American Idol 2012 Premiere: An Interview With the Judges

The big week is finally here! American Idol Season 11 premieres Wednesday and we’ve got an interview with the judges.

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler discuss the new season and auditions. They talk about the great talent that came out of Savannah, how each of them judge and what they look for: confidence, character and of course, talent.

It seemed to be Randy’s goal to remind everyone that American Idol is the original and still the best of the singing competition shows. He even calls it “the Picasso of its kind.” Sounds like he wants people to know The X Factor and The Voice can’t touch Idol’s success. Do you agree?

Check out the American Idol 2012 video after the jump.

American Idol Season 11 premieres Wednesday at 8 pm on Fox.




  1. let’s hope this season brings us some uniquely brilliant talent without the sob stories. and, hopefully, the voting will be based on TALENT and not on who’s the cutest. but as in the past, winning doesn’t guarantee a career. ask adam, chris, jennifer, katherine…get the picture!!

  2. X Factor And The Voice weren’t even near good as AI. The Voice was too short that no one couldn’t connect with contestants. And X factor was only a small copy of AI with some more argue between Judges. I hope AI come strong as last season and hope too se more meaningful comments from Panel.

    • I watched both X Factor And The Voice. They didn’t come close to AI. It got to the point on X-Facto I was dvring it and then fastforward to Josh when he sang. The constant bickering between the judges was distracting to say the lease. But in the end Simon’s girl won. She was a good singer, but just ordinary. Like you said the Voice needs more connection. I won’t watch X-Factor again, but will give the Voice another chance. Idol is still my show!

      • I agree. I find Xfactor got away from their original objective of finding the most talented to who has the biggest mouth among them by their constant bickering. Xfactor has way too much drama and very little of what I expected from a producer of talent shows (Simon). I found after a while that it took all the fun out of watching the show. Thankfully some of the talented singers caught in the midst of that will now have a promising career.

  3. AI has proven itself to be the top show for a singing competetion and has been my favourite for a long time. One format I like on “The Voice” is
    the way they choose the singers. The panel will choose their favourite by the strength of the vocal
    performance, eliminating bias because of physical
    appearance. I also like the profesional approach the panel took in selecting their choices. They took real resposibility in mentoring and eliminating the singers. I will watch The Voice again besides AI, I will think very hard to even
    look at Xfactor next season especially if they do not make some much needed change.

  4. The best show is AI.I like the X factor but the part that the judge at to pick from bottom two I don’t agree.The voice saw like twice didn’t like it.

  5. I prefer the X-Factor. I really enjoy Simon Cowell’s style of judging, and Paula Abdul, etc. Not so keen on Nicole. However I will probably watch AI, just because I enjoy most singing competitions.

  6. I like all the shows..Really enjoyed X-Factor…I like Simon and Paula..And “The Voice” is different but I love how they do the show and like all the judges..AI..I like but hope they can do something different with the voting..When I read how some voted so many times…it just seemed so unfair.Each show has ups and downs to it..but all are good and have given some really talented people a chance at their dream.

  7. I agree about the voting. That is definitely the weakest part of AI. I am convinced that some little girls are texting and calling in non-stop for who they like best – not who is most talented. Is there any way to make it so each phone number can only have 2 or 3 votes? Then it would come out fairly! American Idol is the best, though. Too much fighting on X-factor. The judges egos got in the way of the contestants talents.

  8. Randy Jackson is so right,  no one can touch American Idol,  not even Simon with the X Factor.  This show is still a stand out,  even though I have not enjoyed every season,  I still can’t help watching when I don’t like some of the singers.

  9. I think the men were totally wrong last night on Cheyenne James.  She has an excellant voice and should have had a chance.  She will be as big as Taylor Swift one day.  She will have the final word.  Thanks J-Lo for her great ear. 

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