American Idol 2012 Pittsburgh Auditions Tonight

American Idol Pittsburgh auditions

American Idol 2012 auditions are back tonight when the judges head to Pittsburgh in search of new talent ready for a chance at Hollywood.

Last night we watched the talented Savannah crowd garner 42 Golden Tickets with lots of standout singers. What will we get tonight in Pennsylvania? One thing is for sure, we’ll get half the auditions. Tonight’s show will run just one hour starting at 8PM ET/PT on FOX so settle in for some fun auditions.

Idol‘s promo clip for tonight’s audition show (watch it down below) teases that there will be lots more talent to discover and plenty of Tickets handed out. We’ll continue to find out how many of the American Idol 2012 Top 42 spoilers are accurate and so far things are looking pretty good.

If you missed last night’s Idol 2012 premiere then check out our recap and join us tonight during the show to see what other fans are saying.




  1. So far, so good. Not too many train wrecks. I hope they don’t humiliate people who think they have talent or are just desperate to be on TV once in their life.

  2. I must say, I’m glad its only 60 minutes……Give you my comments tomorrow…..Still absorbing last night…!!!

    • Hi Phyllis G. We were worn out from watching yesterday. I really do not like all the try outs. I like it when they get to the like 20 people.  If I watch it now when all of this stuff is going on it is only to watch Steven Tyler. And laugh at all of his witty remarks. AI see if you can keep him that way all the way through this season. Please!!!  And also bring ADAM on as a guest this year. PLEASE!!  We just cannot get enough of this all around gentleman. OK, Off for some sack time. Later to all of the good people on this blog. Matt, you decided to let us see your face this year. Can we see Branden too. Please. Looking good there Matt.

      • Sorry the dad gum smile doesn’t work anymore. I like to smile. But heck If it’s not going to work I am not doing it again. Smiles to you Phyllis G and to Matt too. 

    • Sorry, but FOX doesn’t seem to make their American Idol content readily available online. I was hoping they were going to follow X Factor’s lead and at least post performances.

      Has anyone else seen a legit/quality source?

  3. Phillip Phillips is the best. Not sure how anybody could be better – but of course, that doesn’t necessarily he’ll win.

  4. I’m a little bored right now. This has never been my favorite part of the show. But alas I have nothing else that I really want to do so I will be here tonight. Watching EXTRA how much more bored can you get. 

    • Don’t be like that, surely we can find at least one contestant ” each ” that is interesting enough to talk about !  Let’s see what Pittsburgh got to offer tonite, be happy is not going to be 2 hours.  You can always take
      up “knitting” like the others, heh heh, just kidding.  Cheer up you never
      know Pennsylvania might be hidding another Melanie for you 🙂

  5. will there only be 3 judges this season, i missed it last night and cannot seem to find the answer anywhere. 

  6. The first week is always alittle slow. It was always kinda entertaining to watch the bad singers though! =D

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