Naima Adedapo Snags Record Deal

Season 10 American Idol alum, Naima Adedapo has signed a record deal. That’s one I didn’t exactly expect, but good for her.

The Hollywood Reporters says the American Idol Season 10 finalist has inked a deal with Peak Records will release her first album set to be released later this year, and a 3-song EP to be released in March.

“I feel very blessed to be beginning this journey of music with Peak Records,” Adedapo said. “Andi had faith in my artistry from the first time she saw me. Music is in my blood. I feel like I’ve been taking the steps to creating original music all of my life and now I will be able to share it with the world!”

The president of Peak says she’s had her eyes on her since he saw her audition for American Idol.

“We are extremely excited about signing Naima,” said Peak President  Andi Howard. “I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her audition on Idol, She is a multi-talented beautiful artist.”




  1. I remember her reggae version of I’m Still Standing. She was creative with it but didn’t total it out. Glad she is getting a chance to record.

  2. I really like liked her style. She is best with a jazzier and reggaie approach.
    Conrats on her record deal!

  3. if the president of the record company had her eyes on naima since the auditions, what took her so long to sign a deal?  naima is very good but i don’t see the major record companies banging down her door

  4. I am really happy for Naima.  I liked her style. It was different.   I like artists that take chances…… you know  who did in Season 8.
    I wish her the best and I will probably buy her CD.

    • Hi Phyllis, You will like the record company who signed her up. 
      Andi Howard and Russ Freeman heads up “The Rippingtons” a real
      great Jazz band, with many other accomplished Jazz musicians like
      David Benoit.  Peak records been around for more than a decade
      and has concentrated in signing up musicians and singers in the Jazz
      World.  Peabo Bryson , Brian Mcknight , Regina Belle  Phil Perry,
      Eric Marienthal ( Chick Corea’s Jazz Band ) to name a few.  So don’t
      listen to the wisecrackers who thinks they know these guys.  She will do just fine since she like Jazz, yes I know she won’t be in pop/rock music
      but that’s not her style anyway.

      • Hi Ed, Thanks for the background of Peak Records…….By now Ed you should know that I don’t listen to a lot of the negative comments.  I liked Naima during the show so I am anxious to hear her new CD……and I love Jazz……but I also liked her spin on certain songs.
        Its amazing how many of last season Idols got record contracts…..Amazing….Good for them…

      • Ed, thanks for the info on Peak. I didn’t know about them either but they sound like a good fit for Naima. I know some of the names you mentioned, but not all, so it looks like I have some Googling to do!  😀

      • No doubt, Peak Records has been around since ’94 I believe, and currently under Concord Music Group, which is internationally recognized. All the haters dumping on Naima and her record deal show that they have no clue what they’re talking about. So we gotta be there behind her, every step of the way. VIVA NAIMA!

    • Yeah, I’m excited for Naima, too. I’m glad to hear we will get to see and hear more from this unique talent. Viva NAIMA!

  5. well you have got to be kidding, oh well, I am sure she wont sell much and wont last to long in the industry.

  6. Signed by Peak Records,   soon to be known as Valley Records.   Which would be a subsidiary of Suckers-R-Us Records.

    • This record company has been around for almost 18 years and has signed artists like Regina Belle, All 4 One and Peabo Bryson, and her record will be produced by Warryn Campbell who has produced and written songs for Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Xzibit, Mos Def, Missy Elliot, Brandy and more. Just because you don’t like the girls style and talent, doesn’t mean the real music industry agrees with you. In fact, she’s got some heavy hitters behind her. VIVA NAIMA!


  8. I didn’t care for her musically or otherwise. Wish her the best but won’t be going out of my way to look up her work. If she rises to super stardom and becomes mainstream I will be surprised. But I have been surprised before and I have been wrong before so I’m used to it…LOL. Please don’t start bashing me. It’s just my opinion and I respect all of your opinion too. Like I said I wish her the best and I hope she does prove me wrong. I always like to see people who work hard be able to reap the benefits of their toil.

    • Hi Taymaro, relax we won’t.  As you know Jazz and Jazz Musicians had
      remained under the radar ever since.  Most of the musicians likes Jazz
      for the pure pleasure of it whether someone likes it or not.  I know a lot
      of them and they are pretty much alike in many ways.  One thing you will find in the Jazz circuits are very accomplished, very professional
      very talented musicians who likes to play and sing.  Even those who
      usually will play mainstream contemporary music for the paycheques
      will eventualy will get together for a gig with the a group of jazz lovers
      just to relax and enjoy themselves.  I hope you got that, I’m pretty you
      do. LOL

      • one more may I add 🙂
         I know she may not have all the qualities of a super star Diva
        most people are looking for, and that’s why she did not win AI last year,
        but she do have that style of music that fits in with Andi and Company.
        She will do very well given the right music, I would bet on it.  It also does not mean she will go to the top of the charts with it, but she definitely has found her groove. One lady I am very fond of just passed
        away recently, her name is Phoebe Snow.  She may have one or two memorable songs in the seventies that did well in the charts then.
        But she is one awesome singer/musician in my opinion.  I still listen
        to her albums today, now most people would not know her but I do.
        I am not comparing Naima to Phoebe in that sense but they were both
        different, and thats what I like about them.

      • I know all that and agree with most of it but still something just didn’t click with me while she was performing. I am glad she landed in the right place and wish her the best as I have said.

      • Yes Phoebe passed in April last year. I remember seeing that on the news. She was great. “Poetry Man” and her version of Dappy’s “No Regrets” were amazing. We do have some of the same taste. Just not in the case of Naima though. But there is still plenty of time to change my mind. =-)

    • Taymaro, I know what you are saying, and although I am a big Naima fan, I actually agree with you. She is not mainstream, and its to believe there could come a day when she rises to super stardom and goes mainstream. I hope it happens for her, but don’t think it will. On the other hand, I’m not sure if that’s what she needs, it seems like music and artistry is in her veins, and any outlet to get that expression out there into the world is probably what she needs. I hope her all the best, and will be supporting her every step of the way. Viva NAIMA!

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