American Idol 2011: The judges pick blah songs, so it’s our turn

As we reported earlier, the songs chosen by the “American Idol” judges for the Top 3 have been leaked and I have to say, the judges’ song choices are almost as bad as the contestants’ song choices most of this season.

For Lauren Alaina, they chose “I Hope You Dance” by Leann Womack. I imagine this was chosen by Jennifer Lopez.

For Scotty McCreery, it’s Kenny Rogers’ “She Believes in Me.” It’s probably safe to say that was Randy’s choice.

And for Haley Reinhart, it’s “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. Since Randy and Jennifer hate Haley, I suspect Steven Tyler picked this for her.

How boring are those choices. Haley’s is probably the best song chosen, but I never once pegged her as an Alanis type. Plus Crystal Bowersox just sang this during last season’s finale. What a bad idea.

It’s too hard to really pick what other songs the contestants could and should sing since the choices are totally wide open. So, instead I’ll just pick my dream song list for them even though the chances of them singing any of my choices have lottery-like odds. So just for the fun of it, here goes.


“Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield. I’ve suggested this at least two other times this season. I hear she’s done it before (pre-Idol) and there’s a youtube video of it, but I want her to sing it on the “Idol” stage.

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” by The Mamas and the Papas. I always lean toward raspy voices or white-woman soul for Haley. And Mama Cass fits right into that area. I’d love to hear Haley take on Cass.


“Fancy” by Reba McEntire. Lauren did Reba another time this season and I thought it was one of her best performances. She should take on this one and show everyone that like Scotty, she too, can be a good story-telling singer.

“Love is a Battlefield” or “We Belong” by Pat Benatar. I just want to hear Pat on the Idol stage. It worked for Martina McBride on CMT’s Crossroads with Pat Benatar, it could work for Lauren.


“Tuesday’s Gone” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I wanted to pick “Simple Man” but Lee DeWyze just did that last season, so I picked the second-best Skynyrd song. I think it would be a good idea for Scotty to sing a non-country song at least once Wednesday night. And since he doesn’t step outside of his comfort zone ever, I thought a southern rock song would be easy enough. There’s only a fine line between country and southern rock anyway. At least in my mind.

“Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver. I think it’s kind of a silly song, but it made Billboard’s Top 100 Country Songs list. And it’s kind of the message Scotty has been sending all season, so why not?

What would your dream song list be for the Top 3?




  1. I want to hear Scotty sing “Achy, Breaky Heart” and “Tear in My Beer” because at least then the yokel would be somewhat comic.

  2. I heard Randy saying that Haley will be voted off since Lauren and Scotty have never been in the bottom three…where was he when Lauren cried for been there? He cannot help but try to low her. Lets prove him wrong Haley fans!

      • – Not that I don’t believe Randy doesn’t like her, but I was wondering what your source was?

        (woo, triple negative. did i do that right?)

      • It was on the view, they asked who would win, he said a boy or a girl and then pointed out that Scotty and Lauren were never in the bottom 3. Which is technically correct as Lauren was in the bottom “2” with Jacob. Clip on Youtube.

        Luckily for Haley, not James or Pia were ever up for elimination before they were eliminated

      • I think what Randy said was, Scotty and Lauren have never been in the bottom. He did not say bottom 2 or bottom 3. Haley has never been in the bottom either, or she would not still be in the competition. Randy does seem to think it is Scotty’s to lose, but then isn’t that what he told James? If the voting is truly on the up and up, then Randy is only guessing anyway, and even Simon was proven wrong on occasion. I honestly believe it will depend on how they perform on Wednesday night. The two that have the best performances will be in the finale.

      • So, it sounds like the usual from Jackass… excluding Haley. When is AI going to get rid of that sorry psasht?

    • He said it on the view and predicted Scotty to win…wow am I surprised! NOT!

      • I watched it and I don’t think that’s what he was saying. He just said Scotty’s never been in the bottom so logically that’s who would win. But going by that logic there’s a whole slew of idol contestants that should have won but were voted off.

    • What a jackass Randy is!!! I have NO respect for the man. That is just beyond belief.

      • Okay, fatboy, I thought getting Randy kicked off was a bit rash. But no longer. I am ready to sign up.

      • Pup, So how do we begin? We should have NO problem getting supporters. Any ideas?
        I think we want the psasht off the show by the start of elimination by next season. Jackass should have No imput or commentary/ remarks about any contestant in the elimination process, period. They start auditions next month… too soon to get rid of him.
        All suggestions for an effective, successful plan should be offered. Let’s get humping… if we could get our Haley thruthe last round, this should be easy.

  3. Haley should sing something by Heart, maybe Magic Man or Crazy on You. Or Black Velvet by Alanna Myles.
    Scotty should sing something by the Eagles such as Take it Easy.
    Lauren, maybe “You’re Still the one” by Shania Twain

    AND if Haley gets eliminated..for her last song I hope she sings “These Boots” and right in Randy’s face!

    • Heart would be perfect for her voice and she would kill “Crazy on You”. I can totally hear that growl during the chorus. “Barracuda” would be great too. Never happen, but “Dog and Butterfly” would be a great song to show off the colors of her voice.

    • Eagles, I could tolerate Scotty on doing them, how about out of the box and Scotty do “Seven Bridges Road” acapella. Or he could dust off “Desperado”

      Not sure about Lauren, I think she should test the rock side of her talent and gather those James votes floating around.

      Last week’s duet with Haley convinced me she has the chops. Benatar is a good suggestion but none of her songs come to mind that fit Lauren. I’m almost thinking Stevie Nicks, Landslide, Rhianon, or Edge of Seventeen

      • The only Song I really loved Lauren’s voice in was I Told You So. Thats when I really enjoy the pure sound of her voice. I liked some of her other songs, but I thought that one show cased her voice.

      • I think Desperado for Scotty would be good. He needs to stick to a more serious song so he can’t be accused of getting too goofy or silly on stage.

      • I loved Lauren doing Anyway. It was my favorite song she’s done on Idol. The only one I’ve found on Youtube and listened to a few times.

      • I thought about Desperado and Seven Bridges Road but think Scotty needs to do something with a rock edge.
        Also would love to hear Halet sing something by Stevie Nicks.

  4. i’d love to hear lauren sing Temporary Home by carrie underwood. she can show her beautiful and pure vocals and at the same time tell a story to us.

    Who agrees??? 🙂

    • I don’t know that song, I need to check at youtube. I suggest “Jesus take the wheel”.

      • No, no no….That is Carrie’s song all the way. I don’t think the public will go for that. Just like James shouldn’t have touched Steve Perry in Journey. Some things shouldn’t try to be replicated. the other voices are too ingrained in our brains and they are too perfected.

      • @Angela, Danny Gookey did well with that song at Season 8. But I think Lauren will pick other song.

      • Angela, You’re not going to believe this but I agree with you! Some classics are better left alone.

    • She already did Carrie Underwood and the judges already chose a ballad for her. She needs to do something fast and fun.

  5. Personally, I dont care anymore. This was a disappointing season. And it seems contrived or rigged somehow. There doesnt seem to be judging in the real sense and popularity votes just means whoever can get their hometown to vote wins. Um, make that whoever has the biggest hometown wins. But hey, I think some of the good singers that went by the wayside will have careers. If Constantine can, anyone can!

  6. I hope haley sing What about love by heart..,
    im so excited of her singing you ought to know and feeling was awsome adam lambert did it too,,.

    • Hey… Anyway you mentioned a song : “Silence Is Golden” by The Tremeloes. You could suggest for the trio Scotty, Lauren and Haley to sing that song.

  7. I believe Haley will do a better job than Crystal Bowersox…..she at least, washes her hair every day!

      • Likewise…you too, need to wash…your dirty hawk mouth (with your own excrement came out from that hole of your!)

    • Scotty – Drop Kick Me Jesus – Bobby Bare

      Lauren – Harper Valley PTA – Jeannie C. Riley

      Haley – Kosmic Blues – Janis Joplin

    • Hey, hey, now. Haley’s fans are supposed to be polite towards others, unlike her haters. I agree that Haley will do the song better…minus the fact that Alanis actually DID the song with Crystal…Haley’s best at portraying rejection and anger in a song, no one can touch her there. She’s a terrific actress as well as singer. I’m kinda looking forward to it. I still want Haley to sing “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane more than anything else.

      • I want to hear her do that song like bad…bad, bad, bad. I think Regina Spektor’s song Fidelity would be a cute, fun, and upbeat song for her, that she could do well.

      • Devin, did you see what he said about Crystal? I mean, the things people say here are just beyond mean!

      • I know, Pup. And they make me look like the bad guy, because I can’t keep quiet when people are bashing people they don’t even know. Then I’m ‘attacking’ the attacker. They don’t like getting a taste of their own medicine, but toooooo bad. Some people don’t have hearts to hurt anyway, it would seem. If people just say negative things about the singing…that is FINE. Just don’t presume people are this or that, when you don’t have a single clue what or who they are.

      • I think it makes me so angry because people have had preconceived notions about me my entire life…one’s quite similar to what they say about Haley, actually. Couldn’t be further from the truth, people and their lame first impressions…they need to take a closer look.

  8. Brandon, Regarding your picks… I think you’re right about those lottery odds you mentioned. I’ll leave it at that.
    Now, mine:

    Haley – At Last – a pure, blues classic & Buddy Holly’s That’ll Be the Day.

    • See, what do you gain by insulting me? Those are just songs I’d like to hear them sing. So why can’t you people just leave it at that?

  9. Wish Haley would pick: What’s love got to do with in (Tina Turner).

    Lauren would pick: My last Breathe (Evanscence)

    Scotty: Forever Blue Jean(Neil Diamond)But I doubt that he’ll pick anything other than country!

      • Lauren knows what song to choose best for her vocal and she is smart to choose a song that people like to hear. Scotty knows what he likes to sing and most of the country song really suite with his voice. Hailey at times she choose wrong song that is why she always getting the most critics by people and the judges. People was saying Hailey can sing but song choice is very important does it connected to the audience cause the audience are the one will vote for their favourites.

    • If Hailey sing Tina Turner song Randy will critic her more and that will be the end of the road.

    • Haley songs are posted below by kechik. Idk where the info came from, but if you look up all the videos people are already talking about the contestants singing those songs.

      • i just wanna Haley sing a song by Christina Aguilera – Hurt!!!
        and also Spain by Al Jarreau..

  10. who care’s what they sing. the best singer and performer was voted last week because of a screw up with the at&t numbers last thursday.i for one will not be watching wed.good luck to the top three. your great kids and none of this was your doing.

    • You don’t know that, you have no evidence, and you can’t prove that other contestants didn’t lose votes. Go boohoo somewhere else.

      • you know what david AI is banking on people like you to defend them.they should go to the danceing with the stars voteing format 5 votes per house phone.but they won’t because 72 million sounds better.when idol started it was a singing competition now it’s stricly a voteing frenzey.over the years not allways did the best singer win and it;s the same this year boo hoo to you……

      • You still don’t know with any kind of certainty that if the voting format were different the results wouldn’t be what they are. You just don’t know that, so to make those claims w/out being able to back them up is not right. DWTS has a limit, one vote for every contestant remaining. So for the top 10, you get 10 votes. I like that, I think they should change it. Also DWTS is very different, there’s a lot more room for objectivity since visually you can see if someone is dancing well or not. With AI you don’t have the luxury of objectivity, it’s all about taste and who you like.

        You don’t know that James went home because of a voting malfunction. You don’t, there’s no way for you to. You just think that because for some reason you thought James should win over the others. I wish he was still there, I think he was very exciting and fun to watch. But he didn’t get the votes he needed, unfortunately.

        If Haley leaves this week I’m not going to go ‘omg the voting system sucks it needs to be changed because my personal favorite went home blah blah blah’ even though for every crazy person voting for Haley 200 times or w/e there’s 3 little teeny boppers voting 500 times for Scotty and Lauren.

      • Absolutely Peggy. Couldn’t agree more. As for David, I personally won’t boo hoo but I will BOO, BOO, BOO how the voting is done.

      • @David, I strongly support what you just said, as I’ve been trying to get this across to everyone ever since the show started! Thank heavens for people like you 😛

    • Dear Peggy, I want to believe you but please, when you make claims as huge as that, show your sources. We can think about a lot of things lately, Peggy. Out of frustration perhaps? (that your favorite didn’t make it this far). And oh, you seem not to be very interested with AI anymore as you underscored your point of not watching, but, you’re here in this forum, vehemently sharing your thoughts. Honey, that’s is so unlikely. And lastly, by ‘danceing’, did you mean ‘dancIng’? And by ‘voteing’, did you want to say ‘voteIng’?

  11. Scotty should sing Chattahoochee. It’ll show what he can really do in country.

  12. Sorry.

    Lauren – anything she likes by Patsy Cline – we’ll see how good that voice really is & Juice Newton’s Break to Me Gently. If she could tackle Unchained Melody, these two, if sung well, would get her in the finals, for sure.

    Scotty – George’s He Stopped Lovin’ Her Today & Eddy Arnold’s Anytime. If Scotty wants to be a great country Singer, he needs to tackle George. And with Anytime, key changes won’t save him there…he’ll have to show that range everybody says he has.

    P.S. Haley could bring down the house with both these numbers.

  13. American Idol is predetermined, fixed, and a complete farce! I don’t believe votes count AT ALL!!!!

  14. I did not find “Son of a Preacher man” on youtube, however, I would like to hear Haley sing “Beaurtuful Dangerious” by Slash or “Heartbreaker” by Pat benitar. I think Haley has the power and presence to deliver a dynamic performance and win over the “hard-rock” fans who, after being spoiled by James, will be looking for something with aggressive attitude and action.

    Lauren would sound good singing “Fancy” by Reba but it might be forgettable. My choice for Lauren might be “At Seventeen” by Janis Ian or “Second Chance” by Shinedown. These two song would showcase voice controll and range, which she needs to display.

    I think Scotty needs to pick up his game and diversify for him to win. Singing something other than country would help, like,”Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, or “Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers. Scotty has shown us some traditional country balads and a few up tempo country songs, but if he is to take the top spot he must really “wow” us with something completely different vocally .

    I’m just say n’ 🙂

    • @DB

      “Scotty has shown us some traditional country balads and a few up tempo country songs, but if he is to take the top spot he must really “wow” us with something completely different vocally.”

      Pick up his game? He’s been coasting the last 3 weeks. By all accounts, Scotty is way ahead. For goodness sakes he’s the only one of the 3 who had a superstar visit his homecoming (Josh Turner). His home town spent over $60K on it.

      As much as I hope for a Haley win, it may be that Scotty is just too far ahead and it seems, unfortuantely and even curiuosly, alot of James’ votes will go to Scotty.

      That’s OK Haley made it by ‘the skin of her teeth’ according to JLO in Hollywood week, and had to fight all the way, bottom 3 – 4 times. This will be another hurdle she’s ready to take on full growl. 🙂

      • Scotty’s popularity is all smoke and mirrors. Look at the itunes ratings, the youtube hits, the general consensus on most blogs is Haley is the favorite. just made Haley the favorite to win. Unfortunately every time he’s done that the person picked has gone home.

        For people that say ‘but Haley is VFTW pick so she must suck’ She got the pick only because she ‘sassed’ the judges. If she hadn’t done that Scotty would have been the pick and has been close to the pick all season as baby lock them doors nuts o wonder mccreery.

    • DB, There’s no way Scotty can do either of your picks. BON JOVI requires a very powerful voice, as does the Allman Brother tune, which I have not heard from Scotty.

      • Scotty for the win – he is very good and country music is american music just like rock and jazz

      • Perhaps thats the point, Scotty and Lauren are unable to break out of their “country comfort” zone which again proves Haley the better, and more diversely able singer. Just say n’ 🙂

      • Why is this always about versitility. Shouldn’t it be about selling CD’s/iTunes and a lot of them and becoming the performer you want and are more importantly. AGain, artist do not stray to far from there genre, none of them. So I just don’t get why if you are country you have to prove you can sing, jazz, r&b or whatever. It’s not what you are going to do.

      • Dawn: Were The Eagles Rock, or Country, when they first hit the big time? What were the Beatles, pop, or rock? What was Johnny Cash? Country? Are you sure? Was Janis Joplin rock, blues or early soul? Where does “Mercedes Benz” fit? Marketers like genres — true musicians cross it up all the time. Even Randy Jackson has played with Journey and more recently with Mariah Carey (at least in the studio) and I’m sure he’s played with a lot of other pros from various genres.

        Cheryl Crow is pop? Country? Rock? Folk? How about Vince Gill? Are you sure he’s country and non pop? How can you be so sure? Garth Brooks occasionally played KISS songs. What was that?

        I, for one, don’t care about genre. Can the artist do it well, and do they bring something to it that moves or interests me in some way? If they can, then let them sing opera and soul (Pavarotti did “Its a Man’s World” duet with James Brown — look it up on youtube).

  15. Haley: At Last – Etta James; Mercy On Me – Christina Aguilera

    Scotty: I Pray For You – Jaron and the Long Road to Love; Kissable, Huggable, Loveable – Diamond Rio

    Lauren: You’re The One – Shania Twain; Love Story – Taylor Swift.

    I know, I know eew at Taylor Swift BUT if she nailed it she wins hands down.

      • I like those songs 🙁

        Well except the Swift one, was just trying to throw her a bone.

    • i just wanna Haley sing a song by Christina Aguilera – Hurt!!!
      and also Spain by Al Jarreau..

  16. I wish that James could perform again and do Eminem’s Sing for the Moment with Steven Tyler doing the hook. Just thinking out of the box.

    Scotty should sing Beer for my horses
    I am horrible finding a song for the girls but I think if Haley wanted to take it back aways, I need a Hero by Bonnie Tyler would rock comming from her. And I have no clue for Lauren.

    • I presume James & Steven will do a duet at the grand final (result night!)! You’ll see!

      • especially, even if Steven promised earlier in the season, Aerosmith does not want to perform on Idol

      • I think that would be a defined moment in the show and definitely show that Durbin was an important part of this years popularity.

      • It would be nice to have him back…glad he still was given the opportunity to perform some of the shows in his hometown that were pre-sceduled…

  17. Judge’s choice
    1.Lauren Alaina “I Hope You Dance” (Lee Ann Womack)
    2.Scotty McCreery “She Believes in Me” (Kenny Rogers)
    3.Haley Reinhart “You Oughta Know” (Alanis Morissette)

    Jimmy Iovine’s choice
    1.Lauren Alaina “How Do I Live” (LeAnn Rimes)
    2.Scotty McCreery “You’ll Think of Me” (Keith Urban)
    3.Haley Reinhart “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” (Eurythmics)

    Personal Choice
    1.Lauren Alaina “Give Me One Reason” (Tracy Chapman)
    2.Scotty McCreery “What Hurts the Most” (Rascal Flatts)
    3.Haley Reinhart “Feeling Good” (Cy Grant)

    Can’t imagine how beautiful Lauren sing all the round!! wow Lauren!!

    • 🙁 Well all you people that think it’s rigged for Haley can eat your words now. Seriously they are sabotaging her.

      • Go Lauren .. Go Haley .. 🙂
        Don’t say like that .. Haley isa good singer!

      • Yepp! Haley is the best out of three…although I’m no fan of all 3 of them! But I like Haley the most! Wish she go all the way!

      • No david the 3 haley songs are great!
        she can rock and roll it everything she sang became my favorites..

        i like lauren too.,

        and scotty i think james deserved to his position..

      • Why would the judges pick a song sung last year in the final for Haley, one done by both Crystal Bowersox and Alanis together. Crystal has some rough spot on it but hey with Alanis singing the hard parts no sweat really.
        Beyonce is the only singer that has gotten close on a cover of it and she has the backup singers do some parts of it.
        If Haley can pull this off well it will be a major moment for her but major risky song to do.

      • david p, if you are talking to me about thinking it is rigged for haley…
        before james even got eliminated i told devin this is fake, no way could a grown man (randy) get away with terrorizing a young girl like haley without there being something fake going on.
        in my world what he did to her is not fathomable. this is AI, any sane american over the age of 21 would not agree with what he did and become outraged (i did)
        if what randy did to haley is real and he can get away with that crap, then AI is not the show for me.
        i cannot watch someones dreams get crushed like randy is doing to her.
        so yes, the only logical explanation in my eyes is that he was setting her up for the win and trying to make it look like he wasn’t.
        she has the looks, the voice and the personality and maybe that is what AI is trying to get.

        again, i have wanted to hear haley sing ‘you oughta know’ all season.
        also david, i love all 3 remaining contestants left and i will be very sad and hurt when any of them get eliminated.
        from the beginning my favorites were james, lauren and scotty.
        after haley did ‘call me’ she also became a favorite and i told devin lee, i am screwed cause now i like 4 and will be devastated when any goes.
        after james did muse i no longer had to try to pick a top favorite. that sealed it for me.
        so again, i love all the remaining contestants and i wish all of them the best of luck.

      • they are not. it’s called reverse physcology, the more they slam her, the more votes she gets.

      • It’s not You Oughta Know, it’s Sweet Dreams AND You Oughta Know. People are already talking about this song elsewhere, so I’m wondering where it’s coming from and I really hope it’s not true. I understand you are upset about James and I do think there are questionable circumstances this year. However everything you point out, I think, is trying to bus her off and it backfired on them. They loved James, they did everything they could to make sure he gets to the end except be mean to him.

        And to Piper, she can sing them. But this is all about song choice, remember. She sang You and I and The Earth Song better than Scotty sang his songs on the same night and still got nailed to the floor by the judges for song choice.

      • David P, check out Muse’s version of Feeling Good, and you will cheer RIGHT UP! I swear.

    • Wow! Are these official? Because this definitely makes for an intense night. Not sure how I feel about Laurens choice for herself, but if all 3 manage to pull off each song, WATCH OUT!

    • I want to give my opinion of the 3 songs for Scotty.
      1. The Judge’s choice “She Believes in Me” (Kenny Rogers) :
      I think the lyrics of the song are not in agreement with Scotty’s character, regardless of the beautiful rythm/melody.

      2. Jimmy Iovine’s Choice “You’ll Think of Me” (Keith Urban) :
      This song doesn’t have enough range and is rather sleepy.

      3. Scotty’s personal Choice “What Hurts the Most” (Rascal Flatts) :
      I prefer this.

      • That is not the song picked by the judges for Scotty; the song picked for him is “You Raise Me Up”. I saw this when he got the tweet while doing his concert. His other song, by Jimmy Levine, is “She believes in Me”. No one knows what his personal choice is.

    • kechik are these songs for sure? Where did this info come from. I know for sure Kenny Rogers but the rest? Love all the songs but if he doesn’t do something upbeat, I can read the papers and blogs already about 3 ballads. If Judges picked a ballad, is jimmy going to also, I wouldn’t think so.

      • Christina, yes; I don’t know what the others are singing; Scotty’s was announced at the concert. He HAS NOT said what his personal choice is.

      • Huh? Scotty singing You Raise Me Up? K, I’ll stop whining about Haley’s song choices. Poor Scotty.

      • Scotty sing Josh Groban?! Huh? There ain’t NO way! If that kid comes even close, he’s been wasting his time in country music.

      • Larraine, how can he handle the high notes of the song ? He may lower the key, but that notion isn’t smart as far as that song is concerned. Maybe David P is right about that song choice : poor Scotty. I just hope he will do well with the song.

      • I think that is weird that the judges picked you raise me up for Scotty its a good song but I would of never thought of it as a song for Scotty to sing

    • WEll I just read on a couple web sites that kechik is right about the songs.

    • Sweet Dreams is such crap, though, for her. It’s like Techno-y…eww. Ew. Ew. She’ll pull it off, though, she always does. I had never heard I Who Have Nothing, and she floored me…I never liked Blue until she sang it either…

    • david and devin, i hate ‘sweet dreams’ but i bet haley pulls it off and makes it sound good. have faith 🙂

      • What she said.

        Never underestimate Haley’s ability to deliver the “WOW” factor. She is so much more musically mature, diversely trained and talented, the fact they’re giving Haley the complex and more controversial songs only proves she is more qualified to win.

        The judges and producers have to give Scotty and Lauren an easy pitch in order for them to win the popularity vote because they don’t stand a chance musically against a true professional like Haley! 🙂

        I’m just say n’

      • Everytime I think of that song (Sweet Dreams) I remember a terrible incident when I was little and thought it would be cool to leave the radio on all night. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to Manson’s version of that song. I’ve never liked it, even the original version

  18. wow the news say Michelle Obama like Lauren Alaina .. yes!! support Lauren .. Go Lauren!!

  19. so just for the people who say Haley is up herself and arrogant/unfriendly. Here are some tweets from idol-rejects this season:

    SLangoneAI10 Stefano Langone
    Super proud of my bruth James! Man did work on the show and is gunna have a great tour alongside his best man. Best of luck to the rest! Specially my home girl Haley!!!

    @HReinhartAI10 miss you so much Haley! Love you!

    @juliezorrilla Julie Zorrilla
    @ScottySyndrome I became very close with my room mate @HReinhartAI10!!!! Funniest girl I have EVER met…

    PToscanoAI10 Pia Toscano
    @ODedOnRealityTV @HReinhartAI10 always slays it!

    And we know she is close to Casey and Lauren.
    So whats the beef with her? Some people dont show all their emotions on live TV.

    • i totally agree with you. nothing is wrong in smiling. i don’t get why people should be sad with their own victory. maybe smiling is her way of comforting. whatever happened to the song “smile though your heart is breaking/aching” if we would refuse to smile…

      • I’m amused at all the James fans blaming Haley and swearing to Scotty. True Rock fans support those that rock and Haley Jams.

        All you have to do is search Youtube and you will find her singing, Pink Floyd, Sublime, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Weezer, Lenny Kravitz. Find something with Scotty doing anything but country. (Elvis doesn’t count)

        Go ahead and vote for either country contestants, rock fans, turn in your license to rock. You deserve Scotty or Lauren (not so hard on Lauren ’cause I know she can rock too)

      • Do search on youtube with
        Reinhart + The Rastitutes to find them
        they are from a birthday party

      • Holy crap TUSK!!! I just said above I wanted her to do White Rabbit more than any song ever! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW she should do it with Idol’s stage, she’d WIN with this. No DOUBT.

    • Read last night’s post from Mom2. It says everything you need to know about Haley’s character; how she stopped her procession to greet, comfort and grieve with a local Wheeling family that had lost a young son (whom Haley had known) within the last few weeks.

  20. i could careless what Lauren and Haley sings just as long as Scotty can sing country music, i think
    all top 3 will sing amazingly wednesday night,good luck to all of you…………..break a leg!!!!!

  21. i’m sure jimmy iovine can handle this three kids they can sing country music and i think they are lucrative when an artist sings country like miley cyrus. intercope does not know how to produce a rocker and a pop artist.

  22. Best singer, performer gone American Idol is worst off for it ..James must of pissed off someone? or he didn’t fit the AI image maybe..anyway go Haley! (she is bottom 3 material but anyway)..sorry I’m boycotting this rubbish forever another rigged American voting system wake up people!
    Peace out!

    • Haley has given some of the best performances of the night, hasn’t had anything but a great performance since the top 7. She’s top 3 material if anything.

    • Absolutely ! They want someone young, innocent, ignorant and gullible who they can manipulate to suit their own agenda. James would never allow that and was therefor eliminated. Had nothing to do with genuine public votes, otherwise James would still be in it !

  23. would love to see haley do life for rent or white flag by dido or how about she tries a bon jovi song like you give love a bad name or always, she could apply her raspy voice there.

    for scotty, i want him to sing burning love or do a ronan keating song which if tomorrow never comes. i know he could tell a great story with that song.

    for lauren jesus take a wheel would do her good or maybe take a celine dion song like its all coming back to me or my heart will go on. it would suit her voice. 🙂

    • Lauren isn’t ready for “My Heart Will Go On,” and she won’t be singing it. Maybe with some training, work and maturity, but there is no way she can cover the range, phrasing and sustain the big notes. Even Pia likely would have difficulty with that one, but she probably could sing it.

  24. I have been hoping all season long that Scotty would step out of his Country roots and Sing “Sitting by the Dock of the Bay”, by Ottis Redding. If he could put a modern spin on this OLD classic (like me) he could slay that song.

    • …and by “modern” spin, you mean “country” spin when we’re talking about Scotty 😉

    • This is actually a good suggestion. Unfortunately, I suspect it might bring up some bad memories of the younger kid his group bullied in Hollywood (it had been that kid’s audition song – can’t remember name).

    • They can’t step out of there roots now, the judges will slam them for it. They want them planted and singing songs that will showcase who they are going to be.

  25. Scotty – Every light in the house is on (Trace Adkins)
    Lauren. – Smokey mountain memories ( Dolly Parton)
    Hayley – beast of burden (Bette Midler)

    • That song for Lauren is my suggestion too. Unfortunately, she will sing other song instead, as described in the post by user kechik at #21 above.

      • I know David Archuleta did it well. I downloaded his version about 2 years ago and listen it occasionally. But I really want to hear Lauren sing it too.

  26. Scotty – Drop Kick Me Jesus – Bobby Bare

    Lauren – Harper Valley PTA – Jeannie C. Riley

    Haley – Kosmic Blues – Janis Joplin

  27. Lets really test the three of them with Doors songs. Scotty can have a go at Light my Fire, Lauren can try Riders on the Storm and Haley can wade into Twentieth Century Fox. What a trip that would be!

  28. I think what ever they sing they will do good. But it will be end of the road for haley. Reasons for that is she is not such a good singer and her attitude is very bad. Won’t be a good role model for young americans. I say lauren will come 2 nd and scotty will win it. The perfect idol. Vote scotty to win it

    • This is called Personality while the other 2 have what?…nothing! You can’t roll down a bunch of them on any california streets or beaches….lol!

      • Well first of all lauren is a young girl with a lot of talent and she has never done any thing wrong. She understands it when she gets advice and takes it and uses it wisely. She don’t back chat or ask why she takes it with a smile. Scotty on the other hand is a young guy with a smile and is a good guy. Which we need more of good guys in our land a specially for our daughters. So both do have something. They positive and that is what america needs. They both sing great as well. Haley growls and like I said can’t take criticisms from the judges who just want to help her. And that is rude. So that is no role model for america. So scotty will win. Lauren 2nd haley a lucky 3rd which should of been james postion

      • Lol! Did you take criticisms well from your mom & never argue with her? if you did, you have attitude problem and so bloody rude too!!

      • Lauren was BAWLING when the judges told her that she wasnt pushing her voice enough and was holding back plus when she was put into the bottom 2 for the first time. How is THAT for handling criticism and rejection? Scotty looked as if he was ABOUT to cry after the judges told him his song was safe and kind of boring, hence why they showed Scotty walking backstage into the viewing room where the other contestants were watching (Something we have NEVER SEEN them do)and showed lauren and the others having to TELL him that THEY liked the song. James is another whole story, everytime Ryan called him up to hear the results he was bawling his eyes out.

        Haley has been the only one in the top 4 who has kept her head up and not let constantly being put into the bottom 3 upset her and is the only one able to defend herself and is confident in her voice and song choice.

        ALL artists are in some way egotistical, thats what makes them who they are. An artist who cries at every negative criticism is not going to do well in the industry. Lauren needs a couple more years to mature and find herself more so that she can gain more confidence and less of that “im a little innocent angel” attitude.Scotty needs some more direction and constructive criticism so that when he puts out a CD, the tracks won’t sound all the same like most of his performances. You could tell Scotty was going to play it safe when he sung his audition song like 3 times during the beginning of the season. James also needs to be told what he could improve on and that he needs to focus more on the tone of his voice rather than “Putting on a show” which caused him to feel as if he was entitled to the final 2 spot. Haley needs to control the growl in some of her songs and sing with more clarity, like she did last week in the second song.

        But Haley is the only one who can stand her ground and does what she wants to do, which makes a great artist eventually. Michael Jackson did what everyone else wanted, but once he went on his own and did what he wanted, Thriller was born.

    • LOL “won’t” be a good role model for americans”!!

      Yah right, who would wants to be a person that keeps doing their best despite obstacles that would have defeated others? Has shown the most growth among all the contestants…

      (due mostly because the judges only applaud an don’t give critical observations for the others to work on. Always “In it to win it”)

      …Smiled the entire time until it became over the top (Don’t say it didn’t happen there are tons of articles about it on the internet) and stood up for herself and her artistic view.

      Haley has walked the rockiest path to make top 3.

      Yeah, terrible Role Model.

      • Well said Tusk!!
        Here is one way I view it.
        Of the three, Lauren quite possibly has the best and stronges voice, I’m amazed at the ease she seems to have while singing her songs.
        Then. . . there’s Scotty, predictable, understated, and perhaps still developing into a really good future singer. But not yet.
        Then Haley, good voice, a little akward in stage presence, But over all, by far, the better performer of them all. She has proven (despite the lack of any useful information from the judges, to be a very versatile singer and very capable of performing well in a variety of singing styles,
        Now, is this, or is it not, what makes a true artist, perfromer, entertainer? I think she rocks, nuff said, ♥

      • Timbre, my only disagreement with you is your description of Haley as sometimes “awkward” on stage. I think she is pure class. I love her moves; she really gets into it when she sings!

      • Pup, I love Haley. You know I do…but…her baby elephant dance is a bit awkward..

    • Lucille, Have you ever had an original thought? Your post regarding Haley is nothing but a total parrot of the BS the trolls are mouth- speaking. Atleast try to come with something new, will you?

    • The moles keep popping up. You know nothing about Haley’s attitude. Randy treated her unfairly for weeks. She clearly has been singled out for criticism so these weak “judges” can justify their existence. They aren’t trying to help her. These kids get constructive coaching ALL WEEK between shows, and when and where has Haley EVER been shown to be rude or not listen to that? You want to say she has a bad attitude for defending herself against unfair treatment?

      Haley is strong, and won’t quit, won’t wilt and won’t falter. She absolutely is American Idol material. She’s worked very hard – obviously – against impossible odds and just keeps coming back. Her interviews reveal her grace under all of this pressure. She IS the American Idol.

    • hahaha..”very bad”
      i dont care about what she really is as long as she entertain me..,

      Oh Lucia did you check ur GOOD ATTITUDE too?
      i think u r an Angel evrytime you post a comment is againts with haley…

      you always say that she will go home even when she is in the 5…but look shes still there.,

      Haley FTW!!!

      Lucia your an American ediot sure ull win it!

      • Gravity. You got it wrong I am from south africa. You are the idiot in this case. Lol

      • Gravity my name is lucille not lucia. Go back to grade 1 and learn to spell. 2nd of all I am south african. So you the idiot. Lmfao

      • Gravity go back to school you are lonely and need a teacher to teach you. You are childish. Now go cry by your mommy

    • Lucille, who are you to speak about a role model for “young Americans”? Please, you have no clue.

  29. HALEY – Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
    LAUREN – My Heart will go on… (Celine)
    SCOTTY – Bridge over troubled water (Elvis’ version)
    These songs would really measure their voice range – I think they can all do them – even Scotty – but these songs are very risky. I think Lauren can do much better than what she’s been doing, and Haley needs a song with drama!

    • Haley could do that song with a bit more bluesy feel and would likely be more mainstream and less country then but Glee has used that song.
      No way Lauren could do that song it way above her technical level right now.
      Elvis was a baritone with an incredible vocal range, which Scotty doesn’t have.

    • Marta, Your pick would segregation Lauren straight to the bottom, along with the Titanic! As I have said before, Lauren can not at this time handle that song or Celine. In the future, I hope so.

  30. Everytime someone mentions the song “I Hope You Dance”, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Scotty’s “NUTS OF WONDER”, the words he sang when he forgot the lyrics of the song at Hollywood round.
    In fact, since then Scotty has been bringing his “Nuts of Wonder” until now, and He will still bring them until the Finale and WIN.

  31. Scotty – The River (i want him to do it again) (Garth Brooks)
    Lauren – Look at Me (so inspiring) (Carrie Underwood)
    Haley – Whenever You Call ( i think Haley needs to be at her highest) (Mariah Carey)

  32. Wow,the competition is hot & fierce in this site!! 1 more week until the biggest highlight of this show & the idols fans competition is more fierce than the contestant in AI!! Its so fun reading this site hahaha.

    The idols fans do any means necessary to tackle or make other sway to vote for their idols. Even if its not true or just rumor they dont care. Any mean necessary!!! Like Randy said “The competition is HOT. Its HOT!!” hahaha

    As u can see from my name,im a Casey’s fan so i dont have any favorite among these last 3 contestant. They all talented & good in their own respectfully genre. So its a great wonder for me when i saw some1 say in this site “Haley have a bad attitude or mannerism”, or “the most talented is…” More than half of the comment in this site is about rumor/accusing & defending Haley’s attitude nonsense. The only question for the people that accusing Haley’s bad attitude is… “Do u know exactly for a fact that she is a person as u say she were?”

    The idol fans competition is HOT. Its HOT!!! 🙂

  33. i think haley has the least forgettable songs on AI. lauren and scotty has gud performances but i totally forgot it after a week or two…hoping HALEY would win this season!!!!!!!!!

  34. personally, i think the contestants who DON’T win do better than the winners, in most cases, except for clarkson and underwood. hudson, daughtry, lambert, look at their careers. the judges this season are clueless and tremendously biased. and i also question the voting. other than the above, it was an entertaining season and at least five stars will be shining through, two of whom have already been voted off.

  35. Lauren Alaina”I Hope You Dance”(Lee AnnWomack) choosen by Jennifer Lopez
    Scotty McCreery “She Believes in Me” (Kenny Rogers)
    choosen by Steven Tyler
    Haley Reinhart “You Oughta Know” (Alanis Morissette) Randy Jackson

    i read this in wikipedia…

    • wikipedia…thats how you know its true! almost as official as facebook relationship status’s!

      • I knew it. I knew it had to be Randy that picked that song for Haley. It’s TOTALLY insulting, coming from him. I’ve got to make myself a Randy voodoo doll. I need to vent my anger constructively! 🙂

      • Now, now Pup. Take a deep breath. I know a great Zen Master if you need him? lol

  36. “I Will Always Love You” ala “jukebox version” from “The Bodyguard” for Scotty…..

  37. Haley should sing, “oh darling” with Casey playing stand up bass in the background!

    • I would LOVE for her to sing ANYTHING with Casey playing stand up bass in the background. :0)

      • “Take My Breath Away” or “Come Away With Me.” It would be sweetness beyond words. Haley’s been pigeon-holed into a bluesy-rock box. She is fun there, but capable of much, much more.

  38. i hope to hear these songs from our top 3..

    Lauren – Goodbye by Air Supply
    Scotty – For the First Time by Kenny Loggins
    Haley – When you Really Love Someone by Alicia Keys

    Let’s see who’s gonna WOW us!!!

  39. Go Haley! My brother sent me an email this morning about why we have Memorial Day. It had several little cartoon like items. Anyway, one of them was a little girl putting flowers on a grave with an American flag sticking in the ground. The father standing above her says,” Thats my American Idol.” Just thought I would share.

  40. Haley should definetly not sing a Heart song. Saw them 3 times and a big fan and not even a good match for hber style. Son of a Preacher Man is a good choice. But Heart, any song, NO. I think she can switch up You Oughta Know in the 2 minutes and do a much better job than folks think. Crystal did a great job of singing the song straight as Alanis was singing with her. Haley can make it her own and switch it up a little and could do a nice job with the song that is different than last years duet.

  41. It would be so easy to truly show who is the best of this bunch, and even add James. Skip the book , videos , and album promotions and use the time better. have each judge pick a genre ( Rock, Country, and Pop/Jazz/Blues ) and each contestant sing the same song in each category. Wouldn’t even be close. HALEY is so versatile , has the vocals, and stage presence; she would do all three genres equally well. That way, everything would be fair and equal, and everyone ( judges and viewers ) could make a true comparison of the remaining contestants, and who is “in it to win it”. Unfortunately, American Idol would never do anything this simple; not enough controversy. That is why American Idol doesn’t usually get it right. Win or lose HALEY, you are already a winner to me. A year or two from now, when the naysayers are listening to your talents on the radio, in several genres, they will believe why you didn’t want to limit your genre choices when you performed on American Idol 2011. Hopefully, they then will appreciate your talent. GO HALEY !!!!!

  42. I don’t buy the “set up ” theory, but it does show that every body, from the judges, to the producers, to even Haley herself, IS really the better, more able singer.If they felt she was unable to rise to the occasion they would have given her “safe” songs like the gave to Scotty and his “country girlfriend”.

    Haley is the more mature singer musically and that IS why she is given more complex songs to sing….because she CAN! Don’t sabotage her moment to actually out sing and out shine her competition. Let her performance “speak” for itself and silence her scorners!

    Just say n’
    “Hooked on Haley!” 😛

  43. SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IDOL THIS WEEK. I have no interest in these three . . . bring back Pia and James.

    And no, I am not whining. I am stating my opinion. It will be a boring week and it will be a boring finale. Way to go, America.

    • That’s your opinion now isn’t it? Which I happen to disagree with. But to each their own.

    • I look forward to what Haley will do this week but I do miss James and Casey.
      While I like some of Lauren’s songs, I not sure I can watch an all country final, atleast with Haley you could get all most anything from Jazz, Blues, old Rock or new Pop.

  44. I Want Both Girls In Da Finale!!! It’ll b absolutely beautiful;)) Lauren Alaina Vs Haley Reinhart…Girl Power!!!! Its been way 2 Long;))

  45. Might as well dive right in with the rest of you. My picks are ;

    Haley: “All That Jazz” from the movie Chicago, and Macy Gray’s “I Try”

    Lauren: “Except For Monday” by Laurie Morgan, and “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

    Scotty: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, and “A Long Line of Love” by Paul Overstreet

    One up tempo and one slow for each of them. I hope they steer clear of songs associated with former contestants.

  46. To all of you who replied to my comment. I have never bad mouthed my mother which now she is in heaven. I am a 34 year old. So I should know what I am talking about. Any way it doesn’t matter what you think of me. But haley is leaving next. None of you know me so call me rude call me what you want its not going to change the out come

    • Tu peux pas prédire et prétendre avoir la vérité absolue sans que les gens viennent te contredire un peu! Ce serait stupide de croire le contraire 😉

    • Exactly, we don’t know you and you don’t know Haley so quit the badmouthing. Doesn’t feel so good does it

    • Scotty and Haley are both role models for half American, Scotty for conservatives and Haley for liberals. LOL my family is split pretty much that way to, so just give up, its unwinnable.

      • ahahaha,..Ignore her!
        she cant vote coz shes from south africa all she can do is Bashing!!!
        Guys we need to POWERVOTE For HALEY her FATE is in Our hand!!!


        we Are 23 classmates voting for her plus my Cuzin and family will vote for her!!!

        that would be SUPERVOTING non-stop!
        so get ready haley is ready for the top 2!!!

      • I disagree completely, Haley and James are the best role models from this season by far. Our society is full of people that try to take away competition, try to take away obstacles, gimme gimme gimme free lunch attitude. The fact that Haley kept wading through the muck to get to the top 3 is amazing. For James to do what everyone told him he couldn’t do is amazing. Go and do no matter how hard it is; that’s the lesson we learn from them. What do we learn from Scotty? If Gaga touches you kiss your cross? Someone yesterday said he isn’t Archie, and I agree completely. He’s a good kid, sure. But what about being a good kid makes you an exceptional role model?

      • @David P. THANK YOU. At long last someone realizes that Haley and James have somewhat overcome the odds. James is plagued with handicaps that make ordinary life very difficult, not to mention facing national television and singing your heart out, only to have America tell him that they didn’t want him in the end, but instead preferred a deep south cowboy who does the same thing EVERY WEEK. And Haley, for the longest time, was overshadowed by the more flashy, teeny-bopperish Lauren Alaina and the incredibly powerful and soulful Pia Toscano, not to mention being relentlessly being beat down week after week by Randy and Jennifer for performances that showed 50 times more character, emotion, and range than the other contestants. Just look at last week. Was ‘Earth Song’ deserving of such horrific criticism that Randy willingly dished out? Not at all! Instead, Scotty was the one who received profound compliments for a performance that was extremely cheesy, and reminiscent of the failure that was named ‘Swingin”. I agree with Gravity, VOTE FOR HALEY! With the right song choices and the right deliverance of them, she could walk away with this thing. If you vote for Haley, you vote for talent AND a breath of fresh air for the poor music industry! GO HALEY 😀

      • I think they are all good role models. However, Haley could do a bit of adjusting on her attitude; I don’t think she is a good role model at all about that.

    • Lucillia , I totally agree with you Haley needs to go . She growls like s dog . that is not singing . Have the time you can’t even understand what the Word is cause of the way she sings . She needs to go this week.

      • Yeah, and you could do a lot better. Dogs growl, & Haley Reinhart ROCKS!!!! The end.

      • I can’t understand “have” the things you said because you need to learn how to put a sentence together. She growls like a dog? Dang, if my dog “growled” with such precise pitch I’d take him to Letterman. Have you ever listened to her studio recordings on iTunes? Do you know what iTunes is? I’m shocked that someone of your intelligence level even knew how to open your web-browser. IE 8 I presume?

    • Lucille, I don’t recall specifically calling you any name. I just asked if you could come up with something original, especially when it appears you are capable.
      This thoughtless parrotting is driving more and more voters to Haley’s Comet, not against.
      Please find on this blog Mom2’s story about Haley, if you will. Thanks.

      Yes! You SHOULD know, But apparently missed the boat.
      I can’t wonder about what must be such an unhappy life that you are so poisonous,
      you have our sympathies

    • Lucille, you speak for yourself only!

      I have 4 teen daughters. I think Haley is THE best role model. She stands up for yourself, she works hard and shows true character.

      Lauren is a nice girl too, with talent also, but she backs down to criticism and cries. NOT GOOD.

  47. Lauren should sing Faith Hill, There will come a day. She could blow this song out of the water.

    • you know most of you like Haley for her Looks not for her singing . she should be a model not a singing . she can’t sing , But she is very pretty.

      • KKKKKKKK then why are prolly over half of her fans straight females? She’s the only ARTIST left on the show. Three good singers…ONE artist. ONE true original. I’m sorry if you’re too shallow to understand that. Have fun listening to ‘pretty’ boring music for the rest of your life.

  48. I have been wanting to hear Haley sing Black Velvet by Alannah Myles…it would sound AMAZING for her!!

    • Good choice! She would be awesome on that song. It’s one of my all time favorites!

    • Agree with Black of my favorites. Either Haley or Lauren singing it would be great.

  49. Just wanted to say how nice it is to see all the Haley support. I was disheartened after the last results show on how ugly the boards got towards this innocent girl. Keep on fighting Haley fans!!

    Someone recommended Bette Midler for Haley. LOVE that idea. Not Hero though. That’d just make me cry!

    • I’m a Haley supporter from beginning to end!! I think the judges are just extra harsh on her for no reason. Since when is being unique, a bad thing? It’s obvious that Randy and Jennifer want one of the otehr two to win.

  50. I like “Black Velvet” for Haley and John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” for Scotty.

    • Crystal sung Black Velvet last year and hit it out of the park so don’t think that would be a good choice, tho is one of my favorite songs.

    • How about Kt Tunstall’s “Black horse and a cherry tree” or Duffy’s “Mercy”

      • BloodyScott i have a hunch that Haley will sing one of those song… Mercy would be perfect…

    • Ron, I’m not certain Scotty could handle the very fast pace of that song. You know, Scotty’s kinda slow on his delivery. You wouldn’t want to push that country boy too hard.

      • If I wished I could sing like anybody, Scotty would definitely not be one of the ones I’d choose from.

      • Scotty needs to pick songs that curb his desire to be goofy…his goofy just comes off creepy.

      • Piper, If I could have my wish, it would be to sing like Roy Orbison, Josh Groban, Lobo or Barry Manilow. But I can’t.
        But I will leave the country to Scotty… it’s his for the taking & that’s a good thing, honestly.

      • I agree, David P. Scotty is a cute and sweet kid, but last week during Young Blood I was laughing awkwardly through the whole thing. I went back and forth from thinking he was being funny to being a crazy person quite a few times in the couple of minutes it was on…

  51. Haley: She killed on Adele, so I’d love to hear her sing Turning Tables or Rumor Has It. Also, I’d love to hear her take on Norah Jones… Her song Sunrise is on the newly released Songs for Japan Album and may be current enough that people would recognize it easily.

    Lauren: With her big voice, she needs to tackle the big artists like Reba or ARETHA or even Irreplaceable by Beyonce. If she kills it, she’ll prove that she’s got what it takes to join Haley in the final (yes, really pulling for an all girl final) After this past week’s duets, that sealed the deal.

    Scotty – Yes, he’s country, but I need to see him stretch a little. Even Bon Jovi did some Country, how about try some of that and do it well? Or he could break through the comparison and break out the Josh Turner – Your Man (and really work on the notes and the range… Scotty lovers will disagree, but sometimes these things are lacking. If they are this week, he won’t make it.)

    • Are you crazy, Lauren DOES NOT HAVE ARETHA’s or REBa’s range sweetheart. I’m a singer and I know, hope she does tackle it so you can see how she drowns in it. If she does it, they would have to bring it DOWN to her key, not Aretha’s for sure. Pia, now she had a range. Haley has total package for me.

      • Aretha really was a freak. She was singing professionally when she was Alaina’s age — and she had quite the range then, but never lost it. The Queen of Soul is an American treasure. There never was one before, and I can’t imagine another after her. One-of-a-kind. Mold – broken.

      • As for young gifted voices. Leann Rimes recorded Blue at age 13, and how about Jackie Evancho?

      • Be, Ella Fitzgerald had the most versatile voice I have ever heard. She could actually mimic different musical instruments!
        Aretha could just wail like no one else! A Very dynamic voice & incredible timing.

      • Fatboy, I agree on Ella. For range, dynamic control and power, plus pure spiritual expressiveness and a unique sound, she is peerless. Ella: also peerless.

      • I’d like Haley to do a Joss Stone song, or Son of a Preacher Man would be good…preferably Joss Stone’s cover of Son of a Preacher Man, hahaha.

      • Not to be a party pooper, but Ella Fitzgerald only had a one octave range. But, in my opinion, that made her that much more amazing.

  52. I voted every week for James and he was the reason I enjoyed watching Idol this season, he was an energetic, talented, performer and I think it will be boring from here on in.

  53. Lauren: “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks, or “Suds in the Bucket” by Sara Evans. Both are upbeat and fun and within her vocal range.

    Scotty: “Yeah” or “I’m Gonna Fly” by Paul Brandt. Both have a good range, but also highlight the low notes, which would be great for Scotty. And neither are ballads!

    Haley: Haley’s tough, since she really can sing anything. Now don’t call me insane, but I think this could really suit Haley’s voice and edge “Tears Dry on Their Own” by Amy Winehouse. Or she could also do amazing things with a Corinne Bailey Rae song, maybe “Trouble Sleeping”.

  54. I was hoping for a James vs Scotty fianle but since that wont be happening I hope it turns out to be a Lauren vs Scotty finale I would LOVE to see scotty win but i think it would be best for his career if he came in 2nd I think templar has also said this before. I say this cause i dont think he would go all that far with 19 or what evre the recording company is called as he would go far with Nashville this is just my honest opinion

    • I think Scotty wasnts to win, if he didn’t he wouldn’t have entered the contest, I will be voting for Scotty. Good try but those that love Scotty will vote for him.

  55. I think Scotty should do “where I’m from” by Jason Michael Carroll. His voice would fit so perfectly and the song is perfect from where he is from 🙂

  56. Lauren when he cheats or mamas song by Carrie
    underwood. Scotty if heaven wast so far away by Justin Moore. And let me down easy as for Haley who cares I don’t
    like the attiude she has developed she’s rolling her eyes at
    the judges and such think she had gotten a little bog
    her britches I did vote for her some but NO mORE!!!!!! Go Scotty and Lauren James should have stayed
    last week and
    Haley HOME!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, I wish Haley had gone home and James had stayed. HALEY NEEDS TO GO HOME !!!!

      • Too bad there aren’t any negative votes. Your wishes mean nothing to the rest of us.

    • If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away was on the radio when I was driving and I though this one would be perfect for Scotty.

  57. I agree that scotty will win lauren 2nd and haley leaves next. If you don’t like my prediction don’t reply to my comment

  58. Country vs. country is zzzz… (aka .boring). Haley can sing anything from pop, rok, jazz, blues. A complete package. Haleeeey…!!! 😀

      • Fair enough, Piper. No crack on Haley’s” attitude” & all her other “shortcomings”… that’s a fair post.
        Thinking about it, the only things I don’t like is Randy Jackass & that Casey left WAY too soon for me.

      • Piper, you understand the judges have encouraged Haley to “growl” more, right?

        Haley has the ability to sing clean and pure and if you check out her YouTube clips and early songs in this competition she doesn’t use that “growling” tool at all. 🙂 Just say n’

  59. Here are my other song choices for the top 3..

    Haley – Better Days by Dianne Reeves
    Scotty – If Ever You’re In My Arms Again by Peabo Bryson
    Lauren – There You’ll Be by Faith Hill

    • Jeff like your song choices. Brilliant it would bring out lauren and scotty to the final 2. Cool

  60. When I read your comments Brandon,I just don’t understand
    why you listen the show,if you don’t like the songs or the
    contestants,you have the choice to turn off your television,and let us appreciate these kids.

    • Hey gals, Branden is just doing his job and just states his opinion about judges’ song picks. Actually he shows his love to the cotestants and show. Most of his opinios are fair and balanced. Why ya gals so rude and mean towards him? Are ya gals James Durbin’s fans and were sour about his early exiting?
      Please go drink some water and take a short nap, and drink more water and take more nap, and drink more water and take more nap… and calm down and enjoy the show and blog board. Peace!

      • Y’all better listen to her, she knows what she’s talking about. Naptime! 🙂

        Go HALEY!!!

  61. Go to youtube and search for Haley singing “Night and Day.” A couple of years old, I guess, but fabulous. The girl was born to sing, and she shall.

      • There are more than one version – one is acapella from a news interview at home over this past weekend – pretty freakin’ amazing given the lack of accompaniment, and how she holds the key so well — the other is from a concert with what might be her high school jazz band or another local jazz band in the Chicago area. Search “Haley Reinhart Night and Day” and it should come right up. I’d try a link, but those generally are frowned upon here and usually deleted by Admin.

      • Anyone else notice Rolling in the Deep hit 1 million views this morning. First live show solo to do so this season. Scotty’s most viewed solo is still at 320,000 and Lauren’s most viewed solo is only at 305,000

  62. Scotty sing: “Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue” by Toby Keith. “put a boot in their ass” Scotty!!
    Lauren sing: Pat Benatar song
    Haley sing: something by Pink
    I hope Scotty and Lauren are the final two.
    Teenie boppers keep voting Scotty for two hours straight on every device you own. You are the ones that buy the most music anyway.

  63. Haley: Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) or Garden in The Rain (Diana Krall)

    Scotty: Annie’s Song (John Denver)

    Lauren:If it Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)

  64. The judges make alot of bad decisions in my opinion. I’m sure it’s not easy being in that position and we are all only human. This is a competition and somebody gotta loose. They are good in their own way. I agree that the song choices are SO LAME! OMG… there are so many good songs out there but somebody made those hit songs because they are all recognizable. This is where the likes and dislikes come into play again. So for those of you who are getting all into it and speaking in a mean kind of way, just stop. Can we keep it down to friendly fire please??? lol

  65. Two of the judges do NOT hate (and let me repeat that: DO NOT HATE) Haley. You are behaving like little children in the school yard by saying that. Now we must wait to see who is in the finals with Scotty. Hopefully, Lauren…

  66. “I Hope You Dance” even if sang to perfection will suck just because the song is long and extremely boring much like”The Climb”….
    Love is a battlefield would be awsome!

    -Scotty song is ok but Thank god I’m a Country boy is too corny for this week.

    – Haley should be ok with whatever they give her. She could sing Happy Birthday and I’d be happy.

      • So iconic and famous the performance of that simple song is remembered over 50 years later. Yep, sounds like Haley all right!

      • @Be_Real: I wish you would have known that “Sin Wagon” was a song before your were very hateful to me.

      • She actually did sing the happy birthday song. My friend sent it to me on FB 🙂 go Haley!

  67. Vote 4 Girl Power will ya?????? Just dis 1nce?????? Lauren/Haley Finale…Scotty Suxxx, James was a Whole lot better;))

  68. Scotty is now leading in the twitter as the contestant who has the most followers in season 10

  69. I hope that the finale is between Haley and Lauren. If anyone paid attention to Jimmy two weeks ago -he made the comment “doesn’t matter if Scotty wins or not he is set” So to me, some producer is waiting in the wings (if not Jimmy) to snatch up Scotty so why make him go through the year of recording on the idol label. Let him free!!!!! This way Lauren ad Haley can fight for they finish. With Haley winning for talent!!! Lauren is too fragile yet to be a singer out in the real world. Haley has toughness already and she can handle the pressure. Plus when the judges want who THEY want in the finale they always critique the 3rd player so lets shut them up right now and have a Lauren and Haley finale

    • its much longer than a year more like five. but i still hope scotty wins. you should not try to get people to vote for someone else by saying they don’t need to win. they would not be in it if they did not want to win.

      • None of them NEED to win. They all look well fed, clothed and housed to me.

  70. Scotty – Brooks And Dunn / Boot Scootin’ Boogie
    Its country its fast and upbeat and I think it will be a waker upper for Scotty

    Lauren – Reba McEntire / Take It Back

    Haley – not sure yet.. wide range I would like to hear her sing a nice jazzy or blues song

    • Haley is the most improved and the one with the most personality out of all of them. Lauren is so immature and does not have the range of Reba, she wish she had or Pia for that matter. The country boy is very boring and does not take risks at all. Haley, Haley Haley, Haley go for it girlfriend!

      • Lauren is 16, duh. You can like a singer without putting the others down. They are all unique and great. I appreciate, however, humility, something two out of the three have, at least.

      • Patrice, I invite you to open your mind and withhold judgment until you have direct evidence of the humility, or lack thereof, possessed by all 3 contestants. Go to last nights comments by Mom2 (I wish she’d re-post) if you have doubts about Haley. She has direct evidence.

  71. Haley – Mercy – Duffy

    Laureen – So Small – Carrie Underwood

    Scotty – Mmmmmm – Crash Test Dummies 😛

  72. The song the judges chose for Haley is quite clearly to give Halely a legs-up to capture the votes from the James voters. Scotty’s lyrics are not anything that Scotty can connect to and the one for Lauren was chosen to put people to sleep….All this season the judges kept saying–WRONG SONG CHOICE—so judges, tell me how in the world did you come up with these?

    • this is not an easy song . Alannis is unique and a very few can sing it.
      the judges are not setting it up for Hailey.
      Country is Country nothing fancy. I am sure scotty will do Kenny Rogers ( seriousley?) he is not even relevant right now.

      • I wondered about this choice – there are so many many better songs for Scotty. Just hope he nails it – Scotty for the win

    • ruth sharp, from reading through these posts, I can envision Steve, Steve Fox, fatboy, and a few other men with their eyes bugged out, foaming at the mouth, and having heart failure as they are crawling toward their TV at the sight of Haley with “legs-up”. Sorry guys, just couldn’t resist it. LOL.

      • Not the guys on here. But the ones on You tube are really pining for her. Every time I read their comments, I laugh my head off. They are asking everyone to vote their fingers off.

      • Even if true, would that bother you? Why? And in what way would it be different from the tweens and cougars who love Scotty?

      • @Old Sarah, and little do those dawgs realize, if they vote their fingers off, they won’t be able to type those comments anymore…. and stuff. LOL

      • BeReal, would not bother me in the lease. You must be one of these love struck men. If we hear on the news that an extraordinary number of men were hospitalized for heart attacks Wednesday night, we will know why. LOL

      • BWAHAHAHAHA! Well, Missy, I do love Haley; but, I don’t drool over her appearance. I have to admit she causes me to smile, however. The more I listen to her iTunes stuff, the more I appreciate all the fun little nuances she does, combined with big power scoops (like at the end of “You and I” – awesome).

      • Actually, you missed badly on that presumption. With Haley, it’s my ears that are perked up. Of course, I watch how she moves cause it is part of her presentation, which is far above the others.
        Now regarding to what you referred: Pia’s an entirely different matter for me. That girl is so captivatingly beautiful, most of the time I couldn’t even tell you what she sang!
        While I admit Haley is a long way from ugly, her attraction to me is her talent & singing versatility. She is just plain GREAT!

      • Out of all the things I love about Haley how she looks is one of the last. In fact, if she wasn’t so amazing I’d think she was an awkward little duckling. Pia has a freaking HUGE forehead, that’s all I’m going to say about that. The prettiest girls didn’t make it through to the top 13, though I did think Naima was gorgeous in her own, exotic way. Julie Zorilla and Kendra what’s her name were the two best looking female contestants, imo. Oh wait! Sec while I find her, the girl that got “sick” after her douchebag boyfriend got cut.

    • Oh my heavens, I flipped out in anger when I heard about the song choice for Haley. Turns out I even guessed correctly it was Randy’s doing. He picked that song out because he realizes that those of you who hate her will spew out even more hate once you hear the lyrics–which, even if changed a bit for TV, will still be talked about . . . somehow finding it Haley’s fault that she was tackling a song originally written with explicit lyrics–censoring her as being a bad example of what an American Idol is “supposed” to be. So don’t give me that. It just doesn’t compute, given Randy (and JLo’s) behavior –bent on humiliating only Haley–for weeks on end.

      • Pup, Crystal sang the same song last season in the finale…with Alanis herself. The lyrics are completely changed…Would she go down with you to a theater, ect. ect..
        What I want to know is how will Haley compare to a duet with the actual artist? I think Haley can sing angry songs so well, she may just blow us away with this song. My favorite song she is doing is the one she picked for herself. I can feel another GIANT Haley moment coming with this song…”Feeling Good”. Check out Muses version and all the fun things he did with his voice, and she will too, in her Haley way. Sweet dreams I am NOT happy about, whatsoever.

  73. Lauren and Haley to the Finale!! i believe Scotty deserves the 3rd place..

    can’t wait for the finale.. hope to see Pia and Stefano sing a song together..

  74. i feel so worried about song choice for Haley… it’s not song for a big competition… but okay for little concerts…
    ughhh I hope this not gonna trap her to more criticism from the judges… again…

  75. Lauren/Haley Can they top their last performance of Gunfire and Lead?…. Scotty who?

  76. Well my two favourites at this time are Scotty and Haley. And for those two I think Scotty can win with songs like Stranger in my house or Rainstone cowboy and Haley must do a song like Total eclipse of the heart to make a big smash hit!

  77. I think “You oughta know” doesn’t suit Haley. It’s too “angry” and doesn’t allow too much to play with the song. At best she could do an ok performance. The song choises for Lauren and Scotty are too predictable and boring, but in their style, so I don’t think the judges did anyone any favors with the song choises.
    Hopefully all of them suprise me pleasently. I don’t have high hopes based on these songs.
    There are plenty of good sudgestions here. I would love to hear a Norah Jones song by any of them.

  78. I bet when Haley sings the judges song, Randy or Jlo will say, “That just wasn’t your style, you need to start singing songs that define who you are. Sorry that was not good”

    And I will be like *%($(#$$**W@*#***$*$*@*#*#@%@&#%*@#$*@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then we’ll all know she was being set up!

  79. Gravity i am a South African as well,and u will be surprized how many of us surport Haley all the way,maybe if we had the vote, we would make sure she got a huge share of the vote,she has more talent, and better vocals than the other two.Slay them Haley slay them.

    • They should have an international idol, where they hold auditions all over the world and then they compete and everyone in the world can vote. Imagine the total voting numbers then! forget 34 million, lets say hello to 60 billion votes!

      *I demand credit for this idea! (if Idol producers are reading this and decide to do it LOL)

      • Maggie. This sounds like the “World Idol” concept tried a few years back in which Kelly Clarkson lost to some Norwegian dude Kurt Nilsen. I remember watching the shows.

  80. What I would like to see is american idols vs south african idols to see who does the best. I know america will win by far. But just for the fun of it. America has much better talent than south africa. I wonder who simon picks as the winner this year

  81. Haley MUST do a song by Heart or Evanescence or even a song like Already Gone !!!!


  82. It does not matter how many times you vote for haley cause lauren and scotty have more fans and won’t let them leave. In the end going to be tight between lauren and scotty. But I am sure scotty will take it

    • Scotty Fan just a quick question. How much did you pay for that full frontal lobotomy?

    • I think Scotty and Lauren fans better have a little chat with each other and decide which one they want in the finale. The Haley Express won’t be stopping anytime soon, and the country vote is only big enough to get one of the two country kids in. So, country fans who do you want Lauren or Scotty? Which one has a better chance of outperforming Haley in the finale? I will give ya’ll about a day to decide LOL.

    • Don’t forget that the country vote is split for this coming round. That puts either of them at risk.

      • Anyway you look at it a contestant only needs 33.34% of the votes to be in the finale. At that point there’s not enough room for both of the other contestants to make it through. What are the chances that Haley will NOT get that? Hmmm…..

      • Doesn’t matter which one goes—the votes of the one leaving will go to the other.

  83. Don’t want to bust your bubble, but Scotty is going HOME. It’s going to be between the two girls for the final two.

    Haley singing:Christina Aguilera – Show Me How You Burlesque or I’m a good girl” will blow all away. Of course AI won’t let her do the moves (which I think she could do), but the songs are killers for her,.

    Lauren” has to show a little more spunk. Liven it up a little more and this should be a good duel between the two girls. About time.Do this one:Gwyneth Paltrow – Country Strong, or Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like a Woman! You go girls.
    You both are better than Scotty, who is getting by by his looks (Tweeny boppers)more than his singing.

    • I agree Wiseguy1x except I do think Scotty can sing. Just not to my taste but to each their own. I do disagree with him getting by on his looks. Oh my, I guess again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t wish to sound like bashing him but to me he is just somehow “corny”. My hubby says he reminds him of a kid playing with Daddy’s video camera. Whatever that means.

    • Whateverrrr !
      hahahaha, it’s gonna be to funny! WAY to funny when he wins !
      just sayinnnnn’ 🙂

    • Really? Scotty isn’t amongst the best-looking of the top 12 guys – not even by a long shot. Stefano and Paul had that locked, but couldn’t carry it. Scotty is charming. He is different for Idol. He’s not different, however, for the entertainment industry; at least not until he grows and matures some more. He has a career, though; at least for the short haul. Hopefully he won’t burn out doing the Country Bieber thing and last long enough to grow into his own.

      I just want to know: When do we get the hat? Is he waiting until the finale?

      I like Scotty. I like Lauren. They are tremendous raw talents and sweet kids with infectious charm. Lauren could be an incredible force – if she outgrows her insecurities and has some training to get her breathing under control. Haley, right now, is the best of the 3, and truly brings a unique voice, style and sound. I don’t know whether she’ll win, but she is the best singer at present (even Lauren has said so, as have almost every past Idol contestant who’s said anything about it).

    • You want Lauren to sing “Man I Feel Like a Women?” Remember she did not want to say I am evil. You’re asking a lot.

    • Wiseguy, My 17 year old daughter, who has NO regard for modern country at all, informed me she is & has been voting for Scotty simply because “he is So Hot!” Hormones…it’s all in their hormones & there are MILLIONS of them of them out there, all with cell phones & unlimited texting. Look the last couple idol winners, folks.

      • I still don’t see the appeal in Lee DeWyze. If they were as influential as you say Tim Urban would have won that year.

  84. For James, Scotty, and Lauren fans, I feel the judges have been very unfair to your favorites. They have soft talked them all season. Yes, they did give a little useful critique here and there, but, the fact is, it was not enough. For Haley fans (which I am one), the judges did seem to pick on Haley more than the others, and I have come to believe it really was because they thought she could do more. They really may have coddled the others because they thought they had reached their potential, and critiquing them would do more harm than good. Randy’s tirade was out of line, and Haley’s response was emotional, I am going to say this because I have to, in fact I would call it emotionally perfect. So, I am no longer angry at the judges for the seemingly bias all season, I am thanking them for helping Haley grow into the girl who had back to back standing O’s.

    • JD, I was wanting to go with you, I really was…and then you “said” it: “emotionally perfect”…and I was lost! GAG!

      • I think he meant that she reacted as well as she should’ve to what was being said and done to her…anyone else would’ve been a true snot. She quietly stuck up for herself, and it was very obvious that she was upset. She couldn’t have handled it any better. If she had just stood there thanking them for bashing her, I would’ve lost some respect for her. I want my Idol to have a backbone, at least SOMEWHAT.

    • @Be Real sorry about that slip of sarcasm, that one line of Randy’s still gets under my skin. I really believe she was feeling emotional because that song inspires her, and the tirade was uncalled for, and her reaction was justified.

      • I know, JD; I was just pokin’ ya back! I feel the same way. I couldn’t believe it when Randy said that after that putridly off-pitch performance (dogs were howling outside my door) and it just stuck with me. Yuck.

    • Well said JD. I love the “underdog” and in this case the underdog has a major voice. I don’t know yet about the judges song choice, I’m going to have faith that she’ll do something amazing with it, and of course with the other 2 songs.. I honestly could care less about the other 2’s choices, as the rest of the night will be a snoozefest.

      • I gotta agree on what has been rumored to be the song choices for Scotty – snoozapalooza and depressing…Lauren had better bring something on “I Hope You Dance” – and if they lower the key to make it comfortable for the chorus, she could have difficulty with the lower verse. Its gonna stretch her. I’m really interested to hear her do “Give me One Reason” – if she really does. That could make or break her. She’s trying to compete for a portion of the non-country demographic there.

  85. If Scotty actually wins American Idol, and I think he might if the betting odds are anything to go by, then it will be a massive indictment on the current state of the music industry in the USA. He is a nice kid with a deep voice who sings country quite well and little else. He offers nothing new, has no stage presence and will probably fade into oblivion after a few months. Sorry but that is an honest opinion from someone who loves music and has no axe to grind.

    • Funny thing about odds, how many twitters, how many youtube hits, how many itunes sales. Depending on which favors your favorite, thats what you want to believe. Scotty fans talk twitter hits and the hits on his hometown video. Lauren fans have twitter hits putting Lauren ahead of Haley. Over youtube views of all performances, and the top 3 spots in Itunes sales are what us Haley fans talk about.

      I still want to believe, that the performances of any given night actually do count. Since AI has so many more viewers that vote the last couple weeks, I think the performances they really count, and if a contestant has a bad night in the last two weeks, they are done. But thats just me.

      • I wish we had an edit button LOL I meant to type in Overall youtube views favor Haley with the most overall hits there.

    • You right…it is an opinion and therefore…should not be taken as any words of wisdom…just another person that doesn’t get what nearly half of the people watching Idol see and feel about Scotty. Sorry…but this is just my honest opinion.

      • You don’t know half of the country loves Scotty to little pieces. He’s always been around 30% on the polls, so 1/3 maybe. He has enough fans to get him into the finale for sure. However, he has gained very little ‘new’ fans and most of those are crazies that think it was Haley’s fault they didn’t vote enough.

  86. Haley can sing,she is good. She has studied music in college,what have Scotty and Lauren studied? Guess they are just a natural singer. But they are good and I have liked them all,Pia,was good,steffeno was also good. Love Casey and Paul and all of the rest. Just my opinion and I am sticking to it. May God bless them all.They can not win the AI but my fingers are crossed for them all.

    • I totally agree with Betty’s comment. She shall be awarded the most fair and balanced AI Blog metal.
      Hey Betty from your comment above it indicates Haley has the most solid singing skills among the remaining contestants.Please vote her for entire two hours. The best singer shall WIN!

  87. I agree with your song choices.
    I do like “Annies song” for a choice for Scotty.
    Maybe “Hurt”, the version done by Johnny Cash.

    I think “I Hope You’ll Dance” is a good choice for Lauren, one of my suggestions is a great song that Carrie did called “I Know You Won’t” It’s a beautiful song that would really force her to show her range. I think she could do it.
    Another suggestion for Scotty might be
    Brad Paisley “She’s Everything’ very deep song that needs to be done with a lot of sincere feeling!

    I think Haley could do some Amy Winehouse…”Love is a Losing Game” I do not like Alaina Morrisette for her. That will not show her range or do anything to showcase her voice. Not a good choice, I hope they don’t stick her with that! Maybe Christina Aguilera “Hurt” or “Bound to You” from Burlesque.
    You can check all of these out on youtube.
    Haley has an incredible range and she needs to pull out all of the stops and show em what she got. That Alanis song is way wrong if you ask me…Not a good choice AT ALL!
    Ok there are my more than 2 cents….
    I wish all of the kids luck!

  88. My song choices
    Scotty…..”Dust on the bottle”
    Lauren…..”This ones for the girls”
    Haley……”Better Days”

  89. i’d love to hear simon’s opinion as much as he criticized everyone.. these 3 need constructive criticism the constant praise of scotty and lauren hasn’t helped them develop or learn how to deal with criticism. although the judges criticized haley she needs to respond appropriately like she did early on, the attitude is not necessary to get your point across. judges need to be fair and honest all three have faults and would benefit from their honesty.. so tonight i’m voting on popularity- whose cute or has an attitude problem or is the judge favorite because that doesn’t matter. i’m voting for who is the best tonight!

    • I agree with you about Lauren’s lack of ability to handle criticism, but I don’t think Haley was out of line one bit. Randy was extremely harsh, and she simply stated her opinion, which happened to be the opposite of his. I think showing a little backbone is something to admire. Especially when a voice THAT amazing is being bashed.

      • i agree with you.. woops i meant im voting not on popularity. Randy was out of line and kept going..hard on her and overly gushy on the other two was ridiulous

      • chris71: I hear what you are saying. Different season, same manipulation ploy. Different judge. So far it has accomplished what was intended. It will be interesting to see how the rest of it plays out.

        GO LAUREN!

      • @ Chris & Bunny: I don’t believe a word of that. Otherwise, Haley would have been prepped and would have played the “good little girl.” She would never have replied or rolled her eyes in that case.

      • Pup, If Haley were prepped, it would not have worked. Haley had absolutly nothing to do with it. She is just the pawn.

      • @ Bunny: Why on earth would they ever gamble that their nastiness would result in additional votes FOR that contestant? I remember so many posts from the very beginning where people just repeated back whatever the judges said. People ate up every word they uttered as if it were gospel, without questioning anything. So why would they count on that sheepish behavior changing now?

        Makes no sense to me. I wouldn’t have backed that scheme, which appeals most to conspiracy fans. Prove me wrong, though. I am always open to hearing FACTS.

      • And, Bunny, you have to admit, if that scheme was indeed, put into effect, then it wouldn’t it have have worked oh, so much better if Haley had not reacted to Randy? Everyone would have rushed to her aid. And no one would have used her actions as additional excuses to “hate” her.

        So to my way of thinking, it would have been stupid NOT to prep her.

      • If anyone is rooting for Haley it’s Jimmy. He’s pulled some strings with Gaga and possibly Adele for Haley. I don’t believe for a minute the judges are closet Haley fans. If, after all the bullying they do, they come out and say ‘omg just kidding’ I will have lost what little respect I have for them.

      • Pup: IMO, James became unpredictable & therefore a threat to AI image if he were to become Idol. Haley was used a pawn to pull votes away from James.

        You can answer the question for yourself.. Besides wanting to do/say evil things to Randy for his treatment of Haley. What does his treatment of Haley make you want most of all?

        I figured this out a few seasons back when I found myself voting for a contestant just because Simon was awful!! Not that I didn’t like that contestant, but they weren’t my fav.

        I’ll concede that it could be coincidence. However, IMO, too much history to prove otherwise.

      • Pup: You are my buddy & just great fun. Ask yourself this question…

        Other than wanting to say/do evil things to Randy for his treatment of Haley. What did/does his treatment of Haley make you want most?

      • In all honesty, Bunny, it did make me want to see Haley win. And it did make me vote more than usual for her.

        But I still made a point of casting a number of votes for James and I added one for Lauren, as they were the contestants whose performances earned my support that night. (I do support Haley but I always cast votes for really good performances.)

        I am honestly shocked at the ineptitude and obvious bias in the judge’s critiques. Their prolonged, nasty behavior toward Haley mostly awakened my outrage. I definitely did not channel that toward any contestant, as some of Pia’s and James’ fans have, however! And I am vested enough in Haley to keep watching.

        Of course, I am a viewer who knew at the outset that AI promotes a faulty voting system and conceals actual vote tallies. I learned for a fact this year (I think from Coondog) that, according to AI’s own rules, it can manipulate information (i.e., who they “pimp” or choose not to “pimp”). I was aware that was going on, but until this year didn’t know it was actually written in their bylaws (or whatever that is called). I sighed, accepted that, and kept watching. Not a good feeling to realize I am being so highly manipulated.

        Despite all that, I never imagined I would see a judge behave so transparently hateful toward any contestant, however. (Especially when they made such a big deal of highlighting what happened to Jaycee. I mean, talk about double standards!)

        There is still no way I think that they did all this to oust James and promote voting for Haley.

        Instead, I think they saw Scotty as the winner from the beginning, and, if anything, were setting this up to be a country finale. It seems more plausible to me that the nastiness directed toward Haley was clearly meant to persuade voters NOT to vote for her.

        Problem was, it simply backfired on them.

    • The thing that amuses me is that in previous seasons there has been a lot of back and forth between the contestants and the judges about comments made by the judges, especially Simon. 🙂

      Who can forget Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynch and Crystal Bowersox standing up for themselves last season?

      • Right, Paul. People frequently jump to their opinions/conclusions and work backward to justify them. I suspect that has happened in many instances with the people who criticize Haley for attitude or character. Some people, I suspect, are afraid she’ll beat their favorite; others are afraid because they secretly know she is the best overall talent but want a certain genre to win; others are insecure in themselves and jealous; others are puritanical and self-righteous and look for demons everywhere they gaze. There can be any number of reasons people “hate” Haley, but none are justified by real facts. The “talking back” business is just reaching for something to grasp as they fall into the abyss of unfounded bias and contempt.

      • But, never a time these three (Siobhan, Mike and Crystal) “seemed” to have disrespected or give the judges “that” look. I am not against Haley, but I do not want my kids to respond to me that way everytime I’d give her/him a critique.

      • While I appreciated Siobhan’s creativity I really couldn’t get past her personality. All of season 9 was pretty disappointing from Tim Urban making it to the top 24 all the way to Lee DeWyze winning.

  90. I vote for Haley if I could. Yes people seem to not favour her because of her cockiness? Well I like that, it shows she’s fighting hard for this and she deserves it. She can sing the rock stuff and the countrys. She’s also really brave, picking songs that judges don’t like and last week performance, comon gotta give it to her, that is what I call a comeback. I get chills thinking of it. I personally think Lauren isn’t gonna make it to the top 2, I hope it would be Scotty and Haley. It would be kinda ehh is we got two coutry singers in the top two…unless that’s what America wants.
    So my vote goes to that Chicago Rebel, Haley. Love her.

  91. enuff of the planned out criticism towards haley already judges,u have got her votes with it,it is obviouse they planned this to piss people off to give her more votes,randy has never jumped someone on idol so badly,it was all a good cop bad cop deal(good cop being steven tyler,just to get her mre votes and i cant believe some people r falling for it…vote for your faverote not becuase you dont like what the judges say to 1 of them,good grief!

    • I don’t think this is rigged but I do think the criticism gets votes for the person…in this case, Hayley. People need to use their own minds…and not fall for that stuff.

      • Exactly. I’ve been voting for her all along. The only thing that’s changed is my heightened distaste for the judges.

      • pup and david sorry i disagree with you
        i vote for haley not because shes my favorite i vote her coz shes Excellent in singing its a singing competiton not american cuties…

        Go haley!

      • How do you disagree about why I vote for someone? D: Haley is amazing, out of years of watching AI she’s the first one to get more than 5 votes out of me. She had me at God Bless the Child, and while has stumbled here and there has always put 110% into her performances, putting her own twist into the music. The amount of talent the girl has is unbelievable. The people that say she can’t sing or has not talent are like ants that can’t comprehend the flat object they are walking on is actually a small rubber ball.

      • @ gravity – do you not think that Pup and David P are voting for Haley because she is an excellent singer? Where in their posts have they said that they voted for her because she is a cutie, for goodness sake?

    • We vote for Haley because she has been our favorite for some time and is by far the most improved on the show. Lauren is our 2nd favorite.

      Sc0otty has not made any effort to improve. I guess he feels he has it in the bag so why bother!

    • That is not obvious at all. In fact it makes no sense. The backlash from me on this board was to those who cited the judges criticism as of it was valid as a means of saying their favorite was better than Haley. Now that the Comet is streaking across the sky, the hates want all of a sudden to pretend the judging has been rigged to manipulate a sympathy vote for the contestant they want to say is the least deserving of sympathy. Whatever.

    • Agree. Ahe is truly pimped if you take a good look. And she ends up performing in the best spot. And she always ends up with a standing ovation..even off key…which is actually quite often with Haley. The fact is that it is much easier to sing a rock, loud band song than a song such as Hope You Dance, as this type of song must be pitch perfect and the singer really needs excellent tone in their voice. So Lauren wins my vote.
      But Haley will win the James vote as well as her own, so she is in. But when she just sings, (not screams, growls, and moves) her pitch and tone is not good. There is a reason that she was not able to make it through Idol in the past. Her “singing” voice.

  92. Here’s another list of songs for our top 3..

    Scotty – Home by Michael Buble
    Haley – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion
    Lauren – Love of my Life by Queen

  93. There has been a lot of talk about the ages of Scotty and Lauren so, being a Math Geek, I got the ages of all the finalists in the 10 seasons of Idol and averaged them out.

    In the 10 Seasons of Idol there have been 29 teens who have made the final cut. In Season 1 it was the top 10 and since then it has been the top 12 with two years having 13, including this one.

    The average per season of teens in the final cut is 2.90 (round it to 3) and this year there were 3 so it is an average year. Thia was the only other teen in the finals this year.

    The season with the most teens in the final 12 was Season 3 with 6 and whatever happens this year, it will still maintain its record of having the youngest final 3 by One Year since its final 3 were 19, 16 and 17.

    Ironically, the year the youngest winner to-date won, Jordin Sparks in Season 6, is the one with the oldest average age.

    The youngest runner up is Diana DiGarmo who was 16 when she lost to Fantasia in Season 3. David Archuleta was 17 when he finished 2nd to David Cook.

    Here is how they stack up with the youngest average 1st and the age of the winner for that year:

    1. Season 1 20.40 Winner 20
    2. Season 3 20.42 Winner 19
    3. Season 10 21.08 Winner ?
    4. Season 9 22.17 Winner 23
    5. Season 8 22.38 Winner 23
    6. Season 7 22.75 Winner 25
    Season 2 22.75 Winner 25
    8. Season 5 22.83 Winner 29
    9. Season 4 23.17 Winner 21
    10. Season 6 23.92 Winner 17

    The average age of winners is 22.44 so that will come down this year whoever wins. The oldest was Taylor Hicks at 29.

    The only one who can set new records is Lauren who is already the youngest ever to make the final 3 beating Diana DiGarmo by 4½ months so obviously if she makes the final 2, she will be the youngest as she would be if she won the whole thing.

    If Scotty wins, he will be 2nd youngest behind Jordin Sparks. If Haley wins she will be the 3rd youngest behind Jordin and Fantasia.

    OK – Geek Hour over – 🙂

    • So the short version is, even though they lowered the age limit, this was still an average season age wise.

      • @ Be Real:

        No – this season they are 16, 17 and 20. In Season 3 when Fantasia won, they were 16, 17 and 19.

        This is the 2nd youngest final three.

      • Right JD – average age-wise. The only “record” is that Lauren is now the youngest ever in the Final 3 beating Diana DiGarmo by 4 months.

  94. Haley: Paris(ooh la la) by grace potter and the nocturnals. THIS HAS HER WRITTEN ALL OVER IT

    Lauren: Imagine by John Lennon She could totally have a moment with this song, something she really needs.

    Scotty: I dont know. Hes going to play it safe anyway

    • WOW! Absolutely one of the best suggestions I’ve heard from Haley YET! And it came from LEFT FIELD! Love it! Good call, Tanner! If not this week, then maybe for the Finale!

    • Yep…I agree with the Haley song . I suggested it on page 2. She would totally rock that song. I don’t care what the other two sing. Scotty’s songs always bore me, although I did enjoy him singing with Josh Turner…lucky kid!

    • yes, play Scotty’s songs back to back. All safe. All limited range. Wake up, people.

  95. Haley: “Passionate Kisses” (Lucinda Williams version) or “Silver Springs” by Stevie Nicks

    Lauren: “When Will I Be Loved” by Linda Ronstadt or “Morning Train” by Sheena Easton

    Scotty: “Jerusalem” by Steve Earle or “Graveyard Shift” by Uncle Tupelo

    I think Haley could do very well by doing a song by a country songwriter like Mary Chapin Carpenter. It might be just what she needs to win.

    Scotty needs to show he can rock and has some gravel and range. Doing a song by a country rebel like Steve Earle or an alternative group like Uncle Tupelo

    Lauren needs to sing something sassy and sexy and with more of a rock edge. Her opening last week for “Trouble” (before she started to smile) was a hint of what she could do. If she can take that to the bank on Wednesday she might just kick Haley to the curb.

  96. My suggestions: The Paul Westerberg edition

    Scotty: “Nobody”/ “How Can You Like Him”
    Lauren: “My Dad” / “Good Day”
    Haley: “Unsatisfied” / “Little Mascara”

  97. So I was checking out the guy that has a video of Haley doing two Jefferson Airplane songs…and he has a video of Haley doing “Moaning” SOLO last year…amazing. What a diamond in the rough.

      • It is, it really is. With her getting better and better every single week…you gotta wonder how far she can go. The sky’s the limit. She’s like one of those rare canary yellow diamonds, hehe. 😛

  98. Terrible song choices. Here’s my choices for what its worth.
    Haley – I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt
    Lauren – Sweet Dreams by Patsy Cline
    Scotty – Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks

    • I would love to hear Scotty sing “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks. It is perfect for his voice. However I don’t think he would do it because of the mature content of the song. It would be totally uncharacteristic of him and I think would wow the viewers. I love your other choices as well.

  99. I was watching some recaps from Hollywood week and honestly this year should have been a Colton Dixon/Julie Zorilla finale.


  101. Song Choices:

    Scotty: Amazed – Lonestar OR
    Dirty Little Secret/Who Said You Can’t Go Home – Bon Jovi/Jennifer Nettles

    Either will get him out of his comfort zone and both are well known.

    Lauren: Girls Lie Too – Terri Clark OR
    A Little Bit Stronger – Sara Evans

    She is capable of doing both great and either will push her a little more.

    Haley: Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri OR
    The Story – Brandi Carlile

    Both tailor made for her voice and will highlight a slower, softer side that we know she has.

    • If Haley could mellow into a bit of a singer/songwriter feel, maybe add a little bit of Brooke White into her vibe, The Story would be a perfect song choice.

      • Brandi sings it more in the style of Adele and Haley can cope with the rifts and changes in vocal styles.

        I have a lot of Brandi’s CD’s and was playing them today when it hit me what a great song it could be for her.

        That being aid, I would love her to sing At Last.

        She can sing anything if she puts her mind to it.

      • Opening lyric of the Bon Jovi song is “I spent 20 years trying to get out of this place’ and goes on to say “I’ve been all around the world’ . Ridiculous song for Scotty.

    • Ohhhlala…I love your suggestions for Haley….Jar of Hearts is terrific and I love Brandi Carlile’s voice so anything of hers…”turpentine” is great also although not as well known. I still think she could rock the Grace Potter song!

  102. Haley has a very bad attitude!
    I think that she lost some voters because of it too.
    She is good but growls way to much! People always say “Scotty, you need to step out of your comfort zone!” but they never say that Haley’s needs to step out of her comfort zone singing jazz! I just don’t see Haley making it to the finale. This is how I think they will place ;

    1. Scotty
    2. Lauren
    3. Haley

    Scotty & Lauren are the best left now!
    Sorry if you like Haley but sorry about her failure and horrible attitude..

    • That’s random lol were jus picking songs for the top 3, calm down. Go to a posting where u can critique the top 3

    • Apart from the duet Moanin’ she did with Casey name ONE jazz song she has sung since the finals started with the top 13 show.

      Just one – that’s all I ask.

      While you are doing that, check the songs Scotty has done and, apart from the Elvis and Coasters songs, EVERY other one has been a Country song. He even chose the only Country song Elton John wrote in the Elton John week.

      I am sure Scotty will win but it won’t be because of his singing talent, which is what the show is supposed to be about.

      If you like that kind of singing – great – but don’t put others down because you don’t like the genre they sing.

      If you want attitude, check out the Hollywood week tapes and see how Scotty treated that 16 yr old kid with the sweet voice when he was looking for a group with whom to sing.

      • I totally forgot about that! Until someone here reminded me.

        I actually liked scotty when he auditioned but when he kicked Jaycee out of the group (I loved that kid, but I do think he was too young at that point to be able to handle the industy. I hope he auditions for American Idol next year or a couple of years if the show is still around or x-factor) I thought that was horrible of scotty to do that, especially since he was in that same position when they first had to find a group. Even after Jaycee and them had practiced for a while before scotty kicked him out, leaving him to quickly find another group who would allow Jaycee to join and ultimatly had a song that he didn’t know which he had to quickly learn because of the time constraint.

      • Wow, I looked Jacee up on youtube and he actually performed with Rascal Flats in March. That boy is already getting far! And he didnt even make the top 13! 😀

      • @ Maggie – we liked him and agree he was young but then so was Lauren who was only 15 when she auditioned.

        I think Jaycee will do fine and now you’ve mentioned him singing with Rascal Flatts – who I love – I will have to check it out.

        Thanks for the heads up!

      • you’re welcome! I think they went to New Orleans and invited him to sing a song because he was either there or they invited him. They said on stage that he was their favorite from AI.

        And true about the Lauren only being 15. But Lauren seems more mature than Jacee. (Side note, Laurens outfit on the results show last week honsetly made her look as if she were 24 years old, my mom didnt even know that she was only 16)

        Jacee has that cute young boy look which actually may have gotten him very far if he made it to the top 13. Just look how big Justin Beiber is lol but Jacee deffinitly has more talent voice wise.

      • Scotty’s a nice, cute kid, but he’s just…not exciting whatsoever. If you heard his voice on the radio…would you even stop for it? I have no doubt that with a really great song he could do well, but if he only picks boring slow country songs…no one will want to listen. His Itunes and views on youtube are miniscule compared to the others. I think people like him as a person, and just tolerate him singing all of his old, slow country songs.
        I wish only the best for him, but it’s down to the final 3, and they should be making people’s hearts race, not putting them to sleep. He’s 17, I think if he DOES step it up and think outside of his little conservative box…he could be completely fabulous in every way. One thing I will say, is that he is a wonderful story teller…he’s just telling the wrong stories for me.

      • PS- People saying he should do “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”…that’d be awful. I think my mom’s right, he needs to sing a song with a deep story behind it, like Elvis “In the Ghetto”. Even being a slow song…he would really shine.

      • @Devin Lee Scotty should sing Bad To The Bone, and give the tweenies and the cougarettes something to really think about. Didn’t his mother ever tell him, nice guys finish last.

    • You are a troll and a half-wit with nothing original to say and a very boring way of not saying it. When the Alfred E Newman impersonator is finally booted off do you promise to disappear into the ether and give us all a break.

    • ummm…Haley last week sang Michael Jackson’s Earth song which IS going out of her comfort Jazz genre as it is a POP song. But of course, you say Haley should get out of her “comfort zone” and she did and she still got criticised for it and is told by the judges to sing jazzy bluesy, so at least she DOES go out of her comfort zone.

      • Haley sings a lot of non-jazzy songs, she just adds growls and has the band play it jazzy and it SOUNDS like jazz. It’s not a bad thing (I’m a big fan of Haley’s), but she does make it sound kind of jazzy IN MY OPINION.

    • Most of American had the same “bad attitude”! about Randy, so she is in good company.

      Scotty does need to step out a bit from his comfort zone but risky for him.

      Country is only 12% of music sales, with Scotty style being only about 3% of the market.
      For record producers that is a small market to risk the cost of recording and promoting a singer who is still very green in many ways.
      Lauren would be a better risk, since she could easily cross over some to Pop but that depending how much she can develop during the summer tour.
      Haley if handled right with good songs could be a gold mine, 60’s style singers with a bluesy feel that are coming out of the UK the last few years are hot right now and maybe more so International than in US.

    • So, Haley has a “horrible attitude” because she told Randy, “Yeah, I get it”, and he still kept shouting I DIDN’T LIKE IT”. I wonder how Scotty or Lauren would have reacted to such hateful words…I guess we will never know, since Randy never treats anyone else like trash


    • ScottyFan, I carefully reread your post twice & there not one single statement of truth… not one! Alot of parrotted BS you can find on this sight, but not one ounce of actual, verifiable truth!
      Therefore, you get the award for the most ignorant post of the night. Way to go!!

    • ScottyFan, I reread your post twice just to make sure, but there is not one line of truth in it! Just a collection of BS that has been parotted around this sight.
      So, for your exceptional effort, you get tonight’s award for THE MOST IGNORANT POST! Congratulations!

    • Hmmmmmm
      Earth Song…not jazz
      I who have nothing….not jazz
      You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me….not jazz
      You and I ….not jazz
      Falling in and Out….not jazz
      Blue…..not jazz
      Rolling in the deep….not jazz
      Bennie and the Jets….not jazz
      Hello? Get a clue

      • Exactly, her only song that was Jazz was Moaning. God Bless the Child is the only jazz solo she’s done and that was for Hollywood week. She has jumped from genre to genre every week BUT she hasn’t just done karaoke like Lauren and Scotty have done with Country. She’s made each song her own like a true artist.

      • Good points Cecil! Some folks don’t really grasp what’s jazz and what can be Jazz, and what’s not Jazz.

      • David, ditto on the karaoke statement. Haley’s been the LEAST karaoke of ALL the contestants on the show this year. Closest to the originals: Rollin’, Piece and Baby. Even these were Haley-fied.

      • This is for all the Scotty fans who say he is more versatile than Haley.

        Scotty in the Auditions:
        * Your Man – Josh Turner
        * Put Some Drive In Your Country – Travis Tritt.

        Hollywood First Solo:
        Your Man – Josh Turner

        Hollywood Second Solo:
        I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack

        Hollywood Final Solo:
        Long Black Train – Josh Turner

        Top 24 – 12 Men Round
        Letters From Home – John Michael Montgomery

        Top 13: Your Personal Idol
        The River – Garth Brooks

        Top 12: Year You Were Born
        Can I Trust You With My Heart – Travis Tritt

        Top 11: Motown (no country)
        For Once In My Life – Stevie Wonder

        Top 11² – Elton John Week
        Country Comfort – The ONLY Country song Elton John did.

        Top 9: R & R Hall of Fame
        That’s All Right – Elvis originally by Arthur Crudup

        Top 8: Songs from the Movies
        I Cross my Heart – George Strait from Pure Country.

        Top 7: Songs from the 21st Century
        Swingin’ – John Anderson from 1972?????

        Top 6: Carole King Week
        You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor whose genres include Country

        Top 5: Songs From Now & Then
        Gone by Montgomery Gentry
        Always On My Mind – Willie Nelson and/or Brenda Lee (take your pick)

        Top 4: Songs That Inspire
        Where Were You – Alan Jackson

        Leiber & Stoller (no country)
        Young Blood – The Coasters

        Top 3 We know at least one song will be Country and I am sure his personal pick will be Country but Jimmy Iovine may test him.

        So, if that proves to be the case then 17 out of the 21 songs will be Country Songs and if Iovine gives him a Country song it will be 18 out of 21.

        Yup! That is a very eclectic range in music – sarcasm meant!!

        By Contrast, Lauren has sung only 6 Country songs out of the 18 so far and we know she has one tonight so that makes it 7 out of 19 with two unknowns.

        There is no guarantee she will select a Country song for herself. So far her most sung songs are:

        Unchained Melody – 3
        I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – 2

        Haley has sung ONE jazz song and that was her 2nd solo back in Hollywood week.

      • You are wrong Paul! About his Hollywood solo. It was called Nuts o’ Wonder.

  103. I would like for the following to be sung:
    Haley: Dreamboat Annie or Barracuda (Heart)
    Lauren: Jesus Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood)
    Scotty: Sissy’s Song (Alan Jackson) or Long Black Veil (Johnny Cash)

    Just don’t understand the lame song choices the judges picked for such outstanding, raw talent.

    • Especially as the “Judges” have been criticizing singers, especially Haley, for bad song choices and singing different styles.

      In Scotty’s case, they have commented in the past that he needs to get out of his comfort zone and then, when he didn’t, they started praising him for staying in it.

      The two songs chosen for Lauren and Scotty are sugary sweet Country songs while the one for Haley is a raunchy one with original lyrics that are not exactly “nice.”

      • wait till Randy tells Haley, “Lauren & Scotty, two way tie”. How hateful.Randy has an underlying issue with Haley. Maybe she gives him a boner and he can’t stand it! HA

  104. lauren go girl you sang really pretty i liked when you sang anyway by martina mcbride and i vote for you you sung it for your hometown becuse of the devestation that happened there sorry hope everything goes good.

  105. a great song choice for Haley is Pinks song “Misery”

    After she would sing it, Randy or Jlo would comment on how Haley chose another song that is not “well known” and then the funny part would come in…Steven Tyler would interupt and say that it is a very well known song because Pink and him sung it together live and on the track

    And Randy and Jlo would be like o_0 O_O

    • How about Janis’ “Little Girl Blue”… for Haley! She’d shut down the show with that great sultry smokey bloooooozy hit!

  106. Here’s a suggestion: let’s just have JAMES DURBIN sing ANYTHING and then it WON’T BE BORING. God, I’m going to miss seeing him!!

    • I saw him yesterday on Regis & Kelly, and this morning on the Today show..AWESOME!!!

      PLEASES LET IT FREAKING GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • breathe, inhale…now let it out. It’s just a singing competition, not world peace or a cure for cancer, its “reality” TV, thats all. 😛 Haley for the Win!!

    • What ya gonna miss Tess? His weeping and bawling on stage? His pitchiness and oversinging? His really mixed up off key vocals or his signature upper octave shreiking screem at the end of most of his songs? So what is it Tessie hunny? LMAO

  107. For those of you who want to compare the quality difference between a “shortened live edit” on Idol, and the polished professional Studio Edit, check out Haley’s “Studio Edit” on YouTube. I swear, she is very good live, but her studio stuff is stellar!! “Hooked on Haley” 😛

    • @DB…A BIG AMEN to that brudda! Did you check out the studio edit of “Benny”? Whoa!!
      Also, actually I disagreed with the judges on when she covered Adelle’s “Rollin” also! Haley has this distinct voice and a stage presence where she comfortably lets all of her soul out all over the place! She blows these two country bumpkins outta the yard in this competition.. I’m just afraid that the AI results have been pre determined by the production entity!

    • I have to agree Haley is far better in the studio than live, she tries to hard and over sings live and I have most of her itunes.

      Lauren is normally very bland in the studio, good tones on pitch just lacking any color, energy or range in her voice but her Anyway itunes is by far her best yet, so with time she could do well.

      Scotty’ slow songs magnify the faults with his voice in the studio, with Gone being by far his best yet. This could be a big problem for Scotty down the road since Autotune only fixes pitch problems, not technical ones.

      • I had to delete Young Blood from my itunes, it was not easy to listen to at all.

        I can’t listen to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep w/out hearing Haley.

      • Same here.. I really thought Haley smoked Rolling in the Deep! The negative commentary are industry kiss A$$’s who revere Adelle because she’s on top. Haley blew that song up!

      • My wife and I have Adele and Haley on Rollin’ — and we prefer Haley’s version. I just wish it had the little jazzy run she put into the bridge in the live version. Sometimes those runs sound like a cool Benny Goodman clarinet solo…

  108. I’m not going to listen to anyone’s opion!!!!! Haley will win Idol Why cause she’ FREAKIN Amazing
    People need toooooooooooo listen with the ears not with is cute hot ect ect ect LISTEN TO THE VOICE before you VOTE FREAKIN PLEASE.HALEY FOR THE WIN!!!

  109. I guess choosing songs for everyone is a bit unnecessary as most of them have leaked. But, if I got to pick songs — I’d have liked to have heard these:

    1) Crying – Roy Orbison
    2) Cyndi Lauper – All Through the Night
    3) Seven Spanish Angels – Ray Charles/Willie Nelson

    1) Walkin to New Orleans – Fats Domino
    2) Forever and Ever Amen – Randy Travis
    3) Tiger By the Tail – Buck Owens

    1) For Your Eyes Only – Sheena Easton
    2) When You Say Nothing At All – Alison Krauss
    3) I Saw the Light – Wynona

    • I’d also love to hear Scotty tackle

      “Here Comes the Rain” by the Mavericks

  110. If you want raspy white chick tunes for Haley how about Janis’ Little Girl Blue”… Haley would blow the roof off the studio with that song.. and she wouldn’t have to deal with the vulgarity and crassness of “You Oughtta Know” which I think that she should actually refuse to perform! How can AI request 20yr old Haley to sing of going down on someone in a theater, let alone the other innuendo that’s lyrically plain and clear… to a family prime time television audience? Jackson and Lopez are laying in the weeds to critique Haley’s version, because it won’t be as “nasty” as Brittney or Beonce’s versions were.

    Go Haley…

    • Brittney live version was close to PG-17 and Beyonce’s version is PG-13 but I liked her spinning her hair around and around.
      Beyonce’s version is pretty good but cuts some corner from the original and I hope Haley does better than Brittney or the judges will not be kind to her.

      • It’s not even a good song choice for her… I would never choose that song for her. But, since they did I hope she kicks a–

    • I believe Haley got the most votes last week, so it more likely Scotty or Lauren will go home next this week but with a bad performance who knows.

  111. I would like to hear all 3 of them sing the SAME song – namely the Roberta Flack version of Buffy St. Marie’s “Until It’s Time For You To Go”…but since that won’t happen.

    For Lauren:
    The Dolly Parton version of “I Will Always Love You”

    For Haley:
    Dionne Warwick’s “Don’t Make Me Over”

    For Scotty:
    Toby Keith’s “When We Were In Love”

    • There is no WAY Lauren can pull off “I Will Always Love You”. That song is just too big for her. She has a great tone and sings well, but that one’s a belter, which she doesn’t have the prowess to sustain just yet.
      The only convincing version of that song on a reality show was by Leona Lewis (X-Factor UK)

      Sorry. 🙂

  112. Listen, you cant rely on what the judges,(or anyone else for that matter)might say about Haley’s performances.

    Haley is going to deliver a dynamic, professional rendition of every song she’s given knowing she’ll be criticized if she does well, and condemned if she falls short. Every true artist knows this. They know that, as a professional, it goes with the territory. (Haley has said as much in regards about the options of others, and who she feels she is, and what she has to offer).

    Haley is an adult, an accomplished artist, and more than able to deliver a quality product in a timely manner. She will continue to be true to herself and her trade, and if *WE* are lucky enough *WE* will have an opportunity to witness more incredible music from her in the future.

    There will always be those who don’t prefer her singing, as there are those who we don’t prefer. I, for one, DO appreciate Haley’s various styles of singing. And like the facets of a diamond, I am ever more impressed at her ease to display herself every week in an entirely different light.

    Ive said it before, but I’ll say it again, One of the things I like best about Haley is her honest ability to connect an audiance to so many different styles of music.

    Whether its the playful vocals of “Fallin’”, or the gritty growels of “Piece of My Heart”, to the bluesy groove of “Rolling in the Deep”, or the heart break of “Blue”, Haley has such versital vocals, range, power, and presence, she is by far one of the most accomplished artists to hit American Idol this year.

    She welcomes constructive critisim, possesses grace under pressure,and poise with praise, and, yes, a backbone when overtly berated. She knows who she is; is comfortable and confident eneough in her own skin to take risks, bringing something soulfull, jazzy, and bluesy to the table.

    I’m just say n’
    “Hooked on Haley” 🙂

      • LOL 😛 I posted it here first, but realized there was a more recent blog at work, so I posted it over there too. (American Idol 2012 Sets a Premiere Date and Schedule)
        I thought it bare repeating, how ’bout you? 🙂

      • Haha, I didn’t know you actually did copy/paste. It definitely needs to be spread all over the interwebs.

  113. I went back and listened again to lauren’s performances on YouTube and they are much better than I even remembered. So maybe that’s why she wasn’t criticized so much, other than pushing her.

  114. I can’t imagine this season ending without Scotty singing Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

  115. I would like to hear Scotty sing one of Ray LaMontagne’s songs – “You are the Best Thing” or
    “Trouble”. I think he could sing either of those very well.

  116. Something that amazes me is the trend of hatred on the site. I have yet to see a well worded, completely positive, relevant defense of scotty or lauren as possible winners like I have for haley. It also seems like the most contrived, asinine, nonsensical hate posts come from anti haley posters….interesting.

    • Scotty is a great young man with good morals and a strong sense of self. And he sings country.

      Lauren is a nice young lady with a big heart. Sometimes she dresses up like a barbie. She sings country.

      How’d I do?

      • @David P Succinct, I like it. Much better than most at least.

        I guess my issue is the 3 left are actually 3 of my 4 or 5 favorites from all season, so I’m constantly trying to decide how to divvy up my votes. Haley is definitely my favorite right now, so it’s kind of a matter of who do I want in the finale with her. I have my reasons for all 3 of them winning the whole thing, I just don’t see a whole lot of truly pro Lauren or pro Scotty arguments. Something that talks about how good they did on *insert song*, etc.

        Also, as a country fan, what are your thoughts on Haley’s performance of Blue?

      • I loved Blue and the fact that she made her own version of it that didn’t sound like Leann Rimes.

        The thing is, Lauren and Scotty are great, don’t get me wrong, but they haven’t really done anything very memorable. Scotty, though, I really liked his performance of You’ve Got a Friend and Where Were You was a pretty good vocal. Lauren really stands out in her duets. I’m not sure why, but she’s does great when it’s not being judged and when she’s performing with somebody else. “Anyway” was really great and so was “Candle in the Wind.” Neither of them have really had that moment where they’ve stepped up to the next level like Haley has, though. That being said, I think they are all great and have their own strengths and weaknesses, my vote goes to Haley.

      • Ah I knew it was too good to be true ha ha. Even the best pro Lauren/Scotty arguments come from Haley fans. Thank you David P. I totally agree by the way about the songs you pointed out for the country bumpkins. I absolutely loved You’ve Got a Friend and Anyway, but I think it’s a little wrong that those have to be the songs chosen for their ‘Moments’ thus far, when Haley has given us Bennie and the Jets, House of the Rising Sun, and I Who Have Nothing, to name a few.

  117. Lauren – Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
    Scottie – Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)
    Haley – You’re So Vain (Carly Simon)

    Now that would really stretch them all and what a great show it would be

      • Spain is great, but it’s meant to be instrumental.
        The original is by Chick Corea. I don’t really like the vocal version too much.

  118. Randy and J.lo donot comment any more on Haley.Just say beutiful whatever she sing because what ever the two judges comment on Haley, her fans got thing to say. No sugestion or comment from Randy and J.lo to Haley because they will be saying the two judges anti Haley. Three judge no comment people say the judge no good and when comment they say the judges anti some one. See and hear and vote on your own liking. You like you vote, dont like dont vote simple as that.

  119. Haleys doin it big, her youtub vid of rolling in the deep hit over ONE MILLION views!
    I like all contestants but I think I love haleys songs on itunes the most, she sounds jus perfect like she was made for it!!

  120. Ok. I think Haley shud sing Pat Benatars “love is a battlefield”, rather than Lauren. I heard it playing at my work and I instantly thot this song would be perfect for Haley hands down!!

  121. Guys, I know it’s late, but I’m so excited for tomorrow. Anyway, go listen to the judges comments on Haley’s “Beautiful” for Carole King week.
    Steven and Jennifer are arguing
    Steven: You
    Jennifer: You
    Steven: You
    Jennifer: No, you
    Steven: I don’t know if I can do it for this one. (Insert weird boxing analogy – which Randy agrees with)
    Jennifer: Beautiful, you have one of the best voices in the competition (looks up, presumably at the producers and cringes).
    Randy:I didn’t like the beginning but the end was great.

    Just something to think about. And with that, good night.

  122. To me, HALEY is like finding a diamond in the rough. Over the weeks, she has gone through several processes, picked at, chipped a little, and now she is void of a few imperfections, is being cleaned and polished, and will soon be out there to sparkle and be appreciated by the masses, who get to see and hear her with her multi – faceted beauty and talent. In my humble opinion, this Gem will get better with age and blossom into the star she was destined to be.

    She will have staying power, and her story to the top will be an inspiration for others to emulate. What can I say, I am a HALEY fan, and proud of it. I wish her all the success in her chosen profession and I am very confident she will continue to shine.

    Win or lose in this competition, to me she is already a winner?

  123. Lauren Alaina I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack) by Jennifer Lopez

    Scotty McCreery “She Believes in Me” (Kenny Rogers) by Steven Tyler

    Haley Reinhart “You Oughta Know” (Alanis Morissette) by Randy Jackson

    via ..!! .. ur always be updated at wikipedia.. i always rely on it..

    • If this is true, is anyone surprised? I can just picture it tonight.

      Randy: “I don’t know Haley, I picked that song for you because the words mean so much to me and I thought it would give you that “moment” I keep talking about. Just didn’t do it for me Haley and I feel let down that you didn’t do it for (maybe he was hoping to) me.

      Steven: “I was just dreamin’ all the way through that song. Nice dress; and you can do it to me anytime.”

      Jennifer: “I just didn’t like the arrangement or the performance and thought it another poor song choice that you made and we have talked about this all Season. Just a bad song choice.”

      Haley reminds JLo that Randy chose the song and that night this blog is full of posters ranting about Haley being disrespectful.

      Do you know that in Britain and some other Countries randy means horny??

  124. I Rly Want it 2 b an All GIRL FINALE!!!!! That Would Be Lovely!!!! Lauren Vs Haley;)) Come On Plllllleeeeeeeeeeeeassssseeee!!!!!!! ITs been far 2 Long Since there were 2 girls in da Finale;))

  125. excited to see haley!!!! i dont care if the judges wont like her…all i know is how great she is!!!…HALEY CAN SURELY WIN!!!!=)

  126. The only time two girls were the finalists was Season 3. That was when we had the youngest final 3 at 19, 17, and 16. Fantasia (19) and Diana DiGarmo (16) made the final with Fantasia winning. The 17-year old (another girl Jasmine Trias) was eliminated.

    This year we have the 2nd youngest final 3 with Haley (20), Scotty (17) and Lauren (16) so is this the year for another 17 year old to fall and for us to have only the 2nd all girl final?

    1 out of 9, which is only 11% may become 2 out of 10, which would up it to 20%.

    A female win would also level the winners at 5 Guys and 5 Gals for the 10 Seasons. After Season 6, it was 4-2 for the Gals but Guys have won the last three Seasons.

    The last two winners have flopped as far as Album sales are concerned and, by far. the winners with the most successful careers (album sales, films, theater, et al) have been the Gals.

    * Kelly Clarkson
    * Carrie Underwood
    * Fantasia
    * Jordin Sparks

    The 5 Male winners so far have been:

    * Ruben Studdard
    * Taylor Hicks
    * David Cook
    * Kris Allen
    * Lee DeWyze

    Only David Cook has had any success with his album sales and tours.

    Just more from the Math and Stats Geek. 🙂

  127. I’m tired of math so here are my song choices:
    I think it would be great for all of them to mix it up with songs that fit their voices and styles but are off genre.

    Haley — Love Letter by Bonnie Raitt
    Scottie — Forget You (the clean version) by Cee Lo Green
    Lauren–Come Sail Away by Styx

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