American Idol 2012 Ratings Dip But Remain High

American Idol 2012

It used to be lonely at the top for American Idol, but this season has seen the usual ratings champ with some company. CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” managed to beat out Fox’s reality show on Thursday in the coveted 18-49 year old demographic with a 5.5 to 4.9 rating. Idol still managed to pull in a healthy 17.4 million viewers that night, so there’s nothing to cry about, Nigel.

Comparison-wise, things looked worse on Wednesday for American Idol 2012. The second Wednesday’s audition show tumbled 13.5% from the previous Wednesday’s airing, but keep in mind that was the season premiere. The bad part is when comparing the same “second Wednesday” episode this season to last season. In that case, Idol fell 30% in the ratings from a year ago. Ouch. Either way, American Idol brought in 19.6 million viewers on Wednesday night which is mighty impressive and nothing to complain about.

While ratings might be down from week to week and even year to year there isn’t anything to fear. If Idol 2012 can keep on drawing nearly 20 million viewers then it’ll keep earning that ad revenue and we’ll get to keep watching.

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  1. Well, when you show 1 or 2 auditions to 10 commercials, I myself lack the interest with this. If they are losing viewers, they are doing it to themselves.

  2. A couple of thoughts:  Friends have said they don’t start watching until the auditions are over.  Also,  going from a Tuesday/Wednesday to a Wednesday/Thursday schedule avoids going against NCIS, but clashes with TBBT.  Not a real smart move IMO.  Plus, the kind of people who love ridiculing the unfortunate souls that Idol has humiliated during past auditions are not seeing that this time, so are not tuning in.

    • I don’t know why tv schedules are so unpredictable now. How do they expect people to tune in when they’re not sure when the show is going to be on? Sometimes I get tired of searching and just give up and do something else. With all the competition from internet and cable, dvr, satellite, etc., you’d think they would make a better effort.

    • I don’t know why tv schedules are so unpredictable now. How do they expect people to tune in when they’re not sure when the show is going to be on? Sometimes I get tired of searching and just give up and do something else. With all the competition from internet and cable, dvr, satellite, etc., you’d think they would make a better effort.

    • I’m one of those who don’t watch it until the auditions are over, but my two daughters watch.  I love Idol, and I don’t think they’ve anything to worry about.  Still prefer it over the X-Factor.

    • I personally dont like to see the bad singers, I dont find it fun to ridicule the bad ones, I like to see the good ones and start picking my favorite.  they could cut down audition weeks alot would be better to get on with the real show

  3. I know of people who don’t start watching until after the auditions are over or some who wait until the live shows start. I’m sure once we get to the Hollywood episodes and the live shows the ratings might pick up.

  4. Also who needs to watch the actual show while it is airing when they have DVRs and the internet where they can see the auditions any time they want. You don’t have to rush home from work or hurry up with dinner to make sure you don’t miss it like it used to be. IDK I think they still use the DVR recordings but I’m not sure but everything is so readily available on the internet too. But the ratings weren’t that bad for this part of the show even in light of all of that so I wouldn’t worry too much.

  5. For me, I’m bored by the judges. I watched last year, like so many, because of the two new judges, being intrigued by them, but after watching part of the first auditions I wanted to throw up! I’ll watch again at top 24 and checkout the talent.

    • I think the new judges stink!!!!  That is I am not watching it, I have it in my DVR, just no interest in putting it on. Last year they did not judge, just praised every contestant.  I’m tired of Steven Tylers stupid action of closing his eyes and moving his head to every song… and is J.Lo still getting goose bumps from every singer… BORING!!!  I used to watch auditions, and not to see the bad ones but to get to know the contestants early, now judges ruined it  : (

      • lol…I didn’t think anyone one felt like I did.
        The judges will be ok as long as the voters ignore them!

    • agree here,  not impressed with the judges, but what can you do
      just get on with the talent please

  6. Well, I am one of the guilty ones (though WAY older than that “coveted 18-19 demographic” noted) who has been tuning in to “Big Bang Theory.” The writers are incredible on that show–incredibly witty. I love it.

    And yes, I am also one of those who doesn’t care about watching the auditions. I plan to tune in once they are over.

  7. Exclusive !!   ( what is your source !! lol )

    I think that jessica sanchez  really made it . When I saw her name listed in the spoilers, I went to utube , search, found an Official Cannel for her . I watched some of her covers . she was very good .

    Two day later >>

    I wanted to listen to her ( love on top ) cover . So , I went to her Channel and I find nothing.   WHY IS THAT ??

    Of course > any one will find her videos . but it will be in other channels.

    I think she really made it to 24 top .

  8. It must be torture to sit and watch a show you hate.  Unless you are punishing yourselves, so use the remote and click it somewhere else
    if you can’t stand the show.  We don’t want you to loose all the  food you just ate, LOL.

  9. tired of them having to beep words out sick of tyler & randy carrying  on about the young girls why did they have to show the bikini again it seems so fake.

  10. I may have my complaints about the show but I have my complaints about a lot of shows but I continue to watch them.  Every season I say I’m not going to watch until the live shows start and here I am again watching all the shows…..I AM a fan of Idol and I will be until it is cancelled.  I believe these reality talent shows (Idol, X-Factor, AGT, SYTYCD, The Voice) give people an opportunity to showcase their talent whereas they may never have been given the chance.   We may not always be happy with the results but that life.   A lot of great talent has come out of these shows….I hope they last a very long time…JMHO!!!!

  11. @Phyllis G,  Good on ya , Agree 100% One thing I have noticed about you and you said it yourself,  you were never negative and I know you
    look at the good things rather than the bad that’s why you enjoy and have fun watching these shows.  Simply put , we know you like good music, good
    talent, and ummm, a certain guy, we do not want his name mentioned
    anymore or I get jealous….

    • @Ed…..You know me too well!!!!!! A certain guy’s birthday was yesterday 30……See, if it wasn’t  for Idol I would have never known that…….Now you know why I love this show…..

  12. If they made auditions last two weeks and no more like X Factor I think ratings would do better.

    I would rather watch 4 2 hour sessions in 2 weeks, then 6-8 (10??) hour sessions

  13. Here we are,  the end of January and into the heart of
    initial auditions. The big four from last year, Ryan, Randy, Jlo and Steven
    survived. This in spite of Jlo divorce, Steven looked like he got beaten up by
    a Mac truck, and Randy smart enough to know he’s getting paid about twenty
    times what he’s worth.  After watching
    X-Factor USA, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate  Mr. Seacrest.

    Speaking of X-Factor, Simon fired Paula, Nicolle and the
    incredibly inept Mr. Jones.  I might be
    in a minority, but I like Simon Cowell and I really liked the two finalists.  Josh and Melanie.

    American Idol is down in the ratings this year after being
    on top for about a decade.  It is still
    the undisputed King  of entertainment
    reality shows. Nigel Lythgoe invited the POTUS to sing with Al Green.  Smart move.

    X-factor and American Idol are not opposed but I think they
    complement and help each other.  Same
    network.  Selling Coca Cola and Ford on
    Idol and Pepsi and Chevy on X-Factor. 
    Hooooda  Thunk it.

    I watch it because I like singing, and dreamers.  It has no real bearing on the important
    things in life.  In that way, I guess it’s
    like NASCAR and NFL.  Mindless, but
    passionate  vicarious entertainment.


    But lots of fun.


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