American Idol 2012: Skylar Laine Talks Plans For Nashville

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Skylar Laine. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Skylar Laine may have been eliminated from American Idol 2012 on Thursday, but she’s already looking forward and has big plans for what she’d like to do and where she’d like to be when the summer tour ends.

“I want to move to Nashville after the tour,” Skylar informed THR. “I want to work on an album. Hopefully I’ll get a deal. Hopefully. I really want one.” Her big picture plan? “I want to move to Nashville, work on an album, ride with everyone I can.” Sounds like a good plan to me and with last season’s double win for country music she should have a recently blazed trail to follow.

Skylar was also excited to share that Carrie Underwood said she had already been welcomed to the country music scene with open arms. As unfortunate as her elimination was for Skylar and her fans this was good timing to overlap with Underwood’s visit. Maybe she can catch a ride with her back to Nashville!

Check out Skylar’s full interview with THR below.




  1. Good Luck Skylar………….Nothing is impossible for anyone who dreams and has the exceptional talent. After all, America has known you already. Together with your positive attitude, it will bring you there.

    • Not really a fan of country music but I’m proud of her… Very classy lady with a positive aura around her, no worries at all, she’ll be successful on whatever she wants to do (already did + more to come)…

    • YEAR OF THE GIRLS! I hope this is it. I’m tired of these girls voting for the male contestants. AMERICA vote for the GIRLS!

      • Idol voting results leaked for the 1st time!
        Total Votes(combined phone, txt votes & online votes)
        1. Phil- 14,179,219 (23.72%)
        2. Joshua- 13,597,002 (22.74%)
        3. Jessica- 11,226,897 (18.77%)
        4. Hollie- 10,654,978 (17.82%)
        5. Skylar- 10,131,359 (16.95%)
        This is NOT FAIR. The girls keeps on voting Phillip the worst among the 5 contestants.

  2. Good luck Skylar, we won’t forget you!!!
    By the way, I was just watching Hollie’s first performance on the show, “Reflection”, I watched that and then watched her “River Deep Mountain High” and boy, has she grown! Just thought I should mention it 😛
    Same thing with Skylar, she sang “Stay with Me” and was great, but the evolution that Hollie is showing is spectacular! Peaking at the right time! Hopefully Hollie vs. Jessica in the finale!

  3. Good Luck on your career Skylar! 🙂 It has been a beautiful Journey. You showed a great sport. Though you have a voice that I don’t fancy a lot since I’m not really into country, I’m wishing the best for you. 🙂

  4. Go get em young lady. Before we know it your first album will soar just like all the othe country fans from idol. Look at Scotty ,and Lauren Alaina believe in yourself. Don’t ever Quit believing. Looking forward buying your first Release. Break a leh in Nashville pet.

  5. Skylar isn’t just a simple country singer,she sets the stage on fire everytime.I’m not her fan but I have to admit it.It doesn’t matter she came 5th.she’s gonna be a very successful artist.good luck skylar!

  6. I guess SKYLAR is not popular…it’s been 4 hrs since this article been posted… Only 11 posted comments how she will be missed!

    • Now if it was revealed that her great great great great grandfauther was filipino then the postings would quickly jump to around 600 all declaring what a racist travesty her departure proves.

      • PLS STOP IT STOP IT!! WHAT A YOU TRYING TO CREATE HERE !! This is a competition irregardless of race, creed or colour. All man are equal in God’s eyes. So stop trying to STIR THINGS UP. …JUST STOP IT. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

      • Vy. Cheers to all  the Filipinos who read my message and had a bit of a chuckle realizing it was a joke,  To Vy. I deeply apologize if I have offended you.  Try to relax a little as I didn’t mean to drive you to the CAP button. The point of my post was that to lighten things up a bit as the site  has gotten a little too serious of late. Apart from yourself I doubt many Filipinos read that message and blew any gaskets. I’ve worked with many Filipinos over the years in many countries and last time I recalled the vast majority have a sense of humor.

    • I think many people have already commented about missing Skylar on other articles by Matt and Branden before this appeared. Saying it over and over again will not bring her back to Idol. For those who did not like her–like Ron Gottheil and arnulfo–move on and pick on someone else! It is interesting that people who are not country fans also have good things to say about her.

    • she is popular she will make a record you will see and i hope the country boy wins it

  7. Come on Jimmy, give Skylar a recording contract now. She is fabulous. Even Steven Tyler said  he hated to see Skylar go

    • Jimmy will not give her a contract.  He likes Jessica as do the other judges??????????????????????

      • Jimmy can offer a contract to more than one person, if he thinks the person has potential.

  8. Big ado about nothing, she’ll get her little contract but if she wants to make anything of herself, sit down and start writing or just fade away!

  9. Best wishes Skylar, follow your dreams.  I love your positive attitude and spirit from beginning to end.  This is a tough business but your beautiful way of thinking reminds me so much of our local Lauren Alaina.  You go girl!!  Looking forward to seeing/hearing more of you!!

  10. Please. Skylar will be just fine. She has a fan base and market in her country roots. Diva female singers traditionally don’t have much fan base if you look at Idol’s history. Country singers traditionally have more success in general.

    • i dont think Skylar is sore about being eliminated. Ppl are blowing things out of proportion. Come on, this is just a competition. These singers are only wonderful in their own right. But after reading the cruel remarks made on each one of them, I am left in awe i.e. comparing these ppl to animals. I cannot believe that there are ppl in this world that would be so mean and cruel. So pls, pls, let’s keep things cordial. Everyone has his or her favourites. We pray that they are safe each week, but if they are ousted out, let’s not criticize the few remaining. It’s not right just not right.

      • Because she is the best of the remaining 4. She proved it in her trio with the other two girls. She has persevered over all the bad comments by the judges and Jimmy and being placed at the beginning of the show or near the beginning more than anyone else which is the worst spot to be placed to gain votes. She has been very respectful and receptive of all the help that has been offered, even to the point that it steered her off a little in the middle of the show. 

        She is simply the best contestant left. She may not win but that wont change my opinion. The best left at the top 8 position IMO.

      • Okay. Very well said.

        However, i don’t agree with the things you said.

        1) She is definitely NOT the best among the remaining contestants.
        2) Neither she is the best among the trio
        She will not win. She might leave next week. Her or Josh. That’s for sure.

        Objectively, i like Phillip and Jessica in the top 2.

  11. Idol is just a reality show. She has it all to be very successful in real life music industry. Great personality, genuine talent and hard work. Just find the right producers, the right songs, and a label that knows how to promote, and you’re set. I’m usually not into country music, but hers is an album that I’ll definitely own.

  12. Skyler always looked like she was having fun on stage. Her personality showed through more than the rest. I’ll miss her on the show

  13. Give me a break. She should not have been eliminated. There were two others who should have went first. 

    • sore loser. Come on. As I have stressed previously. They are all good. But whoever is eliminated, we take it as part and parcel of life and move on. Let’s grow up and now throw tantrums. What is over is over… let’s not keep on saying, what should have…..blah blah blah

  14. Not only does Skylar have the dream, but she has the “right stuff” and determination that she will realize her dreams, she is no ordinary AI alum.

  15. Joshua? Jessica? hhm. whatever you say..Hollie will be the winner. end of snytory!

  16. Hollie vs. Jessica in the finale. I wont settle for anything less!!! GIRL POWER SEASON 11 !!!!!

  17. Good luck Skylar, your the best ever. Cant believe you are out, its a shame that the judges wasted there save on Jessica, dont get me wrong she has a voice, but I wont go and buy a CD of her or go to her concerts, she doesnt have that spark like Skylar.

    • sooo? shame that the judges used there save for jessica huh? well because she deserve it so dont question that.. jessicas voice is way way better,good,excellent compare to skylar..

    • cant make a comment w/o putting another person down? tsk tsk tsk… why r u so angry?

    • can i remind you that even if there was still a save…they cant use it on Skylar because its the top 5 already…im sorry but im also a skylar fan but i dont go around hating the other contestants….

  18. I wasn’t a fan of Skylar’s, but I am impressed by her poise and attitude in handling her elimination. I hope her fans follows her example.
    Good luck to her!  

  19. Skylar will have a sucessful career. Your a great singer. Best of luck to you

  20. am totally angry that Skylar got voted off, she is one of the best singers this season and i think all who voted against her clearly has hearing problems! 

  21. I will miss you Skylar on idol. you will be very big in country. Carry will ee to that. Just remember its a great song that will make you great. Thats your biggest challange that awaits you. I will buy it.

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