American Idol 2012 Top 4 Elimination: Who Will Be Sent Home Tonight?

American Idol 2012 Top 4

The lights are set to dim as another elimination will take place tonight on American Idol 2012. Your votes in our weekly poll have correctly identified the eliminated singer for the past few weeks, so let’s take a look at the Top 4 results and see who could be sent home tonight.

Continuing her climb above the halfway mark is Jessica Sanchez with 54% of the vote in our poll. Jessica has won every week in our poll, including the week she was eliminated then saved, so while I’m satisfied with the expectation that she’ll be safe we have to remember Jessica’s results in these polls are skewed.

Second place this week goes to Phillip Phillips who pulled in 17% of the vote after a bit of jockeying back and forth with Joshua Ledet this morning in our poll. Last week Phillip earned the second to last seat in our poll so escaping out of the Bottom 2 here is an improvement for the man in grey and likely more in line with how the official results will turn out tonight.

Joshua Ledet comes in at number three with 16% this week with his big performances including the standout “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” The judges have dubbed Joshua the best singer evah!, the most incredibly this, and the most wonderful that, but luckily for Joshua the overabundance of praise doesn’t seem to have hurt him here. I agree with your votes that Joshua will be safe tonight, but it could be close.

And then there was Hollie Cavanagh. After surging in last week’s poll to the number two position she’s tumbled back down to last place with only 11% of the vote. Week after week she’s been in the American Idol 2012 results show spotlight awaiting Ryan Seacrest’s news and I think she’s ready to do it again one last time. There’s no shame in leaving in fourth place and if it is Hollie’s time for elimination then she should be proud of making it this far.

As a comparison to our poll results I took a look at DialIdol’s predictions which put Phillip in last place and Joshua one step above him and gives Jessica and Hollie the top two spots. It’s worth noting that last week DialIdol predicted Skylar and Hollie in the Top 2 and we all know how that turned out.

Branden is also predicting Hollie to be tonight’s elimination sacrifice, but he considers a Hollie/Jessica Bottom 2 as a likely scenario. It’s entirely possible and would definitely shake things up heading in to the Top 3 week which production would love.

Then one other potential scenario out there is playing off a fun little conspiracy theory. Tumblr user “Star Light Storm” noticed the official American Idol Twitter background mysteriously featured the Top 10 singers in the order they had been eliminated so far this season. This was pointed out last week before Skylar Laine was eliminated and sure enough, Skylar was next in the image after Elise Testone. So who follows Skylar in the group image? Phillip Phillips. Conspiracy or coincidence? I’d say coincidence, but it’s certainly entertaining.

Who do you think will be in tonight’s American Idol 2012 Bottom 2 and which one of them will be saying goodbye?




    • In truth, I’m more excited by David Cook’s appearance.  At this point all four are winners.

    • I just don’t understand why people hate on Jessica…. I dare you to tell me one thing that she doesn’t do well vocal wise. Her control is impeccable and her tone is fantastic. There is literally nothing to complain about…

      • It’s nothing about her voice.  It’s her complete lack of any personality.  She just does whatever the original singer did with their performance.  There’s no Jessica in Jessica.  She’s a puppet.

      •  She is more or less a pro reality contestant who has recorded and sold records on an independent label on itunes.  She’s been voted out once already and doesn’t deserve to be there.

      • I am always aware of technique when she sings. That’s not what I want to experience when someone sings.

      • And I don’t hate her. I don’t think people who prefer another singer should be called haters.

      • I don’t know the technical term for it but her voice is deep, always deep, and that makes her boring. Sure she has control and that might or seem to make her impeccable but would you really buy her second CD? and I must say and I’m not a fan of his but Phillips is the only contestant who displays any originality of all the contestants.

      • I’m team Jessica.. but if people think that she’s not good or not good enough just let them be. They have their own opinion and we have ours. 🙂

      • Jessica showed what she got in diffferent form, Joshua ouch, shouting is his best asset,but sad to say its not singing, P2 always safe with his voice i dont think he can do much more than that,just an opinion, Hollie just a sweet one,thats it. To all the haters of Jessica,continue you make her so popular.

    • You can’t hope that Jessica will going home… are not watching the show?


    • With a bunch of nations who love her, and a bunch of haters who dislikes here,…. Definitely she is a big Star…… There is no Superstar who always been liked by many,….. Even those Legends of music experienced that kind of thing…. Haters are somewhat spice,….. So i’d say, let there be Haters. Its more fun. Lols!

    • Ur some sick dude!!!! I like jessica!!! I HOPE JESSICA WINS ,I HOPE JESSICA WINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    •  Definitely Jessica in not going home. Sorry for those people who don’t understand the music…. looooser!

    • No amount of liking and hoping by Hollie fans could keep her from going home. You should have voted more.

  1. The four finalists did their best last night and I think it will be hard for all AI followers to see their Idol goes home tonight.  For me, Jessica and Joshua gave the best performances last night and they delivered their songs brilliantly.  In my opinion, Jessica’s performances made her on top again and I really admire her for choosing “And I am Telling You” because we have been wanting and hoping for her to sing this song since Top 12 performances.

    Goodluck to Jessica.  You made us proud.

    • Yehey…. I got it right!  Jessica and Joshua made it to the top 3.  I am just happy for Jessica because she was called first.  Diadidol made it right the first time.

      Congratulations Jessica. We will continue supporting you until you reach your dream.

  2. This is a good year for American Idol.  I certainly believe that Joshua and Jessica have the best voices;but, personally, I really like the music of Phillip Phillips!  So, my vote would be for young Mr. Phillips.

  3. hollie won last night.
    randy jackson needs to be fired he is so racist he only likes you if your black.

  4. their performances as guage has been proven to UNRELIABLE… the judges’ comments, too!………. I say Phillip and Jessica are safe!………. This is probably the most “obvious” results week on who’ll go!

      • I agre with you Jerem the way he sing he likes always going to the toilet……LOL

      • Why does Josh need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Maybe jealous that he is one of the best singers of the top 4.    My comment only but he has the whole dare package  and i believe win or not he will be the one to watch next……..

  5. Was surprised with your comment about P2 being in last place in Diadol. Decided to check it out and unless I’m reading that incorrectly or there’s more than one Dialdol, it looks to my ignorant eyes that Joshua is clearly in last place. P2 is neck and neck with Hollie. Can you clarify that?

    • Dial idol is
      Jessica being safe
      hollie being in second place
      phil in 3rd
      joshua in 4th
      this guy on here luvs  joshua.
      pay him no attention.
      he is always rude and abnoxius to the ones he dont like.

      • As an FYI…….Dial Idol had Jessica in last place the night her fans fell asleep at the wheel.  I think that when there are two numbers to call, the accuracy of Dial Idol goes down a little.  Also, Colton was in last place when he was shown the door by his fickle fans.

      • Dialidol is never right!! it doesn’t take into account online votes

      • @Guest:  Last week Dial Idol had Skylar green and predicted safe and Joshua was on the bottom.  Guess who went home, so much for Dial Idol.

    • I’ve noticed that who ever is in first place has been the one to go this year. Who knows I don’t think their letting anyone know for sure this year.

  6. I am still shocked and amazed that these news writers just do not get it (Hello????   Matthew?????).  Jessica received the loweest amount of votes 4 weeks ago because NO ONE THOUGHT SHE NEEDED THEIR VOTE.   That was the mantra around the coffee machine the Friday morning after that Results Show.  This happens every year.  It is the reason why the “Save” was implemented (ala Chris Daughtry).  Jessica has been no where near the bottom 3 before that night, or since that night.  Yet, time and time again this was is brought up over and over, despite the fact that she leads in almost every internet poll (sometimes at a 2x or 3x the votes over 2nd place).   Jessica’s fans got a huge wake up call 4 weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure they are locked and loaded for the full 2 hours every Wednesday evening.  According to every media site (Facebook, Twitter, etc), she does have the most amount of fans.

      • You are in the vast minority with that opinion.  Find one article written that supports your view, and there will be 10+ saying the opposite.

      • You have some major hearing problems if yo think hollie beat jessica. Hollie could have never sang what jessica did last night

      • Hollie can’t even sing as half the way Jessica does. If you close your eyes and listen to bith (without seeing them), you’ll say that one of them is a goddess and the other one is garbage. Try to do it in front of your PC. Then, tell me. LOL.

      • @8fde60ce1a04f1fae2b3585858e2ed3c:disqus Can a minority be vast?  I would think that is a contradiction in terms.

      • @25ec7cf1afcc411464c89781fc53f8eb:disqus She’s a minority only in skin color, nowhere else 😉

      • In your dreams. But I also liked Hollie so don ‘t worry I won’t faut u for that

    • Yes you are right, but those fans include fans that do not live in America, therefore they can not vote.

      • Apparently she does have a vast American fanbase as evidenced by her top 3 placing

    • True! I put in about 2400+ text votes for Jessica last night and about 1000+ calls for the full two hours and I am not alone, I’ve been reading online that many more are doing what I do. And you are correct we have been invigorated by her (almost) elimination and my votes for  her have been increasing every week since then. 

      It paid off 🙂

  7. I hope Phillip is going home. He’s getting boring. Every week it’s the same.

  8. Phillip is the best all around package. Don’t like Joshua’s high pitched voice. We mama’s love Phillip and I know all the young ladies do to! Go Phillip!

  9. In all honesty and I am not trying to discredit anyone. I wanted to wait until after the voting was over before I said this. 

    I really am suspicious that Phillip was lip syncing on his second performance last night.

    I know I am going to get bashed for saying that but you tell me the purpose for that pop filter. It wasn’t to protect the mic against saliva. He wasn’t singing with enough intensity to spray a lot of spit every where. There weren’t really plosive parts of the song that need to be squelched. It didn’t need a lot of de-essing either. So what was the purpose? Was it there to mask something? Was the lighting very dark for some other reason than the production? Did they put the back up singer lady in the shot with him to draw your eye away from him for a reason?

    Consider these two comments by JLo. Read between the lines and as I have always said, pay attention to the subtext.

    “I heard a quality in your voice that I hadn’t heard before.”

    “There aren’t many people who could pull that off live on stage in a competition like this.”

    I am just offering up some food for thought. Go ahead start bashing.

      • I didn’t say he didn’t sing it. I am just suspicious that it wasn’t a live vocal performance.

    • Could be plausible but would they allow that. That’s just too unfair but I wouldn’t put it past any show nowadays.

      However, what I think Jlo meant by the second comment was that the song isn’t very.popular so it could put voters off but since he did a good “Phillip Phillips” job that he’s the only one who could get away with a song like that.

      • Maybe she did mean that. I was just offering up what I was thinking at the time and wondering why nobody else gets a pop filter. That filter alone is really an unfair advantage if you ask me.

        But they can do so many things that it becomes hard to tell a natural performance from an altered one anymore. I would guess that the young kids now a days don’t even realize how much of what they listen to has been tweaked by computer software. I guess I’m just a purist when it comes to music.

        In a competition I think it should be all natural though.

    • Lip synching on American Idol would be the greatest of all TV crimes.  I think that P2 is so frail that he needs an extremely hot mic to get his sound out.  The pop filter was probably needed because he was right on top of that mic, even for a relatively quiet song.  He did a very good job considering the crapola he’s been putting out over the past 4 weeks.  BUT, it was a darn easy song to sing.  P2 does well when the song is simple with little or no range.  Throw in some complexity and few high notes here and there, and P2 is toast.

    • I’ll give you that was Phillips best performance to date. He has a very distinct sound to my ear. I feel this way about Hollie as well. As for lip syncing, I don’t know if there is an official rule against it but I’d bet there is. The pop filter was just a prop I think, like the background singer. It all adds to vibe, which was very very good.
      That was the first time I really liked Joshua’s performance. Got to give credit were credit is due and that was certainly a standing O performance.
      Jessica is hands down the best singer, but my vote is still for Phillip because of his sound.

    • Watch Damien Rice’s video.  He has the same set up right down to the cellist. Just P2 imitating someone other than DM for a change.

      • Good call Templar!  What a rip off artist.  We were led to believe that it was sooooooooooooo original.    P2 sounds EXACTLY like Rice.  So much for originality…… much for being a true artist. 

    • Do you know anything really about the music industry and why they use these tools?
       pop filter or pop shield is an anti-pop noise protection filter for microphones, typically used in a recording studio. It serves to reduce or eliminate ‘popping’ sounds caused by the mechanical impact of fast moving air on the microphone during recorded speech and singing. It can also protect against the accumulation of saliva on the microphone element. Salts in human saliva are corrosive and thus use of a pop filter may prolong the life of the microphone.[1]

       It is not to hide something or to lip sync…. I am a Phillip Fan for life that is for sure because he IS a true artist….he has natural music ability not just a voice…he plays multiple  instruments…he has a wonderful voice which is unique and oh wow I want to listen to it over and over again…..he writes his own songs…etc could go on and on… can just see it when he performs…it is in his soul…he just doesn’t “sing” the words to a song he feels the music and the words….a TRUE and valuable asset to that show and to the future of the music industry!  I for one am so excited to see his success and there will be HUGE success for him and based on how far he has come….there are millions of other people who feel the same way!  So sorry for you because you have missed out on a true musician…a true talent!  So happy for those people who “get” him……..never met him…can’t wait to see him perform live…can’t wait to buy his music…..Thanks Phillip….your fan base keeps growing and growing!!

      • His set up was the same as Damien Rice – check out his video of the song – even down to the singer superimposed as if she was singing back to him. It was a pure and simple copycat and not original at all.

      • I think I stated that above. But I didn’t copy and paste. I know full well what it’s for. My question was why was it needed in this performance.

      • People just don’t know how else to put him down or hate on him, I for one have been a fan since I first saw and heard his audition that boy can sing!!!!!! And I can not wait to buy his album!

    • FYI…..the true injustice on American Idol is people spreading these rumors without the facts!  I thought you were part of the “justice” league!  Hmmmm….guess not!  Were’nt you the one the other day speaking of “justice and playing fair”?  Apparently that is only true when it serves your own purposes! 
      I post positives and leave the other crap out….it goes back to the old saying….”If you can’t say anything nice….don’t say anything at all!”

  10. I think Joshua and Hollie will be in the top 2. And I’m 100% sure that HOLLIE will go home. Her good luck is over.

  11. Have you noticed the Picture above……Hollie’s indicating the 3 are safe…lol

    •  If the judges and their terrible taste in talent have their way… You could be right!

    • oh hopefully. All 4 have talent but I think Hollie needs experience (which Jess already has becuase of the AGT experience and been singing everywhere) and Phil is VERY VERY predictable and boring. Josh can sing ANYTHING THOUGH.
      (I’m neither Black nor Asian, and even if I was I would have been proud to be one). I’m just being objective and saying what I see.  

  12. Josua and Jessica are over-the-top tacky with all their overdone melismas and corny theatrics. They ruin every song they sing. I will be so happy if one of the two leaves tonight. Hollie is the best and most distinctive singer of the four. She got my votes, hope she pulls a rabbit out of a hat and proves the retarded judges wrong.

    • What’s up with all the judges ganging up on Hollie after her second song?  Her first song Faithfully was fantastic…Randy even agreed, then they bashed her second song…uncool…I’m sure that swayed middle america!

  13. Jessica  is wonderful every week I can’t wait to hear what she will sing. She has a voice that is truly a gift from God . She is # 1 to me  !!!!!!!

    • Why in the world did they make her and Hollie sit on a damn swing.  Last wk they ragged she dressed like a ho, so this wk they stick them on swings.  Why not just give her a teddy bear to hold.  Producers on the show can be real A-holes!

  14. Just as I suspected… Last night’s show was an absolute snooze fest.  This top 4 can sing but none of ’em have any idea how to entertain.  Might as well put a cardboard cut out on the stage and throw a record on!!!

  15. Phillip is so unique. He should at least be in the top two. I hope he wins it. Go Phillip, yeah!

  16. I really think Hollie is safe.

    Ryan will say: Hollie you’ve been in the bottom for the last 4 weeks…and I’m sorry to say that for the 5th week in a row……you are safe from elimination. Please join (whoever has made the top 3)in the Top 3 or he’ll say you’re the.first person to join the Top 3!!!

    • The top vote getter is always identified first (last week it was Joshua).  I would find it extremely difficult to believe that Hollie would be the top vote getter this week.  She is very good, but just taking the last 4 songs into account, she was not on the same level as the other 3.  Her singing is very 2 dimensional with little or no harmonics in her voice.  Exceptional vocalists have 3 dimensional voices that have more than one harmonic included in their voice (like a piano chord).  Sting would be a good example of this. 

      • She could have gotten the most. With people thinking that Josh and Jessica are sage and feel they are automatically in it and don’t vote.

  17. sorry this years show is terrible i stopped watching and the final 4 all jennifer does is go on and on and on about joshua and jessica and neither one is a singer they shreak not sing and if they had a cd out i wouldnt buy it or take one if they were free……….show has lost its lustre time to say goodnight and goodbye.  and besides other than carrie underwood and kelly clarkson who were american idol winners the other winners are never heard of they have disappeared………

    • There is a very long list of male and female contestants that have succeeded bc of their exposure on Idol.  You don’t have to be sorry for your opinion, you’re just incorrect.  Goodnight and Goodbye.

  18. To all the people who post rude comments about Joshua: Go away, you RACIST dummies! Joshua is exceptional. A kindle, gentle soul, an artist, with the voice and passion of the truly GREATS!
    Joshua and Jessica are the best.

    • I think Joshua is awesome!  I don’t think the haters r racists, maybe, who knows. He does have an old soul, he’s too young 2 sing so emotionally, he’s gifted.  Not a fan of JS, never have been, am forced to mute her every time even tho I try 2 listen.  Agree with Jlo that Hollie chose wrong song..I can’t make u love me, in trying 2 get sympathy vote, but maybe she will again.  Phillip, love his style, his face when he sings (the one very young girls hate), and his voice.  Hope he wins, but have a feeling we’re in for a J v J contest.

  19. You are the pride of the planet Jessica, but YOU WILL GO HOME!!!!!!!
    — that is, after May 23 when you are declared the WINNAHHHHHH hahahahahah!!!!!

  20. hollie is the worst.i dont even know why is she still there, i think AI is scripted knowing that she keeps on falling on the bottom 2 for 4 weeks in a row and yet not getting eliminated? phil is just staying because of the teen girls voting for him(that sucks) he’s not even great too..he’s like constipated everytime he sings which irritates me..!jessica and joshua should be in the finale with jessica winning..if one of them gets eliminated today,theres really something wrong with america!c’mon don’t be stupid!look for the voice! hollie and phil should go home!they are NOTHING compared to the other 2!

    • You got that right Sam…American Idol is about talent, not about whoever looks good has my vote.  Like the judges said lastnight, they have never heard anyone sing on American Idol ever the way Joshua did.

      • jessica and joshua are really the best..phil and hollie can’t even level themselves with the 2 .. you can really see the big difference when it comes to their voice..the quality, the range etc..

  21. What’s with the Hollie hate I’m  sensing?
    She certainly isn’t a bad singer and quite obviously better than Phillip. Even though JSan or Joshua might be technically better singers I really don’t care for them. A matter of taste I guess.
    Phillip is a charming man, but boring for me. Actually they’ve made some boring song choises all, except Elise. And I am missing Skylar, even though I’ m not a country fun. Skylar has a gift of performing!

    • Well said.  The top 7 were very exceptional in their own ways.  Elise killed herself with song choice and attitude.  She should have been Robert Plant 24/7.  Hollie is better than Phil, but not for the current musical trends of this decade.  Skylar was too country, and unable to do anything else.  Joshua is amazing, but sometimes not in a good way.  Jessica is the only one that sings with variety.  You are so Beautiful, Dance with my Father, Sweet Dreams, Everybody has a Dream, and the two songs she sang last night are all vastly different from each other.   Plus, Jessica has outstanding range with near perfect intonation.  So, with high quality songs and coaching, Jessica will have the most promising career…….not to mention the millions of fans she has in Asia.  American Idol is big over there.  I have see ads for Adam Lambert concert in Hong Kong more than once when I have been over  there.

      • Instead of bashing all the other contestants, why don’t you just say you LOVE Jess, I for one don’t care for her boring singing she sure does not compare to Phillip she’s boring!!!

    • I don’t think Hollie is hated at all or she wouldn’t have stuck around after being in the bottom 3 so many times.  Wrong about P2 also, he may be boring 2 you but can sing better than Hollie.  Sorry Skylar and Elise got the boot…who r u going to root for now?

  22. Indeed, it was a bad song choice for Hollie because she is just way too young to really feel and interpret Bonnie’s amazingly deep, mature song. But she certainly gave it her best shot. Pretty sure she’s out tonight.

    But, I have to say that I personally thought Jessica’s closing song was really not good. I’ve heard that song done way better by others. She just sounds like she’s pushing too hard and comes off a bit “shouty” to me. And, again, she’s even younger than Hollie, so why are we to believe her any more than Hollie?

    My bet’s on Phillip winning it all–not because he’s my favorite, but because that’s just how I see it playing out. Frankly, I’ve been pretty bored with this season compared with the talent from last year. Even the Voice was better this year!

    • Wow…..there is no way The Voice was better than AI.  Juliet was supposed to be great, but she was awful.  Remember that these are much older, more mature vocalists and they can pick whatever they want to sing.  Sometimes, the background music is so overwhelming that you can barely hear the contestant.   So, they can sing whatever makes them sound the best AND they can hide behind a  huge amount of noise.  Don’t get me wrong, the final 4 of The Voice were very good, but they were no where near the calibre of the AI final 4.  A side by side comparison with Juliet and Jessica would prove that our very quickly.

      • i think jessica joshua juliet and jermaine were the perfect final 4 but we all know that is impossible..:)

      •  hey , Juliet did amazing. Look at the sales of her performance singles, Juliet boosted to the top 5 singles on iTunes with the song that Joshua sang last night.

    • Your bored because your faves are going home one by one… I will b bored too if I have to watch the ones that I don’t root for…just my opinion!

    • Hi tj,

      At least someone else shares my opinion on last night’s performances.

      Call me crazy but after watching the final four of “The Voice”  this week
      and comparing that to last night’s final four it is not even close, I am referring to the overall entertainment value and the quality of the singing.  American idol needs to make some big changes to stay par next year with both XFactor and The Voice. 

      I was reading an on line article by the Post “Amercian Idol” vs” The Voice” and explaining why viewers dropped significantly on Idol and increased significantly on The Voice and now has surpassed ratings.  The Article  itemized a number of very valid reasons why.  You guys should check it out. 

       It does points a lot of our complaints this season about the Judges, the format , the voting inaccuracies and one item that really spoke to me was the fact that on  The Voice – they are called coaches and they coach and mentor their chosen singers , here at idol the judges makes fun, humiliates and harp on the singers that they chose early in the season.

      At this point it doesn’t matter who goes home tonight in my opinion.
      Of all the hundreds and hundreds of good home grown songs California can offer and thousands of songs that can inspire and what do we have last night????? 

      Just saying…………………………………………………..

  23. Ive watched last nights show several times, it is impossible to ignore how well Joshua did…he is my least favorite of the remaining…but I have to give credit where credit is due, he did the best last night…I am also not a P2 fan, but he had his best night IMO so far as well…

    I am a fan of Hollie and Jessica…so I am always nervous for them…I think they have turned Jessica into an African American this week…and they have been doing this transformation for weeks now…and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!

    I liked Hollie singing Faithfully but I dont know if it is enough to keep her in the competition…but pulling for her…

    I want to see Hollie and Jessica in the Finale…I dont always get what I want

  24. Everybody please stop and think for a second! Can you name another person that could pull off singing James Brown’s It’s A Man’s World?  Absolutely not!!! I know many of you don’t want to admit it but Joshua has pure natural talent.  Like the judges said…that is one of the hardest songs in the world to sing and he made it his own and pulled it off!  None of the other 3 constestants can touch him.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like Jessica as well and I think that her and Joshua should be the last 2 standing.  The song “I Am Telling You” is a very hard song to sing too and YES she did pull it off, but Joshua is the one that deserves to be crowned “American Idol.”

    • Juliet of the Voice did it, and a much better version only one week ago. I liked Joshua’s version but not nearly as much. Concidering many people believe she topped it and only one week ago, takes a lot of the shine off of Joshua’s version. Again, I believe he did an excellent job, but due to the circumstances, I think he should have choses a different song.

    • My hujsband and I are kind of split…I like Jessica and he prefers Josh…and we don’t even argue about it.

    • Juliet Simms nailed it last week on The Voice – you can listen to it or download on iTunes – and sang it much better than Joshua did last night plus her stage performance was incredible.

    • Hi Melinda,

      You must not have watched The Voice, so if you missed Juliet Sims cover on that song, you may be able to watch it again thru UTube.

      Watch it and tell me again what said.  Peace.

    • Some guy showed that historically, the least vote getter from the Top 4 show were always ranked 3rd and 4th on Dial Idol.   This would be Phillip or Joshua.  So historically, one of these two will be going home.  But, I still think that Hollie had a sub-par night compared to the last 3 songs.

  25. P.S. whenever I go to dialidol I don’t see anything..where do I go? Or do I have to download it?

    • Using Google, type in “Dial Idol” and then click on the “predictions”.  The home page is useless for anything current.

    • It is not accurate, last week Skylar was the only one predicted safe and Joshua was on the bottom….we all know how that worked out.

  26. Hollie is the only one I can listen to without cringing at some point. The others try so hard to be unique sometimes that it comes off as fake. But if you like watching Phillip in pain, Jessica trying to be 60 and Josh trying to find some squealing run of the ages, then that’s your right.

    • Hollie is the only one I can look at period.  Some of the others are really hard to look at.  Good thing it is a singing competition, a couple of them would  certainly would not win in the looks department.

  27. If Phillip or Joshua leave tonight I wont even bother seeing who wins. Hollie is queer as hell

    • Don’t be so rude…it isn’t necessary.  Like who you like but really…..

    • hmm, yes I see your point.  She is obviously queer as hell.  Is that queer meaning, blonde?  Queer meaning English?  Or queer meaning from Texas?  Or is that queer meaning that she has a very smooth easy to listen to voice?  But yeah, I see what you mean.

    • I would say that the only thing “queer” here is your comment about Hollie. She is a very sweet, shy, young girl with a great voice, which is the most pleasant to listen to of the final four.

      Why people come on here with hateful comments is beyond my comprehension and, frankly, shows a lack of culture and character.

      These are four young people trying their best to make a career in a very tough business and have achieved top 4 status out of thousands who auditioned and all will be successful in whatever genre they choose to follow.

      I have all the songs each have sung on the show since the top 13 and Hollie has, by far, the smoothest of all the voices. Just because she doesn’t screech and growl seems to go against her this year, whereas this was something the “judges” criticized in others last year.   

      I guess it boils down to who it is Jackson wants to win but, bear in mind, he is has been right ONCE in his previous 10 seasons on the show when he said Fantasia would win.    

      • She can sing a lullaby coz it doesn’t need power. She will not sell any for that unless she goes babysitting making kids sleep with her whispering air gasping voice but with a very very wide mouth range. Listen again. Please…

  28. I hope Jessica wins this , but she won’t because it’s always the cute boy who wins. It’s so typical of idol . In the end it becomes a popularity contest.

      • i totally disagree! i dont think phil will win it all..i cant take the teen girls voting him..hes not even cute at all. hes like constipated looking man who sings like he wants to poo and in real deep pain..i cant explain but thats how i see it.

  29. You have rightfully to doubt, Templar.  Jessica’s legions of fans have long since regrouped and are now solidly behind her. 

  30. Hollie will go and.Josh. …Jessica and Phillip will be in for.the running ..I personally like Phillip…just want to hear David Cook performance one of my favaorites

  31. I watched
    the show over again… either the telecast studio makes Hollie sound the best
    on TV or the judges all drink the same Kool-Aid or need hearing aides with
    pitch monitoring.


    both Jessica
    and joshs songs pitchy yelling screamish…  Hollie won round 1  round 2 played it safe.  Phil won round 2.



    both Jessica
    and joshs songs pitchy yelling screamish…  Hollie won round 1  round 2 played it safe.  Phil won round 2.



    • AAAAAH.  I hate the kool aid comment.   It was a MASS INVOLUNTARY SUICIDE of men, woman and hundreds of children at Jamestown.  And for the information of everyone who uses this pathetic analogy, it was a fruit beverage laced with poison they were forced to drink.  Not Koolaid and they didn’t do it in awe of anyone.  Geez, had to get that one off my chest.

      • I do laugh at the “drink the Koolaid” analogy because, as you correctly state, it was not Koolaid they drank.  I think the cult was in Jonestown in Guyana.

  32. Hollie has been my favorite from the beginning.  I believe they are all very talented however I won’t vote for the person if I personally would not go see them in concert or purchase their music.  Hollie is the only one that fits the bill.  Joshua is certainly not my taste, to much gospel for me.  Jessica singssongs that arefar too old for her and she is very hard to look at.  P2 belongs in a Las Vegas lounge or coffee house  in Venice.  I do believe Hollie might be going home tonight for many reasons, including the judges/Jimmy’s bias against her.  Thatbeing said, she will do well, she is beautiful, classy, talented and seems to be a genuinely nice person.

    • I totally agree on all points. As I write, I am listening to her singing and it is like listening to a top recording artist. Her diction and phrasing is first class as is the clarity and power of her voice.


      • Again, Hollie?????come on really!!!!!! What sort of standards do you have for judging her professional? She is tone deaf at times. Zero impact!!!!!

  33. How biased is Jackson and how much influence does he have on what the other two say? 

    I watch when they show the singers from a shot where you can see the judges and he is constantly talking to JLo and Steve Tyler and continues to do so after the contestant has finished and leads almost all of the standing ovations.

    How biased is he? He goes on Jay Leno’s show and essentially ignores any claim Hollie has to advance but extols Phillip, Joshua and Jessica. This before the top 4 show and, as I have posted before, this should not be allowed by AI.

    He complained over and over about the girls duet that Hollie got all the big notes parts, which wan’t true and, in fact, everyone in our house watching it said Hollie sounded better than Jessica.

    8 songs sung last night and they criticized one – Hollie’s last one – after much discussion led by Jackson. She is definitely getting the Haley treatment from these three clowns this year.

    If you listen to Jennifer Holliday or Jennifer Hudson sing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” there are tender moments in the song with a build up to the crescendo ending.

    Jessica Sanchez sang that from the get go in a very angry, screeching way and it there was no connection, just as there wasn’t in the duet. It is all about her so if anyone should be criticized for not connecting, she is the one. She has been groomed, coached and pushed since she was 3 to be a star and has a very self-serving attitude.

    As for the rest of the show last night, it was predictable in the sense of who would sing which songs.

    Phillips first was average at best but his “Volcano” was excellent.

    Hollie was great with her first and her vocals were spot on with the 2nd.

    Joshua made me feel I was in church with the first one and he was OTT on the 2nd. I watched Juliet Simms sing that on the Voice last week and she nailed it and that was a better rendition than Joshua’s.

    They raved about Jessica singing an Etta James song at 16, despite all the training she has received, but I recall a 14-year old from Colorado – Rachel Crow – singing I’d Rather Go Blind” on the X-Factor last year and nailing it as well.

    Listen to Jennifer Hudson sing the song that was featured in “Dream Girls” and listen to the tenderness in her voice as well as the “anger” and compare it to Jessica Sanchez’s version.   

    After being “seduced” by the boring one dimensional Scotty last year, they seem to have gone for the big voice, dramatic growling and screeching this year, the very thing the “judges” complained about about last year.            

    •  Jessica has become a pro reality show contestant if you look at her resume.  She shouldn’t even be allowed on the show and you are right what is she so angry at?  Her attitude stinks and to be honest was the worst of the girls duet. 

      • I know; I wrote about her “resumé” two weeks ago and the fact that she has been pushed since age 3 to be a star. You only had to look at the snippets they showed last night. She was growling a diva song at 3 for God’s sake.  

        In addition to all the reality shows she has been on already, she was also granted a full scholarship to the Theater for Performing Arts in Hollywood. 

    • Jessica’s growling and screeching in “You are so Beautiful” and “Dance With My Father” were unbearable.  Also, I hate the yelling and screeching of Aretha Franklin’s Respect.  She is obviously the worst singer of all time.

    • Hollie? Even a 2year old can judge her voice as normal, untrained, low quality, not worth-hearing, very common, can be heard from anywhere, no star quality. She is pretty, yeah. Her voice? Come on!!!!!

  34. JOSH will go and jessica get ready next week is your turn to say good by. i dont believe in polls. hollie will get MOST of skylars vote.

  35. I think Philip and Jessica will be in the top 2. Holly has a beautiful voice but was picked on all year by S Tyler and last night the judges really tried to push her out,
    They want Philip against either Jessica or Joshua in the final. I think they are going to hurt Joshua by their favoritism and he will loose the boy vote to Philip
    All in all 4 really good artists. I hope for Jessica because she is doing things with her voice that are incredible for a 16 year old. It’s the judges advise that ispushing her to too old songs and to mature stage presence which may cost her in the end

  36.  I guess Jessica is going to go on every show she can until she finally wins one.  Pathetic!  None of the rest of these other contestants are a pro reality contestant.
    Showtime at the Apollo

    At the age of 10, Sanchez got a standing ovation for performing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” on Showtime at the Apollo. The host Whoopi Goldberg called her back on stage to accept a second round of applause.[17][18]

    America’s Got Talent

    Sanchez competed on the first season of America’s Got Talent
    at the age of 11. Despite a successful audition, she was not seen on
    the show until during the wild card round of the semi-finals when judge Brandy Norwood
    chose her to comeback for a chance to compete for the finals. Norwood
    predicted, “You’re gonna be huge, I promise,” after seeing her perform “I Surrender” by Celine Dion.[6][19] The show’s executive producer and former American Idol judge Simon Cowell named her “one of the best I have ever heard.”[20]

    National Football League

    On September 22, 2008, Sanchez sang The Star-Spangled Banner before a San Diego Chargers versus New York Jets matchup. She got invited again to sing the national anthem on September 27, 2009 before a San Diego Chargers versus Miami Dolphins matchup.[12][18]

    Single releases

    In October 2009, Sanchez recorded a cover of “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna for iTunes with independent record label Spin Move Records.[21] The following spring, Sanchez recorded another single with Spin Move Records, a cover of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” for YouTube and exclusive download on the label’s website.[22][23]

    We Are the World remake

    Sanchez was one of the singers in Lisa Lavie’s collaboration video “We Are the World 25 for Haiti (YouTube Edition)” for charity relief for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, along with later America’s Got Talent contestant and earlier American Idol finalist Thia Megia from the previous season.[24] The video’s participants were collectively recognized as “Persons of the Week” on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer on March 19, 2010.[25]

    • And she still is nowhere.  Next stop X-Factor?  The Voice?  How long does it take to convince her stage mother that Jessica is never going to be a star?  Sheeesh.  Allison Iraheta had 10x more personality at 16 than JSan.

      • The fact that you are talking about her means Jessica is worth something.  Most of the big stars today start as unknown singers.  Jessica is now a STAR, At just 16, Jessica will be around for a much longer time whether you like it or not.  

      • @1de68ba6019c9496e047a2ed10f262e8:disqus So, by your logic Lee DeWyze is a star because he won.  Right?  And Taylor Hicks is a star because he won.  Right?   WRONG!  They are semi famous.  They are not STARS!

      • In America, it is difficult to break in music industry if you are asian.  You have to be either white or black.  With the AI exposure, Jessica may be the first one to break in.

      • Correct? Why because it is not all about the voice, it is about stage presence, being charismatic on stage and she is not that….yet!  She needs to go away, mature a little and get a bit of life experiences in her, then come back and blow everyone away…there are some who at 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16 etc can do that, she can’t.

        Only 2 performers at this moment have the stage presence, Philip and Joshua..Hollie is in the same boat as Jessica.  My opinion is that is Jessica wins she will do OK for her first record, then fail in her second…then go away for a while then come back a different artist.  For her own sake, she should not win, same with Hollie.

        But for both Joshua and Philip, they are ready (as well as Skylar) for music careers and have the stage presence to have great ones…now!

    • I did’nt know that singing the national anthem at a football game qualifies as a performance for a reality show. How many singers participated in We are the World 25? How many seconds of fame did that give each participant?

  37. Here’s MY problem with Joshua…and why I get so annoyed when he gets constant standing O’s and why I will never vote for him…

    Yes, he has a voice range that’s crazy good and a great set of vocal chords.

    However, it’s the sound of his voice and the way he uses it that makes me want to cringe. I hate his constant highs and lows when he sings and I absolutely cannot stand the screeching. I think he’s a good performer but if I listened to him with my eyes closed I would immediately change the channel. Which is why I think he shouldn’t win. I don’t think people will listen to him on the radio etc. Just because someone can sing does not mean that they sound GOOD while singing.

    I wish the judges would tell him that he overextends things. Again, just my opinion and why I wish he would’ve went home a long time ago.

      • I know, right! They tell Phillip that his song was the best he’s ever done yet he doesn’t get a standing O? Whatever. I can’t stand the judges favoritism.

      • Been that way all season…Jimmy and the Judges, cute name, maybe they should form a group of their own.

  38. I totallt agree…I think if you don’t scream the song, then they aren’t

    Oh I’ve wondered that for several weeks.  This girl has an amazing voice, she actually sings, she doesn’t need to scream the song, as some of the other idols do.  She is talented, but I do believe the judges definately sway the voting as they have all season…too bad

    • She can’t hit a high note. Look at the way she gasps for air coz her mouth is so widely open. She doesn’t even know how to use a headtone. She is sometimes tone deaf and her voice just comes out from nowhere (the ground mostly). Review the duets. She always comes out weak.

    • I agree that she’s good, but if she really had a huge and loyal fanbase, they wouldn’t be swayed by anything the judges threw at her. Give the voters more credit.

    Bottom 2: Phillip, Joshua
    Eliminated: Phillip
    Top 3: Hollie, Jessica & Joshua
    I think Hollie will not be eliminated..she did well on both her songs last night..Phillip was terrible on his first song, Joshua screams

  40. That was a disgusting remark  If you don’y like her that your right, but no need to be that rude

    • Obviously, look at Jessica’s very extensive resume and she hasn’tmade it yet.  What is next, The Voice or X Factor?  Does not look like too many folks are interested.

      • Even if she were voted out tonight, Top 4 of American Idol is still a winning hand.  No need to go anywhere else.  She is only 16 years old.  How many people have successful professional signing careers before the age of 16?  Let me see……….how about NONE.

      • You are just not paying any attention.  Didn’t Akon just say that he wanted Jessica to get voted out so that he could sign her immediately.  Jimmy Iovine said that Jessica is the best and that he would hire her on the spot.  But, Interscope Records only has a few artists, and they are all lame and don’t really sell any records……like U2, Black Eyed Peas, 50 cent, blink 182, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Limp Bizket, Madonna, OneRepublic, Sting, The Police and Van Halen,

      • @Guest:   Hmm,  let me think about that.  Oh yes, now I remember, have you ever heard of Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears, Christina Aguillera, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift?  Shall I go on.

      • Depends how far back you want to go:
        Jackie Evancho -11Brenda Lee – 14Helen Shapiro – 14Justin Bieber – 15Justin Timberlake – 15 with ‘N’ SyncTaylor Swift – 16Beyoncé – 16 when first hit with Destiny’s ChildRihanna – 16 Chris Brown – 16Demi Lovato – 16Dusty Springfield – just 17We can throw in Christine Aguilera, Brittney Spears, maybe Charice and I’m sure if I really did a full review I could come up with a lot more.  By the way, two of The Beatles were 16 & 17 when they became famous in the UK and Europe. 

      • How many 10 year old girls are marketable recording artists? And she didn’t stay long in AGT for it to be considered major exposure. Even the winner of that contest isn’t visible in the entertainment horizon.

    • Wow, that’s a new one……Hollie is more marketable than Jessica???? LOL …..I guess all of the performing artists that want to do duets with Jessica and all of the record executives that want to sign here badly are all idiots.  Not to mention the millions of Jessica fans in Asia.  (even the royal family of the Pilippines are publically rooting for Jessica)

      • Again, with all of her exposure on America’s Got Talent, etc, why has she not been signed before.   She has had major exposure since she was 10 or 11…what is the problem?

      • lol in asia well hollie has quiet a few in the uk.
        however this is american idol.
        so i dont think it matters.

      • This is for Jeremy.  You can check out Jesse McCartney’s and David Archuleta’s tweets about wanting to have duets with Jessica.

    • Again, another post from someone who presumes to know.  Try marketing them both first, so you get your facts right.

    • This is the problem with people who are sure of things that have yet to happen—- they fall flat on their faces.  I hope you are well?

  41. come on close your eyes and listen like you do when you listen to music josh just doesnt do it for me can you really tell me that u would buy his albums no i really like hollie she has been in bottom but has the sweetest voice and to have a accent and to sing like she does is great

  42. JESSICA SANCHEZ is our bet. Can you imagine, a 16-year old girl performing like Whitney Houston, et al. She will still improve and be one of the best “young” singers in America and in other part of the world including here in the Philippines and in Asia. No matter what happened, I’m sure Jessica will get a lot of singing engagement including “hopefully” an opportunity to sing the Philippine National Anthem in the Pacquiao-Bradley Fight.  

  43. I cant stand Jessicas voice and she has no personality and dresses badly, Joshua needs to be singing in church, Hollie just cannot sing, and Phillip is going to WIN!

    • what u just said, just back to u, like karma! coz u have personality too, coz u are so rude, i wonder if philip can tolerate a fan like u, BASHER!

    • I do not agree about Hollie but you are right on about the others.  And yes, Joshua has worn a woman’s top under his jacket for two weeks in a row.  Happy I was not the only one that notices.  They all have a stylist, they do not pick their own wardrobe.

    • Hollie kicked everyone’s butt last night.
      so if she cant sing none and i mean none of them can.

    • Disagree with you about Hollie and Phillip’s first song was average at best, although I agree his 2nd was excellent.

      I listened to Jennifer Hudson a while back and she sings the song with a tender, almost pleading voice that rises to a crescendo but never screeches. Jessica sang it like an angry rant the whole way through.

      If the “judges” think that Joshua’s version of the James Brown song was the best version ever, they obviously did not watch The Voice last week and hear Juliet Simms nail it and do so with a great stage performance that backed her singing.

      Hollie will probably be the one to go tonight unless her buddy’s (Skylar) supporters switch their votes to Hollie. She does not deserve to go and will have a great future but I hope she stays into the top 3.       

  44. When we say “IDOL”, we are not only talking about singing voices, performance, good looks, black or white. We also need to take a look at their character, attitude and personality inside and outside of the stage. “IDOL” for me is someone that we can look up to…a role model…someone that will serve as an “icon” to  young people in America and the world on “hoping” “dreaming” and “surviving”. Jessica is the one.   

    • That’s your opinion and one to which you are entitled. We see it differently and do not find anything endearing about a 16-year old who has been groomed for stardom since she was 3, is appearing on her 3rd talent show since she was 10 and has already had 2 singles released on iTunes when she was 13.

      Listen to Jennifer Hudson sing that song and compare it to the angry way Jessica sang it last night. The song has tender, almost pleading moments to it and is not a screeching rant as was sung by Jessica last night.

      But that is my opinion to which I am entitled so, as I said, we see and hear things differently.

      But, let’s face it, life would be boring if everyone agreed on everything and didn’t have different likes and opinions.   

  45. Good Luck Hollie.. I’m so praying you touched enough votes to keep going.. I know you did this household… You are awesome… and you were awesome last night !!!! Soooo crossing my fingers…..

    • Amen to that Diane and those “judges” are disgraceful and need replacing. I know we will be fast forwarding JLo’s “performance” tonight, which is not “G” rated. 

      Who is she to criticize anyone’s singing, since she can’t sing herself?

      I understand why Tyler likes the screeching because that is his trademark

      Jackson was a stand-in bass player for part of a Journey tour that was cut short after 3-4 events. To listen to him, you’d think he was part of the group.  

  46. I tried listening to holli’s performances coz I don’t understand some of the comments here that she is the only professional smooth sounding idol here. Gosh!!!!! No… She sings like anyone else who can at least produce a voice. Notice her faithfully performance, she was shaking!!!!! Which gave her voice a little vibrato. She became more nervous on round 2, which gave her ‘off-over -vibrato”. She can’t really sing well, I mean professionally. Her voice is plain….and mostly plain.
    I thought she sounded like Bette Midler, but hell no!

    • Hollie kicked jessica’s booty in their performance.
      Hollie is very good she is nervous cause the judges slam her for something one week. and the next they say she needs more of it.
      the reason
      joshua aint nervous he could sing anything and they would clap.
      same goes for p2 and jessica

      • Totally agree Jeremy; Hollie is this year’s Haley Reinhart and the only difference is that Haley had had some experience with her family’s band and her high school jazz band so was able to shake it off. Hollie has no such experience and takes everything to heart.

        Jackson goes on Jay Leno the night before the final 4 and tells Leno that the top 3 will be Phillip, Joshua and Jessica and he hardly mentioned Hollie.

        He orchestrated the criticism last night. The final 4 sing 8 solo songs and the ONLY one who was criticized was Hollie for her 2nd song and its was merciless from them all. 

        Then in the duet, during which Jessica completely ignored Hollie, Jackson complained because Hollie got the “big notes” and Jessica didn’t – at least to his tone deaf ears.

        He is so biased, it is disgusting. It looks as if Hollie will go tonight but I sincerely hope she doesn’t and gives Jackson a Liverpool handshake!! I know she wouldn’t because she is too gentle and shy but he deserves one.    

  47. Those of you that think Jessica is not marketable have no clue what you are talking about.  Last season, she wasn’t even old enough to be on American Idol, so how is she going to get “signed” by some record label?   There is no way that the other 3 will have the career that Jessica will have.  Jessica is a huge hit around the world, the other 3 are not.   Of course she can over-sing a song or two, but her YouTube videos are huge hits compared to everyone else.  I guess that all of the recording artists and studio execs are idiots and you all that think she is not “marketable” are the true geniuses.  LOL

    • Really?  You really think that because she was 15 she could not get signed by a record label?  Wow…very misinformed comment there.  And as for being a huge hit around the world?  Really, says who?  I am not in the USA and I know that she is not a huge hit where I live.  No-one is doubting that she will have a huge career but I am not sure if it will be huge around the world.  Jennifer Hudson has a mighty voice and she is not huge here as she is in the USA…and I am sorry but Joshua and Philip will have huge careers and probably the same calibre as Jessica’s.  Not everyone loves the big singing, so don’t get ahead of yourself…not a fan of Jessica’s, don’t live in the USA….

      • Yes….you are the true genius.  Who has a recording deal and has produced an album before they are 16?   Jessica can only do “big” songs?  What show have you been watching?  I go to China all the time.  They all know who Jessica is, but only her from American.  In the Philippines (almost 1/3 the population of the USA) she is practically worshipped.   She is also very big in the other Asian countries and the Latin-American countries. 

    • Really; a record company would not give someone a recording contract. This is her third reality contest since she was 10.Some artists that have or had recording contracts at young ages:Jackie Evancho -11
      Brenda Lee – 13
      Helen Shapiro – 14
      Justin Bieber – 15
      Justin Timberlake – 15 with ‘N’ Sync
      Taylor Swift – 16
      Beyoncé – 16 when first hit with Destiny’s Child
      Rihanna – 16
      Chris Brown – 16
      Demi Lovato – 16
      Dusty Springfield – just 17We can throw in Christine Aguilera, Brittney Spears, maybe Charice and I’m sure if I really did a full review I could come up with a lot more.  By the way, two of The Beatles were 16 & 17 when they became famous in the UK and Europe.You are truly misinformed and where, apart from the Philippines, is she a big hit? My family in the UK and Australia get Idol and are not that impressed with her diva like singing and attitude.She has been pushed, groomed, trained and coached since she was 3 to be a star and is now on her third talent show in 6-years, not to mention that she has has 2 singles released so, contrary to your comment, SOMEONE did give her a recording contract when she was 13.My, ain’t facts hard to digest??  

    • so you are assuming that there are no other countries other than China and the Philipines and parts of Asia that watch the show?  Wow!  By the way Michael Jackson got a recording contract at age 9! Um then there is Justin Beiber, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown etc etc… really need to get a grip… is all about diversity so understand that not everyone likes a Jessica Sanchez….and I don’t think she has a recording contract yet….

  48. jessica is going to win and thats it,some people are so ignorant posting    inapropiate  comments.joshwa will be second in plase, he is as grate as jessica he sings from the heart,hollie sings very nice,philip I DO NOT LIKE,he makes all these weird fases, looks like he has a pain, WELL SOME OF YOU MAY AGREE, AND OTHERS DISAGREE , this is my opinion ,hope it will be respected.

  49. I hope Phillip bites the dust tonight! I can’t believe he is still here. Goes to show u it’s more of a popularity contest.. But whoever goes home tonight should be proud of how far they made it. They all did a good job and I’m sure that they’ll all be making some bomb CDs

  50. Here is my thoughts
    round 1 hollie 
    round 2 “group round” girls
    round 3 hollie
    hollie dominated last night.

  51. I couldnt vote last night for hollie .
    cause i couldnt get through.
    did anyone else have that problem?

    • I did maybe hollie had alot of viewers.
      she has a huge fanbase not mentioning the skylar fans taht voted for her

      • It doesn’t seem the Skylar fans voted for her. She has just got 11% of the votes this week. Last week she had 16%. It seems she’s lost fans instead of win more.

      • to ferjp-88 thats not the real vote system and anyways it dont matter cause jessica gets all the votes on here anyway.

  52. Why does anyone care what race the singers are anyway? It’s American Idol, it’s about TALENT, not RACE. Please keep that in mind.

    • depends though…because jessica might be the most talented singer..but philip can play the guitar….and sing quite well at the same time….so it’s kind of hard to compare the 2 

      • It’s a SINGING competition. The best vocals must win, which is JESSICA. 

  53. Idol this year it’s more manipulated than last year when scotty won. randy and jlo, even Steven Tyler shown who are their faves about 2 months ago! 2 divas wanna be, jessica and joshua. They’re talented obviously, but at the auditions there were many who were too and 1 by 1 were eliminated. I can’t wait for Duets show, where great singers will compete. AI is getting predictable and boring. It’s sad because in the audition there were too many people talented, even in the top 10, but it’s too much favoritism 🙁 it’s sad 

    • It is sad, you are so right, the judges all but told Hollie last night that she is gone.  And what makes it worse is that Jimmy lead them into that scenario.  Hollie is Haley Rinehart of last season (without attitude). Hollie has accepted everything with class, she is already a winner.   She will go on to be successful after she is out of the competition and  the tour is behind her.  No one should worry about Hollie.  She come from a good, loving family that support her.   The judges should be ashamed of themselves.

      • I agree 100% with you Sandi. 

        8 solo songs and they criticized one – Hollie’s and then Jackson complained because Hollie out sang Jessica in the duet. 

        He said Hollie got all the “big notes” and Jessica none and what a load of BS that was because the difference was that Hollie hit hers and Jessica didn’t.  

  54. quit talkin crap and get on with it i want hollie to stay i think phillip needs to go home he was not that strong last night like he needed to be good luck to all though

  55. I have a hunch Joshua is saying sayonara tonight. I blame it on the perpetual shouting. The judges are not helping for all they do is praise him. I feel bad ’cause he’s top 2 on my leader board.

    • One can only hope no offense to josh fans.
      but he is really overrated by the judges.
      they really have destroyed his chances of making it big.

  56. Lots of negativity on here.  Mind you, these are just kids.  All very talented.  I have my favorite as well and I really hope he does extremely well after AI is over.  However, these kids are only as good as the song they are singing.  Just becasue you can’t sing the phone book, doesn’t mean it will be a hit. 

  57. I’m a little nervous about tonight. I hope we are not all shocked.

    • I am a Hollie fan but I am also sure she is going home tonight.  The only shock will be if she stays…..that would be nice but not expected.

  58. TO THE HATERS OF JESSICA! Many people who are so Jealous! WHY do people have to say this?…Its all about Her singing talents! Remember the Judges say Vote for the Best American Idol Singer! Its a singing competition not a racial, personality..Let Jessica be because she is only 16 years old its natural to grow. People can’t control over her. She’s the best singers in the world! God is watching you…

    • Yeah im sick off all the haters on here.
      im not a jessica fan. im a hollie fan but they aint no need for rude and disturbed comments.

      • People are just giving their opinions, that is why people are on this site.  Why would anyone be jealous, I do not even understand that comment.

  59. Hoping against hope Hollie won’t be going home tonight.  A little nervous, though, as we haven’t had any tweets saying it’s a shocker and the show will be on in 20 minutes…unfortunately, anyone but Hollie leaving the producers would consider a shock.

  60. Hollie can sing, yes, she is improving in every performance but given only 2 weeks for more improvement wouldnt match jessica’s vocal ability. Philip or Hollie should go home tonight. Philip is a true artist but obviously, people is voting for him because of his cuteness. 🙂

  61. onlu jessica and phillip music that i bought on i tunes. sounds great. keep on listening to their music all the time. both jessica and phillips songs are inspiring.


  63. Cant believe looking back that this is the top 4.
    Joshua suckz
    phil ruins every song he sings
    jessica should’ve never made it.
    hollie is good but they dont ven like her.

  64. just remember to all jessica haters, people all over the world is supporting her not only america…..lots of ameican singers tweeted to jessica about her amazing voice…you can watch jessicas music on you tube with the song sky crapers…..

    Phillip,he is awsome. I dont like him from the start but with his performance  last night….he has the potential and start liking his voice and music.

    For the final….please vote Jessica and Phillip and this two deserves to be in the final 2……….

  65. idk, but i feel everything is scripted, the jessica crying last night, maybe she knws she will be out tonight 🙁 i hope its my wrong feelings coz i love jessica. and the story behind her elimination is scripted too. anyways.. gl to jessica.

  66. jessica and Phillip to the final guys……please jessica and phillip, put this two in the finals….This the only 2 idols that will shine in the music industry and thats my opinion as musician…..

    • Joel, wow, you are NOT a good musician, I can tell!! That’s one of the most ridiculous comments on this board, and that’s saying a lot, ahah. Joshua will SHINE in the music industry for certain.

  67. To jessica fans who are talking all the season about hating, racism and all that crap. Nobody hates jessica, joshua or anyone else. Everybody hate s favoritism, disrespect and manipulation. All of them have talent and fawning it’s not necessary. What it’s disgusting is judges behavior.

    • To everyone: JESSICA SANCHEZ will win the competition. Stop saying bad words to her. Only Jessica can sing perfectly this season. 

      • It’s not about her, god damn! She’s talented, point! It’s about the show, all the manipulation and the F-A-V-O-R-I-T-I–S-M! That’s all.

      • Japsy which part of the posting from Me_myself_I you do not understand? 

        I for one do not hate her, never say a bad thing about her, but since you asked for it – I will – she has no real talent yet – voice okay when not shouting or trying so hard and not just  imitating the great singers. She is 16 going on 60, what else you want me to say – in other words – good for you, but not for me! Once in while I went to lounge – sometimes at Hard Rock Cafe – plenty bands from the Philippines – she is just like one of the singers over there – they all not bad – what I am saying she is just common – will she make it big, may be! but so far seeing most of the AI winners if she win!!! you pray a lot for her future success and stop twisting postings by others with your own racism soul!

    • I totally agreed about the 3 clowns of the AI judges – I used to like JLor, never Randy, but he is there year after year – what is wrong with him actually – last year he sort of bashing Scotty. Really am bored with his antics … he think he is so big AI make him rich, before that he is not that famous – let other people become rich throw all 3 judges away please

  68. The Best of the night is Joshua, I admit it, though I really am a Jay fan. But, elimination this day aint based on the performance, I think. Anything’s possible. I hope it’s Phillip :p

  69. The only thing Jessica will be eliminated tonight will be the malfunction of the voting system.  If Hollie stays tonight she will break American Idol record:  “The most number of times in the  Bottom 3 and bottom 2 and still in it.

  70. I’ll feel BAD if Jess or Hollie would go home tonight. Who’s with me?

  71. Well, Hollie went home and she did it with class.  She’s the only class act up there.  I hope steven, Jaho and yoyo are happy now that they got what they wanted-now all they have to do is get rid of P2. If they think those two will sell albums they’re delusional. I’m done watching AI the great talent has left and she did it with class some will never know

    • chill carp – name one of the AI winner who really make it really big (I hope Scotty will and hope Phillip will too):) – God’s will I want to see how big Joshua & Jessica will be – will they have their own identity as artist when they grow up – I have nothing against them – all the best, but Joshua or Jessica just not my kind of entertainer:)

  72. HAHA. Can’t believe you, Matthew Boyer, noticed it too with the background picture in Ai twitter page~ :)) It bothers me quite awhile last week after Skylar elimination~ 🙂

  73. Love the top three…I”d simply like to know why Phil Phil….does not participate in the Ford Videos????!!!!  Does he not want to be handed one their cars at the finale????

      • took my aunt over two months to recover after the operation and she had the gallbladder stone, kidney is suppose to be worst, but I thought he already operated it:) I really hope he will alright.

  74. We already know who the judges want & this program has already proved its one big “F” FIX . Never going to watch it again.   Simon Cowell come back for real meaning to American Idol ! Get rid of Jennifer, she is so transparent its disgusting! Not even 50 herself, & she thinks Marcus best singer in over 50yrs. I’M 70 & I can tell you first-hand , there have been a hell of alot  of singers 50 times better than this touch-me-not singer is or ever will aspire to be.

  75. Too bad. I’m was going for a HOLLIE – JESSICA finale from the very beginning (top 12). 

    The duet between Hollie and Jessica was good. The swing was just a bit weird. Some commented that Randy was annoyed with Hollie because Jessica didn’t get the high registry and she, Hollie, did. I think that the arrangement was RIGHT for both of them. They gave Hollie the high registry and Jessica for the low registry – so they would BLEND and NOT OUT SANG each other. The outcome was good. 🙂

    Anyway, good luck to the top 3. High hopes for Hollies career. 🙂

  76. I thought it was really sweet of Hollie to give the top 3 hugs and thank the judges. I really admire her for that. I think she should’ve won. She was my favorite since top 24. Hollie will have a huge career in front of her and I can’t wait for her album.
    ~Holliepop 4 life

  77. The American Idol Top 3, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet will be heading home to film their hometown visits this weekend. During their visit they will learn the name of the songs chosen for them by Jimmy Iovine and the judges.
    Each contestant will sing 3 songs on next Wednesday’s performance show:Jimmy’s Choice, Judges Choice and Their Choice.
    The home town visits will air on Thursday’s results show.  The episode will also feature Adam Lambert singing his latest single “Never Close Our Eyes” and Lisa Marie Presley performing “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet,” from her new album “Storm & Grace,”

  78. Don’t know why Joshua is still there. He shouts and screams through the songs every week. Jessica and Hollie should be in the finals, with Hollie winning. This is just my humble opinion from South Africa.

  79. Staying with Team Jessica.  Although I think Joshua is wonderful, he tends to turn everything he sings into some dramatic screaming, growling mess.  The question is…….who are the pop music icons of today and is there a place for someone like Joshua or Phil?  There is definitely a spot for Jessica.  This girl is well rounded musically, has an amazing voice and is just genuinely comfortable with whatever she sings.  Jessica should be the next American Idol.  No loss for the other two….I’m sure they’ve already been offered deals and all they need to do is sign on……there are no losers with these three performers.

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