American Idol 2012: Top 25 Results Show Recap

We’ve got our American Idol 2012 Top 13 as Thursday night’s results show went almost as everyone predicted – give or take a couple surprises.

American Idol Top 13The night started off right away with the results. Ryan first asked Chase, Phillip and Jeremy to stand up. After a couple looks at their performances and some snide comments from Jimmy Iovine, Ryan welcomed Phillip into the American Idol Top 10 and sent Chase and Jeremy to wait for the wild card announcements.

The rest of the night went the same way until the Top 10 consisted of Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Heejun Han, Shannon Magrane, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone, Colton Dixon and Jermaine Jones.

Of that ten, the one (and only) that actually surprised me was Jermaine. I thought the teen girl votes would’ve gone to Eben.

So next it’s time to find out who the judges pick to sing for the chance at the three wildcards. First up is Jen Hirsh.

Jen’s version of “Oh Darlin” was actually worse than her performance the night before. I’m not sure what happened to after Hollywood Week. She did nothing to secure her spot in the Top 13.

Next up was Jeremy Rosado. He definitely sang for his life in an emotion filled standout performance. Things were definitely looking good for Jeremy.

Brielle Von Hugel is picked to sing next and we get yet another Adele song. This time it’s the very powerful “Someone Like You.” And it’s not a good performance. If someone is going to sing Adele they need to REALLY sing Adele. She just never really took it to a good place.

Deandre Brackensick got to flip his hair around some more with his version of “Georgia on My Mind.” He’s not exactly the kind of singer I want to hear, but he did a pretty decent job singing for his life.

Thankfully Erika Van Pelt was given the chance to redeem herself and redeem she did. Her version of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” was quite good. She actually had great control of her voice this time around. Job well done.

And finally, Reed Grimm. I was thrilled he got his second shot at the Top 13. I’ve made my Reed fandom no secret so far. I just wanted to see him acting afool every week on the Idol stage. And he gave a pretty good performance this time around too. He seemed to focus more on presence than his vocals though. And that was unfortunate.

So the judges are ready for their picks.

Randy goes with Erika. JLo goes with Jeremy. And Steven picks Deandre. I’m totally bummed over Reed not making it. And I think it’s kind of terrible that Creighton Fraker didn’t even get the chance to sing.

What did you think of the episode and the American Idol 2012 Top 13?




    • I love Read Grimm!! I Treyden voting for 2 hours his line was busy! Get him back!!

  1. Overall I think America selected a fantastic Top 10!! I’m not as happy with the wild cards though. I really like Erika, but I’d like to trade Jeremy for Creighton and trade Deandre for Hallie/Jen.

    Oh well…Jeremy and Deandre will be the first 2 to go, leaving us with an exciting season!!

    • Creighton would have got a second chance instead of Grimm who made a fool out of himself…:(

  2. Well, its that time of the season when Team Audiophile predicts the American Idol contestant.  This year, it came down to a .00001 decimal point.  Your not going to believe it but its true.  Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavenaugh are so close in points that we had to triple check the numbers just to be sure.  Not to be stuck, we had to go ahead and choose anyway.  (My personal opinion said that we should ignore the numbers and choose Phillip Phillips, because I think the Teeny Boppers will come through for him, but that would defeat the purpose of the program)  I was outnumbered in my opinion…KEEP IN MIND ALL THESE NUMBERS WILL CHANGE based on preformances…but once we make a prediction, we cant back off of it. 
    So Team Audiophile chooses JOSHUA LEDET as its Season 11 American IDOL predicted winner!
    Past Seasons Predictions:
    Season 6 Predicted Winner: Melinda Dolittle, Real Winner Jordin SparksSeason 7 Predicted Winner: Carly Smithson, Real Winner: David CookSeason 8 Predicted Winner: Adam Lambert, Real Winner:  Kris AllenSeason 9 Predicted Winner:  Siobann Magnus,  Real Winner:  Lee DewyzeSeason 10 Predicted Winner:  Pia Toscano, Real Winner:  Scotty McCreery
    Season 11 Predicted Winner: Joshua Ledet, Real Winner: Chuck Norris

    I realize this may come as a shock to some, but He really is the complete package…If you have seen any of his youtube preformances, he doesnt just scream.  The numbers dont lie, and we have to stick to them. Here is the breakdown!
    Chuck Norris 10.0
    Joshua Ledet 9.4

    Jessica Sanchez 9.16574
    Holly Cavenaugh 9.16573

    Other Audiophile rankings. 
    Shannon McGraine 8.914
    Jermaine Jones 8.910
    Skylar Laine 8.66
    Colton Dixon 8.64
    Heejun “Sweating mostly water” Han 8.5
    Elise “Cracky Voice” Testone 8.3
    Jeremy “Pudge” Rosado 8.1
    Phillip Phillips Phillips Phillips the 4th  7.93
    Deandre Brackensith 7.91
    Erika Van Pelt 7.4
    Other notable tidbits:
    Jen Hirsch at (8.8) joins Mitch Von Gamboa (9.1) as the highest Audiophile ranking to be eliminated before the top 12 in the 6 years we have been doing this. 

    Lets hope we can nail this for the first time.  Hope everyone likes this.  I know Mary is our biggest fan. 

    • Thanks a lot for this! I was wondering when this would pop up. Good to see Hollie and Jessica are high up there, and they are starting to form a consistent fan base. Hopefully, America doesn’t pull a “Pia” on them.

      As for my other favorites: 

      Phillip Phillips, he’s rather low on the ranking, but his vibe, charm, charisma, sex appeal, whatever you wanna call it, will hopefully keep him in for the long run.

      Heejun Han, is right there in the middle, and again with that great TV personality of his, he’ll be in for at least a  little while longer, until he can get a foot in to the entertainment industry at least. 

      Here’s to hoping, thanks again!

    • Good to see ur analsis about Jessica and Holly >>

      The numbers will change … Believe me … Jessica VS  Holly>>
      I don’t know who is gonna win based on the numbers but I think it will be  Jessica …   
       <<<>>> I am not sure about him. We will see later on.

    • Joshua won’t win I can 99% guarantee you. And I see him vein Jacob Lusk 2.0

      Most Likely Winners
      Phillip Phillips
      Hollie Cavanagh
      Colton Dixon

      This list will change with the performances given most likely

    • Funny I ran my idolophile model and Phil scored 11.4 the highest its ever been…..let me run it again.  but i see Phil winning and Skylar the other top two….with a 9.5….Joshua goes out in the top 8 with a 7.4

      • U don’t appreciate what he is doing !! It’s an interesting feild in
        science .. singing is just a branch .. no wonder Salvatore gained
        fans more than ” u know gurl “

      • The Voice is the first thing that attracts people . I am sure of it . If you listen to reed on the radio , u will  hate him . He is a good performer but that can not be heard !!

        It’s not an accurate analsis for the whole package but it gives u a real analsis of the voice scientifically. PP range is not the best. That’s it .
        u say that he is talented , that’s ur openion  but u can not defy the fact that he is not the most powerfull male singer. His tone is different ,,, I could say that to chelsea . This subject ” Tone” can be
        controversial >>

      • Actually music is mathematical and can be measured. “Pitch” is made up of melody, a linear succession of musical tones; and harmony, which involve chords and chord progression. Being off in the slightest bit can sound like a wreck. “Rhythm” has to do with tempo, how fast or slow the song is; and meter, which is the number of lines in a verse, the number of syllables in each line, and how each of those syllables are arranged. Again, very mathematical.

        In your defense, however, I do agree that there are certain elements of music, such as the way a singer articulates, that takes a true artist to interpret into an emotionally moving masterpiece.

        This is why I believe that what Salvatore and his team have been working  can help us understand who is the best technical singer, but at the same time, we are still allowed us to decide on our own who pulls at our personal heart strings.  dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.

      • who is the best technical singer is irrelevant really.  I guess it might interest somebody…but you might believe you are developing some objective tool, but your premise is in the end what do you really have?  how would aretha, or michael, or elvis, or dianna ross do in your model…and in the end what does that tell you?  if you wanted to develop some multivariant model i would think you might look at the contestant demographics, genre, the viewer demographic with a trend analysis from season one thru last year..then plug in the current demogrphics and data and make a prediction.  clearly we are not looking for a caruso, we are looking for a pop star.  so coming up with some perfect pitch or muscial scoring as a predictive tool is not going to work.  as I said there are many perfect singers who bore us and never make it.  Perhaps if you want to develop a great model based on your variables of voice you actually run your model and adjust it for the true attributes of the most successful stars over the last 50 years…and measure contestants not against perfection but against proven sucessful talent.  This reminds me of the old saying, an accountant is someone who knows the costs of everything and the value of nothing.

      • Umm, are you talking to me? Cause I’m not the dude who made the Audiophile! (Looks around the room sheepishly)…

        And I think Salvatore (that’s your REAL culprit, by the way), did post Aretha’s scores somewhere (I could be sorely wrong here) but I’m waaaay too lazy right now to scroll through the old posts and  comments just to find it. (I’m sure Queen Aretha did splendidly though.)

        But AGAIN, as I’ve said before, dear fellow American Idol fan and music aprreciator, I AGREE WITH WHAT YOU’RE SAYING about artistry and interest and subjectivity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or ear of the listener in this case)…and we are all left with the free will to determine which singers’ notes, bum or bright, turn us on the most. 

        Go HeeJUN, Hollie, Phillip Phillips and Jessica! WOOOHOOOO!!!

      • And I’m still a fan of what you’re team has developed hear, Salvatore. Thanks.

      •  Mary,

        We are not trying to quantify human attraction and talent.  We are simply trying to expose the voting problem.   Do I personally think Phillips Phillips will win?  OF COURSE HE PROBABLY WILL.  But without the voting problem, I guarantee our model would work, every single time.  And we are simply trying to help people understand that this should not be a popularity contest. 

        Pitch can be measured using Mulch-variate physics.  Frequency is the same way. 

        You keeping asking the same questions and I get tired of answering them.

        If you are not going to read my replies, then simply stop replying to my blogs. 

        For the last time, Aretha Franklin scored a 9.9, the highest overall score we have ever computed.  With regards to compiling data over 50 years…we have.  We have thousands upon thousands of singers over a time period of since they started recording.  I would go into more detail, but its 5am and I really need to get some sleep.  I just got done adding Diana Ross’s full discography to Audiophile.  (9.2)  We did Michael Jackson a few years ago (8.3).  Like you said, its hard to measure stage presence and charisma.  In fact, you cant.  The voice is 90% of it.  I get that you don’t agree.

        To everyone else,
        I appreciate all the comments here. 


        Joshua Ledet is much more talented that Jacob Lusk.  Jacob scored a 9.9 with his rendition of God bless the child, and dive bombed all the way to the
        6s by the end of the season.  Joshua has been CLIMBING the whole season. 

        With regard to Jacob Lusk’s 9.9 God bless the child preformance, Randy Jackson has been quoted as saying it was the single best IDOL performance ever. 

        Back to Mary,

        One last thing…on Rolling Stone’s top 100 singers of all time…Audiophile measured them to within 95% accuracy.  Meaning, there are only a select few that didnt decrease in ranking as you went down the list. 

        Sure, Rolling Stone’s opinion had alot to do with it…but it started with Aretha (9.9) and ended with Good ole’ Mary J Blidge (9.0).  None of Rolling Stone’s top 100 singers of all time scored anything less than a 9.0 in our model.  There is a pattern here, whether Mary chooses to believe it or not. 

  3. The really great singers were Creighton, Jen H, Reed G (though, he’s more of a performer), Eben and Jessica S.  Colton is okay, I’m fine if he wins….but the rest….are you kidding me?  This is not gonna be a good show to watch!

  4. I still want REED back. 🙁 I think the judges are thinking that there are alot of winner material, so they cut good people for America to easily decide who will be the winner. IMO Jessica, Hollie, Elise, Philip and Joshua are the only winner material here base on their voice and xfactor. Heejun will go far though and Colton (I love them). Other than this people, I don’t really care. After top 13, cut 6 people and remain those people I put. LOL :)))

  5. forgot to add, my favorite from day 1 was Hallie Day. How’d she didn’t get in is beyond me….

  6. Can’t believe the judges sent Reed Grimm home and save the guy with Dianna Ross’ hair. I don’t enjoy the way he sing with all falseto, just annoys me. Bet he’ll go home again after 1-2 weeks.

    I guess what they’re trying to do is sabotage the guys so the girls will have more chance of winning this season. The line-up for the girls is GREAT whereas the guys just “eh”. They sent home some strong guy singers (Johnny, David, Creighton, Reed) and leaves the mediocres (Except Heejun and Phil, they are my faves). So be ready to break the tradition guy-always-win-idol cos it’s girls time…

    • How can Deandre be in the top?  I was watching the show with a few people and we all hated him. He can sing certain notes but he’s all over the place and can’t get through a song without going up into that high note every 3 frickin’ seconds.  And his hair tossing is ridiculous. I just want to cut it all off.

      Reed & Jen Hirsch were good singers, and I thought there were better singers in Hollywood week than Deandre. Please someone tell me why is he still there?

      • I actually think he’s pretty talented, I’m glad the kid made it in! His voice is insane. GO DEANDRE! Don’t let the heaters get you down!!!

  7. I don’t care about the guys…it’s about to have a female AI winner this year. Next week’s theme is WH songs, and it’s all about love, relationships and heartaches, I’m afraid for the four younger girls(jess,hollie,shannon and most especially the country girl skylar) on how they could relate to the songs. And so with the older girls (elise and erika), i assumed they’ve been all the experinces, but i hope they could come up a good rendition of WH songs that will showcase there distinct voices… Go girls…you all can rock it… 

    • If you YouTube “The best of Jessica Sanchez” this showcases her talent, range and style in 4 minutes. This chick is the real deal!

  8. They made a huge mistake not bringing jen back. Jeremys voice is nothing compared to hers, as well as creighton. Hes waaaay better than deandre and even phillip. Theyre all very talented but jen,creighton and adam are ranked up among the best. Am i the only one who thinks simon should come back? Theyre basing their choices on emotions rather than talent. Makes me want to stop watching.

    • simon is sorely missed.  he may have been brutal at times but always told the truth.  if you were good he told it like it was.  if you were terrible he let you know it.

    • OK so Creighton never got the wildcard chance so we’ll never really know how he would have done there, but to be honest, the one time it really counted, Tuesday night, he didn’t really stand out. “True Colors” is so overdone and if he wanted to do that song he should have kicked it up a notch and spice it up in his unique way. There was none of that. It was just meh for me, and apparently so for the majority of America as well. And that was the one night it mattered the most so far.

      As for Jen, her performance of “One & Only” was awkwardly soft and sweet which is exactly what the song, and the message and emotions behind it, isn’t! It was very awkward and lackluster, and it lacked the energy and passion of others, for example Elise’s version version of the exact same song. As for her wildcard performance, “Oh Darling” is meant to be delivered in a way that is desperate and writhing with fear of loss and abandonment, perfect emotions for a moment such as the wildcard performances. But again, she was too mild and sweet, and when she did kick it up a notch, it sounded a bit contrived.

      Compare that to Jeremy Rosado’s performance. The best way to see how much better he was is to compare him to his own performance on choosing the Top 24 Final Decisions night. He did the same song, “I Know You Won’t”, but last night during his wildcard performance he laid it ALL out. He took the message behind the song, rejection, disappointment, feelings of inevitable failure and broken-heartedness, perfect emotions for a moment as that, and poured it into his performance.

      Yes, Jen and Creighton are very talented and have a future in this business, but all things considered, I think America AND the judges all made the right decisions.

      • Finally someone like you is starting to make sense, Why don’t you replace Jimmy Dean in coaching and salvage the show.  Good analogy
        with Jen and Jeremy, the Judges even though through out the top 24
        singing has been too soft (purposely) has chosen the correct wild cards, except for one.  I don’t have to mention the name ’cause you already know “oh mysterious one” LOL

      • Oh, how I’d LOVE to join the ranks of Randy. Steven and J “Nip Slip” Lo! But alas, I am only hit with brief moments of clarity from between the hours of 1 through 3 a.m., after which I am rendered useless and in a vegetative state for the remaining 22 hours of the day. Thanks for the recommendations though!

    • I have seen Simon recently on xfactor. He was stupid enough to send the most talented girl in the show send home…:)

      • Actually , I would say that was a smart, smart move what  Simon did  and in case you did not clue in on why he did that just check who won
        Xfactor, LOL

  9. Still cannot believe that the judges called back the big cry baby. Nor can I believe that they allow his mother to run on stage???   It is a move out of Simon Cowell’s X Factor show.  No wonder the show’s ratings are slipping. 

    • I totally agree with you. I will leave the room when this moma’s
      boy sings. He’s a waste of time. He should have been gone already.

  10. I’m happy for the Top 10 – they were amazing singers! Though I’m quiet disappointed that Reed or Creighton didn’t make it. I love Reed’s energy and jazzy vibes, he’s just so fun to watch and hear. I won’t forget Creighton’s unique voice, either. 

    I’ll miss watching them on TV. ):

  11. Deandre are you kidding me I couldn’t even understand a word he sang on Tue. And whats up with the flipping of the hair, stop it. Jeremy acted like he was crying but I saw NO tears (fake),The judges missed the boat on   2 of the 3 wildcards

    • Haley Reinhart did a sweet job on Adele last year.  I don’t think any artist is untouchable.  I mean the one’s already famous. 

      Every artist out there has someone who can do a good job on their songs besides them.  True a lot of times the person trying it on national tv didn’t do so well at it.  But that’s more on the person singing than because some artist is untouchable.

      • It is not because Adele is untouchable why most of us are suggesting to stay away from her songs.  it is over exposure, every wannabe Adele is singing her songs without pity.  Most will try to oversang her songs until they squeeze all the juices out , it is like beating a dead horse’s buns.   And everytime I hear someone sing an Adele, I feel jumping inside the TV screen and duct tape the culprit, just kidding, LOL

        There are thousand upon thousands of great songs to do and if any of the competitors are reading this , you want to win? choose your song smartly!!

  12. What happened tonight? I love Read Grimm! Been following him all season! I Treyden voting for him for 2 hours and line was busy? Treyden online voting and couldn’t get past Facebook sign in! What…….judges! We want him!! Reconsider please! Entertainment!!!

  13. falsetto, falsetto, falsetto, falsetto, falsetto,falsetto,falsetto,falsetto.  Why is it all these guys want to sing like girls?????  

  14. i would have stopped watching that show if deandre wouldn’t have gotten picked, i truly believe the he will win american idol this year.

  15. as far as pure talent goes, the winner should be jessica.  but we all know how this show works.  the rest of the finalists are good but certainly not brilliant.  and no one is truly unique.  the good thing is that adam, james, and daughtry are coming back to entertain us.

  16. Reed is so talented, entertaining and different. I wondered before why he was wasting his time in a show like this. Only proves me right when they let him go. They chose the cry babies and hair flips and tacky standing on the piano with skunk hair. What a waste.

    • Reed is not pop, and behind all the glitsy glamorous production, that’s what American Idol really is. Don’t worry, the dude’s got crazy talent, and there’s a place for him in music for sure. It’s just not being the next American pop star. 

  17. I’m quite pleased with the top 13. I’m glad that Reed is gone. The way he moved on stage disturbed me and made me think of some kind of pedophile or something. I would have swapped Jeremy for Creighton but other than that I’m  content with how things turned out.

  18. I read the reply’s and agree with the majority. Talent is being abandoned for emotions. Was it truly America that chose the top ten? Get with it American Idol or you will be replaced by The Voice and The X Factor.

  19. No more jen, reed, creighton, eben, adam, and many more 🙁 SAD TO SEE PEOPLE LEAVE!! I hope everyone just wins so it won’t give me a bad/crying feeling! Whatever, i hope jessica/hollie/Philip/Colton and etc. make it to top 5!

    • Well, you better brace yourself Rubqnawood… cause there’s more where that came from, LOTS more. Heads are gonna ROLL this season! And only ONE will be standing in the end. 

      But I hear you, especially since this year has some really talented artists lining up for the firing squad. 

      But hey, no worries, we’ll all come out that much more tough in the end, right? It’s stuff like this that builds character. GO HEEJUN! 

  20. The judges didn’t even give creighton a chance to sing! His wonderful world was super amazing! I miss the eliminated ppl 🙁 But the show must go on! :/

  21. If you watch the eliminations…Phil mumbled and failed to sing his part of the group song. AI showed him only for a second on TV! he admitted this and they even showed Randy and JLo shaking their heads while Phil forgot his lyrics. Yet, he made it! WHY? Because they said he is original and got talent/looks. Poor Lauren Gray who did not stumbled onstage (just during practice) and she got cut! AI is a joke now!

  22. Why didn’t they put Reed in!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a better performer and singer than Jermaine and Heejun

    • I didn’t like him much. There is something off about him that I can’t put finger on. Maybe he’s trying to hard and to  much at the same time. Public didn’t like him enough too, otherwise he would be safe in the first 5.

    • I think he has some kind of mental problem… He doesnt look or act normal… Sorry!

  23. Breaking news, Idol will be changing its name to the Phil Phillips Show…he will have 12 guest stars….

    ok  just kidding…but i do like Phil but i am not sure i want him to win…maybe come in the top 5…but the former winners with a couple of exceptions have not done as well as runner ups.  btw doesn’t Casey James have his first album coming out this month?  I think he has done better than Lee at least he has been touring.  If any of these contestants keep working at it, their lives can change for the better no matter what happens…even the ones who went home last night, will get work. 

  24. The show needs to be renamed ” Jimmys Idol “.  Agree with MOST of the top 13 but……

    • he’s the only one giving an honest review.  randy did finally give an honest review with haley’s sweet dream turned into a nightmare.  i was embarrassed for her.

  25. Based on past years, it should go like this:
    13.  Bottom 3: Jeremy, DeAndre, and Jermaine. Going home: DeAndre- Ugh. Stephen, you are funny to have on the judging  panel, but, really? DeAndre over Reed and Jen? Anyway, DeAndre won’t stick around long, so who cares I guess…
    12. Bottom 3: Jermaine, Jeremy, and Erika. Going home: Jermaine- I HATE saying this. Jermaine seems like a good guy with a likeable personality and really good voice. But not even really good is going to cut it against these other artists like Hollie, Jessica, Josh, and Phil, our current frontrunners.
    11. Bottom 3: Jeremy, Elise, and Erika. Going home: Jeremy- I also HATE saying this. But this is as far as Jeremy can go with the wildcard spot, even though he should have gone farther. But we have our top 10 America.
    10. Bottom 3: Elise, Erika, and Heejun. Going home: Erika- In any other Idol season, she would be a shoe in for the top 5. But this season is a lot different. There is a very talented group of people that all want the same thing she does.
    9. Bottom 3: Heejun, Elise, Shannon. Going home: Elise- Same thing as Erika. Any other season. But America isn’t sending Colton or Phil any time soon, so Elise pays the price.
    8. Bottom 3: Heejun, Hollie, Josh. Going home: Hollie in shock elim.! But the judges will undoubtedly use the save if this happens, so first girl saved in all of the seasons!
    8&7. Bottom 3: Heejun, Shannon, and Colton. Sent to safety: Shannon. Shannon seems to have a strong fan base. Strong enough to save her from elimination, but not to keep her out of the bottom 3. So, unfortunately, my favorite guy is sent packing. And fortunately, Colton is as well.
    6. No particular order: 3 left are Phil, Shannon, and Jessica. Phil is sent to safety, and there is no doubt in everyone’s minds that shannon is going home. And they will be right. For now. Our top 5 is Jess, Phil, Hollie, Josh, and Skylar.
    5. Skylar and Jess are put on one side of the stage with Hollie and Josh on the other. Phil is told to choose which group he thinks is safe. He refuses, of course. Skylar and Jess are the bottom 2. Since the percieved frontrunner never wins, Jess goes home in a shocker.
    4. Oh, it WILL be Skylar. She will probably be blamed for Jessica’s elimination. On top of that, Hollie, Philip, and Joshua have strong fan bases already.
    3. Ugh. It will not be the RIGHT decision, but since america is fawning over phil, Josh is sent packing right before the finale. Ugh.
    Finale- Here we are. Standing in the middle of the stage during that pause between “The winner, of American Idol, IS…….” and Phil or Hollie’s names. Who do ya’ll think would win if it came down between these two?

  26. Another talented street performer has been abandoned, by America a couple of years ago (Lily Scott) and by the whole show this time (Creighton Fraker). I just hate how they buried him alive like that. But overall I’m happy with the top 13 this year. In my opinion, this is one of the best groups in terms of talent in many years.
    -Cheers from Vietnam-

    • Creighton franker sucked im sorry but i see a lot of people who love him and he aint better then any of the 13

      •  He has been showing his qualities as a musician. He can put new renditions and perspectives for the songs that he sings. I would take him instead of Jermaine Jones, who is way too cliche’.

  27. I can’t believe the gentle giant is still here . He won’t make it past the top 13.

  28. i love Phil but i’m worried that his performances will consist only of him standing behind his guitar.  i remember he looked very awkward in the group hollywood rounds.  time will tell.  i hope he wins.

    • phillip will be in danger soon but not now i think he will go far but not
      all the way maybe number 4

  29. stevie wonder and whitney houston.  they always tell the girls to stay away from the big voices – whitney, maria- and now they have to sing whitney?  come on!  why can’t these people sing something different and cool.  i’d love to hear phil sing Dig by Incubus.  if you don’t know this song, you should check it out.  maybe if phil stays for a while, they’ll bring in dave matthews for a duet!

    •  My thought’s exactly. Sure people like Pia Toscano and Melanie Amaro did Whitney but both of them have big powerhouse voices to pull it off. I understand that it’s because Whitney died recently but do they really have to have a Whitney theme?

  30. I don’t understand what he judges are listening to but that Deandre chick sucks!!!Out of pitch, too many messed up runs…terrible

    I think the judges missed on 2 of the wildcards completely

    • Dont worry Deandre Didnt get votes last week and he will go home next week but the only way he will stay is the saved

      • I agree, he is very different, and not really most people’s cup a tea, for sure. Part of me is still happy for the kid, though, I mean come one this is his second try! And for some reason the judged love him. But You’re right, he probably won’t be in it for much longer. WildCards don’t seem to ever stay for long. 

        Who was the longest standing WildCard pick? Does anyone remember?

    • I agree.  I really don’t get the judges raving about his falsetto…i really sounded bad to a girl..and not a talented girl.  Does he ever say all the lyrics?  who can tell….when i heard him tuesday i could hardly understand him and i was trying to decide if he was putting us on…then the judges raved and i started questioning what am I missing?  somebody needs to tell him to quit the girl voice.  He reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit.  maybe a singer in a lounge and nobody can tell if its a man or a woman…..

  31. Adele music should be bane automaticlly a going home ticket
    unless Your Like haley who can pull it off

    • i thought elise did well.  jen’s version sounded nothing like elise’s.  the raspy voice is the key.

  32. Next week should be Country Week
    Two weeks after should be 90s
    3 weeks Should be Power Ballads
    4 weeks should be  The 1st ever Fans Choice
    5 weeks Rock
    6 weeks Taylor swift songs
    7 weeks should be Past idol winners
    choose some categories you want this year

    • no country week, no taylor swift week.
      i love the ideas of fans choice and past idol week.

      i would love an alternative rock week.  i remember last year’s rock week was not rock at all.  very disappointing.

      i could go for some incubus, three days grace, seether, korn, slipknot, you get the picture.

      • top 13 Fans Choice
        top 12 Judges Choice “that way they cant complain about the song choice”
        Top 11 Pop Ballads
        Top 10 Past idol Winner
        Top 9 Songs from there Hollywood Week
        Top 8 Country
        Top 7 the year you where born
        top 6 90s
        top 5 Aerosmith
        top 4 Pop

      • Respect The Late Idols
        Whitney Amy winehouse Davy Jones i want to see a round of that

      • Noooooo. Billy Joel week, The Eagles week, Rod Stewart week, stuff like that. You’ve got to stick with the classics!

    • Bon Jovi songs
      Birth Year
      Songs from the movies
      Fan’s choice

  33. I like jessica….
    I think she will win…I dont want she like Pia last year
    It shock,,,,,,,

  34. well , Im not a complete FAN of the top 13, REED, I just cant believe he is not in the top 13, he  has talent oooozing out of him.and Deandre, has GREAT hair, but as far as singing goes , he  in my opinion, is talentless…
    the rest…well im still debating  on everyone, there are a few im still not sure if it was a good pick or not ~RODDY~

  35. First of all, any singer who picks an Adele song is the foolishest idiot in the whole wide world. There’s no way to come away winning with any of those songs (unless your name is Haley Reinhart). Now, options were correct for the most part, I believe Reed Grimm Blew off his opportunity by not taking the note given to him before the results and not giving a “singing” performance, proved he’s not ready for this competition. I believe the Iovine guy was SPOT ON most of the time, and the competition from now on is all about Jessica, Philphil and Scrawny paramour.  Jessica will be crowned the first Asian American Idol. Guest spot on dying Glee and all..

  36. Deandre and his hair have to go. He is a cute kid, but the hair, oh my! Loved that Jermey got to go on. I think he may surprise everyone, when the coaches get a hold of them. I really like Elise, but she always looks mad to me. Jessica is a WOW.   All in all good choices. I did see Reeds talents but he is much more visible and fun on stage, I don’t think his voice was that great.  And the biggest surprise to me was Creighton. He is so talented.
    from an Older fan of Idol

  37. Really? People don’t appreciate a voice like Deandre’s…Im so tired of voices like Skylar or Lauren Alaina, there’s too many of that in today’s pop-country music, they don’t bring anything new, fresh and different to the table. In the other hand Deandre’s falsetto is so uncommon and that guy has like 3
    different voices, I just can’t believe that America is still voting for the same boring type of voice like Lauren Alaina’s (Haley was way better that her) and hate talents like Deandre and Reed.

    • if the coaches can get deandre to temper his falsetto, i think he’ll do good.  his voice is so smooth in the normal range.  sometimes he has way too much falsetto or jumps from one to the other too much for me.  it’s too spastic.  i don’t like country at all and skylar’s twang is painful to listen to. 

      • You are right Deandre needs to control his falsetto a little more but if I gets thru next stages with help will improve a lot, has a lot of potential…..Skylar ilike you said is to painfull to listen to….

  38. The show was really good last night, not too much wasted time.  My only disappointment was the HeeJun made it because I really don’t think he is anything special as far as a singer goes.  He’ll probably end up with a sitcom when all is said and done.   Surprise Jermaine made it but better than Eben.  I guess the teens weren’t voting this week…..YAY!!!!

  39. I live in China and watch the show 12 hours later…..Do I understand it, Reed did not make it? I won’t watch this week’s show to see him not picked. Amazing and exceptionally disappointing. 

  40. That Deandre made it is a shame.  He is awful but I think he was advanced to keep the very young girls watching, because he is not a talent.  There were plenty of singers who deserved to be saved instead of him.
    However, I loved the show.   I really liked the format and the new set rocks!  This show, A.I., is such a smooth, classy production I love it.
    So far the very best #1 is Jessica.  At this point there is noone like her.  I am glad Hollie C. made it and wish that Eben could have made it.

  41. Jeremy reminds me of Neil Sedaka (Calendar Girl, Laughter in the Rain, Breaking Up is So Hard to Do).  He’s got to get a better wardrobe…

    Jesssica is the most talented, but she needs to loosen up and show the real her and not the one groomed from 5 years old to be a star.

    I liked Reed, but his movements reminded me of Monthy Python’s silly walk.

  42. The top 4 (and the best), going all the way are Phillip, Jessica, Hollie, and Joshua (in that order). Deandre should not have been chosen. It should have been Reed

  43. When people are chosen by the public, how is it fair to eliminate them and then allow the JUDGES to bring them back according to who THEY like? Then the people who called in and voted for them got cheated. How is this fair? The name of the show should be ” JUDGES   IDOL” .  No way is this “American Idol”.  

    • I stopped voting as of tonight.  If the public’s voice count why should we bother. You know they choose Shannon to stay since  judge commented she had the worst tonight.   They should change the show to read “Judges Idol”

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