American Idol Alumnus Chris Daughtry Sued By Former Band

American Idol's Chris DaughtryAmerican Idol alumnus Chris Daughtry has discovered the road to fame can be scattered with open hands looking to grab on.

Late last week Daughtry’s former band members Ryan Andrews, Scott Crawford and Mark Perry from “Absent Element” filed a lawsuit against him and are looking to claim songs from his band “Daughtry.”

The lawsuit claims Chris took four songs, “Home”, “Breakdown”, “Conviction”, and “Sinking” from his days with “Absent Element” and put them to use on his albums with Daughtry. His former band mates are attempting to recover royalties from those songs, but no details on just how much they’re seeking in return.

According to the lawsuit by the former “Absent Element” bandmembers:

All four members wrote music and lyrics for Absent Element’s songs, collaborated on the arrangement and recording of those songs, regularly consulted with each other on matters relating to the business of the band, and made partnership decisions based on majority votes.

Chris Daughtry posted the following message on his website:

“I am very hurt by these false accusations. The songs listed in this lawsuit were written solely by me and no one else and at this time, I have no further comment.”

Since nothing moves quickly in the legal world it’ll probably be awhile before we hear how this one gets resolved.

Source: Hollywood Reporter




  1. whenever you make it big there’s always a parasite standing by looking to get a big chunk of the pie.  i’m just surprised it took these leeches thins long to make a move.  reminds me of adam lambert and “beg for mercy”. (although i’m kinda glad that the album was released.  it’s really good!)

  2. the truth will come out in the end daughtry just keep your head up people are just money hungry hogs and jelous of you
    and like matt said his 1st album came out years ago

  3. I saw this on local news a couple of weeks ago. They were trying to resolve the matter out of court and the window for the lawsuit was about to expire without a suitable resolution for all parties and that is why they finally decided to take it to court as a last resort. 

    According to local news (as you know Chris lives in Oak Ridge, NC only about 35 miles from me) it wasn’t the whole song or songs. It was just words and phrases throughout the songs that were in question. According to band members these certain lines were too similar to be a coincidence.

    I am not saying the allegations are true or false. I am just saying what I know from being in the local area where all of this is taking place. I am sure there are many people that are within the inner circle of this whole deal who know a lot more than me. 

  4. I personally think they are just jealous!!  And of course they want some more of Chris’s money. It can get pretty dirty in the music business. Just like the movie stars!  Everyone wants MORE MONEY!!! What a shame.

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