American Idol 2012 Arrives This Wednesday

American Idol 2012 Premiere

American Idol 2012 arrives this Wednesday. Are you ready?? We’ll be enjoying auditions from all over the country as the returning judges take in the best and the worst the Idol hopefuls have to offer.

FOX has released another new promo teasing us with what’s coming up (watch it down below), but if you want to get the full details then check out the American Idol 2012 schedule. So far we know the what and when through early March and that gets us to the first elimination show. We can’t wait to see what this season of American Idol has in store for us and we hope you join us through it all!

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    • @Rose A. ….Hello my dear friend….we are so ready for this new season to start. Its great seeing you on the site again…..

    • can’t wait for American Idol 2012 and Haley Reinhart’s soon-to-be-number-1 album! oh my gosh she’s so gonna be Grammy’s best new artist for 2013, i can so predict that!

    • @Noor….Bite your tongue…LOL….We don’t need another Country Idol…..Seriously….

    • Oh God forbid..we don’t need another country idol. Please!!! I hope we’d have tons of Haley-like contestants.

  1. Let’s just hope that the judges have learned from their many many mistakes. That Judge’s Save of Casey instead of Pia was one of the worst mistakes of the entire season. Hopefully they won’t falter that hard like they did then.

    • If the judges didn’t use that save too early last season then they might not have needed to use it on Pia since either Thia or Naima would have still been in the competition that week. And I agree they should have let Casey go as he had two very bad back to back performances, and definitely didn’t get better after he got the save.

  2. YAHOO!!! Matt….count me in..I’m waiting for our cheat sheets when you find out who the Top 24 or 20, which ever, made it!!!!!!!!…..

  3. I can’t wait until Wenesday. After watching the X-Factor I am ready for something that is not as insane as what that show became. I liked the Voice but that she just went by too quickly. I hope they keep the bad auditions at a minimum if there is anything the X-Factor did right was they didn’t spend as much time on the bad auditions and focused more on the good ones, that’s the only real good thing I’ll say about the X-Factor with the exception of the winner and runner up Melanie and Josh.

    • @shawn, me to! I also find it too long of a wait to see the groups that made it. Though
      I can imagine just on the amount of people
      that auditioned is probably mind boggling to sort out. Like you, I like the way “The Voice” selects their contestants, but yes it was too short. I am hard to please am I? I like your comments Shawn and it is usually spot on. Keep it up :), oh one thing, some of the bad ones are alright for a laugh to break up the ice but not too much.

      • Thanks Ed, I just try to call it as I see it, and I’m looking forward to chatting with everybody here this Wednesday evening when Idol airs!!

  4. FYI…To all the Adam fans out there. Adam will be singing his new single on the Tonight Show, 2/17 and the Ellen Show on 2/19.

  5. I just checked the email I got and those are the dates but I have a feeling that its 1/17 and 1/19. Check your local listings for these two shows.

    • Sorry Adam Fans, it is Jan 17th-Tonight Show and Jan 19th-Ellen…..Set your dvr’s!!!!!

  6. hey guys, watch out someone is not quite done yet!
    Better deny that you like Country Music or you may receive some more not so pleasant remarks. Unless
    of course we want to have a “TRUCE” do we? Yes?

    • haha well sorry to you Mr. Ed, it’s obvious that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like country music. see the comments above!

      • First, most of the people that knows me knew I love Rock n Roll more than
        any music, that’s why I chose Josh over Melanie. Having said that I also
        like Country, Jazz , Blues even classical music.
        The one thing about you Haley Forever is you hated a guy who won AI last year and for what reason is still a big question mark to most of us.
        I am willing to stop this nonsense if you are. I got no problem on what you like or don’t like but you got to learn to respect other opinions as well and stop acting like a child.
        listen to Shelly K’s advise just chill
        and everyone here would like you better. So what do you think “TRUCE”?

      • Okay Ed, it’s a deal! But you guys have to respect my opinion too. Fair?

        “The one thing about you Haley Forever is you hated a guy who won AI last year and for what reason is still a big question mark to most of us.” – okay just to answer this, I just feel that Haley is so much better than Scotty because she can sing any song. It’s like ask Scotty to sing House of the Rising Sun and I Who Have Nothing like Haley did. Can you just imagine how would that sound?

        Okay enough of this Scotty vs. Haley thing, let’s all….chill

      • @Haley Forever,
        Alright, yoo hoo, lets party, lets forget it and enjoy the upcoming show.
        Rock n Roll everyone 🙂 Guess who is on board!!

    • @pr63…I so agree…and also with Ed…how about a truce. I will admit that I do like country…sometimes( 🙂 ); also Jazz, Blues and most definitely Rock…let’s all come to the party and play nice~!!! 🙂
      PS…Hi Phyllis, Sherry K. and all you other die hard AI fans…so ready for a new season

      • @pr63, Rose A. Ed, Sherry K, etc…..I totally agree. The season didn’t even start yet and the blog is getting out of hand. I always said…Lets agree to disagree…..We all have our favorites and we’ll have more fun on this site if it doesn’t get nasty. Our opinions are just that our opinions, which are neither right nor wrong….Just our humble opinions. I’ll respect your and you respect mind!!!!

        ….I’m still ready for tomorrow night…..totally ready!!!!!

  7. I’m so excited about the contestants!!! I hope we’ll have a hard time to pick the best because all of them are!

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