American Idol 2012 Results: Top 4 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 4 results

It’s time to quiet the crowd, dim the lights, and hand Ryan Seacrest the results envelope. Another American Idol 2012 finalist is about to be sent home now that your votes have been counted and are ready to be revealed. Along with tonight’s results we’ll get the return of David Cook and an encore performance from Jennifer Lopez mixed in with all the drama.

The three singers who make the cut tonight will go on to form the Season 11 Top 3 and will all be one step closer to the big finale show on May 23rd. Will your favorite make it? We’re about to find out.

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Ryan Seacrest calls Phillip Phillips to the center of the stage and just before we find out if he’s safe Ryan declines to reveal the news. Ryan explains they’re going to “build the Top 3” tonight on American Idol. Hmm. Okay.

No Bottom 2 tonight. Instead Ryan has waited until the very end to reveal the Top 3 instead of the Bottom 3. Read on for those results.

American Idol 2012 Top 4 – Elimination Results:

  • Hollie Cavanagh

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 3:

  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips

What do you think? Did the right singer get voted off American Idol tonight?




      • Yes Josh is one of the 2 best ever AI contestants – better than either Adam Lambert or Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson…..

        The words spewing from judges mouths this season have near zero cred.

      • I dont think he is better than adam lambert. c’mon, adam can do different styles unlike him who always do that one trick. Well, if you must know I like Josh and I think should be in the top 2 but not better than adam. in my opinion.

      • I totally agree with Camz! Josh is a great singer. I’ve never heard anything like what Adam L. can do with a set of vocal chords tho. I do think he’s better than Joshua but its a different season now & I think Josh has the best singing voice on AI. great comment, Camz.

  1. What’s definite is one of them will go home tonight and that’s the one who has the lowest number of votes. This is regardless of talent and whatnots. I hope you’ve exercised your hands and fingers yesterday to make your bet stay another week.

  2. wow. it is really really nerve rocking, how much more the contestants.
    hope jessica will make it.

  3. hollie – she’s not ready yet for the mainstream. but what i really like about her, she keeps on fighting..I feel bad every time the judges bashed her so much. Among all the four, i think she’s the one who captured most of the viewers because of her song choices, and judges treatment to her. Can she sell records? With good debut single and a producer, she can.

    jessica – unlike hollie, she’s very much ready. But the the problem is, she’s not acting on her age accordingly. she got the magnificent range of voice and got to agree with randy that she can sing anything..But sometimes when she performs, i felt disconnected to her no matter how great her vocals is..But her last night 2nd song was exceptional. If she patterns her career on RNB, she might sell espcially on interntional market.

    Philip – original but not versatile. Enough said. But he is ready for mainstream, and among all other 4 contestant, i think he will be the one who can sell record (if he will be handled by great producer and great debut song). 

    Joshua. His second song last night was i think that worst ive ever heard from him..It was an all out screaming! But looking on the positive side, among all 4 contestants, he is the most consistent (NOT BECAUSE OF STANDING O) but when it comes to delivery of the song, he’s always on the above average and sometimes top. Can he sell records? I doubt.

    right at this moment, i don’t care who wins.. They are all great! Everybody deserves to be in the finale and win.. This season is one of the best season but still top 4 on adam lambert’s season is still by far the best for me. 

  4. I think Holly is going home guys that is my opinion but of course things are already written lol
    Anyway all of them will have huge careers they are amazing


    • and you need to go back to the depths of hell….evil hag… bwahahahahahahahahhaaha.. what a loser……oh my…you’re probably a pimply girl who’s a fat virgin and has no friends….hahahaha….you’re pathetic

    • That is an evil thing to say, she is trying to make her dream come true just like most people.  She has an awesome voice for a 16 year old.  You should be encouraging ……

  5. The Best Singer and will be the winner this season is …. JESSICA SANCHEZ! Yes Yes Yes 

  6. all you josh haters than bwoy can sing i am a jamaican and that man made me listen to a man world first time in my life

  7. oh my oh my… cant breath.. (seems like am hanging in the cliff) waiting for the results? cant sit properly… if i will stand or just sit still… LOL

  8. Though Hollie’s performance was not perfect, I still enjoy watching her. I bet she is the only who connects with me with her songs.

  9. although my favourite is Jessica, all of them are great singers and will be successful in the years to come!!! Good luck to the four of you!!!!!

    • If there’s no tweet from Nigel that this is a shocker then it could be Hollie who’s going home. She’s been in the bottom 3 for quite a number already and sending her home is not a shocker but definitely a sad moment. A shocker would be Phillip being booted out because he’s never been in the bottom 3. Jessica’s been there once (and have been eliminated and saved). Joshua’s been there twice? Not really sure.

  10. I have a question if somebody can tell me please.  In all the Ford advertisements never saw PP anywhere why?

    • i once read he was sick with the kidney stones when they filmed the first ones…but they have filmed more and he is not in them….so perhaps he never signed the contract, or maybe there is more to it…who knows.

  11. team jesss and josh. Phillip is a great dude. but what has, he been doing lately? i mean really? cmon people its time for hollie to pack her bags. she real sweet thou

  12. You’d think they’d spring for a mirror in the guest talent’s dressing room.  I love David Cook, but what’s up with that hair?

  13. Hollie is leaving for sure.  I wish it was Phillip.  I’m really tired of his same old same old.

    • Gosh I got this gut feeling that Philip is leaving.   So sorry but I just had to say it.

  14. i am afraid hollie is going home.  but i will not attack anyone.  they are all good.

    • agree, they all deserve to be on AI but sadly one of them should go home every week. just focus on supporting your fave idol than attacking other contestants.

  15. Tommy Mottola is all praises for Jessica. Looks like a recording deal is brewing up for her.

  16. Jessica will be famous in the US, Asia, Latin countries cuz she is half Latina…she will conquer the world with her enormous singing ability, charms and humility not to mention her very young age captures all generation…beat that 😀

  17. aargh!  im so nervous! i dont want any of them to go… this is by far the best top 4 in the history of american idol!  breathe breathe…. come on guys!

  18. i doubt phil is going home and i doubt he was the third less votes.  this show is using him for suspense.  he is strung along every week.

    • Strung along every week… How so? Someone’s gotta be up there next to Hollie, why is it unfair that it was Phillip? Geez

  19. hollie in the bottom 2 again will she come in 2nd to last for the upteenth time?

  20. Yey! I told you Jessica is staying! she’s staying! and you.. you.. and you! you’re gonna love herrrrrrr!!!!

    • I will NEVER love her……I will never even like her. You might, but don’t force it on others. Everyone has their favorite.

      • Nobody’s forcing you to swallow her. Let them enjoy and celebrate for her win. As for you, you can continue on with your life.

      • EXACTLY. So, who is forcing you??? We just want you to spare us cruel remarks abt jessica. That’s it. Period

      • Janice……no one offer nor asking u to like her…so dont give this kind of attitude that seems like 7 yrs that was forced to go wid someone that u dont like. U r very much free to go and continue what u want to go, hope u wont look back. Ok JANICE ? Goodbye.

      • Nobody’s forcing you to like, much less love her, anyway. ‘You’re gonna love her’ is different from ‘You SHOULD love her’. Mrjeddai did NOT write or say the latter statement.

        Why don’t you read the post again???  

    • rachel.  jessica and hollie are good for 16 year olds.  but i don’t think they will be major stars until they are little older.  perhaps to 12-15 year old girls.  but they both have potential.  they are just too young to appeal to older people.  but if they keep trying they might make it off the disney channel.

    • hey dude i think you forgot to put ‘been’ in there after ‘have’

      • No your pathetic! The judges recognize pure talent, they’ve been fixtures in the music inuatry for years, have you? He’s deserved many o the standing O’s he’s gotten, if it were Jess that had as many as Josh has, no one here would have a problem with it, but since it’s Josh, you people make such a big freaking deal about it. He’s just as talented as Jessica, so GET OVER IT!! I think you Jess fans are jut scared he will beat her.
        So boo hoo to uuuu!

  21. BYE BYE Hollie! You made it this far! This is something to be proud of! Hats off!

      • Order of safe or not safe doesn’t have anything to do with number of votes.  Its decided for how the show will flow and to create suspense.  They did the same with Scotty last year–and Ryan even said it didn’t mean he was in the bottom.  In fact, he had the most votes…I suspect the same is true for Phillip. It would be pointless to keep having eliminations if the producers lined up the contestants in order of votes.  

    • Cats don’t scream igmo. And if you want to say that anybody ‘screamed’ lastnight, it was Jessica. Even tho she didn’t, that’s what all the Josh haters, like yourself, want to constantly say about him for doing the exact same thing Jessica did. So seriously if you can’t come up with something more original than the same stupid, worn out, idiotic he ‘screams’ garbage, then don’t waste your time posting. There’s obviously millions of people that disagree with you, so be gone peasant.

  22. Jessica does not deserve to go home, anybody can connect to a song but not anybody can technically kill a song like she always does, a tiny flaw like connecting can be fixed faster than a technical flaw which takes years to master

    • Sometimes oversinging doesn’t sound good 🙂
      Conencting to a song is better tahn sounding like your dying during- Like the Jessica always does 🙂

      • Sure she can sing, but thats not enough. You need the whole package. Sadly, she does not have it. Enough said.

      • ^^^ You have no idea how dumb you sound. Do you have problems with your comprehension???

  23. go home already your growl and your performances bore me all to hell, you do not deserve to be on this show any longer. You dont show any emotion in your singing. you are no where near amazing as any of the singers left.

  24. woooohhoooooooo!!, Jessica now on Top 3. Thank god, giving you back the glory!! 🙂

  25. Thought Hollie handled that very well. Very classy, and dignified indeed. Bravo young girl. Hope your career goes well for you.

    • Hollie has every reason to be proud to have made it to top 4, considering how many times she was in the bottom 2 or 3.

  26. i really liked hollie. i wish she didnt have to go. now the question is… WHO GOES HOME NEXT?!?!  I really hope that Phillip goes home next and Jessica and Joshua make the finale. And Jessica for the Win!!!

  27. Yehey…. I got it right! Jessica and Joshua made it to the top 3. I am just happy for Jessica because she was called first. Diadidol made it right the first time.
    Congratulations Jessica. We will continue supporting you until you reach your dream.


  29.  Phillip is in the bottom 2? I’m jumping with joy. He should go home, not hollie.

  30. Jessica Sanchez is the last girl standing! Technically, it should be Hollie. Anyway, love them both! 🙂

      • You ignorant people really need to shut the hell up with that crap. There’s nothing funny about attacking someone personally you don’t even know. Seriously, are you people even adults to think stupid asss comments like that are funny? Enough already with the small minded comments, it’s absolutely pathetic! Grow up people.

    • What do you mean by “Technically, it should be Hollie”? I think a lot are in agreement that Jessica is the best technical singer among the four. Or does this pertain to the Save again?

      • The latter! About the ‘Save’. lol. I love Jessica btw, I voted for her hundred times yesterday.

      • TEchnically Phillip is the worst singer here.  Hollie is quite talented. As far personal preferences go that is another matter. 
        In a way I feel bad for the idol-hopefuls, they have relatively short time to learn the songs,  so I’m kind of  suprised that there aren’t more trainwreck vocals  compaired to what there have been. As far Phillip goes, it’s been unfair to Hollie that, when Phillip isn’t able to keep melody,  judges critic is ” artistic interpretation and creative” and to Hollie they give the crap. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have critiqued Hollie, I’m saying they should have pointed out Phillips failings and others as well. And the judges should stop giving standing ovations altogether, its ridiculous.” Best singer in fifty years, or best idol ever”… bullshit. But its noth Jessicas, Joshuas or Phillips fault, the judges are just not doing their work.
        Good luck for Phillip, Jessica and Joshua and hopefully we will hear about Hollie in the future (a record deal please?). I’ll tune out this season, since I haven’t really liked remaining contestants choises or performances thus far.

  31. i really hate it when someone stays just cuz he has the little girl votes cuz they think he is cute.  phillps needs to go home he may be able to sing but once again he looks like he is constipated when singing.  and for all the hollie haters out there  that girl can sing her butt off and i guarantee she will be a whole lot bigger than mr phillips will ever be

    • the little girls are voting for jessica.  she does not appeal to adults.  she needs to grow up some.  she is like one of those little girls that are pushed into contests by an overbearing mother.  she has been competing for years.

      •  hmm doesn’t appeal to adults? thats funny because most people i know love her as i do.  jessica isnt all little girl votes she has quite a few from the adults also.  philip can sing but he isnt some that i would listen to  jessica on the other hand i could listen to all day  it is the little teeny boppers that are keepin him in because they think he is cute not for the voice

    • i’m adult same as my mom, dad, aunts, uncle and tons of my friends(Gym/work/church) & we voted for JESS and will continue voting till she reach her dreams even after the show…
      BTW after her performances last night especially “And I am Telling You…”, she just gained new supporters and votes and will be voting for her for the remaining weeks.

      I’m sad Hollie’s gone but no worries because she’ll be successful on what ever she wants to do.

      go JESS

  32. stop the hatin’ guys!!! i’m just sooo happy jessica made it through!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Don’t matter, he made top 3, and will get a recording contract. So he doesn’t need to win the show, he’s already won And actually he would probably be better off not winning, cause the winner will be contractionaly obligated to record the type of record that AI says to do. So he will get a say so in what HE wants to do, so therefore it will be to his advantage So when AI is trying to tell Phillip what to record….well that’s just gonna be hilarious So it prrob won’t affect Jess, so whatever!

      • yeah, your right, I know that all along that whatever happens they will get a record deal, but seriously I don’t like him =P

  33. my Jessica super safe now, nothing to worry and i have peace in mind… 


      • get a life!! we already know u hate Jessica, but for u to reply like that to all the comments congratulating Jessica is such a pity!! just leave this site.. saves u some heartbreak…

      • Again, it’s you AlisRigged. If you cannot accept this, then so simple, either dont watch AI anymore or hit yr head against a brick wall. What a spoilt child throwing tantrums

      • soo SORRY for u.. your idol didnt make it.. next time again.. next year…feel BAD for the HOLLIE fans but dont worry she has still a very very bright future ahead of HER ,, though am not a fan of hollie.. am gonna miz her for sure..

  35. It’s not the perfect top 3! Lol.

    This should be the top 3:


  36. Thank you, America and thanks to all who voted Jessica. Jessica represents America so no need for bashing, just be proud and let’s accept it that in any talent show somebody has to go and somebody has to stay, it’s still a singing competition, it just proved that people starts to open up their ears and it’s about time you should be proud of her coz Jessica represents us people of America!! 🙂

      • it’s all in your mind, you pray hard so you will have a bright mind about it… 🙂

      • i dont know you but fm what you have written I can only say that you are not a nice person. How can you be so crude. What i am saying is, to each his own yet. But be happy for the winners even though they are not yr favourites. They have put in so much effort being here. God Forgive you

    • No need for bashing, but it’s ok for you to constantly bash Joshua?? If that’s not the H word I don’t know what is Hmm

  37. i wonder where holliepop is at.. probably crying in one corner.. hahahahahahahahahahahahah :))))

    • I am a Jessica and Joshua fan. but i really am sick of all the criticisms of any singers. Look people. This is a competition. These ppl are good ppl… viz, P2, Skylar Hollie. So pls dont poke fun at them. Let’s be cordial.

  38. i’m gonna miss hollie….:(….hopefully jessica would make it to the finale……either pairing will be a nice finale show…

  39. well i am sad to see Hollie go home may her future be bright and many well wishes to her good luck in the future hollie
    top 3

    • they did not say the order of votes this show.  they just did what they did to give suspense to the largest voting block, Phil fans.  he was not third, he was most likely first.

    • Considering what Josh and Jess did with their second song, then uh yes. It was good, but comparable to what Josh and Jess did, no freaking way!

  40. I am done watching I just deleted the future recordings from my DVR.  The judges are a joke…..LOVED HOLLIE….she was the only one who really sang.

    • Well, it’s a normal reaction from losers! Just be glad Hollie got all the way to the top 4. She will have a singing career. You have to admit she was the weakest among the four.
      Well, mayb we see u again next year!

      • I didn’t say Hollie is a loser. I meant you as a sour loser!
        I like Hollie but last night she showed that she was not at par with the other three. Thats why she got voted off. If you ask me I prefer pp to leave. But he rescued himself by doing good on his second song. I think most viewers think that the weakest of the night should go home. And please don’t blame the judges. If you guys are real fans of your fave contestant , you’ll stand behind him or her no matter what. Who cares about what the judges say! They can not sway my votes. They are there to spice up the game. At the end, it is the viewers that make the decisions.

    • my my. u really r so petty. this is a competion. sounds like a kid. my mum does not give ice cream i throw tantrums….so sad

  41. Warmest congratulations to Jessica! She is the only female left in the contest. Let us vote for her now. Hollie had a good run considering where she started. I had wished that a male would be booted out.

    • P2 will never be eliminated. he has huge ladies fan base. Trust me, he will win. This is AI

  42. Hollie picked the wrong songs last night.  I can’t make you love me didn’t show her vocal ability and common! It’s top 4 already why you’ll sing that song. She should have sung  A moment like these or Do i make you proud.

  43. Hollie left with class, she will be missed.  Now the show is classless, including the judges.  At least I do not have to listen to Joshua scream weekly and Randy telling him that he is the best.  Good Luck Hollie, much success in whatever you do.  Right now just be a kid, release all the stress I am sure this show has put on you.

    • I totally agree with you. God bless hollie. She’s such sweet talented girl and deserves the best. I’ll watch the end of the show to see her again. For me it doesn’t matter Phillip, Josh or Jess win, wish the best for them too. But the manipulation and favoritism this season is clear and disgusting. 🙁

      • Oh wah wah. Ba bye. Funny how people want to blame the judges for how AMERICA votes. The vast majority of the votes come from people who actually can make up THEIR own minds, and not base it on what the judges say. So to all the bitter fans that want to blame the judges for their favorite going home, 3 people don’t account for 70 million votes! So wah wah wah. Geez, people are always wanting to place blame where blame is not warranted So many bitter people in the world, just ridiculous!

  44. Everybody’s expecting that to we are now down to the top three..i hope jessica wins…she’s the most deserving to get the title out of the three..vocal ability,versatility, and passion..although, i also feel it too with the other two..but jessica exceeds them. 

    • Joshua is better. But whatever, everybody is entitled to their opinion right. Those two have been the best all season.

  45. whatever just wishing for joshua or phillip… anybody but freaking jessica.

    • here we go. With all those uncalled for remarks. YOU HATE JESSICA. FINE. SPARE US THE REMARKS

    • Coming from your username, I don’t know why you’re still commenting here if you find AI to be rigged. Spare yourself of the agony and hatred and use your remote control to watch other shows.

  46. Maybe I’m the only one but I actually liked this year’s top 4 more than any other season. It probably was the right decision to send Hollie home at this point though. 

    • I think it’s time for the best vocal to win, regardless of gender.  That hasn’t happened since Jordin Sparks.  Which means I’m rooting for Joshua.

  47. no no no…. not hollie!!!! i was rooting for a jessica-hollie finale! hmmmmp!

    • i may be wrong. but i predict it P2 will win and take crown. AI has been like this. Popularity over good vocals. andFinale should be between P2 and Joshua.

  48. One more step closer to a P2 victory and my prediction from day 1 coming true! Well almost day 1, I think it was more like day 2 or 3. But anyway. Keep voting Phillip Phillips people. You are making it happen! WGWG5 is almost in the bag.

    • I would bet most of Hollies fans will now go to P2…This could really upset the judges.  🙂

    • I am thinking Phillip Phillips will be like Danny Gokey (American Idol Season 8 2nd runner up)…He never experience to be in the bottom 32-3 but was eliminated as he reached the AI Top 3.. J and J for the FINALE

    • I literally cried when Hollie sang her last song.  Although I’m a Jessica fan, I like Hollie a lot.  She seems to have a very likeable personality.  She seems so nice to Jessica and the rest of them.  Well, I just I wish her success and hope she will have albums coming.  I already bought some of her itunes songs.  Goodluck, Jessica.

  49. Who do you want to see on the Top 2?

    I’m betting on Jessica and Joshua. Phillip is a brilliant artist but I’m afraid his vocals will be overshadowed by the much powerful contenders.

  50. Jessica Sanchez makes history by reaching the top 3.
    She is the first person to reach the top 3 after being saved by the judges. Now, let’s break your own record next week!

    • Every blog I have read says ‘the save’ was staged to add ratings/drama to the show.  I totally believe that!!!

      • If you want to see how the “save” can be used effectively, watch “So You Think You Can Dance.” It has been used on that show for years, but there is not just one save. I think it is used to keep the competition real, and not just a popularity contest. The one “save” used on Idol has turned out to be worse than no “saves.”

  51. Now I DON’T have to delete my recordings from my DVR. I didn’t even watch last night’s performances because I couldn’t stand to sit through them and have Hollie be saved AGAIN.   Now I can watch Wed night’s show secure in the knowledge that Hollie-poop is done and watch the rest of the season in peace. I don’t care which of the remaining contestants win as long as Hollie is gone – I’M HAPPY!

    • Shame on you! Get a life! You need stop dislike her and really like someone else (josh, jess or phil). Be happy with good feelings!

      • Actually I do like all three of the remaining contestants.  But I like two of them A LOT and would be happy if either one of them wins.  I won’t tell you who though cause then you’d have to vote against them to spite me, isn’t that how this show works goo goo spite the judges and save Holliepoop   people.  So I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which two I like the most.  waka waka waka goo goo cachooo0oooo……… 

    • Well good, we were all terribly concerned that you wouldn’t be happy.  I am sure no one is happier than  Hollie.  All the stress is now gone.

      • why thank you sandi, you a nice person, i hope the apes don’t fall out the tree before the tigers get to eat.  you know what i mean?

    • We can feel that you’re surrounded with so much hatred around you and trying to vent it out here. We can’t blame them. With that attitude, you will really harbor hatred.

    • Let me get it straight. You don’t like Hollie but you named yourself after her then added “poop” after it. Seriously?

  52. Oh my no :'( Hollie is gone. My first favorite contestant. So long Hollie! Hope to hear your voice again~ I definitely can see her singing like Carrie Underwood ^^ Now I’m rooting for Jessica Sanchez to win. AI needs to have a female winner again and now is the right time!

  53. I’m a fan of Hollie, but I had a feeling she would get the boot tonight.

  54. Yeiy. Majority of the Holliepops around the world will be voting for Phillip. Phillip FTW!

    • i don’t think so. Mostly will be rooting for Josh (because he’s the best friend) or Jessica – cos they want a girl to win this season

    • Hmm. I don’t think so~??? Many in some holliepops in twitter expressing they would vote for JS~ but let’s see… 🙂 It depends on them~ 🙂

      • Nopee.  I’ll be voting equal amounts for Phillip and Joshua I believe, because I go back and forth on them (more towards Joshua.)  Unless either has an epic fail next week.

      • They are just Filipinos lizlie. Don’t be ridiculous. Of course these fraud Bluejays will now pretend to be kind so as to get votes from Hollie’s fans. Shame on them. 

      • I’m a Filipino too DJ~ 🙂 But I can say I’m a true blujay~
        I had hope for an all girl in finale JS-HOL~ so sad it’s impossible now.~ Whatever happens I think all are deserving~ 🙂

  55. Hollie seems to be a nice girl and her friendly bantering with Jessica is so genuine. We all wish her the best. I hope she goes back to school this fall after all, fame is temporary. Another week to work harder, guys! Jessica for the win!

    • like huh? she was being superficial to Jessica all along….she was that insecure of her talent and it showed….argh! thank God her 9 lives are sooooo over! bwahahaha!

      • How did you know? Were you there with them? Or you’re just another self-proclaimed know-all BS.

      • Jessica is the fake girl in the competition. I can see on her face how she tries to pretend she is kind and lovable and sweet but she looks like a ridiculous monkey-witch in one!

  56. I just can’t believe the mean spirited people in here that rejoice in someone’s heartbreak. Wow. Even if my least favorite went home I would feel guilty that I didn’t vote for them and my hear would break along with theirs. 

    It’s almost criminal some of the remarks I am reading on hear tonight. 

      • Oh, so how do you make the leap from just plain mean spirited to unerring? Is there no in between? Why do I have to be fake just because I have a conscience? 

    •  I can’t believe this coming from you….surely, you can recognize yourself being one of those “mean spirited people here”.

      • What have I said that was mean spirited? I made one joke but it was true. I wasn’t meaning it to be mean it was just funny.

        What else have I said that was mean spirited? 

        Tell me now so I can know not to do it again.

    • Can’t you just be happy for the remaining three? Oh wait, for the remaining two of the three? Oh shucks…you’re not happy.

      • I am happy for them but I feel bad for Hollie. I am not going to say harsh things towards any contestant who gets eliminated. It’s sad to see them go.

        It’s the hateful comments from the JSan pushers that makes you not want to see their hopes fulfilled. 

        I guess you just have to remember that it isn’t Jessica’s fault her fans have no couth. 

    • Taymaro, You did not commit any crime. You did not say anything mean. You just crossed over the line into the land of the JessFans. They now think you are a threat even though you did not even mention anyone’s name. They are trying to make the rest of the competition about gender in order to get Hollie’s votes to Jessica for the win. Anyone who does not drool over Jessica is called a hater. But you know all this and were brave enough to try to bring some sympathy into the mix. Actually those contestants who made it to the final ten deserve medals of courage for surviving all the pressure of the song selection, judging, and tight scheduling of this entire season. The other people who deserve medals are those who voted reasonably and did not come on this site to brag about the hundreds of votes they cast for their favorite. It’s getting to the place where anyone who does not rave about Jessica is considered a hater and other names. Beware fans of Jessica. This could come back to haunt you. Voters get tired of being called names. They may wise up and vote for either Joshua or Philip just to get back at you. Come after me if you want, and I will vote exclusively for Joshua or Philip. No threat–just a promise, and I had said I was through voting.

    •  liar! have read your previous comments here and truly you’re a big liar!!!!



    • If your ‘praying’ for Jessica, you should be praying for then all, that’s what a true Christian would do. So you are actually ‘praying’ that Jessica wins, which kind of defeats the purpose of prayer to be honest. So just say you are ‘wishing’ that Jess wins, but are praying for all of them, that would just be the Right thing to do, and I know all the Jess fans want to do the right thing…..right??

  58. My Top 2 is Jessica and Phillip. Who will win I don’t care. Because there’s something can not happen. You need a bit lucky get fully succeed. Even when my Jess is not in Top 2, I’m not so surprising. But this can be a big mistake from this season.
    Another idea from me. Feature contestants of this season are: Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, may be Skylar Laine, and even Heejun Han (because of his unique personality), a little Elise Testone (Her voice is really special).
    All of them if or if not in the final, they will still have their own great singing career.

  59. Waaah.  Now that Hollie is gone, we Holliepops will be rooting for Jessica Sanchez all  the way! Go girl, for the win. Jess, win this for us Holliepops! 

    • wishing for a female winner this season!..holliepos and blujays,let us all unite and bring jessica all the way to the top!

    • But Joshua is was her best friend, that doesn’t count for supporting Joshua?

  60. I want to know who is styling the girls. The styling seems to be very hit or miss, especially with Jessica.  I have two teenage girls, one older and one younger than Jessica, and they cringe when she comes on the stage. She looks like  Celine Dion’s stylist has been dressing her. Then when they attempt to make her look a bit more contemporary they put her in stuff that’s way too “sexy” for her age and she just looks awkward. It actually detracts from her fabulous voice which is not fair to her. It also gives what is probably a very inaccurate impression of her.  I was hoping Hollie would stay tonight simply because her public persona is more likeable but, as I said, I think that is more about Jessica’s styling and song choices as her voice is gorgeous.

    • I felt so sorry for Jessica tonight. She was literally holding her shirt together. Not sure if anyone else saw what I did, but it was pink.

  61. hmm hollie should be proud against all odds because she’s done pretty well in the must stay on and still do what you’re born to be – a singer and an artist..i am proud of you hollie..

    as for jessica, my support will always be with you..just hold on and struggle more because you’re nearly there – your dream to become an idol..

    you are my idol jessica..keep it up and godbless….

  62. I’m so happy with the result. Jessica, Joshua and Philip really deserve to be in the top 3. They are the best among the idol contestants. America got it right this time.
    Whoever among these 3 wins, i’m perfectly fine.

  63.  hmm hollie should be proud against all odds because she’s done pretty well in the must stay on and still do what you’re born to be – a singer and an artist..i am proud of you hollie..

    as for jessica, my support will always be with you..just hold on and struggle more because you’re nearly there – your dream to become an idol..

    you are my idol jessica..keep it up and godbless….

  64. Jordin was the ‘last girl’ who won and after that, boys have been winning this show for the last 5 yrs. i hope Jessy breaks that streak!

  65. A COMMENT FROM SOMEONE: “wishing for a female winner this season!..holliepos and blujays,let us all unite and bring jessica all the way to the top!”

    After all the bashing from Jessica’s fans, do you all #Bluejays think that #Holliepops will be supporting Jessica? I don’t think so. #Holliepops on her fan pages said they would support Phillip. 

    • Is Holliepops a cult that they should be solid and united in supporting one finalist aside from Hollie? They all like Hollie and rooted for her but that doesn’t mean they would go all they way for Phillip, or Jessica, or Joshua and come up with a unanimous vote after Hollie’s elimination.

      •  You are mistaken…the Holliepops is a multi-national solid group pledged to act as a solid block and will. They even have a flag and mascot….they have given over 5,000,000 to a political PAC…”Holliepops against Romney for President because he wears magic underwear”
        I predict Hollie will become Miss America.

    • it’s people’s choice, it’s their right… it’s anybody’s ballgame now. just stick it out in supporting your faves, we can no longer pinpoint who is for Jessica, Joshua or for PP. This will be as exciting, a Joshua-Jessica will be battle of the big voice if ever but let’s not count PP out, but he has to double his time now…. key is HARDWORK, anybody for me at the Top 2 as long as Jessica is there… can’t wait the judges songs to be picked for the Top 2 to sing and that is what i am dying to see. 🙂

    • It still depends on them~ Some Holliepops will vote for JS, Some for P2, Some for Josh? Now who can’t tell? Holliepops doesn’t need to be unanimous all the time~ Besides, We don’t even know if they would vote~ Supporting doesn’t already mean voting~ 🙂

  66. Hollie going home is ridiculous, but the judges were extremely harsh after her second song.  They also knew very well how their opinions would affect impressionable pre-teen and teen voters.  So, it’s obvious this is what they wanted, and I feared this would happen. 

    It’s a shame that Hollie didn’t get a little better mentoring and coaching regarding song choice and a little kinder judging, because she is the complete package.  Of the top 4, she looked, sounded, and acted like my vision of the American Idol – a true lady to the end.  Hold your head high, Hollie.  Like Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, you didn’t win the title, but you won the hearts of many people and you’ll sell lots of recordings!

    In closing, all I can say is that anyone who doesn’t like the way Hollie was treated by the judges and the way that Jessica was magically given a second chance should voice their concerns to the sponsors of AI, who might listen and make appropriate changes in the format next year.  Maybe they will get rid of the save.  Personally, I’d like to get rid of the save and have the judges give their opinions on the RESULTS show (or better yet, pick different audience members each week to do the judging), so as not to unduly influence the voting. 

    Go Joshua! 

    • stop bitterness please.  Jessica was awesome last night. Hollie is good but very inconsistent.  Skylar and Elise are  a lot better than Hollie,  in fact Hollie  should have gone home before Elise

      • It’s not bitterness, Mike. I can’t even vote as I’m Australian but we watch the show every week. The overall standard of talent has been amazing. There is such a huge talent pool in America. It is more a criticism of the format that allows the judges to voice their opinions so strongly at this point in the competition and “steer” the voting. I’m surprised their “over the top” negative criticisms of Hollie  didn’t backfire on Jessica which would also be an unfair outcome.

    • Yes, I agree that Hollie was overly criticised for her performance and Randy was also annoyed that Hollie got to sing in the higher register during their duet as she sounded better. The judges unabashedly steered the judging public to vote for Jessica over Hollie. At this point, the public should be able to vote without too much direction from the judges. The public will buy CD’s according to who they like and the type of music so surely it is their turn to pick their own Idol….

      •  she did not sound better. if it were jess singing the high notes we could have ended pitying hollie thickly dusted.

  67. If this season is like all other seasons, Phillip is the winner. He’s never seen the bottom, Josh and Jessica have. We’ll see how it plays out. I’d prefer to see Josh-Phillip in the finale. They’re unique talents.

      • you don’t know that..they did not say the voting order tonight.  theys strung phil along because he has the most fans.  they wanted to keep the suspense.  jessica and josh screama and screech.  josh needs to tone it down, and jessica needs to just mature some.  phil is the only real  talent at this point. 

  68. all the top 4 Season 11 contestants did such an amazing job last night!!! Hollie has such an amazing voice,and I’m sure she will do good in the music industry,she seems like a nice girl,wishing her all the best!!! Now,we all have to show girl power and vote endlessly for the only girl left,Jessica Sanchez,who needs another WGWG?? Did’nt AI already crowned too many of them and none of them had any success,except for Chris Daughtry?? We need another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood winner,and please America, be fair!! be color-blind!! Whatever the final outcome,any one of the Top 3 deserves to win..Peace out..

  69. I think this is a Battle Of The Sexes already!! the remaining contestants show a good example of gender diversity! ^.^

  70. I am hopingsomeone out there can give me an answer or decent comment to a question I have asked several times on this site.  Jessica has quite a resume, America’s Got Talent, recorded on private labels, exposure with the San Diego Chargers singing the national anthem, etc.  With all of this exposure why oh why has she not been signed to a record deal? 

    • Because the time was not yet ripe back then and it’s not yet her time to shine. It’s a “right place at a right time” thing. Susan Boyle has recorded a song and included in an album years back but it’s only in 2009 that the world noticed her.

    • Maybe it’s her age? A more likely reason I could think of is that she is part of a minority group in America, where the Pacific Asian American movement has only taken off recently. I’m no expert though. If anything, American Idol has given her even more exposure (at the right age) and it’s definitely been a platform for her to get her foot into the music industry. 

      • I do not think it is her age, her mother had here out there at a very young age and she was well  liked.  She has had more than her share of exposure(Imean that in a good way) but has not clicked. 

        School cannot be the answer, we have many artists, very successful, that started much younger than  Jessica and continued their education. 

        Not sure what it is but she just has not clicked.

    • And to add. Record producers won’t sign you if you’re not going to be a commodity. Everyone’s talking about her (good and/or bad).

    • To put that in perspective. There are AI contestants whose been professional singers when they joined AI. Like Taylor Hicks. Melinda Dolittle has been a back-up singer for famous artist. So why keep bragging Jess’ resumè in here?

      • Oh I am not bragging, I am not a Jessica fan, just wondering with alllllllllllllllllllllll of her exposure why she has not made it yet. 

    • Sandi, sometimes growth, luck, connection to the music business and timing is all that gets to be successful in the business. Why bash with Jessica’s resume when the same thing also happened with Hollie and Joshua when they auditioned a year ago, they didn’t get through because they needed more experience, growth and motivation. You could also ask the same thing about Philip, why wasn’t he been signed when he has been performing publicly for the past years? American Idol is the right stage to be in if you want to be discovered or be noticed in such a short time.

    • Sandi, how many sixteen year olds has made it big? Can you name at least two?

  71. Song choice is winning not talent. Judges clearly want Jessica and Josh in the final-we want Phillip-not a screecher!

  72. I will watch the next two weeks, but I am not voting 700 times (Like I have done for Hollie the past month) for any of these three. I am sure Jessica is a nice girl, but her fans have been so rough!

    • The top 3 are all talented, I am not a fan, I liked Hollie.  My votes will go to P2, he is the most unique, no screaming, etc. 

      • Philip….sucks… He sings the same boring style week in, week out…. He will also be a failure like Kris Allen …. Remember him? The one that won against Adam Lambert… Where is Kris Allen now? Big time failure…While Adam Lambert keeps selling records…. mmmm Don’t they sing the same style? You know what Philip will be after AI…. Same as Kris allen…hahaha!!!

  73. Jessica is the fake girl in the competition. 

    I can see on her face how she tries to pretend she is kind and lovable and sweet but she looks like a ridiculous monkey-witch in one!

    • a ridiculous monkey-witch???????!!…..  how nice of u to say that!! u may not like d person but to say such….  are u the perfect person this world doesnt have??????

    • @46fed37a15a0af7fedf6edd66e0ca6ce:disqus  is this “TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF” session? because you describe yourself PERFECTLY!

    • Let there be haters, we need them! Lols! Thats all about how a star is born,… Made by fans inspiration and spiced up with haters.

    •  mr. deejay_dame::    EAT YOUR OWNED WORDS!!!


    • wow! what a rude comment from you @46fed37a15a0af7fedf6edd66e0ca6ce:disqus .  you dont even know her personally.  i was a hollie fan… voted for her 500x yesterday unfortunately that wasnt enough to keep her in the competition. i was going to vote 1000x for P2 next week but because of people like you, i might just give my votes to jessica. come on… cool it.

    • I saw something in Jessica Sanchez’s face that I had never seen before Wednesday night — a fierce determination to become the next American Idol. I became a fan that night. Jessica feels the need to win to validate herself as a viable recording artist. Phillip Phillips (IMHO) is the most fun to watch and listen to this year, but he feels no need to conform to the wishes of the voters or to win. Haagen Daas has more than one flavor of ice cream. Personally, I like Rocky Road.

    • How do you know? Do you know her personally? You have to find a more substantiating evidence. A more solid ground to base your logic on.

    • What the hell do you have against monkeys? They are lovable and very cute (well Capuchin monkeys are until they bite you…did you know…Rev Jim Jones was a door to door monkey salesman before founding the People’s Temple…google it)
      Anyway…you’re an baboon for your comment and Jess is a sweet 16 year old girl unless you know her personally and she spit on you. (she probably would as mean as you are)

      Yes guys….I’m spitting on people is an old European and Native American custom…I can’t help it…it does say on starting wars….google it.

  74. Go JESSICA SANCHEZ!!! i cast 439 votes last night, 4 of my friends made 510 votes on average, while my other 2 friends made a 750 vote average. tho i’m still slow in my voting progress, i aiming to vote for 800 next week, cuz we have competition with friends who votes jessica most..

    Your friends here from Beijing China.

    • why would someone in china vote for an american idol?  crazy.  this has become an even bigger joke.

      •  sorry to mislead you guys, we just here in california to study, we originally live in beijing. but we here stay in US

    • Well…maybe you guys should study more and watch more of the Big Bang Theory. BTW…Sheldon and Hollie are hooking up…see, what studies will get you.

  75. girl power! a hoping for a Girl Winner this time , female IDOL winners are outnumbered!go girls

  76. either JSan or P2 for the win… unless america chooses the screeching-Donald duck…

  77. I think that Hollie was great – she has a beautiful voice and seems like a lovely girl. I also think she (for the most part) got a raw deal from the judges, just like Haley last year.

    I am a Phillip fan, but I certainly concede that Joshua, Jessica and Hollie all have stronger voices than him. I mean, you don’t compare a ‘Joe Cocker’ type with a ‘Celine Dion’ type – their styles are so different. I prefer Phillip’s style, but I have also really enjoyed the fantastic voices that the other three have.

    In some ways, however, I hope that Phillip doesn’t win, because then everyone will say it is because of all the young girl votes, even though I’m sure he has quite a mixture of people voting for him. I also think that he wouldn’t quite fit in to the Idol mould – he would really want to do his own thing, and not be able to if he won. I think that for Jessica or Joshua, getting the number one spot would work better and hopefully help their careers.

    Sorry for all the Hollie fans out there – she was a champ.

    • Well said JuliefromAustralia.  I was/am a Hollie fan, now I will switch to P2.  He is unique, the other two are very good, but the same.  They bring nothing new to the industry and P2 does.

      • Sandi, if you’re P2 fan and plan to vote for him then you shouldn’t agree with Julie’s statement. She said she hoped he was not going to win.

      • @Alfan:  I knowwhat she said.  I did not say I was a P2 fan, I said I would vote for him.  I believeI said  was/am a Hollie fan.

    • Everyone deserves to win dear~ If P2 wins, he deserves it not because of those teeny vote~ there are a lot of P2’s supporters~ 🙂 

    • Hollie with the piercing blue eyes, endearing smile, and great vocals will be fine. I look forward to downloading her first post-Idol single.

  78. Jessica Sanchez will be going home to Chula Vista, California.
    Joshua Ledet will be going home to Westlake, Louisiana.
    Phillip Phillips will be going home to Leesburg, Georgia.
    Their hometown fans will be honoring them for making this season’s top 3. There will be parades, celebrations, and enthusiastic out-pourings of love and support.

    But there is no joy in McKinney, Texas tonight. The little blond with the big voice is coming home after being eliminated from this season’s competition. But the sadness will be short-lived. Hollie’s baby blue eyes and endearing smile will grace many CD covers in years to come. She has proved that she has the vocals to become a relevant recording artist in today’s market. The right producers choosing the right songs could well transform Hollie Cavanaugh into a multiple Grammy winner.  Yes, she’s that good!

    • Yes…if she can find something that is her and it connects….she can’t just be another Adele…that won’t work.

      Not being sarcastic..but maybe she should get into some beauty pageants…watch out Miss America (do they have to be born in US to be Miss USA?)

      She left the stage with class and warmth…very sweet!

  79. People just love jessica sanchez here n Dubai, there are lots of support here in dubai for jesica sanchez, we always vote online…we just happy we helped her get top3, next week again, we’ll vote like camels.

  80. I think America got it right but as a huge Joshua fan (and for me, Jessica being a very close 2nd), I was actually hoping that Phillip would go home tonight. Strategically, that wudda been perfect because Hollie would definitely go next week and the final two would be Joshua and Jessica, which to me is how it should be. I’ve never been a fan of Phillips, unless you go for that folksy singer-songwriter type of thing, but there’s no way his voice compares on a technical level with Jessica or Joshua. His voice just does not have the range theirs do, and he can’t do the runs or even have a good vibrato to it. Yes, there are lots of singers out there like him but does that mean that in a singing competition, which this is supposed to be, he has the better voice? Absolutely not. He couldnt do any of the “big” songs like either Joshua and Jessica have taken on brilliantly all season long. I know a lot about music, having taken piano lessons for years and years and being brought up in a household where my mom took vocal (and piano) lessons for much longer than I did. Professionally and just the God-given talent both Joshua and Jessica possess, Phillip cannot measure up to. I’m sure lots of people will disagree but I’m tired of America, most likely young girls voting for the “cutest”, not actually voting for the most talented on this show. After Adam lost to Kris in season 8, I stopped watching for a couple of years because there’s no way in Gods green earth Kris has the pipes and can belt out a song the way Adam can. So we’ll see this year. Between the 2 guys that are left, we’ll see if America gets it right. Talent or who’s the cutest. Every time Phillip is onstage you can hear screaming girls in the background. What do they know about music? Idk. Mayb more than me and I’m all wrong here, but I don’t think so. So by the end of this season, let’s see if Phillip is left standing over Joshua. If so, I’m right and the votes weren’t cast based on talent. Please, please, please Anerica. For once do the right thing and vote for the best, not the prettiest, singer!! My mom, who’s been singing all her life, is in the hospital with cancer and she agrees with me. Let (s)he who has the best talent win!!

    • Hi Lizard Lover — The show is not entitled “America’s Best Singer” — it is called “American Idol” because idol’s come in all shapes, sizes, colors and musical genres. That is why Billboard has multiple Top 100 lists. There are enough fans for many vocal types and styles. You like Jessica and Joshua. Season 10 fans liked Alaina and Scottie. Season 7 fans liked David Cook and David Archuletta. Personally, two of my Top 5 are now gone (Elise Testone and Hollie Cavanaugh). Luckily my favorite this year (WGWG #5 — Phillip Phillips) is still there and could win it all.

    • I wish the best for your mother. I don’t know who you are but I will keep you in my prayers. 

      I appreciate the sentiment of wanting it to always be the best singer but at the end of the day it’s about more than just the voice. 

      Sorry but I don’t share your opinion that only Josh or Jess deserve to win. Phillip is just as worthy of the title.

    • Iam a Phillip fan & not a Joshua or Jessica fan at all–but people are not voting for him just because he is cute–he is talented in his own way just like your favorites are–they are not my cup of tea–but I respect them being yours.  Just understand that not everyone has the same taste & AI has never been just about the singing–its more than that–someone has to touch you or move you.  Phillip makes me pay attention.  Lastly I would like to say I know what it is like to watch parents in a hospital with cancer–stay strong…keep your faith & God bless you and your mom.

    • lizard, use some paragraphs, you’ll get read more. God Bless your mom, hope she gets better!

      Don’t sell Phillip so short, post AI he’ll be selling more cds than anyone else this season, yes lots of people prefer that artsy blues folk singing over voice range. Phillip’s voice doesn’t have great range, but it does have raw, fresh character that is very human and it connects.

  81. This was absolutely the right choice.  In fact, Holly should have gone home before Elise or Skylar.

      • Well, it’s just a technicality, do you suppose our ancestors even knew the names of people they threw rocks at? Gives a whole new spin on rocking out at a rock concert.

  82. Unfortunately yes. I’m very glad my favorite singer is still there. GO JOSH!!

  83. will  never come here again.  jessica fans are mean and rude.  i hope she is voted off next week.  she should have left weeks ago.

      • i didn’t say who my favorite was.  i am just reading the posts.  i just don’t get it.  she is not that good.  she has a lot of growing up to do.  hollie was the same.  too young.  it reminds me of those little girls in pagents with stage moms ruling their lives.  not sure that’s happening, but jessica is not that good yet.  she screams and yells, started the season with fake vibrato..seems to have stopped that distracting habit.  she still is just a kid dressing up like an adult.   she will get better…i would say in about 5 years.

      • Rachel… are you deaf mute? Your opinion is in the minority… You don’t know a good singer from a so so singer… I bet you think Philip is the best… In my opinion sounds the same week in week out…boring…

    • I’m also a fan of jess and i agree with you that they are rude. However, keep in mind that we should not blame jess for their actions =). But really, some fans are just too immature and really starting to hurt jess.. (oi mga pnoy cguro un. mtatalo c jess s gnagawa nyo eh. hyaan nyo n ung ibang tao s gusto nla.)

    •  sorry rachel, those bashers are really not jess fans, they’r just here to make jessica look bad (in an effort to remove votes from her)…..and im thinking jessica is not going home til finals….we have just underestimated her fan base…i heard she’s making good internationally, fans from s.e. asia, china, middle east, canada and south america are all pretty geared up for her and the more we hate jessica, the more she climbs up (and yes, they find ways to vote too)!

      • why do foreigners vote for american idol?  i would never vote in another countries contest.  i don’t get it.  so why do we even have an american idol? 

      •  can’t understand it either………either ways, Fox wouldn’t dare admit or deny it…..for one great reason = money. The more AI gets international attention, more pay from advertisers…and they’re also airing AI on countries abroad, and countries pay for airing them, the more AI is popular show, the more countries will buy rights for airing them on their countries..more money then. sorry

  84. The top 3 deserve to win it! Each one has his/her own style and originality. But if we consider musicianship… the winner is Phil Phillips!  Not to mention his good looks… let’s all admit it, he’s a total package! 

      • James spare u all your iggnorance please. You want to rid the world of rednecks, but we just want to rid this site of YOU. Your an immature know it all homophobe Get a life and stop trashing others! Pig

      • Before you correct me my spelling, yes that’s suppose to say, ‘spare US’, but surely you would have figured that out right.


    P2 has never been in the Bottom Group and assuming that he gets eliminated next week (which is not far from happening, considering how unpredictable AI turned out to be in the recent weeks), not only that it would be a MEGA SHOCK BOOT, but it would be a FIRST OF ITS KIND in AI HISTORY! 

    Oh dear, P2 would be the MOST DEVASTATED PERSON…and I would understand!

    Ok, I sure hate the other J, but hey, J&J for The Finale!♥

    • With P2’s 3rd place finish this week, it is likely he may go home next week.

      AI seems to be rooting for a female winner this year.

      • Here we go again, just like last year. They were not in any order, you know, so there is no indication who was in 1st, who was 2nd and who was 3rd with the votes – we only know who was last.

    • I doubt that Phillip would be ‘devastated’ – it is not his style.

      • P2 would actually be better served NOT winning. I’m sure he wants to be a big part of the creative process, and be vocal about what types of songs he wants to sing. The winner will be contractionaly obligated to cut the type of record that THEY see fit. Although I’m sure they will listen to his suggestions, AI ultimately has the control. I think that could possibly create tension between the two, but that’s just an opinion. Also with him being absent from so many commercial shoots and appearances, what’s gonna happen when it’s time to go on tour? I think it’s gonna be interesting to see how it all plays out IF he wins. Guess we’ll find out soon.

    • P2 would likely be releaved as he could get busy with a company making his music and putting out a cd. Now JS…that one…would be devastated, she’s been working for AI since age 3.

  86. amazing top 3: PHILLIP- male… JESSICA- female…JOSHUA-half male/half…they are all amazing..:-)

    • ^^^ Funny!!! Hahaha… Congratulations to Phillip, Jessica, and Joshua. =) God bless and Good luck on your journey to success!

    • I don’t see how you people think stupid comments like that are funny. Are you people like 13 years old or what? Seriously need to chill out with the ignorant little remarks like this, it’s not funny in the least, it just shows the iggnorance and immaturity of the people that say it, and the ones that reply thinking it’s funny. You people need to grow up. Just really pathetic.

  87. No matter how much I abhor Joshua’s Atungal Vocals, I would ♥ to see him and our SureFire Winner Diva Jessica Sanchez in the Finale! At least for excitement purposes! And also for our Diva not to play safe again! Agree, Lambs?

  88. jessica for d win… josh stop screammmmming!!! its irritating to ears… lol

  89. Well, Dialidol is useless now, as it can’t count text or online votes.   However, Joshua was so far behind the others on there, that I thought he would go home, unless they manipulated the results.    When I went to bed at almost midnight, Hollie was in 1st place.  She was 2nd this morning.   Not buying that she had the lowest amount of votes.  That girl has taken an unfair beating from those judges, and Randy won’t stop his mouth until he gets Joshua and Jessica in the final.    I hope Phil wins just to “get” them.   They won’t make a dime on Joshua, and probably not much on Jessica.   Done for this year.  Hubby quit after Colton went home.     Josh is NOT the best they have ever had.   Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert  were worlds better, and still are.    Carrie was better after the show, and so was Jennifer.  Never was wild about Kelly’s voice, but the media loves her, and she performs well.

    • you’re a joke.. first of all clay aiken was crap.. he didnt even sell sht.. obviously you are uneducated and you don’t know what real talent is.

    • Ok. You’re talking like their whole life depends on your opinion. Unless you’re the sun, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

    • you stuck in your belief that hollie is a lot better than those names you mentioned!?
      move on, accept the fact hollie is gone, stop the hate,

      • hate or not. what do people seeing in all the screaming and hollering??? by the way i thought this show is “”AMERICAN”” IDOL

    • Nothing personal or being mean to you, but….
      That would be so not str8, and make Joshua all giddy.

      Oldies, but goodies
      (staring Jess Sanchez as the great Ethel Merman)
      Oklahoma …………………….
      Where the wind goes whipping Josh’s butt

      There’s no business….
      like hoe business,….
      like no business JLO knows

      (Phillip playing the role of Jesus Christ & Joshua as Judas)
      Phillip squared……
      Who are you what and you sacrifice….

      (Joshua as little oral Annie)
      The son ‘ll come out
      Tomorrow So ya gotta be hung
      ’til tomorrow
      Come what g ay

      I Love ya

      You’re always
      A g ay

  90. jush will next to gome …. i hate the way he sing  he always scream…  compare to jessica sanchez she sings like a proffesional singer she knows how to control her voice …EFFORTLESS…..I THINk JUSH SINGS like an allien!  i think philip and jessica will be on the finale….go girl!!!

  91. “But like a new disease, Lord, she’s still too young to treat.”-Phillip singing to Jessica.

  92.  What a nice performance….go jessica go…you deserve to win…we love you,we will support you till the end!

  93. I am very sad to see Hollie go, I loved her pure voice and serious approach to the competition while keeping her humility even while the judges at times were simply negative.  She kept her positive attitude and learned. She is so beautiful, as well.

  94. Probably the most predictable elimination this season. No surprise, it is a given. Even Hollie saw this one coming. If only she hadn’t picked I Can’t Make You Love Me, she may have a chance to be in the Top 3.

    Hollie is one of my early favorites, I gave up liking her after Top 10 performance but came back liking her again during  Top 7 week 2.  The main problem with her is that, compared to the other three left and some of the other contestants sent home, she mostly sing her songs without emotion and compassion. It’s like she picked the song then sing it. No time to immerse herself in the lyrics and feeling the song.

    Her studio recordings were nice, but her live singing is very lacking in terms of emotion! I still wished she was eliminated after that Honesty performance on Top 10 or that Flashdance performance in Top 8 (total train-wreck). Sure, she has a good voice but she seriously needs to work on giving out emotion and feeling the song she is singing if she really is going to pursue a career in singing in the future. A true singer has to sound good in studio recordings but has to sound better singing live!

    Hope to see an improvement during the Idol Summer Tour. For now, Goodbye Hollie! I had a roller-coaster ride supporting you 🙂

  95. Go JOSUAH.  There is no one near his maturity and ability to handle the ultimate prize..a recording contract.  Jessica is great but is still too youn got handle the pressure that would bring

  96. Phillip Phillips is by far my favorite! I believe win or not he will be on the radio and we will be downloading his work.

  97. Jessica is in the best position to break the winning streak of MALE Idol winners!
    Lets all rally behind Jessica!
    This is a one great opportunity
    Season 11 is blessed to have an amazing vocal power as Jessica  
    we might not see someone like her next season
    Go for Girl Power this time

  98. Now that Hollie’s high school-grade songs are gone, the real competition begins. Now anyone can win this. Finally. 

  99. If it comes down to Jess & Phillip…..I won’t vote as they are both are worthy.
    Congrats to them all.

    • Oh Hell No! James they are not both worthy. There is good and better. TIme to get the ears checked with a tuning fork. Boi!

  100. good by american idol. i am done with you. i have been seeing for serveal weeks who you are going to LET WIN.  this show needs a major make over for it to make it another season…

    • Don’t let the door hit you in the behind on the way out. Go back to your William Huang CD.. she bangs she bangs.. Holly didnt win so get over it. Pia didnt win last year and she was awesome and better than Jessica.

  101. I listening to my AI downloads, multiple seasons, and just finished Crystal Bowersox-“Black Velvet”, searched for a Jess version on YT, but no find 🙁
    Sure wished Jess would do it!

  102. Yes I am satisfied to the vote results for the top 4 regardless of who is gonna going home……Way to go guys!  Good luck Jessica, Joshua and Phillips

  103. So 70,000,000 this week….it just seems suspicious. We are voting for less and less people, (I always vote for multiple people, I guess I’m the only one), if the votes are being capped at 50 each method…how is the number going up so much?

    Ok, “the crazy” Jess fans, don’t tell me you are going out and buying more phones each week….lol.

    But really…something is really don the down low with votes this year…they are more crooked than an election in Chicago.

      • James has one follower, leave him alone.. His posts are quite entertaining.

    • It’s the voting system. You can vote as many times as you want. There is no ip check. login from multiple emails and vote an unlimited number. NExt season I am hiring a village or two to vote for my candidates.

  104. jessica should have a dance workshop.. it can help her to change her awkward movement when she sing some upbeat songs.. agree???

    • Amen! She wore out 14 karokee machines and never bothered to learn a dance move.

  105. Dude listen to yourself. Yes, we are voting for less and less contestants, which explains that people have much less variety of idols to choose from. Before, we have 3 or more favorites but then again as the competition gets closer to the finale, the fewer contestants remain giving us the opportunity to vote for our favorites left more accurate at multiple times. The numbers are going up so much because of the same reason. We all vote for our one favorite left. Also, it is possible that more votes are really coming in since I believe that some viewers only tends to watch the show after the top 5 or top 3 cut has been announced since all the remaining contestants are supposedly the best of the season so the voters kick it up a notch to really have their faves stay until the finals. And, you don’t gotta believe all they say about the sky-rocketing 70 million votes, sometimes Ryan only says that to uphold the name of the show, being able to earn that huge amount of votes is completely saying probably the same estimated amount of viewers. In theory, its all just for the press and media. It a TV show anyway.

    •  I always vote for max I can each week…so my total votes keep going down as number of contestants go down. But I understand what you are say and agree with you, particularly about some viewers only tuning in at the end, and ratings back that up somewhat. But I still say this has been an abnormal voting year. Voting doesn’t really matter as they say on the website they will adjust votes as they determined to be necessary.

  106. Joshua Ledet – – – singer who screams so loud
    PP – – – singer who cannot hit high notes
    Jessica – – – singer who can sing any songs

    So it’s pretty obvious that Jessica has the right to win the competition…

    •  Isn’t Japsy…kind of a racist name…like Jap?

      Any of them can sing any song…so

      There is much more to AI than being able to hit high notes and Jess has limitations of what she can do too….there is nothing obvious, at this point it is about personal preferences.

      • Hi James… Say what you want to say and i don’t really care… Jessica is the winner and the best singer… if you dont like her, well then its ok… believe me jessica will win the competition.

  107. The following thoughts are strictly a discussion of logical strategy for the Jess fans to consider. If you want Jess to win….you must eliminate Joshua before Phillip leaves.

    This is why. If Phillip leaves next, his votes will likely drop out or the remaining will get split about evenly between Jess and Joshua (Phillip fans tend to be split for their second choice, some like Jess, some like Joshua). So no gain for Joshua or Jess. However, if Joshua leaves first, overwhelmingly, his fans like Jess and will more than likely vote for her instead of Phillip. Jess would win over Phillip rather easily in this case by gaining most of Joshua’s fans. There is another possible way this could work, but since I favor Jess or Joshua, I’m not going to explain it.

    Bottom line, Jess getting rid of Phillip improves her chances for the resulting Jess vs Phillip. A Jess vs Joshua offers no gains for Jessica.

    Joshua needs to go next. Jess fans continue to vote for Jess+a lesser amount for Phillip….you get rid of Joshua and increase her odds of beating Phillip.

    Phillip is really kind of screwed, no way for him to gain by getting rid of Jesss or Joshua first, about the same effect either way. However, he might get more of Hollies fans than anyone else…who knows.

    Good strategy is always what wins in the end!!

    • nice try…
      but we all know that phillips has a fan base also…if jess battle off with the WGWG aka Phillips, well most likely history will repeat itself .there’s a big probability of Phillips winning this season.
      i would rather see a Jessica and Joshua finale since they’re both good singers/belters, and such close fight would determine who is greatly great between the two.

      i would rather see Jess win AI this year over Phillips if the scenario is a boy-girl finale.
      i would rather see Phillips win AI this year over Joshua if both the finale will have both boys.

    • You obviously don’t want Phillip to win. Unfortunately, idol history dictates that a WGWG contestant will win again, and again, and again, and again. Idol history beats good strategy every time.

  108. Jessica should have gone…. boring…..  would never win in the UK !

  109. Philip and Jessica in final. Voters will choice this week which big voice goes against Philip. My bet is a girl boy final so Jessica should beat him out.
    If the judges decide they wan a big belter showdown they made screw PP like they did  Hollie. I don’t trust the Dawg

    • Don’t be a dwag hater! RJ rocks!

      And don’t forget the duet Jessica did it was terrible this week. She was 1/3. P2 was consistenly better as was Joshua.

  110. please remember this is  a singing competition and the best singer should win.  There are two who fit this category–Joshua and Jessica.  Phillip does not have range or showmanship.  If they are going to make it in show business they need to be an entertainer and not just sit with a guitar and sing.  Jessica has the pipes but is too young and really will need alot of work to make her an entertainer.  She will have a terrific career in a couple of years.  By far the best singer/entertainer is Joshua and he has proved he can sing any type of music.

  111. Jessica is in the best position to break the winning streak of MALE Idol winners!
    Lets all rally behind Jessica!
    This is a one great opportunity
    Season 11 is blessed to have an amazing vocal power as Jessica   
    we might not see someone like her next season
    Go for Girl Power this time

  112. majority of christian vote/colton fans vote will go to JOSHUA
    most of east coast vote is divided between JOSHUA or PHILLIP
    lots of west coast vote will cling to JESSICA
    teens vote goes to PHILLIP
    girls vote majority to PHILLIP, some for JESSICA and JOSHUA

  113. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more.  Disliking Jessica does not make someone deaf, or mean they don’t know what a good singer is, don’t know music, etc.  I am highly trained in music.  I strongly dislike her.  Jimmy was right last night (finally.)  She’s got one trick.  Stand up, look awkward, growl and yell so much it makes MY throat hurt, and get praised like she just ended world hunger.  Some people may like her kind of screaming and growling, but not me.  Doesn’t mean I’m dumb or deaf or anything else.

      •  Search in youtube the original version of And I am Telling you by Jennifer Holliday in the 1982 play Dreamgirls and see for yourself if there were screaming and growling.

    • I agree…..she was growling so much on that Joe Cocker tune (You are so Beautiful) that I had to turn the TV down.   I guess all of the recording artists and studio execs are all fools and you are the the true musical genius.  (Dance with my Father, Love you, I Do and that Whitney Houston tune  were also a total screamfests too, rigth?)

  114. To reply to Perplexed :    The rare talents of Jessica not only will not come next year, it will come only once in a decade.    She did not show up until the 11th season.   Same as the other past winners such as Kelly, Carrie, Hudson, Adam and others………  I believe they come only once in a decade, or once in a blue moon. 

    I believe this year’s talents are superb and unbelievable.    All the top 12 are very super talented contestants.   I can’t wait until they ALL come back at the final show to perform.   Can’t wait !!!!!   Falalalala…..

  115. You all are so great . But Philip Philips is my absolute favorite. He makes every song sound so great.

  116. They are all good but unfortunately one has to go , may the better one win.

  117. In my opinion:
    Every singer or idols has  their way of singing that attracts an audience to vote for her/him. If an idol can sing by adding growling or yelling  to the music that they sing and still the audience or voters like it, I think that’s fine. And if an Idol can sing without growling/yelling and still attracts audience to vote for that Idol, that’s fine too. But in my observation on season 11, all Idols  that sing without growling yelling  in their song are gone and eliminated. All that growls and yell are still in the competition. Better to growl and yell to win. LoL!!!

    • If
      you have Magic Jack or NetTalk phones in Pinas, you can vote for Jessica by
      dialing the toll free number that will be assigned to her after the American
      Idol show. Check the American Idol website or Jessica Sanchez facebook
      to find out the toll
      free number she got for that episode. You have 2 chances to vote: 10am-12noon
      and 1pm-3pm on Thursday Manila time. If you get busy tone (try at least twice to
      be sure) on the first time slot, that means your Magic Jack or NetTalk phone has
      a West Coast number, so trying dialing on the second time slot (1-3pm). You can
      vote as many times as you want via dial method. If you get a busy tone, it means
      the voting is closed.

  118.  Think phillip phillips is an interesting origonal singer and performer, its not always about who can sing the best power ballad and shouldnt be, l dont dispute that jennifer, josh, hollie, and others can power sing covers better than phillip, you need more than that or we could just pick people from the top choirs, and churn out cds of popular ballads, phillip doesnt go for the popular people pleasing ballads, but does his own thing in an interesting way, he,s also very appealing and has charisma, and will be innovative, so hope he wins, but good luck to all, all better than many previous winners.

  119. NO! The results are not right. America goofed again. The top 3 should have been #1-Jessica, #2-Holly,- #3-Joshua. Philip should have been gone several weeks ago. It is a shame that tweens vote for a face instead of a good voice. Her talent is beautiful. She has a wonderful singing voice. She will be one of the most popular idols, just like Carrie Underwood, or Kelly Clarkson. I will buy her CD when it comes out. I have been listening to all her songs on utube and I could listen to her singing, all day long. She has a beautiful, mature voice. She can hit those high notes too. Philip is a one-trick pony. He will not be as popular as Holly. Let’s see how many CD’s he sells.  

    • AMEN!!! I’ve been saying that all along on my FB page & other sites. I’m sick to death of the “Tweens” voting 4 who they think is the cutest & not the most talented. I’ve watched it for years now & tonite, it’s down to Jessica & Phillip!!! SHOCK! Like u sed, he shudda been gone weeks ago. He’s pitchy, has no range, can’t stay in tune & can’t even begin to hit the notes that Jessica, Joshua, Hollie, and Skylar can!!! But guess who’s gonna win. The face. That’s what’s winning & I’m sick of it. I’ve watched this show since it started but sad to say, this’ll b my last year of watching. I wonder what wud’ve happened if Simon was still a judge?! Hmmm…..!!

  120. What’s the point in you guys bashing each other here? You chose your idol because their style suits your taste. Then the least you can do is vote for your idol and stop wasting time in bashing each other. Taste is subjective.

  121. be happy for people that is trying to do something with their life and STOP HATEING because it’s not you.  LOL 

  122. omg people r making such a big deal about hollie going home and everything big deal she went home she was only going to go home anyways…the others girl jessica is gonna go home next probably or phillip

  123. All the remaining finalists are so good….this is gonna be a nailbitter to the end. Goodluck to all the finalists!

  124. The judges favorite booted off! hahahahaha maybe next time they won’t be giving a standing ovation every single time their “favorite” sings AND making it clearly obvious who they want to win by giving unfair criticism to the other singers. Joshua has an awesome voice and will do very well despite being in 3rd place. But the  judges didn’t help him AT ALL. Time to get more judges like Jimmy Iovine who calls it fairly and more importantly, knows what the heck he is talking about.   My two cents…………….

  125. quiero enviar una felicitación a todo los participantes de american idol… todos son espectaculares, pienso que todos han hecho un buen trabajo, los últimos finalistas verdaderos cantantes… mi voto para Phillip, considero que es un cantante único, su estilo autentico creo se merece ganar como todos los demás participantes… pero es un concurso y alguien tiene que triunfar… 

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