American Idol 2012 Top 24 Spoilers

Phillip Phillips American Idol audition


We might only be going into the second week of auditions for American Idol 2012, but thanks to some great detective work, we’ve got an almost-complete list of the American Idol 2012 Top 24.

American Idol continues this week with more auditions, then it’s on to the Hollywood and Las Vegas rounds. Then the green mile/building of the Top 24. That’s always some of the most dramatic moments of each season, so if you want to keep the suspense up, then please stop reading right now.

Of course, there’s never any way to be 100 percent certain of these lists, so take them as truth if you want — or not. All 12 girls have been revealed, but so far there are only 9 of the 12 guys listed. So stay tuned for the rest of the list as we will update this list as soon as we learn the names.

The (alleged) Top 12 Girls

Hollie Cavanagh

Baylie Brown

Jen Hirsh

Chelsea Sorell

Hallie Day

Elise Testone

Erika Van Pelt

Jessica Sanchez

Haley Johnson

Shannon Magrane

Brielle Von Hugel

Skylar Laine

The (alleged) Top 12 Boys

Adam Brock

Reed Grimm

Deandre Brackensick

Creighton Fraker

Aaron Sellers

Joshua Ledet

Eben Franckewitz

Heejun Han

Phillip Phillips

Jeremy Rosado

Chase Likens

Colton Dixon

Sources: MJ’s, Idol Pad




    • OMG I love him! I cried when he didn’t make last year! He’s amazing! <3 <3 <3 The judges would be total idiots to let him go again!!! I loved Kyle Crews but but have no idea what happend to him… 

    • I could not agree more Trish!!! Colton was one of my faves last year and I will be soooo disappointed if he’s not given his fair shot this year. Not sure if he could win it, but hands down deserves the spot light. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

    • I could not agree more Trish!!! Colton was one of my faves last year and I will be soooo disappointed if he’s not given his fair shot this year. Not sure if he could win it, but hands down deserves the spot light. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

  1. haven’t seen last night’s show yet but from what i have seen, there’s no one really blowing me away…yet.  not one real standout who makes me put my knitting down and pay attention.  on a completely different note, adam lambert is STILL on the playlist at the taj in atlantic city.  so great to hear “if i had you” when you’ve just gotten a full house at “let it ride”!  they also play a lot of kelly clarkson.  (now you know where i am many weekends)

    • I’d rather be playing then watching but thats what we have DVRs for….We will get a better picture of the contenders when they get to Hollywood &Vegas….then we will hear them all…….

  2. Yeah, not really getting excited about the talent this season on AI. I still haven’t found anyone to put my support behind. I have searched Youtube for these performers and found pretty much all of them but still nothing to write home about. I hope I find someone soon so I can really get into the show and enjoy the season and annoy some people on this blog. 

    • Yeah, I’m on the same boat Taymaro, I am having a difficult time
      choosing who to go for?  I was waiting for you as well, nothing,  nada,
      not a  peep from you, what’s going on anyway.  You are gettijng very
      picky. Basically we have the tweleve girls and 9 boys, and 3 more to go.
      But you are right, no one has yet given me reasons to howl about.  I hate to be in the sideline if I don’t choose somebody.  It is in your hands, right?

      • I was waitin for you Ed. I was gonna choose someone different just so we would have somethin to argue about..LOL. No I’m just kidding. Who knows we may end up liking the same contestant. Man, that would be boring. 🙁 I’m not trying to be silent, I am just not finding much to talk about right now. I hope that changes soon. I’m gettin bored.

         I really do like the top 2 from the Australian X Factor and I am holding everyone up to those standards. I know it’s strange that I like that kid Reece Mastin so much but he has a special talent that doesn’t come along very often. I liked Guns ‘n Roses and Aerosmith back in my day and also some of the type music that Andrew Wishart does and there is really nobody out there that is doing Reece’s style of music. He really did come along and fill a big void in the market. He is fresh and new and still kind of retro too. Some of the tracks on his first album were like hearing some of the old tunes again, done better and for the first time. If that makes any sense. And also he and Andrew both opened up a whole new world of Aussie and British tunes that I hadn’t heard before and I actually like them. So I am having a hard time finding anyone that I am intrigued with as much as them in this season of AI.

        Joker and the Theif (Wolf Mother) Seems to be a sequel to Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”. Very interesting tune.

        Flame Trees (Cold Chisel) About returning to your home town after being away a long time. Kind of a power ballad. I really like this song.
        Come Get Some (Rooster) Just a fun rock tune that I am enjoying quite a bit right now. 

        That’s three that I like so far. It’s weird how different music can be from other cultures that don’t have the same history as the USA.

      • Plus I was here in the Chat last night after the NFC game and where were you? 

        And who can do songs by Alanis Morissette, Lady Gaga, The Bee Gees, Katy Perry, Guns ‘n Roses, Aerosmith, Maroon 5, Jon Bon Jovi, Wolf Mother, Rooster, Kenny Thomas, The Script, Britney Spears and Nina Simone and do them all justice as well as turn most of them into rock tunes or rock ballads? That is quite a diverse list there! None of these cats I have seen so far on AI could do it and that is the truth! And he is only 16. And Andrew Wishart just blew me away. I never expected him to be that good, but he is a seasoned artist 20 years into his amateur career. But still a great singer.

    • Hey my friend, finally, I thought maybe you were under the weather
      I also found out you are doing a move, so good luck on that, get on with it quickly  then come back asap.
      Now you’re talking that’s the Taymaro I know 🙂 , yeah I am feeling short changed myself with what I have seen so far, but maybe we have been spoiled with some good talents lately and also that kid “Reece”
      you are talking about got me craving for that type of music.  Funny
      I just heard Neil Young complained today that he is very dissapointed
      with what he is hearing in the music today inspite of the sophisticated
      digital technology we have in our disposal.  I knew exactly what he
      meant.  I like to go back in time and soak in to the good music we were
      used to having.

      What is happening any ways, are we finally running out of talented
      musicians and have to rely on retro music to satisfy our thirsty ears?

      Oh, I was tempted to stay on and get on the chat line but I  watched the  Giants vs 49ers and got exhausted running back and fort for munchies?
      I was forced to pass the chips on 3rd down and did’nt make it so I have
      no choice but to settle on chewing nibs instead, heh heh.

      So according to Branden’s spoiler list I may have no choice but to
      go with Philip for now but I have yet to listen to the others.
      Lets wait until we hear all of these 24 guys and girls then…………….:)

      • Hi Taymaro, I finally knew what you mean by the Aussie Xfactor,
        wow, These two guys were amazing.  I was very impressed with both of
        them, And Andrew Wishart was awesome!!  Their selection of songs
        are also a big factor, when you have songs like that in the bag it just
        makes that much more dynamic. WOW that’s all I can say, no wonder
        everything you hear here sounds flat. Sorry guys, its true. LOL

    • Keep in mind that the Top 42 list was incomplete. That was just a list of alleged Hopefuls who made it to that stage. It was not all-inclusive list of the Top 42. So if someone is on this list but not on that list, then that’s entirely possible and could still be correct.  But as with all spoilers, nothing is 100% confirmed until we see it on the show.

  3. I can’t believe Ashley Robles isn’t on that list.  She’s beautiful and has a great voice.

    • Templar…..I was just getting ready to write that…..She was awesome last night…..I’m shocked……I know I have not seen or heard some of these Top12 but I did hear Ashley and she was outstanding.

      • Hi Phyllis G. / Templar ,
        Yeah, I wondered too, but perhaps because she continued singing
        the “unmentionable songs” that was on the top 5 no no’s in Vegas, she did sang one of them in San Diego, but she killed it, so I don’t know??
        We also don’t how she made out  in the group songs, and sometimes
        that can ruin a good solo artist.  we will soon find out.  How are you?

    • I didn’t like her rendition of “I Will Always Love You”. She didn’t come near to Whitney Houston in that performance IMO. And it seemed very rehearsed and forced as if she had really focused and practiced it for the audition and still didn’t nail it, so I wasn’t quite as impressed by her as you guys. Sorry that is just my opinion and I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t make the list either. 

  4. San Diego had some really great talent. really good.
    I happen to like Jim Carreys daughter, cant think of her first name.
    I also , like the guy that calls himself ” Wolf”  I dont see him as a winning idol, but he is good and very entertaining.

    • Her name’s Jane and ya she’s really good, like her too! This list looks incomplete and just bad. No one knows anything is 100% until the actual show.

  5. Ed…..I do understand what you are saying but she nailed that song in SD.  She had the voice to sing a Whitney song.  I guess we will have to w ait & see what happens.

  6. I’m disappointed that Colton Dixon is not on the list! I am hoping that he is one of the 3 names not yet revealed. Otherwise, I am hoping that the spoilers is inaccurate…

  7. The girl from nc chelsea sorrell has the most amazing voice and she is is absolutely beautiful and her teeth look perfect!!!! Hope this girl goes to the end ( winner)

  8. We need to not vote for dudes the girls always get cut the first few weeks its so stupid how we all vote based on looks

  9. I am so excited to see Hollie Cavanagh on this list!!!  She blew me away in hollywood last year, and I remember Jennifer telling her to come back because she thinks she can win the whole thing.  I’ve watched several of her youtube videos and she has gotten so much better.  I really hope she goes all the way!!!

  10. I also cannot believe Baylie Brown is back from season 6.  She was a really cute, young and talented country singer, but got to Hollywood week and forgot her lyrics in the group round and was cut. So far the auditions have not blown me away, so I’m hoping that changes by the time we get to Hollywood week.

  11. Actually, I have insider information from Fox.  It has not been released yet.  THE VOTING SYSTEM HAS CHANGED.  ONE VOTE PER DEVICE.  No more crowning Scottys or Dewyzes.  Its over.  Now the talented ones will be crowned champion!!!

    • I hope you are right Steve.  It would be nice for people to win on their own merits and not by a popularity competition.

      • now my insider is telling me that they may be balking on this…Its about 50/50 now…gosh i hope it makes it.

    • I could not disagree more.  A girl need to win this year.  Although there is strong talent on both sides in the projected top 24.  I was surprised that Johnny Keyser didn’t make it, but if you look at his Vegas performance, it was not good at all!

      • Reed Grimm is gonna win. He is the # 1 talent this year. He had everyone in his group the other night beat. I love to hear him sing Jazz.

  12. Wow i am so glad adam brock made it in the top 24 he is great! And i wonder which person they are talking about bring back! I hope jermaine comes back more than anyone! He was so disappointed about being let go:( he just wanted to give his mom something to be proud of. But i think she has a lot to be proud of in her son. Who agrees?

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