American Idol 2012 Sets a Premiere Date and Schedule

We haven’t even hit the finale yet this season, but FOX has already set its plans for American Idol 2012 with a premiere date and the series schedule.

The 11th season will premiere on Sunday, January 22nd at 10PM ET (7PM PT) right after the NFC Championship game. FOX will be putting a strong lead in to use that night rather than the usual mid-week debut.

Once we get through the start up weeks of audition episodes American Idol will return to its comfy seat with Wednesday night performances at 8PM and Thursday results shows at 8PM. Glad to see they’re holding on to these same nights after the trial run this season instead of going back to Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Are you ready for the new American Idol 2012 season already?

Side note: FOX was working it at their Upfronts yesterday and brought together their Idol voices with SYTYCD dancers. Just a few more days until SYTYCD Season 8.




    • So are you saying that you think AT&T & all its employees connected to its 866 numbers allow this to be fixed??? Do you think that AT&T would risk their license to “fix” the votes or do you think that the government is in on the scam too??

  1. Unless there is a change in the judges and how they interact with the contestants, I will not be a viewer in 2012.

    • Agree! What is up with the judges this season?! They need at least one ” brutally honest” judge. For me, it whould be a dream come true, if Steven stays,and someone like Simon replaces JLo.

    • I agree Ruth, the judges this year were horrible. As a veteran what a disapointment Randy was!

  2. Me too I am done; after James was voted out and this guy should have been at least in the final, I don’t understand…..nothing against the last 3 contestants but this was just not fair for James….

    • That might be because you probably did not vote for “2 hours” like LAUREN’s brother.

  3. I think American Idol lost a multitude of viewers after what happened to James. I for one. Unless they change the way contestants are voted off and maybe do it more like Dancing with the Stars or something- American Idol is just for kids.

      • Yes-The judges have a large say in the overall scores not stopping but helping to prevent such injustices from occuring.

      • On DWTS, the judges scores count for 50% and the viewers votes count for 50%. Plus you are limited to 5 votes for each of the 3 modalities – phone, internet, text.

      • Gotta say that seems pretty reasonable, at least for the vote limit parts.

        I think Idol likes saying “we got a bazillion votes last night” too much to ever put a reasonable limit on the voting though.

      • There is no need to worry yet but it would be a huge mistake if the judges had much, if any, say in the contestants voting. Dancing is different, singing is to subjective and as we have seen this season, to bias.

      • Yes, its kind of annoying to have to listen to the judges every night after every performance when their opinion means nothing as far as the results go. It’s kind of pointless to have them talking and giving them critique when that actually means NOTHING. The real judges are the voters, and some of them vote 1,000 times when others vote 5 times. So… the voting system is ridiculous. Also, the judges don’t do anything by selecting the best from Hollywood week when the voters will mess everything up later on. If their opinions won’t count, I say people start voting from Hollywood week and we don’t even need to have judges anymore. I am so glad we’ll have Simon back on the X FACTOR!

      • So exactly how does Idol benefit from allowing unlimited votes?

        1. It allows one of their sponsors to have a reason for being mentioned over and over. So AI collects their advertising dollars.

        2. It attracts other sponsors who want to get in on being in front of our faces. (Notice the blog here is now overflowing with ads?) That = money.

        What else am I missing?

        Is there any monetary advantage (excluding advertising their name, that is) to AT&T for fielding the vote calls?

      • @Pup There is the texting charges for non-AT&T users and possible adds another reason to use AT&T services.
        Also show that AT&T can handle big events that require 800 or 866 numbers in massive call volume.

      • Thanks, Bloodyscot. Didn’t know that, and is evidently an integral part of this whole thing. You know what they say: “Follow the money” (if you really want to know what is going on).

    • Also with America’s Best Dance Crew, the viewers vote and the bottom three are announced. Then I think they have a dance off and the judges vote for one of them to go home. So basically, all the voters have to do is keep their favorite out of the bottom three to get them all the way to the finals.

    • But the whole reason we even got to see James in the first place is because those very same judges chose him through AI auditions!
      James will go on to be a record-selling artist BECAUSE of American Idol. Right?
      I dont see AI as just a competition. Its about finding a really good group of singers and then leaving it up to America to choose their “Idol”. So the same people who get passionate enough about an artist to vote multiple times, are the very same who will buy their albums and tickets to their concerts.
      The votes are up to America. Not the judges.

      • Not really sure about that. New metal artists are a rarity and dying breed…He might get a job in a tribute band or something….He is quite inconsistent but when he sings them highs loudly he can remain stable almost like Pia could…..But there just doesn’t seem to be a market for metal right now….While there are new style rock genre bands I am not sure James could muster up enough unpublished material….That is where most idol winners loose out being bounded into tight contracts with interscope….Daughtry was a prime example of someone who made it big in rock…but that was crossover rock…not pure metal….So to put it bluntly James was born 20 years too late…..Just my guess…
        One thing for sure..these singers have extremely passionate fanbases.

  4. Why should we keep making the show’s producers rich when they refuse to listen to what the public wants….a change in the voting process.

      • Since the Daughtery, Jennifer Hudson, and Kris Allen mess, people have been writing the show’s producers to fix the voting problem. The young teenage girls voted Kris Allen in over Adam Lambert. In the first few seasons, no one voted hundreds of times a night. No one ever talked about that. People voted once or twice for their favorite. With Kelly Clarkson, people made news when they voted 10 times on voting night. So on results night, the votes were very close to being equal to the number of people who voted. The way the voting is now, the winner can have the fewest number of people voting for them, while still getting the highest number of votes (depending how fast and determined their fingers are for a two hour period). Can you imagine if we voted for any elected official in this way?

  5. If they maintain the current voting policy and the 15 year old contestants, I’ll pass. This year has been more frustrating to me than the previous 9 seasons combined. This is taking in inexplicable results, Lee DeWyze, Fantasia etc. The 15 year old rule is simply ridiculous. Change the rules and the voting policy and I might watch, keep things as they are and I’m done.

    • Templar, my friend. I’m all for raising the age limit as well. As for the voting…Well, my Grandmother would say “change is good”. lol

    • I have mixed views on the age limit, since most the over 22yrs are more likely to be semi-pros or even pro singers.
      I like to see true amateurs work each week to improve but seeing semi-pro becoming true pro could help up and coming singers learn what did need to work/focus on to become pro.

      • The 15 year olds need to focus on finishing high school, experiencing normal high school experiences, etc. Besides, every time we get someone young, the judges usually tell them that they are “almost there” or “with more time, they can be great”. If they want them to have more time, then raise the age!

      • I’m sorry, but with all due respect, I disagree with you, Angela: I’m 15, and I could both continue my high school education **and** be on the show (I’m enrolled in an online school, therefore I could take it with me…)

        And not everyone that’s younger gets that reaction: look at one of the top 2 this year. She didn’t turn 16 until a few weeks ago, and she may very well win this season!!!

        Therefore, in my opinion, 15-year-olds should have as much of a right and choice to audition as older teens and 20-somethings.

  6. Blah,Blah,Blah,Blah,Blaaaahhh. Give me a break, all you winers. Listen up… The best thing for James was the night that he got voted off. If he had of won he wouldn’t have been able to make the kind of CD that he would have wanted.He would of have to had gone the pop route and what ever he was told to do….. Now he can cut whatever he wants.

    • I truly understand what your saying Lindy but it would have been nice to see an exciting finale even if James lost in the end(like Adam did)..Season 8 was the best finale that I could remember…It was exciting…..

    • His first album will be ok because of the hype but you can forget anything after that. Like all the professionals there is no market for it.

      • @Ron Let me tell you something the great singers mostly do concerts to promote their albums, this helps them keep in touch with the public and
        remain relevant. In my humble opinion James is more of a concert singer
        He like the show, if he has good producers and promoters that is what will keep him on for a long time

    • Well i dont know about that i know he wants to do medal music but i was reading a artiicle that daughtrys producer is trying to convince him to not do medal music and do more rock pop music

      • For heavier rock the music is 60% or more to make people listen but the vocals are key to making it a hit.

        He should go back and focus on the Yardbird since they were one of the major driving forces for heavy rock and in someways metal. Cream and Led Zeppelin guitarists start with it, along with Jeff Beck.

        A bluesy rock sound with some metal favor to it, would be good way for him to go, closer to Cream, Led Zeppelin, early Black Sabbath or Deep Purple than the current metal.

    • I can guarantee that James will be nothing more than a faded memory by Christmas time. As there is nothing unique about him that would make him any more entertaining than already established Rock and Roll artist who are selling very few CDs these days. On the other hand, I think we are currently in what 100 years from now, will be known as the “musical dark ages” were performers such as Lady Gaga are considered marketable … So maybe I am wrong.

      • Yea, Steve… Lady GaGa… now there’s role model for our youth. I’m old but just where does that sh** come from? What cosmetology school did she attend?
        Or is it drugs? I just can’t figure it out.
        She IS a freak!

      • fatboy: I don’t disagree with you. IMO She [Gaga] is portraying herself this way for the same reason Marilyn Manson did. Couldn’t get noticed being himself, so turn freak and make headlines. Gaga’s stuff will get old just as MMs did and she will fade away.

  7. The voting would be better with the SYTYCD system…The public votes but the Judges decide who goes after they dance for their lives…..until the end and then America votes. At least the judges really know who is good and who isn’t and its not a popularity contest with the cutest or youngest or whatever……

    Idol really needs to change their voting system…..Should limit the votes to the amount of contestants left, like DWTS….Now it should be just 3 votes per number, per text…..not gazillion votes per teeny bopper…..then next week it would be just 2 votes etc. etc…..

    I will watch the next two weeks only because I want to see James next week perform…..and this week because my adult son wants Haley to win now that James is gone….but if the voting doesn’t get better, I’m done….

    • I’m a huge Adam Lambert fan and if the judges had had there way Adam would have, rightfully, won but after the judges utter failure this season I wouldn’t have them have any say.

    • hello, namesake. anyone remember the sanjaya voting mess?? i’ll watch next season just to see the new talent. remember, those who DON’T

      • (GOT CUT OFF) win do better than those who do, in most cases. this season we got to see some incredible performers. with the three who are left, it’s immaterial who wins. they’re all good

  8. Unless Idol changes how the system works with voting, i don’t really care about 2012 Idol. After the whole James deal i’m not even excited about Idol 2012. So whatever! I’m sure many people will agree with me on this one.

  9. When Fantasia won, I boycotted Idol for several years, I know I missed Carrie Underwoods season. I watched a few episodes because of Adam Lambert, but this is the first full season I’ve watched since season 3. I’m glad I did because I really like the final 4. Next season, IDK, I do think the voting needs to change, my finers get tired LOL.

    • People have been asking for a change from season one, your not going to see it, except maybe the lousy judges will have a say, sadly!

  10. All sounds like sour grapes to me. If your favorite didn’t make the top 3 it is because they didn’t get the votes. I think the ones that get the most votes have a better chance of selling the most cds later. Don’t get me wrong, I liked James but he just wasn’t my favorite. I hope he does well, makes lots of cds and lots of money, but I love Lauren’s voice and I would buy a cd of her music. I can’t wait to see them all in concert.

    • Actually, the contestant with the most unique voters will sell the most CDs, not the one with the most votes. This is usually not the “frontrunner”

    • Untrue. Haley is in there, and she’s been my favorite since she sang “Blue.”

      I think the judging without Simon’s honesty (–never thought I’d say that because I will remember wanting to wring his mean neck so many times) has been its downfall. And it is silly as hell to have to vote 200 times when 1 vote per modem should suffice.

  11. I quit watching AI for years. Started back watching this year because I like Steven Tyler. Big disappointment! Will finish out this season but will give it up again. I wanted real judging, not a love-fest for all but Haley!

    • I agree, the judges seemed to think Sugar Coating is the new national pastime these days. Steven Tyler at times seemed to truly struggle for different phrases that mean “amazing”. The lone exception was Haley. Randy seemed to make it his personal quest in life, to put her down every chance he could. Even when she clearly was the best performer of the night. I dream for a return of the days of Simon’s brutal honesty.

  12. Yes there seems to be inequity for a contestant who is on top or at the top all season to be voted out of the competition in one show. I think it is more now a popularity contest. The real winning or losing for most comes after idol. In my opinion if the purpose of the show is to crown a “superstar” then for the most part it has failed. However these kids are getting exposure that they would have never had in the past!!

    • True, Chris. But public humiliation at the hands of one particular judge should never have been part of this show. Very, very poor form, imo.

      • You know Pup that is one reason I was, at first, glad to see Simon go but in retrospect he is an expert and I believe in his own, often too blunt, manner was trying to help the kids improve their performances. I personally think flowers, when they are not deserved, serve no purpose. IMHO

      • Chris, couldn’t agree with you more. I totally agree that the judges sugar-coated non-critiques did a disservice to many of the contestants.

        However, the vitriolic nature of Randy’s last critique (toward Haley) was just inexcusable. He couldn’t seem to shut up, but kept repeating himself, over and over.

    • Penn State, Nice, well thought out post & I agree with everything you have said but one thing:

      Haley ALREADY ls GREAT!!

      Of course, that’s just my opinion… and atleast a million other people!!
      Do great tonight, sweetie… blow us away!!

  13. I really hope Lauren and Scotty go to the finale. They are the best two out of those so called “top” three. Then we’ll have the chance to listen to their duets and the winner this year will at least have a good voice. Yes, none of them were the very best this season, but they both have a beautiful voice and they are cute. Please people, come to your senses… a growling dog is not a singer. Stop the nonsense, American Idol is a singing competition, let the good singers win!!!

      • I would have liked to see a Haley-James final. Or maybe, a James-Scotty final. But, going with what we currently have, I VERY MUCH can get into a Haley-Scotty final as well. Sorry, I just do not see Lauren in the same league as the others I mentioned.

      • Lauren’s voice is way better than Haley’s sad attempts to sing. She growls, overdo songs and it is very unpleasant to listen to.

      • Well, I have to disagree with your favorite. As I personally almost never saw anything about Lauren that I could not hear on Thursday night karaoke night at the Dew Drop Inn done the block from my house. The lone exception was at her best effort of the season, last week. But, as always Lauren still was a notch or two below Haley in BOTH voice and performance. Whereas Haley’s voice brings passion and a unique quality to it that I have not seen consistently from any other performer this season. But, people in the past called Adam Lambert a “screamer”. So, along the same lines, I guess it makes sense that there are those that call Haley a “growler”. I’m just glad that I am not one of them. As I can only imagine how boring my CD collection would be.
        Gaberilla, I must ask. Is your still of music Pat Boone or Donny Osmand? If so, that might explain a lot.

      • I misspelled Style. I have to learn to proof-read better before I hit that send button every time.

      • JMO TPTB have wanted Lauren to win ever since auditions. Young girl singers [Miley, Taylor etc] are money makers. And they want to be able to say “We discovered her’. Especially since Jackie Evancho last year on AGT. But Lauren will not be ready for this for several more years. And I think giving very young kids false hope should be considered criminal.

  14. AI is still a good competition show. With that being said, it is voting. The higher ups on the “food chain”,, of AI, love the fact, they can announce, 70 million plus votes!! Think about it? The judges are PAID to do this show!! They will do what is best for ratings. In the end, all of the contestants, that have come close to winning, ARE doing GREAT! The ones that have not deserved it, (where are they?) With respect!!!

  15. NO matter what way the voting is counted we will always have favorites and be disappointed with the results. There will always be disappointment with twelve competing for one position…And no matter how many say they will stop watching it, it will continue to draw an audience. There will always be disagreements with the judges as well as between the judges. But people will always tune in to it because it is dramatic….

    • It will always be the “voting”!! They need this for ratings. We can vote for hours on end. Then, low and behold, they will announce, “millions of votes” yea! ones and zeros, all ya have to do, is sit in front of your computer or tech phone, and VOTE! The folks will not stop watching. The ORIGINAL idea was great! Now folks, are pissed off. I give it 2 years. I do love the idea.

  16. The whole James fiasco has me checked out for good. The only way i will watch next year is to root got Jaycee.

  17. Will I watch.idol next season?

    Probably the auditions. & if a few catch my interest, further.
    But if Jackass is still around when eliminations start, it over for me. I absolutely will not support a show that condones that treatment & attitude by that psasht!

  18. Listen, you need not rely on what the judges,(or anyone else for that matter) might say about Haley’s performances. Use your own ears, make up your own mind.

    We know Haley is going to deliver a dynamic, professional rendition of every song she’s given knowing she’ll be criticized if she does well, and condemned if she falls short. Every true artist knows this. They know that, as a professional, it goes with the territory. (Haley has said as much in regards about the options of others, and who she feels she is, and what she has to offer.

    Haley is an adult, an accomplished artist, and more than able to deliver a quality product in a timely manner. She will continue to be true to herself and her trade, and if *WE* are lucky enough *WE* will have an opportunity to witness more incredible music from her in the future.

    There will always be those who don’t appreciate her style and singing, and thats okay, even as there are those who we don’t prefer. I, for one, DO appreciate Haley’s various styles of singing. Like the facets of a diamond, I am more and more impressed at Haley’s ease and ability to display herself weekly in an entirely different light.

    Ive said it before, but I’ll say it again, “One of the things I like best about Haley is her honest ability to connect an audiance to so many different styles of music.

    Whether its the playful vocals of “Fallin’”, or the gritty growels of “Piece of My Heart”, to the bluesy groove of “Rolling in the Deep”, or the heart break of “Blue”, Haley has such versital vocals, range, power, and presence, she is by far one of the most accomplished artists to hit American Idol this year.

    She welcomes constructive critisim, possesses grace under pressure, and, yes, a backbone when overtly berated. She knows who she is; is comfortable and confident eneough in her own skin to take risks, bringing something pop, or soulfull, jazzy, or bluesy to the table for our listening enjoyment.”

    I’m just say n’
    “Hooked on Haley” 😛

    • “She welcomes criticism”???????? Who the heck are you talking about. I am sure as hell is not about Haley Reinhart, a spoiled brat with nasty attitude every single week!!!

      • I think the judges will be very generous in the last two days. Any way you look at it Haley has an advantage. One of the CW idols has to go and I suspect Scotty will loose to Lauren who appeals to crossover listeners. I am predicting a Haley Lauren runoff with a close vote between them. I do not think that the producers would have a two country artists running against each other in a finally….ratings would plummet.

      • Gabriela do you even watch the show? You seem to be the one with the “nasty attitude” and try to parrot what other people foolishly say thinking it will help their favorite to win.
        Haley may have been wrong to defend the MJ song but Randy when over the top, although he did tell JLo she was wrong about the song pick because it was well known to MJ fans.

      • I don’t have a favorite anymore! I don’t care what happens and I hope Haley wins… what will happen later will show the producers a lesson. I am not on the show so I am not the one “being judge” for you to say I have an attitude problem. EVERYBODY knows they will be judged and sometimes the comments are not nice. Heck, if Simon was still there I don’t know what Haley’s should have said because at least Randy wasn’t insulting as Simon was sometimes. She knew what she was getting into, she needs to chill and respect the judges that BY THE WAY know A LOT MORE about music and the business than her. She mus be forever grateful that they put her through the top 24 because she didn’t deserve to even be there.

      • Gabriela Haley had a right to say she didn’t want to change a song because it was already good…you need to grow up too.

      • @cathryn: What about you respect my opinion? Who needs to “grow up”? Stop the idiocy, vote for her and that’s it. Nobody is going to change their mind because you say so. I think Haley’s voice is horrible and annoying, and I am not the only one. Go to Facebook, the only contestant with several pages that say she SUCKS is your beloved Haley Reinhart.

  19. Some thoughts on how to get rid of Randy Jackson:

    I’ve been giving this some thought today. Please bear with me.

    What keeps AI happy & alive? Major sponsorship money, right? These are Ford, AT&T, Coke & who else?

    How many Haley supporters are there? At least a million of us? But, the far greater number are those who were outright offended at jackass’s treatment of Haley, whether they personally like Haley or not, right? A couple million?
    But the greatest number of Americans are those whp fihhy for the underdog & defend the abused, right? Must multiple millions of them, right?

    That creates a demographic that can not be ignored.

    So each major sponsor get a co-ordinated deluge of phone calls/ complaints about the attitude of jackass, what he has done, tell them where to view tuhis themselves & if they continue to support AI for allowing this sort of treatment, we take our business else where! Five to ten million calls in one week should catch their attention & be serious cause for their alarm.

    They would be compelled to call AI to explain what the hell is going on.
    AI doesn’t have an out so they have to cave in & sh** can jackass.

    No amount of contact by any number of us with AI will change anything… example: the sorry ass voting system.
    In big business you have to hit them where their lifeblood is… sponsorship.
    What’s your opinion? Just remember: the first necessity in all this
    is the genuine desire to get rid of jackass. No one else need apply. Thank you.

  20. Hahahaha, some smart people on Facebook are coming up with a great idea to get Haley voted off next week. She shouldn’t be there over James, that was a monumental mistake people!!!

    • I still say Haley had the most votes last week so it was likely either James or Lauren going home. Over all I think it would have been best if James was the winner but that bad week really undercut his support base.
      I would have like James winning with Haley 2nd but is not to be now.

      • Actually, I thought is was rather funny … And somewhat accurate based on some of Gabriella’s moronic responses I have heard lately. Gabriella, please enlighten me as to what type of music you listen to. I think the whole board want to know. My guess is you think Justin Timberlake or Donny Osmond is a musical geniuses. Am I correct?

    • Those Facebook people must be pretty stupid, then. How anyone with a brain could blame James’ ouster on Haley is beyond me. It had to do with the country vote. That’s what pushed Lauren in and kept James out. Haley’s totals were separate from those votes.

      • @Pup, I know is worthless to try to reason with you after reading your posts but… HOW CAN SOMEONE SAY HALEY’S RESULTS WERE APART????????? My goodness!!! The votes are not separated by genre, compulsive voters supporting her pushed James and many others out of the competition. And, just because someone dislikes Haley, doesn’t mean they are stupid!!! Besides, they are not blaming anything on anyone, they are just trying to get the best two singers to stay: LAUREN AND SCOTTY! That is it! They just don’t want another shocker like last week, when a great talented young man was voted off and Haley stayed despite her mediocre performances during the entire season.

      • I beg to differ. The votes ARE separated by genre. Most assuredly so, or Scotty would never have had the lead he held for so long.

        And oh, yes, many people blamed Haley (incorrectly so, of course) when Pia was eliminated. And they did the same thing when James was eliminated (though it makes no sense whatsoever).

        In case you haven’t noticed, the people who like Haley LOVE her voice!! So just as you do (with your choices), we think Haley should be in the finale simply for that reason. So why pick at her supporters? Why pick at her? Why not just support your choices?

        Your posts (and those of others like you) are causing all the animosity here. We do not set out to pick apart your choices. Why do you feel the need to pick apart ours?

      • OMG, if you really think they separate the votes based on genre… my goodness. I get that you like Haley but to make statements like that… its pretty stupid! People call and vote, those with more votes get through, period! They don’t separate by genre for goodness sake!

      • And… just so we are clear (you are obviously not the sharpest) I never blamed Haley, or any other contestant; I always ALWAYS refer to the VOTERS!!!

  21. Two weeks and this years AI will be over. HALEY, one way or another can begin her post AI season. Whether she continues her career as the American Idol winner or one who was eliminated, she will continue her craft and versatility as a singing star, will remain a household name , make a ton of $$$, and will be seen at concerts, heard on the radio, and make numerous CD’s and albums. She deserves all the success that comes her way, and her story to the top will be an inspiration to others.

    I wish the other two of the top three a successful career, as well as James. I only wish they would have been critiqued more honestly, and not praised as much as they were by the judges, when it wasn’t warranted. They would have benefitted and grown more throughout the competition, and be better for it; I blame the judges most for that oversight.

    Haley, continue to do your thing, and finish this season of American Idol with your continued grace and dignity, and continued performance of great renditions of your chosen songs. I have no doubt you will be great.

    • I agree “too much praise will kill you in gthe end”!!!
      The real test of time comes after idol. The boat will sink or float. They all need good advice (hope they don’t take it from here 🙂 )
      They have had their moment in the sun. I saw Jason Castro in an airport not long ago and ask him what he was up to. He said playing music and having fun…good for him!

  22. Well put into perspective this year seems to be far different from other years. Seems for about four or five years the judges each got to choose their favorites and then select filler contestants doomed to loose. The pimped contestants are usually a friend of someone with pull in the recording industry and this Idol thing is just like a performing arts college. However America doesn’t always seem eye to eye with the judges. Last year Crystal was favored and yet Lee won it int he finale…So the one who comes on the strongest might stay strong until the finale or final three. Meanwhile the judges are rooting for their preferred candidate. Simon was getting downright frustrated at pumping someone who never won in the finale. I remember how callous he was to any lady except for his favorite Crystal. Perhaps it is like this every year.
    But I think that this year will be a Haley Lauren runoff because the producers want a female winner…to break the cycle.
    Scotty reminds me a bit like Crystal…Set in their ways and enclosed in their box. Too old and antiquated to venture outside the box. That ultimately lead to their loss in the finale.
    Makes for good corn flakes talk but would not try and guess what is planned for now. I think they are mean to Haley to engage her voters. Kind of revers psychology.

    • @Danming I agree with you the judges have been using on Haley revers psychology so that way voters turned their eyes on her out of pity good point

  23. what i like about haley is that every song she sings makes it her’ll never know what genre would that came from like her version of you and i it may seems like she co wrote the song or something. but who is haley after post idol since she doesn’t have her own genre maiking her versatile what songs will sooth her?please answer haley haley fans.thanks

  24. Vote Haley she will do great. Does not matter what some people say about her..They need to just vote for thier fav instead of putting others down..GO GO Haley

    • 60s style Bluesy pop rock has been making a coming back the last few years but mainly from the UK. While country pop seems to have hit its peak and has either leveled out or started a slow decline.
      Rap and Hip Hop were last year biggest selling genre but have dropped in sales this year with rock selling more old albums/CDs allowing it to catch up.

      Adele(from UK) is just one example of the trend, with both her albums are on the charts and her latest at number one.

      Remember that country is only at 12% of all music sales, with Rap, Pop and Rock the biggest selling genres.

      If I was a record producer I would be signing Haley and record a few songs before the summer tour, while looking at songs for an album after.

  25. I am waiting with great love and anticipation for 2011! See you soon . Sincerely Grace

  26. Fire Jennifer Lopez! She seems to think it is ok to control all the people and who should vote and when they should vote when.   Also, everyone should only be able to vote like 10 or 20 votes per nites.  This the judges actually saying who they wanting to when by they thired the mid of the season is garbage!!!!!!!

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