Jennifer Lopez Talks American Idol 2012 on Today Show

American Idol 2012 - Jennifer Lopez on the Today Show

Jennifer Lopez visited the Today Show this morning and talked about her return to American Idol with host Matt Lauer.

Keeping the diva perception alive JLo starts things off by complaining that the last time she visited Matt Lauer had to cover a bigger story instead. That’s kind of like when she complained on GMA that the day’s bigger story was eight time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps instead of her interview about exercising.

Anyway, Lauer touches on her slow American Idol 2012 contract negotiations where she finally agreed to come back for $20 million, her new show “The Chosen,” and even her personal life. Watch the video below to see all the fun, including a little assault on Lauer for asking about her divorce.




  1. The Michael Phelps remark was clearly a joke. She was laughing when she said it. I have see it again on youtube after you posted that.   He was the biggest thing out at the time and she cracked a joke.  Same with this interview.  Some people just don’t get  sarcasm. 

    • The Phelps comment was said off-air and wasn’t part of her segment on GMA.  Repeatedly complaining about other stories getting more attention isn’t being sarcastic.

  2. Whether she is for real or not, I just adore her.  I love her music and her dance and I love her movies.   She came from humble beginnings and I wish her all the success life can bring her…..

  3. She is a very polite lady and I just really like her and love seeing pictures of her childres. happiness for Jennifer.

  4. Wow, that was a very good interview. I like Jennifer Lopez a lot… This interview increased my interest in her as a person. She’s a very good mom! Jennifer is my favorite American Idol Judge over all. Of course the combo over all is really really good, but JLo is definitely my favorite… Steven my Second favorite. They are very genuine, likable and full of talent and experience.

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