American Idol 2012 Top 4 Results Show Recap: Who Went Home?

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 4 turned into the Top 3 at the end of the live results show.

That means the three people who will be heading to their hometown celebrations next week are probably pretty excited right now. That fourth person, not so much. Of course they still get to go home, but it won’t be for the same reasons.

At the start of the shows we see a group of people standing on the stage surrounding a red carpet. Hmm. What’s this for, I thought. The Top 4 comes out and performs “California Dreamin'” up and down the carpet then we get a commercial. And that’s the last of the red carpet. And no mention of what it was even for. Weird.

Following the Ford music video, we get to the results. Or so we think. Ryan pulls Phillip Phillip to the center of the stage and following the recap from the night before and Jimmy Iovine’s thoughts, Ryan tells Phillip to return to the couches. Bad wording, Ryan. Phillip thought it meant he was safe and even hugged Ryan. Ryan then points out that those are not the results. Phillip is just going back to the couch to wait because they’re building the Top 3 instead of the Bottom 2.

Hollie Cavanagh is called up next and the same thing happens. She’s sent to the couch.

After the break we get a performance from Season 7 winner David Cook and then another commercial break. Then more results and more Seacrest fake outs. Joshua Ledet’s night is recapped and he is sent back to the couch. Repeat the same thing with Jessica Sanchez.

At this point I’m about to fall asleep, but decide to stay up to watch Jennifer Lopez lip sync her song that was clearly previously recorded.

And finally, we get to the real results. And even though they’re building the Top 3 this week, nothing is said that it’s being done in order. So the only thing we can be sure of this week is who was on the very bottom of the votes. Ryan has the four of them on the stage and sends Jessica to safety. And then Joshua. So that means it’s Hollie or Phillip who got the least amount of votes. And in old-school Seacrest fashion, he goes to a commercial break.

Following the break, Ryan sends Phillip to safety and Hollie gets to listen to Scotty McCreery’s terrible farewell song. So no surprises this week. And while I’m about 100 percent sure most of the people watching (especially Jessica fans) think the Top 3 was assembled in order of votes. But American Idol NEVER reveals that kind of stuff. No one knows who got the most votes this week.

What do you think of the American Idol 2012 Top 3?




  1. Jessica Sanchez FTW!!! We haven’t had a female winner in ages and it’s time for a change.  If another guy wins, Idol’s ratings are bound to drop even more. Like if u agree!! :))

    • I been saying this for a few years. Idol needs to change there voting rules to many teeny bopper girls voting for the guys the girls don’t have a chance. Its really turned into a cute guy competition not a singing competition and its getting real boring…because of it.

      • OMG..I keep telling you people, it isn’t all teenage girls voting for Phillip! It’s people who want a relevant artist! Phillip is definitely the one for the cool crowd! Party on my fellow posters!

      • Phillip is awesome. Out of the three I like his voice the best. He is also humble and I like the fact he stays true to himself.

      •  So not being mean…but Joshua is not a cute boy, but he is a boi, so is it the not str8 community voting for him or sexually confused teeny bopper girls. It’s easy to dismiss a contestants appeal problem to an age group by calling them teen boppers.

        You have no idea who the fan base of Phillip is…cause in that fan base young girls are the minority…its more like adults who like cool music.

        Maybe if the young girl contestants would quit trying to be late 20 year old Beyonce, they could connect and relate to the teeny bopper girls…it work for Hanna Montana for a long time.

        Don’t blame WGWG they have always been around, I suppose you would ban Elvis or the Beatles. You know nothing about the music biz.

      •  If they would have voted like you said, the top 3 would be Colton, Deandre and Phillip.

    • a guy is going too win i bet on it cause jessica isn’t better  then joshua 

      • joshua is a good singer but he screams a lot sorry…Jessica is the better singer

      • Well, we’re stronger and bigger than Joshua’s fans… Well, may the best woman win! lol

      • I hope Joshua wins he really is the best singer. Phillip P. is not a good singer. He should have went home.

      • Really kind of ironic that you Jess fans want to constantly say Joshua ‘screams’, when Jessica does the exact same thing in her songs. Both her songs wed night were way over the top, especially her 2nd, full of big runs and a lot of hollering and screaming (well that’s what y’all would say if it wa Josh). So when Josh does all his vocal gymnastics, added runs and belts big notes, it’s ‘screaming’, but when Jessica does it, it’s just so amazingly beautiful huh. Whatever, if Josh screams, then Jessica screams, Period! Bunch of hypocrites Some of you people got your heads so far up jessica’s you know what, that y’all are oblivious to the truth. I like Jessica, but my God some of you are just awful fans.

    • Jessica FTW, but be careful… I find your statement cocky when you said “your are not going home”. Always be humble which I love about you!

    • Why should she win if people like Phillip or Joshua better all because she is a girl? I doubt people will stop watching. I myself will vote for Phillip he is the one that will sell the most records and I love his voice.

      • Phil Phillips & Skylar Laine will sell more music that all of the other contestants combined. Jessica is good just not much stage presence. 


    • Just remember people! How we put Jazmine Trias on Top 3,…. What more now that the world is wide awake by her talent?….. Remember that Jessicas Fans is passionate to support,…. U dont know us how we rock the votes,…. Now that the entire world is aiming for her to win. I can foresee that she is winning this season.

    • so sorry you lost all your favorite already but I am sure they will have a bright future.

      • To all of Hollie’s fan.  Hollie was my second favorite and was hoping she would be in the finals.  But it didn’t work out that way but I am sure that she will move on and do great things so don’t worry.    I am with  you on this but at least I still have one left in the competition.

    • i feel ppl are getting so childish. this is a competition. last yr, i loved pia toscano. but when she was eliminated, did i childishly throw tantrums ? No. we must all accept disappointments and move on….wake up…ex fan

      • You nailed it. I don’t understand why these people behave as if their world revolves around their eliminated idol and others are just crap. If I’m Hollie (or other eliminees), i’ll be very scared if I get fans who behave like I’m their universe.

      • All these posts are making it a girl versus guy thing. Jessica is 16 and still needs to grow. Phillip and Joshua have better record appeal. Jessica will have a career in the industry but needs to focus on school. Jessica yells alot too btw. She would be a good edition to a teen show like Victorious. Not interested in a Jessica album. Too many teen age girl singers we need more soul.

    • good bye ex-fan better for your name this is a conversation, mean exchanging comments. getting everyones idea I your  the out of this conversation so get out of here 

    • Adios mi Patria Adorada!! like it’s the end of the world, muahahahahahahaha! 

  2. haha. (NEVER in order).
    LOVE IT or HATE it, team Jessica all the way to the finale! regardless whether it’s josh or p2 with her, jessica will WIN this season. We’re CLAIMING it. Peace!

      • hey matt, i just thought that statement is biased and shady. branden shudn’t mentioned it at all. the ‘never reveal what the order was’ was never stressed until Phillips bottom 2 visit. (or if so mentioned, it was fully stressed on this one, targeting the so-called Jessica fans) it appears to me that Branden is justifying Phillips bottom 2 spot. im questioning Branden because its not fair to frequent bottom 3 or 2 visitors especially Hollie. When Hollie seem to be escaping elimination, we never hear him state that. Just now when P2 was bottom 2. Poor Hollie. Who cares if Jessica got sent to thecouch first. whats important is 3 talents survive. they will live to fiight another round.

        Branden, you obviously love P2’s artistry, originality and same old thing kinda thing, but man give us fair report. The songreviews you do are ‘fair enough’ for you to review each performance (like it or not is defo fair enough), but pulling P2 up and pushing the others down on a ‘meant to be straight forward’ review of elimination night is ridic.

        yes, i am accusing you of favoritism to P2 and irresponsible reviewing. I love P2 too and so is Hollie dont you worry bout that.

      • hey matt, i just thought that statement is biased and shady. branden shudn’t mentioned it at all. the ‘never reveal what the order was’ was never stressed until Phillips bottom 2 visit. (or if so mentioned, it was fully stressed on this one, targeting the so-called Jessica fans) it appears to me that Branden is justifying Phillips bottom 2 spot. im questioning Branden because its not fair to frequent bottom 3 or 2 visitors especially Hollie. When Hollie seem to be escaping elimination, we never hear him state that. Just now when P2 was bottom 2. Poor Hollie. Who cares if Jessica got sent to thecouch first. whats important is 3 talents survive. they will live to fiight another round.

        Branden, you obviously love P2’s artistry, originality and same old thing kinda thing, but man give us fair report. The songreviews you do are ‘fair enough’ for you to review each performance (like it or not is defo fair enough), but pulling P2 up and pushing the others down on a ‘meant to be straight forward’ review of elimination night is ridic.

        yes, i am accusing you of favoritism to P2 and irresponsible reviewing. I love P2 too and so is Hollie dont you worry bout that.

      • Last year they made it look like Scotty was in the bottom two because they made him wait until the end but he never was. It just kept us (his fans) on the edge of our chairs. I think they went in song order last night the reversed it as they sent them to their seat  and kept us Phillip fans on the edge of our chairs.

      • @d0c8714a8241761cbcb6190821bb274d:disqus Sorry, Julia, but that wasn’t a Bottom 2. Branden is trying to explain for readers that we don’t know which two singers were the Bottom 2. Gail correctly notes below that they’ve done this before. When it’s a “Bottom 2” or “Bottom 3” they make a big deal of it on the show. This time around Ryan specifically said they weren’t doing that.

        As far as “irresponsible reviewing” I think you’ve confused this site with an objective media outlet. This is a fan site. Fans, like you, have opinions. There’s no reason to expect us not to have opinions as well.

        But again, Branden was correct with his statement in a very objective manner. There was no “Bottom” grouping this week. You may be offended because it didn’t play to your preference.

      • amen to that, the 3 are all exceptionally good…in their own way and style of singing.

      •  i think u r the hooker dulce….just shot up your mouth if you have no good things to say. Just accept the fact that  Jessica has lots of followers in America…so shot up DULCE HOOKER…..

      • why do you say that, can you explain maybe you dont know what hooker means

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      • nanay means mother and cubeta or ‘kubeta’ means the toilet room . both are Filipino terms. I’m just saying.

      • dulce get lost. you dont deserve to be in this kind of conversation are the stupid here, see? no one likes you here,…what a stupid comment..

      • Siguradong Pinoy ito with a trash mouth!! even a hooker deserves to live and it’s non of your business….Thinkers are the doers!! 

      • who do u think u are?  ur stupid, ill mannered dulce…was that the trait ur parents taught you…u dont know jessica in person and u have the guts to say that….maybe u are the real hooker….

    • And while I’m about 100 percent sure most of the people watching (especially Jessica fans) think theTop 3 was assembled in order of votes. But American Idol NEVER reveals that kind of stuff. No one knows who got the most votes this week….Branden is really bitter…Deal with it Branden!!! I guess the Jesicca got 52% of the 70 million votes!!!

  3. I have officially stopped watching Idol tonight.  Hollie was the best singer left and the judges were mean to her.  I cancelled my future DVR recordings and will not tune in for the rest of the season.  

    • hollie seems nice and she has a good voice. but her performance last tuesday, admit it or not, was just terrible. the songs were just too big for her.

      • She did well on Journey’s Faithfully. Although she lacked emotional connection to Bonnie Raitt’s I can’t make you Love Me. 

      • Hollie doesn’t know how to give terrible performances – she has a beautiful voice and is very easy on the eyes.  Clearly, some of her song choices have been better than others (but I could say that about any of the contestants).

      • Her performance was not really good that night which justifies her elimination.

    • I’m really sorry to hear that but I know Hollie will do well in the future,  I am sure that somebody will sign her up–i think she can even make it as a movie star–she is cute. 

      • who cares, have life thetruth, stop posting nobody likes your post….

    • You are sounding like a spoiled child. They’re all good…someone has to go home.  They were never mean to her…I honestly think they were trying to “help” her win in the beginning.  Remember, it is a reality show and it makes many young people famous.

      • I think they were always pushing Jessica over Hollie.  Comments made after the fact and in public aren’t helpful.  If they want to help her, talk to her privately or shoot her an e-mail.  After working hard all week and delivering a performance, let the performer enjoy the applause.  Why not let judges give comments on the RESULTS night so as not to unduly influence impressionable young voters?

    • Yr choice. To you Hollie may be the best singer, however, with due respect to you, Jessica and Joshua have better vocals. Sorry that u cancelled yr recordings…which I feel is kind of childish reaction

      • Once her favorite is gone, if there is no one else she wants to support, why watch the show?  Now, if there’s someone else she wants to get behind now, that’s a different story.  Jessica doesn’t belong there, period.  Colton and Skylar and Hollie and Elise aren’t getting to be voted off twice.  So, it’s not fair to give Jessica two vote-offs.  Fair is fari.  I call it like I see it.  That doesn’t mean Jessica doesn’t have a nice voice.  It’s just unethical to give someone an unfair advantage over the others.

      • here come the two cats again.. lol but i think, you’re stronger than your rival!! lol

    • This is Mr Fox, from the Fox network. Please Hollie fan, I am begging you … You can not quit watching the show. If you do, we might as well bag the rest of the season and stop everything because “Hollie fan” is no longer interested and stopped watching. Please reconsider,  as American Idol will just not be the same without you.

    • you got that right she got screwed big time she was better then the others 100%

      • I bet you were a William Huang fan all the way! Hollie is not yet a world class act. She is a diamond in the rough and needs refinement. I liked Holly and a top 4 finish after not making it last year is awesome and a true testament to hard work and determination. She didnt get screwed she got a 4th place finish. I am tired of every kid getting a trophy or having some entitlement. There are good and there are better. Get over it. 

    •  If you think Hollie was the best this season maybe you need a hearing test! People with bad hearing are why we have celebrities like Lady Gaga and Bieber!

    •  Hollie is the best singer…your kidding…clean ur ear…..I guess u sing like her pitcy….waaaaaaaa

    •  I dont if she can sing what Jessica sung……i guess its not….all fans of Hollie just accept it…you keep on putting bad messages towards Jessica, but people are intellegent…People know that Jessica is not what they think….

    • do you think we care if you stop watching AI? who cares , do you think AI will not have their season 13 next year even you stop recording it? Go ahead and follow Hollie when she go back to her hometown..WHO CAREs, bitter Holliefan…..

  4. The top 3 deserve to be there right now.  It’s going to be a male and female at the finale.  Otherwise show is over.  Jessica FTW all the way.  You got our support and keeps stronger and stronger. 

    We all wish the best for Hollie.  She did great on this competition. 

    Jessica, home town visit!!!!  Here we come…..  We ill be there for sure!!!!!


  5. Jessica Sanchez will be going home to Chula Vista, California.
    Joshua Ledet will be going home to Westlake, Louisiana.
    Phillip Phillips will be going home to Leesburg, Georgia.
    Their hometown fans will be honoring them for making this season’s top 3. There will be parades, celebrations, and enthusiastic out-pourings of love and support.
    But there is no joy in McKinney, Texas tonight. The little blond with the big voice is coming home after being eliminated from this season’s competition. But the sadness will be short-lived. Hollie’s baby blue eyes and endearing smile will grace many CD covers in years to come. She has proved that she has the vocals to become a relevant recording artist in today’s market. The right producers choosing the right songs could well transform Hollie Cavanaugh into a multiple Grammy winner.  Yes, she’s that good!

    • Jimmie Iovine failed as a mentor when he didn’t make sure that Hollie understood the need to make an emotional connection to Bonnie Raitt’s iconic hit “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. Even J Lo understood how powerful that song could have been if Hollie had interpreted the “You” to be American Idol fans. I hope that Idol producers choose to let Hollie perform this song on the Idol Tour. But my guess is that she will be doing the Miley Cyrus Disney-style “The Climb” to show that her Idol journey has been difficult but rewarding.

      • Replace him as mentor then. You must have a doctorate degree in music that you know better.

      • Yes, she didn’t get very good mentoring, imho.   The judges giving comments after the fact doesn’t help much, either.  Why don’t they go to the rehearsals and make comments BEFORE the people perform?  Wouldn’t that make more sense? 

        The bottom line girl is that the girl can sing quite naturally, and she’s beautiful and sweet as a bonus.  Somebody dropped the ball, and I certainly don’t think it was Hollie.

      •  refrain from blaming people for someone’s failure. oh sorry “failure” is a strong word. Hollie having reached the top 4 is no failure. She has all the reason to celebrate as well.

      • Seriously?

        Jimmy has worked with the best. He is qualified and did his best with what he was given. Get over it.

    • Even a not-so-good singer can win a Grammy given the right song and a right record deal.

      • Correct!!! I applaud you!! You’re not referring to jessica, are you? 

      • Tell that to Akon who already wants to sign her up. And if you just watched tonight’s Idol, you have heard Tommy Mottola’s comment, unless you’re busy with your wallowing in your self-indicted misery.

      • Shame on you. We understand  the grief of a loser like you Leona dear.

    •  What are you people listening to?? Hollie will be lucky to get a television commercial! She is the most emotionless singer I have ever seen!

      • Keep it to yourself…she’s voted out, pls give some encouragement….

    • What are you smoking? Hollie was pitchy all the time. Pia Toscano was better than her last season and also elininated. Get over it. WHy don’t you erect a statue of Holly in your basement and light some candles and sing along with her on youtube. I think you need to find true religion. OMG. And you are borderline stalker material.

    • HELL YA !! would be boring otherwise.. battle of the POWER voices, will be insane

      • Yes its insane for you, coz u will be crazy in hating these contestants….. Lols…. See ur getting uglier than usual.

  6. Overall the show was pretty boring. Was able to skip the Lopez spot so at least that made the show a bit more bearable. The highlight of the show was the strawberries and rhubard that I had for dessert. Did appreciate the way Hollie handled herself after elimination. Don’t like the music she sings, but thought she improved more than anyone else during the competition. She has so much more composure now, and although still lacking in experience,   she’s still young.


    • First, the race war. Now, gender war. Grow up. Voters vote who they want and not because they belong to a certain ethnicity and/or gender.

    • It would be totally unfair to give votes to someone who has already been voted off the show.  The showdown should now be between Joshua and Phillip.  Sorry.

      • Yes mr. Director-Producer! What don’t you run your own show?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can’t blame them…they’re all constipated and putting all the blame to jessica…. 

  8. You can see intelligent voting now, seeing who really have the talent and the distinction. I like to see Jessica in a Battle Royal pitted against Joshua, it would really be spectacular. On the other hand, I think Philips in his own way is real good and no qualms if he wins. I am for Jessica, but whoever wins among the three will be applauded..Kudos to the three AI Finalists!

  9. As far as I’m concerned, all top 10 Idols are winners…can’t wait to see them on tour…what a blast!

  10. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to watch the rest of this season. Not at all happy with the top 3. Maybe next year will be better. I guess I hope jessica wind for the sake of a female winning this year but frankly I think she’s a wannabe anyhow and probably won’t go very far with her fake sound and copy cat moves. She acts and sounds just like tina turner, whitney houston, and mariah carey. Where’s the originality? Such a shame.

    • Just like Tina, Whitney and Mariah, whew! All great female singers with distinction! Just like huh….

      • I meant it more as she sounds like the three of them put together. I’m more or less annoyed that last week when she sang proud mary it was supposed to be songs of the 60’s. Well it was like she looked at the tina turner version music video and completely copied it. Moves and all. Therefore in my opinion she lacks her own originality. I find that frustrating.

      • To Htaylormk… That’s the only way she could have best performed it because her music genre is close to soul music… Imagine jessica  singin’ that song out of her style…. I guess you’re not inclined to black music…and your reason is very shallow!! 

      • To Htaylormk: have you stopped listening to your Julie Andrews CD lately?Do re mi fa sol la ti do! 

      • To Htaylormk: Do ti la sol fa mi re do….do  a deer a female deer… are you?

    • I feel sorry for you cos you claim Jessica to be a wannabe where as most singers are influenced by other artists. If you didn’t know creative arts is all about the projection if not enhancement of a produced product. What you lack is the education in the creative arts so you can’t justify that Jessica is a wannabe without calling all the other superstar “artists” wannabes. Idol is just the beginning of a prominent future for Jessica and she will only rise from that.

      • These people  are so simple minded….. They’re choice of food are limited to pizza! lol…. 

    • The singers you just mentioned were, once in their beginner’s life as a professional singers, have been compared to older greats and have been accused of as a rip-off and will nowhere to go. And now you’re calling them original.

    • Those are some pretty big names you are comparing Jessica to. Was that meant as a compliment or a insult?

  11. you’re annoying. just plain annoying. but i really feel sad for you, you’re favorites, Elise and Hollie, were sent home. too bad, huh? (i dont hate Elise, and I actually like Hollie.. but I definitely don’t like the side comments for your not so favorites AI contestants).. just sayin.

  12. These 3 judges are so Joshua biased that it’s kind of boring hearing them waxing lyricals of his performances. They all represent Fox who’s sole objective is to maintain ratings unlike Simon Cowell who also represented the recording company and all he is interested is in the marketability of the winner who must make it to the next level by selling $$$ of record sales. Bring back Cowell I say who is more objective than these 3 dunces!

    • If you don’t like Josh then vote for the one you like and show them who’s boss. It’s just that simple.

      • You sure know how to throw yr words and advice around, yet you cannot take in yr own advice. You can tell ppl to vote for the one they like, yet you criticize Jessica all the way. …shame on you

      • @4de139fc9f5e7dd604b2f8264f4ab368:disqus  I’m beginning to think that you’re a fantard. Please point out a comment I made that puts down Jessica.

    •  Josh is a good singer but he’s not a great one as has been praised by the judges week after week .   Joshua’s screaming and screeching makes me a good singer for the church but not for the concert , but I like to see him in the finale to compete against either Jessica or P2 .
      I believe that one of the guys will be voted off next week, and that will be Joshua .
      From the way judges highly praised makes me think that the producer for some reason wants Joshua to be in the finale, and to be American Idol this season .

      • So many musical experts. So I guess all the praises from Jimmie and all the guest mentors were unwarranted as well then? Do you think that just maybe Joshua gas deserved high praise based on what he has done on the show? For some reason I don’t think that all the musical EXPERTS that have been on the show, would rave about someone, and how they couldn’t wait to start working on a record, if they thought they were bad ‘screeching’ ‘screamers’! The judges have given high praise to ALL of the contestants, not just Josh. But I guess you know a lot more about music than every expert on the show, and the millions of people that are supporting and voting for him… No I think not

  13. they are entitled to be in that position…. the TOP 3 … NOW THE REAL BATTLE begins next week.. excited to see them singing and fighting who will be on the finale

  14. Hey admin why do you need to emphasize ‘especially Jessica Fans’? I know this is your blog, but….. k.

    •  LOL, because that’s how her fans are. We are not blind honey. Branden is absolutely on the spot.

    • He is in the doctor’s office trying to make it to his journey on Idol ends and he can have the extensive surgery he needs to travel on the Idol Tour.

    • He thinks it’a too corny, and is embarassed. He doesn’t make the effort to show that he wants to be a part of the commercials and other appersamces. Sick or nor sick, he’s not doing the things that AI is requiring of him , and it’s gonna be a big ole mess for the tour and cutting his record( their way if he wins, cause he would be contractionally obligated to do it how AI wants to do it) ….so I I don’t see the relationship between AI and Phillip as a match made in heaven. I think there is gonna be major battles over the tour, and Phillip trying to skip out on some, and also how much say so Phillip will be given while cutting his record. Fonna be interesting I think.

  15. Its not about boys or girls but who is the whole package and I believe the guys have more to ofter when it comes to the whole package. There is only so much ballads you can listen to. Bring on the different sounds of Philip Phillips and the excitement of Joshua. Boy power 2012

  16. Is everyone forgetting Jessica already got voted off once? Sure she was saved but for me that doesn’t matter because America already got rid of her and if she wins it will be a travesty to a show which America is supposed to have complete control over…Just Saying

    •  I don’t forget. But the ranking is up and down if past Idol is any indication. Look at Katharine McPhee, she was in bottom 2 as early as top 11, finishing as runners up and now starring in “Smash”. Chris Daughtry was in bottom 2 during top 10 I think, look where he is now. So you never know.

    • Then blame AI for coming up with a “Save” and blame the judges for using it on Jessica. If the save vote has been used to your bet, would you say the same?

      • If the judges hadn’t used the save on Jessica, it would have been available to be used on Colton. Again, IMHO, Colton could have won it all.

      • @facebook-1210451751:disqus  Colton was eliminated eons ago. Should I blame Adam for eating the “apple” that the “snake” lured him to eat?

      • @facebook-1210451751:disqus  BTW, your statement is inconsistent. You’re saying that Jessica should not win AI because she has been eliminated already and has been saved. And then you’re saying that if the save has not been used on Jessica, Colton would have been the recipient of the save and could have won it all. Then Colton should not win because he’s been saved by the judges, right?

      • I like you…you make sense anyhow…..let’s not talk about Jessica hon….Vy has RIP….

      • lol I think Phil Shiltz still didn’t get it… what a selfish remark?? lol

    • The Top 3 has already been revealed but it looks like you haven’t gotten over the “save issue.” Jessica didn’t even ask for it so don’t blame her if your bets have been eliminated ahead of her. Why can’t you MOVE ON?

      • I don’t think anyone blames Jessica for the save.  It’s just that in our eyes, she will never be the American Idol.  It’s unethical not to give everyone two chances to be voted off.  If the rule is you have to be voted off twice, that should apply to all.

    • You’re absolutely right, Jeff.  Saves aren’t fair to the other contestants who only get one chance.

      • The save is unfair for the other contestants because it was used in Jessica’s favor? What if your bets were the ones saved? Would you react and feel the same way? Remember that the “save” is part of the show and the judges are the ones deciding.

      •  If  “save” is not fair, do you think it is fair enough when winner voted by people in America, including those who don’t care talents and they vote just because they like a particular contestant (e.g. , handsome, beautiful, etc)  ?

      • Mr director-producer…we are on schedule…stop that BS! Save is only fair when it is worth saving the contestant, and it’s the judges business, not yours…….You said….” Hollie is by far and away my favorite (not just for her voice but because I relate to her better than any of the others this season)”  Yes, but who cares about your feelings? Don’t get carries away by your impulse…it will deceive you!! Use your brain!

      • Of course you are entitled to your own opinion about the save.  However, you don’t call the shots at AI, so there’s really nothing you can do about it.  And the contestants who tried out for AI are aware of the save, so by joining the contest, they accepted that rule. What’s unfair is if they announced that a provision for a save exists only when the competition was already underway.

    • What if during Chris Daughtry’s time, he was saved? would you still say the same thing? in short, i am sure if your favourite was saved you would keep quiet. I rest my case

      • No, I don’t think saves are fair, no matter who gets saved.   Period.  Do you not understand ethics at all?   I like to win when I play Scrabble, but I don’t use computer software to help me do it when I play.  Hollie is by far and away my favorite (not just for her voice but because I relate to her better than any of the others this season).  However, if there was a way that she could’ve been saved tonight, I still don’t think it would be fair to the others to use it.  The fair thing to do would be to require two vote-offs for all.  That would level the playing field and offer people second chances (if that’s what you want to do).  You don’t give one person and advantage over everyone else.  That’s so unfair.

    • A lot of people did not vote for Jessica that week because everybody thought that she would be safe. Even my wife and I did not vote that week.
      It was a wake up call. As for me, my erelatives, my friends all over California  and perhaps the whole US were voting for her now. 
       Go Jessica. We are with you all the way to the finish.
      And thank you judges for saving her.

      • Well the same thing could be said for every eliminated contestant. I see how it could be considered unfair. If it’s America’s decision to ultimately decide who stays and who goes, then what’s the use if it’s only gonna be overridden by the judges? I personally don’t care for the save, because to say that only one person is gonna get a second chance, after America had already made the decision like their suppose to, and then for the judges to overide their decision and say when someone didn’t deserve to be eliminated, well that’s technically unfair to the other contestants and to everybody that voted. So in that case, why not just let America pick the bottom two and the judges decide which one goes home, if they’re gonna overide us one time anyway. Not saying she didn’t deserve it, just saying it is in a way a spit in the face to other contestants and the people doing the voting. So they should do away with it, or do like I suggested where judges decide from Americas bottom two

    • You do realize Idol production staged that to boost ratings and to make up for being 1 week ahead of schedule due to Jermaine Jones getting disqualified at the top 12 right?

      • and they (the show/producer) use Jessica to benefit from the save because she is the consistent front runner in the competition. They selected Jessica to be the victim here so for the judges might appear she deserved the second chance.
        I believe that’s (the ratings) the real purpose of the drama and scripted acts of the show.
        and to think, I can’t remember Jessica sang “Nobody’s supposed to be here” by Deborah Cox on any of the Top 13 episodes or her audition piece.
        The whole thing was planned and Ryan Seacrest never made further reactions so she sang her supposed final song so immediately.
        Just my opinion….

    • Also, if America really wanted Jessica gone that week, they would have simply voted her off again the next week.

      • That’s so true… she’s never been at the bottom except that one episode where the show almost eliminated and devastated her dreams..
        Just another opinion..

    • Jessica was voted off because the people who do like her did not vote at all that week – not because people wanted to get rid of her. I won’t consider that a travesty if she wins. Just like Colton and Skylar – I don’t think America wanted to get rid off them but it was just that people did not vote at all, I surmise. Colton was never in the bottom 3. Skylar was in the bottom 3 only once. It goes to show that it’s just the roll of the dice.

    • OMG. You all got cooked with that supposedly Jessica save.  That was all a gimmick to create a huge buzz and to improve AI ratings.  Don’t be fooled.

      Respect the top 3 contestants.  They all deserve to be there.  They are all friends, anyway, so why are fans too negative? Just support your idol and may the best Idol wins!!!

      • You don’t make any sense.  If it was fixed once for show, what make you think any of it is trustworthy?  Either it’s trustworthy or it’s all for show.
        “It’s not the votes that count. It’s who counts the votes.”  — Joseph Stalin

    • is everyone forgetting Joshua and Hollie were booted off in the audition rounds?

    • is everyone forgetting Joshua and Hollie were booted off in the audition rounds?

      • Yes! Now America has spoken and threw Hollie out, for good… so America would never have to deal with her faux English accent again. Queen Joshua and Drama Phil are next =))

    • and i am telling you… Jessica blew Hollie out of the top 3 last night! Kill them all Jessica, roarrr!!!

    • We don’t even know if she was actually voted off or if AI people just pulled a stunt for the ratings or whatever purpose they may have. If she again received the lowest number of votes in the week that followed, that would have affirmed the original vote.  Some say that she survived the next week or two because she was riding the momentum of that save, but it has been four weeks since and still she wasn’t voted off. Goes to show that save was justified.

      • “It’s not the votes that count. It’s who counts the votes.” — Joseph Stalin

  17. congratulations to the top3 winners, they all deserve it. Hollie needs to go 5 eliminations ago, she’s cute she has a voice but not that great to compare with joshua or jessica. Remember this is a singing competition and the best should win not just because of votes.people should start voting wisely, not just because of appearance.


      • I’m stating a fact here. If she doesn’t get the most number of votes then she’ll just be a runner-up. Is there any hatred in that statement? Hatred resides in your heart and emanates from your interpretation of my opinion. It’s you who’s putting malice on my statement.

      • No, it is you. Pls read yr statement again. When someone praises Jessica for the win, what do you say “Unless she gets the most votes, then she’ll just a runner up”. You are like a killjoy when it comes to Jessica. I read between the lines. If there is no malice fr within you, then it is my mistake. But if there is, God forgive you. that’s all i am saying

      • Example, if some one says P2 for the win, would you say the same thing?? what you stated “unless……runner up” most of us out here know. So, when you emphasize then there is some hatred for jessica that comes with it. It’s okay. Dont wish to debate with you anymore. I Let God Judge you

      • @4de139fc9f5e7dd604b2f8264f4ab368:disqus  you’re speculating and again putting words into my mouth. Don’t you feel ashamed of dragging God in all your comments?

      • “It’s not the votes that count. It’s who counts the votes.” — Joseph Stalin

  18. I think jessica lack something.. i cant explain what it is.. but still.. im rooting for jessica to be the next idol..

    • I think  because of lack of experience and bringing up. Filipinos are  shy . she would normally stay quiet in any conversation  in any party. Typical Filipina girl. She has to change her behavior if she wants to be successful  on her career. – To be a party girl, to be  the center of conversation and to be talkative and to greet all the people around her with gusto. She has to act like JLo in order to be like by the audiience. But that is a tall order for  a 16 year old.

      • totally agree…she is not owning the stage when she performs…she is relying on her vocals to do that.  It would be so much better for her not to win, so she could mature and become a performer not just a great vocalist.  If you look in history, all amazing performers have such great charisma on stage and not just vocally.  Also even those whose vocals are not the greatest become great performers because they own the stage.  I would watch Joshua on stage any day as his performances are amazing! 

        Also  those who spout hatred because some do not like Jessica really should grow up.  Music is such a diverse thing that what one likes another doesn’t.  Don’t dis someone because they don’t like the artist you do…being a bit childesh there….

      • No, they audience does NOT want her to act like JLo.  Are you kidding me?  The audience wants her to act her age and sing songs geared to people her own age.

  19. I’m sure he’s a beautiful human being, but as a performer on stage I find him boring, repetitive and predictable. Sorry Phil Phillips, but it’s the truth.

      • @4de139fc9f5e7dd604b2f8264f4ab368:disqus  You’re so quick to judge. I hope you have time to read all my comments and I would understand if you’ll shrink into inconsiderable shame.

      • quick to judge? you are the one, listing all the reasons for hating Jessica. I am simply putting across to you that this is just a competition and that noone deserves ugly remarks thrown at them. So if you cannot understand me, then I feel sorry for you.

      • @4de139fc9f5e7dd604b2f8264f4ab368:disqus  Again, I ask you. Point out a comment I made that puts down any of the contestants. The listing is a compilation of the reasons I encounter why they hate Jessica. Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for yourself.

      • and, by the way, i have nothing to be ashamed of. you are the one who started listing all the dirt abt. Jessica. you are trying to cover yr own shame. So enough enough.

      • First stage is denial, I understand. And now your pointing a finger on me, not realizing that the other four are towards you. Oh well.

      • Silence is eloquent…. and i am tellin’ you….i’m not goin’, shuuuuuuuuuuuuut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you have nothing good to say…just keep it to yourself or eat your words….Come on! Accept it, it’s not your type of music! Don’t be hard on your self…it’s just a singing competition. Don’t  take it personally. Give yourself a break, go and get yourself a classic opera music dvd and enjoy listening to it! Please don’t dwell on your emotion…think! think! and think!!!  A music expert knows what he’s saying…

  20. WHhhaaTT? copy cat moves? originality? its a singing contest and you want her or any other contestant to sing an original composition. WTF your st_p_d!!  how will the judges rate them LOL


  22. the top 3 was pretty much written on the stone like 2 months ago…final prediction for me,,,,,jessica/joshua in the finals,,,,don’t matter who wins….they are both winners,,,,first and second place…..

      • But the save makes her sort of a “wildcard” contestant. Everyone’s on equal footing.

      • If your idol would have been in her shoes, I think you won’t be telling that it wasn’t fair. Besides, I somehow think that the elimination-then-saved thing was staged. 

      • who was your favorite then? and btw, how old are you? can you just move on? you are so irritating! damn

    • Here are the reasons why:

      1. They are fan/fanatic/fantard of other contestants.
      2. They don’t like her style (growling and occasional screaming).
      3. They are annoyed by Jessica fantards who think that Jessica is like a heaven-sent prophet that could change their life.
      4.  They are annoyed of bashers who criticize Jess’ performance even if it’s an objective take.
      5. They just don’t like Jessica for no reason at all.

      • What I meant by #4 is Jessica haters are annoyed of Jessica fantards who bash them (haters) as if there’s no tomorrow. Some don’t hate Jessica per se, they just learned to hate Jess because of all the bashing they get even if they criticize Jess’  performance objective with some pointers for improvement and these bashers are lashing it out on them as if Jessica is infallible.

      • Yr response, is not only childish but totally unfair and unjustifiable. Jessica, like Josh, P2 and Hollie, is an innocent person with hidden talent. Why must you make things so ugly. i do not know how you sleep at night. God Help you !! and I let God judge you

      • @4de139fc9f5e7dd604b2f8264f4ab368:disqus  I would like to hear what you find unfair and unjustifiable in my response above. I close my eyes to sleep at night. God bless you too for quickly judging me. Such a christian act.

      • You’re such a fake!! fake! fake! like holier than thou…You shouldn’t be watching the worldlings and then judge them!!! Why don’t you pray for them? A hater is a fake Christian!!

    • BTW, I’m not a Jessica hater. I like her but not really a fan since I don’t cast my vote (not even with other contestants). Just listing my observations.

      • then why dont you list yr observations about P2 or Joshua. Why pin point at jessica as though you seem to know so much. Well, like i said. If you sleep well at night…it’s fine. And you mentioned such a Christian Act. Pls, only God knows whether it is a Christian Act or not. For yr info, I am myself a Christian.

      • My post is a response to @5939d634f705ccf322c50de0c5d4b32e:disqus . Why would I write about PP or Joshua? Again, don’t put words into my mouth. I don’t claim I know a lot about Jessica. My post doesn’t even mention any factual info on Jessica. You seem to have a problem on comprehension. And lastly, you don’t come across as Christian with your comment. Sorry.

    • You see, Itzme, even Justsayin can tell that you are a jessica hater. I rest my case. So, who is misterpreting you now?

      • It’s me who responded to @5939d634f705ccf322c50de0c5d4b32e:disqus ‘s post and not the other way around. His/Her post is addressed to no one in particular. Again, scroll down on my earlier post and tell me if i’m a Jessica hater. I’m now convinced that your comprehension is quite limited.

      • Hi, Sailor Moon, I am also relaxed. Was just disagreeing with ItzMe’s comments. And, For ItzMe. My comment does not come fr a Christian. Sorry, was asking ItzMe to refrain from ugly remarks abt Jessica. What is so un Christian Like abt this ? Did I use vulgar words, Did I Curse you or yr family? So, there you go again. Making sweeping statements. I am not taking this case as closed and leaving you to Heaven.

      • Again, to Itzme , I do not wish to open Pandora’s Box again abt this issue. Because I have made myself clear. And if you think that my response to you is Unchristian like, so be it. Because I just cannot sit still and let you write ugly things abt Jessica or anyone else. If this is being Unchristian like then there is nothing more I can do. All i can say finally is God Forgive you…

    • I can’t speak for the others, but I don’t hate any of the contestants.  They are all fantastic.  However, it’s ok to have an intelligent discussion about what’s happened so far on the show.  Sometimes people get carried away, but we should all remember that the top four are all friends.  Did you see the tears running down the faces of the other contestants when Hollie was eliminated tonight?  And I’ve seen Hollie shed some tears as others  have been eliminated.  For the record,  I wish all of these fine young people the best.  There’s no reason that we have to dislike all of the people except the one we want to win.  When I go out to eat, sometimes I order filet mignon.  Sometimes I order lobster.  But sometimes I just want pizza or a good hamburger.  There have been performances that I’ve enjoyed from each of the contestants. I have opinions, and I have my favorites.  However, I have grown to appreciate all of them for who they are. 

      • Wow! you gave a very bright insight!  I really don’t understand why they’re trying to put down other contestants….is it not because they only like to eat pizza? lol…. i believe, most of these people are not music experts and they just say what they feel, and not what they think!   

    • I would’ve liked to have seen Joshua’s face while she was performing.

  23. The judges set it up against Holly to sway the vote. Too bad they don’t just let people vote without settin it up

  24. So the Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and Black Eyed Peas’ Apl ‘d Ap actually walked in AI studio only to witness their fellow countryman Jessica Sanchez to get to the Top. Now that’s understandable, or Manny could’ve knocked them all down.

  25. So the Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and Black Eyed Peas’ Apl ‘d Ap actually walked in AI studio only to witness their fellow countryman Jessica Sanchez to get to the Top 3. Now that’s understandable, or Manny would’ve knocked them all down.

  26. its a wake up call ever to vote a new lady, Jessica for american idol season 11

  27. Some American voters gone wrong again for letting Hollie Cavanagh out in the stage.Phillip Phillips stays  long already to be there when someone  going out,he is suppose to be voted out last month ago yet still enjoying his presence in AI11 with nothing to expect from his non quality vocal ability than the others since the beginning.
    Just hoping for Joshua Ledet  & Jessica Sanchez  will be the one to battle for championship next 2 weeks more.
    1. Jessica Sanchez……………………………winner
    2. Joshua Ledet……………………………….2nd placer
    3. Phillip Phillips……………………………..eliminated(next week)

    • Yeah, I don’t think Phillip realised he was supposed to be voted out last month.

      Things don’t always go the way we think they will.

  28. Jessica vs. Sanchez………………….go FTW
    Go go go…………………………………2012 winner

  29. jessica sanchez hats mexicans. said she does not have a mexican blood. her mom is a filipina sl_t and her dad is a mexican gig_lo

    • You’re so low class, did your parents raise you that way?? No wonder kids here at 18 are kicked out of the house!!! 

      • What if someone will say to you that ” You are the product of your mother who after having — with 10 men, that she needs to marry a man even in a slavery life”? How does it feel?

    • cmon tabitha you dont belong here. I think you belong to the other side of this world, this section is exchanging ideas not cririzising anybody. I think you hurt jessica fans and me as well. BETTER GOT OUT OF THIS SECTION

    • bad comment… maybe if you continue that a lightning will hit you and make the rest of us happy.

  30. oh cmon everybody jessica will be the next american idol for sure so fellow americans, filipino-americans and mexican american vote for jessica   

  31. Let’s be honest. Hollie was the worst singer of the top 4. This year’s top  is so much better than last years. We don’t even know who’s gonna win. JESSICA, PHILLIPS and JOSHUA have been in the top 3 during the last 4 weeks results. It means any of them can win or go home in third place. 

    If we’re talking about talent, I think Joshua and Jessica deserve to be in finale. But we all know it’s not going to happen. Phillips will be in the finale for sure. If I have to decide between Joshua and Jessica, I prefer Jessica to be in the finale. And I hope she wins. If Joshua gets in the finale, I hope he wins because he’s a better singer than P2.


    • It’s not right to say she was the worst because all four are really good.  Jessica and Joshua were just better, and Phillip has a huge fan base.

    •  Maybe they are technical better singers, but not better musicans or more talented then him.
      Its the shame that Phillip can´t win in your eyes guys,  the first option would be he loses because he don´t reach the finale . The second option would be  he reaches the finale but he loses also, because you guys are screaming it is unfair, because only the teens vote because of his looks. I think the most people vote for  him because he is a true allround-musican , who simply feels the music and because  of his authentic personality.
      And maybe some voters prefer his voice , because they can more connect than with the voices of Joshua and Jessica.

  32. The Top 3 are the ones I expected.  Hollie is the most improved of the top 4, but it wasn’t enough to keep her any longer.  Really sad.  We’ve only recently gotten to hear the kind of singing she really can do.  Ah well….

    The only interesting note of the evening is that Jimmy Iovine liked both of P2’s performances last night while liking only 1 from each of the other 3.   Do you suppose that means anything?

  33. Sorry to say it but Jessica just doesn’t do it for me. Technically she has the  chops, of course. But there’s just something missing for me. For one thing, I agree with Jimmy I: she pulls up the same rabbit out of the hat a lot and it gets predictable and therefore, somewhat boring at times. I think she sounds just like any of the other pop female artists out there–most of them start sounding a like after awhile.

    I think Hollie still needs to mature more in her art but I actually enjoy the distinctive quality of her voice more than Jessica. That’s not a slam on Jessica. It’s just my preference. To each his or her own….

    • Yes, you’re right….but let put it this way, Hollie can not do Jessica’s songs…they’re hard music!! This is not about how you feel about Jessica’s song and you get bored, accept it! it’s not the type of music you listen to…but music should be your expertise to justify what you’ve said. 

      • I disagree with you completely.  I’d love to see Hollie and Jessica both singing the same song… as picked by a neutral party (not AI judges).  Let me choose someone to coach Hollie (someone who is rooting for her and only her to win), and Jessica can have Jimmie or whomever else she wants.  I would *love* to see a level playing field.  Hollie is a quick study.  With the right person coaching her (preferably someone Russian who is very strict about intonation, rhythm, and dynamics) and someone coaching her on how to work the stage a little more  – well – it gives me chills to think about how good it would be.

    • I feel the same way.  I connect more with Hollie.  To me, Hollie is more the complete package at this time.

      I don’t think anyone would argue that Jessica doesn’t have the chops.  She does, for sure.  But she’s not the complete package — yet.  She is so young, though.  There is plenty of time.  What’s the hurry?  There is no finish line, you know.

      •  So I take that you like your performers to be emotionless robots that can’t sing on tune! She was cute, thats about it!

      • Again, you connect with the singers whose kind of music you like, that’s why there are so many genres in the market. No matter how good a singer is, if the kind of music he/she sings is not the type you prefer, no connection is possible. 

    • I agree with you 100%. Hollie has the least experience and it showed but she has a beautiful voice, will get a lot of coaching while on tour and she went out in a very classy and professional way last night.

      • Nobody is denying that Hollie has a beautiful voice.  But she wasn’t ready for this level of competition and her inexperience showed.  But she has years ahead of her to mature and Idol is not the only road towards a musical career.

  34. “So no surprises this week. And while I’m about 100 percent sure most of the people watching (especially Jessica fans)  
    think the Top 3 was assembled in order of votes” – 
    I agree that it’s not assembled in order of votes but why emphasize “Jessica’s fans”?  We’re not stupid. Anyway, don’t be complacent Jesssica fans.   It’s anybody’s ball game from here. 

  35. I know it would be great to have a girl winner but as controversial as this will be I want a Phil/Joshua finale.
    Of the two power voices left I prefer watching Joshua perform and there is something so sexy and unique about Phil that I want more.
    I know that it’s likely to be Jessica +1 in the finale – the judges couldn’t be more clear about the fact that that’s what they want but like some other posters this blog I don’t connect with Jessica at all.
    That said her second performance last night was my favourite of the season.  JLo was right that whoever advised her to stand still (and not do her lounge singer moves) made it the best performance I’ve seen her give. 

  36. Now that Hollie’s high school-grade songs are gone, the real competition begins. Now anyone can win this. Finally. 

  37. Elise got eliminated and she sold her vacation home in the bottom 2 to Hollie. Now Hollie gets booted out and I think she gave Phil Phillips the offer. haha

  38.  Jessica is in the best position to break the winning streak of MALE Idol winners!
    Lets all rally behind Jessica!
    This is a one great opportunity
    Season 11 is blessed to have an amazing vocal power as Jessica  
    we might not see someone like her next season
    Go for Girl Power this time

    • It would be unethical to vote for her after she’s already been voted off the show by the voters.

      • You actually believed that she got voted off? That “save” moment is nothing but a setup. There’s no way that she’s actually at the bottom.

  39. To all Hollie fans, accept the fact that Hollie is voted out  that shows she has no connection with people thats why she was voted out…If you keep on posting bad message towards the remaining top 3, well your not welcome here anymore as your Hollie is gone….Comment now is only for the top 3

  40. Just a note from South Africa….. Jessica doesnt deserve to be there,… YOU as in america voted her out the first time….why would have she so te be almost leaving that ONE dreadfull night….ad the judges then and there made a huge mistake….therefor could not safe colton as i thought their safe should have been on him…but he wouldnt have gone home that night if jessica wasnt there…anyway so ja  i am pissed about holly…she’s got a talent there thats amazing and no one seems to see it…shes just nervous the whole time…anyway…ppl please safe the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can invite Hollie to South Africa, maybe they’ll let her sing there after America kicked her out last night.

      • better be quiet if you don’t have anything nice to say to any of the remaining contestants.  All deserve to win, especially Jessica.  And please, check your spelling and grammar….  Good luck.

      • Did I reply earlier to you, Maron1432003?  It was actually meant for Hannalie Orren.  My apology….

    • cmon you got a sense without humor we did not kick jessica out of the competition

    • Jeez how can they save colton if the judges gaved it to jessica….if colton was the fist who voted off then maybe they will give to coltom. only 1 save every season…grrrrr.

  41. Dont reply to the disgustting bad comments of Hollies fans as they are not welcome to leave message here anymore. There Hollies is voted out and they still believe that she is the best singer but why she was at the bottom 3 most of the time….and now voted out….Hollies fans, if your angry, just leave it to yourself as people will not listen to your negative comments.

    • I guess that you forgot that Jessica was voted out long before Hollie.  Jessica is only here because for some unknown reason, this competition has decided to give one person a double elimination.

  42. Hollie has composed herself all season with class and modesty and taken all the compliments and barbs equally.

    She went out last night in a composed and classy style, giving each of the remaining three a hug as she sang her farewell song and had the extra class to go to each “judge” and shake hands.

    She is a classy young lady who, with the right guidance and coaching, will have a terrific singing and recording career.

    Good luck to the remaining three. 

  43. jessica’s in it to win it.

    SHE’S A LEGEND….she’s fabulus more than lady gaga….she has a great voice more than whitney n mariah carey…she’s a great performer more than beyonce…jessica is everything, complete package…let’s vote for her….THE LEGEND…


      •  jessica doesn’t need you to be her fan. stick with  you P2 a**hole! =p

      • Wow..this is a very well thought out and intelligent post. Calling someone an a-hole because their favorite differs from yours. Nice. The Phillipines must be a really boring place if this is how you get for a talent show.

    • I hope she will choose Make It Happen by Mariah Carey coz it suits her journey to American Idol dream… making it happen and making it on top 3..
      Go Jess!

    • Jessica has great voice more than Whitney? seriously?

      if I were you I would watch out the comment about her being superior than Beyonce because KANYE WEST will hunt you down.. 😉

    • in as much as i am a fan of jessica… i still think that her performance aspect needs to improve. as for the voice, probably comparable.

    • Seriously…she is NOT a legend. Now you are going a little too far. Look up the word legend before using it about a 16 year old singer. Good God, people. Rein yourselves in a little!


    • Why would a young girl want to sing such an old song?  Yikes – very bad advice.   She’s not my favorite contestant, but I think she’d be a fool to take  your advice!

  44. AW! I am frustrated hollie is gone!…
    PLs vote for jessica!!!  I dont want another guy win AI… i am not a jessica fan but it is tiresome to see another guy win AI.. 

    • dont worry we have 66% chance of having a girl winner this year. 2 girls versus 1 guy remember? 🙂

      • You are not being funny.  I am not a fan of Joshua’s, but whatever
        his gender preferences may be is nobody’s business but his. Respect.

      • There’s nothing mean about his comment. Pointing out that someone acts feminine is not mean. It’s just true. If someone doesn’t want people to think you act one way or another. Then dOnt act that way. Otherwise deal with it.

    • Who cares the sex of the person to win?  I’m a girl.  I *like* guys.  However, if Hollie were still in it, I’d be voting for her since I connected with her the most this season.  As for the other contestants, I think Joshua is like another Johnny Mathis – very talented.  Phillip is so artsy, and I like the tormented artist types.  Jessica has chops, but she’s already been eliminated as far as I’m concerned – also, I just don’t relate to her at all.  I wish her luck, though. Voting for someone because she is a girl is a really dumb reason to vote for someone, imho.

  45. I’m not interested in the rest of the season. My favorites have all been eliminated. Good luck to the three remaining contestants. Hollie–I’ll be waiting to purchase your music.

  46. i’m glad phillip was in the bottom 2… jess and josh deserved to be in the top 2 after last night’s performance…

    • it wasn’t revealed who was in the bottom 2!  we only know Hollie was the bottom.  no way idol would show bottom 2 at this stage.  get a clue!  phillip should win.  he’s the only true artist – writes, sings, plays.  the other 2 just sing.  so what!

    • He was not in the bottom 2, so get a life.  You obviously don’t know how the show works.  Phillip Phillips all the way, you rock big time buddy!!

  47. I am a JS fan but I totally agree with ItzMe. He’s not saying anything bad to Jess. He’s just pointing out things that Jess could do to improve more. I think ItzMe is better than some of Jess’ fans by being helpful to Jessica. Hope we can do that as well. Just sayin. 🙂 Jessica FTW!

  48. its really time for hollie to go!
    hollie fans, we’ll give you time for acceptance
    then rally behind Jessica for a FEMALE IDOL WINNER
    its been a while

    • Will never get behind someone who was already given the cane by the audience.  Sorry, but that’s unfair and unethical, in my mind.

  49. Let’s hope for the best for JS. And let’s add her to our prayers that she will win this competition. Keep voting next week!

    Lastly, she will have a perfect song choice from her mentor.

  50. I would like to hear Jessica sing a Mariah Carey song such as  “Through the Rain,” “Hero,” or “I Still Believe.”  I guess any would be a perfect song for her.

    • suggestions:
      Make It Happen – reflects her Idol journey and dream. For making It to top 3
      Cant Take that Away from Me – suits if she wins the title…
      just a recommendation…

  51. Im calling all the american people, filipino-american and mexican american please vote for jessica sanchez time for a change america needs a female idol for 2012…cheers

    • I’m calling for every other nationality in America..German, Irish, Polish, Swedish, Russian, British, NOT vote for Jessica! Cheers!

      •  I’m calling the moderators to block pally45 from this site! Cheers!

      • LOL. So, I should be banned for doing exactly what you people have been doing for weeks???

      • To the reply by NONEOFYOURBUSINESS-Then you should also have Daredevil7126 removed from this site for his comments. Do you not see that Dardevil7126’s comments are just as offensive?

  52. I like jessica to win because she has a rare powerful voice.  Female this time.  We have series of male winners who are rarely to be heard.

  53. A.I. should change the voting process it should be 50% of  votes from the audiences and 50% of votes  from the judges

  54. America eyes here again. Vote for Jessica!!! thats the only thing motivate her for the big winning, power voice and prayer is there already..
    cheers AMERICA…

  55. Bye, Hollie! Better luck next time! We all expected it’s gonna be you who’s going home this week. Being in the bottom 3 for 5 weeks, there’s no surprise!

  56. The following thoughts are strictly a discussion of logical strategy for the Jess fans to consider. If you want Jess to win….you must eliminate Joshua before Phillip leaves.

    This is why. If Phillip leaves next, his votes will likely drop out or the remaining will get split about evenly between Jess and Joshua (Phillip fans tend to be split for their second choice, some like Jess, some like Joshua). So no gain for Joshua or Jess. However, if Joshua leaves first, overwhelmingly, his fans like Jess and will more than likely vote for her instead of Phillip. Jess would win over Phillip rather easily in this case by gaining most of Joshua’s fans. There is another possible way this could work, but since I favor Jess or Joshua, I’m not going to explain it.

    Bottom line, Jess getting rid of Joshua improves her chances for the resulting Jess vs Phillip. A Jess vs Joshua offers no gains for Jessica.

    Joshua needs to go next. Jess fans continue to vote for Jess+a lesser amount for Phillip….you get rid of Joshua and increase her odds of beating Phillip.

    Phillip is really kind of screwed, no way for him to gain by getting rid of Jess or Joshua first, about the same effect either way. However, he might get more of Hollies fans than anyone else…who knows.

    Good strategy is always what wins in the end!!

    • I disagree.  Joshua’s votes going to Jessica if he is eliminated next week is just speculation. No one can predict how these votes will go, just like Skylar’s fans voting for Hollie when she was eliminated probably did not happen.

      What Jessica’s fans need to do is vote for her as much as they can, and encourage others to do the same, and not vote for anyone else.  If P2’s fanbase is as huge as is perceived, he will get to the finale without help from Jessica’s  fans.

  57. The population (based on census) of Filipino-Americans is about 4M, Mexican-Americans about 31M. Assume half of them will vote 5 times, plus add a few more votes coming from illegals and other ethnicity, and then those millions of votes coming from outside the US (assuming their votes goes through and are counted), Jessica has huge change of winning this. 

    Hope the Philippine President declares it a holiday the day of the finals so that a lot of Filipinos can vote! 

    • youre right man…but what is your point in counting are you in the census…hahahahah….JUST VOTE FOR JESSICA

    • What are you talking about?!?…your signals are not only crossed but totally eschewed, especially your last statement..g0 get some sleep, you need it to clear your mind…

      • @facebook-1210451751:disqus the only time the votes from other countries can be counted is when/if AI production allows it.
        They have their own IT specialist monitoring where the votes are coming from whether it’s from phone, online or text, so don’t you worry about it.

      • and you know already that the only way the votes from other countries can be counted if AI production allows it….
        But you still have the nerve to harp about it. 
        Just what I said, you are exactly the definition of a human being.

  58. This show stinks since Simon left. My favorite part used to be listening to
    Simon give his opinion. He was a little harsh at times, but when he gave someone praise, it really meant something. Does anyone really listen to anything Randy or Jlo says? Doubt it. And how about that Wannabe Madonna performance be JLo. Real appropriate for the kids that make up a high percentage of the audience! I predict Joshua and Jessica Are barely heard of after this. Phillip may amount to something. Last season I am watching.

    • simon told the truth and never minced words.  if you sucked, he let you know in no uncertain terms.  if you were brilliant, he stood up.  there was no middle ground with him.  (although now i think he lost his mind signing britney spears to x factor!!)

      • Exactly.  I’d prefer to see someone like Celine Dion  or Olivia Newton John.  Also, I think Clay Aiken would make an excellent judge.

  59. OK… PP2 fans…  it’s time to up the anny.. get off  ur fanny and vote nex week if u don’t want PP to go home! Literally speaking I pray he wins the whole shebang!!!!!!!! js

      • Who are you to say he doesn’t deserve it? I think he is the best artist and most relevant person left.

      • You think so, Pally. I don’t. I think JESSICA is the best singer. P2 Vs. Jessica, he has no chance of winning (maybe in votes but NEVER in talent).

      • Oh please. You people just think because someone can sing a Beyonce song, they are the best thing ever! Let’s see her pick up a guitar and play it.

    • Well, my choice of that pairing would be Joshua (since Jessica, as good as she may be, was already given the cane by the voters).

  60. Branden, you said that Jessica was in the bottom 3 last week because she was saved last (after Phillips and Joshua). But this week, you say that the top 3 are in no particular order. It’s funny at this point. You don’t even try to hide your hate to her. I really wish Jessica wins AI, just to see your face of anger. You can have your own opinion, but I think that sometimes you contradicte yourself.

    • I so agree with you. Maybe he just doesn’t like jessicas fans or something because they can get a little over the top. Idk why I read his reviews anymore. He’s gotten lazy. Didn’t even recap what jimmy said about anyone. I prefer to read annie barret frm entertainment weekly’s website.

    • Lets wait and see what will be the comment of this branden if Jessica wins.
      Is it:
      A) delete this site
      B) not to talk about her winning moment in this site
      C) all of the above
      Maybe i can see his bald is gettin worse and wrinkles getting more.

  61. Joshua sounds like he is a church singer he should of went home and Jessica her stuff is always the same I am board of her sound already. GO PHILLIP

    Dim the Lights here we go. America had spoken and one of you will go home now and it is you…. Jessica Sanchez….go back to the couch and we’ll see you at the finals. You are safe!!!
    The person who will take the last spot for the finale is Phillip Phillips.  so it is Joshua,  let’s see your journey in American Idol 
    -SCOTTY…”please remember me…..”

  63. sad to see hollie go home.  for the first time i actually liked a p2 performance.  he did an admirable job on “volcano”  and did j-lo borrow her costume from christina aguilara??  we were waiting for a wardrobe malfunction.  i did NOT think that joshua did the world’s best job on “it’s a man’s world”.  obviously he didn’t see or hear juliet simms who REALLY did the godfather proud.  oh well, next thursday we’ll see a singer who can really show these kids how it’s done.

  64. Loved Hollie, but he other 3 were stronger this week.  Jessica has an amazing voice no doubt about that.  But if I were to pay to see a concert I would rather see p2 or Joshua.  They are much more exciting as performers.  I see Jessica as more of a broadway person.  Case in point for me, I love Jennifer Hudson, but I wouldn’t see her in concert, however I loved her in Dreamgirls and would most likely see her in a movie or play.

  65. I predicted weeks ago the outcome of the last three weeks,thats when we stopped watching idol. The judges have pimped Jessica and Joshua since the start of season. The elimanation of Jessica was a trumped up joke to get more votes for her. What a joke idol is this season. The voting needs to be revised to 10 per voter.

    • People are always talking about her fans because they are really getting on everyone’s nerves.

      • We just like to play with your heads! It’s fun that way..hehehe! Go top three! Can’t wait to see your homecoming! Do your best so we can make more fun of those people who are not ur fans!!!!!

  66. Hollie fought her way to the top 4 by her own and her fans. I mean, with neither judge’s pimp nor teeny boopers troops behind her. For that, I give her kudos and wishing her well in the future.

    Now, I wanna talk about JLo performance..

    well, scratch that! I want to talk about JLo dancer / boy-toy.
    if u look at him during the song, and see his profile. he’s so much alike with Marc Anthony. I mean, imagine him aging and losing 50 pounds..and  baaam! Marc Anthony!

    plus, I think when Jimmy said to Jess she always using same tricks in her performance, JLo took it personally.. See…. Look who made dance music song last year? With dance club theme? With the same Pitbull? Gave the clip premierre during Idol show? and perform it again few weeks after that? and repeat all of it this year? 😉

    • I agree with what you said about Hollie.  Hollie made it as far as she did when the judges were clearly pulling for other people.  The judges were really biased this year.  Too many standing ovations for certain people.  Adam Lambert didn’t get that many standing ovations! 

      • adam’s standing o’s actually meant something.  especially from smokey robinson

  67. No matter what I will say this, Hollie out sang Jessica on Eternal Flame. She didn’t get credit for it but she nailed her part of the song. She has a more wholesome quailty about her too she’ll make a good role model for younger girls.. She’ll do well.  

    • Hollie has a beautiful, natural voice.  She’s also very easy on the eyes and knows how to dress appropriately.  I never have to worry about Hollie coming out in an outfit that makes her look like she should be swinging from a pole.

      • Well, that’s your opinion. But majority of America thinks Jessica is better than Hollie. Otherwise, Hollie would have been in the top 3… It’s as simple as that! Move on guys, ur bet lost already! Jessica doing a homecoming.. Yipeeeeee!

  68. I hate when you people blame other contestants for Hollie’s elimination (or other’s who are eliminated before Hollie).. IF there is someone to blame, it is you, fans who did not vote harder for your favorites. And Yes, I am a Jessica Sanchez fan. Stop all this bashing! Top 3 deserves their slot there.  #JustSayin

    • Deserve their position?  Voters did eliminate Jessica once…

      Don’t the others deserve one save?

      •  remember that WE VOTE TO SAVE A CONTESTANT, NOT ELIMINATE THEM.. so how come you say America voted Jessica off? well in fact they just didn’t vote because they were complacent that she will always be safe (the fact she is very consistent with her performances).

        I am not a Jessica fan but this is a competition, a game.. Rules are rules, unfair or fair, they have to be followed.  The SAVE is part of this game’s rule and it has been used with Jessica, that’s already part of History.. we move forward not look at the past and be bitter with it. 

      • not all contestants deserve a save or else this show’s season would last for 10 months. only the ones the judges think can  take it all , deserve the save. on top 7 when they used the save, they would have used it for any of the bottom 3, that is jessica, joshua or elise. remember steven tyler said he would use the save even before they knew who was at the very bottom among the 3? because he thinks all 3 has the potential take it all to the finale.

      • The save has been used for many years so far. People made a mistake by not voting for her then, but now they are recognizing that and are voting for her to win. She’s the one with the most number of fans out there. You can see it on:

        1) Most views on youtube (10 times more views than the second place)

        2) Most followers on twitter

        3) Most followers on facebook

    • No, frankly, only TWO of the top three deserve their position.  One got voted out, and it’s just unfair for the judges to give one contestant an extra push.  Everyone should have to work under the same contraints of this crazy multiple-time, random voting system in order for the contest to be fair. 

      • Here you go harping about the save again. I understood you the first time, no need to keep bringing it up.  The save may be a flawed component of Idol rules, but ALL the contestants auditioned to get in the show knowing that it was part of the rules, so that means they were putting themselves under that rule.

        Why is it that when Matt and Big Mike were saved, not too many reacted against the save? Is it because people knew that talented as they were, they were not likely to win AI and would get voted off eventually, whereas Jessica has a real chance of winning instead of other people’s favorites? 

    •  If there is someone to blame then Holly herself. She was the weakest wednesday.

  69. I think Brandens mind is hating Jessica winning this AI,…. But his heart loves jessica’s performances. Hmmmmmmm.,…, or maybe he just wish that jessicas talent should be with some other girls. Now that is something a racist attitude! Too bad. You are just bad .

    • I agree with you 100%. I think that Branden is racist and has a really bad attitude. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the same.

  70. yip time for philip fans to vote till your fingers bleed we almost there!!most original and true artist left on the show.keep voting and that includes all you ex colton,skylar,hollie fans get behind the best which is philips! xx hollie fan

  71. guy always wining this “singing competition?”
    cause the thing  under their pants told them…

    that’s why their is no girl winner in the past 5 years..

    sorry but that’s a fact….

  72. this is what the voting system needs to be.. They need to call in a vote for the people they want to leave the show… that way the good ones have a better shot of staying in.

  73. its funny how jessica fans think they untouchable and make fun of hollie….just wait till philip wins cause i know i will be  voting non stop for him….revenge is sweet…and its best served spicy and burnt like a latino girl…PHILIP no.1!!

  74. It is another DeWyz (who can spell this flop) year with idol.  Obvious not a platimun selling year like 2011 (McCreery).   Have to wait for next year and forget this loser year.  No one will sell a single let alone an album.  Back to the drawing board for Idol and the judges.  Go 2013!

    • Generally, the public gets it right 1 time out of every 3 years.  Kelly Clarkson = right.   Ruben = wrong.  Fantasia = wrong.  Carrie = right.  Taylor = wrong.  Jordin = partly right [Absolutely beautiful with a great voice, but without a specific musical niche].  David = right.  Lee = wrong.   Kris = wrong.  Scotty = right.  So, if the pattern holds this will be a wrong year.  On the bright side, the runners up generally have pretty good career boosts after their Idol exposure.

  75. As others have said here, the show is a popularity contest and fixed. We never know the true number of votes a singer gets. Another problem is today’s technology. You can redial on an IPHONE a hunderd times to vote. That’s what needs to be changed. Once you have made a call from your phone, the vote is in and you cannot vote again.
    Another problem with the show: The Judges. Joshua has been given 12 standing ovations for his performance. Come on now, he’s good, but not that good. Standing O’s should be reserved for something extraordinary done on the show (think Adam Lambert when he sang Mad World three years ago). Stop saying this is the best talent ever and best in fifty years. That is an insult to past winners and singers on the show and singers of today who have been performing for so long. You need real judges criticizing the singers. Jimmy Iovine would be a great judge because he calls it like it is. If they suck, they suck. Simon was the same. We need him back.
    Another issue: there is no challenge for these singers to see what they have. These last couple of years, the songs have been tailored to the singers strengths, Skylar’s country western, Joshua R&B, etc. Years ago Idol challeged singers. The season when they did the Beatles songs was a challenge. The season when they did the Rat Pack was a challenge. Not music from today. It’s too much in the singers wheelhouse. They need to try music from the 50’s, Doo Wop music, Elvis, even tunes from Broadway. That will truly show what the range these singers have.

    Lastly, ratings have been going down for the show the last couple of years. I know several friends and relatives that used to watch the show and have stopped because of how the results pan out. My granddaughter stopped watching when Reed Grimm was dropped. And she right: he was the best that we did not get to see.

    • you’re right on the money, honey.  the voting is ridiculous as i’ve said countless times and the judging is absurd.  the three stooges are clearly biased (much like officiating in the nhl). and it’s true that the singers are not challenged enough.  the theme nights are wearing thin and getting  repetitive.  some years ago they did an andrew lloyd weber night and the talent really shone through.  a real talent will  be able to sing ANYTHING.

    • The problem is that the judges take the idol competitors personally.  They say these are the best singers ever because ultimately, they (the judges) are the ones responsible for putting them in to the top 12.  They just keep patting themselves on the back hoping that the people watching are too stupid to think for themselves.   

    •  Dude
      I agree with you on some points, but way opposite on:
      “Not music from today. It’s too much in the singers wheelhouse. They need
      to try music from the 50’s, Doo Wop music, Elvis, even tunes from
      Broadway. That will truly show what the range these singers have.”

      Good music today (not rap/hippity hop) is more complex and harder to sing than the “Oldies”. Who is going to watch this “Oldies” crap…I’m an Oldie I suppose at 45, and I would turn the show off if it did that stuff. I think this is the show’s problem, it’s not current enough. Do you go out and buy cds by bands that do covers of oldies….I doubt it and no one else does either.

      Current hits are too new and that gets old as fast…there is a delicate balance….they need to use the rule older than 1 years and less than 10 years…and that should be the majority of what is sung. Maybe one night for just Oldies is enough.

      BTW….WTH phrase “in the singers wheelhouse”…lol.

    • I agree with you totally. The voting system and judging are both ridiculous. Judges should not be telling us how to vote, or trying to sway the voting in their faves direction. People should only be allowed one vote. No setting phones on redial, or phoning in 500 times(after all that one person will buy one CD-not 500), or illegal votes made through Skype.

  76. Joshua…..Really?  Stop crying like a little school girl and “BE A MAN”…..

  77. how sure are you that jessica’s fans think like that?! the way this article was written has been biased and seems to be rude to jessica and as well as her fans, you are assuming, as much as possible don’t conclude anything about what’s happening on the show, at the first place you re JUST a blogger and updater to american idol and have no any access to the results of the show. Let’s all be fair and treat all the remaining contestant what they deserve.

      • No, you said most of her fans are like that, and you had no proof for that.  You were grossly unfair to those her fans who do not resort to bashing and who respect other people’s tastes.

        Rudeness is not a monopoly of Jessica’s fans, as is evident in this and other forums.

  78. Jessica fans have motivated alot of people I know to vote for anyone but her.  I don’t think after ever how many reality shows she’s made appearances on that it’s a big deal she’s doing well.  She SHOULD be doing well considering she’s already received compensation from itunes from previous recordings.  Does she deserve to win. NO!  She’s been on other shows before and couldn’t win.  Phillip and Joshua are the most talented on the show in that order.  

    • joshua has been on idol twice and and didnt in even make it past the audition stage the first time. hollie has been on idol too last year and was only able to go up to top 40. jessica was at AGT when she was 11 and got to the semifinals and its her first time on idol this year.   joshua and hollie didnt win too before. if jessica won AGT before do you think she’ll join AI ? i dont think so. i am saying , all those things dont matter, the only thing that matters is how good you are NOW. just saying

      • She isn’t very good.  She is nowhere near as artistic as Phillip and keep in mind she has been voted off the show before.  

      • Let jessica win, another one hit wonder. She can do dancing with the stars and duet with vailla ice and don johnson.

    • well it is your opinion jessica didnt deserve the save. however its the judges opinion that matter as to who to use the save . that night it was used, they were going to use it no matter whos at the very bottom of the bottom 3, either jessica, joshua or elise. remember steven tyler said he is going to use the save even before they knew who  it was at the very bottom? thats because they know that the 3 were the best  the night before and that all 3 have great potential of taking it all the way to the finals. if phillip was at bottom 3 that night,  they would still use the save no matter what.

    • John you said, preach it brother. Jessica has been groomed for this by her family like toddlers with tiaras. She has a good voice and reached top 3. No is time to say goodbye.

    • @ john… Nice try! Evry week you say that. If not you someone else who is a non Jessica fan will try it. Well, so far it is not working. Jessica’s fans are loyal. That’s why she is on top three. If you guys have voted for Hollie, then she would have been in top three also. Don’t blame the judges. It’s your vote that counts. Also, if skylars fans had voted for Hollie then why was she still in the bottom? Not enough fans maybe?

  79. Right so phillip may not be bottom of the three either. I think Ryan used him to make people like me FREAK OUT!!!!He reminded us how there have been shockers in the past …people in audience hollering ‘Hollie!’ …..but……PHILLIP IS SAFE and going to his hometown for his welcoming.
    Oh and I did not add him to my stats chart – he’s never been in bottom (column). GO PHILLIP!!!

      • P2 is better than Danny. Jessica will be another Jasmine Trias (go back to season 3). The pinays and pinoys can vote 50 times each she still isnts going to win. Didnt work for Jasmine either.

      • Pinoys4p2, you can’t compare JESSICA and JASMINE. Jessica is so much better than her. And she’s gonna win it.

  80. Two likely finale scenarios:

    Jessica VS Phillip


    Jessica VS Joshua

    One of the boys (Joshua or Phillip) will go home next week.

  81. As I previously said the Jessica fans have motivated alot of people I know to never vote for her and vote for whoever she is against.  The girl has been groomed to win a reality show and has never been able to do it.  She is way overrated.  

    • she is not overrated, joshua is the one who is being overrated, hey are you blind or deaf? or u are just simply jealous of jessica with what she does and what she can do, lot of producers, celebs and singers are on supporting her, so the hell we care if you don’t vote for her, you are just simply sht in this world that’s hating on jessica, if you are against jessica just simply shut up and keep voting on your bet. let’s make each other’s live here and be fair treating the remaining contestants! nuff said!.

      • So, you calling someone not only blind and deaf but basically sh*t and then say let’s play fair. Really? This coming from a guy who is probably about 5 foot 3 inches tall.

      • nice guess dude, but i’m 5’7 inches , this conversation is too much for explanation, i don’t care for who you support to but i’ll still vote for my bet. Stop the hates please!

      • Paolo you need a girlfriend. You can tweet Jessica all you want. She won’t date you. Such a player. I am sure Silicona taught you all she knows. pump up to 25psi and keep on voting.

    • Mariah Carey was also overrated…..and she turned out to be a huge success……I too am a Jessica fan…..and I will admit…some of the stuff I have read here can be a little nasty…….I guess they have no class.  Listen….the bottom line is this….we all have our favorite singers…..

      The end of the line is near folks……vote for your favorite…..let’s be civil and support our singers… this stage…being nasty is uncalled for……..

      • It’s American Idol, you have Celine and you can keep her. Makes sense why you like Jessica. Premadonna and sleazy dresser. Go Canada eh?

    • I guess that all of the many recording artists and studio execs that want Jessica to perform with them are fools?  and you are the real genius?  You probably think she screams and growls on EVERY song 24/7…..songs like “You Are So Beautiful” or “Sweet Dreams” or “Dance With My Father” were total screamfests, right?   Jessica is very, very good and is the most skilled singer in this competition (according to the pros in the industry).  I have never seen a story or quotion from anyone outside of the show saying that they would like to perform with or sign Joshua or Phillip.  Are there any?

    • Getting really tired of your unintelligent comments. If yoi want to talk about rude comments you should look at all the ones being racist against jessica because she is filipino get a life dude

  82. majority of christian vote/colton fans vote will go to JOSHUA
    most of east coast vote is divided between JOSHUA or PHILLIP
    lots of west coast vote will cling to JESSICA
    teens vote goes to PHILLIP
    girls vote majority to PHILLIP, some for JESSICA and JOSHUA

    • Seriously? It’s not a girl guy thing. It’s about who the better more mature and best singer is.  Jessica is worthy of a top 2 nothing more. If she wins its a rating thing to attract more tweens. Tweens sell AI concert tickets and season CDs.

  83. Hollie should have been gone several weeks ago! Her best performance was not even at par with Skylar’s worst performance. She’s pitchy, always off key..

      • I guess your theory on Hollie is not as geeky as your name. Seriously?  Holly had a top 4 finish which is quite an achievement. She is not the second coming. She will still have a career she just wasnt good enough. Maybe she should have waited another season and maybe she would have reached top 3. Luck of the draw.

      • @Postgratsi – Yup, I’m a geek (PhD Mathematics) hence the Pythagoras avatar and am also a musician.

        I disagree with southernhottie and believe Hollie deserved to be in the top 4, which, I agree with you is a hell of an achievement. I also agree that she will have a career and believe it will be a very successful one.

        There is nowhere in any of my comments where I claimed that Hollie was the second coming so, since we seem to agree on the fact that she did well achieving top 4 and will have a career, why the snark comment about my name being geeky?? 

  84. Hollie showed lasted night what a class act she is, no doubt she will be successful.  I was relieved for her last night, she no longer will be judged unfairly.  Now I guess the  judges will turn their remarks to P2, it is clear and has been from the beginning that the two Js are their favs.  Not sure which  one for the win.   I have no favorite, all are talented, P2 is unique.  It has been an interiesting season, very different from any I have seen.  I do miss Simon, he was so real.

    • I miss Simon too! He does keep things real and stir things back to the “singing competition” whether America agrees with him or not.

      • I want Gordon Ramsey, Simon and Pierce (from BGT) to judge the next season. I didnt like Paula not a Jello fan either. Steve is ok bring Ozzy
        hes hilarious. Steven is just a perv.

    • I miss Simon, too.  One thing I liked about Simon is that he didn’t ramble all over the place when giving a critique.  He was brief and to the point and often used a bit of humor.  Also, I think Simon was the type who would let a little skillful thunder rumble if he thought criticism would help, but he wasn’t brutal to the same person week after week after week just for the sake of being brutal.  And Simon was nicely balanced by Paula who was always there to give the kids some love and praise.

  85. I hope Jessica wins! I cant stand the stupid faces phillip makes when he sings. Funny how these teen girls think he is hot but I bet if they saw him on the street before he was on american idol they wouldnt have looked twice at him. American idol is goin down.

    • For the 133rd isn’t just young girls voting for Phillip!!!  A lot of musicians make faces when they’re singing or playing the guitar.

    • You seen Jessica’s faces? Maybe you should replay the season. Also watch the change in attitude. Shes a big time diva.

    • It’s the O face, its the OMG he is going to beat Jessica face..

      Oh oh oh oh…

  86. Phillip why ??? Sory but he not talent 
    Because he is handsome so girls vote he. It is injustice.
    And joshua…please dont  sympathy or he handsome No 
    I think the winner is jessica

    • That’s how Scotty won. It happens get over it. Jessica will sail away like Jasmine Trias and live the life of a diva in Asia.

      • Bubblehead neither was Jasmine Trias. That was the market. If you haven’t noticed Jessica is a Filipina. It’s a large community. It happens. Maype you should venture outside your bubble.  

      • Jessica is born and raised in the US so definitely she is American even though her mother is a Filipino and her Dad is Mexican unlike Hollie that she is born and raised in Britain and then migrated to the US. Remember that the winners of AI will be marketed globally. Filipinos had been supporting AI contestants. To mention a few, last year’s Top 10 contestants had a concert in Manila, Phils., aside from them, David Cook, Elliot Yamen, Constantine Maroulis, Chris Daughtry, Kris Allen and David Archuleta had their concerts also in the Philippines.

  87. Congrats to PP, imagine he may need major surgery and he still is singing his heart out.  A great entertainer and I think he will win, but we shall see!

  88. Never assume unless stated Branden. “Especially Jessica’s fans”???? Do you really need to pinpoint that one? All of the idols’ fans assume.

  89. u kinda contradict urself wen u mentioned its never in order where n ur previous post wen jesica was called last during skylars elim that jesica’s fans should be careful. u meant that jesica is the botom 3. do u jst hate jess? hahaha

    • he is really a closetted jessica fan. his posts against her makes us vote more for her. that’s his hidden motif. thanks branden for helping jessica win this competition.

  90. C’mon guys~ 🙂
    There will always be critics for our idols here~

    If Judges are saying bad things about Hollie, are they being unfair? I don’t know, well they must know more than I do.
    But did it stop you, #holliepops, to vote for her?

    Same goes to Branden being ‘unfair issue???’ to JS?
    Will it stop you, #blujays, to vote for JS? 

    Same goes to all the criticisms of all the top 4 are having from people.

    Bottomline, fans vote for our favorites despite all of it even if she/he had a bad performance/s and ..there are just some who votes for the one who they think did great that week. (let them decide for themselves, that I think also have their own say aside from what the judges think).

    Come to think of it, aren’t they need all that criticism from people to help them grow. We can’t please anyone and they’re, top4, not in exemption. Isn’t having a critics indicates you are a star? They’re all getting there~:) Why are we blaming others/things?

    I’m happy JS is still there,Sad that Hollie left. It’s history. It’s a competition, I hope let’s not take it too personal, it isn’t the real music world they need to face anyway~

    Am I the only one who think they’re all deserving to win?They are truly deserving for me, best batch of singers in AI for me, so far~ 🙂

  91. transparency is a value that AI lacks. the audience don’t even get a glimpse at how the contestants stack on a specific week. so whatever result they deliver would result be questioned by its viewers over and over.

    • It’s a novel concept called judging and public opinion. Might want to look into that when you have some free time.

  92. Hollie was a class act, like Skylar. They will both go far and I am looking forward to seeing them on their tour through PA

  93. Branden, in reading your recap, I notice this is the second time you’ve referred to Scotty McCreery’s elimination song  ‘please remember me’  as terrible. You’ve got to be kidding,  Scotty has the most beautiful of voices, and I’m hoping he’ll sing this song at the finales. Sorry, but I just had to contradict and let you know,  not all of us feel like you do! Love his voice. 

  94. @OnlyTheTruth You should only speak for yourself and not for “the audience”. That’s not for fair for the rest of us who do not share your opinion. Music and artistry shouldn’t be canned according to an age bracket

    • It’s called Seasoning. The more seasoned you are in a craft the better you are. Mastery requires age and experience. The best wine does not come in a box its aged and seasons in a barrel over time. The same with painters, musicians, and other artists. Maybe you need more time in the barrel for your logic.

  95. I saw an interview with Ryan some time ago and he stated that the first person sent to safety was ALWAYS the weeks top vote getter.  Look at the shows and you will know this is true.

    • That is not true. They do not do it like that on the show. Maybe sometimes it is, but no one knows. 

    • So it means Phillips received the lowest number of the top 3. Maybe next week we’ll have J&J in the finale! YEAH!!

  96. please……….. please……….. support and vote jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless us all!!!!!!

    • Why Not and say I did. Jessica is not the best. She’s only your fav.

      Sorry going with better singer.

      • Yes, she is!! She’s the BEST SINGER in the competition. VOTE FOR JESSICA, GUYS!

      • who do YOU think the BETTER SINGER is? Joshua who always squeals or Phillip who I guess is a true musician but can’t even reach high notes?

    • I know this because we all voted from Manilla using our magic jack and skype accounts. Go Jessica!

  97. Wow…..I can’t believe the stupidity of some of these comments.  This is arguably the best Top 3 in the history of the show (definitely the best Top 5).  How can anyone say that one of these 3 are overrated?  or lessor than contestant that failed to pan out from a few years ago?  Listen to how foolish you sound.   

  98. I’m going to miss Holly, she had a beautiful voice.  It’s sad the judges showed favortism towards Jessica and Joshua.  The judges always trying to put Holly in a bad light about her maturity, passion and ability to sing certain songs and in doing so made her question her own ability to just sing.  The judges  should have praised her more like they did with Jessica and Joshua and Holly would have outshined them all.  Jessica and Joshua just scream their singing, Joshua more so.   Holly showed such maturity at her elimination, she will go far.   Maybe next year they will have new judges that doesn’t show favortism.

    • Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip all had phenominal second songs. Hollie might have had a chance to compete if she had use the J Lo imterpretation of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by thinking of the “You” as American Idol voters instead of as some teenage boy.
      If anyone is to blame, it is the Idol producers for not having a guest mentor and Jimmie Iovine for not making sure she understood the emotional connection that was necessary for that song to work, and that over-singing was a potential landmine.

    • It’s like every season they have theirs. It’s not new. I love Holly too 🙁 Since two of my faves have gone home already (Colton & Holly). Only one remained on my list. So I will support her all the way!

    • It’s like I said. Once you appear on American Idol it is an uphill climb to make it in the music industry. It doesn’t launch careers it cripples them.

      The country music community is still willing to take young, raw and inexperienced artists and shape and mold them and help them reach their true potential whereas other genre’s want instant success and are not willing to do that. 

      Hollie needs to do country/pop type songs and get in with the country group and she could be the next Carrie U. or K. Clarkson. She’s that good. She just needs a little nurturing.

    • Holly does have a really nice voice, but everytime she sings she forgets to let go. It’s like she’s thinking about what she’s gonna do next. 

  99. I’ve just read that overseas voting have been castes illegally using Magic Jack. Just google it.

    • Apologies for the typos…..iPhone autocorrect….

      “votes have been cast…”

    • There goes Jessicas chance. Cut the Magic Jack, Skype and freephone votes. No USA Landline or cell no good. Same for webtraffic. Then put a websense filter in to filter out bogus multivoters that arent facebook. Really only a cap on facebook votes?

    • “It’s not the votes that count. It’s who counts the votes.” — Joseph Stalin

    • I knew they were getting them in somehow. People have even stated it on this site.

      • not only did she get the judges they have to cheat and cast illegal votes in order for her to win. Nice. How proud of that accomplisment can you be?

  100. Next year remove the save and let America vote. If they vote off a Judges favorite then tough. Need to change the routine of the show. And the filter for who goes to Hollywood needs to be tougher. Deandre? I mean seriously?

    • DeAndre was the most sincere naturally talented individual on the show this season. Are you serious! I will not even say “I think” or “IMO” on this one. It is simple fact that he and Skylar gave the best on stage performances of anyone on the show in season 11. Those two have the highest potential for an exceptional career in music than any other contestant on the show. DeAndre was a diamond in the rough and just because this competition isn’t the venue for him to be shaped and molded into the star that he will definitely become doesn’t mean that he doesn’t possess that potential. You will see him again. I promise you that.

      He is the only one that I heard chants from the audience for a save! 

      I will attend the live tour this year for three reasons. To see DeAndre perform live, to see Skylar perform live and to have some of my ticket price go to charity. 

      If you had said Heejun I might have agreed with you.

  101. I really hope Phillips doesn’t make it to the finale. JESSICA and JOSHUA are the best singers left. They are so much better than P2 (IN MY OPINION).

  102. Jimmy has it right…Jessica ‘s been growling since age 5….bye…bye…

  103. With the departure of Hollie, and according to history, there is realistically no way for Phillip to win. 

    If Phillip survives another week, either Joshua or Jessica will garner the vast majority of the other ones votes.  Most Joshua fans like Jessica and most Jessica fans like Joshua (we’ll call them the “over-the-top fans”) Phillips would not stand a chance.  He is polling very low at this point and I don’t believe they will let him sing Volcano six times in a row.

    This is the same scenario as two years ago with Adam Lambert.  Chris Allen inherited pretty much all of Danny G’s votes and crushed Adam.  Although Adam was the better performer, Chis received more than 60% of the votes.

    Sorry PP fans, but it does not look good at all.

    • It’s OK.  If we can’t oust the Komodo dragon, it’ll just be another Taylor, Kris, Lee season where the winner goes nowhere and the runners up have better careers.

      • win or lose jessica’s gna sell the most record of all the contestants, she is suported by asia wch is the largest continent, never compare her with unsuccesful idols.

    • I see what your saying, and for me that’ll be ok. I enjoy Phillips style of  singing and happy he’s made top three.  I appreciate the technical and vocal abilities of Jessica and Joshua, and obviously a lot of people love their styles of singing. I’m glad Phillip gets to have his hometown visit,  and hopefully will soon have that surgery he has to face, and come back  healthy for the tour. This year its really difficult to predict the outcome of all three in the finals!

  104. Standing ovations by the judges encourage tone deaf listeners to vote for the judges’ favorites. In order to make vote count fair, the producers should deduct 10% of a contestants total vote for every standing ovation they received that week. That might cut down on the standing O’s. It’s either that, or duct tape their butts to their chairs.

  105. JESSICA has been in the bottom 3 just once. And now she’s in the top 3. She’s the only contestant in the history of AI that has been saved and made this far. She SHOWED us why she deserves to be where she is. She has got a big chance to win it all. GO JESSICA!

  106. I think most people think Phillip was in the “bottom 2” when Ryan clearly stated AI was building the “top 3″… There was no mention of who got the “top votes”… AI should clarify.

  107. Well this is why I don’t drive a Ford. They might sound better, and run better but Chevys are better looking Ha. American Idol you don’t suck you just need to restructure your voting rules. You claim to have millions of people voting but if you take between two to three hundred votes per teeny bopper off your count you would see that you’re very wrong. Heart Throb voting is very wrong in this competition the girls work just as hard as the guys its just that the fan base guys are not going to sit there on their IPhones and vote 300 times per show. Jessica you will go places you are the real winner and your success will prove it over Phillip.

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