American Idol 2012 Results: Top 25 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 25 results

We’re about to find out who will become the American Idol 2012 Top 13 when the results are revealed and twelve singers are sent home. The top 5 guys and top 5 girls, based on your voting the past two nights, will automatically move on to the finalists stage. Then each of the 3 judges will get to pick 1 wildcard which will form the season 11 Top 13. Oh the choices, the drama, the suspense!

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American Idol 2012 Top 10 Results:

  1. Phillip Phillips
  2. Hollie Cavanagh
  3. Jessica Sanchez
  4. Joshua Ledet
  5. Heejun Han
  6. Shannon Magrane
  7. Skylar Laine
  8. Elise Testone
  9. Colton Dixon
  10. Jermaine Jones
  • #1 Wildcard spot…
  • #2 Wildcard spot…
  • #3 Wildcard spot…

Fantastic Top 10 singers. I’m wishing there weren’t any wildcards and we could just move on with the above list. Ah well. The Idol judges will pick from the leftover singers below to fill the three wildcard spots. Who will it be??

American Idol 2012 Bottom 15 Results:

  1. Chase Likens
  2. Jeremy Rosado
  3. Brielle Von Hugel
  4. Hallie Day
  5. Adam Brock
  6. Chelsea Sorrell
  7. Baylie Brown
  8. Aaron Marcellus
  9. Creighton Fraker
  10. Reed Grimm
  11. Haley Johnson
  12. Erika Van Pelt
  13. Jen Hirsh
  14. Deandre Brackensick
  15. Eben Franckewitz

The judges are picking six singers from the Bottom 15 to sing for their life. Let’s see who they pick for this second chance. Half of them will move on.

American Idol 2012 Wildcard Singers:

  1. Jen Hirsh – “Oh! Darling”
  2. Jeremy Rosado – “I Know You Won’t”
  3. Brielle Von Hugel – “Someone Like You”
  4. Deandre Brackensick – “Georgia On My Mind”
  5. Erika Van Pelt – “The Edge of Glory”
  6. Reed Grimm – “Use Me”

American Idol 2012 Wildcard Results:

  1. Erika Van Pelt
  2. Jeremy Rosado
  3. Deandre Brackensick

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Your American Idol 2012 Top 13.

What do you think of America’s voting and the judges’ wildcard picks. Did your favorite make it through to become an American Idol 2012 finalist? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!




  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Hollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. glad they put Phil thru right away…usually they take one of the top and make us wait a while.  good job Phil…little surprised about Chase.

  3. I don’t know if the public gets it right, but the judges certainly will add back any of the good ones that get cut.  I sure hope that guy Jimmy isn’t around this season.  He adds nothing to the show yet he’s given so much reverence as if he’s some kind of god.  Maybe this year, someone will make him take off that ridiculous looking baseball hat.

    • Wally, He is a god! Do you not know who he is????
      Jimmy Iovine is an acclaimed music executive and record producer, is Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, a unit of Universal Music Group, the global music leader. Interscope, the company Iovine founded with partner Ted Field in 1990, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with its continued commitment to its diverse and gifted artists, including Eminem, Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, U2, Sheryl Crow, The Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Nelly Furtado and No Doubt. test

    • Really?! I was disappointed when I thought Jimmy Iovine wasn’t going to be on this year. I was ecstatic when I saw his face. Forget the hat, look at who he has produced over the years. In the music industry he is a god. Anyone with music knowledge would know that.

  4. Nothing is posted above.  I am not able to watch the show right now.  Who has made it through so far?  Thx.

      • He basically said Heejun was not a good singer and voted through based only on his comedy. What a jerk.

      •  He’s right. Heejun has no place in American Idol. He would be a good comic though. Really surprised he went through and not Jen Hirsh.

    • he should stick to helping them with their music…not their personality…i did not think his comments about comedy were appropriate.  i really don’t even know who this guy is…i guess some music guy…not impressed with him.  he should borrow some of heejuns personality.

      • HI Mary & Salvatore ,
        Mary I agree ! 
        Even if he is the King of Music, he should stick to coaching and helping these contestants do better and prepare them thru this competition.

      • Mary what world are you in?He is a god! Do you not know who he is????
        Jimmy Iovine is an acclaimed music executive and record producer, is Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, a unit of Universal Music Group, the global music leader. Interscope, the company Iovine founded with partner Ted Field in 1990, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with its continued commitment to its diverse and gifted artists, including Eminem, Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, U2, Sheryl Crow, The Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Nelly Furtado and No Doubt. test

      • Lindy, he’s famous. not god. And he should not say bad things about simon’s voice. I actually think the judges are starting to do pretty well with their critiques. I personally don’t want a simon cowell figure around. Really though, you are going to call him a god? That’s just wrong.

  5. nothing surprising so far, except a little about Chase…he did well on tuesday, but he really got very little tv time until then…

    • me too..i don’t know why and i don’t mean to offend but to me he looks like a pedo…and sorry but is my opinion

      • he seems on the edge of insanity…i worry he will do himself in one day.  sometimes people who go around like some super happy goof are not happy at all..he might be a nice guy..but something seems off with him. 

      • Reed has been a friend for over 10 years and the Reed Grimm you saw is the same one youd see at the local gas station, happy and just loves life.  Notice he spent his time thanking the judges when he was cut, not crying because he wasnt “the one” Probably the best pure entertainer on this years show next to Phil Phillips. but what is an “IDOL” any way ? an entertainer? NO
        A singer? no. maybe a Karaokee specialist?

    • Mary, I think you’re onto something here with Reed. I usually like the crazy whacko entertainer types myself, but something is a little off with this guy. Anyway, I hope we’re wrong, and that he’s only a great artist. But I kinda know what you’re saying.

  6. Are they serious with the standings as of now.  American, you’ve got your head stuck in the wrong part of your anatomy.  Some of these people they are putting through didn’t sound that good and they bottom one did.  This is bass ackwards!

  7. I don’t think any of these are going through. But I hope Reed gets a wild card vote.

    • Thats the attitude that got HeeJun in, the asian community going crazy for their own.   Same group that got Yao ming in the all star game when he hadnt even played. Same group that caused Linsanity.  Heejun is a funny guy but I wouldnt pay a $5 cover to see him perform, hes a singer, not an entertainer.

      • At least he is smart enough to realize Jessica and Hollie are really great… other than that, he is an idiot.

      • Jimmy speaks the truth. You are just too obsessed with your own favourites to see it. Everything he said was 100% accurate. 

    •  I DISAGREE, Jimmy said what the judges should have said all along, and I hope they take the close pin off Skyler’s nose before she sings again…wanted to give her a tissue to blow her nose it sounded so nasal….

  8. Audiophile’s top ten were Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Reed Grimm, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, Hollie Cav, Jessica, Shannon, Skylar, and Jenn Hirsch. 

  9. That was very, very, very predictable. Now Jermaine and Colton are going through.

    • Sorry Mary. I agree with you most of the time, but DeAndre should not make it. I don’t think I could bear listening to him another week. Ugh.

      • he was not my favorite but the judges loved him…and he might get the teen vote..i would not vote for him personally.  i really did not enjoy his falsetto..thought it was painful.  i gave him a maybe thinking maybe i didn’t get it.  i actually liked the few times he used his lower register.

  10. That was a good fakeout on ryan’s part. I was shocked for a second. hahahaha Ryan is definately short lol

  11. Yeah! So happy with the results. Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanagh!

  12. Jermaine is the only one i disagree with so far.  I really think it would be difficult for him to win overall.  I think if he had made the last cut without the judges rethink, he would not have gotten this sympathy vote..but maybe he will prove me wrong..doubt it. 

    • Nah.  His voice is so unique, and he is so tall, that people dont want him to leave!  Go Gentle Giant!

      •  Yay 🙂 Someone who’s not afraid to say they like jermaine. I think he’s got a unique bartone voice as well. It stands out. I think if people look past the whole mama’s boy thing, they might notice that he does have a sweet, down to earth personality.

    • i hope its not adam or reed.  anyone else i won’t cringe..i am thinking though they will want to hear reed, chase and maybe creighton…

  13. American Idol Top 10! I’m lovin’ the list! My 3 Wildcards are Erika, Reed and Hallie! #Idol 

  14. seriously??? they voted Jermaine over Reed and Deandre???
    for sure wildcard: Deandre, Reed and Jen:)

    • I think he’ll be one of the first to go. He’s going to have trouble with the themes.

  15. OK, so I called the top 10 exactly. 🙂  Wildcards:  Deandre, Creighton, Reed.  Brielle for controversy?  Eben to keep the young teens watching?  Much harder to call.

  16. I think the six they’ll pick are
    1. Jen (Obviously lol)
    2. Jeremy (another lol)
    3. Brielle
    4. Deandre (Sadly)
    5. Chelsea
    6. Aaron

  17. I must say that the individuals in the top 10 deserves deserves the spot.  No more wildcards! settle with 10 best! lol!

  18. brielle…hmmmm…better than yesterday…i thought her emotion was wrong yesterday…song didn’t match..but she did much better tonight..i would not vote for her, but i am sure others would.

    • i just hate the fact that people are hating her bec everyone is hating her…

      • It just makes me so sad that America hates her because her mom said one “mean” thing. She seems like a fun girl, who wouldn’t be afraid to take risks. She’s also natural on stage

  19. deandre has such a better mid range and low tone..but that falsetto sounds like a girl..someone needs to be honest with him…and tell him to lose that bad falsetto.

  20. I like both 
    Creighton and Reed….I hope that they choose one of these guys!


  22. I will be very disappointed if reed will not  be given the chance to perform in the wildcard!

  23. What if they picked someone they did not ask to sing again?! That would be a shocker

    • Again Mary if reed scares you, I highly suggest turning the night light back on in your viewing room, as the dark may also have an adverse affect on you

  24. Reed and Jen were front runners during the audition rounds why they ended up like this?!

    • Well, Jen had a bad SF performance, overshadowed by the others, particularly Hollie and Jessica. And Reed had the worst spot to go on this entire show. The first spot of the season.

    • I’m actually flabbergasted with idea of AI judges giving Brielle a chance!  

  25. HAHAHAHAHA No more Chase Likens!!!! The teeny boppers cant pull a scotty again!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  26. gosh I just don’t like reed…there’s something too weird about him, and I usually love weird and different IDK…jeremy,erika, and maybe jenn,but it’ll probably be deandre 

  27. All of u are wrong deandre is the best singer out of the boys he is actually singing the rest not sure of he could get a contract before the others and he would be the most appealing to the young girls

    • DeAndre is really bad, seriously his falsetto gives me a headache.  He is not good

    • ummm, she was the worst out there last night.  I mean it was like roasting a live cow while listening to Ned flanders sing “More than a feeling”

  28. Oh No … not Reed.   He has an Okay voice but he performances are cheesy.   When I watch him, it is like watching a bad theme park show.

    • would you rather see a choir practice at church? HeeJun and Jermaine will be performing there again soon im sure

    • Three weeks, Jeremy and DeAndre go home first, but I like Erika fairly well but thats a realy strong top 10, I dont think the wild cards will last long

  29. Aww… Jeremy’s reaction is adorable… I hope he makes it farther than next week…

  30. I am agreeing most of the votes except Jermaine. I really don’t know how to appreciate his voice. And yes, no Eben and Adam. I hope Reed, Jen and Erika or Jeremy will be picked. And why was Brielle chosen to sing? Her spot should be on Creighton. Dang! 

  31. Deandre!!!!!!!!! Oh no. Just no. This people will leave in the first three weeks just you watch!

  32. if it is girl would win a toast up between skylar and shannon…….. just a wish though

  33. I get erika definitely, jeremy somewhat, but deandre not at all.  Please Jimmy, you want to help him, remind him he is not a girl..deandre stop the girlie voice..its not a true falsetto..its a man singing like a girl…i think jen should have gotten in..but whats done is done..Phil will win in the

  34. Are you serious?  You left off the best musician on the whole show, and the best technical singer on the whole show?  MY GOSH! 

  35. I don’t think I like this format? Maybe they should just go by the top 12 vote getters?

  36. Well, I can safely say I am shocked that Jen Hirsch didnt make it.  Reed is the best musician out there…what in the world!

  37. I’m really happy for Erika… but why Jeremy… I would love Jen to be there..  

  38. Someone can please explain to me….they sang these songs?
    And then the judges chose?

  39. Erika and Jeremy, CONGRATS!!! FINALISTS!!! DeAndre, you do not deserve to be there. 

    • yep I knew they were gonna put him in just because of the tweenies and grannies…

    • I agree, although Reed and Creighton were better than Jeremy.

      Jeremy and DeAndre won’t last long, with those two this might be the first season in a while that a guy goes home first.

      • Oh wait a girl might go home first if you consider DeAndre a girl, it’s a little hard to tell.  No offense to DeAndre but if he is going to wave his hair like a girl, sing like a girl, and talk like a girl, I myswell call him a girl

  40. Ouch to Jen and Reed ok definitely this season is stupid to bring jermaine over reed and seriouly the only one i like on the wild cards is erika give it a week and Jeremy is gone bye bye 2 weeks for Deandre and Jermaine these 3 boys sucks other than that the other 10 is a good singers!!!

  41. Stephen Tyler- “You get to let your hair down one more time, DeAndre…”
     That’s right. ONE more time.

    • It may be twice seeing as his fellow wild card pick is Jeremy, neither of those will last long, honestly America should just pick a top 12 because the last two seasons the wild card picks haven’t been good.  (excluding a very select few amount of singers)

      • When Jimmy get’s his two cents in with these contestants you are going to see a whole new picture emerge. If he can get DeAndre to sing like he did tonight with just a little less of the high pitch stuff then he may be a front runner. Did you hear that quick little run he did with the Mariah whistle note at the end. That blew my mind! Still don’t think he will win but he can definitely sing and there isn’t anyone who has that range that I know of. And he doesn’t even sound bad in his lower register when he chooses to go there. So anyone who says he doesn’t deserve to be there is tone deaf.

  42. Strange……there were a lot of good singers….I will miss Jen and 

  43. 1. Hollie
    2. Jessica
    3. Elise
    4. Colton
    5. Josh
    6. Skylar
    7. Heejun
    8. Philip
    9. Shannon
    10. Jeremy
    11. Jermaine
    12. Deandre
    13. Erika

    • 1. Hollie
      2. Heejun
      3. Jessica
      4. Erika
      5. Josh
      6. Jeremy (People are going to hate me, but he did awesome on his wild card song)
      7. Skylar
      8. Elise
      9. Phil
      10. Shannon
      11. Jermaine
      12. Colton
      13. DeAndre
      Why on earth do you have Erika last?

  44. What’s the matter with that Deandre?!?!? He can’t sing…are those judges blind??? How can Reed go home and that guy still be in the competition?!?!? I’m shocked!

  45. They chose Jeremy Rosado and Deandre Brackensick over Reed Grimm.
    People are crazy.

  46. So sad about Jen Hirsh. Perhaps the best female voice has got the boot. Is it because she is a married mother?

  47. I want REEEEEEEEEEEED and Jen BAAACK!!!!! Like so bad. 🙁 

    First to go, DeanDre. Next is Jermaine. And the REAL competition begins! Dafuq!

    •  can you add Jeremy there too..??lol
      And the competition will be great without three of them

      • and Heejun stays, go asian power !! YAY Yao Ming Heejun will probably win because whos gonna stop a country with a bigger population, and more cell phones

  48. I am so glad all of these judges….except JLo finally grew a pair. But I guess it would be kind of a stretch for JLo to grow some. But anyway they are finally telling it like it is and Jimmy made them all look like idiots. He was spot on with every pick. And he picked Colton Dixon to win the whole thing. I would pay attention to that folks. I think he may be right. I am already gonna pick the final four. I know I am putting it all out there by doing this but here goes. My final four are:

    Colton Dixon of course
    Skylar Laine
    Deandre Brackensick (Found out tonight he can really sing)
    Jessica Sanchez

    One of those four will be your next American Idol.
    And if I’m wrong ….oh well…i’ve been wrong before….I think

    • Phillip Phillips, whether you or i like it or not, will end up winning.  He was basically crowned at his audition

      • He won’t win. Him and Jessica are officially doomed. Remember Pia and James.

      • It has nothing to do with whether I like it or not. It has to do with who America likes. You aint seen nothin yet my friend. Just sit back and enjoy the show. You will see.

    • I don’t think I agree with this. Like, at all. Except Jessica maybe… I think the ones that have the biggest shot of winning are:
      Hollie Cavanagh
      Heejun Han
      Erika Van Pelt
      Joshua Ledet
      Any one of these people would change the way winners looked and sounded over the past few years. White guy standing there strumming a guitar and distracting us from the fact that they really are not very good singers. Except David Cook. He is good.

      • I’m glad you don’t agree with me. That would make this blog extremely boring if everyone agreed with me. 

    • I told someone earlier that I like 4 singers:
      2 Girls – Jessica and Elise
      2 Guys – Joshua and Jeremy

      He asked me who I like so I did , now am I saying one of them will win American Idol most coveted 1st prize , NO , I did not. Win or loose I like them so really, to me it is not important if my choice wins or not.  I like what I heard so far.  If there is a 5th singer that I will support and cheer for, possibly it would be Heejun, he does have a beautifulvoice.  And just like Jeremy both have excellent vocal control, all you have to do is close your eyes and listen for a bit. I like singers that sings from the heart.

      One thing I learned from watching Idol this many years, to win,  the singers must adapt to the weekly changes of music/artists theme the producers chose to showcase, those that can transition to the change will win.  Keep this in mind!!  I can already imagine some of the singers in the competition who might face a big adjustment once the theme songs change from week to week. What I’m trying to say is for those singers who have a very unique and recognizable vocal style, how well they will sound when they step out of the comfort zone and away from the usual genre that they are used to singing.  I think you know exactly what I mean my friend, now the fun begins.

      Let the games begin  😀

      • My statement is not based on who I like or dislike. It’s just a simple analysis of the contest so far. There isn’t really one that I like all that much. But so far the one that I feel will be most versatile is Colton Dixon. And Jimmy agreed with me. So like I said I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. 

  49. I think they should have made it top 14 and added Reed.  Jeremy and Jermaine do have good voices but they are boring.  Reed is extremely entertaining.
    Jen should have made it also. But I think with Elise and Erika she was always going to be 3rd. best.

  50. Sucks for no reed or chase or jen, But otherwise i say this season is good! I dont like jermaine but i didnt expect him to go home after they just brought him back. This is definitely a guys season though. Elise is the only female i could see winning

  51. The most talented singer and musician is Colton but his song choices are going to be key to his winning this thing.

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha w-winning? hahahahaha Right. That’s gonna happen. All of the top 5 girls are better, 2 of the 3 wild cards AND his fellow guys. All better singers. He will go relatively early.

      • haha to you. i’ll laugh at you when he makes top 5 easily. No girl will ever win this show again. you should know by now… Colton will last longer than Jermaine, Deandre, and Jeremy

      • I said RELATIVELY, not next week. If he wins, the teeny boppers will have rallied around him. And you don’t know if a girl will never win this show again!!! U will see. This year, the girls are great. I hope the top 3 is Heejun, Jessica, and Hollie.

    • he is a sweet kid…Far better than Bieber. He is not ready yet. They would have let David in instead of him

  52. Seriously it’s all about who “Jimmy” likes and wants.  I do not think we are in control by voting at all.  If so, why not let the top six who performed be chosen by whomever had the higher votes? Wasn’t even mentioned and its supposed to be what the show is based on.!!!!!!!! Really??????? I am done with this fake a** show.

    • Call me weird, but me and 2 others drafted all the singers (except Chase Likens because of numbers), and the first 11 people chosen were pretty obvious. The people who made it that were drafted the lowest were Jeremy and Erica.  I think this top 13 is very accurate of what it should be. Maybe Creighton should have sang over Reed, but we predicted Reed would sing anyway. 

  53. I’m quite pleased with the top 13 I would have swapped Jeremy for Creighton but I’m quite pleased. I’m glad that Reed is gone. They way he performed made him look like one of those guys who if I saw walking down the street while I have my young niece and nephew out with me I would grab them and walk the other way. He may be unique and different but not in a good way.

    • Its really unfortunate that because a guy just enjoys life you feel that way, Ive know reed for 10 years and id have him babysit my daughter, If you dont like a singer because you dont like what he sings, great.  But if its because you dont like how he looks, then keep on voting on american idol, theyre looking for you!!

  54. Overall, I 100% agree with the Top 10. But, I don’t fully agree with the 3 wild cards.. imo it should have been Erika, Deandre, and Jen, who should have made the Top 13. Jeremy should have went home, yea he has an amazing voice, but he’s not a performer and he’s boring as hell on stage. I also disagree with the judges giving Reed the wild card spot, I never really enjoyed his singing or should I say rambling words together, it should have been Creighton for the wild card instead. If it was up to me I would keep the Top 13 but switch out Jeremy for Jen and Jermaine for Creighton… 

  55. Mistakes… Jeremy and Jermaine. They both can really sing, but, they are both BORING as hell. Jlo always has a thing for the Latinos, last season she picked Stefano for the wild card and this season she picked Jeremy. 

    •  Stefano’s Italian not Latino. In fact the only Latin finalist last year was Karen Rodreguiez.

    • in your dreams is it jessica vs. the boys. hollie will stay a long time. If she gets voted off before the top 5, the judges will use the save.

  56. thats right Reed is out! i haven’t heard him sing. i mean really sing. its all just. ummmh ahmmm beee doop bee doooop. he sounded like a faggot meddling to unfinished song. just dont get his style. bee dooo beep. what the hell!!

    • Would have liked to see what Reed could do with guidance. He didn’t do well Tues or tonight but he was awesome in the group rounds in Vegas and Hollywood

  57. I can’t believe Adam got sent home. I’m so upset!! Booooo shame on you America. I voted for you Adam.

  58. i agree with all but 2 of the top 13. it is the girls year this year because there isnt a guy there that can stick with the pure pwer of the girls there

    • Its not all about the voice. It becomes about the total appeal with a good/great voice being a key part

  59. @Shawn, Stefano still gives me a latino type vibe. and I’m quite sure he gave Jlo that too

  60. There are so many losers in this group. They let a lot of good musicians go for nothing.  The final three will be Philipps, Sanchez, and Joshua  Ledet. Where Philipps will take the win for being the WGWG. So typical,so predictable.

    • Too early to predict. But both Jessica and Phillip P. are outstanding. Hope Jessica gets votes and stays longer.

    •  Nope not only you. I found something about him that was quite disturbing. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but glad I don’t have to watch him anymore.

  61. Deandre Brackensick is the most annoying singer and i can not stand another week of listening to him. i dont know what the judges were thinking.

  62. Deandre Brackensick  is so annoying I can not stand to listen to his voice anymore. The judges are crazy.

    • I couldnt care who stayed because once they told brielle she wouldnt making it
      i lost interest she was the best.

    • His last 2 performances were not his best. On Tues he needed to perform something America new and could identify with so he could get through. Maybe the judges felt he couldn’t win it, because he hadn’t connected musically with the vote, so they didn’t put him through.

    • Thank you to someone who can objectivly say  “Id pay to see that guy perform”

  63. Happy with the top 10 American chose, judges didnt do so good with wild cars, but I would prefer Reed of Jermaine, Joshua, JEREMY, DEANDRE, or Colton

  64. UGH !! J. Jones who the judges themselves did NOT pic as top 24 and conscience overtook them… is now is the top 13?!!! the horror to the others who worked sooo hard!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Jermaine took Reed’s spot.Are they giving out more second chances after tonight?  Maybe do Top 16!!!

  65. as expected asian americans jessica sanchez and hee jun are in.  this must be  year of the asians.  jessica especially is one hell of a talent.  go jessica.  if only the far east can vote then you are assured of votes.  sadly we are excluded. god bless from the philippines

  66. What ? No Reed Grimm . As a musician
    they put through half way singers whom are only popular with the pop crowd.

  67. I like judge decision If I must choose between Reed,De andre,Aaron,Adam, Creighton and Jeremy,.I choose Jeremy and De andre,

  68. This is going to be a tough season…a lot of great talent and likeable people. Ive been rooting all the way for Phillip Phillips but equally love Colton Dixon & Elyse. Erica definitely slayed it to win her extra spot.
    Its gonna be good….

  69. They should just have America’s top ten and forget the wild cards, the only good wild card is Erika and she is only ok

  70. I think it will be a very interesting competition this year. There’s someone for all the age groups. The kids, young adults, middle agers, and old timers.

  71. Adam Brock and Reed grim should have gone through…. Very poor choice on not bringing them to the next rounds..

  72. I’m having trouble following American Idol this year. My husband and I have been very involved in the past. This year I am thinking about another singing competition on a different network.  This year the women were definitely better than the men. Women are eliminated even though they are great  because you need 5 top men!!

    I also don’t like that I can see the results on American Idols web page before we see results on the west coast on tv. Why don’t you treat American Idol like they treat the presidential elections? You use the internet, yet you don’t understand the time zones? We know the results before we watch. Why should we WATCH???

    I can’ t believe that Jeremany Rosado made it through. Because he got emotional and stopped singing?  Then Deandre Brackensick makes it through. The American is losing it’s creditbilty and the audience you once had. My husband and I only approved of Erika Van Pelt. What happened to the talent in the rest of the female artists? Like Hallie Day? Why do some of the female artist miss out because  they have to depend on the judges who look like they are reading a script? NO CREDIBILITY!  IT’S HARD TO INVEST TIME TO WATCH WITH YOUR RESUTS!

  73. Well that officially ends my obsession with AI. Not too excited about any of them but if I had to pick a top 5 it would be Phillip, Elise, Skylar, Jessica and Colton. Hejun is funny but fodder and Erika looks to old to be an Idol, but her voice is fairly good. I doubt either will make the top 5. I will be watching The Voice more then Idol..

  74. Not Bad! I mean not very bad. Phillip, Hollie, Shannon, Skylar, Elise, Colton deserves to be here.
    Jermaine will be first elimination and I bet on that.(really)
    And Wild Cards were awful. No Hallie day and no Aaron (he had 1 Stand Ovation maybe it is not important). and Van hugel for wild card? really?
    So far I like Phillip ( remind me of James Brown) and Hollie ( I heard some Big Celine Dion On that) and I’m thinking that Erika is a good wild card.
    I will miss Hallie Day .
    There is no regret for Reed and I am in same side with Levine about Heejun.

  75. I picked 8 of the 13  I picked the 6 girls and 2 of the guys,,,Im really glad they picked Erika  she has a strong and powerful voice

  76. I am so very sad Eben was not in the top.  I am so not ready for that.  I crave his voice and his personality among the others.  It makes it hard to be as excited for this season without him.  

  77. omg are you serious Judges you most everything right but when Brielle Von Hugel sang Adel’s “Someone Like you” so perfectly!!! you didn’t even have anything good to say about it, what were you thinking 🙁  We are very disappointed and not sure we want to continue watching after that  🙁 then to make matters worse you put that yahoo shaggy haired kid thru uggg

  78. I am dissappointed that Hallie Day didnt make it, she is so star material.  However so much talent this year.  It is difficult to say one is better than the other, they were all wonderful.  I am glad that joshua lefed made it and jermaine jones, they are wonderful, such beautiful voices

  79. go JESSICA AND ELISE!!!!!!

    one of the most unique singers!
    one of you should win! tihs seaseon

  80. I’m dying of liver cancer and haven’t missed a show for 11 seasons… love it….even though I’m at ahhhh with some of the judges picks….but overall a great show….tell J_Lo that she looks great and I love her voice…… Thanks all

  81. Heejun is in< i'll definitely continue watching this show… With Colton and Phil on the team, I'll definitely keep myself around 😀
    I stop watching this show last season because Colton is not on the list…

  82. Total BullShi”. AI has become just like WWE Wrestleing. Nothing but fake BS and bad acting. REALLY?

    • WWE is not faked it is scripted the officail chairman of the wwe
      vince mcmahon said it is scripted nothing is to be taken to extreme it is
      a entertainment show take it for what you want and by the way
      bad acting? John Cena a bad actor?

  83. Go hee jun go.Good for Asian community.See how your good deed is rewarded.Just be humble always.

  84. Ohmygawrsh! GO SKYLAR AND COLTON! Some country and a lil indie hipster :3 Rootin’ for these guys. 

    Good Top 13 Sad for Brielle though. Liked her. Lotsa young people…

  85. I would love to hear Deandre sing Terence Trent D”Arby’s “Sign Your Name” Perfect for his voice!

  86. I was suprised about the contestants they chose  to “sing for their life”…I would have replaced probably 3 with other people..but I feel Erika is somehow not getting enough credit – she is really a great singer. Im soooo glad she was amoung the 3 chosen to move on !!! Jessica is awesome too., but I like Erika – have a feeling she may go home right away though, unless she hits it out of the park this next time.

  87. If you watch the eliminations…Phil mumbled and failed to sing his part of the group song. AI showed him only for a second on TV! he admitted this and they even showed Randy and JLo shaking their heads while Phil forgot his lyrics. Yet, he made it! WHY? Because they said he is original and got talent/looks. Poor Lauren Gray who did not stumbled onstage (just during practice) and she got cut! AI is a joke now!

    • there is no doubt in my mind that reed would have stayed but he blew it creighton true colors killed him

  88. SERIOUSLY AMERICA  heenjun instead of Jen Hirsh? not even  close I am so sorry Jen you deserve to be here as much as anyone

  89. Everybody knows Erika van pelt has what it takes to go all the way….. Her voice is amazing …… The power and passion is unseen now a days ….. Vote EVP!!!!!

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