American Idol 2011 Top 3 Perform Tonight

Tonight’s Top 3 performances on American Idol 2011 stands likely to be a pretty great show. After endless weeks of forcing square pegs through round holes the remaining singers will be taking on hand picked songs from the judges, Jimmy Iovine, and their own tastes. It’s hard to imagine this not being better than what we’ve been watching. What? You liked Young Blood and Love Potion No. 9?

So far we know one of the three songs each of the performers will do based on the judges’ assignments. Lauren will cover “I Hope You Dance.” Haley has “You Oughta Know.” Scotty takes on “She Believes In Me.” I’m looking forward to how they clean up Haley’s assignment considering it gets a little racy in parts. Last year Crystal Bowersox performed the song with Alanis Morissette which included such rewrites as “would she go down with you to the theatre?” Oh would she? To catch a matinée? Discount prices? What a bad girl! As long as it ends with the judges telling Haley the song choice wasn’t right then our night will be complete.

Now for the other two songs we don’t know anything for sure yet, but Branden put together an excellent list for this week’s “sing this, not that” with 2 songs for each.

Scotty’s own pick could be “Your Man” if he’s not saving his babylockthemdoors for the finale. Lauren could always go back to the treasure chest of her Miley mixtape if she wants to dig real deep shallow. And for Haley, I’m going to use up all three of my wishes and ask for another round of “Earth Song” dedicated especially to Randy and JLo. If she does that I might finally root for her and her balls of steel.

What do you want to her your favorite sing tonight on American Idol?

Update: Haley’s parents have spilled the beans. According to the parental units, Haley will also be singing “Rhiannon” from Fleetwood Mac and “What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin. Thanks for readers Ronhep and Jo for sharing the tip.

Update 2: FOX has expanded tonight’s show to 2 hours according to its main site. If you go to its Press site it still says 90 mins. So I’m guessing we are indeed going to get 20 minutes of singing and 100 minutes of filler and commercials. Awesome-O.




      • what can say the voting is so mest up . james scotty
        &pia were the best , who knows what happened. lauren can sing butjust like so many others. she is so boring she doesn’y belobg there.the judges have been pushing us in are faces its sickning. scotty better win with haley next. simon cowell would have wiped the floor with most of them. lauren has such a low range she can’t go any further and hold that note. james should of won but i think he will do just fine, cd sales will be the proof. the judges have to go brcause they are useless….

  1. Hey Matt – you are just like me – I saw the performance of that Earth Song a couple of times and still do not see what the problem was, according to Randy and JLO. The song is OK, for an inspirational gig, and Haley did a great job… It would be funny if Haley chooses it, but I think she will play safe and probably perform Rolling in the Deep – as it was a turning point for her in the show – a lot of us started polling for her after that performance. Lauren needs to pull all strings tonight – she has her fan base, but I think the ones that will decide the winners are choosing based on performances – they probably make 50% of the votes, the other 50% are the loyal fans. Scotty will be Scotty – that seems to be working for him. It will be very interesting to see how Scotty’s “safeness” will play out in the end…Any song that Scotty chooses will be fine as they sound pretty much the same, so…

    • Oh don’t get me wrong. I thought “Earth Song” was a terrible choice and an even worse performance. Haley picked a song that inspired her, which is good, but then she didn’t make it inspire me, which is bad.

      I want her to pick “Earth Song” not because I’m anxious to hear it again, but I want to see the judges’ heads explode.

      • I never heard of Earth Song until she sang it, and i still don’t care for it even if it’s from MJ’s CD.

        Sometimes the good happens, and if it doesn’t, maybe somewhere we let the devil in.

      • Hey look if you hadn’t heard of “Earth Song” it’s because your not a or much of a Michael Jackson fan. I remember buying the Jackson Five album “ABC” in the 5th grade but stopped buying Michael’s music after “Thriller” and I have heard of “Earth Song”, as well as, seen the movie “This Is It” in which the song played a major role. So for someone to say they had never heard of “Earth Song” well they are just not in the loop.

  2. I thought the other songs were out now?
    Lauren – How do I live by Leanne Rimes & Gimme One Reason To Stay Here by Tracy Chapman.
    Haley – Sweet Dreams are made of these by Eurythmics & Feeling Good by Nina Simone.
    Scotty – What hurts the most & You’ll think of me.

    • Haley’s song choices are supposedly now ” Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac and “What Should Never Be” by Led Zepplin . This according to her parents

    • Not sure where you found those, dinx, but I don’t believe the other song names have been officially released outside of what Haley’s parents’ just leaked (which doesn’t match what you have listed).

    • I would have loved to hear Durbin do this song!! Plant is one of my all time favorites. I am anxious to see if Haley can pull it off. Good Luck !!! Big shoes to fill.

    • Yeah, I’m glad those are wrong. This new leak has much better song choices.

  3. Haley’s parents spilled the beans on her songs –

    Judges Pick: You Oughta Know by Alanis
    Producer’s Pick: Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac
    Her Pick: What Should Never Be by Led Zepplin

    Cool bit of trivia: Zep contacted Hailey after she sang “House of the Rising Sun” and offered their songs to her.

    • I would have loved to hear Durbin do this song!! Plant is one of my all time favorites. I am anxious to see if Haley can pull it off. Good Luck !!! Big shoes to fill.

    • I LOVE Rhiannon. Suits Haley to a “T.” Jimmy’s a really, really smart guy.

      I do not like the Zep song much, though I like the lyrics.

      • Plant does quasi-scat riff in the middle of the original — Haley’s going to blow people’s minds with this.

    • I hope you guys are right – Rhiannon is a great song! and I love Fleetwood Mac -have been to one of their live concerts – awesome!

  4. These are the song (i think):
    Haley Reinhart

    Judges Choice: “You Ought To Know” Alanis Morissette. Love this pick. CONFIRMED
    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. CONFIRMED
    Haley’s Choice: “What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin CONFIRMED

    Producer’s pick –

    Haley’s personal choice – What Should Never be by Led Zeppelin

    Lauren Alaina

    Judges Choice: “I Hope You Dance” Lee Ann Womack. Perfect choice. Perfect. CONFIRMED
    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “How Do I Live” Lee Ann Rimes. Another strong selection RUMOR
    Lauren’s Choice: “Give Me One Reason” Tracy Chapman Inspired and surprising song choice. RUMOR

    Scotty McCreery

    Judges Choice: “She Believes In Me” Kenny Rogers. Extremely strong choice. Standing O material. CONFIRMED
    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “You’ll Think Of Me” Keith Urban. Not familiar with this song. RUMOR
    Scotty’s Choice: “What Hurts The Most” Rascal Flatts Great choice. RUMOR

    • You’ll Think of Me is a comtemporay song – he should do well with this one and I hope hope hope the Rascal Flatt song also – but that lead singer sings quite high so might be a challenge but it is such a beautiful song it might not matter

    • I so hope the Haley info is true. With the exception of “You Oughta” these have the popularity, originality and power to be signature moments for Haley.

    • Jimmy’s choices for Haley and Lauren are inspired! Love them. Don’t know the Urban song, but I read your post, Matt. So I am guessing he is just hit the triple crown with his choices. (I’ll go to YouTube to listen to “You’ll Think of Me” to hear it before tonight.)

      • OH!! I’ve heard that Urban song on the radio. I do like that very much. Perfect for Scotty in that it’s a tender “story-telling” number.

        Yup, Iovine’s a genius!!!

    • I love both Lauren’s and Scotty’s “personal choice” songs, if true! I think Lauren will do that beautifully, but I am wondering if the Rascal Flats song is in Scotty’s register. Great song, though!

      Worried about the Zep tune for Haley. Hope she proves me wrong.

      • Scotty will have to lower the Urban song, too, if it is true. Once down, he’ll handle it well. Not difficult melodically, and he’ll be singing directly to his biggest and most supportive demographic. Smart choice.

    • Both Lauren’s and Scotty’s songs are crowds’ favorites. Haley might go home tonight because of song choices – they are not crowd pleasers, in my opinion… very risky…

      • You might be in for a surprise by how crowd-pleasing Haley’s selections are (the only one I’m not so confident about: You Oughta).

  5. I heard that the show will be 2hrs with 4hrs of voting, if true I guess they want 100M votes this week.

      • if they give them more phone numbers there will just be more complaining about confusion, and contestants got votes intended for somrone else.

      • If people aren’t smart enough to dial a phone number correctly it’s not anyone else’s fault.

      • On Fox’s main webpage

        ALL-NEW / 2-HOURS

        America votes – as the Top 3 Finalists take the stage tonight

      • On my guide its two hours, that Breaking In had it’s finale last night, they moved it. And I think a blogger that works for Fox confirmed it, if I’m not mistaken.

      • And here I was going by what FOX’s Press site still says for its schedule tonight. Why is their PR machine such a piece of…

      • what are they going to do for 2 hours it dosnt take 2 hours for each contesttant to sing 3 songs that is rediculess

      • Direct TV has Idol listed as two hours. I posted this here last week along with the hope that the expanded time frame would let us see some of James in Santa Cruz.

      • It is probably two hours – FOX would not miss the opportunity to do major big time marketing of their stuff – both good and bad… Of course, we will have “surprise” guests in the audience (don’t you feel bad for those legitimate audience members who lost their seats to these celebrities??) who, by coincidence, are in shows that are either brand-new or sinking in the ratings, or some character from one of the summer movies coming up, you name it – but pretty much fillers and advertising which have nothing to do with the show… Business as usual, I guess…

      • its probably two hours so they can show clips of the singers home town visits.

  6. Based on these song choices, a good start with kenny Rogers and a strong version of the Rascal Flatts number could see Scotty soar to the front……

    But Lauren could also come through here with a good rendition of the Tracy Chapman song. She has three great opportunities to impress.

    I fear for Haley purely because of song choice – she might win over all the musicians and singers but lose out on the sheer popularity of the competing, well-known tunes. And you just know that once again, the judges will be all over that personal song choice!

    • “And you just know that once again, the judges will be all over that personal song choice!”

      Oh, they totally will. But at this point, I don’t really care anymore. Led Zeppelin asked her to sing one of their songs. How amazing is that?

      • It was reported they offered their total songbook to her. Remember that Led Zeppelin was a blues rock band and were the Yardbirds(blues band) for a few months to finish out commitments before renaming.

      • Totally amazing, and wow, they offered her their whole songbook?!!! Shut the door! That is phenomenal!!!

    • Yeah – but haven’t you figured out nobody but sheep and lemmings listen to the judges, anyway? Shorn and off the cliff — that’s what that’ll get you — and people like their wool on solid ground.

  7. all i can say is that haley is a great all around performer..can’t wait to watch her tonight except to hear what the judges have to say again..

    • Jen, we have learned by now that the lack of fair judging is signature for the show this year. Fear not, Haley will rip through any Zep song and do it incredible justice. Very cool that they offered her their song book. Isn’t it interesting for all those people that say she can’t sing and so many professional performers sing her praise??? Just saying the informed know what they are talking about. Go Haley, make us proud!

      • yeah… that is well anticipated but no matter what Haley is the next American Idol– in its truest sense..

  8. Since another Matt is floating about here, decided to go with my full name. Whatever Haley sings, you can count on it to be sung with her signature original flair and emotion. Beautiful Haley, bring down the house BABY! All the nasty comments about Haley are just ill-founded and if the Haley Haters really thought she was so awful, they would not waste so much time personally criticizing her looks, imagined personality, etc. They would just wait for her to be voted off. She does things vocally that the other youngsters have no ability to do…like carry a fluid range in tune and note inuendos that are so subtle and beautiful. Haley has the momentum will be Haley and Scotty in the final and his lack of range, showmanship and comfort level will be further exposed. Haley for the Win!

    • Scott for the win – he is much better – have the time you can’t understand whay Haley is screaming

      • haley is not screaming..she only proves that she can sing any song in this world.. i can feel her everytime she sings.. every lyrics she utters.. all of these are coming from the heart.. Haley truly deserves to be on the top!

      • I agree! I do want an all girl finale and I do think the song choices are pretty good for both Lauren and Haley. I realy dont want Scotty to make it through but scared because of his popularity. An all girl finale would be awesome.

      • Rock Legends Jimmy Page and Robert Plant disagree with you.

        I’ve decided imma just copy/paste this in response to all the crap people are saying about Haley.

      • Will most of this site, we know that is not the measure to determine a winner (remember James with 31%) as well, to continue with his thoughts, which are the least, the vast majority with Scotty and Lauren!!!!!

      • If people are voting for Scotty and Lauren only because of something James didn’t tweet then they are nothing more than lemmings.

    • It’s not screaming, Mary. She naturally has a raspy voice and if that’s not your cup of tea, it may sound like screaming to you. She actually builds a song with amazing note structuring and WOW! She can hold a note for eternity. With that kind of control, why would she scream??? Scotty is milk toast compared to Haley. Yes, he has enough testosterone to sing bass but c’mon, if he has to move his voice (or God forbid his body), he falls short and I think that will be so exposed in the final.

    • I’m not so much floating around here as I am running this site… but the more Matts the merrier.

  9. Haley has made it this far because of her versatility as an artist.She can sing any song of any genre..that only proves that she is an amazing performer with a strong character and she stands to what she knows is right.HALEY for the Win!!!

    • One thing’s for sure.. that HALEY will give her audience a one hell of a performance. She is a great all around artist! Haley for the Final Showdown!! Let the Momentum going..

    • I agree with you, And if Haley can somehow successfully sing that Led Zeppelin song … She might be the most versatile female singer in American Idol HISTORY. Heck, I do no not see Carrie Underwood having that much versatility.And I am a country music fan.

    • Lauren is going back to high school Thursday night. Give her time to develop, she has a pretty voice but can’t suck enough air to truly carry a song. I’m not a country fan but listen to it enough to know that her voice falters when she tries to cover those big songs. Sorry for you loss.

    • Lauren needs a few more years. Haley is leagues ahead in far of vocals and maturity.

  10. Haley will go home this week. Lauren and Scotty is so much better than her. Once she is gone it will be hard to pick the next Idol because them two are the best

    • Denise, just watch the performance night first before making any assumptions.Haley will make u rock and roll!!

    • Same stuff….different day! Tonight will tell. I hope They all do well….I mean who wants to see a bad performance?

    • I hope you r right Denise. I am not a Haley hater, I just dont like her voice. In the beginning she received many suggestions as to her raspy voice, and now it is over done. James should have been in her spot. J M O

      • this season has brought a realisation that I would like the judges to point out the obvious in the contestants and make them suffer for putting me through their awful singing. unfortunately Steven Tyler did not mention the excessive growling that eventually kicked Casey out of the show until he was eliminated. sigh . . .

        it’s much more satisfying to confront horrible performance with well deserved feedback. But! i do think Simon was a bit too much, there could be a middle ground somewhere.

    • Are you a fortune teller?..i guess anyone has the chance to go home…im a haley fan and i think she has the best voice among the contestants left…im just hoping she will i will vote for her million times..=P GO HALEY!!!!!

    • I will also vote for Haley because I know that she sings from the heart.. Singing and making her audience feel her is her passion..

  11. I like Haley. But, I am having a hard time see her sing that Led Zeppelin Song. But, if she can do it, more power to her. That would definitely make here the most versatile singer, by far.

  12. If the song list “leak” is accurate, I suspect, rather strongly, the make-up/catch-up Haley-pimpin’ has begun.

    • More likely trying to get the rock fans back but its reported that Haley’ parents let it out so who knows.

      • Her parents wouldn’t start leaking info now — not without the producers knowing they were going to do it.

      • Her parents leaked it at Wheeling Village Council Meeting. There’s an article on examiner . com if you want to check it out. There’s not a lot of info, but it confirms everything said on this site.

  13. if the show was based on talent alone, it’s a lock that haley is the winner. but we all know that that’s not the case. take the last two seasons, for example. we all know that it’s not acceptable for a gay jew to come in first, even though he sings rings around the winner. and last season was the same deal, go with the safe singer rather than the more talented one. for some reason i can’t fathom, the judges have it in for haley. and i really think they pandered to james, who is a really good singer but not a great, great singer. the voting system should somehow be revamped. any suggestions???

    • p.s. james, haley, lauren, and scotty will all be making records. support them when their recordings come out. as to their longevity in the business, it’s anybody’s guess

    • They need to change it so the judges have some kind of say. Everyone points to dancing with the stars. However, that would require an objective and impartial judging panel which AI does not have.

  14. Nothing will surprise me tonight. All three will sing well. Haley will sing great. Randy will make it seem like the girls will have to slay it to make the finale, while Scottie , the Chosen One, just has to hold his own and not lose it, while I feel he has not done anything consistently great , to even be supposedly the frontrunner. It will all come down to the critique of the judges.

    Somehow, even if Haley would get three standing ovations, I still wouldn’t be too overconfident. Based on past weeks of judging, especially by two of them, I am pretty sure they wouldn’t see it or hear it as I did, and their critique would reflect that. Face it, I just don’t feel Haley will get the plaudits she truly deserves even if she nails it. I hope that won’t be the case. All I can ask for is a fair unbiased critique for each one.

    nt runner. It will all come down to the critique of the judges.

    Somehow, even if Haley got three standing ovations, based on past weeks of judging, I wouldn’t get too overconfident on their evaluations, especially by two of them

  15. excited to see haley!!!! i dont care if the judges wont like her…all i know is how great she is!!!…HALEY CAN SURELY WIN!!!!=)

  16. Tonight i expect that Lauren will blow me away and I’m hoping that there will great comments for her.

    Go Lauren!!!

    • Absolutely!! She pretty amazin!! She a miracle!!
      keep Voting for her ok! I’ll support you!

      • She is miracle n gifted .. don’t worry about her performance tonight .. just keep vote n vote .. 🙂

      • I love Lauren! I like the song choices (if all of them are correct) and think she can definately pull it off. I love the character of her voice and her whole attitude in general. I dont think any of the contestants left do not deserve to be there. They are all amazing. I just prefer an all girl finale!!

  17. Disregard the last 4 lines up above; somehow it started to repeat and I couldn’t delete.

  18. Talent wise.. it will definetely be HALEY!!! So im calling out all Haley’s army to join hands in voting for her tonight..she needs our support and everyone here knows that she deserves it!!!

    • me and my troops have charged all our phones for the 2 hour voting..Haley will rock the house!! Go Haley!

      • Kansas City answering to the the call, Maam! Go Haley! Beautiful One!
        Haley for the win!

    • Haley! Haley! Haley! I, along with a lot of others, will be voting as much as we can cram in.

    • Woot! I have a question, though. Last week was my first time calling in to vote and I kept getting busy signals when I called before 830 (1030 EST). Do the lines not open until the show is over in a particular time zone? Like for where I live the show starts at 7 (9 EST) and ends at 9 (11 EST) Do the lines here not open until 9?

      • David, I am in EST, and I believe I began voting immediately after the show went off at 9:30–without a hitch.

      • good luck to scotty a haley fan but i think evryone is great..STILL I WILL VOTE FOR HALEY..=P

      • why do all the haley fans sound like dim witted teenie boppers . . . sigh

        and hot damn, my best friend happens to like her too. but she’s also very flighty and dim witted.

      • Good friend….I’m sure your friend appreciates your opinion of her. Nice friend ….she doesn’t need enemies.

      • Janice, if you read through all the comments, you’ll find some reasoned discussions about why Haley is the superior vocalist and musician of these 3. “Teenie boppers” don’t usually write as soberly and objectively as many of the Haley fans on here.

    • I will be voting for Scotty both online and on the phone!!!Scotty will be in the top 2, hopefully with Lauren.

      • I will be voting for Haley both online and on the phone!!!Haley will be in the top2, hopefully with Lauren.

  19. Hi everyone 🙂
    I cant wait for tonight show 🙂 Is almost over and in a way I am sad lol has been such a good season!
    I know many of you wont agree with me (figures) but I want the 2 girls in the final. I am rooting for Haley of course to win it all but honestly wouldn´t mind if Lauren wins. She is young, in fact is really a little girl who needs lots of help in many ways but she sings well and could be huge in a couple of years.
    As per Scotty sorry but is not my cup of tea. I find him boring. Don´t kill me he is such a good singer but is not versatile and needs to get out from his comfort zone one way or another, that limits him and that is why I don´t see him as an AI.
    Anyway I wish good luck to these young fighters, may the best win 🙂

    • I agree with you Marta 99%!!! The only part is I hope that Lauren wins but would not be disappointed at all with a Haley win!!! Good post!

  20. If true, the selection of songs, it will be a nice show, Lauren’s songs are powerful, the Haley’s according to their grrrr and screaming (I try to hear what his fans hear, but sorry, just scream for me). And my favorite Scotty (he is not boring) with “What Hurts The Most” Rascal Flatts will be amazing to hear. Lucky for everyone, and vote for the best.
    Scotty is the complete package!!

  21. Does anyone under the age of 50 really know that Led Zeppelin song? “What Is and What Should Never Be” is an incredibly tough song to sing especially in the two minutes allotted on American Idol. Her performance will depend so much on the production but if it all comes off it should be superb. While Haley is attempting a triple reverse somersault with three twists from the high board, Scotty is once again opting for the straight out dive from the lowest board!

    • I agree, Ian. I am over 50 and I know Led Zeppelin well, but still didn’t know that song.

      Carol, what a nice person you are, sharing those pleasantries!

      • Crap! I DO know that song. I think I had to hear the very beginning, though, to recognize it. (I was listening to a 2nd YouTube of it and it hit me over the head!) Haley is gonna flipping kill this song! She is gonna floor everybody!!! Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if Jimmy Page came on stage and accompanied her?!!!!!!!!

    • I’m 21, and I like Zeppelin, but they certainly aren’t my favorite band. HOWEVER, I do know the song fairly well. I think being a LZ track, it’s just popular enough to make for an epic performance, but not so popular (Stairway to Heaven) that Haley would get lost in the pure force of the song. There’s actually a youtube video of her singing the song a couple years back, so we know she’s familiar with it. I think with the right assistance, we could be seeing standing O number 4 for Haley.

    • Agreed – and I wonder if the judges will point out the disparity in difficulty level. The missed it big time last week as between “Believin” which they said was highest level and no mention of the difficulty of “I Who Have Nothing” which probably was the most difficult song attempted by anyone yet this year.

      • The judges pretty much NEVER point out the disparity in difficulty level.

        Hence, 4-note Scotty.

        The viewers, however, have certainly picked up on it, thank goodness.

  22. The performance tonight will not be a major help in the public’s decision to whomever to vote for. They have already made their own picks. And majority of them has chosen HALEY REINHART!

      • Haha. Mr Kechik, how well do you know about that group? Have you not known they are supporting Haley even? Kris Allen was here one time in our country and he was well welcomed. If Haley gets here, she’ll be met with live bands and fireworks. if it’s Scotty or Lauren, we’ll go to bed and sleep.

      • Haha Mr. John D. ..
        I heard that Piolo Pascual, Dingdong Dantes like LAUREN Win this season .. have u know?

      • You are entitled to your own opinion Mr. Kechik. I will not play the role of a fellow countryman with crab mentality here. HALEY, gusto kitang haley-kan!

    • HALEY is the only deserving contestant in this competition and she is one helluva performer!!! We will definetely vote for HALEY!! she is the best!!!

      • They are all deserving or they would have never made the top 3. To say Haley is the only deserving contestant is to nullify and diminish all the hard work the other contestants have put into this competition. You can support your favorite without bashing the other contestants’ hard work. Scotty for the win!!! I will be voting for Scotty non stop for how ever many hours the lines are open. I hope the post that says the lines will be open for 4 hours is true.

    • i read that haley is Trendung 3weeks now in Philippines is that true i read it in facebook..

      • Certainly a fact, Gravity. The Filipino Idol fans have never been this supportive to any AI contestant. Not until HALEY REINHART rocked that stage!

      • i think its true look at the haley page on fb there is printscreen that she is trending…,

    • Will most of this site, we know that is not the measure to determine a winner (remember James with 31%) as well, to continue with his thoughts, which are the least, the vast majority with Scotty and Lauren! !

      • Beatriz: Where were you when everybody else was talking about Haley? Doing your laundry. Aaah, that’s why.

      • John D. (Philippines)A thought, you be fans of Haley is having the same arrogant attitude!!

      • You’re acting like you’re Randy or J-Lo that’s why a simple claim of Haley being the best among them affected you so much. We would become even more arrogant as Haley takes the title this year.

      • OK,You’ve convinced me …. I will vote only for Scotty 4 HOURS, I do not want Haley to win I do not like your voice, see you at the end Scotty and Lauren !!!!!

      • You’ve than more than enough to prove me how pathetic you are. Goodnight. See you after the results show.

      • Totally according, Beatrice vote also Scotty 4 hours and show the power country. And we will see who is the pathetic.

  23. HALEY all the way… we love you Haley and we will not get tired voting for you….

  24. wow .. Beyonce pick Lauren to win this season .. just read at ..

  25. Go Haley!!!
    im sure You bring excitement on the show!!!
    you never bore me! thanks haley!!!

    dont mind the haters..let them hate you coz They will hate you more For your 3 goosbump performance!

  26. OMG three more songs from Haley! I know they will surely be GREAT, can’t wait to get them from itunes. I already have my first CD from Haley with all her itunes songs (every week I have to burn a new one with the new songs).
    I wish good luck to Lauren and Scotty and want them to sing good as I enjoyed them too (I like Lauren’s song I hope you dance), but my heart is with lovely Haley.

  27. I’m as a President of SexiestManEver association in US will vote LAUREN until she win!!
    come on join us! Thanks support us already ..

  28. news:
    Lauren : 550, 137 hits
    Haley: : 439,791 hits
    Scotty : 214,541 hits

    Pretty god job, LAUREN!

    • Hate to break it to you, but the same person can “hit” several times (just like the messed up voting system on Idol.) Here are some numbers that make more sense:

      Twitter followers (fans)

      Scotty: 139,132
      Lauren: 112,905
      Haley: 94,217 – Hahahahahaha!

      Bye Haley, go home tomorrow and bark at the neighbor, we don’t need to hear your growls anymore!!!

      • You would not know growls from barks, my dear. You certainly don’t know anything about singing.

      • If twitter followers were an indicator we’d have a completely different top 3. Obviously they aren’t.

      • If you want something that indicates how well their music sells, Haley’s itunes ratings are well above Scotty and Lauren. Sorry to break it to you.

      • And we all know that not everybody votes 1,000 times. But at the end, she is the least popular out of the three.

  29. Almost 95% of the time, HALEY’s name is mentioned in the commentaries, which just proves how popular she is. No doubt, she is gonna take it all, she (who used to have nothing).

    • that doesn’t mean everything .. you know wat happen to adam lambert? 🙂

      • Landed on Top 2. And we’re still at Top 3. So, it doesn’t connect.

    • Doesnt matter about all that crap…who cares? Pia landed in the news when she was on and was eliminated….along with James too. Numbers are not meaning nothing so far.

    • Popular? People are outraged by the fact that she is still on the competition when she shouldn’t even make the top 24!!! That is why people write her name so often.

      • Gabs, you aren’t everybody. I know it’s hard to realize that, but you are just one person.

      • And you are saying I am the only one that doesn’t like Haley’s voice… really? The only contestant with several pages on Facebook against her is Haley. There are lots of pages: Haley sucks, we hate Haley but NONE bashing the other contestants so, if you think her bad attitude has bothered only ME… you are wrong!

  30. On it says –

    America votes – as the Top 3 Finalists take the stage tonight.

    So, I guess it IS two hours tonight.

    I’m just wondering if they’ll show the hometown visits! They have to have something to fill the time, right?

    3 songs each, 2 minutes long is only 18 minutes of the two hours, plus I guess they’ll show Beyonce’s new video, that’s another 4 minutes. So I’m hoping that means they’ll show lengthy videos of hometown visits tonight!

    I’m quite sure they showed the hometown visits on Wednesday night last year, didn’t they?

    • In the desription on the tv schedule where I am located, it actually says that there will be clips of the idols homecoming tonight. Last year it was on the results show

    • me too!
      haley and lauren..!
      scotty has a good voice but very boring for me.,,hes voice is limited i think he cant do rock..,

  31. this is my last opinion ..
    if you want the most popular, just chose Haley
    If you want the best among the best .. chose LAUREN !!
    dats all! TQ

    • And what made Haley popular was her hard core talent. Raw talent. Personal and own style of singing. Not like Lauren who imitates Carrie Underwood or Scotty, the Elvis Presley!

    • No! No! No!

      The True artist dont stick in 1 gendre..,
      and she proved it already!
      Blue- Country Music
      Classic-You Really got a Hold on me
      Pop-Im your baby toningt
      Blues-Bennie and the jets
      Rock-Piece of my heart,Call me
      RNB-fallin,you and i
      Ballad-I who have nothing..

      plus 3 STANDING”O”
      did Lauren get Standing “O” from judges?

      • And I repost Gravity’s words: Did Lauren get a standing ovation from the judges? Explain in 500 words.

      • For solo performance I don’t think she has but her first duet with Scotty I believe they got one, just not sure that counts.

      • It does count. A standing O is a standing O. But Lauren does not only sing country. She has sang other songs as well. She sang Im The Only One and did a very good job with it.

      • actually lauren and scotty both got a standing ovation from the judges when they sang one of the duets. saw it yesterday when i went back thru some of the videos.

  32. Will Idol hit 100M votes this week?

    Rumor is that voting will be for 4hrs tonight with 3 phone lines each, if true they may hit the 100M mark

  33. There is a video of Haley singing the Zeppelin song on another blog and she is fabulous!! No worries about this one!!!

  34. All i know is I will vote for HALEY as long as I can.. give us 2..3..4 hours of voting.. then I will do so.. HALEY deserves to WIN it!!! She’s in it to win it!! F**k Randy and JLOw.. HALEY is on the GO!!!

  35. After the nationwide vote, I can say that Haley, you are safe!

    That leaves us Lauren and Scotty on the bottom 2.

    • OK that leaves Haley and Scotty as top two and than….dim the lights…..and the winner is…..SCOTTY

      • Gentlemen, as the lights were so dim, I did not clearly see that the winner of American Idol 2011 is actually HALEY REINHART. Sorry Elvis presley.

      • Out of the two, Lauren is the only one that can beat Haley. Scotty’s fan base is too narrow.

  36. Haley supporters, you are right. We have to VOTE VOTE VOTE! C’mon baby, bring it to us one more time! And nods of apathy to those that accuse us Haley lovers as being teen-age twits! I see so much diversity in her following, it’s unreal! And the sexymancrap club? Your little girl will be expected to be in home period right when the bell rings Friday morning! Go Haley…from all us who appreciate your talent, guts, and how can I not say this, unbelievable beauty!!! Go Haley

    • Right on, Michael! James will always be that special one…voted for him until he was eliminated. Haley won me over and I am very happy so many more fans are letting their voices be heard! It’s not that country music is horrible but the reality is Lauren and Scotty cover songs…They don’t make it their own! That’s why we love James and that’s why Haley is gonna win!

      • I loved James, and he and Haley were my 1 and 2 from the beginning. Let’s make up for his loss by keeping the best talent in it!

    • James supported Scotty 100% so James fans vote for Scotty!!

      Don’t vote out the male and have it be all female like AI wants!!!!!!!

      • Where did he say that? I’ve watched numerous interviews and he never said anything like that. Did he tweet it? Oh wait, nope. Didn’t tweet it. Exactly where are you getting your information?

  37. Haley is truly amazing and I hope she CALLS ME so I can give her a PIECE OF MY HEART. We can meet at the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN so we can go ROLLING IN THE DEEP until we are both BLUE in the face. Hopefully, she will have FALLIN for me so we can have lots of GOD BLESS THE CHILDS together. You tube comments(I Who Have Nothing). I just thought this was the cutest comment. I thought I would share.

    • I like your spunk, Sarah. Oh, you must be a silly teen-ager like me cause we love Haley! lol

  38. I am a little worried about Haley this week.

    Pia did maybe her best song “River Deep” – Gone
    James did one of his dream songs by Journey – Gone
    Casey did a great Jazz song likely a favorite – Gone

    Please vote hard for Haley tonight – 2 or 4 hours just keep voting while they let you.

      • C’mon guys and gals…Haley is loved by both! Do not let the teen-agers with unlimited cell phone use dominate this thing. Yes, Lauren and Scotty have older followers too but I KNOW Haley has the most diverse group of fans and it’s growing every day! GO HALEY! You lift us tonight with your beautiful self and we will carry you through next week!!!!

      • The problem is the circuits. There was a lot of ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY last week. I can get a lot of votes in, but you really have to just keep punching them in.

    • Haley will be fine. Her supporters know how important it is to vote! For once, the truest talent will win American Idol! If she has a show stopper tonight like she has with her recent efforts, there is no way she is not going to continue to wow people. So VOTE and keep VOTING! Haley all the way!

    • Its not the teens voting out voting Haley, Scotty and Lauren get the votes because they can sing,
      Haley has a good voice but really will people be flocking to her concerts, I think NO!!!!
      We are talking AMERICAN IDOL here!!!

      We know who are the better role models for all the teens to look up to.

      Vote for Scotty and Lauren tonight so neither one gets knocked out!!!!!!!

      • I’ll be going to Haleys concerts for sure.Doubt I’ll ever go to a Scotty concert.

      • I totally agree with you. I feel an American Idol must not only be able to sing, they must also have a good character that others can look up to. For this reason, I am voting for Scotty for the entire 4 hours!!! I am not a teenager. Scotty has fans of all ages. I would appreciate it if the people who post on here that Scotty is only getting through because of the mass teenagers speed voting would stop. Each contestant left has some talent or they would have not gotten thus far. Just support your favorite and stop diminishing the hard work and talent of the others. Scotty, Scotty, Scotty!!!!!

      • You are right. Scotty isn’t only there because of massive teen votes, he’s only there because of his fancy accent and low voice. If he wasn’t Country he’d have gone the way of Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly, and Robbie Rosen.

      • People won’t be going to her concerts because she’s not a good role model? Haha, that’s funny. American Idol =/= America’s best role model. And it’s been said before, Scotty ain’t no Archie, that’s for sure.

  39. We know one of the girls will be safe, so how will they call it, one girl safe and leave the other girl and scotty to leave us guess if it will be two girls or boy and girl.

    I think if Lauren is safe then Ryan will declare that early but if Haley is call safe first then Lauren may just break down.

    • And she has good reason too. This is her dream. Let her break down if she wants to. Who out of everybody here would not want to go home. SO far several people have cried leaving idol.

    • i think they will say scotty is safe first. they had him on the chopping block for a couple weeks now. its his turn to be safe first now.

  40. Only a few hours away from the final 3 performances, are we all ready?

    In the past, the first performer on final 3 night has been voted off 7 of 9 times. I hope Haley gets the pimp slot again, but since I don’t recall Scotty getting it, it will probably go to him.

    I find it very interesting that the judges would pick You Oughta Know for Haley. Does this mean they think she is angry LOL. I do hope they sing judges song first, then Jimmy’s, then contestants.

    We do not know who had the most votes last week, but if it was Lauren, wow, those youngun powervoters are impressive. Also, if Lauren did have the most votes, then Scotty may be in real trouble this week. I say this because there has been a lot of talk about the producers wanting an all girl finale to break the trend of male winners.

    Scotty was the odds on favorite to win this year from day 1, and has been the odds on favorite ever since. Yet, although he has just kept grinding away with one good performance after another, he really has not done anything spectacular this season. Adam Lambert actually had better odds than Scotty during his season, and he didn’t win, so the odds are just like they are at the Kentucky Derby, they aren’t always correct in predicting the winner, sometimes the longshots win.

    Lauren and Scotty were obviously two of the chosen ones for this season. The AI pimping all season long substantiates this. AI has been feeding us this big pile of manure and the judges keep reinforcing it with ridiculous praise. Haley has been to the judges like that pesky fly, they keep swatting at her and she just won’t go away. They have burned her and burned her time and again. She however, has turned the tables on them. Like a phoenix rising (see HOTRS) from the ashes, Haley may very well have been the top voter getter last week, and AI may need to do some serious damage control if this is the case.

    From a marketing standpoint, at this stage of the game, what would be a better marketing tool for AI, the story of the favorite out of the starting gate getting an early lead, then cruising to the victory, OR, the underdog, constantly hanging around the bottom, but never quite out of the running, making a strong dash for the finish line and a miraculous win?

    I think if Scotty leads off tonight, he is in trouble, if Lauren leads off she is in trouble, and if Haley leads off, well, she will be where she has been all season in trouble lol.

    I can’t wait for tonights performances!

    • I think the “underdog” story sells more in general, especially in view of the judges’ comments toward one specific contestant. But it is easier to market a country singer than a jazz singer…

    • Have you noticed Haley has never gone first, not that I can remember anyway, It always seemed to be James or Scotty comming out in the beginning, then last week they switched it up for the second song and had Haley sing first which was really 4th, which confussed everyone with the voting!!!

      I am starting to believe AI has a lot more to say then us voters!!!

      Good Luck Scotty and Lauren!!!

    • You may be very right about Haley being the top vote getter. Scotty and Lauren are not as invincable as some may think. I don’t know exactly what the vote tally for each was last week, but do know someone that had access to the vote tally for the previous week, It was James first, closely followed by Haley, and Scotty and Lauren were very close, with Scotty just edging out Lauren for votes.With James dropping from first to 4th, and with the big push for Haley from many people angry about the judging and of course her great performance, I would place my bets on Haley being the top vote getter.

    • thats why i think haley was put as the sleeper this year. she didn’t start getting mega votes until they started critizing her. it was all intentional, they have always wanted haley to win.

      • I don’t think so. Not always, and if the producers are on board the Haley train I don’t think the judges are. Anyway, producer favorites always have tons of background and tons of pimping: ie James, Lauren, Scotty, Paul, and Casey.

    • Loved your post, and especially the last clause in your next-to-last sentence! 🙂

  41. Can’t wait until tonight!!!
    Remember vote for Scotty AND Lauren so they both are in the finally, don’t split the country vote until next week 😉

    Go Scotty and Lauren!!!!!!!

      • Not if they are voting for both of them so neither one goes home tomorrow!!!

        Then next week pick your favorite between Scotty and Lauren.

        But not tonight so neither one goes home.

        Do you understand what I am saying now? sorry that you didn’t understand the concept.

      • Sorry Cathy – but JD is correct. If you are voting for both then every other dial goes to one of them. If I am voting for Haley then all of my dials go to her. So yes, you are splitting your vote and your favorites are getting half of what mine is.

        Now, do YOU understand the concept?

      • Yup yup, the voting is limited by the time available. For every vote Lauren gets that’s one vote Scotty doesn’t get. If Haley reaches that 33.34% of the votes that she needs and Lauren/Scotty fans split their votes like you are saying then they will only have 33.33% each, giving Haley the most votes.

  42. I cant vote for I dont live in the states so can you Lauren and Scotty fans VOTE VOTE VOTE for me like crazy I would love to see them in the top 2 next week

    • I will vote for Scotty for you! What I love about Scotty is he can sing in a way that makes you feel the emotions deep down in your soul. He sings with passion and confiction. As Jlo says, Scotty tells a story with his singing. His ability to make me feel the songs through his singing and his humility makes me vote for Him.
      Scotty is the next AI. He is the complete package, a humble personality and excellent singing ability!!!

  43. Haley is truly amazing and I hope she CALL’s ME so I can give her a PIECE OF MY HEART. We can meet at THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN so we can go ROLLING IN THE DEEP until we are both BLUE in the face. Hopefully she will have FALLIN for me so we can have lot’s of GOD BLESS THE CHILD”S togother

    • Yes, go Scotty!!!! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!!!

  44. As a Led Head I wasn’t familiar with the title name but after checking it out on Utube I was embarrassed not to have know it is a very popular song, so much so, that the most renowned west coast tribute band “Led Zepagain” play it at all there concerts.

    • So, you can’t really claim to be a “led head” if you don’t know their songs.
      Just think how much better James would have done than any of these wanna bes’. Actually I like Scotty. He’s just no where near having James’ talent.

  45. Logically this would be the week for the country voting block to pick only one country singer to back but it looks like they are leaving it to chance.
    That may favor Scotty more but some want all girl final so who knows.

    • I think if people vote enough both Lauren and Scotty can make it to the finales

      • I think they will be bottom two this week.
        Many of James supports look to be moving to support Haley now, some of them feel really bad about the cruel hateful stuff over the weekend.
        This sites was only alittle mean to her, nothing compared to the extreme stuff on some other sites.

      • i can’t see all of james fans voting for haley. they see her as the reason he went home. besides james is for scotty.

      • Well, most of the people that I have talked to that supported James will be voting for Laurn or Scotty. Hence, myself and about 20 other people that I work with once voted for James and are now throwing their votes to Scotty or Lauren.

      • I cannot see ANYONE that supported James Durbin voting for Haley. In fact, I cannot see anyone voting for Haley at all. I hope America enjoys the last two shows of this season, because I won’t watch it. The last 3 contestants are so bland that it will be embarassing to watch. Haley is a complete joke and the judges are encouraging her by giving positive comments. I feel sorry for her!

      • @ swampdaisy – which Idol Show have you been watching?

        “The judges are encouraging her by giving positive comments. I feel sorry for her!”

        That has to be either the best joke posted today or you have not been watching Idol for the past 4 weeks.

      • swampdaisy If you are not going to watch AL tonight why even bother to post anything?????? You will be right there watching with the rest of us

      • SwampDaisy, you’re the joke. Haley has more talent in her little pinky finger, then you most likely have in your entire body.

      • While I love Lauren, I think Scotty is more prepaired to handle life in the music industry. I want Scotty and Lauren to be the finale two standing because they can sing and are humble.

  46. ¿Alguien de México que esté por aquí?
    Recuerden que la final de American Idol se tranmitirá EN VIVO para nuestro país el Miércoles 25 de Mayo a las 8 de la noche por CANAL SONY!
    Se va a poner increíble!

    • Hola, mis padres son de Venezuela así que hablo perfectamente el español. Como estas?

      • Gabs…you are truly an amazing person. Even if we don’t agree on anything…xD

      • Thank you sweetie! Remember is all about a show, never about you personally ok? Muack!

      • Hah, I know it is. Disagreements aside I have a lot of respect for you and you have made this forum pretty exciting, <3.

  47. All my votes will prob go to Haley. but you know i cant be mad anymore the top three have been my favs since day one. i love this season i had it right from the start. i will now vote for whoever does the best tomorrow night! good luck to them all.

  48. Haley and Lauren should be in the finale! They are both such better singers as well as artists by far. Every week Scotty continues to sing the same type of songs as-is. No change to them to show he deserves to win, only creepy enthusiasm. He will probably do well in the country music market at this point, he has a unique voice, but enough is enough! People are forgetting how idol hopefuls used to make the songs their own & change it up (David Cooke, Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen, etc) real artistry. Haley has that spark and deserves to be in the top 2 over Scotty. He brings nothing to the idol table anymore, let him go America!

      • I wish they all could win.They are great!!!I like easy listennig I don’t like the screaming,so that is gone.I’ll be happy who ever wins

    • All 3 contestants have put effort into their performances. To say one of them does not deserve to continue in the competition is to discount the effort they have put forth. All three contestants should be comended for their effort and work on the show. They are all talented and will go far. I appreciate what Scotty and the others bring to the table as far as singing ability. Scotty deserves to stay just as much as the others. Scotty is my AI!!! All my votes go to Scotty!!!!

  49. My guess Jimmy picked Fleetwood Mac and of course she sang the Led Zep song with her band way back.

    • It didn’t occur to me that Haley may have sung the Led Zep song with her Jazz band before, you say “of course” do you know this for sure?
      It would be interesting if true, that she’s familiar with the arrangement she will perform.

      • yup, saw it in youtube. Man if she can sing that with her bandmates, what more with a more seasoned musicians backing her up in AI.

    • I’ve can’t find it anywhere and what links I’ve found wouldn’t open.

      • Google Haley Reinhart “What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin and you will find a link to a performance she did with a rock band – no jazz.

        Sound quality ain’t the best but it is ok.

  50. Below is a quote on an article by Idolchatter stating that country radio is not so crazy about the Idol country singers at all!

    “It seems chances are, your local country radio programmer isn’t thrilled with the prospects of the two teen singers from American Idol headed his or her way this summer. Especially with one of them being Scotty McCreery.

    “I’m calling in sick the day they bring Scotty by on radio tour,” Toni-Marie, music director for Bakersfield, Calif., station KUZZ, tells’s Phyllis Stark in her latest Stark Country newsletter. “I wish people would quit comparing this kid to Josh Turner. He attempts to sound like him, but the only thing he is successful at is looking like the kid on MAD magazines … Maybe Scotty does have some potential. I don’t see it, but he needs someone to teach him to be who Scotty is. Quit doing JT covers and doing that weird eye thing that only Queen Reba can get away with.”

    I’ve known all along that many people who spend a lot of time listening to country don’t think Scotty’s a particularly good singer — yet. And it’s hard to remember now, but there was a lot of skepticism surrounding Carrie Underwood when she came off the show. Still, I was surprised at the level of vitriol programmers aimed at the 17-year-old in Stark’s column.

    Like the following:

    “Scotty has’t demonstrated that he can be anything but creepy.” says Buzz Jackson, program director for KIIM in Tucson, Ariz.

    Jess Wright, PD for WFRE in Frederick, Md., tells Stark, “If Scotty McCreery gets signed, I’m gonna need to change my phone number.”

    Lauren Alaina gets a better reaction from the radio mavens, though they still have their reservations about the young Georgia native. Sentiments seem to run along the lines of that expressed by Tony Randall of the syndicated Tony and Kris morning show. He says, “Lauren is a doll and very talented, [but] needs some more experience. [She’s] young and fragile, and it shows.”

    Eddie Hatfield music director for KJJY in Des Moines, Iowa, says, “Lauren has a shot if she’s handled correctly.”

    • Like.
      Scotty sings songs that have a range of 3 notes…besides the lower notes he randomly pulls out of nowhere. I am surprised he’s gotten this far in the competition…kind of like Naima.

      • Country music and I like it requirs very little talent, so I’m told.

      • I think some country music requires a great deal of technical skill, but the more skillful singers generally are considered to be the women of the genre. Going all the way back to Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton (Dolly has an amazing ear – I could listen to her sing close harmonies for hours on end – like on that album she did with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt), Reba McIntire, Wynona, etc…all the way up to Carrie today. Of course, modern “country” has its share of pop imposters who look pretty but are dressed up in the studio and have limited talent and ability. I’m not going to name names.

        If you consider Elvis Presley, John Denver, Mac Davis, and Marty Robbins country, then there are plenty of difficult songs out there in the genre.

        Scotty and Lauren have yet to pick one of the hard ones. There is a reason for that.

      • Country music is as hard to sing as any kind of music. Sometimes even harder. Too bad the people makingthese assumptions had little or no singing training to their claim. When any one of you can do half .. wait.. make that a quarter as good as any of the contestants let alone the final three then you can be judgemental.

      • Yeah and several other people who I know sing country music have said otherwise. country music is definitely about storytelling and the pure voice.

      • well, they better get ready to change phone #’s and rack up a few sick days because here comes the next AI and his name is Scotty Mccrerry.
        Ameica is proud of you Scotty>>>>>>>>>go for it young man you are great.

    • Ronhep How nice of you to spend all that time on this wonderful information…Must be great to have all that leisure to spend….on nothing

      • Um. I think he provided factual information. You don’t have to like it. Isn’t it great to have time to respond … to nothing?

      • Why is this nothing. It is an article written by a longtime music writer and critic for USA Today, Brian Mansfield, who is also the author of syndicated weekly radio program America’s Grand Ole Opry Weekend for American radio network Westwood One and based in Nashville, so he is very closely connected to the country music scene, and probably knows a thing or two about the country music industry.

      • The sad part is they are right, the pro know the truth, its their business to know. Scotty will not likely get a contract unless he wins, Lauren could if she improves enough during the summer tour but more likely a backup singer for a few while first. Haley will be signed quick and record a couple of songs before the summer tour, then an album after.

      • Read the full original article by Phyllis Stark, a long time country critic who also was the Nashville bureau chief for Billboard magazine at . The point is that AI and the judges have hyped him so much, that the truth is that he really is not as exceptional as some make him out to be. His range is very limited, and his style and voice, aside from his ability to sing low, is nothing special at all.

      • well i read that article and most of it is bs I know Scotty and Lauren will go far and if country radio dosnt want to play there music then there idiots

    • It’s funny how so many country-music fans are voting for Scotty and/or Lauren simply because they’re country.

      I’m not saying that plenty of them don’t think that those two have the best voices, but an awful lot of them are voting because of some line of thinking such as: “they’re like us honest, hard-working, down-to-earth country folk.” Ugh. What that says to me is that if those two got on stage and mooed like cows, some country voters would vote for them.

      I’m a HUGE and knowledgeable country fan, by the way, having attended more than 100 country concerts, singing in 4 groups myself, being friends with band members and vocal coaches and choral directors all around, and my daughter is a successful COUNTRY songwriter. And I don’t dislike either Scotty or Lauren at all, although I agree with many who say that Scotty has no range of notes and no power in his voice at all.

      But it’s funny, when legitimate critics and knowledgeable radio personalities say anything critical of Scotty or Lauren as this original poster has posted, some of these country-only-no-matter-what people jump on them for being critical of “their own kind.”

      REALLY? You would vote for a worse vocalist in a VOCAL competition just because he or she is in your favorite genre?

      That’s what’s so messed up about what has become a personality contest instead of the singing competition AI was meant to be.

      So I just have to kick back and try to enjoy the actual vocal performances, and put the frustrations over the crazy “judging” and the ridiculous voting procedures in the back of my mind.

      I thought the singing was what AI was supposed to be about.

      • See Scotty and Lauren are my favorites and its not because there country its because I enjoy there singing they impress me every week when i first saw Scotty addition I was amazed how talented he was and to tell you the truth sometimes producers and music people are stupid for not signing someone that is truly talented like Scotty I can name a couple of artists this happend to and there huge today SHANIA TWAIN she was singed at first but they wouldnt let her do her own music and she wasnt really going far so they let her go she kept trying to find a lable that would let her do her own music and they kept turning her down until someone called her wanting to work with her letting her do her own work and look how far sshe has made it today she is now in the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame and onther one Is the Jonas Brothers they were first signed with Columbia Records and Columbia wouldnt let them do there own stuff so there first album came out didnt do so well so Columbia let them go they went and found Hollywood Records who let them do there own suff and look how big they are today and i think it was Metelica not a fan of them so ccouldnt be 100% sure but I believe my brother said that nobody would sighn them so they did everything them self and look how huge they are so my point is you should actully give sombody a chance without judging them before you did give them a chance Look at Scotty he has a huge fan base and there just gonna disapoint his fans by not signing him if he dosnt win

      • What that says to me is that if those two got on stage and mooed like cows, some country voters would vote for them.

        Moo with me.

      • Isn’t voting for someone just because they are perceived as being like oneself how Broke Obummer gained the White House?

    • I feel bad for Scotty and Lauren. These kids are already being set up to be squashed. AI needs to raise the age limit to 18. Think of how much greater Jordin Sparks or Archie would have been if they had a year or two more to work on their stuff?

      • I like Lauren’s voice, but honest to God, I don’t think she is ready for this. I think shes homesick and probably needs to go back and finish school, enjoy her high school years, get some voice classes etc. She cuts a lot of her notes off, as a lot of country singers do. I think she is going to be awesome down the road. I just think she is too immature for the music world right now. Scotty is a little more ready, he is a little more wordly in a way. I was looking at his concert with JT. Scotty is going to be doing God’s work singing if that concert was any indication. And, thats an okay way to be. I just think Lauren has to toughen up. Why rob her of the best time of her youth years. Just my opinion.

      • i think people are already standing in line to sign scotty up, but have to wait to see if he wins idol.

      • I have heard there are plenty of producers waiting to sign Scotty as soon as AI is over. With or without the AI title, Scotty will be a country music success. He will use his gift to give glory to God!! I am so proud of him and can not wait to buy his first CD!!!

    • Since the auditions, through Hollywood to now, Scotty has sung 18 songs and 15 have been Country. We know he has one in tonight’s show and will select another for himself, which will make it 17 out of 20 so hopefully, Jimmy Iovine will challenge him.

      In contrast, of her 18 songs to-date, Lauren has only sung 6 country. She may have a twang in her voice but she has sung 12 non-Country songs to-date. We know she has one tonight so that will be 7 out of 19 with two to come.

      She and Haley have taken far more chances than Scotty and I hope they make the final.

      • scotty knows who he is and who he wants to be. he doesn’t have to sing anything else. if you look back james didn’t really sing anything but rock.

      • Sherry, amen to your comment. Scotty is remaining true to who he is

      • There is nothing wrong with staying true to who you are. It is refreshing to see a young person who does not copromise his integrety to fit what other people want him to be. We are not forced to change our preference of music, so why should Scotty have to change his? His refusal to change who he is shows that he will not be corupted by the music industry like many other singers have been. I loved it when Scotty said during his home visit that he is still and will continue to be just Scotty. Way to stick to your beliefs Scotty!!!

      • Witch is all he has to do why should he sing something that isnt country if that isnt who he is and what he wants to do Scotty is doing an amazing job and I hope he wins the whole thing

    • Wow…you sure have some info…inaccurate…but information nevertheless. has all of Scotty’s songs ready for download and I listen to Highway Country (Sirrius) and they are pulling for Scotty…so where oh where are the country listeners that don’t like Scotty?

  51. Hi, do any one of you enter official forum of AL? They have ban my nick, and delete my thread just because I ask for Jame back (I was asked very politely).


    BTW, the remaining contestants are all. I wish they all win. Actually i do not care who win anymore

    • That’s funny, because back when the live show first started I posted something like I don’t understand why people think he’s so amazing (this is in the wake of the Hollywood incident where he was schooled by 16 year olds). They deleted my post, didn’t ban me though.

      Note: I have since come to realize how amazing James actually is and have changed my ways. I’m not his biggest fan ever, but I have a lot of respect for where he’s come from and what he did on the show.

      • I respect James also. There are a lot of things to overome with Aspergers, not to mention the turettes.

  52. Lauren & Scotty to the finale!!! We need a pleasant voice, an amazing presence and overall a nice contestant to win. No marching horses please!!!!!!!!!!

      • What exactly constitutes nice? I would assume it isn’t calling another contestant a horse? How do you feel when people call Lauren a cow?

      • You can call Lauren whatever you want. I am not like the stupid people in here that take the remarks to the contestants like we’re talking about their mothers. I was referring to the way she steps on stage, like a trained horse marching on a parade. See the performances again and see if you have the NERVE to deny that she does that. I love my Cow Lauren and my Alfred E. Neuman look alike!

    • Yes, a Lauren and Scotty finale!!! I will be happy if either of them win.

  53. Come On Guys Can’t there 4 one b an All Girl Finale????? Lauren Vs Haley!!!! Just Once Now dat my favorite James had gone…Scotty Shouldve gone instead James was a whole lot better;)

    • I’m in with that. They’re the best two actual SINGERS, with the most range of notes, and the best power. And they would have a dynamite difference of styles.

    • The only one so far was Season 3 when Fantasia beat Diana DiGarmo. It was also the year of the youngest final 3 – ages 19, 17 and 16. The oldest and youngest made the final.

      This year the final 3 are 20, 17, and 16 so it would be neat if history repeated itself and the oldest and youngest made the final and the 17-yr old went home.

      We liked Scotty when he auditioned, went off him a lot when he treated Jaycee the way he did in the group rounds of Hollywood and now find him boring with limited vocal skills.

      He is not Mr. Nice Guy he is being hyped to be and he is not all that vocally.

      We hope for an all girl final as well.

      • he was not the one who treated jacee badly, that was jun bug. scotty was very sorry and tearful that it happened.

      • Scotty apoligized to Jaycee for not standing up for him. They even hugged each other at the end. It takes a man of integrety and humility to aplogize like that. Scotty even apologized to the judges for his actions.

    • what is wrong with everybody. Why would anyone want an all girl finale. even if one of them was not as good a singer as a boy. doesnt make sense to me. vote for the best one whether they are a girl or boy.

  54. 13 year old tweenies voted Pia and James off. Their voting power is overwhelming and distorts choice based on true talent each year.

    • scotty isn’t just getting teen votes. he is getting votes from all ages and both genders.

      • Trues up @ home here in Fiji Age group range from 7-78 (8 of us) & guess what? we all FAN scotty.
        Everyone will STOP what they doing when it is scotty’s turn and even when they REPLAY the AI it is also the same.

    • Yes, I wish they could find better way to make voting fair but that will never happen. James should have never left but I am glad he has taken it the way he has and that his hometown rallied and gave him his hero’s day home. Good for them!!! The rest have talent but not enough for me to throw a vote unless (if I watch) they do something extraordinary and spectacular, which I doubt with who is left.
      BTW I tried to vote last week and could never get through (for 2 hours)and I was not the only one. Idol still has yet to address the many people who have expressed this.

      • i had trouble getting thru for scotty at first, got a lot of busy signals and failed calls . ijust started calling the other number and got thru fine.

      • The problem was the local switching stations and truck lines timing out due to the heavy loads, not on AT&T/Idol’s end.
        The phone calls go digital from the local switching stations over the long distant truck line to the network routers, then to AT&T computers that accept, record the votes and play the message. There is a short time limit for this to happen and many local areas have old hardware that can not handle the massive call loads put on them without timing out and you getting a busy signal.

  55. lauren is our girl for idol. great personality, unlike haley.that haley is the hatefulest girl ever on the show.go home haley.

    • “Hatefulest.” Should I even touch this? Why couldn’t you challenge me.

      Mole – whacked.

      • Hahahahaha, Be Real. You’re so funny. I’d hate to think what would happen if any of these people ever encountered an ACTUAL mean person…they’d probably drop dead!

    • Yes, Lauren is our girl and Scotty is our guy. Please America get it right this time!!!

    • hate her if you want,,.you gotta hate her more After the 3 Goossbump Performance of haley!!!

      Shes Not Gonna Crack!

      • She is AWFUL! Screechy, growls in EVERY song, off-key a lot of the time, and in general, AWFUL!

      • Totally agree. She hits just like 20% of the notes. That is not good enough to me… nah nah nah!

  56. A standing ovation from the current judges mean NOTHING, if their opinion and critiques mean NOTHING as well. So… as MANY of you Haley fans say: “The judges don’t know what they are talking about!” Apply the same logic to their “standing ovations.” Usually occur at the end of the shows (that’s for TV) and just because they stand clapping like sea lions don’t mean the performance was EXCELLENT or OUTSTANDING! Just as well, when they critique something as worthless and passionless doesn’t mean anything… right Haley fans? The judges don’t know what they are talking about (as you say) so… whether they critique or stand up… it doesn’t matter, is just show biz, a spectacle to get the audience that don’t know anything about music excited at the end of the shows.

    • whatever!!!
      let see..,
      im a haley fan but i dont need to bash someone just to make my idol stay longer,,.no need!!!

      the important thing is I enjoy Her Perfomance and not Being Bored.,,

      Haley! haley! haley!
      but if ever Scotty and Lauren will go to the final ill be happy for them..,

      • I am just making a valid and objective point here! Some Haley fans say the judges know NOTHING if they critique Haley, but oh… how they use their standing ovations to her to defend their taste in music. If the judges are full of BS, they are full of BS PERIOD! Not only when they say something bad about the one you like. Let’s be objective, if they are bananas, they are bananas. So, if they come up with a little act, stand up and clap like crazy… is just that, craziness!!!

      • Gabriela, I will agree with you, provided you agree that all of the “I feel like I’m at a Scotty concert” and “You sing perfect” can be ignored as illigitimate, also. I’m willing to completely disregard the “judges” and rely upon my ear and my taste. Are you? Are you willing to acknowledge the judges deserve ridicule and that they are biased and unfair? That they are so afraid Lauren will pout and cry that they won’t offer anything less than unqualified praise to her?

        If so, it sounds like we are in agreement! Yeah, us!

      • Whatever Gabriela!
        HALEY IS HALEY.,,
        Whatever you say its not making us Turn-off its a Compliment for us,.
        that haley gain Haters coz she is a Threat to ur idol..if not??
        why you need to waste ur time posting againts haley i can see all your post againts haley…

      • I agree with SOME of your points. Do they treat Lauren like a little girl: YES! Do they give undeserved praise to the contestants (including HALEY) YES! But Lauren hasn’t been bad every time, she has had good performances and, in those instances the praise is well deserved. Same thing for Scotty and for Haley. I don’t buy their standing ovations AT ALL. They stand up for performances that I would rate a B or B+ and they bash performances that I would give the same rate to.

      • Oh, I forgot to add that I completely ignore what Steven Tyler says. He is a joke as a judge, and MAN do I love the guy, I am a HUGE fan, but as a judge… OMG! He is all birds and flowers and roses and unicorns… It seems he is there to be liked and he is afraid to say anything that will make anybody mad. He is acting like a show biz pussy and I expected more from him, considering who he is and hoe great he is as an artist!

      • OOh yeah..
        lauren did good too shes my second fave..,but everywek Criticizing by the judge..WTF!!! even in the Rolling in the deep and beautiful she did amazing but she did criticize while the other is not even James have a pitchy moment they are just say that was GREAT..,

      • Gabriela: See you just lost it. You said you like the judges when they agree with you and ignore them when they don’t. I thought your point was their views should be perceived as valid all the time, or none of the time. Isn’t that what you said? Or, did that just apply to the Haley fans?

      • Objectively speaking, Lauren’s best performances have only been B or B+ and she’s had some pretty terrible ones; case in point Trouble – objectively speaking it was a terrible song choice, completely wrong for her personality (if she has issues saying “I’m evil” then why choose a song where that’s pretty much the entire lyric) Notes were all over the place, she had no breathing control, couldn’t sustain the notes and screeched out the last 1/3 of the song. So yes, Gabs, lets be objective. Nothing you’ve said about Haley is objective, it’s just your opinion because you like to stir up the pot.

      • @Gravity: Do you know how to read? THEN READ! I said the OPPOSITE of what you said. All I am saying is that, if the judges don’t know squad, then they don’t know squad whether the comment is negative or is a standing ovation. If you want to reply to someone, at least read what the person writes.
        @David P: I think Haley’s voice is annoying, I don’t like the sound of it and I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. So, if you Haley lovers can post that she is the best thing ever, I can voice my opinion too. I stand by it and you’ll see… she is not the type of artist that will have high sales because she is controversial. Her attitude is either nasty to some people or brave to others, and that does not translate in her being likable and popular among the masses. It’s going to happen what happened with Taylor. But whatever, big or small you (her fans) will buy her CD’s and that is that. She won’t be as big as Carrie, Kelly or Clay (who was runner up.) My comments about her voice are objective, some people like her screams, but under any circumstances you should say she has a clear voice, because she doesn’t. You are entitled to like her growls, but if you can’t accept she relies on the growling/screaming, then you are not really listening to her. Is like saying Steven Tyler doesn’t scream, or saying his voice is more pure than Josh Groban for example. Both amazing and famous, one has an extraordinary voice, the other one performs like there’s no tomorrow and has a signature scream-like voice that made him famous.

      • Listen to her sustain that last note in I Who Have Nothing. First, Pia is the only other contestant this season that has shown that kind of vocal control. 2nd, there isn’t any rasp, or growl, or anything. Listen to Blue, it is a very clean vocal. Her stylistic choices are why so many people hate her and why so many people love her, but it has nothing to do with her ability to sing. Listen to her scat for the duet Moaning, nothing but clear and clean vocal. Only one other contestant has gotten permission to sing Led Zeppelin on the show and that’s Adam Lambert, I think that says a lot about her abilities. You can choose to disregard all this if you want, but facts point to a very large Haley fan base. She has the 3 top selling itunes this season and the most highly rated studio recordings.

      • @Gabriela : on ur quote “she is not the type of artist that will have high sales because she is controversial”…

        MJ controversial,Lady Gaga,Britney,Queen,Nirvana,Rolling Stones,Ray Charles (at the beginning people call him blasphemy for singin Gospel in upbeat jazz groovy kind of way), and theres alot of R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock band and so on and so on that can be considered “controversy”… Even Elvis death caused by overdose and The Beattles too have a history with drugs.

        So with ur sayin that “controversy” equal “low sells”… hehehe,ur funny 🙂

      • Who’s the funny one? You are comparing apples to prunes. Those artist didn’t come from AI. Is not the same!!! She has become the “bitch” (I am quoting others on various blogs) with the bad attitude, the brat, the arrogant, etc; and please let’s be real and stop comparing her to people of the stature of the ones you mentioned!

      • @Gabriela : so ur sayin u’ve never ever been comparing Scotty with other artist in ur early earliest post….?

        i agree with u that comparing her with those legends is incomprehensible. Because she’s not proven yet her capacity post-idol career. Iam soooo not sayin that she will definitely will have a great career after idol because heck,i cant read people future. But u state that “she is not the type of artist that will have high sales because she is controversial” that i disagree. Like i mentioned above :
        1. Is controversial means u wont sell much? Is that what ur sayin? Btw,its not basically meant for just her,for all of type of artist.
        2. How did u know that she wont sell much after idol? How did u know she will end up like Hick but not like Carrie? Are u sayin u can read people future?
        3. “She has become the “bitch” (I am quoting others on various blogs) with the bad attitude, the brat, the arrogant, etc”. What do u mean by stating this? Are us stating that ure 1 of them? As “Them” does it means 50% of the populations,40%,60%,70% or how much? So with u statin that…what does that mean?

    • I don’t care anymore what the judges say, either critiques or standing ovations. As far as I view the show on my way, whoever gives me a good performance I am the judge. I like both Lauren and Scotty (wish luck them too), but Haley is the one that I like most. If you like Scotty or Lauren, great vote for them.

      • ur ryt…
        if you like your idol Vote for them..
        Y bashing is the hateful comments counts the vote..?

    • To paraphrase a Scottish song:

      You tak’ the Scotty road and I’ll tak’ the Haley (and Lauren) road and I’ll be in the final afore yee!!

      For only the 2nd time in Idol History, we are rooting for an all girl final. It has only happened once and that was Season 3 so it is long overdue.

      My view and that of my friends and family is that they are the best two left and have sung songs of all genres and not stuck in their comfort zones.

      So far, including auditions, Lauren has only sung 6 out of 18 songs that are Country, while Scotty has sung 15 out of 18 and the only times he didn’t sing Country were the Motown, Rock & Roll HOF and Leiber & Stoller themes because there were none available.

      We know he has one to sing tonight and will probably pick another himself so it will be up to Jimmy Iovine to challenge him otherwise he will end up singing 18 country songs out of the 21 songs.

      Irrespective of what the “judges” say that is fact.

      Finally, I agree with you about them with the criticism and then the standing ovation. I have not agreed with their comments and found the standing O’s to be patronizing at best.

      To paraphrase another show host – “They are the weakest link!”

  57. On Haley’s behalf she really has gotten the wrong
    end of the deal. If the judges treated only me with the critisism they have her I’d be defensive too. Let it rest. She made it, we all know because of the judges critisism, it rallied people and made them vote for her. Too bad it wasn’t because of her abilities. But she is there and if she rocks it, I will give her props. Part of me hope she does so she can shove it to the judges!

    • What empirical evidence do you have that the judge’s biased bashing influenced votes? Haley is there because people heard her and recognized her for being a tremendous talent. A lot of us were disturbed by the judges treating her grossly, and obviously, unfairly, but we were voting for Haley all the way ANYWAY because of her talent and performances.

      • its funny..,ABILITY do you think she can pass in the AI if she dont have ability…dude its a singing contest..,

      • she only started getting alot of votes after the judges started critizing her. before that she was in the bottom. people like the underdog its a fact.

      • This is meant for Gabriela…whoa there little nasty one. Haley’s structuring of notes is really amazing and you will never see that. So be it. What I take offense to is your nasty and foul-mouthed expressions, obviously someone who is superficially influenced by others who “think” they know this talented 20 year old young woman from Illinois. You are shameful and should be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for you. One classy broad you are.

    • For the past 3-4 weeks her songs have been the most and reviewed on i-Tunes and her downloads the last 2 weeks have been #1 and #2.

      Think and say what you like about her stage presence and performances but she sells records and, after the last 2 Idol Winner flops and the poor sales by male idol winners to-date, this is critical to Idol and 19 Productions.

      The four female winners have been more successful than the male ones – by far.

  58. I just Observe this..
    why Scotty and Lauren fan are bashing Haley?
    all i can see the haley Fan not bashing Scotty and Lauren,,.

    HAley is amazing singer thats why she still standing among the 3 she is the most enjoyable to watch..,Go Haley but good Luck for the 2 also..,

    • You must have not been to Youtube yet, eh, shane? Haley fans are ALL over the comments of both Lauren & Scotty bashing.

      • The was likely some of James’ angry fans, they admitted to going around stirring up the pot because they are mad.
        Go check out James’ area on AI main website, they were down right brutal and cruel to Haley this weekend but seem to have cooled down a little now.

    • I enjoyed all the contestants this year with the exception of two. These 2 had a lot of fans, however, for my ear, I thought they were both horrible. Music is all in what you hear and what is pleasing to you. I love Scotty and Lauren, but Haley is my favorite. I don’t need the judges or anyone else to tell me who I like, nor do I ask anyone to vote for my pick. However, I will cheer my favorite on. Haley, Haley, Haley!!!

    • Hate to say but this year’s grand finale is not going to be great. You have two country singers. All they have to do is show up and sing the way they did all year long and one of them will probably win. It will be Scotty or Lauren. The sad thing is that I really liked Haley’s last songs such as “I who have nothing” and ” House of the Rising Sun” I would buy her album before I would Scotty’s and Lauren’s. At this point I will vote for Haley. Still upset James was voted off?

    • go back and look again, haley’s fans have been bashing everyone else, not just scotty and lauren.

      • I find that the true bashing is from the Scotty and lauren fans. I see more bashing of Haley than scotty and lauren. Is this a competition of who is the best at bashing young people who are vying for a celebrated spot for a career while entertaining we who watch.

        Why cant we just say who we like, and be done with it. Of course we will have a bit of conflict and we can state that, but to call people names and insinuate what kind of nasty person they are, or that they are fat, or look like Alfred E. Neumann, is just about as low as a person can go. It is kind of chat bullying.

        Gain some class and discuss the contestants with your thoughts on what the premise of the show is and that is singing.

        I like all the kids, and Haley is my favorite because of her voice. The other two are talented as well, but do not do the kind of music I like to listen to.

        See no bashing, just my opinion.

    • I’m kind of worried about what you people think about Louis Armstrong, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Etta James, etc. “Omg they growl they can’t siiiiinnnggg!!!11”

      • Lauren growled last week in her duet with Haley, and she growls in the iTunes “Candle.”

        How about Elvis’ and one of the most famous growls of all time in “Hound Dog?”

        I’m sure Scotty wishes he could growl, too!

  59. I still want Haley and Lauren to be in the finale… once country and one soulful singer. Scotty has played it very safe all season, why, because he can’t get to the high notes and I think his head has gotten bigger since he is getting all the praise. America looks at Haley wrong, she is not hateful or mean or whatever debbie downer word people use, she has been the only contestant that has taken the performances and criticism with confidence… she knows that there is life on the other side of AI. Scotty got all freaky and scared with Lady Gaga and Lauren, if she cries one more time, that means she needs alot of growing up to do in order to handle the public eye and the record business. Scotty has not proved to me that he is very vocal in his singing… all america is doing is voting because he is “Cute”. We have done that in the past with AI winners, David Cook, Kris Allen,Lee DeWyze and all 3 of them aren’t bustin charts records constantly. Lauren has a good voice but like one of the AI writers said.. she needs some age on her to grow so I think if you push her out there too quickly she will fall. As for Haley, She was the only singer on AI this year that had a variety in her voice. Jimmy Iovine stated “scotty doesnt have to win, he will go places – so some producer is waiting for him to give him a chance. Let the girls battle it out

      • Yep. There may be a higher incidence of middle-aged men calling 911 and visiting ER’s tonight. ;^) LOL! Y’all take it easy, now; I’m a Haley fan who’s just trying to make a joke!

    • scotty gets the votes because we like his singing. he will be the most successful post idol, wait and see. even the idol people predict this.

      • In Nashville there are a LOT of singers like Scotty but they are 20 to 40yrs old, very few are Scotty’s age.
        In Idol being 17yrs old is a huge bonus but after I don’t think he will get a contract.

    • if you had as low of a voice as scotty does then you would have trouble hitting the high notes too, anyone would.

  60. Sweet Jesus. Led Zeppelin? I think now I’m officially in love with her… LOL

  61. I think Haley is the most talented of the three.She takes chances,and really does not get the credit by the judges.I think the voters are starting to realize this.The voters are getting bored with Scotty and Lauren playing it safe,singing in their comfort zone.Haley should win,if the voting if fair,problem is life is not fair.

    • 70 millions votes… meaning there a lot of voters and you feel that you can speak for the ‘voters’ … I’m a voter and I’m not getting bored with any of the three remaining contestants. So, I’m not sure if you can speak for the ‘voters’.

      • I would also like to point out that of the three Scotty is the only one who HASN’T been in the bottom. So, you’re really speaking on YOUR behalf, which is fine. But, don’t try to say who everyone in this country is or is not getting bored of. : )

      • Per Ryan he has not been in the bottom two but neither was James or Pia and they are gone now.
        I think less that half the people have been voting but many may start now, so past raking matter little.

      • @ Ben K
        70 million votes!!
        But how many voters?
        Me thinks AI is just trying to jack up the count by allowing multiple voting. Sux!

    • just a reminder they don’t pick their songs only by their selves. ai has a lot to say about it too. just remember that when you hear scotty sing three country songs tonight.

    • I am not getting bored with Scotty’s and Lauren’s singing. You should not generalize. From other posts I have read, I know others besides me are also not getting bored with Scotty’s and Lauren’s singing.

    • The fact that Haley got the nod from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant says a lot, so to all you Haley haters – Page and Plant disagree with you.

      • Classic Rock cant be separated from blues. Rock came from Blues FYI 🙂
        I will give u just 1 example : Jimmi Hendrix

  62. Lauren looks the oldest. She looks like she in her 20’s. Thats how old she looks. and Haley looks younger. And scotty u really match with Thia! I hope You read my comments <33!! Tc haley and scotty. may god bless u

  63. Rhiannon is a great choice for Haley. I think she will shine with that one. You Oughta Know is too up tempo for her, the judges and everyone knows she doesn’t do as well with those… feels like a set up for failure on their part, if you ask me. the producers have wanted Lauren to win from the beginning, even though she has yet to live up to her potential.

    • I don’t care if she ruins the song or not. I am voting for her anyway. She has not flubbed one song in my opinion.

      • Me, too. I’m voting for Haley tonight. I don’t even need to hear her sing tonight, yes I do. My votes are for her.

  64. scotty should win! theres not many guys out there that have a deep voice like him. his voice is amazing. lauren is gifted with a beautiful voice but scotty jus still has something better. haley is just annoying with her growling crap and shes always giving the judges attitude. thats the only reason steven tyler likes her is because she can scream like he does. therefore haley and lauren should be in the bottom two this week. go scotty!!

  65. I think the girls are going to make it to top two! They have the whole package and ready to face the world. You rock gals!

  66. The top 3 should sing:

    Haley – What’s Up by 4 Non-Blondes
    Lauren – Someone That I Used to Love by Natalie Cole
    Scotty – If We Hold On Together by Diana Ross

  67. Scotty works the crowd very good and he keeps them on their toes! Although he is primarily country, that will be his profession. He is a great singer and he can sing ANYTHING !!!
    Haley has come a long ways too, but she needs to loosen up and be more entertaining to the people. She needs to take advice with a better attitude. But I think that Scooty should win it – hands down and Haley should be the runner-up, with Lauren in third ! At this point in the running they are all SO GOOD !!! God Bless You ALL

    • I saw a concert with Kenny Chesney when he was just starting out. He had no stage presence and was very quiet in his song. He was hard to hear. I thought “this guy is going nowhere fast”. Some tours, records and a little polishing did great. Now is he a mega star. Scotty just needs some polishing. He already has the stage presence and the voice – he just needs some polishing. Go Scotty – hope you win

  68. Where can I buy stock in James ?
    Honestly , if one were looking to invest and get the best return it wouldn’t be with any one of these three.

    • A lot of professionals have their eye on Haley. Even Daughtry’s producer said that if James doesn’t expand from metal he’s not going to make it very far.

    • Haley will be the gold mine.
      60’s style bluesy pop singers have been doing great lately, just most are from the UK, like Adele and Duffy. Duffy’s Mercy sold 6M+ and Adele has both her albums on the charts with current one at number one.

  69. all of us in lexington nc is cheering for SCOTTY MCCREERY TO GO ALL THE WAYYYYYY GOD BLESS YOU

  70. Haley has chosen “What Is and What Should Never by Led Zeppelin for herself and Jimmy Iovine has chosen Rhiannon for her.
    It was Randy who chose the Morisette song.

  71. No matter how many hours we have to vote we Haley fans must vote until our fingers hurts. Vote!!!!Haley!!! For as long as the lines are open, she needs us… I know she will be awesome tonight, can’t wait.

    • Haley for the win! She is by far the most talented. Send Lauren home she is always crying.

      I will vote for HALEY no matter what.

  72. Vegas oddsmakers updated the odds after some of these songs were “leaked”.
    Lauren was 2 and 1/2 to 1
    now 4 to 1 you bet 1 you win 4
    Haley was 4 to 1
    now 2 to 1 you bet 1 you win 2
    Scotty -5 to 1
    now -2 1/2 to 1 you bet 2 1/2 you win 1

    Scotty still heavy favorite but Haley cut the odds in half against him, Lauren is losing ground.

    • the was odds were early yesterday morning, the now odds are from 4;45 easter time today.

  73. I’d be happy as a pig in mud to see an all girl finale. We ca’t always get what we want though. …I ‘ll just hope for the best. I like Lauren’s voice so much but I’m pulling for Haley. I’m not saying Scotty is boring… I’m just saying he is boring TO ME. I liked his Elvis songs… And Long Black Train is awesome. But I gotta go with my heart. I will vote my guys do the same!

    • Haley!!!!!’ All the way. I love her style. Let’s go Haley fans and stand united and voted strong, hard, and fast and as many times as we can. This young woman is a fighter and deserves for her fans to fight for her. This is going to be awesome!!!!! I just have a great feeling!!!! Haley all the way. No matter what she sings.

      • Tab…better relax some….it is just a contest…your emotions are boarding on a serious fixation…that is not healthy…you sound like you are really young…Sit back and take it easy

  74. The final three this year should have all been eliminated by now. All the really good singers are gone. I guess its time to start watching “The Middle” and “Modern Family” again. We are down to the kid who looks like Rick Astley and who sings like Glen Campbell, and the two girls whom I can never tell apart.

    What a weak finish for a good season…

  75. It will be Scotty all the way!!! He has the most true talent. Lauren is next even thugh she is so young. She will definately go places. There are to many Haleys out there and it makes her come across as very BORING.

    • HAHAHAHA!!!! Too many Haley’s??? As opposed to country singers like Scotty? I can name 10 who do what he does, but better… and Lauren? A very weak version of Carrie Underwood? Or Kelly Clarkson? Or(insert young blonde crossover country pop singer?)Haley is unique, versatile, and very distinct. I could pick her voice out on radio any day.

      • Yes, Haley’s performance was outstanding last week. Scotty and Lauren are good. Scotty sings the same thing almost every week. And he plays it safe on his song choices. Which is making him look very boring. Lauren lacks the maturity at this point. She did’nt even want to say the word Evil last week. She should be beyond that already. I say Haley, if you want someone who has a unique voice and is not afraid to stand up for herself.

    • Are you kidding me? There are too many JLOs, Katy Perris, and many more who need voice overs to sing. It is pure pleasure to hear someone just sing.

    • Joan, you would probably say Donald Duck sings better than Haley, as long as it was country. Get into realism…..Scotty is nothing without country, and country almost never hits the top 10 list, and rarely the top 100

  76. Lauren is to boring for me, shes to much like carrie underwood, we already have a carrie underwood we dont need another, there not many like halley, i hope its a scotty haley finale, haley has the most tallent and best vocals off them all

    • Paul, I hope you don’t expect anything less. Lauren has faltered too many times to remain another week. The standoff between Country and Haley will be battled next week….I sure hope Haley overcomes the judges favoritism for safe song singer Scotty.

      • We liked Scotty when he auditioned but saw a really bad side to his personality during Hollywood week when he was the one who got Jaycee thrown off his group.

        That showed a mean spirited side and this is a young man who pushes his Christianity and that was not a Christian thing that he did.

        I was brought up with the concept that if something looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t and he fits that bill for me.

        We have had one all girl final in the 9-seasons to-date so maybe this is time for a 2nd all girl one.

      • Scotty apologized to Jaycee and the judges. Part of being a Christian is also forgiving others. Scotty showed humility by apologizing for not sticking up for Jaycee. It was another contestant in the group who dissed Jaycee; not Scotty. I believe Scotty has shown a Christian character all throughout the competition. Scotty for the win!!

    • She has tried other genre songs unlike Scotty who has sung Country songs every time except for the weeks when there were none available like the Leiber/Stoller songs, Motown and R&R Hall of Fame week.

      David posted earlier that out of 18 songs since the auditions, he has sung 15 Country songs and Lauren has only sung 6 so I went to check and he is right.

      If you go to Wikipedia and put in their names, it gives a full list of all the songs they have sung.

      • It doesn’t matter – he wants a career in country music – that is what he wants – why does everyone want him to do something else?

      • Why not him too? The judges get all over all the other ballad singers if they don’t challenge themselves. Pia was constantly chastised for singing only ballads. Country is nothing more than a ballad, so why is Scotty allowed to do what the others can’t.

  77. a todos los de habla hispana!
    puede instalar un software que esconde el ip para votar!!!

  78. I agree that Haley is unique as an artist compared to the other two. And I still say Haley for the win!!!!! Vote Haley!!!’

    • Sorry wouldnt vote for Haley…ever but that is my opinion….go ahead and vote for who ever you want…dont try and tell other people who to vote for

  79. The teenage FAN base is more than the adults that is why we have 2 teenagers in the top 2. HALEY fan should keep on trying more than 1 vote if not we will have SCOTTY & LAUREN in the top two. I’m not worried either because I know either of the two will WIN.

    • I guess the teanagers will split their votes between Scotty and Lauren, allowing Haley to prevail.

      • Since it’s not always the best singer it must becomes country verses reality, and pretty boy verses hot chick and ??? verses ???

      • Based on what I have been reading and the downloads and reviews on i-Tunes, I think Haley has quite a following of her own.

        A lot of people talk about the Southern vote for the Country singer and I use the singular because Lauren has only sung 6 Country songs.

        If you look at the States from which they come and consider that not all other States are fans of Country (12% of all record sales are Country) then the stats don’t mean there will be an automatic all Country final.

        Haley is from Wheeling, IL a suburb of Chicago, the 3rd most populated city in the US and IL is the 5th most populated State.

        Scotty is from Garner, NC a suburb of Raleigh, the 43rd most populated City (Charlotte is 18th)in the US with NC being the 10th most populated State.

        Lauren is from Rossville, GA which is actually a suburb of Chattanooga, TN with Rossville being on the GA side of the border. Atlanta is 33rd on the pop scale and Memphis is 19th. GA the 9th most populated and TN 17th.

        I think Lauren will get votes from Southern States and others. Scotty’s votes will be primarily limited to Southern States and Haley will get most from Northern States and parts of the South that prefer Jazz/R&B to Country.

        No-one can predict – obviously – but I would not be surprised to see the two girls make the final.

    • Over the 10 Seasons of Idol there has been an average of 3 teens in the final 12/13 (it was 10 in season 1) so as far as teens are concerned, this has been an average season.

      Season 3 had three teen girls in the final 3 and is the youngest final 3 with ages of 19, 17 & 16 with the 19 and 16 yr old girls in the final, which is the only all girl final we have had in Idol to-date.

  80. My top American Idol Contestants ever:

    1. Adam Lambert
    2. Haley Reinhart
    3. Carrie Underwood
    4. Kelly Clarkson
    5. Katharine McPhee

    The top 3 based on the distinctiveness and quality of the voice.

  81. Google ” american idol inside rehearsal ” It is written by someone who sat through today’s AI rehearsal. She says “In person, Haley owns the stage and has a stage presence that a) the others don’t and b) you just can’t feel on TV. And from what I could see through the onslaught of dry ice, we may see her best ever showing in two of her three songs tonight.”

  82. i see james fans not voteing and some not even turing on the T.V they are so pissed

    • I hear this every year and, guess what, they break viewing and voting records consistently,

      It happened this year when Pia was voted off, again when Stefano went and then when Casey went. This is a freakin’ reality show that anyone can win, as we have discovered in previous years.

      Look at this way. The top 5 will earn close to $150k in the next 12-months and if 19 Productions take up their option to sign any of the 2-5 finishers, they will earn about $450k per year for the 3 years after.

      In other words, James is not going to want for anything for the next 3-4 years during which time he will build a career with a band much like Daughtry.

      Daughtry’s manager has already said he will manage James if he gets the Heavy Metal bug out of his system because that is a very narrow genre, primarily put out on Indie labels these days.

      Idol tonight and tomorrow will still be the #1 watched show on TV as it has been now for 7-years, which is a record for ANY TV Show since the Nielsen Ratings started.

  83. James was my favorite I admit but will vote like crazy to keep Lauren the smug crying conceited brat off

  84. Haley LAUREN FINALE!!! Vote for them so we can have our 2nd all girl finale

  85. Bring back James….it breaks my heart that he is not part of this….so sad that AI has a poor voting system….all the real talent is gone….Casey, James……they are the real idols

  86. Haley has an awesome voice, and each week has proven she has the ability to sing any type of music given to her, putting feeling and emotion into it. She seems to be the only one who has been given difficult music to preform.
    Scotty constantly sings country, doesn’t show much adversity.
    Lauren has been given simple music, with lack of range and real emotion.
    Overall, anyone who knows music would have to admit that Haley is the one who should win, as she is the only one who has the range, emotion and capability of becoming a real Idol.

    • I totally agree with you on this one. The judges have critisized her often and she always bounces back. The pics done by the judges were bias, as they challenged Scotty and Haley, Lauren got a free ride.

      • Hayley is the best of the three, a true artist. She is too good for American Idol, which, let’s face it is a contest for the masses (mellow and brainless songs). Hayley, Casey and James are bigger than that and will be successful in their own right.

  87. I watched last weeks elimination of James and Haley had no sympathy in her eyes for him at all, infact when he started singing his farewell song she even smiled to herself. Lauren and Scotty truly felt for James. Haley go home. You don’t deserve to be an american idol, you are just rude and selfish.

    • Haley’s got an attitude and every rockstar has… Haley deserves to be in the Finals!

      • Go Hayley, Casey and James… you will shine!!! You are the best and we really enjoyed every single performance of yours.

  88. you are crazy to think Haley is going to win she has worst vocals Lauren is better singer but Scotty is the best and should win hands down. We need a whole set of new judges next year. This is a singing competition but has turned out to be who is more popular Scotty is the best-Good luck Scotty

    • Lauren is just ANOTHER pop singer like millions and millions in the world. My impression of her singing ability is that she is good but has nothing that really stands out – just a copy-cat, just like Scotty. There is no personal stamp, something unique about either of them, sorry. They are gorgeous and have good voices just like hundreds of other singers. Casey, Hayley and James are the ones who dared to be different and show something new. Let’s look for NEW talents people.

  89. I have watched Idol since it started and last night was the most depressing show I’ve watched. Haley should have been one of the top two,she had the better and stronger voice,and Scotty was alright,but has never been my favorite.The last few years have been hard to watch,the guys winning are not being seen. I wish it would have been between Haley and Lauren. I don’t think I’ll watch it next year,it just depresses me when its over.

  90. Oh well it is all but over. Scotty and Lauren for the top 2. I was never a fan of Haley, so her elimination dosen’t worry me. I just couldn,t stand her growling type singing, and screaming. My favourite overall for this AI was Pia. Haven’t really been interested since she left the show. Just waiting now for Pia’s CD.

  91. I think the judges and the producer intentionally selected those songs for Haley that didn’t suit her. Coincendently the ones they chose for Scotty and Lauren suited their voices. It make one wonder. They keep saying choose songs that people know, so why did they choose those two (2) songs for Haley? It’s not fair.

  92. All I know is thank god Haley didn’t make it. She has the Attitude the size of “I don’t know what”… Really wanted James, but I’ll Vote for Lauren. She is Amazing, too 🙂

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