American Idol 2012 Top 25 Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2012 finalists

Tonight delivers our first live voting results elimination round where we’ll see the American Idol 2012 semi-finalists cut down from the Top 25 to the Top 13. Will your favorite make it? There’s only one way to find out, but while we wait for the big news from Ryan Seacrest we can take a look several possibilities.

First up are the Top 13 guys. Five of those will be voted in by you so we can pull from a few sources on that. In our poll here on American Idol Net the top five vote earners were Phil Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Heejun Han, Jermaine Jones, and Colton Dixon in order of vote %. Phillips is the guy to beat this season and he made that abundantly clear on Tuesday night. Han might not be the greatest singer, but he’s very popular so he’s safe. I am a little surprised by Jones’ placing in the poll, but either he’s better than I’m hearing or being the underdog is powerful.

If you check the neighborhood of Idol fan sites then you’ll see pretty similar polling results over at MJs. There the top five males, in order of %, were Phillips, Ledet, Dixon, Han, and Brackensick. Not far off from your votes here, so if we take the overlaps of Phillips, Ledet, and Han then we’ve got three finalists right there.

Before we go too far with unofficial polls it’s worth taking note of DialIdol’s predictions. They’ve got Eben Franckewitz, Chase Likens, and Adam Brock as their top three males. Those sorts of results make me want to discount their numbers altogether, but maybe I’ll be very surprised.

The male singers toeing the line that I wouldn’t be sorry to see go tonight on American Idol are Reed Grimm, Deandre Brackensick, and Eben Franckewitz. Singers waiting on a call from the governor with a wildcard spot are most likely Aaron, Adam, Chase, Creighton, and Jeremy.

On the other side of the aisle we’ve got six eliminations coming up for the American Idol season 11 Top 12 girls. Just like Phillips among the guys we’ve got Jessica Sanchez dominating the girls’ vote in our poll. She’s holding 40% of the female vote. 40%! That leaves the other eleven girls to divvy up the remaining 60%. Sheesh. The remaining four top spots, according to our poll, belong to Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, and Elise Testone. I wouldn’t be surprised by any of those.

Checking for overlaps in polling, again from MJs, we’ve got Jessica, Hollie, Elise, Skylar, and Erika filling out the top 5. Erika didn’t do nearly as well in our poll, but she’s still in potentially-safe territory.

Looking at DialIdol’s predictions you’ll find Brielle Von Hugel at the top, followed by Jessica, Chelsea, Hollie, and Skylar. Those seem reasonable except for Brielle’s chart topping, but maybe the negative image portrayed during Hollywood didn’t wear off on to the votes. We’ll see about that as well as Chelsea’s safety.

Female singers I’m expecting to march out stage left tonight are Baylie, Chelsea, Haley, Hallie, and maybe Jen. As much as I’d like to say farewell to Brielle, production may want to keep that personality in the race. I wouldn’t expect JLo to use her wildcard on Baylie after mocking her tight dress last night. That’ll teach her for trying to upstage People’s “Most Beautiful Person”…

We’re just a few more hours away for learning who is eliminate and who moves on to become the American Idol 2012 Top 13 finalists. Now that you’ve read who we expect to go, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.




  1. In the end, who really knows how will the votes shake out?  I’d say your assessment is as good as any.

    I’d like to go back to the days where only 2 at a time left until there was a top 12.  I think there’s some borderline people that maybe could rise up.  They’re not going to get a shot though.

    Remember, Haley Reinhart was only about the 3rd best female on a weak girls show last year in the top 24 round.   If she sang that same song this year she would have never even had a shot.

    With that said, I haven’t a clue as to who the full top 13 will be.  My favorites so far are Joshua & Phillip among the guys to go with Hollie & Skyler among the gals.  Jessica’s a notch below at the moment IMO, but w/ a chance to rise pretty fast.

  2. I feel bad for a few of the competitors who shot themselves in a foot with a bad song choice in this round as they’ll be one and done.  However, the cream always rises to the top anyway, so even if some get sent home tonight after 1 poor performance, odds are they would not have made it to the end anyway.  Liking Phil right now.

  3. Hopefully, they’ll dump Ritalin Reed, Captain Average Adam B, Brielle the Brat, Eben the Elf, Get by on my looks Baylie and Can’t carry a tune in a semi Haley J.  The teen vote makes the cute guys safe, and Jessica should be safe as well.  

      • Shannon is awesome ps why is everybody on baylie looks she by far aint the best looking

      • ha ha ha , thats funny, we got spoiled by past idol lookers did’nt we??
        It is hard to let go looks for sound sometimes, LOL  Maybe next year we
        should add “American Bikini Idol” forget the singing , they can’t sing anyway,    just kidding………….

  4. I believe that Filipinos are good singers… After Thia Megia last year…
    Now, it’s time for Jessica Sanchez ! oh Yeah! You make it…. We’re so proud of you…

  5. the only way jessica sanchez will lose this competition is for her to be missing in action,like being kidnapped or something…….

  6. As much as I may hate it, if Deandre Brackensick doesn’t get America’s vote into the top 5 he WILL get in as a wild card.  All three judges at the end of the of last nights show listed Deandre as one of the top standout performances out of the guys.   JLO stated “I would have to say Deandre for me.”  He is in.   

    • Look on the bright side… he will be gone the first week and will save a spot for Hollie and Heejun!!!! (:

    • He sounded horrible…but he really can sing. Watched non AI video of him on YouTube. Think nerves got the best of him. I’m a fan Deandre, but if you’re older than Willow Smith don’t ‘whip your hair’.

  7. I think that the guys making it through are going to be Colton, Philip, Joshua, Heejun, and Reed. And I think the girls are going to be Skylar, Hollie, Jessica, Shannon, and Elise. If Eben makes it, I’m going to be mad though, he does not deserve a spot. His performance was horrible. But I hop e the wildcards will be Jeremy, Erika, and I hoping Baylie gets a second chance.

  8. I hope Skylar and Philip make it to the final four … they are really great

  9. Jessica Sanchez
    She is certainly as good as with other good singerers,,. But, would not be fresh surprises.

  10. My predictions for America’s Vote:


    1. Phillips
    2. Ledet
    3. Han
    4. Eben (Not happy about it, should be Chreighton but to many teenage girls voting)
    5. Jones/Chase (Very close, will there be enough sympathy votes or will the Country vote prevail?  My guess is the Country vote will win out) 


    1. Jessica
    2. Hollie
    3. Skylar
    4. Erika
    5. Elise

    Wild Cards

    Jen (Randy)
    Deandre (JLO)
    Adam/Colton (Tyler tough call)

    • Eben also has vftw but im not sure many girls like him he is justin biber in a time machine

    • My predictions for America’s Vote:Guys1. Phillips
      2. Ledet
      3. Han
      4. Eben (Not happy about it, should be Chreighton but to many teenage girls voting)
      5. Jones/Chase (Very close, will there be enough sympathy votes or will the Country vote prevail?  My guess is the Country vote will win out) Girls1. Shannon
      2. Hollie
      3. Skylar
      4. Erika
      5. EliseWild CardsJen (Randy)Deandre (JLO)Adam/Colton (Tyler tough call

      • Jessica is missing from your list she is top 5 no matter what and I mean top 5 overall in votes.  I think Shannon will be in the top 5 for the girls, I just momentarily forgot about her.

      • well last year lauren turner didnt make it and she was the best
        howver i dont think that will happen again

      • He has a unique voice with a lot of range and he hits all of his notes.  Going back and listening to him throughout all of his performances he was one of the most consistent contestants if not the most consistent.  I don’t think he appeals to the American Idol audience.  I might be wrong, to me he is one of the stronger “sangers”. 

    • I actually like Jeremy a lot and thought he was one of the better singers going into this week.  But he had a weak and forgettable performance mixed in with to many good ones.  He doesn’t fit a niche so he is competing agains’t everyone for the same vote.  His best chance is Deandre getting into the top 5 and then he would be JLO’s wild card.  

    • Its not we dont like him but he is forgetable kinda like Aaron and Deandre and Erika

    • Yes he can sing BUT compared to the others I don’t think he deserves a spot in the Top 13.

  11. My guess for top 10 (no particular order):

    1) Hollie
    2) Shannon
    3) Skylar
    4) Elise
    5) Jessica
    6) Phil
    7) Heejun
    8) Joshua
    9) Jermaine
    10) Colton

    Wild cards:  Creighton (I hope), Deandre, Brielle (hopefully not, but I think they want the controversy)

    Spoiler:  Eben

      • I meant it’s a real possibility he would be voted in by young teen girls, and spoil my list of otherwise-deserving contestants…my list/wild cards/spoiler are just my best guess 🙂

  12. Hoy mga Pinoy! wag kayo masyado mayabang. Kaya nahahatak pababa mga kababayan natin kasi sobrang yabang natin. HUMBLE lang tayo. Let Jessica Sanchez shine with her talent not with her nationality.

  13. I just hope the America won’t commit the same mistake as what they did to Jennifer Hudson. Jessica Sanchez FTW!

    • enough with jessica one good performance let it go
      if randy said pitch problems with negative comments you would say she maybe a wildcard and you know its true

  14. Hey Jun, what are you sweating?

    Anyway rumors are flying about adding a fourth wildcard spot.

    • I could see them adding a 4th wildcard.  Once again we’re not talking about who “should” make it.  We’re talking about who America will vote for and American Idol’s big mistake of cutting so many people on the first week(gives performers that appeal to a certain market a huge advantage).  I could see America voting in Eban(moms and teenage girls), Chase(Country vote), Jones(pimp spot, air time, and sympathy vote) and Adam(moms and older audience).  Which would leave all the talent on the guys side on the bench.  

    • My Top Ten
      Jessica “Dont know the big fuss about she was decnt not Great”

  15. Ok honestly, there can be no denying that,
    Phillip, Heejun, Colton, and Joshua are in the top 10
    I’m almost positive that we will be saying goodbye to…
    Aaron, Chase, Jermaine, Eben
    Reed, Creighton, Adam, Deandre, and Jeremy are all in the running for being wildcarded

  16. Elise rocked it last night. She is real, not trying to be like anyone else. Silly, awkward and talented as all get out. I hope she wins but I do like Jessica and Phillip, too.

  17. Hollie, Jessica, Skylar in that order for girls. Maybe Elise. Shannon’s song and dress seemed too old for her; Jen wasn’t quite up to standard. Sorry about Hallie Day…wanted to see what she could do.

    Joshua, Philip, Colton for guys. Adam’s under-rated. Call me old-fashioned, but I like the guys to sound at least somewhat like guys…DeAndre doesn’t fit for me.

  18. What is this love affair with Philip Phillips. When the guy sings he looks like he is either constipated or in pain.We dont need another Lee Dewyze..My favs. Jessica, Hollie, Joshua, Colton, Creighton and although not so good last time out Deandre .. Please say goodbye to  Brielle,Baylie, Hollie, Shannon, Skylar, Chelsea,Eben, Chase, Reed, Adam, Jermaine and ???

    • Hollie
      ….all made it through on america’s vote
      ….wildcard picks

  19. Reed Grimm lives up to his name……far too sure of himself he’s gotta go!! I like Phillip Phillips and Josh in the guys and girls my favourites are Jessica, Holie and Elise, come on!!!!

  20. i am so disappointed over reed grimm not making it to the top 13..why????? he is so original and he has so much stage presence, versatile etc etc etc….over erika..the judges should have chosen 3 wild cards among the boys..other than jessica the girls are pretty boring and have no originality..mostly copycats…

  21. I am an Australian and cannot vote, but i sure would have put Reed Grimm in there. I think America basically got it right, however Jimmy Levine hit the nail right on the head (obviously a real talent finder), Han, even though he has a great personality he no way belongs in this competition. I wanted to see a real one of a kind talent this year. There are singers who busk who sound better than half of these guys. Infact better singers were thrown away at auditions. The stand outs for me are Philip Phillips, Elise Testone and Jessica Sanchez. When Reed Grimm was not picked over Han(this is not a personality competition folks) that was it for me. My tv will be switched to another channel and programme as i am not interested at all. I will just wait until P. Phillips releases a cd to listen to him, he should have this in the bag.

    •  i totally agree with you…i was so disappointed with reed grimm not making it into the magic 13…i dont know what the americans are looking for to be their next idol…i am also a filipino and cant vote but have always watched the idol for years…hopefully, Jessica Sanchez will make us proud but i would have loved watching reed grimm singing in his own style and originality…until the end!!!!

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