American Idol 2012 Top 4 Revealed After Latest Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 4

There are just four finalists left on American Idol 2012 as we’re only three weeks away from the big finale event on May 23rd. Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillps, and Jessica Sanchez are all that remains of this season’s singers and they’re moving on to the next round in the competition.

With so few finalists left everyone is fair game which means we won’t really have any more “shocking” eliminations this season. They’ve all reached this stage because America believes they’re talented and capable of carrying the title. Hopefully the rest of them will have such an impressively positive attitude as Skylar Laine did last night after her elimination.

Next Wednesday the singers will take the stage for a “California Dreamin'” theme, whatever that might mean. Then former Idol winner David Cook will perform on Thursday along with JLo who will be doing that same song again in case watching her boyfriend grope her once this season wasn’t enough for you.

Update: Nigel explains via Twitter the Top 4 will sing songs from California artists and another song that they wish they had written. Is that second one vague/broad enough for you?

Here’s your American Idol 2012 Top 4:

  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez

What do you think of this season’s Top 4? Is your favorite still there?




      • I hated joshua’s voice, since he’s being compared to fantasia which i also hated the voice. It seems to be all screams and a bit of irritating sounds

      • @Hater:  Love ur name BTW…I’m with u on Fantasia…she beat JHud..doesn’t seem possible. You just aren’t into this kind of music. Josh has that something something about him..I like him.

      • You have bad ears eassa, I swear , distant second Joshua r u kidding me?didnt you watched Jlo’s comment to Joshua, the best singer in 50 years, so u think now Joshua is a distant second to Phil?who do u think will agree with u? Maybe ur shadow eassa, in ur dream .clean your ears before typing ur comment…

      • Jessica yes, but Hollie? R u kidding me? Another bad ears like essa…

      •  To Romeoguapito: Take it easy sa bashing mo….Huwag naman sana tayong masiyadong mayabang….if u don’t understand Tagalog, i’ll say it in English, let me know. people get turn off with Jessica..pls be cool with your fB.

      • Both i just hate  Jessica -I hate- because  She sings something different  but she always Sounds the same! Now :O HOLLIE YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!!!!!! She has a small little voice I can barley even hear it :/
        Joshua ( I think) prayed for her And it worked 😉 she wasn’t kicked out!
        Now Joshua I like him 71/100  Ehhh Hes Screaming NOT singing….
        Philip Is The funny one (everyone knows that) BUT…Hes Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats why im thinking he might be 2nd or 3rd… because hes NO match for Jessica (im not saying i like Jessica)
        THERE ARE TO MANY JESSICA FANS!!!!! Jessica fans :S  vote for someone else! 

      • Both i just hate  Jessica -I hate- because  She sings something different  but she always Sounds the same! Now :O HOLLIE YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!!!!!! She has a small little voice I can barley even hear it :/
        Joshua ( I think) prayed for her And it worked 😉 she wasn’t kicked out!
        Now Joshua I like him 71/100  Ehhh Hes Screaming NOT singing….
        Philip Is The funny one (everyone knows that) BUT…Hes Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats why im thinking he might be 2nd or 3rd… because hes NO match for Jessica (im not saying i like Jessica)
        THERE ARE TO MANY JESSICA FANS!!!!! Jessica fans :S  vote for someone else! 

      • Jessica maybe but hollie has to go it was shocking to me that hollie made it to top 4

      • Yes Phillips and Joshua should be gone phillips sings as if he wants to pee and joshua always screams the same tone every week

      • Why is almost everyone saying Jessica and Hollie for the finale and Hollie keeps going to the bottom??? :S You should all vote for the girls very hard. They deserv it!!!

      • Better be careful of what you wish for….Hollie is always in the bottom..and the other person always leaves!!

  1. first to comment. I think that it’s gonna be a very difficult elimination next week because everyone is deserving to win, but I personally am rooting for Jessica! Go Jess! 😀 

    • Probably David Lee Roth or A Ballad of Jed Clampet….oh wait Skylar is gone….LMAO They could do “Cowboy” by Kid Rock, “Hotel California” comes to mind. Anything by the Beach Boys…..IDK what it means really. Maybe “California Here I Come” as a group number. Probably Phil will do “Route 66” by John Mayer.

    • @955bba9f5762b6ba24f7c64e956feed5:disqus , California Dreaming was a song from the 60’s by the Mamas & Papas, if you know them.  I think most of them of r not alive anymore.  John Phillips, Mama Cass.  AI does like to reach back to the olden days. Whatev.

      • Also 2 of the members of the Mamas and Papas gave birth to 1 of the members from group Wilson Phillips while the 2 wilson girls father was Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

        Anyway California Dreamin is one of the all time great songs.

      • When driving on the Pacific Coast Highway….you have to put the top down, and jam with some of those oldies….California Dreaming, California girls…the summer of love stuff…there is some great music from Cali!

      • The Mamas and Papas were a good group.  I’m old enough to remember them well.  Still sad about Mama Cass dying…

    • California Dreamin is flower power from the 60s, Mamas and Papas, anything Haight-Ashbury, surf, etc.

    • maybe california-themed songs.  Let’s hope nobody does California Girls…

      • You mean the one done by Katy Perry? I think that upbeat song is probably okay for Jessica… probably.

      • Well, Jessica has already handled a lot of tough songs… I Will Always Love You, Bohemian Rhapsody, Stuttering (sort of tough).

        How hard can California Girls be?

      • Wait a minute… I find all this confusing.

        There are two “California Girls” songs. There’s “California Girls” performed by Beach Boys and “California Gurls” (not sure if this is the right spelling) performed by Katy Perry.

        So, which is it? Anyway, I don’t imagine Hollie or Jessica performing the Katy Perry song because it doesn’t have a lot of range (it’s too easy to sing/perform).

      • yeah, I meant Katy Perry.  I didn’t even know there was another one!

      • california girls by the beach boys and the same song remake by david lee roth

    • That means California songwriters…….or maybe just songs about California.  As usual, the ads aren’t very clear, so we’ll just have to wait and see…

  2. My favorite isn’t still here but I am glad to see that Hollie is! I hope she continues to perform and America continues to support her. It’s anybody’s ball game at this point. It all depends on who the producer’s want to winAmerican votes for the most.

    Keep voting for your favorite each week! If you want Jessica and Hollie in the finale you should concentrate on Hollie. Jessica has a very large fan base already. She will surely be there. Let’s get Hollie through to the end and we will have a REAL singing competition!

    • I’m not sure why you are rooting for Hollie so hard when you said yourself a young performer like Michael Jackson succeeded over his brothers because he had a natural-born stage presence. All five of the Jacksons could sing and dance, but Michael could bring tears to your eyes because he had something truly special.

      Hollie, though her voice is nice, does not have that ‘something special.’ Unfortunately neither does Jessica, though she does have a definite edge over Hollie. 

      I was watching videos this morning of a young Bianca Ryan performing in the 2006 season of America’s Got Talent. That 11-year-old had more stage presence in her little finger than Hollie does altogether, and she was born with it. She also had better interviewing skills.

      The two remaining young girls may be the best vocally, but even a well-trained parrot can mimic on cue. I do understand that when you’re listening to an album you don’t need stage presence if you have a great voice, but I thought AI was a full-package competition. There were other contestants here who had unique qualities, could improvise, and brought their own flavour to everything they did.

      I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to understand. I guess I don’t see much in cookie-cutter bubblegum pop. I also don’t think a really meek person is the best role model or American Idol. Although I also don’t go for the super-tough kind of woman, a young girl in today’s world should know her place in it. Worse, the music industry will literally eat those who don’t alive. I really hope I’m wrong.

      • There is a difference in performing to a live audience and performing in a competition. Just because she gets nervous and stiff in the competition doesn’t mean she will be that way on stage for ever and ever. I don’t think that MJ ever entered any competitions. He might have been a whole different monster under that kind of pressure.

      • Damn you got it spot on Erin.   I just can’t get what this Jessica thing is all about. I think alot of it comes from this site in particular with its international input, they just want their own to win, which is fine.  But man do they attack everyone else who wants to share her spotlight.  This is just a talent show.  Most of the people from AI go from here to nowhere.  It’s these kids moment to shine.   When I look at JS, I also fear the future where the streets of hell are paved with lost dreams…and lost child stars.

      • Wow comparing Hollie to bubblegum pop?? you must haven’t heard her sing or perform? if you had then that comparison wouldn’t have crossed your mind.

        Sorry that she is blonde and that is the only thing you associate with bubblegum pop.

      • Singer sings, america watches, judges critique then finally america votes. The following day we say buhbye to one of them. So simple.

        The singer, who manages to please the most number of people wins the night and stays on.

        Let’s not overthink this.

      • I’m not even rooting for Hollie hard. My favorite was one of those who could improvise and perform without seeming robotic and whom could also sing and make the songs their own. But for some reason that particular contestant wasn’t very popular and was treated unfairly by the AI machine and left the show way too early. 

        Now I give Hollie compliments because nobody else seems to believe in her. I vote for her because I want her to do well. I guess I differ with you in the fact that I do think a meek, humble and kind spirited individual would make an excellent role model. I do understand that some people don’t like people of that nature because they can’t get their kicks off of putting them down and go away feeling good about what they have done.

        All that said, above anything I want the guy whom I predicted to win from the start to be crowned American Idol. That person is Phil Phillips. I picked him at the beginning and, I know it’s self serving, but I want to be right at the end of the day. 

        Just sayin…..

      • I was watching some videos of Carrie Underwood when she was on American Idol, and she didn’t seem to have much stage presence but she was still extremely successful. Mariah Carey looked awkward on stage at first too, and she went on to be one of the most successful female artists of all time. Hollie and Jessica are 18 and 16, give them a little time to grow.

      • Thanks for letting me pick your brain, Taymaro. I totally get what you are saying now. Just wanted to understand what people were seeing in Hollie all of a sudden. Although a kind and meek person has the potential to be the best role model, I worry someone with that sort of temperament would be a goldfish surrounded by sharks in the music industry and wouldn’t be able to do their job like someone who knows their mind a little more. I am a meek person myself on the other side of this computer, and have often been overtaken by those with a more aggressive and sure approach to life.

        No, I don’t think MJ was ever in a competition, but I’ll bet if he was, he would have won for sure! I don’t envy the Idols for all they have to go through. I think part of the point of the exercises earlier in the competition when they make people perform in groups, etc, is to see how they handle pressure and uncomfortable situations.@yahoo-HAFW5XM336JVJR6GG4VXNHOCBA:disqus .dreaming, yes, I am overthinking this, but it’s fun, LOL. Barring possible manipulation by producers, this show and the comments on it make an excellent study in sociology.@4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus I think next year they should look at changing the age range to 18 – 25. Sixteen is really too young to be under this kind of pressure, and unfortunately the voting public seems to think those over 25 are “too old” to win. When a young girl comes of age in the spotlight, they seem to reach a point where they feel they need to shed their “kid skin.” We have seen this with stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. They both went through a phase where they felt they had to act like skanks in order to be perceived as grown up. Here’s hoping this doesn’t happen to Jessica or Hollie. 
        @a890acae99451172f31a21d7f2ff9490:disqus Hollie’s idol is Mariah Carey, so I’m sure she’ll make music up this avenue. Mariah’s early music was brilliant, and yeah, she’s one of the best vocalists ever, but the diva thing is outworn. Then again, I’m biased. Diva music is one of my least favourite genres. I try to set my preferences aside and look at talent only, but it’s really tough.

      • and replying to essa too…if it ‘fine’ for you that filipinos support jessica then let go man…if you also don’t get it then stop watching the show…and please, if i were you, i want even go there…you are on the offense…you are the ones who attack…we are supporting jessica in our way…you think we are blind to the fact that she won’t win not because she isn’t good but because she isn’t blonde with blue eyes? don’t take it against the fans.  you vote for who you like… even if that idol sings out tune for half of the competition.  that 16 year old sings very well whether you admit it or not.  and for that we want her to feel that whatever happens, she has proven herself worth being on stage in the land of the free.  so next thursday, get ur fingers on your phone and vote.  if you have better things to do, then best not to watch too.  we won’t mind. 

    • Well, I want a Joshua/Hollie finale.  But I’m convinced P2 was in the bottom 2 with Skylar last night.

      • I don’t think so… He has a large fan base and they are keeping people at the edge of their seats.

      • Nope Templar this time ur wrong.  Phillip is down (cuz he’s ill) but definitely is not out.   Variety is the spice of life as they all say and he is far more unique than Josh or the girls.  P2 will make it through!!

      • I do think Philip Phillips is the least gifted vocally among the 4 and really lacks the  stage presence. Sorry guys. He is the best though as an arranger or composer. There should be a talent show for that. Surely, he’ll win it! 

      • He should have been, but he has all those girls that lovee him.. I would love a JOshua/Hollie  finale too but i don’t think it’s gonna happen 🙁 hopefully AT LEAST Joshua bc he deserves it

    • no i would say still vote for your fave regardless of who you want to win…don’t be so confident with anything just because they have a large fan base…its any body’s game here…they should have learn their lessons on top 7 when they forget to vote for Jessica because they believe she will fly through the finale just like that or Colton for that matter.   He has a solid fan base also but look what to him.

      vote for your favorite.

      •  *** rather look what happen to him…LOL what’s wrong with me

      • I agree with you Lawrence! Don;t be too complacent! At this point of the competition, it’s anybody’s game! Vote for your favorite! I personally love Jessica to win! She got my vote all the way! To all Jessica fans out here! Please! Please! Continue to support her! Leave your things Wednesday night and non-stop till your fingers and ears drop! She badly needs your support more than ever! She is very talented and great future star! She deserves to win too! God bless you Jessica! 🙂

      • I agree with you Lawrence! Don’t be too complacent! At this point of the competition, it’s anybody’s game! Vote for your favorite! Personally. I love Jessica to win! She got my votes all the way! To all Jessica fans out here, Please! Please! Continue to support her! Leave your things Wednesday night and VOTE non-stop till your fingers and ears drop! She badly needs your support more than ever! She is very talented and truly a great future star! She deserves to win! God bless you Jessica! 🙂

    • Let’s go for jessica alone! It doesn’t matter whoever is gonna be w/ her in the finale…it’s a sure win if we’ll stick altogether for her!

    • I will only vote for Jessica! Every vote counts and are very important at this stage of the competition. Please vote for Jessica every week and continue to vote for her! 🙂

      • thanx to all the people who really believe in jessica’s one in a million voice! we are always praying for her winning in this particular competition! we filipino’s can’t vote for her,you know why… but i hope filipino people out there can help her, so please please please!! help her win!!!!!!!!!!

    • how desperate.. Lets vote for Jessica. she’s better than hollie. and well deserve to the finale.

    • Sorry … keeping Hollie on to sing in the finals with Jessica would be so unfair to Joshua and Phillip. Once Phillip, Joshua and Jessica are firmly in the top three, all bets are off.

      It would be an entirely new ballgame. Three singers deserving where they are …. fighting for the win.

    • who the producers (British) want to win? so that explains why Hollie is still there…now I get it! I don’t see how Hollie could be a tough singing contender. One, she could not belt (more like scream). Two, can’t do falsetto/chestone. Third, if a little dancing doesn’t suit Jessica, I don’t now what does that Brit blonde (who just happened to have a loud voice when singing) suit? 

      • OMG you are worse than the fake AI judges. You guys will not stop at anything to get rid of Hollie. Even telling lies is not too much for you. You know Hollie is the greatest singer among the four left. You guys are just afraid America will finally realize that. You need to get rid of her before the finale so Jessica can compete against someone as bad as Phillip. Hollie scares you so you don’t want Jessica to compete against her because it will prove Jessica is weak and her voice isn’t as good as Hollie’s.

      • @taymaro LMAO calm down you’re being transparent…  we need to keep our composure lol

    • My top three is Phillip, Joshua and Jessica. Hollie is good, but not quite top 3 caliber. That’s just my opinion of course.

      • yeah! my top 3 are Jessica,Joshua and Philip.. My top 2 are Jessica and  Joshua.. This is the GREATEST BATTLE! wooow! I can feel it! but im not sure if Jessica and Joshua will be in the top two! coz we all KNOW! Philip has GIRL FANS! duuh! 

    • Nah ! Joshua, Phillip and Jessica are the better singers. 

      I did a doubletake on Hollie’s first song last wednesday and was amazed that the judges liked it. She was droning in the mid and low registers and hit the notes ONLY in the high registers. Furthermore, her accent makes it difficult to understand less than half of the words.Beautiful round tone, but a lazy tongue and droning monotone in the phrasing.

      • I’m not undermining her I just want to see if she is really the best singer. If Hollie is there then you will know for sure who is the best. That is unless you are afraid Hollie will beat her because deep down you know Hollie is the best.

      • Because you are afraid Hollie will beat her because Hollie is the best singer.

      • hello taymaro!!!  i think youre just a guy who likes a beautiful face like hollie!!! this is not a beauty contest!!! hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    •  I’ll go for my ONLY favorite, JESSICA! I don’t care about the rest…

      • Ahhhh I see you afraid Hollie will beat Jess because Hollie sings the best!

    • STOP ROOTING FOR JESSICA AND  HOLLIE!!!!! Sorry,but its getting annoying! This is getting TOOOOOOO  scary :*( I Dont want Philip to get 4th I WANT HIM TO WIN! Sorry (A Colton fan now switched to Philip cause Colton is out) P.S they would HAVE to bring back Colton if they ever sing “Christan Music” okay this is kind of getting into a ” Colton” Conversasion (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

      • No games. I just think you are afraid Hollie will beat Jess because Hollie is the better singer. I don’t blame you for not wanting Hollie in the finale. That would be embarrassing to Jessica because everyone would know who the best singer is.

      • i’ll get back to you mr. taymaro on thursday! you’ll see whos right!! 

    •  I agree with you I would really love to see Hollie and Jessica in the final.


    • we all don’t care who will be with Jessica at the finale as long as she is there…. right now no split votings, if voting all votes will go to my bet… and that is Jessica i don’t care if i have to use all my money from my investments interests as long as it will go to the deserving one and that is…. Jessica! 🙂

  3. Since we’ve been in the top 7, I haven’t really cared who won.  I think they’re all pretty good & it’s really close as to who’s the best.  I feel Phillip has tailed off some, but from my understanding he’s sick.  So I give the guy props for toughing it out.  It might be better for him personally if he was voted off.

    One thing off the subject a bit though.  If there was the huge country vote that they said there was last year, Skylar should have breezed through.  I’m not saying she’s better or worse than any of this season’s contestants. 

    I’m more saying of the “Country Vote” could take to average contestants and leap them over 2 excellent ones, then Skylar, who’s at least on the same level as the rest of these contestants, should have won in a landslide.  

    I’m still going to watch the show.  I enjoy the performers.  There hasn’t been a bad performance in 5 or 6 weeks now.  There’s been a few average ones, but nothing brutal.   I’m not the first to say this, but something’s fishy about the voting. 

    • Perhaps voters still has that “hangover” from last year’s All-Country. So there…

    • Skylar did not personify what country fans look for in a female singer.  Too butch, she disrespected a song about the Vietnam War and she generally didn’t sing country songs.  Lose, lose, lose.

      • OMG Templar, my dad was in Nam.  That song was an anthem for Marines.  I really don’t think Skylar knew it, but she disrespected of lot of vets.  I know she’s young, but didn’t she listen to the lyrics.   She may have written her own walking papers.

    • The combined comments of Templar & Tyetus is probably the answer.

      I think is Skylar is ALL Country and is what we will see post AI, but during AI probably held back from Country because she didn’t feel like she could go that way because the fear that voters did still have that all Country “hangover”. I think Skylar was smart, if she had done her Country thing, she would not had made it as far as she did.

    • Oh, I think Phillip should stay he’s awesome.  Don’t you already know who’s getting our country vote this year?

      •  All country votes for Jessica?  Really? Phillip is a southerner from Georgia and Hollie is from Texas and is Skylar’s best friend. And Jessica will get Sky’s voters? Your logic is extremely flawed.

  4. would love to hear hollie sing mama cass’s “dream a little dream with me”. and i hope that p2 does not slaughter “good vibrations”.

    • That’s a sweet song…but envisioning Mama Cass and little itsy bitsy Hollie is funny!  And no, Phillip will not slaughter anything, he will killll it!!!!

      • James…you fake, everyone knows, that the real James thinks Phillip is awesome and the next up and coming Dave Mathews. I know the Mathews family and trying to get Dave’s attention to give Phillip a boost. I hope he does a mentoring encouragement message…would give Phillip a charge and help him in the finals.

      • Real James:   Keep up the photo by ur problem. Matt will be on to him shortly and ban from site, I don’t think he likes to bullshit around with this nonsense.

      • Who say he’s trying to impersonate the first James? Maybe he just has the same name and didn’t realize there was already a James on here.

      • Ignore previous post. I’ve read more posts now and can see what’s going on. Sorry.

  5. Lately American Idol Season 7 winner is Jordin Sparks (JS)
    Today American Idol Season 11 winner is Jessica Sanchez (JS)
    I      N       S         H        A       L           A…………………………

    • That would be a sad comparison, Jordin Sparks’s last album only sold 177,000 albums.
      I know lots of people like her on the site, why don’t you think she was more successful? What happened to all her AI fans?

      BTW, not being a dick about it, I’m just curious what people think.

      • This is a shallow assessment, but it’s not my personal opinion.  Jordin being a plus size girl and very clean cut, was hard to market.  She’s not country, not hip-hop, not diva, not rap, not rock and not teeny-bopper bubble gum.  She’s gorgeous and has a good voice, but no real niche.

      • She’s in some movie coming out with Whitney Houston (last b4 death) if that’s not bad karma for Jordin, yipes.   And…as for ur comment on Cali, would love to go some day.  I’m a NY kinda girl, but did live in FL when I was younger.   California dreamin on such a winters’ day!

      • Melinda Doolittle was my favourite from that season, and I honestly thought she should have taken the crown. 

        It seems to me there were many others who felt the same way. I don’t know if that would influence record sales or not, but Templar has a point: there may just not have been a big niche for her.

  6. I think the last  2 finale will be Jessica and Phillips  having Hollie will be eliminated  next week then Joshua the next.  But Jessica will win by a small margin.
    I still was bothered by the judges  standing ovations for Joshua and their comments being he was the greatest singer in all 50 years by JLo and Steven Tyler is saying that Joshua is the greatest singer of all time.  That’s BS of all time I’d say. Or somehow the producer has something to do what they say on stage.

    • To Rudy:
      Now I know. But judges should be impartial. Is it not?  But nothing is impartial to AI. I’ve been watching AI for a long time and for the life of me can Ruben (sp) beat Clay Aiken from the past AI.
      I am just hoping that Jessica has chance to win. That’s real talent there.

      • To: Benny: I agree.  Judges are paid for their comments, however viewers may or may not like it. I was wondering that if one judge stand up, the rest of them follows.  Unlike Simon, he sits down if he disagrees with them.

      • Guys , know what?? Jessica is 16(we all know that) if she will WIN this.. She can develop it ! She can be better than Whitney Houston.. just sayin… Im not sying this coz im a fan .. I am just telling the truth..

  7. I will miss Skylar, but will continue to root for Hollie and Phillip.  Love them both.

  8. I hope its Jessica and Hollie for the finale (crossing my finger)
    They are all really good but those 2 girls are just simply SUPERB

  9. No , their both gone = ( but I’m still watching anyway, anyone of the four is talented, and winner of American Idol ! I don’t care at this point , No more voting for me , if Jennifer is preforming I’m not showing on Thursday ! I don’t like her music , now of Aerosmith would play I wouldn’t miss a minute ! Lol

  10. I hope final two is Joshua and Jessica and after JESSICCA WINS!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JESSICCA

  11. Yes, actually, I picked: Jessica, Phillip and Joshua as my top 3 and although I was up and down with Hollie, I preferred her over Skylar because Im just not into Country.  I would have placed Elise as my 4th placer and Hollie on my 5th placer but I give her lots of kudos because she deserved to stay.  Now, I think she should be the next to go just because she is the most inconsistent being in the bottom 3 like 5 times or more. The Top 7 are all good this year but my favorite is Jessica because she is the “Total Package” of unbelievable raw talent, looks, style, versatility, marketability, stage presence and good wholesome personality.  Also, I think a girl should win this year and she’s very deserving.  She also has the best vocal range and perfect pitch.  I get why many celebrities like Jessica and she really should be the AI Season 11 Champ.

    • Hollie has consistenly won the night the last  three weeks. I don’t know why she’s been in the bottom every week but she hasn’t deserved to be. It’s possible she wasn’t but the producers put her there anyway to manipulate the votes. I could be wrong but I don’t think so especially this week when she rocketed up most online polls including on this site. Every time a contestant’s had a surge like that this season they’ve been one of the first declared safe on results night until last night. As I said, I could be wrong and don’t normally play the conspiracy card but, after this week, I’m feeling a little suspicious. 

      • My opinion is that they only really put the lowest vote getter on the stools of doom.  Anyone else sent there is part of the producers manipulation.

      • Hollie has definitely won the night for the past 3 weeks. lets go HOLLIE!

    • Are you kidding me Jessica has no personality whatsoever and she
      Lacks in confidence you see how she always covers her mouth when she smiles or laughs!. Just saying!. Idk why but I love Hollie!

      • geez she’s only 16, age where girls get so concious about their physical appearance and she knows she don’t have the “ideal” teeth…  BUT the question is, did you ever noticed that she stopped covering her mouth and just simply accepted that that’s just how it is??? conquered her insecuries so quick, to me that speaks a LOT

        JS and Hollie is my fave…

        Since your knit picking, what about Hollie’s pronounciatition?  Do you have anything to say about that?

    • Agree on all counts. You can’t ignore the fact that artists too many to enumerate here has resoundingly chosen the 16 year old kid over the other contestants as their choice for idol. 

      This just doesn’t happen. But guess what …. ??? IT JUST DID.

      Jessica is a phenomenon. 

      • That happened with celeb fans last year too.  And guess what?  She didn’t win.

      • Yeah didn’t that happen with Haley Reinhart. I’m pretty sure she had Adam Lambert, Beyonce and a bunch of other people rooting for her last year (I saw that in an interview a while ago so forgive me if I’m mistaken). But she only came in third. But, Jessica’s voice is way better technically than hers so that might be getting her more votes.

  12. Carrie Underwood Confesses: “It’s Always Horrifying To Come Back” To ‘Idol’

    But Carrie didn’t seem to be too worried about country contestant
    Skylar Laine, who’d earned comparisons to Carrie this season but
    ironically was eliminated the same night Carrie performed. “She doesn’t
    need my advice! She’s already light-years ahead of where I was when I
    was on ‘Idol.’ I think she’ll be welcomed into country music with open
    arms,” said Carrie.

  13. Geez how time flies. It was only then we saw Shannon’s departure and Jermain’s been disqualified. Now it’s just 4 of them. It could really be anybody’s ballgame now.

  14. Hoping for Phillip. I really don’t want a Jessica vs Joshua finale…

    On another note, SO EXCITED for David Cook to be coming back. Ahhhh! Love him!

  15. I was disappointed on Thursday, they didn’t run Steven Tyler’s BK commercial…..what’s the world coming to when ST is pimpin

    • agree with you Chilledsandra..well actually he SHOULD win but i don’t think he will.. he’s my favorite and then Hollie is my 2nd fav. but I think Phil or Jess will win (hope i’m proved wrong thought).. but Joshua will go far no matter what. Jimmy basically already signed him, soo….lol

    • really now? he’s not singing! he’s just screaming & its so annoying.. im sorry..

  16. Phil Phillips all the way!!  His unique style appeals to more people than any of the other 3.  Goooooooooo Phil!  Time to say goodbye to ballard music and stick with what really rocks this universe.  Namaste’

    • the finale should have been Joshua and Elyse!! Hollie should have gone long ago.. For sure the voting is rigged!

    • “Ballard music”? Lol. His type of music will be popular with some, but I don’t think that he will be like Chris Daughtry or whatever. He just isn’t mainstream enough.

  17. Hollie went to the doctor this week and was fighting a  sinus infection. Those 2 solo performances she did plus the trio song while ill  is the qualities of a true American Idol. Randy, JLO, & Jimmy have been extremely critical in their comments to Holly all season but she stood there and took it like  a lady is the qualities of a true American Idol. All top 6 are going to be successful but I am rooting for Hollie to take it all the way.

    • Wow, everybody’s getting sick these days. Hollie has a sinus infection, Phillip has a kidney problem, Joshua has scream-itis and Jessica has STD all because she wore that slutty dress.

    • Same for Phillip.  In above photo, both Phillip and Hollie look very pale.  This has to be a stressful time…but worth it obviously if you get what they’ll get with the win.  They will all live large for awhile from the summer tour, then it’s back to reality for some and musical careers for others…like P2!

    • A sinus infection? Oh come on, that might make it a bit harder to sing, but it’s really not a big deal. Phillip Phillips actually had an out-patient procedure done for his kidney stones and still performed. Lol I don’t like either of them that much, but yeah Phillip definitely had it worse.

  18. I seriously want Hollie to go home. She’d better go next week, otherwise I don’t know what I’d do. First she beats Colton, then Elise, and now Skylar? I just don’t understand.

    • What has Hollie done about that? Blame the voters for putting her in the bottom 2 with her eventually the second to the last. You are so shallow.

      • Hollie crept up on everyone while they were worrying about the frontrunners.   Little but mighty!

  19. i don’t know if anyone has seen the irony here.  Who were the first 4 people to know that they were in the top 10?  Yes, that’s right.  Hollie, Joshua, Jessica, and Phillip.  I think that’s a bit ironic, don’t you?

    • Yeah, I understand there is a connection.But I never found out where the irony was.

    • It’s a strange coincidence, yes, but it isn’t ironic. Ironic means that the total opposite of what you would expect to happen. Like a fireman’s house burning down.

      • Or a shipwrecked guy finally eating his pet and then thinking how much the dog would have enjoyed the bones.  LOL

  20. Let’s see David Cook…hmmm…so that would probably mean it would be Phillip Phillips will be the one next to go.

    Jennifer Hudson performed last time, Jessica Sanchez voted out but was saved.
    This week, Carrie Underwood sings on the result show and guess what Skylar was the one to leave the mansion…

    Let’s see next week if I am right on this, it is just a hunch.

    • I didn’t even think of that.  That’s actually smart!  But you skipped Top 7 redux week when Colton went home… Kris Allen and LMFAO.  Hmm…

      • kris allen is a christian right…colton is a proud christian singer who sang lady gaga LOL…

      • LOL…yep a christian singer who sang a bad pop song COLTON=Kris + LMFAO…

    • Why Phillip but not Joshua? Is that because you like J more? Your theory made no sense but of course you’re entitled to your opinion. Just saying…..

      • yes, but Phillip is a heck of a lot more similar to David Cook than Joshua. That’s why I think he/she is picking Phil over Josh…

      • i like phillip more compared to joshua…joshua is like jacob of last year, no difference at all…i dont like their style of singing although theyre good…but i like fantasia of season 3 and she’s so way ahead of the two ive mention if were going to compare them during their idol journey.

        i like hollie and jessica in the finale…

        im a jessica fan.   im a hollie fan.   i like skylar and colton.   maybe phillips.  

      • Pythagoras475    yes, that’s what i was thinking…David cook is guitarist vocalist, who made cover song his own YOULL ALWAYS BE MY BABY…just like phillips was doing this season with his U GOT IT BAD

      •  i just want to see a girl vs girl finale this year…hollie and jessica…it’s been a while since they have one, that was last season 3 with fantasia and diana..that year was something…

        i watch the next because of carrie.
        the next because of mcphee, daughtry, and yamin.
        the next because of jordin,
        i watch season 7 and 8 because of a great finale, yes, both rooting for those davids, kris and adam.but i was hoping also for carly though and danny.
        i did not watch season’s 9 finale…a girl and a boy with a guitar.
        i watched last year…since thia was there…i was rooting for haley

    •  Let’s buy your AI’s Conspiracy Theory. Adam Lambert is the next guest performer after David Cook. Does this mean that Joshua will dish out his last gayish screeching?

      That leaves us Jessica and Hollie in the finals. Even AI can’t think of past popular AI singers that could suit Hollie’s mold. Let’s wait for the guest finale if the theory matches your hunch.

      This clearly means that Jessica is the next AI winner! That powerful ‘save’ neutralizes such abstract analysis.

      • you got it hahahaha…since you said it, adam lambert will be the next to perform after david then joshua’s turn to go home.

        i just thought of this…i really don’t know…

      •  i tried to post another comment regrading my opinion on Joshua going home when Adam Lambert sings on the show…but it was posted by the moderator due to sensitive idea.

        again, i would say they’re both front runners…adam last season 8 and joshua with his standing ovations

      • Well for the finale they could bring back Thia Meghia and it’s good-bye Jessica.

      • i dont know guys if its rigged or not…just thought of it…but somehow it raises doubt.
        i really dont mind, i just enjoy the show…i still like the show no matter what. been watching it since season 3 when filam  jasmine trias and camile velasco entered the top 12.

      • Possibly not.  A) he hasn’t been feeling well, and B) everyone has their own opinion on whether or not they like someone. I personally dislike him, but I know someone who is singlehandedly keeping Phillip in the competition.

    • Top 7:
      Colton went home as Kris and LFMAO sang on result show…
      connection? hmmm…let’s see.

      Kris + LFMAO = Colton

      Kris is a christian.   So does Colton, who sang LADY GAGA, who sang out of his comfort zone. 

  21. The James with the Picture is the real James…I am logging in with my twitter account for now on because I’m tired of the sick person who keeps logging in as James and posting crap. So if not the pic of me….it’s not me, it the sick devil!

  22. For now on, I am logging in with my twitter account “AgapeAgent” because I’m tired of the sick person who keeps logging in as James and posting crap as me. So if it’s not the twitter account “AgapeAgent” , it’s mot me, it’s the sick devil who I will deal with if ever given the chance. I suggest other people do the same because I know this sick person is posting as other people too.

    • Maybe you can get Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and especially Penny to go to his house and get it back.  LOL

    • wow!  if you are really a computer wiz as your stats say then you can easily have any amount of account you desire 😉

      You want me to check if your account “AgapeAgent” same as the other James (the impostor)???  >>  naahhh I wouldn’t waist my time lol

  23. Haha James you fool, the JessPushers are now the JessAvengers going
    after you and all the other Jess Haters. People can’t tell who is
    who on this retarded site. You call us sick, you are all sick and don’t
    see how perfect and great she is.

    • Those of us who are familiar with the “real” James’ posts will alway be able to tell the real one from the fake and you just outed yourself to those who aren’t.

    • We will also always know the real Taymaro, Templer, essa, Ed, ect. and they will know if its me or not so take your best shot.  

  24. it’s pretty obvious that this would be a fixed finale! they need rating a lot.. they took off Glee fron TV more than a month to assure they would be the top thing related to music being checking out! i mean… i love the show.. but they have to respect what we viewers love!

    • They were being outdone by The Voice with the ratings and I have noticed that it has only been the past few weeks that Ryan has started telling us how many votes they received.

      There is no way they can collate and check 60 million votes within 21 hours and, as we know all about the block, power voting that goes on, it is doubtful if more than 250,000 – 200,000 people actually vote.

      The other shows like The Voice, X-Factor and AGT limit the number of votes per person per ways of voting. With The Voice, it is 10 votes per method per person.

      AI is all about its’ ratings and I haven’t trusted the voting on there for years. I believe they take a cross section of votes, compare the downloads from iTunes and decide themselves who is top and who is eliminated. 

      By the way, the downloads on iTunes is one of the factors The Voice uses to determine its winners, which is a good measure of popularity.

      Last year, Haley Reinhart was, by far, the most downloaded AI contestant on iTunes so this year. they started the whole album thing with a note that many missed saying you could download individual performances if you wanted to.

      The winner has been determined by Lythgoe & Co so all we can do is enjoy the final shows and hope our favorites make it in the business once the tour is over and the albums are released.      

  25. They ALL deserve to win & each would have won in some of the past years contest. Just looking at past results & Judges HYPE, I think it will be Joshua. Never seen this much talent in final 5 contestants. (P.S. I bet Skylar sells the most CD’s, Country artist sell LOL)  

  26. I have loved Hollie the whole season, because she has the clearest voice.  One that can be understood, I mean each word.  I love this style of voice it is so soothing.

  27. I still believe the biggest mess up on idol was when Clay Akins didn’t win, I still am not believing it.

    • That was the infamous scandal of the phone jamming done by his “fans” and led to an investigation by AT&T and AI.

      People called back then for Idol to change its voting system that allows block voting that allows one person to vote, sometimes up to 1,000 times for their favorite, but they didn’t.

      This is why contestants can get away with bad or average performances and still get to the final and, often, win. It also explains why non-winners are often more successful than the winners.


  28. Jessica and Hollie have big voices but no stage presence they act to old for themselves. Joshua and Phillip can make a stage ni matter what they sing. I would buy Phillip or joshuas albums but not jessica or hOllie there isn’t anything different about them.

    • Yes, you would but I will buy Jessica’s and Hollie’s and maybe Joshua’s.  To each her/his own–just.  I could care less if you are not going to buy Jessica’s and Hollie’s.  So eat your berries (lol)

    • You haven’t gotten tired of Joshua’s screeching that you want to hear it over and over again, huh?  Geez….

  29. Of course… Jessica Sanchez will be the winner.. Go Jess…

  30. Okay, so we’ve got Jessica, Hollie , Phil and Josh….. 🙂 Interesting! 

    Uhm, how do we understand the theme, by the way?

    • Okay, a lot of people associate Rebecca Black with the disastrous “Friday” song.

      Please take note that Friday isn’t the only song produced by Rebecca Black. Perhaps you should listen to other songs of Rebecca. I find “My Moment” and “Person of Interest” to be really nice songs.

      So, should the contestants sing Rebecca Black next week? Well, they can if they want to. Choosing Rebecca songs (aside from Friday) isn’t really that bad, you know.

      • If “My Moment” can be performed brilliantly, then the contestant can literally have a moment on stage!

      • I am rolling my eyes.  Sorry, and I don’t mean to sound mean or anything, but that was a pretty awful pun.

      • LOL… There’s a humor behind so relax. It’s her horrifying Friday that’s got a major crash. However, true…. She doesn’t have the quality but her songs are okay-okay…..

      • Well it’s a nice little tune for the Disney Channel – Tweens? I just listened to it for the first time …it is annoying…friday, friday…crud, ‘ll have that stuck in my head now…

    • @yahoo-3EVFHKEKYBC7BJLUFNUW6TRFJA:disqus I think California Dreamin’ is songs by artists from the “Summer of Love’, Haight Ashbury, flower power generation.  In other words, late sixties, early seventies hippie music.

      • @yahoo-3EVFHKEKYBC7BJLUFNUW6TRFJA:disqus Do I like it?  Yes and no.  Some of it is terrific and older viewers will respond to it.  Much of it is garbage and should never be played again.  I guess it will depend on what they put on the very limited approved song list.  Probably old chestnuts that you can hear on the golden oldies stations every day.

  31. I see a lot of comments about the young girls on this years show and their respective stage presences. Some say they act too old for their ages and others knock Hollie for her lack of stage presence.

    Here are some facts that might explain why Jessica and Skylar had such good stage presence compared to Hollie. 

    Jessica may be 16 but has been groomed since she was 3 for a career in singing and had a lot of experience for a 16-year old already, much more than most of the others.

    It includes a full scholarship to the Theater of Arts in Hollywood. She appeared at the Apollo when she was 10, appeared on the first season of AGT when she was 11 and sang the National Anthem at Chargers games when she was 12 and 13. She also released 2 singles when she was 13.

    Skylar is 18 but between the ages of 7-9, she went on two national Broadway tours. In one, she played Molly in Annie and in the second, she played Young Cosette and Young Eponine in Les Miserables. 

    In addition to touring the USA and Canada, she appeared in places like China and Korea to perform in both the shows.

    Hollie is 18 and has little experience, except for what her failed attempt in season 10 and what she has done on American Idol this year. Of the 3 girls that were left in the top 5, she is the only true amateur.

    Given the experiences Jessica and Skylar have had, I think Hollie has probably learned more than any of the girls this year in terms of stage presence and how to project herself. This has shown itself in the past 2-3 weeks and, irrespective of what happens next week, I believe she will have a great career.

    Skylar, I am sure, will have a great career in Nashville and Jessica will also enjoy a career but I am not as enthusiastic about her as others are because for someone who has had all the coaching and training, she is not as consistent as I would expect – age notwithstanding – given what she has done in her life to-date.

    As for the boys, Joshua, who is 15 months older than Hollie has been singing in his father’s church since he was 3.

    Phillip, the oldest at 21, started when he was 14 and has played a lot of gigs with his band G&S or his younger sister in and around Albany, Georgia.

    I sincerely hope all of them have great careers but give a lot of kudos to Hollie for getting this far, given her experience compared to the others.

    • The only thing you forgot about Hollie is that she has been in Ai last year so she knows the round around and experiencd it before compared to the rest.  I would say that all of them learned from somewhere and they all deserve to be in top 4 regardless of where, how and when they got their talent.

      I think this is the part where now people will vote who they think they want to be the next American Idol.

      Like you said, I think there will be no bad performance anymore as of this point they all want to win.  It’s just shame to see comment where people most of the time keep bashing other idols because they want their ido to win.  I know because people gets hurt when their idol gets bashed. But remember all of them are not perfect.  I mean everyone including myself.

      Good Luck to all idols!!!! 

      • Yes, why don’t everyone just vote for their idols and keep their negative comments to themselves.  The contestants worked so hard to get to this point.  We know for a fact that with the remaining 4, they are allnot equally as good as the other  but this is by voting system so we can’t guarantee that the best one will win.  Instead of bashing the others just concentrate on voting for your favorite. 

      • He mentioned that she was there last year. It still pales in comparison to the experience the other two have.

    • You are saying that Skylar and Jessica had learned less than Hollie in American Idol since they’re both career trained already. Okay, learning is a never-ending process so at this point in time, all of them have equal shares of learning. However the two girls are advanced than the other one so it’s just justified. Hollie has yet, a lot to learn. She’s improving but still, needs years more as well as Jessica and Skylar.

    • Skylar played young Cosette and Eponine? With that Country twang? It’s in Wiki?

    • excuses?  Okay fine. Actually, Jessica has been consistent-her vocal was always good.  It was just the choice of song that she was lost with.

    • I remember awhile back, Ryan Seacrest asked Jessica if she had any training and she said no. I also remember thinking what an incredible voice at the age. Now you’re saying that she DID HAVE TRAINING? I wish I could find that part of the interview.

      • Jessica never had voice lessons, her voice comes from natural talent. She has had a lot of experience on stage, but that isn’t training. Hollie has been taking voice lessons for a year.

    • At the end of the day … it is about which AMERICAN deserves the win.

      Jessica Sanchez … without  a doubt.

      I hope america chooses the best … this time.

    • Its not about if they’ve got experience or not in this competition, its about:
      1. How fast they can adapt to their situation.
      2. How quick they learn the advice given to them
      3. How to execute what they’ve learned thru their performances.

      NOTICE how much praised (Jessica &Joshua) they get from celebs/judges/mentor? Because these people saw how quick these two adapt, learn & execute what they have learned.

      Hollie get critiqued mostly (not lately) because she let her nerves get through her. Judges get so frustrated with her because a she won’t let it go when she knows already how to fix it but she’s doing it now (just in time) and needs to keep it up.

      These are the reasons why I like Jess & Hollie the most… Of course this is all my personal opinion 🙂

  32. I just don’t get the judges and their praises for PP – this is a singing competition and he’s not in the same league as the others – even Skyler, Colton, and others.  Where’s Simon when we need him – I doubt very much he would have critiqued him favorably like the others!

    • need Simon yes! He is not as clowns as the present 3 judges, but if you think back, Simon didn’t favor any of the contestant? he did – one Indian origin boy not Sanjaya, someone else whom I cannot recalled the name. He even save him from elimination with the one save they have..

      And I am Phillip Phillips fan – he is winning huhu

  33. Question: Is Jessica the one being pimped for next week? For this week, the theme “British Invasion” is clearly in favor for Hollie because she’s part-Brit. Now, Jessica is from California so she should be the contestant who is most familiar with the “California Dreamin'” theme.

      • Yes, the theme next week is California Dreamin’. Jessica is from California. I think there’s a connection somewhere…

      • @b2d7c1f0bf409bcc4b0e951c37565a84:disqus …i mean i don’t understand about the theme….

      • Hippie music from the 60s and 70s.  The Mamas and the Papas, Beach Boys, Crystal Blue Persuasion etc.

      • @25ec7cf1afcc411464c89781fc53f8eb:disqus 60’s 70’s againnn……..ayoyoyo…boring…..

      • Yes, but a totally different vibe.  Not pop British Invasion, more like when the Beatles went to sit with The Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi and got all psychedelic.  Songs like Mornin’ Girl by Neon Philharmonic or something by the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Good Morning Starshine by Oliver.  Like that.

      • heard the song baby i’m yours, by mama cass…i think the song is good for hollie

      • @twitter-570711058:disqus I was referring to the song Crystal Blue Persuasion, not the band.

    • Not too sure how being a part brit was a clear advantage for Hollie. Not like they were forced to sing in a foreign language. There is some crap pop music on both sides of the Altantic. Neither country has a monopoly.

  34. Career-wise? I think Hollie can conquer Broadway. If she goes under rigid/intensive training, she’s most welcome there.

  35. who is JLo’s boyfriend? Sorry I’m too lazy to google :/

  36. Joshua all the way!!!!   People are going crazy over Joshua.  Love his singing.

  37. I hope for an all-girls finale this season.  Power voices from two petite young girls in Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh.  It sure would be a great match-up.

    • Hollie should at least fix her pitch problems first, and that doesn’t even end there. For a Jessica Sanchez to be matched with Hollie Cavanagh in the finale is such a danger zone for Hollie. She still needs to improve. She should’ve auditioned for next season to have time to develop not yet this time. 

      • Hollie has a much better voice than Jessica….Jessica can sing only ballads

      • Cat, look Jessica up on youtube, she isn’t just a ballad singer. She can do mainstream stuff. Hollie is the ballad singer. She will do well on Broadway.

  38. What an amazing voice Joshua has.  He’s definitely has what it takes to win this thing. 

  39. We absolutely love Joshua.  Never heard such an awesome voice.  He’s got it ALL!!!

  40. What are the songs that you can suggest to the contestants next week? I’m not that familiar with hippie music from the 60s and 70s.

    • The direct  quote from Wikipedia is “songs that were originally sung by California artists.”  So, that means that someone else could have written the songs, but a California artist ( or group) first recorded it and released it for public consumption.

  41. Same here.  Everyone has gone nuts over Joshua.  Never in my life seen this much excitement.  He’s out of this world – so talented!!!

  42. First time my friends heard Joshua they were hooked just like me.  Now we can’t wait till Joshua comes on….. He’s fabulous!!!

    • mee too! I first noticed him hollywood week when he sang Jar of Hearts (a song that I even hate) and I fell in love with him, his song is so addicting!! I had a couple of friends over too when I was watching results and they loved him. & my dad voted for the first time ever! lol he’s great!

  43. Im rooting for skylar, now that she is out, my vote does not automatically go to hollie….. It will go to WHOEVER PERFORMS BEST! 🙂

    • So your votes WILL go to Hollie then. She’s had the best performances for the past 3 weeks. she will continue to do it! 😀

      • Not likely. Even if she did, it wouldn’t be effin’ enough to outshine the others. 

      • It depends! If she continues to do good, of course, by all means, she will get my vote. But we’ll see. Am still getting over skylar’s out, so i’ll give my answer after wednesdays performance night. I think, it will be a crucial night for all of them because it will determine to whom skylar’s followers’ votes will go to. No particular favorite from the top 4 right now. Will wait until wednesday!

      • I totally agree! Jessica should be able to sing better after so many yrs of training. If she tries something else than ballads shes not capable of singing….


  45. @JSanchezAI11 is a STAR. @jLedetAI11 sangs fo the blood.
    They wipe the floor with the other two. Its a SINGING competition.
    #keepinitreal – Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

    Lastly, @JSanchezAI11 needs to win @AmericanIdol!!!!!!!!! – Colbie
    Caillat ‏ @ColbieCaillat:disqus 


  47. online voting,,,,,,anyone with facebook account,,registered within the continental U.S….hawaii,,,alaska,,,puerto rico..and u.s virgin islands will be able to cast their votes using online method,,,,you may vote up to 50 times per account,,,

    • So what you are saying is that one person in the USA can set up Facebook accounts for all of their friends in the Philippines and then they can all log into them and vote from outside the USA? Is that correct? I wonder if American Idol and Telescope have considered this scenario. 

      • Someone from the US can set up Fb accounts for their friends all they want but when the friends vote, their IP adress will show they’re voting from outside US. Their votes wont be counted.

      • lol!  I’ll answer your questions….
        AI productions have their own IT specialists monitoring their voting systems(online/text/phone) which their servers can filter where the votes are coming from(within and outside US) and I doubt that they’ll allow international votes  simply because of protocols and legality issue…
        If you know something about programming and networking, you know what i’m talking about BUT it doesn’t really matter since AI production can manipulate the voting including the results…
        So you see even if people have several FB accounts, AI still knows where it is coming from, not a big deal

    • Well, I think she’s a great singer! However, you are still correct in saying that you do not know me, so I guess that your statement ‘No one I know likes her…’ still stands.

      Phillip is my favourite, though. Unfortunately, I cannot vote for either of them.

      I do hope that my reply is not too grammatically challenged for you. Please also keep in mind that my spelling of “favourite” is the Australian version.

  48. My top two 🙂

    Phillip- nice voice, risking by using his phillipied style on every song thus trying to incorporate his style on every song. Some people may find him boring because of the continuous use of the same style but still he’s performing songs that are not that famous and at the same time showing a brand that I think will last in the music industry. I think he’s going to win (radio voice and versatile vocals, LSS, artist vibe, subversiveness and at the same time the quirky kick on his studio and live versions. America his country vibe is really fantastic. At least culturally he’s the American idol). Why he’s going to lose (probably because of the overwhelming fan base of Jessica Sanchez haha)? 85% chance of winning.

    (Boost needed: Voters around the world save P2 from the stereotype that guitar players and unmovable movers in stage are boring performers. Because he’s not ^^ Compete with the Jessica Fans! (peace fans mamaya may magmumura at magdudurog nanaman haha) ^^ ) 
    P2 Show more, sing a ballad, a broadway or maybe something funny haha for a change and further versatility stuffJessica- technically good. Artistically boring. I think she have to risk further. I want her to win in a way wherein I’ll see her make a real breakthrough cover. However, typical songs, same cover but still I can’t deny her vocal quality. Probably going to win. Why she’s going to lose (fan base is biased, can she really make something new in the music industry? or maybe we already have Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Siobhan Magnus, Pia Toscano, Carrie Underwood, Jessie J, Adele, Haley Reinhart , Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift to listen to? Versatility, the ability to create new songs and so many “artist” related questions are in a big question mark for Jessica? and people are you really going to buy her album? or Sh’e just going to win and fall down flat sooner or later. because she can’t really give any LSS? or maybe because of her “rude” and “unprofessional” fans note:(well some(most) of them.) I am a filipino yet I feel she needs to move further and filipinos should show a little bit of professionalism in their criticisms. Constructive way anyone? But i think she and Philips will be at the final two. Good Luck to them 🙂 90% chance of winning(Boost needed: Voters stay stoic and supportive di naman natin kailangang apihin ang bang contestants pati yung mga amerikano 🙂 I know we’re good Jessica’s good. If she’s going to win, she will. She’s one of the best, she just needs to show more 🙂

    • I will have to disagree with some of your comments….between jessica and P2….P2 is more boring….why? let me count the ways (hehehe)

      wearing same old same old clothes every week….CHECK
      has been singing the same style every week……….CHECK (and why he do this everytime? its because he cant sing other songs apart from his genre)
      has sang 6 out of 8 times with guitar and on the middle of the stage ONLY…CHECK

      versatility wise? FAILED….remember when he sang on group week with hee-jun? hollywood week (broken strings) he failed…the judges just gave them a 2nd chance!

      LSS? stuttering has been the LSS of most filipino fans…and has reach top 4 on itunes, d highest of an AI season 11 contestant has got on itunes!

      the reason why P2 is still there? he has tons of teen-ager girls voting for him, try checking twitter and search for his name, most of d tweets there are from girls, saying how cute he is, how sexy he is and all that…

      tell me atleast 5 artists aside from the mentors who has praised P2…atleast just 5…put in a grammy award winner….name some pls…

      why jessica is gonna be famous? she has AMERICAN, FILIPINO, MEXICAN fans….i bet her album will go crazy in the philippines, baseit on the filipino fans that she has….

      anyway i respect your opinion, i just have to disagree with some of ur comments…thanks and Godbless

      •  Wern & your bud gospel
        I wish Jess could know what you are doing and how much you are damaging her career and her chances at wining AI.

      • I think Philip is a true music artist, do your research. He feels the music, he sends a message and yes he is cute and sexy. Guess what I am 62 years old, meme of six. Philip is much more mature and talented than the rest of the group, He deserves to win! Go PHILIP————————————————

  49. JESSICA SANCHEZ has officially surprised COLTON in tweeter followers, to become the most popular AI Season 11 in tweeter!! Go Jessica!!!

  50. what does california dreaming’ theme insinuates? ah lemme guess… songs like californication by RHCP, california king bed by rihanna or hotel california by the eagles will be performed that night…. just a thought..

      • None of the above.  It will be a short list of hippie songs from the 60s and 70s that Nigel could get on the cheap because a lot of the singers are dead and the rights belong to their heirs.  And in the end it’s all about the money.

  51. I like Holly, Jessica, Joshua, but I do not care for Philip. I hope that it will be his turn to be in the bottom 2. I’m sure his tweens will vote to keep him in because they think he is cute. Don’t vote for a face. Vote for the most talented and the best voice in the competition. I would love to see Holly and either Jessica or Joshua in the finale. I am glad that Holly has made it this far. She has a beautiful voice. She is starting to come out of her shell and she is getting better with every song that she sings. Good luck to all four  Idols and I pray that the right person will have a chance to win this year. Remember Taylor Hicks? Philip performs and sometimes sounds like him.

    • agree ! & taylor hicks is not saleable……….. i remember simon told him “are u drunk”.  definitely related on his surname – hicks…..hiccups if u drank too much.

  52. As long as Jessica picks appropriate song her age and stop pandering to Randy and Jlo (maybe trying to get a standing ovation) she should be the one to beat. She could have been awesome if she had sang “Bleeding Love” instead of Hollie.

    • Respectfully disagree….
      I’m glad the Jess choose “You are so beautiful” for her final song.  LOVED it a lot plus she showed how artistic her voice can be and she sang it subtly and left the audience speechless…
      While Hollie did wonderful performing “bleeding love”…
      Jess & Hollie for the finale

    • It’s not about Jessica’s age. It’s all about her talent.

      Jimmy Iovine was right when he said that technically … the best singer of them all was Jessica Sanchez. Akon was right when he said Jessica will be a legend. Steven Tyler was right when he said that ‘you will be number one’. Stefani was right when she said that ‘she is ridiculously good’. Randy was right when he (controversially) said that Jessica Sanchez is one of the best singers in america.

      Jessica REALLY is the best in American Idol 2012.

      People who were initially (maybe up to the present …  maybe) were irritated that Filipino’s went overboard in praising her singing prowess over the other singers, must understand where we are coming from. WE filipinos KNOW that we are good. We WORK the hardest. We are honest (but who gives a damn). We are simply in the wrong place … and in the wrong circumstance. We want one of our own to be DIFFERENT from us.

      It just gives us GREAT JOY that one of our own can be world class.

      Anyway … it’s not about us, but our delight … that this AMERICAN who happens to look like us … is winning the American Idol contest (maybe).

      CHEERS !!!!!

      • No offense but she looks like an egyptian mummy.  How many concert tix will that sell?

  53. Jessica will be awesome if she sings “California King bed” if it is one of the song selection for California Theme Night.

    • The more Jess gets way from her normal “R&B” that’s too old for her to sing stuff (Rihanna, Beyonce, etc)….the more I like her. I loved “You are so beautiful” and if she keeps doing that kind of stuff, she will get new fans and new voters like me.

      If she slips back to the same ole stuff, the people she is pleasing is her current fan base and they aren’t going to vote for anyone else…she needs to keep taking chances on different stuff. Yeah I know she tried that with “Proud Mary’, but it was inappropriate for a 16 year old, but I don’t think that hurt her either. Think strategy to win…not about what you personally want to hear her sing. Just saying…..

      • When Jessica sings R&B songs … diva style, she blows most everybody away … convincingly. As in … WITHOUT any doubt,  she shows her superiority in everybody’s minds.  

        I say ‘most everybody’ … because with Joshua, she’s got a fight on her hands. Joshua NEVER makes mistakes. He is always great in whatever song he sings. And they share the same R&B, sou tendencies. He is the male diva.

        The thing that Jessica has that Joshua doesn’t, is that Jessica can tug the heart strings more powerfully than Joshua. Joshua’s strength is that he knows EXACTLY the kind of singer he is, and therefore he is consistently good.

        So we have two singers, one … a skillful and very polished singer, and the other who potentially packs a powerful wallop that can eclipse any competition given the right choice of song.

        I have to disagree with you on this, James.

      •  gospel truth
        Yes that’s a great strategy,  trash talk to new Jess fans and talk them into not liking her. You are so brilliant….LOL. 

    • Sure, because a song about a drug induced fantasy would sit so well with his southern Christian fan base.  NOT!

  54. Jessica is my bet! Each of the four have their strengths but Jessica is on top of the heap.

    • Do you realize that every time someone refers to JSan as their “Bet” they announce that they are Pinoy?  Americans would say favorite or choice.  Only filippinos say bet.

      • I’m American and I would say favorite, choice or bet. They are interchangeable in this context. It’s usually a safe bet that the person is Filipino when they say ‘we are so proud of you here Jessica’ or ‘Pinoy pride’.
        Anyways, Jessica is my favorite, not because of race, but because of her talent. Also, my mom is British, and her favorite is also Jessica. She likes Hollie, but she thinks Jessica is more TALENTED 

  55. In the top 4 shot, Hollie tries to grip to the remaining contestants.– seems like how she’s trying to remain in the competition as well. lol Well goodluck holding on as hard as she can. Can’t believe she out shined a couple of contestants much better than her. Oh well

  56. “California Dreamin” I wonder what is it all about~ :)Can someone knowledgeable of it, elaborate it please~ 🙂 thanks a lot~ 🙂

    • Cali dreamin is the music of the late 60s and early 70s when all of the young people were heading out to San Francisco.  Hippies, summer of love, The Mamas and the Papas music.  Flower Power, chartreuse mini-vans with daisy decals, bell bottoms, flowers in the girls’ long straight hair. 

  57. Jessica is one of the most remarkable idols, she’s great. 

    Phillip, okay.

    Joshua, booo! He can’t even sing without screaming.

    Hollie, GO HOME!

  58. Wow! It’s down to 4 now, how time flies so fast? They are all talented and it is hard to guess who will win but hopefully Jess will take the crown.

    I just want to share something, especially to JSan fans like me. I rewatched the video where AI announce the chosen top 10 this season. In that video, the top 10 finalists are in two rows:

    Back row: Jermaine, Heejun, Shannon, Colton, Elise,

    Front row: Skylar, Joshua, Hollie, Phillip and Jessica.

    It’s kind a weird, but since Colton’s elimination, could this be the trend?

  59. joshua-jessica-hollie for the top 3… just drop phillip phillips.. swear!! aside from him being the most boring finalist remaining if he stays much longer im sure 10000% sure he will win. why? based on his looks and not with the talent.. this is for sure.. trust me. if you dont want another male so so singer to win lets drop PP next week. up for the girls.

    • you are just jealous of his talent, look and interesting character I pity you Benj as you nobody at all, go do something, plastic surgery and do surgery to your vocal cord hahahahahahaha 

      • Phillip is a talented musician, but he’s not a very good singer. He’s pitchy a lot of the time and he has a very limited range.

      • Philip is not boring and pitchy. I could listen to him all night long. He has a great voice, you need to appreciate good music. Listen to some 60’s 70’s and 80’s music and yes some 90’s, this country needs to have a turn around and Philips music would help compared to some of the artists I hear now. Go Philip!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. So glad Hollie is in the top 4!!!! :):):) I don’t care seeing her in the bottom 2 if the other person will keep going home 😛 KEEP VOTING!!!! Hollie for the win!

  61. “…choose songs from California artists for a “California Dreamin’”-themed performance show.”

    Anyone know for sure what that means. Is it just the “summer of love” artists & time period or can it be new artists too?

    • If I’m reading Nigel correctly, it’ll be hippie music from the 60s and 70s with maybe some surfer Beach Boys stuff.

  62. Phillip. Jessica. Hollie. Joshua.

    Hollie is like Nikki and Syesha so I think she’ll experience a similar fate. 

  63. WOW!base on Chula,vista San Diego article,they really support BBchez,she has now BIG FAN BASE,from her hometown and from other selected country,lovvvvvveeeeee itttttt!!!,SUPPORT AND VOTE WISELY


    • What did you do, spill pop your keyboard? I hate that too, it makes all your keys stick like that, especially the caps lock. Get a new keyboard, oKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    • Actually, rock is one thing she doesn’t do.  She stinks on uptempo songs.  All she can do is slow boring power ballads.  No thanks.

  64.  After the nationwide votes…

    random order top 4 reults,review,understanding..

    1st safeJOSHUA LEDET-19,powerful voice he has,he is “BI” like adam,jacob,clay,but they didn’t win the title,but they are amazing talented
    people,,,he needs to balance when to shout and not..should avoid too
    much confident on stage,viewers may miss understood his attitude,,,and
    it’s starting…proven!!! people can’t sing with himor his notice???????..

    PHILIP PHILIPS-20,adorable,has “it” factor but for the past season we have a winners with a man with a guitar,hmmm,same dessert?turn out a beast hearthrob on the stage ,some people likes it,some are not…

    3rd safeJESSICA SANCHEZ-16,slow or fast songs she is CONSISTENT,she really has what it takes,she has ASIATIC look,if America’s bottomline will still the race she can’t win the title,but,if America will try a different flavor of an icon/star then she is …THE ONE….

    4rth safe

    HOLLIE CAVANAGH-18, cute she is,like a hollywood actress,she is fighting every week,and that is good,still,she has a problem on stage ,off key with her songs,pitchy,needs more effort,sometimes
    songs she chosen,will keep you hanging,no satisfaction?she should beat
    the stage,or else she’ll be on the bottom…be observant everyone…

    support your idols,,,,,

  65.  After the nationwide votes…

    random order top 4 reults,review,understanding..

     1st safe
    JOSHUA LEDET-19,powerful voice he has,he is “BI” like
    adam,jacob,clay,but they didn’t win the title,but they are amazing
    talented people,,,he needs to balance when to shout and not..should avoid too much confident on stage,viewers may miss understood his attitude,,,and it’s starting…proven!!! people can’t sing with himor his notice???????..

     2ndPHILIP PHILIPS-20,adorable,has “it” factor but for the past
    season we have a winners with a man with a guitar,hmmm,same dessert?turn
    out a beast hearthrob on the stage ,some people likes it,some are

     3rd safe
    JESSICA SANCHEZ-16,slow or fast songs she is CONSISTENT,she
    really has what it takes,she has ASIATIC look,if America’s bottomline
    will still the race she can’t win the title,but,if America will try a
    different flavor of an icon/star then she is …THE ONE….

     4rth safe

    HOLLIE CAVANAGH-18, cute she is,like a hollywood actress,she is
    fighting every week,and that is good,still,she has a problem on stage
    ,off key with her songs,pitchy,needs more effort,sometimes songs she chosen,will keep you hanging,no satisfaction?she should beat the stage,or else she’ll be on the bottom…be observant everyone…

    support your idols,,,,,

  66.    After the nationwide votes…

    random order top 4 reults,review,understanding..

                        1st safe
    JOSHUA LEDET-19,powerful voice he has,he is “BI” like
    adam,jacob,clay,but they didn’t win the title,but they are amazing
    people,,,he needs to balance when to shout and not..should avoid too
    much confident on stage,viewers may miss understood his attitude,,,and
    it’s starting…proven!!! people can’t sing with himor his

                  2nd safePHILIP PHILIPS-20,adorable,has “it” factor but for the past
    season we have a winners with a man with a guitar,hmmm,same dessert?turn
    out a beast hearthrob on the stage ,some people likes it,some are

                 3rd safe
    JESSICA SANCHEZ-16,slow or fast songs she is CONSISTENT,she
    really has what it takes,she has ASIATIC look,if America’s bottomline
    will still the race she can’t win the title,but,if America will try a
    different flavor of an icon/star then she is …THE ONE….

                          4rth safe

    HOLLIE CAVANAGH-18, cute she is,like a hollywood actress,she is
    fighting every week,and that is good,still,she has a problem on stage
    key with her songs,pitchy,needs more effort,sometimes songs she
    chosen,will keep you hanging,no satisfaction?she should beat the
    stage,or else she’ll be on the bottom…be observant everyone…

    support your idols,,,,,

  67. Why do they always pick odd and old themes…again its vague for me, too broad…some say from late sixties to early seventies, summer of love years, etc…

    • Wiki: Hippie subculture

      The early hippies inherited the countercultural values of the Beat Generation, created their own communities, listened to psychedelic rock, embraced the sexual revolution, and some used drugs such as cannabis, LSD and magic mushrooms to explore altered states of consciousness.

      Flower power…Summer of Love…Baby Boomers…Rainbow Family Gatherings…Woodstock Music and Art  Festival…Anti-Vietnam War…Beat Generation

      Janis Joplin.Grateful Dead.Big brother and the Holding Company.Scott Mckenzie.The Beatles.The Rolling Stones.Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young.Jefferson Airplane.Creedence Clearwater Revival.Joe Cocker.Johnny Winter.Blood,Sweat, and Tears.Jimi Hendrix.Bob Dylan.The Doors.Led Zeppelin.The Byrds.Joni Mitchell.

      So, lets see…all of the contestant haven’t been born on this decade…so it would be hard for them to pick the right song for their voice and style expect for one person…this is clearly Phillips’ genre…where’s Elise where you need her?!

      • If I could be a time traveler….and go somewhere for 6 months and then come back, one place & time would have to be:  SF during the summer of love 1967 . Would probably have STDs after getting back and lots of missing brain cells…but the stories I hear…..

      • Best generation that ever lived and I’m so proud to be a part of and always will, never changing!!  By far the only contestant of the 4 remaining that will do this category any justice is Phil Phillips.  I cannot even imagine JS contributing  anything that will sound good coming from her.  Yea for the Hippies and all that Love and Peace that encompasses our hearts and souls.  “Everybody get together, try to love one another right now”, (The Youngbloods). Peace to all……… 

      • @james…you’re going back tothe summer of love 1967? arent you already born at that time? hahahaha…coz you look old man…i thought you’re already on ur 50’s…hahahahahaha!

      • Wern Anderson
        It’s great to finally look older….for some reason beautiful women in their 20s really like guys in their 40s. LOL…I love my age and looks…it’s working great for me

      • Phillips would really do good here…
        JS and Joshua, maybe…
        Hollie, that I am not so sure.

        I only knew so little of this artist Ive mention.
        sad 🙁

    • American Idol is like a history lesson in american music. It’s a very rich thing. You wouldn’t want to lose that.

      • yes, they’re singing artist im not really familiar…look at me now, im researching at wiki LOL

    • Partly because most of the current music that actually has melody and doesn’t depend on electronica is country.  Note that I said most, not all.  There just aren’t that many good songwriters these days who are writing pop.  Many are writing in Nashville.  And many good singers who really aren’t country are crossing over because the current pop scene is crap.  And country fans still buy CDs and go to concerts which is where the artists make the most income.  Can you imagine Joshua doing a song by Owl City?  Or Jessica doing a Ke$ha number?

      • Maybe Jessica can do something like Kesha…Akon is signing her right, so her music would probably ranges from RnB to Pop to Dance…she has a single a year ago posted in Youtube titled HATER LUV.

      • I agree Lawrence_hemlock. She definitely wants to do mainstream pop/RnB/dance music. She will end up being successful if that’s what she wants to do. That’s why I laugh when people say she can only do ballads and that she’s boring. If they took the time to look up her youtube videos they would know that she’s singing big diva songs to win the singing contest.

  68. There was no accident that the top 2 girls and top 2 guys were already determined early on by the votes and the producers in the top 24 elimination show.  They are still standing there today.

    The top 2 girls : Jessica, Hollie

    The top 2 guys : Phillip, Joshua

    All the decisions were determined by the performance of these 4 people early on.    If the 2 girls did not do well, the top two will be 2 guys.   If the 2 guys did not do as well, it will be 2 girls in the finale.   But this year, the top 2 girls and top 2 guys have been doing quite well.   Remember, the two Davids were the top 2 guys early on in the show.   It wasn’t a surprise to see them in the finale.    Scotty and Lauren were the top since the 24 elimination show.   I think this year, there is no way they will eliminate 2 guys nor 2  girls.   It will be Girl vs Guy.

    There was no way Joshua and Jessica were at the bottom three that night.   The best dramatic effect for a shock was to put Jessica at the bottom and Joshua at the bottom three.  Then they added the icing on the drama by using the save card to create more drama.    Every year they did that for a reason.   Remember they put Fantasia and Hudson at the bottom three?  They did not have save card at that time.

    All the save card, attacks on Hollie, Jermaine’s report, standing O …… were the way to add drama in the show, to create anticipation from the audience.   They have done that successfully, otherwise you would not be upset and the show would be boring, wouldn’t it  !!!!!   They are Brilliant !!!!    After all, this is their show.  You are just watching it.  LOL……….   




  69. It’s all about the MUSIC. Nothing else. I can’t appreciate anything else.

    WHO is it that is the best ! WHO is it that really moves you.


    Just be honest to yourself and answer the question … who REALLY is the BEST ?

    • Gospel truth: actually to be honest..the best one is between Joshua and Phillip…. joshua bec. he jus an amazing performer no doubt, listen to his music..damn its good! though im a Jess fan, i think Joshua just did a wonderful performance in the whole show. 

      and phillip bec i just like him , he’s the American idol, the look, the voice unfortunately, not all of his performance was great…and he only had a 1 amazing performance that is the Ugot it bad…

      • all your comments are funny man….eat your heart out coz jessica sanchez is the best…..ask all the afamous artists that praised her! grammy award winners that roots for her….hahahaha! pathetic!

      •  gospel truth/ Wern AndersonNew names for the weekend? LOL…I realize you are a desperate Jess fan and worried that Phillip or Hollie will beat her, but it doesn’t give you the right to spew hate all over the place.

      • Goodness me! First they dressed her in a slutty dress and now they wanted her to be a – GOGO dancing girl….  Poor Jessica

      • Geez, talking about a16 yrs.old girl but you are the one who put malice into it… Do you have a daughter???

    • Has it been a long time since that last date? I feel for you guy.
      “its been so long since a girl” ….that just came out too easy dude.

  70. To America, we ask you to forgive us if we fawn and admire and viciously protect her (Jessica Sanchez).

     She is special to us. There will be a few who will strike you as being overzealous and crude. Forgive them … please, they simply see in Jessica (an american), what we can become.To Jessica … darling … OUR LOVE … strive and know that what YOU stand for is not simply about who sings best. It’s about a whole nation’s hopes that the filipino will be recognized and be known in this PLANET as a force that is positive and good.Love overwhelming … we give to you.

    WIN IT, Jessica !


    • Oh please, give me a break.  Get real, she is nothing more than a ballard boring singer who seems to love having the wardrobe dept. dress her up to look like she’s walking the streets of “high anxiety”.   Enough of the ballards already, we’ve been drowned out by them.  Go Phillip all the way!!  Your enjoyable rendition of music is by far the best!!

      • Phillip is good actually … he will have a great career. ONLY … AI is a singing contest mostly. Joshua and Jessica is simply too much for Phillip too handle. 

        Honest injun ! Just being real dude.

      • I’ve said this a bunch of times, but if you look her up on youtube, you will see that she isn’t just a ballad (not ballard) singer. She’s quite capable of becoming a mainstream singer.

      • Guest
        Get  name..geesh. If she can do so much more than ballads, then why isn’t she. It makes no logical sense because doing more would expand her fan base. If she did one country song well, she could pick up Skylar fans. If she did one up tempo modern rock song well, she could pick up Phillip fans. She hasn’t broadened her appeal outside of her comfort zone and for many that comfort zone is boring.

      • James… you’re right.. Get name! LOL..  instead of hiding in other people’s account.

    • I’ve only seen her talk about her Mexican heritage. Not being a dick…I just don’t know, has she talked about being part Pinoy?

      • Can she deny the nationality of her mother? No brainer James. Fathers ALWAYS take the backseat to the mothers. 

        Specially given that Jessica’s father is (unfortunately) a soldier often given overseas appointments.

        Yes I THINK you’re being a dick.

        Let’s not be artificially corteous about what you really are. You see … your reputation is SOLID. 

        You truly are a DICK.

      • yes she did! no wonder you wouldnt know anything about it coz you’re not a fan of her…she even said on her twitter that she’s [roud to be a filipino! on youtube she even have a video where in she’s singing a filipino song…..! hahahaha!

      • gospel truth
        “Fathers ALWAYS take the backseat to the mothers”
        I wouldn’t know, I raised 4 kids to adulthood without any mother involved….and BTW, I did it with overseas appointments.

        I asked the question because I am getting more interested in Jess and want to know more about her…and you want to turn off new fans like me….gee you are a real blessing for her aren’t you?

        You need some gospel truth to change your hardened heart.

      • Shall we talk about how you intimated that Jessica was a ‘hussy’ because of the tight clothes she wore when she sang Proud Mary. James, you are one to talk … but you have got no sense of decency worth crap. To think about a 16 year old in that manner.

      •  hippocriteSomebody (including Jimmy) has to start drawing the line and speaking up about these people who are exploiting a child. Her parents should be, but instead her mother has pushed her since age 3 to be something her mother failed at being. I feel very sorry for Jess.

    • That seems to be putting an awful lot of extra pressure on a 16 year old girl.  You may mean well and wish the best for her, but she has enough on those fragile shoulders right now without adding the burden of being the filipino standard bearer.

      • This will strengthen her. Knowing that there exists people who appreciate her probably even more than those who she has grown up with.

        To americans, she is just another variety of american. To the filipinos, she is much more than that.

        WE want her to WIN !

      • What you want is not the issue.  It’s fine to praise her and vote for her, but don’t saddle her with the responsibility of validating you.

      • gospel truthYour so sick that you would put your desire for wining before the welfare of a 16 year old child…yeah she is a child. She’s got her whole life to sing, but her be a child cause she only gets that once and can’t go back. You wait, someday, she will crack and denounce her mother for pushing into this stuff since she was 3 years old.

      • America sells it’s show to just about every nook and cranny in the globe. Why are you surprised / indignant that NON – americans have become interested. It’s good business for america to have everyone interested. You just have to live with the consequences.

        My question is … why can’t we be afforded what the regular citizen enjoys? 

        Is our money not good enough to afford a  VOTE?

      • Your money is fine.  Your passport is the problem.  This is AMERICAN Idol.

      • @Anthony :Everybody knows that!  She is not full filipino.. she is just HALF getz??????? 

    • gospel truthYou got your own idol show, no one is making you watch ours. We have no interest in yours, so leave ours alone!!

    • ” a few who will strike you as being overzealous and crude.”
      Change that to many and include yourself and you got it right

  71. Hollie is the only one left to vote for. Jessica is too young and would already be gone if not for the save. Skylar was my favorite and already voted off. She was classy and mature enough to actually carry the title. Phillip Phillips has way too much attitude–which is NOT what idol stands for. Josh is just not my favorite, although I think he is a nice guy. Colton was also not my favorite but I admire his comments and maturinty

    • Hollie … has got a beautiful tone … but to say that she can outsing Joshua, Jessica and Phillip is simply something that can be called … a stretch.

      It simply is not … believable, sorry.

  72.  My
    shot at this week theme….California Dreaming.  I don’t think it is
    limited to just the “summer of love” era, what I have seen is “songs
    about California” with no mention of time period. The “summer of love”
    era would be way too restricting. So these are sample of songs that seem
    to qualify. Do I know, NO, I’m just guessing. This was a potential list
    of songs for my Pacific Coast Highway trip. Yes, there is an official
    list of Songs for driving the PCH and this is it.

    “All I wannna do” (Santa Monica Boulevard) by Sheryl Crow”Antennas” by Rancid”Atomic” by Tiger Army”Away From California” by Radio Racer”Back to California” by Carole King”Back to California” by Sugarcult”Back to California” by The Wallflowers”Back Home” by Yellowcard”Beautiful Place” by Good Charlotte”Beverly Hills”- Weezer”Beverly Hills Hotel” by Whitestarr”Big Sur” by Mason Jennings”Big Sur” by The Thrills”Burning Hot In Cali” by Latyrx”Cali Iz Active” by Tha Dogg Pound”Cali Livin'” by Homeless Nation featuring Toopic”California” by AB O’neill”California” by Akia”California” by Atherton”California” by Belinda Carlisle”California” by Blatz”California” by Bob Dylan early version of “Outlaw Blues””California” by Casanovas”California” by Copeland”California” by Darren Hayes”California” by Debby Boone”California” by Dr. Dog”California” by Dressy Bessy”California” by Flash and the Pan”California” by Gianna Nannini”California” by Gina Villlalobos”California” by Gomez”California” by Hawk Nelson”California (All the Way)” by Luna”California” by Joey McIntyre”California” by Joni Mitchell”California” by Kenny Chesney”California” by Lenny Kravitz”California” by The Kooks”California” by Low”California” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band”California” by Metro Station”California” by The Moffatts”California” by Mylène Farmer”California” by Phantom Planet “California” by Quasi”California” by Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise”California” by The Rentals”California” by Rogue Wave”California” by Rufus Wainwright”California” by Sarah Slean”California” by Semisonic”California” by Sly Boogy”California” by Something For Kate”California” by Stroke 9″California” by Tea Leaf Green”California” by Toploader”California” by Unified Theory”California” by Unsensored”California” by Vic Ruggiero”California” by Wave”California” by Wax”California” by Rental(Not Weezer)”California” by Wilson Phillips”California” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers”California Babylon” by the Transplants”California Bloodlines” by Dave Alvin”California Blue” by Roy Orbison”California Blues” (Blue Yodel No. 4) by Jimmie Rodgers”California Blur” by Swirl 360″California Bound” by Frank Black “California Crossing” by Fu Manchu”California Day” by Starland Vocal Band”California Dreamin'” by The Mamas and the Papas”California Girls” by The Beach Boys”California Girls” by Gretchen Wilson”California Girls” by David Lee Roth”California Gold” by dada (band)”California Grace” Long Beach Shortbus”California Here I Come” by Al Jolson, B. DeSylva, and Joe Meyer”California Here I Come” by Sophie B. Hawkins”California Here I Go” by Jonathan Balas”California Jam” by Klaatu”California Justice” by Five for Fighting”California Livin'” by Mac Dre”California Love” by 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre”California’s Lonely” by smile Empty Soul”California Man” by The Move”California Man” by Cheap Trick”California Nights” by Lesley Gore”California Nights” by Sweet”California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade” by The Decemberists”California Paradise” by The Runaways”California Part I” by Mason Jennings”California Part II” by Mason Jennings”California Promises” by Jimmy Buffett”California Saga” by The Beach Boys”California’s Bleeding” by Amen”California’s Burning” by Augustana”California Sky” by Unwritten Law”California Songs” by Local H “California Soul” by Edwin Starr”California Stars” by Wilco”California Sun” by Jem”California Sun” By The Ramones”California Sun” by Rancid”California Sun” by The Rivieras”California Sunset” by Neil Young”California Uber Alles” by the Dead Kennedys”California Waiting” by the Kings of Leon”California Way” by Tim Bluhm”Californicatin” by The J. Geils Band”Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers”Californie” by Air (band)”Calistan” by Frank Black”Cancer California” by Bullets and Octane”Cemetery” by Strung Out”Christmas in California” by The Cheetah Girls”Come Back To Cali” by The Holdup”Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett”Come to California” by Matthew Sweet”Country Boy (You’ve Got Your Feet in LA)” by Glen Campbell”Curbside Prophet” by Jason Mraz”Dani California” by Red Hot Chili Peppers”Danville Girl” by Woody Guthrie”Do Re Mi” by Woody Guthrie”Do You Know the Way to San Jose” by Dionne Warwick”Earthquakes and Sharks” by Brandtson”Estimated Prophet” Grateful Dead”Eyeless” by Slipknot”Everyone I Meet is From California” by America”For Crying Out Loud” by Meat Loaf”Freefalling” by Tom Petty”From California” by The New Amsterdams”**** California” by The Presidents of the United States of America”Gene Autry” by Beulah”Get Back” by The Beatles (Jojo left his home for some California grass)”Going Back To Cali” by LL Cool J”Going Back To Cali” by Sevendust”Going Back To Cali” by The Notorious B.I.G.”Going to California” by John David & Clear Spirit”Going to California” by Led Zeppelin”Golden State” by John Doe (musician)”Gone to California” by P!nk”Goodbye California” by Jolie Holland”Go to California” by Motorpsycho”Go to California” by Rob Zombie”Heads Carolina, Tails California” by Jo Dee Messina”Here In California” by Dave Alvin”Here In California” by Kate Wolf”Highway Five” by American Music Club”Holiday in the Sun” by Hot Hot Heat”Holiday From Real” by Jack’s Mannequin”Hollywood Nights”- Bob Seger”Holly wants to go to California” by Funkadelic”Home” by JamisonParker”Home” by Switchfoot”Homebody” by Zox”Hotel California” by The Eagles”House in California” by Keb Mo”I Hate California” by Jonathan Coulton”I Love Cali” by Roscoe”I Love You, California” State Song [1]”In California” by Daz Dillinger”In California” by Lisa Marr Experiment (covered by Neko Case)”I Remember California” by R.E.M.”I’m Asking Her to Stay” by Sherwood (band)”I’m Going Home” by The Kingston Trio”Irvine” by Kelly Clarkson”It Never Rains in Southern California” by Albert Hammond”It Never Rains in Southern California” by Tony! Toni! Tone!”Island in the sun” by Weezer”Just Like California” by Old 97s”Kali4nia” by Skandoe and Playboss”Kalifornia” by Brand New Immortals”Kalifornia” by Fatboy Slim”Kalifornia” by Kashmir”LA Woman”- The Doors”L.A. Song” by Beth Hart”Let It Roll” by All Time Low”Leaving Jesusland” by NOFX”Little surfer girl” by Beach Boys”Little Old Lady from Pasadena” by Beach Boys”Like a California King” by Everclear”Long December” by Counting Crows”Losing California” by Sloan”Lost Angeles” by Wired All Wrong”Marina Del Rey” by George Strait”Midnight California” by Dave Gleason’s Wasted Days”Miss California” by Dante Thomas”More Bounce In California” by Soul Kid #1″Music is the Victim” by Scissor Sisters”Next to Highway Number 10″ by John George Campbell”Not California” by Hem (band)”Nothing Left to Lose” by Mat Kearney”Only in California” by Mack 10″Playing Favorites” by The Starting Line”Promised Land” by Chuck Berry”Parallel Universe” by Red Hot Chili Peppers”Race Cars And goth Rock” by Butch Walker”Raining In California” by Human Nature”Sittin on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding”Surfin’ USA”- The Beach Boys”Soak Up The Sun” by Sheryl Crow”Ventura Highway”-America

    • James … please, you have to be able to discern the information that is relevant and that which is not. There is no need for you to try impress anybody. 

      Stick to the script dude.

      American Idol Season 11, down to the top four.

      • gospel truth,

        You are so right! Attention everyone, Gospel truth appears to be a very bitter person who’s real gospel is that of hating.

    • It’s too bad no-one will sing “California” by Rogue Wave, or “Calistan” by Frank Black. “L.A. Woman” is one of my favourite songs by The Doors, but no-one should touch it. None of these Idols can do Jim Morrison and get out alive, LOL. 

      No-one should attempt “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin either; that ground is too hallowed and the only one who might have got away with it is gone. I totally agree that Joshua should sing “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.”

    • You are virtually spamming us. This is not a place to exhibit your googling abilities. We can all do that … only we don’t cut and paste everything we see and ram it down everubody’s throat.

    • “**** California” by the presidents of the United States… Is that as real song???

  73. *Jennifer Hudson performed last time, Jessica Sanchez voted out but was saved.
    *On Top 7 Redux, Colton went home as Kris and LFMAO sang on result show…connection? hmmm…let’s see… Kris + LFMAO = Colton 
    Kris is a christian, so does Colton who sang LADY GAGA very much out of his comfort zone. 

    *This week, Carrie Underwood sings on the result show and guess what Skylar was the one to leave the mansion…

    Let’s see David Cook…hmmm…so that would probably mean it would be Phillip Phillips will be the one next to go.

    David cook is guitarist vocalist, who made amazing cover song his own like the famous male rock version of YOU’LL
    ALWAYS BE MY BABY…just like Phillips done on this season with his alternative blues U
    GOT IT BAD.   I always listen to this. LOLIf Adam sings next after David…then maybe Joshua will be the next.Again, I think they’re both front runners on their respective time…Adam last season 8 and Joshua with his standing ovations this year.

    Let’s see next week if I am right on this, it is just a hunch.But since it is the Hippie week LOL next, the California Dreamin’ theme whatever that is…I could be wrong on this guess since it is Phillips genre.

    I don’t know.

  74. Wow… I never missed any single episode this season. I can’t believe 20 people went home already. So happy for the top 4 🙂 They all deserve it. So excited to see who will do the homecomings before the finale… i hope Hollie and Jessica will do..

    • Oh my word!  Jessica and P2 in a duet?  That has disaster written all over it.  Neither Jessica nor  P2 shine in duets.  P2 and Elise = a mess.  P2 and Joshua = a mess.  Jess with Joshua = a mess.  Jess with Hollie and Skylar = disaster.  Jess is fine alone.  P2 is never fine.  That’s a really bad idea.

      • but if  Jessica  pulls it off with a P2 duet that means she can duet with anyone.

    • I would prefer a Joshua-Phillip duet again and this time they should sing Unchained Melody.  Phillip has to really get down on his knees this time before he can hug Joshua haha… and the girls will duet this fabulous song When You Believe with Jessica singing Whitney’s part and Hollie doing Mariah’s.

      • Hollie doesn’t have the range for Mariah’s part. So I think it would have to be the other way around. Hollie is more of a power singer. She can belt it out but her falsetto is weak which limits her.

  75.  If there ever was a theme that favored Phillip, it’s this week! He has so many choices that could fit him well. I hope they stay away from the older stuff, except Joshua, I would really like for him to sing “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay”

    Weezer-“Island in the sun”
    smile Empty Soul-“California’s Lonely”
    Switchfoot-“Home”; A very beautiful ballad
    The Beach Boys-“California Girls”
    Red Hot Chili Peppers-“Californication”
    Phantom Planet-“California”
    Eagles-“Hotel California”

    Otis Redding-“Sittin on the Dock of the Bay”
    Led Zeppelin-“Going to California”
    Rob Zombie-“Go to California”; YES I’M SERIOUS
    Tom Petty- Free Falling
    Roy Orbison-“California Blue”
    Nat King Cole-“Route 66”

    I think a tough week for the girls, I don’t know

    Sheryl Crow “Soak Up The Sun”
    The Beach Boys-“God Only Knows”
    Sarah Slean-“California”

    Sheryl Crow-“All I wannna do” (Santa Monica Boulevard)
    Switchfoot-“Home”; A very beautiful ballad
    Sarah Slean-“California”

    I hope all 4 sing, it wouldn’t sound right with just 1:
    Mamas & Papas – California Dreaming

  76. Ok…I did predict this

    Discussing her summer concert plans, Skylar made it very clear that she won’t be
    doing any pop songs on the Idols Live Tour. Nope, she’ll be sticking to
    her roots and going pure country, so don’t expect any reprises of
    “Idol” performances like “Born This Way,” “I Heard It Through The
    Grapevine,” or “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Said Skylar emphatically: “I’m
    definitely going to do stuff that’s country on the tour. Country, Southern rock. I don’t wanna do the pop songs. It was fine to do them [on ‘Idol’], but that’s not me,
    you know? I just want to do more mellow country songs, more like
    [Miranda Lambert’s] ‘The House That Built Me’ and that kind of stuff.
     Just stuff that touches your heart, that doesn’t have to have all these
    high parts in it. And if they let me do my original song, called
    ‘Diamond-Studded Pistol,’ I will!”

  77. gogo philips and hollie! final 2!!!keep voting for both we almost near the finsihing line! time for screaming joshua and lounge singer jessica to go

  78. is America ready to idolize a Brit? if yes, then America, vote for Hollie.

    • @f0e3437083d582b963c2beed7042dbf0:disqus She’s been in Texas longer than she was in England.  She’s an American citizen.  If you can put up with the impostor in the White House, you should be OK with Hollie on Idol.

  79. I  like Joshua…but..he  screams too much..hurts my ears…bring back Skylar…they need to do something shocking on Idol…like bring someone back…I want Holly to win…her voice is unbelievable…!

  80. No my favorite was Skylar!! Judges need to comment on performances and not voice personal favorites! America needs to vote on their opinion not judges favorites! Notice JLO always stands up for the guys but when Hollie deserved it and got it from 2 of the judges!! This is part of the reason the best 4 are not left now!!!!!!

  81. @ad7d0da9b6e3da7a7148a423e3f5a152:disqus Regarding your first paragraph, do you not count Kelly Clarkson?

  82. I am rooting for Hollie. She has great vocal talent. Jessica does also, but I feel that she is too young to be thrown out there in the public eye so soon. Phillip is the weakest vocally, but has a likability and good stage presence and is entertaining. I like him very much, but vocally speaking, he is good but not great. Joshua is very good but does have a raspy sound on the high notes. But I do like Joshua’s singing. It would be great to have some R&B come back into the music industry. I greatly like all four, as well as some of the others who are already gone, like Erika Van Pelt and Skylar Laine. I would like to see the fanale be between Hollie and Joshua. We all have our opinion, so this is mine. Good luck to all.

    • Wow. You read my mind. I hope Hollie wins also. She’s been my favorite since top 24

  83. I thought Carrie Underwood had an off night. That was a screaming song and she sounded off key. She is usually so good. I was disappointed.

  84. Joshua – Great voice, quite powerful. But his way of singing and tone is not my cup of tea. I personally would NOT buy his CD and would not watch him performance live. He definitely has a lot of energy on stage but he just doesn’t appeal to me. Sorry Fans.
    Phillip – very cute and handsome. He has his days but week after week he sounds exactl the same. No versatility. Very rebellious – shows in his style of clothing and music. Change is good Phillip.
    Hollie: Her voice is definitely getting better. BUT I feel she’s trying too hard to please the audience. She’s more a Las Vegas type performer. She needs a lot of coaching on technicality, poise etc. Mediocre if you ask me. Very surprised she’s still around.
    Jessica: this elusive “connection” will come in time as she grows. Her voice is versatile, beautiful and flawless. Technically she is very professional. The only thing missing in Jessica is she needs to sing and perform like there’s no tomorrow. Dance & sing like nobody is watching. Let loose Jessica and you will be the next American Idol
    Just my thoughts don’t condemn me.

  85. My rankings:
    1:Hollie cavanagh:I love her voice so much. She’s been my favorite since top 24. I hope she wins.

    2:Jessica Sanchez:she’s great and I love her vibrato but she sometimes picks wrong songs.

    3:Joshua ledet:wow. He’s great and I love how his voice is so powerful and he digs with so much emotion but sometimes it sounds a little screamy

    4:Phillip Phillips;honestly I really dot think he’s hot or anything and I change the channel during his performances

  86. Jimmy Lovine’s  Advise to Phillip Phillips, He can’t change the way he sings the songs thats his style change his style and you’ll ruin the singer. I’m glad he dosen’t listen to much. He don’t mess with Jessica, Joshua , or Hollie, Whats up Jimmy you scared he might beat your’s and Randy’s hand picked 2.

  87. Attention everyone:

    According to Nigel Lythgoe’s tweet, the (revised) Top 4 theme is:

    1. Songs from bands or singers from California


    2. Songs I wish I’d Written.

    it’s time to determine their marketability, co’z the real race is after this competition…75-90 percentage.

    (i know she can sing,she has just stage problem”pitchy,offkey”but after this show, if she’ll be given a nice career/song then she can compete with other artist now a days )

    JOSHUA LEDET – 83%
    (again his voice is powerful,it is just people can’t sing with him at all,listen to his songs”kinda powerful high,scream)

    (from performances,to recordings she is GOOD,songs can connect to the listeners and that is important,many producers would love to get her for an album,”just a feeling”)

    (he has the face to market,but i don’t think,that kind of music can be a trend  in this generation,try to think of it)

    observe people….have a good day……

  89. this girl had a COMMERCIAL already , go to youtube and search this
    ” jessica sanchez-Cricket Wireless Commercial”

  90. It’s okay for the voters to keep getting Hollie second to the bottom. She can be a runner-up then.

  91. Here’s my opinion about the top 4 and the predictions:
    1. Hollie Cavanagh: Until the top 10 she shined with her big voice in “Reflection”, “All the man that I need”, “The power of love” then she’s been upside down with the critical feedback from the judges and the vote-off from the fans. But during the last month, she’s been fighting back and Wednesday night proved it. But she was still in the bottom. Her vocal ability is good but she lacks the experience and that’s why she is always in the bottom. But as a young 18-year-old contestant, she’s tried hard enough and is still who she is-an adorable teenage girl. If nothing changes, she’ll go home next week no matter how good her performances will be since Americans will think “it makes perfect sense” when the “cat” Hollie is sent home and their perfect Jess and handsome Phil make it to the finale.
    2. Jessica Sanchez: Hey America and the judges, I am not deaf and not blind. I know how good Jess is. Vocal ability, technique, performing skills, professional style. She’s by all means incredible. Wednesday night, “You’re so beautiful” was as beautiful as her voice. However, here’s the thing, she’s been too old for herself. Jess, your voice is flawless you can say to other contestants that: “Hear and learn” but you should watch Hollie and learn how to be a real teenage girl. Look at “River deep-mountain high”, “Flashdance-what a feeling” and even the way she comes up on the stage to know what a real teenager is. I know experience can make an incredible singer-Jessica Sanchez like you are but it can kill the best years of your life as a real teenage girl. Be who you are since I know a girl like you, young, talented, vigorous and mature, experienced. But it’s time you stopped doing everything too professionally in an objectionable way. Just be a normal contestant, show all your vocal abilities freely, fresh-ly then you’ll shine from the inside, naturally, that will be the perfect time for you to become the next American Idol which you are likely to be in the near future. Get up and show that you deserve it just because of who you really are not a successful girl you lose yourself to be.
    3. Joshua Ledet: About him, I 50% agree with Jimmy. If he’s steady enough he’ll make it to the finale since he’s been doing a great job. I’ve been too critical of him but I think it’s time to reverse half of my comments. Remember “Ready for love”. Beautiful, so touching. Unbelievable. I did “Wow”. But the matter here is that he’s still screaming. Singing needs vocal ability, adjusting and hitting notes not doing those by screaming or straining notes. And Josh has both in his voice, which is of course good and bad at the same time. Let it go, everyone has to let it go like Jimmy and judges have said to so many contestants like Shannon Magrane, Hollie Cavanagh, Elise Testone, Deandre, Heejun Han. Singing is not about trying too hard to kill a song, it’s about letting your emotions free, and letting the notes come out naturally. Randy always looks at Josh and says “This’s what singing’s all about.” So singing’s all about screaming, straining notes? I don’t think so. You need to change it. To the top 3, Hollie can save you, top 2 is gonna tough because there’ll be no place left for you to hide. Winner? Well. sorry to say, I don’t think so. 
    4. Phillip Phillips: He’s good. I must confess that I used to be one of his crazy female fan, screaming his name when I heard him perfom”Only have eyes on you” (Vegas week), “In the midnight hour”, “Still raining”, “Moving out”. But that time is gone as that great personality and singing man have gone. Top 4, he used to deserve it, now I am not sure but importantly, he’s still the top 4. He’ll even make it to the finale and become the runner-up (if America is still wise enough not to make him their next American Idol instead of good vocalists like Jess or Hollie or even Josh). But Phil, to be honest and sincere, you have to do something different, something live, something unique but still amusing and technical. You have the raw talent, AI is where you can turn it into the shining pearl, but you’ve done nothing, it’s time to take action, man if you do want to survive in the intense competion and the tough music market.

  92. i really think any of the contestants deserve to win except for Phillip. Jessica, Hollie, and Joshua have all had a number of stand out performances.  It seems that Phillip is just coasting his way through the competition. I’m not saying he’s bad, he just doesn’t deserve to win like the other three contestants do. I’m for Jessica, and hopefully the best will happen to her

  93. Its so annoying, these comments that the winner has to be a girl. What? there aren’t enough divas out there on the market? Its ridiculous to think that way.  I want to see the most charismatic, the most entertaining, the most confident, original artist on AI win.  Its a shame that Phillip is stuggling with health issues, because IMO he has  those qualities. Song choices for him and his style of singing, are so important. Hopefully, this week will be better than  last week. Jimmy, says, Phillip has a lot of talent and I agree!

  94. from day one, i felt joshua would be the winner. i am a little shocked that hollie and phillip are still in there.  i felt skylar should have remained because she is the whole package.  total entertainer.  i could nto see me buying tickets to sit and listen to anyone for 2 hrs other than joshua and skylar and of course i would listen to joshua 4 hrs.

    joshua, i am praying you win.  now listen, i know what i am talking about. you have to do “when a man loves a woman” at the end fight.  that song was sooooo out there it was not even funny.  when i hear that music start up and you begin that song i will come unglued as will everyone else.  it will be the final winner song.  stick to that building up soul music that leaves us wanting so much more.


  96. JESSICA SANCHEZ !!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER PERFORM WEDNESDAY ! REMEMBER ! Jess ! fans, we must be faithful and voted the whole 2 hours ! What a gift from heaven ! JESS TOP 3 !

  97. Somone has to do California Dreamin. That song seems right up the alley of Phillip Phillips.

  98. Lets get it straight joshua ledet isn,t just the best soul singer he,s the best singer PERIOD!!!!!!

  99. OOk. I usually don’t post. but this is crazy. Jess sings great when she is in her octave range but she has not found herself yet and that does not create a winner. Josh knows who he is but needs to find more control. hollie can sing great but needs to find confidence and comfort. Phil is the only one who truly knows who he is. where his style and range work at. the only thing close to a ready artist…… if news. gets picked good luck to American idol cause the work is cut out for them. she will bomb without the proper time and training.

    • Ill be the first and second to reply to me I take that back after thinking about jess should win so that she is stuck with American idol contracts and they can work on her. all while the rest go sign with labels looking for ready artist. so in that case go jess. I would hate to see people that can sing get held back by this over bearing childish made for teens company the other three deserve better…………..

  100. What’s up with you guys? These kids are all talented.  At this point, it’s a matter of taste and taste is an individual thing. Try a little respect and maybe you’ll get the same!

    • yes, agree. they are a talented group. No more ugly remarks please. Whoever of the 4 wins, deserve it !! they are all good in their own right

  101. I love Joshua.  He is the American Idol.  I would buy his CD in a heartbeat.  His voice is sensitive, sincere, soulful and I feel his passion when he sings.  I never like Fantasia, so I won’t compare.  I also like Phillip.  He delivery is so unusual, you want more.  He has a great sense of humor.  I agree with Jimmy..he needs to pick up the pace.  What else do you have  Phillip to make us want more?  I don’t get it with Hollie.  Her voice is magnificent

    , but she always gets cut down.  She doesn’t have the personality for AD, nor does Jessica. If Jessica is that great, she’ll make it on her own.

  102. It’s ok if the last few have been white males etc. who cares, we are talking about a true artist. At this time the history of AO we should forget. Philip deserves. He is great! Go Philip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I wish Skylar was still in there. She is really entertaining and talented. She is definently more entertaining than anyone thats left in the competition.

  104. I definitely think its going to be,#1 Jessica,#2 Joshua,#3 Holli, and #4 Phillip based solely on singing talent ,because after all folks ITS A SINGING COMPETITION.

  105. philip is the best! most original+talented artist. most colton+skylar fans are voting for philip now and if hollie leaves then most her teen vote will go philips way aswell fact.keep voting lets make philip win!!

  106. If Jessica doesnt win I will never watch this show again,she is leaps and bounds above and ahead of the rest. Dont take it the wrong way,because the others are good too,but Jessica is in another league.

  107. So you guys are saying Fantasia is better than Whitney Houston or Beyonce. Get real people. This is not rocket science.

  108. Joshua is always the same. His voice is so annoying. He sounds like gospel crooner. 

  109. Hollie has to go?? Like it is the law? Like we should stop the competition, run over to the mansion, force her to pack her clothes, call her a taxi and drive her to the airport?  And the whole time yell at her for having the audacity to not voluntarily withdraw herself from AI so that other singers who are better than her could still be on the show?? 

    Rather than saying, “Hollie has to go”, why don’t you simply say, “I would like Jessica to win and she is who I will vote for”.

  110. u know i like them all the top 4,but if we we’re talking about stage presence i think jessica can learn that day by day,movement and emotion?that easy to learn but voice that we called “GIFT”..i mean jess has very good vocal..she knew how to play the melody of the song….all she need  is a lil bit time to grow ..and she will be fine,and the rest of them too.

  111. America do you really know what a real talent is!!!!!philip doesnt deserve to be on top 4!!!!!

  112. I am an avid AI fan.  Why, in all of your seasons, have you NOT had the contestants sing the national anthem?  What a true test and way for them to express their patriotism!!
    Shame on you.
    LS, Raleigh, NC

  113. Jessica should do “nothing else matters” by Metallica, make it into R&B rock. she will knock the roof down.

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