                          Good Morning Starshine [Oliver]

        JSAn – Dancing In The Street [Martha & Vandellas]
                      Crystal Blue Persuasion [Tommy James]

        Groups – Age of Aquarius [5th Dimension]
                         I’m a Believer [Monkees]

      • @25ec7cf1afcc411464c89781fc53f8eb:disqus Nice choices.  A slower song and an up-tempo for each of them.  Wow, I Put a Spell On You is so perfect for Philphil.

      • Those song choices would be terrible for Jessica. She should stop listening to JLo and forget about flitting about the stage. She has to pick two songs which have incredible range, a great melody and a bit more complex than your typical 3 chord song ( Dancing in the Street does deviate a bit from that but it’s basically a song which would hide her singing ability). Basically she has to show she can do what none else there can. Stop listening to the lack of feeling nonsense, you have to dance nonsense, etc … Jimmy usually has great comments but if she were singing too old material then why didn’t he mention it before? 

        So, in short get rid of BB Chez for now, don’t do a fun song or a simple song. Do two songs that people know are incredibly difficult and go for broke. 


    • I’d love to hear some of these songs, but I know they are unlikely:

      1. Only the Young – Journey
      2. Touch of Grey – The Grateful Dead
      3. Group Song – California Dreaming or Monday Monday
      4. I Can’t Tell You Why – The Eagles
      5. Boys of Summer – Don Henley
      6. Ventura Highway – America 
      7. Say Goodbye to Hollywood – Billy Joel

  2. I have not posted  all season, only at the beginning when at the auditions I predicted Jessica Sanchez has all to win this.
    For me is clear as water the judges are rooting for Joshua to win which in my opinion will be a great win, he is amazing.  My  only concern with Joshua is his shyness to talk when Ryan asks he something.  I know he is a singer and the contest is singing but also the connection with the public is important and Joshua is not a good talker.
    On the other hand there is Jessica which is by far in my opinion the best singer of all.  She should win this year.  First because there has not been a girl American Idol for years and Second because she is truly amazing.  The problem I think is she is also inexperienced with the public of course she is so young but reading comments I have felt the lack of connection with the public after her performances or even during them (which I dont agree).
    And there is Phillip a talented artist but for me personally no hot not cold. Phillip is cute, even handsome and unfortunately the voters are mostly girls who might have a crush on him.  I would not be happy if Phillip wins because honestly I have not felt connected at all with any of his performances.
    Finally Holly which is a fighter.  Nice voice, good presence and the only one for me that stands in front of everyone and answers fast with intelligence and connection.  She is not the best voice, she sings out of key sometimes but she is a fighter.  I doubt she can win but making it this far says that she has been fighting hard to get recognized.
    All and all I would love to see Joshua and Jessica at the Final and for me hard to pick but I prefer Jessica to win this year.
    Greetings to everybody 

    • agree!! JESSICA for me, a seasoned performer, a little more exposure and maturity will cure the connection thing issue about her..not much for Joshua, can’t imagine listening to his records over and over again screaming like a goat hehe..and quite boring though he’s got the voice..hope Jessica makes it as the 11th AI^__^

      •  agree with u screaming like a goat…. that’s the real term for him..

      • will someone kindly suggest a good song choice for Jessica that is familiar to viewers and will really shine so extremely well her golden voice

      • I respect peoples opinion, but seriously the ‘screaming’ comments have just become laughable. Anybody that describes Joshua with that word is just MUSICALLY uneducated, and that’s not meant as an insult, it’s just the truth. Discerning between a fact and an opinion, Is hard to do most of the time when the opinion is based on an emotion, but I am gonna do my best to Prove that an opinion stating that Joshua ‘screams’, is factually wrong. First if all, go ahead and scream right now…does that scream have any tonal quality which could be perceived by someone as of musical quality….I think not, or else someone is lying to you, or you just don’t have any musical knowledge whatsoever, now compare that to Joshua when he is going through his higher octaves and tones, or what some of you people want to label as ‘screaming’, does it even sound remotely the same…..NO

        But here is the main factual evidence. Joshua is a soul/gospel singer correct? Here is the definition of soul music according to Wikipedia, pay close attention to the last line;

        Soul music is a popular music genre that originated in the United States in the 1950s and early 1960s, combining elements of African American gospel music and rhythm and blues.

        According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, soul is “music that arose out of the black experience in America through the transmutation of gospel and rhythm & blues into a form of funky, secular testifying.”[1] Catchy rhythms, stressed by handclaps and extemporaneous body moves, are an important feature of soul music. Other characteristics are a call and response between the soloist and the chorus, and an especially tense vocal sound. The style also occasionally uses improvisational additions, twirls and auxiliary sounds.[2]

        So saying he ‘screams’ just proves the lack of musical knowledge. If people would take the time to research different genres and types of music, instead of voicing an uninformed opinion, you would see WHY he sings the way he does. He is SUPERB in the style of music he sings, and it’s a pity some people would rather make fun of him for singing a different style and genre than what they listen to. And one other thing, anybody that just raves about how good good Adam was, but yet want to accuse Joshua of ‘screaming’, is a hypocrite. Oh, and goats don’t scream or sound anything like Josh for your information. This is a long post but I wanted to prove a point, although most Josh dis-likers, not gonna say ‘haters’, could care less I’m sure, which actually proves ny point. Get some MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE before criticizing someone for singing a genre you know nothing about!!

      • jessica need to sing scyscraper.. please jessica, sing that song…. 

    • yeah…we do like her all we need to do is vote and really support.

  3. so next time jessica,,, pick up the clothes that is appropriate for your young body ha? listen to what jimmy said… and one more thing pick up the songs that are known to the people… and if you do it… no question…. you will be in the finale… YOU’RE IN IT… WIN IT ( hahahaha… dialogue of RANDY.. just borrowed it)

    • ahh one more thing and i think its important advice to JESSICA… please please TRY TO CHOOSE A SONG THAT COULD REALLY HIGHLIGHT YOUR BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING VOICE… ( just sayin)

    • agree 200%….please jessica….another thing that you should take heed as per judges advice…choose a dress that is appropriate to your age and of course a song that is familiar to thew viewers that will shine  your amazingly golden voice.

      • What  is all this nonsense about a dress. It may not be something I would like but for goodness sake it wasn’t anything close to being inappropriate. What was terrible was the song. Proud Mary is a simple song chord wise. Boring to the limit and hid her abilities. She has to pick to songs with incredible range, popular, songs that people know are tough and forget about your 3-chord blues.No dancing, now letting her hair fly all over the place or anything that JLo has told her. Even if she had to choose two power ballads then that would be better than trying to jump around the stage. Get rid of BB Chez for now. She has to sing to her strengths and go for broke.


      • Unfortunately they can only choose what is on the list of cleared songs that Nigel gives them.  Occasionally a singer has fought for a song that wasn’t on the list and won, but I can’t imagine Jessica fighting for it.

  4. My advice would be to have fun in what you’re doing. Don’t hold back. Sing and perform like there’s no tomorrow. Give fans the performance that they deserve.


  6. JS, hear that~ I hope.
    Stay young~ I can’t wait to see you doing current song like you’re doing in  your covers~ haist!

    For me, Phillip should really try a different one~ far from he usually does. I mean this is a competition and he’s doing and sound the same every week. He could do that if he already doing he’s album. 

    JS and P2 kinda bores me already a bit even they’re sing great and that’s sad. 🙁 I hope could get the excitement back this week~ 🙂 

    Hollie, Keep it up gurl! Josh, dunno know,yes, you’re doing great but feels like I also wanna here new from you like another upbeat. yeah.

    JS, FTW!

    • P2 has hardly been singing great. Perhaps he writes nice songs but he has the weakest voice of  the top 4, perhaps even the top 12. Hollie has made an interesting comeback but she has been somewhat inconsistent though not deserving of the way the judges have treated her. Those same judges have also gone overboard in their praise of Joshua. He’ a very good singer, lacking in control but does what he is good at (soul) very well. Not always my thing though like the last third of the Bee Gees song which to me was terrible.

      Jessica cannot go out there and act like a kid. She has to just maintain her poise and sing as though there is no tomorrow. Singing is what she does best. She should stick to that and forget all this lack of connection nonsense.
      If she were to hop around like some kid having fun noone would take her seriously. 16 is not 10. She is not a kid and she is competing against people of all ages. Perhaps AI is not about singing, but there are a lot of people who a moved by exceptional singing and she is the only one there who can do that.


      • Oh yes, JS singing is exceptional~ She should maintain her poise ofcourse but I don’t think Jimmy is talking about ‘some kid having fun’ I think he meant is that JS should sing more of a mainstream of her age~ She’s not just a diva that could sing ballad so great. She’s versatile, infact, I think she’s the most versatile singer in the competition~ 🙂

      • Phillip is awesome, he’s different and I love his voice, we have enough power singers out there hitting the high notes. And to tell the tuth I’m kinda board with the rest of them. They just sound the same to me.

    • JS bores you? Well not me, I get excited over her every week. Her rendition of You are so Beautiful made ma clap in front of my computer..that’s how she moved me…

      • “You are so beautiful” is so amazing~ and I love JS. Maybe the only fact that bores me of JS is her song choices~ I mean, the songs are really mature for her, isn’t it? Maybe, I’m just expecting that she would sing more current songs like she’s doing in her covers in youtube~ don’t get me wrong, she’s really amazing~ 🙂

  7. P2 – go out of your comfort zone, go crazy, surprise everyone…you are being a little bit predictable now because you cant sing any other song apart from ur genre! a lot of ur performances involves a guitar, growling, and stayong on the middle of the stage only. do something different man!

    Jessica – Be young, have fun! you’re only 16! we know what you are capable of but ur song choices are hurting you! try listening to the suggestions ur fans has been giving you, sing young, familiar, hip songs!

    Hollie – i have to say you’re the most improved, just continue doing what you’re doing, let loose, have fun on stage, dont overthink what ur going to do while singing..

    Joshua – try singing without the screaming and all, a lot of times ur making the song so big  when you dont have to, thats why sometimes it comes off as screeching! adam lambert use to scream a lot but when he sang tracks of my tears and mad world without the screaming and all, he got praises and SO from simon cowell.. 

  8. Everyone wants Phillip to do something “different”. The truth probably is that he is doing what he can do. His voice doesn’t have the versatility the others have. They keep touting his musicianship, personality, and charisma to compensate. It’s a singing competition!

    Jessica has a trained, excellent voice. I can feel the technique and training in it while she’s singing, which is why I can’t connect with her and her emotion.

    Joshua and Hollie both have verstile, dynamic, voices and the ability to communicate feelings when singing. Either would be a credit to AI (well, any of the 4 would do that). But in light of looking for a female winner and the incredible rise from the ashes of being bashed pretty hard, I’d go for Hollie!! I didn’t think I would say that a month ago!!

    • Hollie? ur kidding right? she cant make runs on her songs, she always sings it straight…ability to communicate? she overthinks while singing thats why it always come as if she’s not having fun at all. she can hit the high notes but you can actually see that she’s having a hard time doing it…has any artists or grammy winners praise holly for her technicality? for the way she performs, stage presence?! NADA….zero! she’s the most improved but when it comes to vocal abilty, stage presence, technicality, she comes in at 3rd…..joshua and jessica comes 1st and 2nd….anyway i respect ur opinion, i just have to disagree….

      • we all have our favorite but i see phillip holding out for the win i just hope im right

      • Carrie Underwood. You know, the biggest female name in country, said Hollie was amazing and did fantastic on Jesus Take The Wheel!

      •  very well said! hollie sings so unnaturally as she s so conscious of what she’s doing hence it looked put on and her range is very limited.bleeding love, did u notice her low note register is totally shortened and abrupt comparing to leona coz she’s not able to hold it long,yes she can belt out but not as good as js n jl.joshua s good but one said right here,he sings and shouts n he overdoes it all the time,notice half of to love somebody he was screaming and screeching shouldn’t be like that! philip he’s just cute n appeals to young gully girls! as for jess being so young,dress etc etc,what’s the brouhaha about these all? to be honest she only does anything and everything they want her to do,she always sings brilliantly soft and with ‘scream’ as others call it but only when needed,she dresses iconically as tommy h said she could be a fashion icon coz she always carry herself smartly n beautifully! prancing and bouncing around for God’s sake she was singing an uptempo song what do people want her to do be catatonic? and singing very old songs what a crap,maybe we should give her barney n lullaby songs? hellloooo! by far she s d most talented,natural and polished singer amongst all,at a very tender young age of 16.I rest my case! peace to all!

      • Runs??? Vocal acrobatics haven’t yet become an Olympic sport, but if it does, Jessica wins gold! Now, back to the competition at hand… Jessica is a MIMICK with perfect pitch, vocal acrobatics, and over-done notes (she enters and exits nearly EVERY note with a slur up or down… which helps to make her APPEAR to know what she’s doing, until she’s up against Joshua or Hollie… yes, Hollie!), and a put-on furrowed brow that’s supposed to make you think she knows what the song is about, when it’s just an act… this kid had been through the singing pageant mill and knows how to fake it to make it. She does have a lovely voice, but NO DEPTH to it… it rings HOLLOW, as was glaringly obvious when she attempted (very poorly) to MIMICK Tina Turner, and every chorus of “Rollin’!” was not just weak, but pathetically devoid of power and passion. In contrast, Jimmy was right, Hollie didn’t try to BE Tina Turner, she gave it her own spin and payed homage, and did it VERY WELL… real DEPTH, power and passion, and I don’t know how she knew to do it, but her moves, we’re also an homage (but not a mimick of) ’60s dance moves.

        Hollie gets dumped on a lot, but she’s the ONLY ONE at this point taking advice, learning and adjusting, and cranking the performance level up EACH WEEK the past few weeks. Reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, who came out of the pack at the end with her big, soaring voice… she peaked at the right time too.

        Runs are like the Olympic equivalent of rhythmic gymnastics… nice, but so what? Especially when they’re plastered over the whole performance. Unless you’re Ella Fitzgerald, I don’t CARE that you can fling runs all over a pop song…yawn! Too many runs kill a good song… whatever happened to hearing the actual NOTES?

    • phillip is a very good singer he does what you can expect to see dont want them to show one side vote for them then they cut an album and you say what was that or who was that with phillip you know who he is and he knows who he is that should be very important to us who plan on buying their cd.

      • a good singer? maybe, but vocal ability? hhmmm…he comes in 4th! can he do something diffrent? every week is just the same…judges would praise him because he makes his own spin on a song, but do you know why he always do that? because he cant sing other songs apart from his genre, so he have to fit this songs on what he can ONLY do…SING IT WITH A GUITAR WITH A LOT OF GROWLING! remember hollywood week? he sang broken strings with his group, without a guitar and it was an EPIC fail, try looking for it on youtube! versatilty wise? im sorry but Philip doesnt fall on that category…..same old boring style evry week…..standing on d middle of the stage with his guitar wearing plain color shirt or polo…..

      • Phillip is awesome, the rest do the same every week, Phillip takes a song and makes it new, the rest just sing a song, they put a spin on it sometimes  but it never comes out as something new.

    • Jessica sings real good and i get the goosies….there is a connection and feeling with her music……there is no way Hollie has the connection as described…lol. She can sing but they all can…there is more to it and Jessica has it and jsut needs to take the advice Wern Anderson and others gave here….good luck to all of them…..

    • hollie a versatile singer?and u connect with her?when all she could do is open and close her hand…sorry but that’s the only movement i see watching her perform…

    •  i don’t know anything about singing technique, all i know is i don’t like to hear a cockroach voice (a.k.a hollie)…

    •  Yeah what is it with Phillip? He was missing from the Music Video AGAIN! Not fair! He probably pretended to be sick so that he could practice his songs a little more, while the other four were working their tails off in those heavy costumes! Not showbiz material, this guy…

      •  You shouldn´t jugde about this, if  you have no backgoundfacts. You don´t know, how ill he really is. Nobody knows.

      • He has kidney stones and he’s in pain at times. He’s not faking. Anyone that’s ever had one can tell you he’s must be working harder then  you will ever know. 

      • you a doctor how do you know how bad he felt besides he would really rather have the fun they had making the video

    • I don’t think he is rude. Its just that, we want to hear good feedback  all the time. HONESTY HURTS… The judges are just too soft in giving their comments. That makes me miss Simon!

    • Josh should not be in the top 5. He screams and has no connection with the crowd. The judges on the other hand make me sick how they are trying to influence votes for Josh. Wont work. Jessica has the best voice and can out sing anyone of the the other 3 that are left. If Josh wins, Idol will loose many viewers.

      • Just another musically uneducated poster. If 3 of the last 4 winners of this show have had, what most would consider subpar careers thus far, and has not brought about the doom of AI, why would you think a black male gospel based singer would? That’s just an idiotic statement soley premised on the fact that you have a distain for Joshua and the type of music he sings. And I’m sorry, but the judges have ‘pushed’ , and tried to ‘influence votes’ MORE for JESSICA than Any other contestant, prime example was how they handled the save and their comments, but in your ditzy mind, it’s ok for them to ‘push’ Jessica, since that’s obviously your favorite, but not Joshua? Get a grip on reality Jess fanatic, that’s such a hypocritical statement, but I guess people that are so unaware of reality have no clue about what they say. And it has also been proven, many times actually, that Jessica CAN and HAS been outsung by many of the contestants on AI. As for Josh, he proved in his duet with Jessica that he can OUTSING her, just listen to Jimmie’s comments. Many of you Jess fans always want to point out what Akon said, and I still have no idea who the hell that is, but are oblivious to criticisms she has also received from Jimmie and others. And y’all are also oblivious when Jimmie and guest mentors praise anyone not named Jessica, for example the comments Steven Van Zandt made about Joshua this past Wednesday night, and how Jimmie said it was the BEST performance of the entire season! Boy y’all sure love to point out all the positive remarks given to Jessica, but are quick to dismiss the positive ones given to the other contestants, so would this be considered fans, fanatics or ignorance??, I won’t speculate. I’ve always said Josh and Jess deserve to be in the finals, because they have the most powerful voices, but continuously reading comments such as yours, has got me wanting to see anyone BUT Jessica in the finals. Some of the rudest posters on this site are Jess fans. Y’all feel as if there is a need to bash, criticize or belittle the other contestants, in an atempt to raise up Jessica. It’s just quite silly how many of you jump all over people that do not have Jessica as their favorite, or have anything negative to say about her, but you guys are the FIRST ones to post such nasty and hateful comments towards the other contestants. The judges have praised ALL of the contestants, so get over that like Josh just as much as Jessica, you have your opinion, and they have theirs, they just have a better eye for talent than you do!

  9. Last year nobody listen to Jimmy, so what? – Scotty still win hahahaha…he ha the knowledge, but it doesn’t mean that he is the best and know all – people will chose whoever they want to chose, so be it – Phillip win I am happy not that I get anything, I feel that he is good and can relate to him singing. The year before people still don’t listen to him and if he is in next year people will not listen to him nor Randy, not Steve or JLor….

  10. Phillip Phillips is the only true artist.  He is not a cover artist.  They all sound like everyone else. 
    As for an American Idol.  I like Phillip because he is himself.

    • I couldn’t say it any better! He is the only original artist. He’s awesome being himself. The others are great but are sound like everyone else on the radio. Also, the show isn’t called “Best Voice” , it’s called “American Idol.” When I think of those words I think of someone being themselves and bringing their own sound and persona to the stage. That’s what Phillip does! He’s amazing. Also the only one who I feel I could listen to for hours without getting bored.

  11. I agree with most of what Jimmy advised and commented here. Except for the mind blowing performance of joshua. For me, it is more of eardrum blowing. he has a good voice in the lower register of notes. but when the notes climb up, he screams and it becomes unpleasant to the ears. just an opinion. but obviously, he is the favorite of the judges, especially randy. he gets standing ovations even on performances that don’t deserve them.

      • So you constantly root for Jessica to receive a standing O, but it’s unfair that Joshua gets them?? You see, the problem with Some of you Jess fanatics is, when Jessica gets high praises and or a standing O, the stars are aligned, the world is at peace, and the judges are just so awesome cause they see that Jessica is the greatest singer ever, BUT.. when any if the other contestants, Especially Joshua, get high praises or a standing O, the judges are stupid, they’re showing favoritism and pushing them down Americas throat, and they don’t know what the hell they’re doing because it’s so ‘unfair’ to support someone other than Jessica. So do you see the problem with your statement sailor moon? It’s ok for Jessica to get a standing O, but it’s ‘unfair’ if Joshua does…….that’s called being a HYPOCRITE!

  12. Well it is plain to me and all my friends who Jimmy and Judges are for. We just don’t get it. They have been giving him all the praise and standing ovations all season. I don’t feel this is fair. They haven’t ever given him a well that wasn’t good yet. In our opinion he screams most of his songs, I thought Randa didn’t like screaming? He and the other Judges did the same thing to Haley last year. She was so much better than the final two. So they do nudge Ameruica on who to vote for. I would love to see the two girls in the final, but have my doubts it will happen. Looks like it is headed for the same as the last few years.

    • Can’t recall Jimmy’s raving over Joshua all season. In regards to his version of To Love Somebody I think he is spot on. It was brilliant. I find Joshua tends to scream too much but then he seems to be getting egged on to do more and more by the other Judges (Jimmy I just don’t remember). I think Joshua has a lot of talent. Outside of his Queen rendition, he interprets his songs very well, but he needs a coach to instruct him to hold back. He isn’t like the one trick pony DeAndre so should use all his range to his advantage. Unfortunately the 3 judges seem to disagree so what do I know.

    • you dont need to worry about getting it…the older ppl get it…we also buy music too!!! and we do vote too…

    • Look up the definition of ‘soul music’, or just read my long post above. Get educated !

      • well i think you believe that you are the only one here that is musically educated. and everyone  that says we hate it when joshua screams are just ignorant. i dont know why cant you accept that the kind of music that you are educated with is not appealing to everyone. and it is not nice that you repeatedly tell us here that we dont know anything about music if we dont like joshua’s screaming with tonal quality. if that is your belief then good for you. you can simply state that joshua is not screaming and you like his type of music but stop saying that everyone else who disagree is uneducated.

      • We dont need to get educated to make ourselves pleased by the kind of music we think are interesting so please stop with the ‘get educated’ imbecile statement. You are so defensive man.

      • Yea I could be labeled as defensive, but I see that from an awful lot of posters here when their favorite is being talked about negatively. When I say ‘get educated’, it’s not meant as an insult, but merely a suggestion to research different styles and genres of music, to Understand why someone sounds the way they do when they sing. People are absolutely entitled to their opinion and to appreciate any type of music they feel, but just because a singer sings a different style of music doesnt mean that they ‘suck’ or that they ‘scream’. So to say Josh needs to stop ‘screaming’, or doing all the runs and vocal gymnastics that he does, that would be the same thing as asking Skylar Not to sound country, Jessica not to sound R&B ish, and Phillip not to sound…..well Phillip ish… My whole point is that Joshua is a soul/gospel singer, and yes it is a genre that is not mainstream, but it IS a genre of music. And all of his vocal sounds and body movements are the definition of SOUL music. Not saying anybody has to like soul music, I really don’t listen to it, but the point is he is NOT ‘screaming, it’s part of the genre of music he sings…just like Skylar sings country and Jessica sings r&b. People are certainly entitled to like what they like, but labeling a singer a ‘screamer’ just cause he sings a genre you don’t like, or don’t know of, is pointless and petty.

  13. Jessica vs. Hollie for the finale!!! That would be a SING-OFF!!!! Come on America, lets make it happen! Phillip is boring and Joshua is too niche!

  14. Little Hollie made the Top 4! A month ago I thought she would go!!! So proud to see her take baby steps all the way to the top, I’m so happy for her! I think she’s making the most progress this season, truly growing and learning about herself. And that’s what this show is all about!
    Good luck Hollie!

  15. I hope JSan would listen to the advice given to her by Jimmy. She has an amazing voice but sometimes her song choices does not give a great impact to the viewers. In addition, the way she dresses and even her hairstyles are quite mature for her age. Nonetheless, I still love her and hope she wins!

  16. Mine is simple…..Whoever is that person behind Jessica’s poor choice of songs and that person continues to advice another unfamiliar song then in the end Jessica will be the next to byebye then I wanna be a killer…………

    •  If America does not want J Sanchez to win AI, another country will embrace her.  She is still will be successful. Hope Bruno Mars will do duet with JS.

      • I believed if Jessica will not win AI then still America will love her and even more and that’s through Akon who expressed his interest of making Jessica his protege or new discovery for the music industry……that actually lessens my worries for her.

  17. I think the Top 2 will consist of the idols in the TV screen behind Jimmy on the headline picture. :)))

  18. I hope Jessica reads our comment. and please enough old songs , one Whitney Houston is enough. you’re only 16yrs old. and there’s a plenty of new songs that fits your age, and connect with us.. so what if you’re not a good dancer, at least you can dance, show your body language.  you have a golden voice but you lack of stage presence. please, we want you be the next American Idol. 

  19. Jessica is the best! She has a amazing voice. All the people must voting for her. 

  20. Jessica, it’s about time to sow them the power of your chest tone. It’s winning time! 🙂

    1. Phillip – take Maalox coz he looks he needs them when he is singing.
    2. Jessica – Multi Vitamins to get a little fat so that you will WIN.
    3 .Joshua – Halls/ throat lozenges coz hes always screaming.
    4. Hollie – she sounds pehhfek just pehhfek and seems like she got 9 lives.


      • Just read somewhere that skylar defended jessica about her wardrobe issue, skylar said that “jessica has a body to die for”. 🙂

      • Jessica is a terrible role model for teenage girls…waaaay too skinny (totally unhealthy and unattractive) and she dresses completely inappropriately for her age.  Her mother should teach her, not exploit her.

      • @Ruut:disqus all of the AI hopefuls  are good role models!!!! there’s bunch of teens by age 15 and up that are already out school, using drugs and pregnant.

        What a pathetic way of judging somebody and singling out JS just because you don’t like her.  Such a low class attitude and you are definitely a horrible model to anybody.

        just saying you know.

        Go P2, Josh, Hollie & especially JESS show everybody that all of you are good role models not only to the teens but to ALL

      • This also goes to Ruut: She is only 16, so her body is still developing. She is still skinny but she is not bony, so I expect her to fill out in a couple of years as she matures.  I agree that what she wore was a bit racy, but it was only for that particular performance, and she dresses appropriately during results shows and in her other performances.

      • For Ruut – Please don’t single out JS as a bad role model for the youth. She wore that dress because it is what the AI stylist suggested. She perhaps put her trust on the stylist…she may think it will look good in her because the stylist thought it will. 

        However, you have no right to say that she is not a good role model because of 1 bad moment in dressing. FYI, RIhanna, Beyonce, and sometimes JLO, their music video oftentimes contains very sexy scenes and vulgar. Do not blame it on JS for 1 bad taste, and most of all, you cannot include her mother in this. Thats way too LOW.

      • Ruut…don’t say mean especially to her mom…you don’t know them…

  22. It isn’t a miracle that Hollie made it. She’s good–in fact, the best of them all. My advice to Hollie is to sing to people she can see in the audience and experience sharing their smiles and love for her.  She’s making it with good spirit and she keeps taking big steps amid the negative thinking around her. God bless Hollie. She’s going to the top.

  23. My opiion: Josha and Hollie and Joshua in the finale….Judges said Josha is the singers of all seasons that American Idol has been on the air. I agree!!!

  24. My favorite moment of this week’s performance show was Hollie imitating Jessica!
    “I-I-I-f I-I-I-I- Sho-o-ould-d-d-d stayy-y-y…”
    Hollie I think has the best personality of all 4! She puts a smile on my face every week!

    • I thought of it as an act of a bully. Making fun of people is not funny. AI shouldn’t made her do that.

  25. Hollie and Joshua are my favioret and all they have to do is keep being themselves and sing with a song in my heart.let it come from the heart and  then it will glow all over everything 2 are the best .stay steady and sing from  the heart .let it all out like you neevr sang it before let it blow peoples minds like you 2 do.good luck  love you both

  26. I question why Joshua Ledet is so well revered on this show, but what do I know? I’ve only favored the contestants over the years that have wound up with the most successful careers, and most of them haven’t won the title. With all the perceived talent this year, I don’t know if any will ever be really big names. Jessica has no personality, and personality and talent are needed to be BIG. Joshua seems like more of a gospel/R&B type – not mainstream. Philip missed his calling 30 years ago – reminds me of a James Taylor or Neil Young type of artist (which I love), but isn’t mainstream today. And Holly – cute and good singer, but I picture her in Vegas…I don’t see any having success like Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Pickler, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, etc. Sorry guys…

    And am I dying to see this top 10 on the AI tour. Not really. Last time I went was season 8 (I think) because of Adam Lambert and Alison Iraheta…

    • Correction…All people have personalities but with differences.
      There’s no such people with no personality.

      • No personality = Catatonic…right?
        I don’t see anyone there like that.

  27. Need to drug test Jimmy.  Always respected his expertice but is on drugs this final four.  Get to reality Jimmy.

  28. All four have amazing talent and are unique in their styles .. we would love to see Hollie and Joshua in the final two .. Joshua is freakin’ crazy with his soulful voice and his performance/stage presence is breath taking.  Hollie .. wow wow .. her magestic voice is incredible and she’s a class act.  She has improved immensely and truly listens to Jimmy and the other mentors.  Talk about goosies with some of those notes/runs she sings !!   Go Hollie  : ) 

  29. jessica has more reserves for the last big nighs. expect her to be belting big songs for the finale..she’s the youngest but the most experienced with voice manipulation among the top4

    • Finale: Contestant’s Choice
      Jessica – Stuttering/Everybody has a Dream
      Hollie – Reflections/ Power of Love

  30. Well I think people praise Joshua way to much than what he deserves of course he’s going to get more votes and stand up ovations from the judges because he’s black and he’s gonna get the most because they’re treated better than white people and I think he doesnt deserve to win and needs to go home this week. Jessica I’d say Is Alright but not the best she deserves to win 2 place. Phillip is ok but not the best I think Colton deserved to stay over him and I would give him 3 place.Hollie cavanaugh I think is simply the best she pulls her best each week and you have to give that to her at least Shes trying and she has her own unique voice and doesn’t try to sound like anyone else unlike the other so therefore I think she simply deserves to win and people please vote for her she deserves it

    • I totally agree!! The judges were too hard with Hollie all the time and she is better than the others… Jessica can sing only soft songs…she’s lost with other type of songs… So I don’t think she is that great….

    • Are you serious about Joshua getting votes because he is black and gets treated better than whites. Not only is that comment racist but so ridiculous. How many black people made it to the top 12. You mean to tell me there was not one black female that was talented enough to make it. Joshua is very talented and is a great singer; plain and simple.

  31. Hellwo, I typical Jess fan. I hate everyone who says Jess not number one and greatest singer of all time. Pinoy pride way over top cause we have no pwride otherwise, Jess is our God and we going to exploit her to fullwest.  Her mother grweat pusher to take Jess childhood away frwom her and pimp her out so much. she will be first to win AI multiple times…you wait you see and if you say anything bad you a hater hater. We normally so stupid we write in all caps and sticky keys, but post keep getting killed for that.

    • You’re right you’re crazy but you’re no fan of Jessica. Be good to yourself and let the true you come out.

  32. I wish contestants could pick ANY song they want! Then competition will be very interesting.

    • Songs I wish I’d written = Personal Choice

      Yes, @Noor139:disqus, I think competition will be very interesting next week.

  33. I THINK one of the four contestant that can make a good record is hollie cavanagh

    overall…: colton dixon

  34. whats wrong with jessica’s dress last wednesday,,,l don’t see anything wrong with it,,,,sooner or later she will dress that way,,,,if some people didn’t like  it,,,well  blame SOYON,,,,their idol stylist,,,she was the one that picked their outfits……

    • but, if jessica say’ I do not want to wear this dress, it too sexy’ to soyon, she will not wear that dress…. she must be brave to gives opinion

    • Jessica looked terrible in that dress, way too old for her and it was so tight she couldnot dance.  She looked ridiculous.  She has such an amazing voice but is hard to look at.   I think she should dress like a 16 year old.

  35. I agree with Jimmy on Phil, Jessica and Hollie. I disagree on Joshua. Not just the idol material for me.

    Phil vs. Jessica
    Hollie vs. Jessica

    I’m confused.LOL

  36. I have watched AI since the second season, but this will be the end for me if Joshua or Phillip win.  I have always suspected that the producers tinkered with the votes. I think it is obvious this year.  The standing ovations for Joshua are ludicrous.  And they have been unbelievably rude to Hollie.  How could Jessica be in last place when DialIdol showed her in first place?  Could it be that the ratings were slipping and they wanted to create some hype?  All of these singers are good, but the only one who will be an instant hit is Skylar.  Country Music will wrap their arms around her and nurture her to success.  The rest will have a rough time and at best will be second tier singers.

  37. *QUESTION:  Why is Phillip still standing & part of the final 4?  The teeny boppers voting 50 times each.   Phillip can on sing “his” genre of music…All others are versatile;  Many have left the stage that could shine 100 times over & sing all genres.  Phillip never could…We saw that this week.  No question, yet he’s still standing.  I sit with a surround sound system with the singer in my left ear.  I think you could find a singer in ANY given town with a better voice.  Take away the guitar & don’t look at him, and listen out of my speaker, and you’d hear mediocre…..not professionalism.  Yet, he’s still there.????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • It’s American Idol, not American Singer. If people think he is worthy of being a role model for America then they should vote for him and he should win. It’s that simple.

      • what Taymaro was saying…it is the whole package what AI has been trying to produce…an Idol who could sing and perform well on stage, has personality and style, and could be a role model…that’s why its IDOL.

  38. Sorry everyone but the only one of these four I like is Phillip … Jessica can sing but she’s like a woman of 40 and I agree with Jimmy on that dress she wore, it didn’t suit a girl  her age and she teetered around on those heels like her feet had been bound.  Id like to see her be 16.  I thought Hollie would be gone by now but I have to say she’s improved lately, but it doesnt come naturally to her, it’s an effort. Joshua is ok but too screamy. Phippip is unique, he has his own style and he is entertaining … I hope he wins

    • The question I keep asking myself is … Is Phillip really a singer who puts his own unique twist to a song? Or, is he a singer with a “very” limited vocal range who must change the arrangement of a song to fit the ONLY style he is capable of performing?

      •  Changing the arrangement of a song is also a talent…
        And I would say he has a special and wunderfull husky voice with a limited vocal range ( yes, he has problems with very high notes).
        His first song “The letter” had a more limited vocal range. He hadn´t change it to be capaple of performing.

  39. I like Jimmy;s comments compared to the judges.  I guess what he meant to Jessica’s dress was it’s too formal for her performance and th at this point of competition, the audience needs to know that she is 16 years old only.  This is what he was saying to pick a teenager song as well.

  40. Hollie is amazing and she always knows how to pick a pearfect song for herself.    Her voice always captivated me when she opened her mouth.  Jessica has a lot of confident in her singing and always shows her emotion and passion through her songs.   But she needs to pay attention to choosing a well known song for her voice.   Both are very talented.      

    My hope is Jessica vs Hollie.   But I have a feeling that it will be a guy vs girl.   We’ll see !!!     

    • If JSan pushers want Jessica to do something great they need to put her in the finale with Josh or Hollie. It would be an insult to have her competing against Phillip because he just cannot sing well. If she won against Hollie or Josh it would be a greater accomplishment. Therefore, the JSan pushers need to direct a few votes Hollie’s or Josh’s way to make sure she is not humiliated by having to compete against a pitiful singer like Phillip. 

      • they’re asking for JSAN supporter’s vote?
        then what…
        when, if ever, they did that…there’s a possibility that JSAN will lose votes and the other contestant gains plus their other supporters/fan base.

        i dont think it is the right move…

        nice try…but I would say vote for fave…this is not Asian Idol where you could vote two per person.

        It’s not being mean or greedy or something…its just that, there are odds to what you are implying to do for those who could vote.


  41. Nigel Lythgoe, produce of AI, just tweeted that the 1st song is a song from bands/singers from AI and the 2nd song is ‘songs I wish I’d written’

  42. Randy to JOSHUA: “You’re one of the best singers ever on this show!”

    Randy to JESSICA: “You’re one of the best singers in the whole country!”


  43. From Goody2shoes:Attention everyone:

    According to Nigel Lythgoe’s tweet, the (revised) Top 4 theme is:

    1. Songs from bands or singers from California


    2. Songs I wish I’d Written.


    • Songs I wish I’d written = Personal Choice

      AI contestants, I beg you, please don’t screw up on your personal song choice next week.

    • Someone couldn’t find a Cali song they liked I guess since it was revised.

      • Well, it’s a good thing that AI revised it. When I first read about the “California Dreamin'” theme, I’m not sure what it meant. A lot of people here were suggesting Hippie music songs or California-themed songs and I’m not into those types of songs.

  44. For the first theme, popular bands from California are 

    The Beach Boys
    Black Eyed Peas
    Maroon 5
    Sugar Ray
    Guns n’ Roses
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    What do you think are the songs that suit the Top 4?

    Please comment.

    • CCR is a California band.  I’d love for Phil to do “I Put A Spell On You”.   He’s so different, that I think his facial expressions would work great on that song.

  45. Btledoux made several outstanding comments. I don’t think Joshua screams. It’s his style. My goodness people, Steven Tyler made a living yelling into a microphone. Stop hating and just acknowledge his talent.

    • Some of the most passionate singer of all time, were known to scream into the mic from time to time. I grew up listening to performers such as Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, and later Steven Tyler. And back then, all my dear old mom (who thought Frank Sinatra was her idea of passionate music) could say is ” All they do is scream”. Those that use that same worn out line in regard to Joshua, remind me a lot of my mom and her stale taste in music. All I can say is I feel sorry for people with such limited taste in music … And how boring their lifes must be.

      • While, I agree that some singers do scream and it’s accepted..those are usually rock guys and I love it then.   It’s one thing to scream during Walk This Way but Joshua screamed a BALLAD last week.

    • What I find strange is that Joshua has not sung in a gospel style or screamed a song in more than two weeks. Yet, the same people continue to use the same, worn out replys in regard to Joshua. Which makes me ask, who is more repetitive? Joshua and his so called “screams” … Or those the use the same worn out line, no matter what joshua does?

      • Thank you fox and fanidol… I guess for some people it’s easier to make fun of, and criticize someone that is doing their best to turn their dream into a reality…and doing it successfully, rather than complimenting or encouraging them, even tho they sing a different style and genre than what is accustomed. The whole ‘screaming’ bit just proves the lack of musical knowledge people have that accuse Joshua of such. And I have yet to hear Joshua sing an entire song in his upper register, or what the musically inept call ‘screaming’, so anybody that lays claim to him doing nothing but ‘screaming’, are seriously tone deaf, besides being musically inept, and have NO knowledge whatsoever of the different genres and styles music has to offer. And the judges, Jimmie and every guest mentor has praised Joshua for one reason, because he is a tremendously talented SINGER. Jimmie has worked with thousands of artists, from all different types of genres, he’s not just invested in one or two different genres, and is beyond successful, so when he talks about how great of a singer Joshua is, and how he can’t wait to make a record with him, the guy has oodles of credibility, and knows more about music than ANY of us. So.. For heavens sake, enough of the ‘screaming’ crap already, it has become tiresome and is just simply FACTUALLY untrue.

  46. if they can just get a wide set of songs to choose from, then they wouldnt have to worry about jessica picking old songs. it’s not even like the others chooses new ones as well. and they hire a stylist right? so they have a say on what and what not a contestant shoud wear on performance night.

    i would want a hollie – jessica finale! that would be awesome. 

    • You will have to give a few votes to Hollie to make that happen. She is in danger. If you want to push her to the finale you will have to encourage people to vote for her as well as JSan. If that doesn’t happen it is most definitely going to be a P2 vs Jess finale. 

      I think it would be a bigger accomplishment if JSan won a contest between herself and either Hollie or Josh instead of Phillip. Jessica is far better than Phillip and it would be a no brainer if she won against him. But if it was Hollie or Josh and she still wins it will look like she did something great!

      • And of course there is always the possibility that even though she has a beautiful voice, she still may not win. Some people just have different taste in music and may prefer the style of Phillip, Hollie or Joshua. Perhaps people should be prepared for an outcome that they may not like.
        I was amazed when Crystal Bowersox lost to Lee, I felt that she was a lot more talented than him.

      • Nice try, Taymaro … but Jessica fans will give 100% of their votes to her alone. Hollie fans will do the same.

      • I agree with @51960aa0f10b54f67422fc431290b6d0:disqus , JS fans would definitely dive their 100% vote to JS after that save. 🙂

      • What would be pathetic is if Jessica is singing against Phillip in the finale. Everyone knows Phillip sucks. It wont prove Jessica is the best of all. It will just prove she is better than Phillip. Everybody is better than Phillip.

        If she is against Hollie in the finale that will really mean she is the best if she wins.

      • you’re so pathetic really taymaro. haha. will o0nly vote for Jessica Sanchez

      • I’m pathetic? I think you are pathetic because you are afraid of Hollie. You know she is the better singer but you don’t want her in the finale because you are afraid she will beat Jessica. If you really want to prove who the best is you should help get Hollie to the finale so she will have some real competition. What will it prove if she beats Phillip? Everybody knows he sucks. That wont prove that Jessica is the best.

  47. Holly is my favorite. I would like to see a Holly and Joshua finale. Holly’s voice is  beautiful and she is getting better every week. Some of the comments that the judges made to her were down right nasty. All of a sudden they are changing their attitude and being nicer to Holly. I give Holly a lot of credit. She is really working on her stage presence. The judges have been hearing a lot of negative remarks about the way they talk about her, so they are toning it down. Good luck to all. May the most talented singer with the best voice win. Please, don’t vote for a cute guy. Remember Taylor Hicks and the “Soul Patrol”? Does anyone even remember this winner of AI? Let’s give someone with a great voice  a chance.

    • I was on board with what you were saying, until I read something about Taylor Hicks being a cute guy.

    • What about if you vote for a guy who has a style of music that you really like first and foremost AND he just happens to be cute?

      • taylor hicks cute…at least not look like 84 years old…..83…yeah…lololol….

  48. In my opinion “The Voice” and “The X Factor” are huge steps in the right direction for this type or reality TV. I think Idol would go a long way if they just learned some lessons from those two shows and made a few changes to be just a little less of a negative impact on the contestant’s future careers.

    The problem with American Idol as I see it is this. Once these contestants have been whittled down to 12 or 13 out of thousands it is already established that they are all exceptionally talented and have a place in the music industry. Then they bring them on the show to demonstrate their talent to the world only to be humiliated and embarrassed in front of millions of viewers by the ridiculous comments of the three judges and Jimmy Iovine. This can actually hurt their chances at having a career in music after they leave the show. For most of them it does indeed hurt them in the immediate after math of the entire process. 

    My point is that you can have a reality show of this sort and do it in a more humane way. The contestants also leave with a more positive feeling of the process and themselves once they leave the shows above. Almost all American Idol contestants leave with negative feelings toward the show and the process and most of them are very bitter about what they have just experienced. 

    With the two shows I have cited above there is a big difference in how the contestants are viewed even after they leave the show and here are the things that I think make the difference.

    #1. There is shared blame when the performance goes wrong. The judges/mentors have their own head on the chopping block along with the contestant because the judges/mentors are responsible for the song choices and the on stage production.

    #2. The contestants always know that the judges/mentors are involved in the game as well. They can take the criticism seriously or they can take it with a grain of salt knowing that the comments could just be part of the strategy the judges are using to get their acts to the finale and the win.

    #3. Each contestant always has at least one judge on their side fighting for them even when some of the others react negatively to their performance. That alleviates the feeling that the whole world is against them and helps them keep their self confidence intact.

    #4. There is a higher feeling of legitimacy in the process because there is no one or two favorites among producers and the judges. Each judge has a group and each judge is pushing their own acts to the front so why would they play favorites for one or two individuals in theory.  

    I think, for those three reasons, that those other two shows actually have an edge over American Idol. I think that it would be a welcome change if American Idol could figure out a way to drift more in the direction of those two shows. The only question left is how do they do it without it being said that they are copying those shows. I don’t know the answer to that but I definitely think that the producers of American Idol need to go to work and figure some things out or they will start to see themselves fading into the sunset.

    • I was a big fan of the voice last year..but I CAN’T STAND it this..everyone is terrible

      • but i do agree with your 4 reasons and I think AI needs to make some changes.. I also like how the voice doesn’t leave 100% of the votes up to  America

      • I appreciate your feelings about the performers but we are discussing the problems with the show and keeping the ratings up. 

        American Idol holds a special place in my heart just because it has been a part of my normal routine for so many years. I really will be sad if it continues to slide and eventually is canceled. 

        I whole heartedly want the show to succeed and I hope they do the right things and make the right changes to ensure its longevity and growth. 

        If they want to allow these judges the opportunity to redeem themselves as actual legitimate evaluators of a persons singing ability they can keep them next year and give each of them certain contestants to mentor for the season. Let each of them take a couple under their wing and present them to America. The ones who do the best job of taking a truly amateur singer and turning them into an American Idol will then gain legitimacy in my mind as to their qualifications to judge these young aspiring artists. The ones who don’t demonstrate the ability to do that need to be replaced. And they need to continue to replace them until they get the right judges to make true evaluations of talent.

      • aside from voting where audience could interact with the shows…they should atleast do again the some calling or message to be seen from the audiences…i think they did that last season 7 where they post some commentaries on the performance show and message to their fave…at times they let one call on air ( i think)

      • @b7adea155dca5d6ca0dea9530a276a0a:disqus  Agree to that. I guess they should make it two callers to tell a positive and a negative comment.

    • First of all, Idol might have to change the selection process. “The Voice,” I think, uses videos, and the contestants seem older. (Is there an age limit?) That eliminates having to endure so many people who think they can sing, but can’t, which makes Idol seem endless before it really begins. Also, viewers begin to choose favorites that never make it to the top 24.  

      Second, all the mentors on “The Voice” are active performers. Would Randy be able to be a mentor to anyone? The judges on “Idol” seem capable of choosing the top prospects. It is when viewer voting gets into the picture that there seems to be a problem. I think “The Voice” mentors are more involved in eliminating contestants before the voters get a say. Idol adding the use of one save did not make a difference. The save would have to be done each week up to the final three, for example. One of the biggest parts of the Idol problem still seems to be with the voting. 

      Third, many Idol contestants mention that they dislike making the song choice(s). Maybe that’s where the mentor should get more involved. Having Jimmy Iovine as a constant along with a “revolving mentor” can be confusing to contestants. Stevie and Jimmy made a good combination this year. I never saw any mentor be able to quickly get to the bottom of improving a performance than Stevie did. She was amazing. 

      Another big part of Idol’s problem has to do with bad judging behavior (examples–all the standing ovations; overuse of expressions like beautiful, in it to win it, the best singer in _ _ years; confusing criticism; and what appears to be favoritism). 

      Last, the name-calling this year in the blogging is out of control: hater, racist, making fun of physical characteristics of contestants–it is a turnoff by itself. 

      I don’t want Idol to be a copy of “The Voice” or “X-Factor.”  But you’re right, Taymaro, changes are needed to save this show. As far as keeping the ratings up: the more shows there are like this, the more watered down the ratings will be. People will compare and choose. Some show will lose out.

      • All of the contestants on the Voice are invited there by the producers.  They don’t have to go to cattle call auditions of 10, 000 people to get picked.  They are people who already have a history in show biz.  Big difference.

      • In reply to Tico: Thanks for your comment. So, “Idol” works with some people who have experience and some people who have limited to no experience. “The Voice” works with experienced people. This makes the mentoring process easier for the coaches. It IS a big difference and has to be considered when comparing the two shows. It also makes me think that improving the voting and judging areas are where to start to bring this back to the best singing reality show. 

    • what makes AI unique((before) is their format…but it is getting old fashion becuz of the rise of other shows (X-factor/The Voice) with its voting system, judges/mentoring, battle off, back stage videos while rehearsing among other things…which AI now lacks and need to change just to say and be on top of other reality competition.

    •  that what stands out about AI they let America judge who is their IDOL…100%…but i guess if they could limit to one phone/one vote/two contestant…just like what they did in first ASIAN IDOL.

      • No they don’t. They state on their official site that they reserve the right to cast out votes as they see fit. The producers are the deciding factor on who stays and who goes. 

  49. Whaever! All i know is jessica’s win. Very unique voice, flowless when she delivered. Amazing!!!

  50. I would love jessica & joshua in the finale. They are really very good. Goodluck to both of you!

  51. jessica: sing demi lovato’s songs. it’s suitable for your age. please. jessica. being new age, indie, kinda rock jess

    • As long as it is current, she should be fine. Hopefully she won’t onn the trap she got set up when Jlo told her she needs to be like Joshua (she tried to do it on Try a Little Tenderness) and Randy telling her to watch Tina Turner (he did say “watch” not sing her songs). What would be crazy if he follows Jimmy’s advice and she wears a nun’s habit in the next performance…lol! She still is the best talented singer left in the competition.

  52. i’m afraid , hollie and p2 will get intothe finale, with p2 as the winner..
    *last year nightmare 

  53.  a Jessica and Joshua finale will be fantastic for me! Anyway, a finale with Jessica and anybody is fine. Jessica is a truly talented gifted young artist. Any of the weaknesses attributed to her are things that can and will be learned in time.  But her voice and musicality are beyond anybody else this year. Jessica FTW!

  54. @btl1229: you are sooo very correct in your observation!!! It’s about time someone clears up that idiotic perception. If only people would broaden their scope of music then MAYBE they’d be able to appreciate other genres!!!

  55. agree.. don’t pick a song that makes you too much growling… your voice is really beautiful jess…

  56. This is my own ranking:
    4th – Hollie
    3rd – Joshua
    2nd – Phillip
    Winner – Jessica ^_^

  57. My Ranking:

    I used to be a fan of p2, but now he’s so boring. I hope she’ll nail this week. Joshua, i’m just not into him. Boring?might be. But he’s a great singer. Just, im done of the judges keep praising him over and over.

    Hollie really climibng and rising the top. While,Jessica’s baloons is popping. Since the judges saved her, Jessica is being inconsistent. And every week, she kinda looks like lost. While,Hollie and Skylar is rising. But skylar is gone. So i picked Hollie and Jessica to the finale. 

    • If Jessica stays focused this week and pick the right songs, she will win!

  58. Jessica please listen to Jimmy’s great advice…..don’t choose too old songs and dress nicely related to your age. Your fans know that you will be on top net week because you have an amazing voice and perform it with emotion and soul.

  59. What the AI needs to do:

    1. What stands AI from other is the capability of the audience to vote for their favorite idol 100% (letting other issue aside)….
    Suggestion: If they could only limit it to one vote per phone call or text/two contestant…just like what IDOL Franchise did in the first ASIAN IDOL…they let the audience from different countries to vote for their bet (respective country) and one other contestant, which i find fair.
    Problem: If they limit it to that then you will see somehow many really vote in the show (from millions to let say hundred thousands only).

    2. AI has 3 judges and it has been a pattern for other show which usually compose of 2 guys and 1 girl judge…
    Suggestion: I don’t think there’s a problem with that format, i think AI got only problem with the people they hire for the position…like everyone is saying let them judge and point out the problem, not just praise and stand up countlessly even if the performance is mediocre.
    I would again suggest to include a guest judge like they did before where he was the one to mentor, they did that for quite some time.   
    They should put Iovine on the set as well as the guest mentor on live performance show with the 3 resident panel.   If the contestant live up to the expectation of the rehearsal. 
    Problem:   Another introduction and set of media propaganda again if they’re going to change the judges..yes, just to attract viewers they have to spend money money money…

    I don’t think they have Back stage videos, except for the interview of the contestant after their performance.
    Suggestion:   It should not be edited.It should be directly feed from walking out from the stage to the interview booth.It should be real and not rehearse and edited.
    They should also include pre-performance rehearsal where you could see them rehearse or the guest mentor helps him with it on stage.  Something like X-factor had.

    The audition of AI is unique with its funny moments among other things.I always wait for that when they start the season.
    Suggestion: Don’t change that.
    They should also make the Hollywood week more accessible and air it more.

    Before on the result show, when the contestant stayed on the couch, he interview them right?
    Before, i think this suggestion was done last season 7 as far as i could recall, Ryan read messages or commentaries of fans/audiences simultaneously printed on screen.
    Are they still doing that?
    Suggestion: Bring it back.
    Add little spice, let one caller be heard live on air.They should screen it first so that no profanities will be aired.

  60. According to Nigel Lythgoe’s tweet, the (revised) Top 4 theme is:

    1. Songs from bands or singers from California

    2. Songs I wish I’d Written. 

    My Suggestions:
    1.Allison Iraheta – No One Else
        Joy Enriquez – Tell Me How You Feel / How Can I Not Love You
        Bonnie Hayes – Have a Heart / I Could Not Make You Love Me
        Collbie Caillat -You’ve Got Me
     2.Corrine Bailey Rae – Is This Love

    Phillip Phillips
    1.Aimee Allen – On Vacation/Save Me

  61. the BEST  SHOWDOWN!!!!
    is no other than the 2 girls power…. 

  62. STOP WHO IS THE BEST,,,,it’s time to determine their marketability, co’z the real race is after this competition…75-90 percentage.

    HOLLIE CAVANAGH – 86%(i know she can sing,she has just stage
    problem”pitchy,offkey”but after this show, if she’ll be given a nice
    career/song then she can compete with other artist now a days )

    JOSHUA LEDET – 83%(again his voice is powerful,it is just people can’t sing with him at all,listen to his songs”kinda powerful high,scream)

    JESSICA SANCHEZ – 88%(from performances,to recordings she is
    GOOD,songs can connect to the listeners and that is important,many
    producers would love to get her for an album,”just a feeling”)

    PHILIP PHILIPS – 85%(he has the face to market,but i don’t think,that kind of music can be a trend  in this generation,try to think of it)

    observe people….have a good day……

  63. please please please!!!not joshua in the finale,it will be a SCREAM FEST!!!..jessica and hollie FTW!!!!

    • he does not scream, unlike what others think….It’s just his style because his voice is really very very good

  64. Advice for the Top 4:
    Keep fighting. Now that your best friend is out, you need to find the
    strength within yourself, and stay tough. You’ve made fantastic
    progresses, keep improving, keep enjoying yourself. You have a beautiful
    voice, let it shine.

    Jessica: You are still young, don’t let music become a business.
    Don’t think of it as a competition you need to win, but look at it as a
    beautiful journey, enjoy it, find passion in it. You have the swagger,
    but you need to find the joy, the vulnerability, and a whole range of
    other emotions within music.

    Joshua: You need to decide what you want. Do you want to win the
    competition or do you want to use the competition to show people who you
    are? If the former, you need to be contemporary, go for the Usher/NeYo 
    meets Sammy Davis Jr. route. If you want to be who you are, stay true
    to who you are, and don’t worry about a thing because no matter what
    place you land, you will get a record deal.

    P2: You need to expand your music horizon. Musicality is what you are
    selling, then you need to demonstrate you can be inventive and creative
    and be ahead of time in music, not producing the same sound every
    single time.

  65. GUYZZZ!!!!!listen the judges just, stop their real comments after  top 5 announcement this season,,,

    from PRODUCERS to JUDGES,it’s all now SCRIPTED until finale,be observant,,,,,

    if they failed/unsatified for you that night?
    (then it is,)
    no matter how the judges praise the contestant…scripted comments comes along.

    if they did amazing for you that night?
    (then it is,)
    no matter how the judges gave their constructive/bad comments towards the contestant,,,,,

    be a judge on your own,then support…..,

    some people depends from the judges words…pity for them,

  66. My favorite isn’t still here so I can’t give them any more advice.

    If I were to give advice to Hollie I would tell her to remember what Little Steven told her. Sing and perform like you don’t care what anyone thinks. Just let it all hang out and go for it. You are in the top 4 of thousands Hollie. That is a huge accomplishment. Take what the judges and JI say with a grain of salt and celebrate the fact that you must be doing something right if you are still here even after they have tried in every way that they could to beat you down. Through all of the bad comments and all of the disrespect the judges have shown to you, you have prevailed and you can thumb your nose at them and just keep on smiling.

    If I were to give my advise to P2 I would tell him to not get too cocky. He isn’t still in based on his talent but he will be the next Taylor Hicks. He will be forgotten about so fast it will make his kidney stones turn to dust. He will make more off of poster sales at Wal-Mart to teen/tween girls (and some sweet little boys too) than he will ever make on CD sales.

    If I were to give advice to Josh I would tell him to keep on sangin’! You are a great singer and you will sell many records in your genre. I have no doubt that when he starts producing his own stuff it will be songs that will stand the test of time and span the decades. He will go down as an all time great and in 10 years talent show contestants will be using his songs to try and win these competitions.

    If I were to give advice to Jessica I would say. Have fun and ride the wave as long as you can. Don’t turn down any help from any prominent players in the music industry and go out there and make a name for yourself. Their will be peaks and valleys along the way. Don’t let the low times get you down and don’t let the good times take your feet off the ground (hey that kinda rhymes maybe some song lyrics in there). Just keep being yourself and don’t forget to extend a hand of charity back out to the little guys on your way up the ladder. 

    Just sayin…………. 

    • Taymaro….so totally agree… and after last week’s performance by Joshua on Love Somebody….I could not agree more.  I think he will be MASSIVE. He is what is missing in the music industry a modern day James Brown…

    • For one who who is “iffy” giving out advise, you really poured it in..Lol…Chill keep it coming..

      • iffy?? Wow! I think I am always spot on with my remarks here….LOL. We got what we got. No goin back now. Might as well keep it real and make the best of it. 

        Big changes need to be made to the format of American Idol. BIG changes!!!

  67. Jessica Sanchez knew already the trend songs before she entered this competition …..

    duhhhh!!!  xheck on youtube,,,,

    if i know,he chose this old songs for jess,,,,,

    hmmmm,he is the mentor ayt???

  68. That’s what we do here, dear—explain things… .^_^

    I gotta agree. Jessica has been singing a lot of trendy and old songs—making it new to the ears. 🙂 I still want to hear a lot from her since she put away most of her covers for AI.

  69. Among the 4 contestants left I’ll still bet my money on Jessica. As what Jimmy I. told her she’s technically the best and she sure is. Her voice is all natural. She doesn’t have to twist and shout to make it a cut above the rest. She’s a natural talent. Although she still needs to polish on her showmanship she’s getting there fast. And to think she’s the youngest, man she will definitely go a long way!

  70. There seems to be a consensus that Phillip Phillips is receiving the majority of tween/teen/female votes.  Perhaps this is true.  I don’t dispute it.  But let me put this to you:  Who do you think the men are voting for?  This is where P2 has the edge IMHO.  I just don’t see men voting for the type of performaces Hollie, Jessica and Joshua are putting out.  JMHO of course.  Would love to hear yours.

    • I don’t think men are one of those who vote as much for a contestant like a die-hard fan, I might say~
      I think they vote for who rendered a good performance that night or the one they think is the best but will not vote hard~

      Sorry, can’t find the exact words to say~ :))

      • . I am a man and I vote in the exact way you think men vote. I vote for the best performer that night. I can not begin to fathom how BORING this show would be for me if I already knew who I was going to vote for … regardless of the performance. That would be about as exciting as watching paint dry, if you ask me.

    • if i would vote, if ever i got the chance…i would go for the best performance of the night…but of course i have my own fave.

    • I don’t think there are any men left now. They all gave up when Elise went. None of these singers left really appeal to the male vote. That may be why the ratings are down on performance night. The only people left watching are the young ones, the older crowd and women. Women love drama and this has been nothing more than a glorified soap opera this season. It’s not really about the talent (i.e. Phillip Phillips). But of course AI hasn’t been about the talent for quite some time. The last time that real talent was involved in the finale was when the two Davids finished first and second. Even then the right person did not win. 

      BIG changes need to be made if AI is to survive many more season. I am talking about judging, format, voting and production. The whole 9 yards. IMO the show needs to be completely reinvented to give it the longevity of other talent shows that are on TV right now and the ones that are on the way in the next couple of years. 

      The talent pool will be spread thin and the viewers will be spread thin. AI is ruining the new up and coming talent and the music industry is fighting back to make sure that contestants maintain their dignity and self respect while their talent is being showcased to the world. 

      We have all been watching AI because there was no other option. Others have taken that concept and built upon it and made it better. There is always room for improvement. IMO American Idol has done exactly what Jimmy Iovine warned Phillip of earlier in the season. They have stood still and fought against change and now they have been surpassed by people who have been willing to think outside the box.

      • Let me throw this at you. 

        The only reason the ‘voice’ gets watched is because … they did NOT go toe to toe with American IDOL on the time slots. During the first year, they generated BUZZ. But that show, on it’s second year, with it’s learnings, still failed to edge out American idol in the body count. Two years in a row of failing … is a trend.

        Had the ‘voice’ gone toe to toe with American Idol on the time slots, it would have been murdered. At least, in that aspect, the ‘voice’ people used their heads.

        The X-factor, is going to virtually REPLACE everybody in it’s lineup. They are doing even far worst than the ‘voice’.

        Sure, the American Idol can make some changes, but I wouldn’t advise them to make things too radically different from the current formula. This formula WORKS. It’s got 11 years of wisdom under the hood.

        If it ain’t broken, you don’t have to replace it lock, stock and barrel. A little facelift will do. But not too much.

      • Let me throw this at you. American Idol hurts people’s careers in the immediate after math of the show and most never are able to overcome that. There are more shows of this nature on the drawing board right now. It isn’t going to take long before all of the real talent starts to gravitate toward other platforms that are more friendly towards the contestants. All of the contestants on “The Voice” last year speak very highly of their experience. That inviting atmosphere will win out over more harsh formats such as Idol. When the talent goes to the other shows so will the viewers.

        The format of American Idol is indeed broken and needs to be fixed in a drastic way. Sure it’s hard to win out over an incumbent program like Idol. But “The Voice” isn’t far behind and “The X Factor” will also catch up once the contestants get the picture that they can come out of those shows with a much higher standing than American Idol. The talent level is what will bring the viewers to the other shows. Trust me.

      • Wow–just scrolling through to see if there was any clarification on the theme of the week & noticed that Taymaro likes to post a lot!!  For someone who seems to think that there are so many problems with the show & the contestants you sure do have a lot of opinions.  I wouldn’t be watching if I had all of those issues with the!  In response to your indication that all of the men left the show…I’m a guy and will leave the show as soon as Phillip is no longer on…he is the only reason I watch…not because I think he is cute…but rather because I enjoy his brand of music & can appreciate his talent.  Obviously you and I do not share the same taste in music or singers….since you think the ‘wrong’ David won, however, I also don’t think it is necessary to run down other contestants just because you don’t like their particular style…obviously they have more talent than anyone posting on this site and should be  commended for their effort.  Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you should share it all of the time….IMO!!  lol!  You seem to like that phrase!!

      • When you see the judges unfairly pimping one contestant over the other there has to be some sort of voice to balance the scale. The judges and the production do everything they can to get their picks to the front and I just think it is high time someone took a stand. These contestants all deserve to be there and each one of them deserve to win as much as the other IMO. You criticize me for running someone down but yet the judges and the producers do the same thing and get a pass. They do it through unfair critique and sabotage by the production. I watch the show for the talent and singing. But when you see an injustice being done you should always speak out about it. To do nothing is almost criminal. In some way shape or form I hope that criticizing the show is somehow giving them a taste of their own medicine and also that maybe a little person like me on a little ole blog like this can make a difference for current and future Idol contestants.

        As I posted before, American Idol holds a special place in my heart just because it has been a part of my routine for so many years. I hope that it will continue to thrive so that it does not get canceled in the next few years. Maybe if the right person reads this or if more people start to agree that it needs to be changed it will finally get through. For the sake of the show, for the sake of the contestants, and for entertainment’s sake just don’t let it die. With the current state of things that is what it is destined to do.

        Just sayin….

        I will express my opinion how ever I am able and as many times as I want.

      • Oh, and if you don’t want to read my opinion so much then don’t read my posts. It’s that simple. I don’t think anyone is forcing you to.

      • Seriously Taymaro–an injustice!!  It is a freaking show!!  An injustice is when someone is killed for no reason–ie..Trayvon Martin…a child abducted…a community losing everything to a natural disaster…ie Joplin, MO, Alabama etc.  An injustice is not someone giving a standing O to Joshua….I don’t care for Joshua, but I surely don’t think that any of the other contestants are suffering in any way shape or form because they gave him a standing O.  But you go right ahead and continue to defend the poor down trodden AI contestants–I myself will find something much better to do… not read anymore of your posts….even though you do fancy yourself quite important!! lol!!

      • First of all this whole effin site is about American Idol. It’s not about tornadoes or hurricanes or other tragedies going on in the world. I give those issues my time at another venue. Don’t ever accuse me of thinking that the plight of American Idol contestants is any where near as important as the other tragedies that go on daily in the world.

        What do you want me to do? Come on this blog and go completely off topic and start talking about disease and famine and murder, rape and suicide? How appropriate would that be. Have you read the rules. It says to stay on topic.

        You are right, it is a show, but it’s also people’s lives and livelihoods that are being affected. Their have been law suits in the past and people get emotionally scarred by being lured into what they think is a legitimate contest and then get blind sided by the antics of a television production where the sole goal is to create drama. But this year is worse than ever because of the competition.

        Why did Jimmy Iovine want to make sure he presented Scotty with that gold/platinum record(what ever it was) right on stage? I will tell you why. Because the other shows are trying to say that they produce real talent and Idol does not. For the most part they are correct on that point.

        Also why would producers say that Lee Dewyze refused to come on stage and personally pass the award to Scotty when Lee maintains that he was never ask. Because they are dishonest an want to create drama.

        And I will be glad if you never read any more of my posts if they bother you that much. My God! There are people starving in Africa and you only find the time to come on here and address how much you dislike my posts? Don’t you think that is quite a petty issue?

      • Taymaro, How dies the judges giving their honest opinion constitute ‘pimping’? They recognize who the most talented singers are, and they relay that to America, that’s what they are paid to do. That’s why it’s called an opinion, you don’t have to agree with them, as I don’t agree with them never telling Phillip he is predictable, boring and has no range, but I’ve got to respect their opinion. Other than Hollie being told she was ‘pitchy’ on occasion, I think they’ve been overly nice to ALL the contestants, but they gave a more trained ear then I do, I don’t know about you tho, but we don’t Have to agree with them, that’s the beauty of the show.

      • Btledoux1229

        It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is. 
        If you don’t what I mean by that metaphor I can explain. 

        The difference between you and I is that you believe that they are giving their honest opinion. I believe they are given marching orders and also they have their heart set on one winner and try to undermine the others with bad comments or kill their confidence so they choke or anything to get the chosen ones to the finale.

        Why would they not tell Phillip the truth? Why would they try to find the least offensive language to give his critique and Jessica’s critique but when it comes to Hollie they act as if they don’t care and want to hurt her feelings and her chances of winning?

        That is not giving your honest opinion.

        The producers will do what ever it takes to get their pick to the win but they would like it if they could rely on the votes. They tell the judges to try and steer votes away from certain contestants in the hope that they wont have to tamper with the votes. But in the end they will do it if they have to.

  71. Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Incubus, Hoobastank, Maroon 5, No doubt..
    A lot, I would want to hear from this week~ 🙂 I hope top4 just pick just the right song for them, woohoo. It’ll be a showdown! 🙂

    • Too broad to suggest songs….i don’t want to bother myself anymore…i want to be surprised by the contestants, the anticipation is good hahaha

      • Yeah that’s right,…I feel the dissapointment the last time when JS didn’t sing Keep bleeding.:)) I just would want to hear familiar songs with such familar bands too, even just 1~ hehe. 🙂

        I’ll not expect, just hope. XD

  72. Allissa, I am a male, my vote is for Hollie. Yes I like Phillip but I am not voting for him. Joshua and Jessica are very good singers, but I am not a fan of diva or big voice singers.

    I didn’t vote for Latoya London, Tamyra Gray, Jacob Lusk, or Jennifer Hudson either.

    • To each his own. But wait, does not Hollie have a big voice also? How come the conflicting signal. You are not a fan of diva or big voice, yet you r voting for Hollie??

  73. Joshua voice is great if does not scretch.  That really bothers me. The problemis, that when he gets involved in a song, he appear to loose control and starts scretching (or so it appears).

  74. has anyone noticed that randy jackson is the on who decides if they will give a contestant a standing ovation????

    • Ya…..I noticed that during the 80’s night,…..JLo wanted to gibe Jessica  a standing “O” but Randy prevented that from happening……

    • really…why can’t we hear from their mics while the contestant singing? LOL such profanities i guess would come out hahaha

  75. i believe Jimmy more than the judges…. he’s got more credibility. 🙂

      • AI decided to put one credible person in there…. and that is Jimmy, if Jimmy is not there no one will say comments with sense. 🙂

      • i mean no one will comment there with sense like Jimmy does i should say….

      • Okay, that’s your opinion. You are welcome to it. I have a love/hate relationship with American Idol for a few seasons now. It is just part of my routine and so I watch and grumble and groan but I do the same with MSNBC and Fox News Channel too. I stay angry when I am watching political TV and American Idol but I still watch….LOL

      • hey, i guess you have to continue watching and expect may the best one win…. that’s what we are all after. Let’s hope for the best, we both all love to be entertained and we all love music. 🙂

    • yes, i would…like Jimmy more than Randy, or JLo, or even S.Tyler for that matter.

  76. For Jessica: pls go for strong, emotional ballads from now on. i agree with most of the posts here — forget about BB chez in the meantime. BB chez wants to have fun, but we want you to win!!!! unleash bb chez when you’re in the mainstream already. but not now, too risky. Your aura, emotions and audience/viewer connection when you sang The Prayer, I will Always Love You, and You Are So Beautiful will work. So I hope you will perform like these from now on. Ballads and R&Bs with mindboggling runs from now on, pls.

  77. Okay. I just saw Nigel’s tweet clarifying someone about the 2nd theme.

    The 1st theme is all about songs written by California singers/bands. The 2nd theme is all about songs the idols wish they had written. Songs that they can relate the most. 🙂

  78. Hollie did greatly last performance. I wonder why everybody didn’t like her. She shouldn’t have been in bottom 2. She made a big effort. I hope that viewers will support her

    • Everybody didn’t NOT like her. The contestant whom the show picks to win will win. It wont be based on your vote. Trust me!

      • They state on their official website that they reserve the right to cast out votes as they see fit. Tell me why they don’t make the votes public. It’s no stretch to say that the producers are the ones who pick the winner and not the voters.

      • Go ahead and keep drinking the Kool-Aid. They even say on their site that they reserve the right to throw votes out as they see fit. It’s no stretch to say that the producers are the ones who actually pick the winner. Not the voters.

      • OMG what is wrong with people?

        It’s a TV show. It’s not a true talent competition already!!! Come on!! It’s a drama filled soap opera. The official website even says that they can throw out votes as they see fit. Therefore the producers decide who wins. It’s as simple as that.

        Why does everyone challenge everything I say. I always look at everything with a skeptical eye.

        So you tell me. How do you know rather factually that the whole show is 100% legit??? Answer that.

      • I’ll give it a shot. I think the show is too big to NOT be legit. There are too many people that would have to be keeping it a secret. 

      • There are too many people making money off of it to out is as the fake that it is.

        You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

        And those who do come out and say it after they are ousted off the show do it at their own peril. They are portrayed as bitter and vengeful. So what do you do?

        It’s man against machine and AI is a big powerful machine.

      • There are too many people making money off of it to out is as the fake that it is.

        You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

        And those who do come out and say it after they are ousted off the show do it at their own peril. They are portrayed as bitter and vengeful. So what do you do?

        It’s man against machine and AI is a big powerful machine.

  79. I’m a viewer from Thailand and this year my favourite is Jessica.  She has an amazing voice which I have not heard for a long time.  Last year, Haley Reinhart was amazing and she should have won, but the judges didn’t like her, and it showed in their attitudes towards and comments on her.  I really really hope that Jessica will win this year.  Her voice is one of the best not only in American Idol but ever.  I can’t vote since I’m in Thailand, but I hope that you who are eligible will vote for her.

  80. I like Jimmy, he give’s very valid views most of the time. I also like Randy, JLo, Ryan and Steven. 

    These five together gives AI viewers a pretty good mish mash of interesting, complementing, contrasting (sometimes conflicting) nuggets of information that viewers avidly chew on and digest. And I have never doubted the credentials of any of them. They are GURU level in the industry.

    They take the AI viewers for a ‘reality’ ride. They get viewers to think, they make them ecstatic, they get them to be skeptical and they also get to make some viewers hopping MAD. They make the fans fight too … haha !

    American Idol viewers are HOOKED to the show because of these five. We wouldn’t be wasting our time blogging here if we weren’t hooked to the show. American Idol has a great working formula.

    We’re AI junkies :-)))

    • I like Ryan but the rest need to go. AI is junk and it’s outdated. They need to get with the times and stop hurting their prospective contestant’s chance at a future in the music industry.

      After appearing on American Idol it is almost always an uphill climb for these contestants to reach their goals. Most people think of it as a platform for launching their careers but most find that it is actually an obstacle to that endeavor.

      American Idol needs a major face lift and it’s time they realize that and start moving in the right direction. If they stand still the rest of the shows that are on TV and are on the drawing board will come up and pass them and, for those of us that love the show, that would be a tragedy.

      • On the contrary, the AI judges are generally encouraging and constructive in demeanor. They did a hell of a job going through the supposed 100,000 candidates and consequently ending up with very talented finalists. They entertain viewers with their wit and star power. 

        People across america eagerly anticipate the clothes JLo wears to AI. They laugh at Steven Tyler’s antics. They poke fun at the outlandish clothes Randy wears during the show. They become interested in the occasional disagreements between the judges and Jimmy. And Ryan is a master at creating tension and suspense and directing the flow of the show. Jimmy provides a post show analysis that brings in a mentor’s and a producer’s sensibilities.

        It’s all very entertaining. There are a lot of the little things that spices up the show. As a TEAM … they jell very very well.I don’t think we must begrudge them the occasional pointed criticism at certain candidates most specially if they are deserved. I have yet to hear anyone among the judges say ‘that’s karaoke’. Not a single one of these judges can be accused of being ‘mean spirited’.If people do not always agree with what the judges say, they should also remember that there are people who agree with what they say too.

        And more to the point, why are some people too focused on the judges rather than the singers?

      • The problem with the judges is that they give criticism on an inconsistent basis. They give bad reviews to those who don’t deserve it and when another contestant has the same issues during their performance they say nothing but good things. I am not the only one that sees this if you look around this blog you will find many more who have the same issues. It appears to many that the judges are trying to sway public opinion in favor of some contestants over others by their inconsistent remarks.

        I also poke fun at the outlandish clothes that the clown wears too. That does not mean I tune in to see what he is wearing. The judges are supposed to be their to offer FAIR criticism to guide those with an untrained ear. They are not supposed to gear their remarks toward promoting one contestant over another by deliberately ignoring and even falsely praising a performance that doesn’t deserve. Jimmy even goes to extreme of offering excuses for Phillip’s performances to try and keep him from losing votes.

        I have absolutely no problem with criticism if it is indeed deserved. If it sounds karaoke then say it, if there are pitch problems say it, if a contestant misses a note then say it. But don’t just completely ignore the same issues with other contestants at the same time. Why do they try to cover for one contestant and try to sabotage others with bad and undeserved remarks?

        As far as our focus is concerned. It is hard to focus on the contestants when you feel it was a pretty great performance and then one of the judges or Jimmy Iovine turns around and cuts them off at the knees. It’s hard to ignore the injustice of the judges statements compared to other contestants when you know that what they say is going to cause that contestant to lose votes even though the critiques were unfair in nature.

        You seem mighty interested in defending the show. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is? Could you have some interest in the show other than that of an average viewer? It makes me wonder. I will say this. You are a lot more articulate than the average blogger. Even so than me. I think you are hoping the fact that you are able to articulate what you think is right with the show better than I am able to articulate what is wrong with it that you will have more credibility than me.

        I know it takes work to correct the issues I have brought up concerning the format of the show. It also takes work to take young talent and nurture it and develop it. Sometimes the raw talent has greater potential than the established talent. But in this day and age TPTB just want to earn a fast buck.

  81. jimmy is basically the voice of reason.  he very rarely steers the contestants wrong and he usually tells it like it is.  i wish the three stooges would do the same.  that’s why i’m liking “the voice”.  the coaches actually work with the singers to make them better.  good show

    • LOL. I meant to reply to you..not to myself. Anyway, I catch The Voice every now and then but the contestants are not nearly as good as this batch of American Idol contestants.

  82. I agree with Jimmy except on Joshua.  I love Phillip but he’s right, he needs to come out with some different this week.  Jessica needs to act like a kid and whoever dressed her last week..yikes. I don’t understand the love affair with Joshua. That song last week by the Bee Gees was totally awful. The last half of the song was a scream fest. her and her voice.

    • The contestants on the Voice? Eh…this group on American Idol is WAY better.

    • Good thing your not in the music industry then, you would be really broke! Ha

  83. Joshua may not play on your radio but he will play on many; including mine….stop hating. What you think is not relevant. Time will tell it all!

  84. Jessica Sanchez all the way to the Title! I’m not saying the other three are not good. they are very good. but Jessica is Great! Definitely the Best! go for the Title win Jessica! 

  85. Have you all ever listened to the ITunes songs? You don’t think “The Powers That Be” know which singers have the most downloads? That is how you truly know who will sell albums or not. I don’t care for either Joshua or Jessica….in fact, Jessica’s voice is almost scary on ITunes. She simply has no inner joy. The awkwardness of Joshua socially makes me wonder if he’d be ready for such a life…he embarassed his own father by patting his belly in front of millions and was awful with the duet and shrugging away Phillip’s elbow on his shoulder. Who does that? A young pre-teen maybe. Very odd behavior.
    Phillip and Hollie both have voices that once they are allowed to sing their OWN songs, they will thrive. Jessica really needs to go. She’s a pageant performer. Still looks like a young girl with a crowd on her head. She doesn’t get along with others either. She should go next. Listen to her ITunes performances, you’ll see what I mean. Broadway for her. Not the radio at all. Same for Joshua. Those are my two cents. ITunes doesn’t show us ‘popularity’ rankings of songs on their albums for a reason. It would be a dead give-away! All the suspense would be gone. I actually buy Phillip’s songs, so does my husband. And Hollie’s grown on me. Skylar will be a welcome change on the country radio.

    •  You have the 6th sense that few of us have. I think Jess is a very unhappy person, look into her eyes, you can see it. When she smiles, it so hard, so forced for her. Why wouldn’t she be sad, her mother has pushed and pushed her since age 3 taking away any “normal” childhood.

      Joshua is easy, he is uneasy about who he is because he hasn’t accepted who he is yet and therefor he’s very uncomfortable in displaying a more mature personality….because that will cause him to look at and accept who he is and he doesn’t want to. I’m sure he came from a very conservative environment that rejects alternative lifestyles and he doesn’t want to betray that. I hope his friends and family will love and support him when the times comes for him to come out.

    • if you want phillip and hollie, fine!!! you’re so rude to jess and joshua because those two are more talented than your bets ok

      • So..if he or she is rude to Jess or Josh because they prefer Phillip and Hollie..aren’t you being rude to Phillip and Hollie because you prefer Josh and Jess? Hello kettle.

  86. Guys, i am soooooooo curious….. can Randy Jackson really sing????? lol

  87. All 4 will have fantastic careers. I think Jessica will go home  May 10.  She has a wonderful voice but I think she should have waited until she was older to be on American Idol. She looks like a scared child dressed up in big sister’s makeup and clothes.

  88. The finale will be Hollie and Joshua. Joshua will win AI because more girls vote and they love the guy singers.

  89. The last contestant that Randy pushed that actually won was Fantasia. We liked Jennifer Hudson more that year but Randy did not. History has proven Jennifer Hudson is the star today and Fantasia has blown so many opportunities she was given.Randy told James Durbin last yr he was winning.  Randy chose Joshua this season. Will he be right or wrong this year?

  90. MOM and I,just agreed that only this person gave the balance performances in this season,,,,JESSICA SANCHEZ,

    top 7FALLIN(rnb/smooth)-TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS(uptempo/ballad)

    top 6BOHEMIAN RHAP(uptempo/rock)-DANCE WITH MY FATHER AGAIN(emotional/inspirational)

    top 5PROUD MARY(loud,powerful,upbeat)-YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL(inspirational,smooth song)

    and even her before weeks,,,you can see the versatility of this gal…

    everytime we watch her performances,it’s like we are eating a complete meal..ahhhh,we’re soooo fulllll………

  91. Jessica please sing the Greatest Love of All, a very inspiring song that fits your voice !

  92. Jennifer Lopez is a little, alot racist this year. Noticed after her one main contestant was voted off that Jimmy has changed his honest opinions too. I thought this was a fair show, but it seems the voting is rigged. Last week when Randy and  Steven stood up for Holly she just sat there. Noticed she always stands up for her man though. And the whole stand up on stage for Jessica was ridiculous, the fans voted……………

  93. Jessica your voice is like that of the late Whitney Houston, you have to use it to your advantage. Choose songs that fits your voice and that you can connect it to the viewers and listeners. Good Luck , Jessica ! !


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