American Idol 2012 Singer Phillip Phillips Explains Jimmy Iovine Rebuff

American Idol 2012 Jimmy Iovine and Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips has apologized to his fans and American Idol’s Jimmy Iovine after seemingly rejecting the in-house mentor’s advice on how to protect his potential this season.

During Thursday’s Top 8 elimination show each American Idol 2012 finalist was given advice from Jimmy but when it came to Phillips theses words of wisdom appeared to fall on deaf ears:

“It’s very difficult to push yourself when everyone’s telling you you’re so great. Right now, what Phillip needs is to be pushed so he can go out and be the best version of himself that he can be. If he stands still, there’s a very big possibility that the other contestants will come up and pass him, and that would really be a shame.”

After the segment played Ryan Seacrest asked Phillip for his thoughts and reaction. Phillips responded:

“No, I’m just being myself, dude. I’m not trying to walk around stage and touch people’s hands and stuff. That’s just not me. I’m just having fun, man. I’m not trying to be somebody else. I’m just trying to play music.”

At the time I thought Phillips was mocking Kellie Pickler’s performance from just minutes earlier in the show when she walked around and touched the outstretched hands of fans. Turns out Phillip was confused by Jimmy’s advice. He thought “if he stands still” meant literally standing still on the stage and he was being encouraged to walk around. Phillips was rejecting that notion and reaffirming his affinity for standing in place coupled with shoulder shrugs.

Phillips released this statement on his Facebook page:

thank you to everyone who supports me and voted this week! i appreciate it very much…i heard that some people took my comment the wrong way but i thought jimmy said if i dont move around i would get passed and all i was meaning that im not the artist who runs around stage touching peoples hands and sings to them, thats just not me so im sorry to who ever my [sic] have taken it the wrong way bc i wouldnt even be here without you guys voting haha thank you again!

His comment seems to be saying he’s sorry that we misunderstood his misunderstanding rather than he simply misunderstood Jimmy. That’s alright. Hopefully Phillips will take Jimmy’s words to heart now that it’s been explained to him. Well, that and he’ll get a new shift key.

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  1. phillip cant sing thats why he always have he guittar if he doesnt have his guittar he will be off key lets him put his guittar than for next week and we will see how horrible he sings and for the judges and jimmy phillip cant do any wrong stop lieng to him and tell him the truth

    • Everyone has a right to their opinion and a right to enjoy whatever type of music they want! Is Phillip the next Idol? Probably not! But his has unique talent that I love!

    • Sorry, but you´re definitely deaf, Phillip is the best singer of this season,  his voice is really unique, but you are probably the kind of girl who loves Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers.

      • May I just say I love the Jonas Brothers and I like Justin Bieber but I do love Philip Philips he has amazing talent and he is defiantly one of the best on there and I see him at the top 

      • Ok I like Phillips voice. But best he most certainly isn’t. He has a limited range n not very technically sound. Phillip will be the first to admit he’s not the best singer. What he does well is choosing songs that suit his style n range.

        I know there r passionate fans out there but you gotta keep it real!

      • really best you said?he is terrible, elise is the best, this season  they all lack star quality they are all good singers but not so talented.and for justin bieber oohhhhhhh i love that guy you cant put justin and phillip in the same rank justin is way up there and phillip is crawling  he cant be like justin he has no swag he is just plain 

      • He can sing. Well, he should because he passed the auditions and parts require him to sing without instruments. He’s just more comfortable having his guitar and be remembered for being the dude with the guitar on Season 11.

    • +1  Philip can’t sing without his guitar. A real performer can sing any songs with or without instruments- —-> REAL TALENT..
      It seems that he is not comfortable in singing without his guitar and I know don’t if you are with me but everytime philip sings on stage i can see him in a deep pain or constipated and it’s annoying me much. 

      He must listen to criticisms. He is not yet a star but his attitude is kinda off. 

      • …nor can you sing magicball. He can sing and quite an entertainer but if he doesn’t spice up  his performance soon even the fans will get bored. Then again it is about choices, you don’t like him, the same as I don’t enjoy Joshua – to me he is only shouting and seem in pain, but that doesn’t mean Joshua can’t sing. People like me or may be  you can’t sing – honestly even with simplest melody I can’t sing. We have that little ability to hear what we like & criticize what we don’t & I am always trying to be fair. 

    • Dude I don’t disagree with you as a whole but the problem is not that he can’t sing ..

      and I also disagree with Jimmie that the problem is moving around the stage…

      because for me the damn PROBLEM is he does THE SAME performance EVERYTIME .. I see no PROGRESS in his performances really.

      • i could care less my language is not english so am trying, he is terrible and i still stand by the fact that he cannot sing

  2. I’m sorry but Phillip should of been gone long time ago, his not friendly with a public he does not sing from the heart his songs don’t make any sense, he doesn’t connect with the people, to me it hurts to watch him sing.  Conny

    • I guess he said it right there.  He doesn’t touched their hands and sing for them. He basicallly sings for the competetion to win in my opinion.  But on the other hand he still needs our votes.  That is him.  I don’t think Jimmy can change him much at all.  We have to see this Wednesday. I hope that judges should clarify to him what Jimmy actually saying to him.

    • How can you tell he dose not sing from the heart from what I see he defiantly sings from his heart he gets right into hes music and painful to watch who was painful to watch was Jacob last year Phillip has amazing talent and he defiantly connects with the audience   

    • you is not friendly with the english language.  he is actually very friendly and humble.  get a grip and an english dictionary.

  3. Everyone PLEASE remember this:  Arrogance and Self-Confidence are two entirely different things!  Some contestants have more “stage presence” than others.  They are all great in their own VERY different ways.

  4. Matt just thought I would let you know in your blog it says Thursday’s  top 9 elimination show  and I think you might of meant Thursday’s top 8 elimination show if i’m wrong please correct me 

  5. Come to think of it, Lee DeWyze didn’t exactly move around and touch people’s hands while he was singing. For the entire season of AI, he was just standing in the middle the stage (I couldn’t remember the time when he was skipping on the stage and/or holding the hands of his fans).

    Perhaps this “standing-still-on-the-stage technique” is Phillip’s way of connecting with his audience… or not. I dunno. What do you think?

    • Did you entirely miss the point?  Jimmy I wasn’t talking about literally standing still.  he was talking about not moving forward as an artist.  Not stretching or changing things up as the other contestants are trying to do.  It had nothing to do with being stationary on stage.

      •  Hi Tico,

        That’s it, you got it!  Jimmy was concerned that if Philip does not step up to the plate and improve in where he is at right now,  the rest of the pack will leave him behind.  He is talking about performance and not about socializing with the fans on stage.  Pretty hard to shake hands with fans with an acoustic guitar hanging on your neck, people should try it sometimes. LOL

      • He said as much about Scotty last year, but like Scotty, Phillip is Phillip he’ll be that one trick pony and he’ll get my votes.

      • 🙂 yup! even me as the fan kinda off did not see any notching up his performance and singing – voice alone will not be enough – for what it is worth – please don’t be angry – gaga can’t sing, but she has other things to offer as a performer – oops my mom going to scold me talking about her – she think gaga is d*v*l posses. I like her performance sometimes, but her voice and her song not up to my ear

    • Phillips explanation was right he wasnt like that he wasnt his style,its just the people who like to confused the contestant like what they did to Heejun so stick to the saying we cant please everybody so be yourself and dont try to impress anyone

    • I would much rather watch/listen to someone sing – on stage, in concert . . . . whatever . . . . and NOT go prancing around slapping people’s hands “to connect”.  You connect emotionally – through the way you sing the song for Pete’s Sake!!!  That other stuff is just cheesy.

  6. Agree 100% with Jimmy. Phillip is stagnant and needs his guitar for support. In typical WGWG fashion, he hides behind his guitar and does not connect with the audience. Unlike Jessica, Colton and many others who actually make an effort to reach out to people and hold their hands. I’m sure you saw how awkward Phillip was singing without his guitar while singing with Elise. He didnt know what to do with his hand!
    America would be wrong to crown Phillip as the American Idol. He has no emotional connect with the audience, does the same thing week after week, and refuses to take advice.
    I’m sorry if you disagree, but Phillip is not what makes an American Idol.

    • I like Philip Philips, and he was my choice of top male from the start. Last year my favorite male from the start was Scotty. So far, Philip is following in Scotty’s footsteps as far as doing things the way he chooses, and not listening a whole lot to all the advice. I had Scotty chosen to place second behind my favorite female from last year, Haley Reinhart. This season my favorite female is Jessica Sanchez, and I think she will win this year. Haley’s versatility last year did not win her the competition, Scotty’s samo, samo did. I hope Jessica wins this season, but I won’t be terribly disappointed if Philip wins. I don’t really care about who hits what notes, or what the hypocritical judges say, what I care about is whether or not I like what the singer sounds like, and how the singer is performing the song. We all like what we like, whether according to Randy, JLO or Steven it was good or not doesn’t really make one bit of difference.

      • People get so annoyed easily watching people do the same thing week after week and want the contestants to change it up but why if the contestant knows what he or she is all about and what he or she is comfortable with then good for him or she no one should make him or she change that. Last year Scotty was my favorite too and people didn’t like him and said he wouldn’t go far because he did the same thing week after week and he didn’t change hes ways he always did what he felt was right for him and now look how far he is today he is doing really good. I like Phillip too I think its between him and Colton and if either of them win I will be happy I think Phillip will go far in the music business because he dose what he feels is right for him and not what everybody else thinks he should do 

    • Why do you believe he doesnt connect with the people? I mean, not every performer has to be jumping around the stage like a rabbit or holding hands with the audience, it´s not for everybody, same in real life; there are persons that are shier than others, have you seen Adele jumping around during concerts? NO.
      That´s why I think he´s great, he´s honest with what he feels and what he wants to do, besides his great voice of course, so i hope Phillip is the next AI. Colton and Jessica for runner-ups!

    • Hi Zac,

      Why don’t we eliminate singing altogether and just shake hands with the fans for 2 hours, add a little bit of fashion show, teach some of the singers ( sorry non-singers) how to smile properly, tell them to stop being human and be actors and actresses, after all it’s “American Idol”

      And to make sure that these non-singers are guaranteed to move on to the next round , never , never make faces to the judges while they tongue lash you for being pitchy, off key , and not enough goosies,
      and not appearing too beautiful for them. LOL

    • The problem is PP didn’t understand Jimmy …

      What Jimmy means is that PP does the same performance all the time.

  7. All pretty rubbish…personally dont see any having any significant careers after the show is over…

  8. I did notice Phillip reaching across and pulling on his jacket a lot as if to try and close it. It’s almost as if he felt naked without his guitar. Somebody needs to tell him that the solo with the guitar wasn’t that great either and we can still see him even though he is holding a guitar. A lot of people I know are starting to say how painful it is to watch him perform. They are also saying that if it takes all that effort to sing just so so then he should just give it up. 

    IDK, I think Jimmy is a dweeb so I don’t know who to side with here. I do know that if Phillip keeps it up he is going to pop a vein or something. He literally looked like Quasimodo on the last note of that duet. If it hadn’t been for his awkward strut around the stage the performance would have been a lot better. It was good for a few laughs though and Elise was amazing in that performance.  

    • Phillip definetly looked like Quasimodo in thet duet number. It was down right strange to watch. But, fotunetly Elise saved the day with one of her better performances in that duet.

    • He’s getting into the music. By the way he did have some kidney stones removed he may have that tube still in his back if he had to have them removed by surgery. I’d try to cover it up too.

      • I think they said it wasn’t actual surgery. It was an outpatient procedure. If so, depending on the procedure, you would only have slight discomfort when you urinate for a couple of days and maybe a little blood. 

        I speak from experience because I have had two different procedures for kidney stones and neither of them caused me any prolonged discomfort.

  9. Jimmy got it. He totally got it right!
    That”s exactly what Phil needs to do. Yeah, he’s been trying to have fun and just be himself. Well, he can still be himself if even he changes the stage. He doesn’t need to show some dance moves or stretch his hands out. 

  10. he’ll not last that long in this competition i guess. he’s being advised for his growth as a singer and as a performer yet he’s still rejecting them. Too much self-confidence eh?

    • We’ll have to see what happens next. Jimmy still likes Phil a lot n sees a lot of potential in him. However its still a business after all n any1 wanting to play needs to learn to play the game. If Phillip continues to give out this difficult to work with vibe, he won’t win as they will make sure of it.

    • Sounds to me like they told him to apologize and act dumb like he didn’t understand what they meant. I think he did undertsand and was just being stubborn and was told about it. When I first heard him make that comment I felt he was aiming it at the other male contestant.

  11. So, Phillip is not at ease singing without a guitar.  So what?  Let’s see if the other contestants will be at ease if they’re asked to sing with a guitar.    I’m a Jessica fan,  but I must admit that Phillip has an advantage in that he is not only a singer. He could also play a guitar.   In this season, he is the singer with a guitar just as Lee Dewyze was in Season 9.   Why should we pressure him into being someone he’s not?

    • Because he isn’t the most popular contestant in the competition. So in order to win he is going to have to bring something new and push himself to the front or he wont win. Maybe he doesn’t care about winning though. IDK what is on his mind but I am sure he auditioned with the goal of winning and now all of a sudden people are trying to help him achieve that goal and he’s decided that it’s too much work to try and improve so he’s satisfied right where he is? Is that the attitude of someone we would consider to be an “Idol” in America? His goal shouldn’t be “good enough”. It should be perfection. It’s impossible to be perfect but the harder you try the closer you will get, right? To not put forth the effort is lazy. I put that question out there a couple of weeks ago. Who will keep pushing and working and who will get lazy? It looks like Phillip is in the latter category to me at this point. 

      • Johnny Keyser was the most popular and he was sent home a good while back. Keyser would have won.

      • That’s so true. That’s the point Jimmie was trying to make. He used Josh as an example of a contestant who has grown throughout the competition getting better and better each week, and just said Phillip needs to grow more to not get passed up by all the other contestants. Jimmie’s never once tried to get Phillip to be anybody but himself, he’s just trying teach him to be a better version of himself. Every contestant has stayed true to who they are in a sense, but Jimmie just advises them on how to expand who they are, and could be, as artist. Every contestant has listened to him and have tried to broaden their talents as musical artist, except for Phillip. The way he shrugs off advice can come off like a spoiled little brat that thinks they know everything. He should realize that working with Jimmie is a huge opportunity that a lot of aspiring artist would kill for. PP, dude he’s trying to help you to achieve your dream and reach your full potential as an artist, he’s not trying to change you or hold you back. That’s what is so annoying about Phillip, is that he comes off as being above every other contestant. Nobody is above taking advice from someone who has already succeeded in the industry your trying to break into. Sorry PP fans, but that’s how he comes off to a lot of viewers.

  12. I think it was quite clear to anyone with an iq above 100 jimmy was speaking about his performance not standing still on stage. To me Phillips fb response was damage control. He was being flippant by saying what he did. He may not have meant to take a swipe at other contestants or pickler but it sounded that way. If he truly misunderstood as he claimed then he is an idiot.

    • I stated a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t like his remarks in a post performance interview and everybody said I took it the wrong way. I think this proves that I didn’t look at it the wrong way. There is no way he misunderstood what the criticism was. If he did he is pretty dumb as you stated. If the voting results are right on Thia Megia’s FB page then he really has no need to get cocky right now. He was in 5th place if I remember correctly. So he definitely has some work to do to win this if that is his goal. If he is satisfied with the exposure he has gotten already then he can just sit there and wait on his turn to go home. It’s his choice at this point. 

      Do you think that maybe some of these contestants get tired of the whole process once they get deep into it and just want to go home? Maybe they don’t realize how much hard work it really is. I mean IMO that is the reason most young kids want to be famous. They think that it is all glit and glamor and you live the good life without working hard but they don’t realize how much hard work it takes to get to that point. And then after that you are accustomed to the good life and it starts taking more and more cash to maintain your lifestyle and you have to continue to work hard to keep the cash flowing in. So in that respect they are sadly mistaken if they think it’s the easy way of life.

      • I looked at Thia’s FB page and I only saw one post of the voting results witch was the top 10 then the wild cards and Phillip was in the number one spot not 5 Heenjun was in number 5

      • They are on the official fansite page Christina. The supposedly results from every week. This past week Skylar was at the top and Jessica was second.

        TOP 3
        1. Skylar Laine – 25.76%
        2. Joshua Ledet – 23.71%
        3. Jessica Sanchez – 23.50%
        4. Colton Dixon – 15.76%
        5. Phillip Phillips – 5.12%
        BOTTOM 3
        6. Hollie Cavanagh- 2.12%7. Elise Testone – 2.03%8. Deandre Brackensick – 2.00% —-> O.U.T. (X)

        TOP 3
        1. Deandre Brackensick – 15.75%
        2. Elise Testone – 15.60%
        3. Phillip Phillips – 15.56%
        4. Colton Dixon – 15.42%
        5. Jessica Sanchez – 15.40%
        6. Joshua Ledet – 9.85%
        BOTTOM 3
        7. Hollie Cavanagh – 4.42%
        8. Skylar Laine – 4.37%
        9. Heejun Han – 3.63% O.U.T. (X)

        I don’t know if these are accurate or even official. This is all that is there and not even accompanied by a comment. You notice that on top 9 week Hollie is ahead of Skylar and some think it’s not right because Ryan sent Skylar to safety and had Hollie and Heejun left standing. But if you watch he just said he was sending one to safety, he didn’t say these are the bottom 2. So Skylar could have been bottom two but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was HeeJun was at the very bottom.

      • Thanks Taymaro I didn’t know before you could find them each week but now that I do I will have a look each week and for the whole Skylar Hollie thing I like Skylar I would rather see Hollie go home before Skylar dose 

      • Whoa!!  I know we were razzing in another post, but your 2nd paragraph is soooooo spot on.  Chris Sligh from a few years ago I felt that happened too.  There’s others too, but Chris is the one who comes to mind off the top of my head.   I think there’s steps these kids want to take.  They alll want to make Hollywood.  Then the next cut & so on. 

        Once they get to the top 10, they’ve now put in quite a bit of work.  They’ve had the 12+ hour days.   They see who’s ahead of them (they all sort of know by now) & internally decide if they want to keep fighting for the top or if #8- or whatever number- is good enough. 

        Plus, in most cases these kids are good friends by now.  Where as before they didn’t know anyone, therefore they were trying to beat a bunch of nameless faces.  Now though, some of these kids are probably rooting for others more than they are themselves. 

        In Phillip’s case, I can see where the star life maybe isn’t for him.  I’m sure he enjoys singing, but he’s probably met a few movie stars by now & maybe thinkings mingling with these people isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.   And don’t forget, Phillip’s got kidney stones.  Those can’t be pleasant to deal with.  Maybe he’s just trying to get through all this in one piece.  I like the guy, so whatever is going through his head I wish him well with.  I’m just saying if he’s fine with however things turn out and isn’t going to fight for #1 I can understand it.

        Conversely, Hollie- she’s my favorite, but she seems more fascinated by dressing nice, having 1000 dresses to choose from, and things like that, than she is by making sure she does well on her singing.  Phillip at least seems to be all about the music.

      • @Taymaro:disqus : Could you provide a source link for those numbers? I’ve never heard/seen official voting results released, so I’d be very surprised if they’re legitimate. Unless I misunderstood and these numbers aren’t voting numbers. I know you’re a big DeAndre fan, but him coming in #1 on Top 8 week seems suspicious for these to be the overall voting #’s.

      • Like I said those numbers are posted on Thia Megia’s Official Fan Page on Facebook. I am not the first one to post those numbers here. Someone else posted them and that is when I went and looked at them. Like I said, I don’t know if they are official or accurate. They are posted there without any comment or explanation of what they are. Just the numbers. All you have to do is google “Thia Megia Facebook” and you will see “Official fan page”. That’s the link. 

      • BTW are you trying to suggest I manufactured these numbers myself? You need to look back over your post here and find out who the first person to post these numbers might be. It wasn’t me and that is how I found out about them. 

        Don’t post implications on here suggesting I am dishonest though. I don’t have an absolute source and I never stated categorically that those numbers were legitimate or accurate either. I simply said “if they are accurate that Phillip wasn’t the most popular contestant.” 

      • Relax. I never said I thought you made them up. If I thought that I wouldn’t bother to ask where you got them. I was interested in seeing the source so I could check if they indicated where they got them. It’s certainly possible that they’re a legit leak, but since we never hear any numbers or insight to the Idol results I find that person’s claim suspicious.

      • It did for me too but look at Skylar. She went from bottom 3 to #1 too. So maybe most peopleare voting based on performance. That was the week he got a SO from the judges and JLo was pleading for people to vote for him. Also VFTW abandoned Heejun that week for “betraying” them. Read their post about Heejun that week and what they say they did to him. IDK Matt, I have been looking at those results for several weeks now. They are only posted after the results are revealed so IDK. I only saw them after they were posted here by someone else. You will have to do the research to find who the first person was that posted them.

      • I just looked further down on that page Matt and there is an earlier post that states that they are the voting results. But every post after that is just simply the numbers. IDK could be a leak but as I stated, I don’t know if they are accurate or  official. If it is a leak it shouldn’t be too hard for AI to trace it based on where it ended up being posted. And like I said, I am not the first to post it here. And I did state that I didn’t know if they were correct.

  13. My opinion may perhaps don’t go well with you all guys.But I admire singers
    who sings without much effort and dont screamish that much when performing.I
    mean performers who looks in so much pain singing,I felt burdened which in
    contrast to what I expected to feel which is to be entertained. 

  14. It is no surprise most of the singers here in idol is so confused &  mixed up because  the Judges and fans do it to  them  time and time again.

    One day someone will suggest, “Own the song, make it your own, don’t be a
    Karaoeke singer.

    Another will say be yourself, “be a total package, got to be versatile, gotta
    move like Jagger, sing like Adelle and look like a million bucks.

    Another will say we are looking for something different, we are tired of the same thing every week.

    We brought here because you were the best, you are beautiful , you are the next American Idol, you are fantastic, you give me gooosies, you are the dawg , you are it, etc etc etc.

    Then , here is the best part, the singers started listening and started doing what was suggested to them , and bingo, they are packing their bags and going home , eliminated and downhearted the next week.

    I don’t get it , do you?

    Just saying……………. LOL

    • Ed,

      You are the voice of reason as always. I like this comment but I actually do “get it”. I don’t think it’s the fact of whether or not Phillip takes the advice. Instead it’s the way he is coming across in his statements. Sure it’s confusing but I think JLo is right. You listen and you appreciate the help and then go do your thing. They should take all the input they can get and use what ever helps them and ignore the rest. You don’t have to get all sassy about it. That’s just plain rude when people are trying to help you. 

      All you have to do is say, “Thank You”. Read some of DeAndre’s post elimination interviews for the right way to take the criticism and the right attitude to have. He didn’t even take Jimmy’s remarks before he was eliminated in a bad way. I personally would have been offended by what Jimmy said and probably spouted off about it but that’s why I’m not auditioning for a contest where you know you are going to be judged both positively and negatively either. LOL If you put yourself out there it ought to occur to you that those kinds of things are going to be said. 

  15. Phillip is Phillip, he is who he is !!

    It is a fact that Phillip is  a nice guy and good looking and got a lot of supports from both men and women.    He charmed all his way to the top 7.     I did not see that he  apologized to the public for not taking the advise of Jimmy.    He did not have to.    He only expressed that people took his comment the wrong way, he just needed to clear that up.  

     I doubt that he will change in any style in songs or the way he sings or take any advise from anyone, because he is not comfortable changing to someone that he is not.   What you see is what you get for now !!!  He will only change in his own time !!!

    If you like him, vote for him.   If not, don’t vote.   If the Americans turn away from him and send him home, he will just be as happy as he can be.



    •  I live about 30 minutes from where Phillip is from. I do not know him personally but thought I’d give my opinion for what it’s worth. He is a typical South Ga. boy. They just learn at a early age to be comfortable in their own skin. They enjoy the simple things in life & most are not flashy. A worn out pair of blue jeans, guitar & a pick up truck makes them happy.

       I feel that he is shy and misunderstood when it comes to his remarks.  I can’t speak for him but I’d imagine his family said go share your love of music, stay true to who you are & make us proud.  He strikes me as a really nice guy that doesn’t know how to be any other way.

       I don’t know anything about his relationship with his girlfriend but I think he avoids playing up to the girls in the audience out of respect for her.

       You are most likely correct ” Al Fan” he would probably be grateful to have had the exsposure but just as happy returning to his stomping grounds, playing his guitar, working with his Dad and just being Phillip…

       Again I don’t know him personally but I bet you if we did,  He would be someone you could count on, he would be a good friend because he simply is who he is….

       I wish him and all the others much success…

  16. some of you girls let your heart about this guy go array, he,s a mister know it all, he will get a recording contract, but I will not waste my time or money to go see him. I thought he was going to be the next american idol until his comments, that will be his demise in this contest.

  17. i think he seems to be somehow like Hee Jun, sarcastic in some ways.. this is just my opinion..

  18. I think you all will see before the end of this season my reasoning and why I chose to support DeAndre over maybe some more talented singers. You can’t base your opinion of “Star Quality” on the vocals alone. Or at least I can’t. You will see how little drive some of these contestants have to make it in the entertainment industry. It really does take a lot of discipline and hard work. The talent is a gift but an individual has to put forth the effort and do what ever it takes to take that gift and build on it and make a career out of it. Good singers do indeed come a dime a dozen. Some want to use it to become famous and share it with the world but others are satisfied with their current status in life and just want to sing a few songs on the side.

    In my opinion DeAndre and Skylar have the most drive and desire to take their gift and turn it into a career. I had counted Skylar out up until her last performance but her reaction to being in the bottom 3 really revealed her character and she bounced back in a huge way.  I may have to support her instead of Phillip with these recent developments. Jessica is probably the most experienced in the competition even at her young age. She has been in competitions before and she has been performing in public for a long time. She is smart and might walk away with the win due to her experience. But that little ego will just be reinforced if that happens and then we will see what happens after that. Joshua also seems to be pretty intense but he is really feeling the pressure and that might be his down fall. We will just have to wait and see. But I can’t see myself voting for anyone other than Skylar at this point. 

    • Deandre was the best they had int he 12, he was the total package There was no need to send him home, had I been a judge the would have been saved, that was the worst move I’ve seen them make to date.  I’m hoping he gets a contract there is no one like him out there  making music now and he’d be a welcome change.

  19. This is just what I think. But I feel that Phillip may have started to feel indifferent about the competition. Not bc he expected to cruise thru it without hard work but bc he is essentially a musician/songwriter. I think he likes to write n play his own music. All this covering others’ songs n theme week just isn’t his thing. This top 8 week really shows he’s a bit annoyed with the contest.

    • He would’ve expected it in the first place. He shouldn’t join the contest if he is not ready for this. For sure he can do whatever he wants but that is when he has an established music career already. For now, it pays to listen to those who have been a while in the business.

    • I think I feel the same way. I’m also beginning to think that Phillip isn’t “in it to win it” as I’m sure Randy would put it, but instead, perhaps, to establish an audience. To show people who he is as an artist and to create a fan base. Were he really trying to win the competition, he would have to pay more attention to “stepping out of his comfort zone” and “showing more versatility” etc. Whether this was what he originally set out to do, I don’t know, and of course I might be way off base here, but right now it doesn’t seem to me as if he’s really trying to become the next AI. He’ll have a successful career ahead of him though, of that I am certain. 

      • I agree with you. Perhaps he just wants enough people to know the kind of music he does.  Winning the Idol title would mean that the producers will have a big say on the kind of music he will do, and maybe Phil does not want that.

        I felt the same way about Casey James 2 years ago. When he got to the top 3 it’s as if he was no longer competing for real, with the mediocre song choices he made on such a crucial round.  Perhaps both Casey and Phil just want to play their kind of music, and have just enough people listening to them.

  20. Phillip,  please don’t listen to self-righteous people asking you to change.   Remember what happened to Erika and Heejun the moment they started to listen and be someone they’re not.  They got ELIMINATED the very week they changed.  Be as you are.  

    • Ah no. Jimmy was being honest about Phillips performance. Phil should’ve been more gracious about it. His response really put him in a bad spot.

      Two ways of interpreting: (1) he’s dumb as hell to equate pushing himself to going out there n touching ppl (cue eye roll here); (2) he knew exactly what jimmy meant n said it to give jimmy the finger n also indirectly to his fellow contestants who reached out n touched someone’s hand.

  21. I’m not sure what most of you are looking for — you talk about Elise and Philip having bad attitudes and being cocky.  I don’t think either of them are….I think they are both mature and want to do well.

    Not smiling during criticism is not having a bad attitude — this isn’t a beauty pageant — it’s about who is going to make a great record.

    We buy the Idol Album each week — the songs listened to the most by the family are Elise, Phillip, and Hollie…..not sure why — but everyone plugs in their I-device every week — and those three consistently have the most plays…..

    It’s a small sample size (just my family of 6) — but I know who we would want to hear more music from.

    then again what do we know — I liked Casey, Haley, and Durbin last year.  I liked Michael Lynche and Andrew Garcia the year before…..

    I am not interested in Beauty Pageant Contestants — I want singers that make me go “wow  I love that song!”

    Phillip and Elise this year do that for me!

    • Remember last sesion, when all the Bible Belt Biddies were saying Haley had a bad attidude? I sure do. I will never forgot how they came out the woodwork to call her such vile names as stank, whore, slut and hochie mama (as if anyone uses that term hotchie mama within the last 60 years). I did not see a single performer with a so called “bad attitude” last season and I do not see one this season either. All I see is fans with a bad attitude.  Especially last season.

    • You know what you are so correct.  This is not a beauty pageant.  I loved James Durbin last year and loved Adam Lambert…still do on both accounts.  I want to see performers show not only their musical ability but their charisma on stage.  I don’t care if an artist touches the fingers of the audience..I care if their performance touches me. 

      But then again my favourites this year happen to be Philip, Joshua and Skyler (and I’m not a country fan).  I would go to see them in concert as their stage presence mirrors their vocal ability. 

      While Jessica has the voice, I have never been one of those who like the “Celine Dions” of this world and for me that is what she is.  She will be huge, but she is a performer I would never go and see in concert and that goes for Colton as well…The first time I saw him I thought….Jared Leto wannabe and I don’t like being preached to.  As for Hollie, she is far too stiff.  Elise…hmmm, jury still out on that one.

      • I guess Jessica could be huge but I don’t connect with her at all, in fact, I find her to be annoying.  My favorites, based on music I might even consider buying, are Philip, Joshua and Elise.  All of them though have some real issues in terms of song choice and/or bringing a range of emotion. 

        If Idol has taught me anything in the 4 years I’ve watched, it’s that there are plenty of great voices out there but very few who seem to understand what makes a great song and performance.  Adam Lambert was very good at this.  The other thing it’s taught me is how incredibly shallow some of these participants are when it comes to knowing music beyond their life spans.  It’s sad that they either weren’t brought up with music of their parents in the house and that they are no more curious about the medium that they say they want to pursue.    Music is so accessible now through various free sources, you would think that a young singer would be interested in tracking back. 

      • I always agree with you Debby.  And I here I thought I was the only one who had that opinion of Colton.  Great minds think alike sister!

    • I don’t think at all that Phillip or Elise have a attitude at all sure Elise isn’t one of my favorite but she dose have an amazing voice now I dont think Elise shouldn’t win because if she wins she would have to do a solo act where if she doesn’t win she could get a contract with her band back home and become a band thats what Jacob Hoggard from Canadian Idol did he asked hes fans not to vote for him so he could do a band act and not a solo act and he came in 3rd place and now hes in a huge band called Hedley and I think thats what Elise should do she’s all ready said she misses her band mates at home but she shouldn’t go home yet she should stay a couple more weeks 

  22. Jimmy is a mean guy and rude. Didn’t u ever notice he’s always smile and laugh everytime he finished hurting contestants heart?

    • Correcetion: Jimmy is the only REAL judge of talent on American Idol. If we only were able to listen to the 3 stooges … That being “Iv’e got the goosies” Jennifer Lopez, “simply beautiful” Steven Tyler and “in it to win it” Randy Jackson this show would be soooo boring.

      • Please Lopez, “goosies” is growing old.  Why does she pretend she’s so innocent.  My God look at her track was funny tho when she called Diddy, Puffy! 

    • Jimmy is keeping it real. After Phillips performance of that’s all, I was like that was bad. Then I heard steven call Phil a wildflower (wtf) n randy was like great job. JLo was surprisingly honest by saying he wasn’t in his comfort zone but caved in to say he pulled it together at the end. Truth is Phil was pitchy thru out n about a half step behind the beat.

    • God I’m replying alot today…Jimmy has been around since way back in the day.  He’s buddies with Stevie Nicks whose in her 60’s.  I don’t think he’s lost touch..sometimes time just makes you a little rougher around the edges.   He does have a bite tho…he makes hurtful comments that I guess are suppose to help the contestants grow…..or give up.

  23. Leave my boy Phil alone.  he will be fine.  and he is no clown for the Idol producers or a puppet for jimmy.  jimmy is only being a little nice because Stevie Nix set him straight last week and said Phil would have been asked to be in fleetwood if it was back in the 60’s.  Jimmy why don’t you turn your uber skills to getting lee dwyze’s career back on track.  my guess is, lee listened to you.

    • Now I agree with this. You don’t hear about the countless people whom have been made promises and whom have given a lot of money to Jimmy and then didn’t make it. All you hear about is his success stories. He isn’t always right, all of the time. No producer, promoter, talent scout is right 100% of the time. Even Simon Cowell went broke and had to move back home with his mother at one point. 

      I think I saw somewhere that Jimmy Iovine’s net worth was somewhere around 700 million. So he is doing quite well but I guaranty you that if he signs you and you don’t meet expectations you are dropped before he loses one single dime in the transaction. 

      • He thought he was going to make Pia a megastar and look what happened.  Fate is fate and the sun will shine over whomever it is supposed to.

    • Geez Mary, come on now. Jummie’s produced how many records now? Has made stars out of how many people and bands? How many mega superstar artist has he worked with? How long has he been in this industry? How successful is he? How many millions is he worth?

      But I guess Phillip is already a superstar recording artist, and doesn’t need advice from anybody wright? So Jimmie is a dweeb for trying to HELP Phillip? Come on Mary, even his biggest fan cannot possibly deny the FACT that Jimmie is there to help them can she? So the conclusion is…… Jimmie is WRIGHT and Phillip is WRONG!! Take the advice and shut up about it Phillip!!

  24. And life goes on.  This was made a much bigger deal than it really.  I can imagine what a stressful moment that had to be.  It was late in the show, down to him and Elise.  Phil has always shown nothing but the up most respect and appreciation for his fans.    He’s always maintained a very down to earth attitude.

  25. Hi Taymaro,
    Likewise, and I agree, some can take it easier than others, I guess that’s
    human nature.  You know it and I know it that week to week these judges keep changing their tune and mostly it is way out of tune and confuse these singers.   Someone I believe is pulling all the strings and giving all the directives to the judges, I think you know who this person is and I have my hunch.
      But the worst crime of all is to limit access to the available choice of
    songs that these singers can sing.  It is really too bad because all of them can do a much better job if given the right songs of their choice
    according to their chosen styles.  I scratch my head and say why not.
    And yes, Deandre had been a real gentleman thru all this.  Good on him,
    I know that he is not done yet and will continue on the next adventure and it only just began for him.  He will find the right combination of
    vocal styles that will provide him great  success.
     There are  at least 3 singers left that I believe is  capable of  giving us the `WOW`factor like Simon would say.  But you know this already 🙂
    Just saying…………………..  as always your friend

    • I personally think that Elise should have done “That’s All” and Phillip should have done “Hallelujah”. I don’t think anyone should have done “I Want To Know What Love Is”. 

      I could absolutely hear Elise nailing “That’s All” and I could hear Phillip doing a Lee DeWyze version of “Hallelujah”. 

      That’s just my personal opinion. But they have to choose from the songs that AI gets the rights to. And maybe AI is not working as hard to get approvals as they should. IDK

      You think that’s why they talked Elise out of doing “Hallelujah”? They have it planned for Phillip later in the season? Maybe to give him a boost. Everyone knows how much Jimmy, has touted him and also the comments that Stevie made. 

      Just a thought.

      • Hi Taymaro,

        If you are available tonight, I want your opinion on this observation that I have been seeing so frequently and the funny thing is it seems like a pattern that has developed ever since the final 13 were announced.

        Call me crazy , I would not mind if you do if I am way out to lunch with this one, and maybe I am just thinking too much, ha ha ha.

        Ok here it goes:

        I have noticed that anytime there is close contender or competition to one particular singer, a barage of attacks all of sudden appears systematically against that contender or competitor.  Let me explain.

        This week, Philip is under attack on all sides, although I must admit he is partly responsible for this one with his “can’t help myself not to say anything” attitude.  Even so for the longest time Philip is deemed to be in the final 2 then, I don’t know about now?

        Last week Hollie was under that same attack and numerous battle of the mouth (fingers) ensued.  Again for a number of weeks she was deemed to be in the final 2.  Untill of course she started sliding down, the attacks stopped all of a sudden.

        The week before that it was Elise , and the week before that it was Colton.

        Now, of course you will be able to check this out by going back and going thru the pages ( many pages ) but that is a lot of reading and will put you to sleep, so my suggestion is observe the following weeks and see who is on the spot light under the same attacks.

        Example of a very recognizable attack:  most are one liners and no explanation why a comment was made, just simply to insult the singer.

        “Philip looks constipated”

        “Philip is a moron”

        “Philip can’t sing”

        “Philip is a touch me not singer”

        Of course this happened to Hollie , Colton , Joshua , Elise , Erika
        and I wonder this week coming if Skylar will be next , since she scored
        pretty high last week.

        What am I saying, I really don’t know LOL just an observation , it could be the kids that do not have homework and just wanna have fun,  or could be other sources that has a more direct purpose, you tell me.

        Just saying……………………………

    • Ed,
      In response to your question below.

      I know a lot of people who watch the show and they do not follow anything about it on the internet. They just watch on Wednesday and vote and watch on Thursday to see who goes home. So I don’t know how much all of this is affecting the outcome of the voting but to answer your question; yes I have noticed the pattern. 

      However, I did mention Phillips snippy comments a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.

      As far as Elise goes, I didn’t really get into that conversation about her attitude. I read a couple of your posts about it but I didn’t really notice people discussing it a lot. I don’t know but I must have been absent during that…LOL. I personally haven’t noticed anything about her attitude that was glaringly bad. 

      It was brought out about Colton claiming that he was a Christian and wanted to make a career in the religious music industry and then someone showed up on this site and started a big war about that, then Heejun wasn’t taking it seriously enough, now Phillip has a bad attitude(which I happen to agree with) but he has had it all along and they are just now attacking him for it.

      As far as Hollie goes, I made the comment very sincerely that I would like to see a home grown artist win, but I didn’t mean to start a whole argument about it. I was just expressing my opinion on the matter. 

      So yes it seems that everyone except Joshua and Jessica and Skylar have been subject to this bad publicity. 

      The season isn’t over yet though and we will see if it happens to them. 

      Now is this an attempt to dramatize things and gain viewers by the show or is this an attempt by fans of a certain contestant to beat everyone else down, or are these comments being made to stir up conversation on sites such as this and increase traffic so that the advertising dollars go up? 

      We don’t know the answer to that so I guess we are just left to speculate, Ed. 

      It will be interesting to see who is the next one to be attacked though. 

      Glad you brought that up. I will pay more attention to it in the weeks to come.

    • Wow do I ever disagee.  I think he’s one of the most grounded of the bunch.  It just p’s me off that he had to explain that he misinterpreted Jimmy’s opine.   The dude just gets up there and gets lost in his songs.  I love his music…not sure he is one to be idolized tho.  Has a more quiet..please just let me sing attitude.  In other words, he is not a fame whore.  I for whatever reason believe it will be Jessica v. Colton, with Jessica winning.

  26. Phillips has an amazing voice n such a talented singer but 4 my personal opinion, i think he should not said that on national TV. Evry1 know dat he is being himself no matter what but sometimes advice is an advice so just take it n keep it is better 🙂 m starting to dislike him becos of that ! 

  27. Phillip’s remark may jeopardize his standing with his current fans. I see him in the bottom 3 next week, regardless of his performance. Unless, his fans are forgiving.


    We are too serious on this Phillip so-called arrogance. I miss the jokes. So let me just pull out some really big jokes on Jessica supporter. I should easily relate to these jokes because I am a big Jessica fun

    CaseyD:    “It’s Good Friday, you wont find the filipinos blogging today. Or the latinos for that matter.”

    Taymaro:   “I know a lot of Filipino/Americans and they are small in nature but large in spirit. Like little Chihuahuas they have a very deeply inbred inferiority complex and it makes them absolutely vicious and incredibly defensive in nature.”

       (note: am not sure if on Chihuahuas, Taymaro was referring to dogs, or to residents in Chihuahua, Mexico, or to both.”

    James:   “And OMG, you nutzies…don’t even bring race as a factor because it’s retarded.”

    Well, I don’t know which are the BIGGER JOKES…. their remarks… or THEY themselves.

    I can’t stop laughing… THESE JOKES…really!!!

      • Hi Matthew,

        So Guest and Cris is one of the same?  I often see you removing Guest
        comments , I never put the two together.  Keep up the good work !

        We need to make this site a little more friendly and civil again.  It is up to you and Branden to regulate it.  I’ve seen comments from longtime
        bloggers that have stopped or thingking of stopping because of a number of new bloggers that are simply too much.

        I know I am guilty at times of the same responses but only because there are some I can’t ignore or pass up.

        And there are those that are so fanatically involved that if we happen to comment on a particular singer we are bombarded by insults and over the top explanation on why we are so wrong in thinking that way.

        For my contribution for a more wholesome and friendly site I will refrain from blasting stupid and brainless remarks that I will see here from now on. LOL

        and thank you,     just saying…………………………………..

  28. His “I’m just being me” shtick is becoming annoying. But I guess he just have to choose his words because he comes off as obnoxious. On the other hand, I hope he sings a ballad because I’m still not feeling his voice.

  29. hes not even there yet..and he already act as if everybody wants him to win.. poor boy

  30. This dude is getting too full of himself.. yeah I know he’s a great musician but Jimmy has been in the industry for decades and the worst thing an amateur can do is ignoring advice from more experienced people.

    What Jimmy meant was for him to grow as an artist by mixing things up a bit and experimenting. Right now he can still pass with monotonous performances and being a one-trick pony but how long can that last? He may win idol but will it help his longevity in this industry or rather be a one-hit wonder? even great singers like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston experimented a lot and their songs never sound too similar one with another while still retaining the same feeling that makes those songs theirs.

    I honestly can’t tell which Phillips’ performance is which week nor have I watched anything remotely incredible and awe-inspiring (like Jessica’s I Will Always Love You or Elise’s Whole Lotta Love)

  31. Ryan who brought this up on stage, should be the one to blame! He’s one of  the most annoying presenter in show business!

    • If I remember correctly he asked for several people’s response to Jimmy’s comments. Not just Phillip.

    • Hi tenisaddict,

      Are you out of your mind?  you must be or just looking to make a lot of
      crap responses here.  If  Ryan leaves the show Idol will be done.

      After Simon left he is the only glue holding the show together, do you think we are tuning on because of  Jlo , Randy and Steve?

    • I can’t think of any reason why anyone would NOT like Ryan Seacreast. What, would you prefer Brian Dunkleman?

    • I disagree.  Ryan’s provocative questions are at the instigation of the producers.  He’s directed to bring up touchy subjects.  It’s his job.  He is a consummate professional and no one does it better.  Tom Bergeron comes closest to the benchmark Ryan sets.

  32. Phil is fine..Jimmy and the judges are part of a reality show that will have a new cast next year.  Phil, like the others, are being used for our entertainment and they can be a clown and a fool for Jimmy and the producers or they can maintain some dignity.  Phil is maintaining dignity.  he will get from the show what he needs….publicity and exposure.  If you really were just finding a new ‘idol’ you would not do to these contestants what they are doing.  You would never make them sing genre that they are not good at.  you would never even broadcast them if the song didn’t work.  the contestants often make money after the show…some millions…but lets not believe that Jimmy, Nigel, and the judges really gives a rat’s bum how their careers really turn out…its about the ratings.

    • Mary , you act like everybody in the show is against Phillip or something. The judges haven’t even criticized him one time, and they really should of wed night cause he was not good. If you really believe these judges care nothing about the contestants careers, and are only in it for money and ratings, then you are just naive and disgruntled that people are speaking negatively about Your favorite. And they are being used as clowns for our entertainment, seriously you say that, just because Jimmie is trying HELP Phillip, but Phillip is the one that’s making a clown of himself for acting like he’s above any criticism or advice from the music PROFESSIONAL! if the show disgusts you so much, don’t watch!!

  33. i can’t understand why the judges were praising P2 to the high heavens. at least Jimmy agrees with me and calls it for what it is. P2 was out of tune for nearly the entire song that night.

  34. scotty was my favorite last year and still is but phillip phillips is a really good singer tooooo

  35. Phillip Phillips seems to resent any help offered in the way of mentoring and dress style.  These mentors can make a difference to his success and he would be wise to listen and stop trying to be soooo cool!!  He did not listen to what Jimmy actually said…thus he came off as rather stupid.

  36. Yeah, people say Philip is just being himself like what DeWyze did during season 9 and if he’s going to follow the advises of the mentor and the judges, he’ll be out for sure.

    Let me tell you something. Right now, DeWyze is the least salable AI winner. The point is Phil has been on the edge of the box but he never was beyond the edge of that box. That is what I think Jimmy has been telling him, to stretch his limits and experiment.

    And he better start reading between the lines. This is show business and the people “in” it don’t just “literally” give comments without giving “meaning”.

    • what people are saying that?  maybe just you.  Phillip is doing fine.  if he goes home soon, so what…he will be successful and he won’t have to be attacked by the likes of you.

      • Great! I’ve given my post based on what I’ve observed and now I am being judged by a Phil fan. I am a Phil fan as I am with Elise and Jessica. So:

        First, I did not talk something negative to Phil and I posted this to say that he is in no way comparable to Lee. I”m just stating facts about Lee. And btw, Lee was really my bet to win AI season 9. If you want to know who those people that I’m referring to, please feel free to browse them here on this site. 🙂

        Second, I know he will be doin’ fine. I’m just concerned that’s why I’m stating my opinion. I did this to Jessica and Elise even though I know they won’t be reading this. [Well, I certainly do hope they’re going to visit this site.]

        Third, Thank you for acknowledging me as “attacking” Phil. This is just an objective opinion based on what I’ve observed and I don’t have any intention of “attacking” him so don’t judge. 

        And lastly, Jessica, Phil and Elise are my personal favorites. It so happened that Jessica is on top of ;that list followed by him and Elise. So please, don’t think that my post is an ouch on your part. 

        Thank you @yahoo-JDMKR35W4UYKXGZQJEOUMXVPIQ:disqus .

    • Hi Joelando,

      You know and I know there is only one winner when the dust settles,
      and it is very obvious who you really are going for, nothing wrong with that.  We all know there won’t be three winners right?  We can read between the lines too, LOL

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. It goes down to one winner, not three and I’m rooting for Jessica. But even when I want Jessica to win, I won’t have any problem if Elise or Philip will settle the dust that you are referring to. 

        I know you can read between the lines @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus . My point was just based on Phil admitting that he misunderstood what Jimmy said. I know he can read between the lines. I was just trying to remind him about that again.

        Have a great day! 🙂

      • Hi JoeLando,

        You too!  Have fun this week!  This week’s theme can be very interesting
        to say the least. This may break the ice for some singers, and an Achiles heel to others. 

      • Thanks! This week should be interesting for the remaining idols. I personally know they can cut the mustard. The tug-of-war among them will be epic. I hope that each of our favorite will give their best. 🙂

        By the way, that’s joeLand[zero-two-zero-eight], not joeLando…. 🙂

      • It’s really not a great sign of confidence when people trash other contestants to try and push their own favorite to the top. Does she really suck that bad that she needs all these extra little tricks being played to win? If you think she sucks that bad why would you even want her to win? 

        Just sayin…….

  37. I’m predicting….Philip will be in trouble in the coming weeks(if he didn’t change his style)..He has the attitude problem and yet, he’s not the best singer in the competition. yes, he is good looking but he does the same thing  every week. I believe the highest position that he could reach is top 4 or 5…It would be perfectly fine with if the finale two will joshua-jessica or colton-jessica…these guys continuously showing their versatility, and thats what idol makes

  38. Here’s the schedule pulled from an Idol press release:
    Wednesday, Jan. 18 (8:00-10:00 PM)           Season Premiere, Part 1Thursday, Jan. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM)                 Season Premiere, Part 2Sunday, Jan. 22  (10:00-11:00 PM)  Auditions EpisodeWednesday, Jan. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM)             Auditions EpisodeThursday, Jan. 26 (8:00-9:00 PM)                 Auditions EpisodeWednesday, Feb. 1 (8:00-9:00 PM)               Auditions EpisodeThursday, Feb. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM)                   Auditions EpisodeWednesday, Feb. 8 (8:00-9:00 PM)               Auditions EpisodeThursday, Feb. 9 (8:00-9:00 PM)                   Hollywood Round, Part 1Wednesday, Feb. 15 (8:00-10:00 PM)           Hollywood Round, Part 2Thursday, Feb. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM)                 Hollywood Round, Part 3Wednesday, Feb. 22 (8:00-10:00 PM)           Performance ChallengeThursday, Feb. 23 (8:00-9:00 PM)                 Semifinalists AnnouncedTuesday, Feb. 28 (8:00-10:00 PM)                Semifinalists Perform/400th EpisodeWednesday, Feb. 29 (8:00-10:00 PM)           Semifinalists PerformThursday, March 1 (8:00-10:00 PM)              Results; Finalists & Wild Card PicksWednesday, March 7 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 13 Finalists PerformThursday, March 8 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Top 13 Results Show & EliminationWednesday, March 14 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 12 Finalists PerformThursday, March 15 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, March 21 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 10 Finalists PerformThursday, March 22 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, March 28 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 9 Finalists PerformThursday, March 29 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, April 4 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 8 Finalists PerformThursday, April 5 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, April 11 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 7 Finalists PerformThursday, April 12 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, April 18 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 6 Finalists PerformThursday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, April 25 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Top 5 Finalists PerformThursday, April 26 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, May 2 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Finalists PerformThursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, May 9 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Finalists PerformThursday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationWednesday, May 16 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Finalists PerformThursday, May 17 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Results Show & EliminationTuesday, May 22 (8:00-10:00 PM)          Season Finale – PerformancesWednesda, May 23 (8:00-9:00 PM)                Season Finale – Results

  39. Phillip up until this past week was the golden child who could do no wrong. What a difference a week makes. As of last week I’d say he had an 80% chance of being this year’s American Idol. But look what happened. He got too good to touch all of a sudden and is above other non-talented people like his fans. This he doesn’t realize is poison.  People who might hire him later on down the line don’t want to put up with a lone wolf, self-centered type. He could be big trouble for the music bosses later on and they certainly don’t want that. I know one thing–Phillip is off the gravy train as of last week–AND he’d better pull a rabbit out of a hat and get rid of that “cute” and I want to be alone attitude he’s hatched. I have been for him since Hollywood week and was sure up until last week that he would win this thing–but I’m not so sure anymore. This week will tell a lot. He better get some fast rapport with his fans or he’s going to be toast–and fast. That’s  what ego can do to a person. 

    • He never said he was too good to go down and touch people’s hands. He said that wasn’t him. It’s stupid anyway. If that’s how you’re going to pick who you like, go to a Justin Bieber concert.

  40. Some of the people that commented have some serious issues. How do you, as an audience, connect to the music by “having your hand touched”? Most of the pop singers jump up and down the platform and have their free hands swooshed through the crowd, I mean that’s lovable alright I don’t have anything against it, but that’s called Stage Effect. It doesn’t have much, or perhaps nothing, to do with the music itself.

    It’s really funny, and silly, if you think about it, you think Phillip’s music can’t get connected to you because he’s not shaking hands, even if he does he’s only shaking the hands of that dozen of little girls standing in the floor section. You’re at home staring at your little digital screen. Use your ears.

  41. Jimmy gave him advice, instead of absorbing it and make his performance better, he musunderstood jimmy because hes not listening properly….what he want is to perform doesnt care whats missing in his live performances.

  42. This guy name Philip thinks he owns the crowd b’coz of his fan base and he did’nt realize that one style of performances many got tired already.
    We can’t blame him perhaps for thinking he will win it till the end, b’coz of his fans who are not really looking for a good singer like him.Or maybe he does’nt need some good advices to anyone else like Jimmy.Poor guy be humble to succeed in singing, this time you are sliding to the buttom already not reaching the top.Can you perform without your guitar besides you?Are you afraid that somedy might discovered that you are not really a good singer?

  43. My top performers as follows:

    1. Jessica
    2. Skylar.
    3. Joshua
    4. Colton
    5. Phillip
    6. Elise

  44. when mr. p2 has been in the biz as long as iovine, THEN he can respond the way he did.  he’s too green yet for the attitude

  45. I don’t get it, frankly I give Phillip  credit for being who he is and not being who people think he should be.   I think Jimmie has too much influence on the voters.  It seems like its Jimmie’s way or the highway….thats BS!!!!!

  46. Some people type in all lower case….he doesn’t need a shift key. Now with that said
    : ) ……what’s the big deal?? There are LOTS of artists who don’t ‘ move around’ and when your good, you’re good! Besides how many times a contestant it’s told that and then when they DO listen to the advice rhett are them told ‘ don’t move around too much, you get out of breath, or something else. phillip, keep doing what you’re doing because I like you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!! God surely blessed you with am amazing musical talent!

    • Some people type in all lower case….he doesn’t need a shift key. Now with that said : )

      Darn spell check!!!!

  47. I think what Jimmy meant with “stands still” was Phillip’s overall performance which is affected by a few factors. Just to name a few  
    1) the way he delivers the song like how he shows his vocal capability, music arrangement, sense of ownership when singing the song
    2) his showmanship like connecting with audience (incl moving around touching fans’ hands, eye contact) or stay behind mike stand with guitar, dance
    3) his stage appearance like how he dressed, how he combed his hair, shave/unshave, accessorised
    and yada yada yada ….

    So if Phillip is just gg to “play music and have fun” as the way he has been doing for the past few weeks, he is going to be in a “standstill” position in terms of performance ranking as compared to the other contestants, who are trying their best to ace all the three factors mentioned above.

    But I guess his voters are just mesmerised by his voice with both eyes closed.

    • Okay..seriously. He MEANT Phillip is good but he isn’t getting better. ( I disagree)  He is staying the same. It had nothing to do with touching hands..or his stage presence! I swear to God, English is a lot of  the people on here’s second language!

      • Don’t feel superior just because English is your first language. There is no need to to pepper your posts with “seriously” and “please” as though you are talking to a moron. Learn to respect other people’s opinions.

      • @iurqal. Well, it IS American Idol. I just assumed people that watched it understood the English language. Sue me.

  48. Phillip a.k.a. (Mr. Guitarman) is falling faster from the poll now b’coz of ignoring some good advices from some (professionals) in the singing industry.It is better for him to go on politics just stay there infront of the microphone that’s it,or some pictorials on mens magazines just pose and stand still.

  49. I’m so tired of his “I’m just being myself” now. At first, I thought it was a good idea to show America that music is the most important thing but it doesn’t mean that you will forget to address the other concerns! 

    Skylar, Hollie, and Jessica — they all already tried something new to spice things up. 

    Joshua — he’s establishing his position in the game.

    Colton — He’s proving that his voice is versatile. Remember his Billy Joel and now his 80’s performance?

    But as for Phillip, oh  my goodness gracious, it’s like listening to the same song every week.

    • Oh please.  I feel the same way about Joshua.  He takes every song he sings and turns into mass on Sunday.

  50. The winner will be Joshua, it is so obvious. The 3 judges are keeping thie ‘save vote’ incase he gets voted out.  Jennifer has pushed him & DeAndre right from the start. Jimmy knew what he was speaking about when he said she had favoured DeAndre from the beginning, but she wouldn’t use the save vote. It is needed for Joshua

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