American Idol 2012 Top 8 Results Show Recap: Another Goes Home

American Idol 2012 Top 8 Bottom 3

Thursday night on American Idol 2012, we said goodbye to another contestant, meaning the judges did not use their save.

At the top of the show we got a sneak peek at judge Jennifer Lopez’s new video for her single “Dance Again.” The we got the weekly Ford music video from the finalists. And finally it’s time to get down to business.

Ryan says he’ll be calling the American Idol contestants up in duets, the same as the night before. First up were Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet. Ryan toys with both of them before letting them know they’re both safe.

The Wanted takes the stage for a guest performance and they’re so terrible live, I’d rather hear a Heejun and DeAndre concert in my living room for 10 hours in a row than listen to one minute of them.

Back to the results. Next up is Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon. We’re at first lead to believe one of them is going to be in the bottom. But with Colton’s popularity and Skylar’s great performance the night before, how can that be? Producers realize it’s a bad idea to just send them both to safety, so Ryan calls up DeAndre Brackensick and Hollie Cavanagh as well. So of the four of them, two are in the Bottom 3.

Ryan first tells DeAndre he is in the bottom. Then he sends Colton to safety. That leaves Hollie and Skylar. It’s Sklyar who is safe, so Hollie joins DeAndre in the bottom.

After Kellie Pickler performs, it’s time to find out the rest of the results. Only Phillip and Elise are left and while for one split second we might think Elise has really risen in popularity since the first couple weeks, we know what’s really going to happen.

Phillip is sent to safety and Elise lands in the bottom once again. And my Bottom 3 predictions from Wednesday night were right.

So who is it going to be? Elise, Hollie or DeAndre? Ryan immediately sends Hollie to safety and I’m shocked. I was almost certain she’d be the one to go. So Elise or DeAndre? Ryan finally reveals it’s DeAndre who American decided not to pull for the night before.

It’s time for him to sing for the judges’s save. He performs the song that I couldn’t understand the first time he did it. That song with the slight reggae beat but does nothing to display his range or talent. I’m convinced that the judges will save him since JLo loves him. But they do not.

Jennifer admits that she was the only one who voted to save DeAndre. Randy and Steven sent DeAndre packing.

Do you think America got it right this week?




    • I love Hollie but i love jessica more! Im glad Hollie is still competing. I hope they will be the top 2!

      • Hollie will never be on the top 2. Hollie has 2 more weeks left. Believe me. After Hollie, joshua is next!

      • Isn’t Joshua is another Jacob from last year. They both like to scream every time they sing. I’m going to say no for Joshua.

    • One wonders why Hollie received such lousy reviews by them judges.
      Is there some kind of agenda going on…

      I mean those highly (overly) praised contestants have been giving either the exact same ole performance week-week or yawling & screeching away.

      • You better check out the performances…. And besides, America isn’t dumb to just listen to the Judges. The people can do their decision making themselves. And besides, the voting system is “Vote to Save”, not “Vote to Eliminate”.

      • shes a good singer there is no problem about that..  but she have to check her pitch everytime she sings…….. r u ok now? :))

  1. OMG R U kiddin me America??? Elise was terrible! And Skylar? Girl U maybe better learn how to tone done that southern drawl? I could hardly understand the words to that song!!! This is a travesty…….guess I can stop watching until next year.

    • See ya in 2013 – bye!! 

      Oh! BTW – Skylar is from MS and did you notice the “drawl” Kellie Pickler had and Reba has – et al, et al. That is Southern Country music – drawl and all!!

      • I noticed last night while Skylar was talking she dropped the accent. It makes me wonder if she is really from this neck of the woods.

    • no waaay.. Skylar is probably the first country contestant that I really like. Personally I think she’s much more exciting to hear compared to one-trick pony Scotty and nervy Lauren

    • Elise was awful but  I’ve never liked her singing in trutht Hollie should have went home. I never heard the audience call out like they did to save DeAndre, it’s a shame the judges didn’t save him, they are gonna lose a lot of veiwers. 

      • ” save DeAndre, it’s a shame the judges didn’t save him, they are gonna lose a lot of viewers” ….  I think more viewers will return now that he is gone …. My ears were fortunate that I was able to find the mute button each time he performed.

    •  Elise may have not had her finest moment, but Skylar was the absolute best of the night.  As far as a southern drawl, did you just come out of a cave in Siberia for the first time?  I’m not from the USA, but I was able to understand her perfectly.

  2. No I don’t think they got it right. I’m not a fan of the guy & girl that are always at the top. They sound the same every week.

    • Lrjsassy, the reason they sound the same “as you say” is because they have to be consistent. No matter what song they sing. And prove that they are excellent singers. Particularly Jessica, who some people thinks is arrogant or too perfect. All these qualities….one needs to be a great musician and performer! That is why the competition is called American Idol!

      • Jessica may only look arrogant on stage and migh treal  be shy and humble in person.  It is all about being a performer! I did not mean that an American Idol has to be all like her, but it is part of the competition personality they have to show the audience, I think.

  3. Deandre deserved to go home most definately. He is hard to listen to and is extremely hard to connect with. It’s not like 8th place is bad all you Deandre fans..
    If the save was used today it could have meant colton or jessica shockingly being sent home in the next few weeks with a voters miss step.

    if it were up to me the remaining contestants would go in this order..let me know what you think and what you would change!
    7. Joshua – sounds the same every time
    6. Elise – like her but she isn’t as consistant as others
    5. Phillip – just not versatile enough to win
    4. Skylar – with another good performance she could really establish herself
    3. Hollie – she has an amazing voice just needs to find her groove
    2. Colton – very consistant and is very likable
    1. Jessica – by far the best vocalist and knows how to perform

    • I have to agree with you, I don’t care for Joshua either, and he does sound the same every time, and so does Phillip.  He acts like he is in pain when he sings.  I think you may be spot on on your picks to be voted off.

      • I must agree about Phillip, I like his voice but his movements  when he sings annoys me a bit~ 
        Joshua has that amazing voice but I think he always sing ballads to be safe and that makes it a bit boring but nevertheless he sung great the last time also with the duet~ Great job. 

      • Joshua is a good church choir. He is not good enough to be an artist singer. I noticed every time he sing he like to scream at the end. Sorry guys no for Joshua!

      • So blackout202, Josh is not good enough to be an artist, are you kidding me Thats about the dumbest thing I’ve read on this site yet. No he probably won’t be on the pop or country station you listen to, but he will most definately be an artist! I think when one of the most successful music producers in the world has nothing but praise for him, and has repeatedly said he and Jessica are the two best singers in the competition, that he’s probably a better judge of musical telent than anybody voicing their opinions on this site. You don’t have to buy his cd when it’s released, I’m sure he won’t give a damn!

      • I think I responded to a 12 year old with that diction. Yikes. Sorry kid, stay in school

      • For me it’s because the judges were being unfair on the others by saying ‘vote for him!’ To me, he was far too high to have a melody. 

    • Alexa, I agree with you. I just really care for Jessica. She is the BEST!
      She has everything a great perfromer/singer needs. A GIFT is a GIFT! And very few are chosen to own it!

      • She screams and has a high voice but can’t control it at times, We have many women on the radio that can’t hit the high notes, she’s no better then many of them. You’d think people would want a new kind of sound in stead of old and boring.

    • 7 – Hollie
      6 – Elise
      5 – Philip
      4 – Skylar
      3 – Joshua, the judges will save him if he gets voted out now.
      2 – Jessica
      1 – Colton, if it is against him and Jessica in the final – Colton will win because he is far more popular (young girls ets), than Jessica.

    • Deandre was the best in the group, he will go the highest on the charts. The others are boring to be honest except for Phillip and Joshua but Joshua should be singing gospel music.  

    • Alexa I think Elise should have been gone after that performance before Deandre.7Elise’6. Hollie 5.Philip 4.Skylar 3.Colton 2. Joshua 1. Jessica I do agree with you on number 4 . Skylar . Time will tell what the rest of amrician idols fans think next week.

    • and the fact that she has an amazing voice…just needs to learn to perform and connect!

      • Judges always says “let it go” to Hollie, and I guess Hollie should learn how to let go and bring an awesome performance next week or else she could just be at the bottom 3 again and could be eliminated. (I hope not) I still wanted to see 2 girls in the finals~ 🙂 wohoo.

      • After the show last night I went to youtube and watched Hollie’s version of “I Told You So”  and she was better than Lauren when she sang it with Scotty last year.  So, I’m guessing she has stage fright.  I love her, but maybe she should have waited a year or two before auditioning.  I’m thinking that in a studio, she’d blow everyone away, but the stage inhibits her.

    • She has the voice, she has a nice personality. She just needs to believe in herself!!!  Jessica or Hollie FTW!

  4. Of course America got it right. It’s America’s decision so how can they get it wrong? That’s a silly question. 

    A more appropriate question is whether or not the least talented individual went home. All I know is that it’s obvious Jimmy knows who is going home when he makes his comments. He said DeAndre didn’t do a great job and gave no explanation as to why it wasn’t so great. All the others he told how they need to improve so he already knew DeAndre was out when he made that statement so confidently.  

    So all I can say is being one of the top 10 most popular in America isn’t bad at all and, with the exception of last year, the most successful contestants recently have been eliminated early. So I expect DeAndre will do quite well for himself. 

    Now this frees me up to vote for my WGWG, Phillip Phillips. We’ll see what happens there.

    • I sure hope you’re right-that DeAndre will get a recording contract! Haters are just that!! HATERS!

    • Sure what does Jimmy (producer of over 300 records and worth $400 million know?)

      He only gave breaks to bands like No Doubt, Nine inch Nails, and dozens of others….

      Worked with Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Gwen Stefani, Don Henley, and thousands of others….

  5. Thank God that American got it right at last! What’s JLO tried to pull?? to be the miss nice gal amongst her fellow judges?? She pretends to “save” every contestant but she knew the others wiould vote against her!!

  6. i think elise will made it to the top 3 like haley last year my top 2 are jessica and phillip.. next week will surely be a safe week and i think skylar colton or joshua will be a victim of 2knockoutnight

    • Nah..Never compare Haley with Elise. I don’t think Elise will reach the top 5.  I actually think she will leave next week.

  7. this week top 8 is so damn boring!! Phillip did the same thing every week, Josh screamed, Deandre should go home before Heejun, jessica was her worst performance, Colton didn’t really have something special in him except he’s a teeny idol, Elise she’s done very good last week but this week soooo terrible, and Holly she looked so nervous and afraid..
    Cryyyiiing … lost of interest!!
    bring heejun back!!

      • She standed out because she were on the last spot.  and the song is very well known.. I like her though 😛

  8. Overall, my rankings would be something like this.  I try to rank em over the whole season rather than just this week.  Since it’s so tough to say who’s good song is better than someone else’s good song a lot of times, I sorta go by how many bad weeks they’ve had. 

    These are my opinions. 
    No bad weeks yet-
    1) Jessica-  last week #2
    2) Colton- last week #3
    One bad week each-
    3) Joshua- last week #5
    4) Skylar- last week #6
    5) Phillip- last week #1
    Two bad weeks-
    6) Elise- last week #4
    7) Hollie- last week #7

    My 2 personal favorites are Hollie and Skylar. So this is more who I think is doing the best, not just who I hope wins.  

    I think Joshua has had some stronger performances than Colton when they’re both good.  He’s also had 1 bad one though, so I have Colton ahead of him.  Last but not least current weeks carry more ranking.  I didn’t think Phillip was good this week.  So he’s the last of the 1 bad week people.  If he’d been brutal in week 10 & Joshua brutal this week, then Phillip would be ahead.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.  Probably all it’s worth.   

  9. Oh, yes.  JLo is the only judge who loved DeAndre.  She couldn’t save him this time….too bad…..

    Only 2 more weeks where the “save” is possible.  I think the judges have learned to be VERY careful about using it.

    You were right on, Branden.  My friends and I felt the same.  The correct 3 were in the bottom, and of those, DeAndre was the right one to go home.  However, Hollie and Elise need to work hard.  Skylar showed what a powerful performance can do!

    • JLO is faking her “love” to the contestant! she alomst did that every week to the loser contestant! she knew the other judges wouldn’t agree her vote , so that she want to be the nicest amongst her fellow judges!  I bet she’ll pull the same trick again nex week!

    • Are you Branden’s alter-ego? LOL just kidding. He was right about who would be in the bottom 3 but a lot of us were but not about who should go home. Branden has been sending DeAndre home for 3 weeks or more. He had to get it right sooner or later.

  10. I loved DeAndre I thought he was an amazing singer and did an outstanding job, he really did get sent home too soon. I feel Skylar or Elise should of went home, I don’t like the way Skylar performs and elise is never memorable enough for me but DeAndre sang beautifully, looked beautifully, and should of stayed a lil bit longer, although I do think Colton, Jessica, and Joshua should definitely be the top 3

  11. I liked Deandre for the best last night.  He was in his zone.  But I never think he would win AI.  The crown is already reserved for Jessica 😛

  12. i think if jessica sing “wind beneath my wings” she`s the stand out for last night!!!!!!

    • It’s okay!!!! d ‘.’ b

      She doesn’t need to be a standout lasst night. She has been a standout performer and She’ll be there to receive the Championship spot! 🙂 I’m confident that she’ll manage to be there!

      • I’m not expecting too much. 🙂 I’m just doing this because I’m giving America the heart to give Jessica support instead of me [or even some of us] because I’m not in America! 😉

  13. I’m just hoping that Hollie will give a the “performance” that will uplift her in the competition and will put her on the front of the pack again. I’m just sad that she lost her “front runner” status after the week of Whitney Houston. From there, it just goes downhill and I’m afraid that if she will give a not-so-impressive performance again next week, it will be her time to go. 

    I’m getting this weird feeling that Jessica won’t make it to the Top 2 and that’s just sad and disheartening. TT_TT

  14. I have consistently posted about the Southern States influence on AI and pointed out that of the initial 13 chosen, 5 were truly from Southern States with Hollie being the odd gal out, as she is from England and has lived in TX for the past 10-years.

    All the Northern States contestants have been eliminated or disqualified and both the Florida folks are gone (FL not considered a true Southern State) and now DeAndre is out and he is from CA.

    So, we started out with 5 true Southerners out of 13 and now have 5 left out of the final 7. This is not a coincidence, since AI itself concedes that the majority of the votes are from Southern States and mainly young female voters who like the guys.

    Now we are left with 5 from Southern States, one Brit who lives in TX and Jessica from CA.

    Next week, whatever happens, the so called judges will use the save and then we will have the top 7 go at it again the following week with 2 eliminated to leave us with the top 5.

    The so called “judges” all deserve an “F” and that is being kind. Jimmy has more insight than the three of them combined and JLo has to get rid of her Cougar instinct.

    For her to tell Heejun that she wanted to save him last week and make it clear that she wanted to save DeAndre this week, says more about her than it does about her ability to be an impartial judge or, for that matter, a judge.

    All the Jessica fans beware since she is from CA.

    AI is becoming a joke and, if Ryan leaves this year, it’s days are numbered unless they change the whole panel of “judges” who really s*ck and find a decent host. 

    I am at the point of hoping the X-factor fails and Simon is brought back to AI with a decent panel and a good host.

    • I’m disappointed that you don’t mention two of the big problems with Idol in my eyes.  1. The corrupt voting policy and 2. Nigel forcing them to choose from a very short list of tired songs in outdated genres.  If voting was limited to say 10 calls per device, we’d get a truer reading of who is likely to actually spend $ on the artist when the show ends.  We would never have had a Lee DeWyze winner and possibly not a Kris Allen.  And the fact that Personal Idols night was so good speaks to the fact that song lists spoil the show.

    • Hi Pythagoras475,

      Finally someone who makes sense, thank you, thank you.
      You said everything  have been trying to say. 

      One note, the teens that votes obviously likes a particular singer,
      the singer has to be a good singer for the teens to vote that much,
      they are not stupid or tone deaf, they are one of the biggest market
      for the music industry and should not be ignored.

      I really don’t think they are the cause for idol’s voting problem.  
      the comments here made by most of us assumes that all of the 52 states
      in the USA participates in the voting.  Wrong assumption!   What you are saying makes a lot of sense.

      Stay with us and keep up the good copmments.  Well done !!

      • LMAO! The teens of today listen to completely studio made artists for God’s s sake. Rihanna couldn’t sing herself out of paper bag….talk about tone deaf.  Pop music today is HORRIBLE. The teens are like sheep and just follow what the market tells them to. It’s been that way for years!

      • Hi Pally45,
        Then , you are hanging around with the wrong teens, the teens I know are a lot more intelligent than that, a lot more savy in what they buy, what they support and who they like.
        Although I definitely agree with what you said in regards with today’s  pop music, I personally do not listen to them, I don’t like it at all.  I personally think that this computer generated music is an insult to artists and musicians and takes away all the fun out of playing music.

        Not all teens are shallow like dried creek, there are those that do like to listen to real music, try to get out more and smell the roses you will see. LOL

      • The most popular POP radio station in the twin cities area is 101.3 and it is total crap. Rap, Justin Bieber, Rihann…just crap.  Every now and then, you might hear an Adele song but I don’t listen long enough to find out.  The majority of teens listen to pop music. My nephew and his group listened to more metal than pop. I had to give him his props for that!  The kid loves Ac/Dc! But…the majority of teens listen to POP. Translation: CRAP

      • Hi Pally45,

        It is exactly the point I am making here.  What I said earlier and why I said it is because the teens that listens to those music even in the twin cities would not spend one New York Minute to text gazillions of votes
        to Idol voting for Scott Mcreery.

        Answer me honestly on this one, do you think the teens that listens to
        David Guetta, Lady Gaga , Rhianna and the rest of them would listen to country music, worst go gooo gaga with Scotty?  Would that make  any sense?   This is why I don’t think the teens were responsible for a flood of votes and let Scotty win, I would agree more with Phytagoras475 on his “southern Exposure” explanation.

        And yes I actually called pop music today , Plop music, he he

    • If you are going by birth then Elise isn’t from the south either. I think she was born in New Jersey.

  15. Its so easy for jlo to say that she wanted to save deandre (that’s what she also told heejum, remember?) because she knew she will be over ruled by steven and randy anyway! I think the judges should be smart enough to use their sole saving power on someone who is potentially a contender in the finale but is having a hard time getting through because of the popularity factor in the show. The only question that they should ask themselves is “do i see him/her in the finale?”. If yes, then by all means go save that person. I strognly believe (even if im just aminority) that “consistency” should be the first and foremost consideration in choosing the next american idol, not one or two good performances…..

  16. Thank God he’s gone!! Now the whole show is watchable, only good singers left =D

  17. I am glad Hollie is safe. Been rooting for her, and Jessica all the way to the Finals!

  18. No Joshua should have went home last week for not keeping it together and this week in that duet he ruined it. the clear winner is Jessica I reckon, shes just in another league from them all though I really like Elise and would love to see her win, she is the dark horse and her and Philips duet was brilliant even though I didn’t have a clue what the song was.

    • Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks and you don’t have a clue what the song was? How sad is that.

      • Hi Pally45,

        Did you stop and think that Darrenleeyoung may not have been born yet when Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks sang that song?

        What is sad is you and I are getting older……………….LOL

      • Good point.  However, I wasn’t around in the 50s but I know who a lot of those artists are…or even the 60s.

    • He ruined the duet? What a joke. Many narrow minded, pop loving, Jessica butt kissers all over this site. Geez. He showed her up!! Hmm, I think even Jimmie said he showed her up, so… who knows more about music, one of the top music producers in the world, or Darrenleeyoung, hmm mm that’s a hard one! Ha your funny dude.

    • No, Jimmy was referring to the solos, not the duet.  He said Joshua picked a better song than Jessica.

  19. I love you Hollie. I hope you will read this. Get your confidence back. Hollie and Colton should date. If I was Colton, I wouldnt have a second thought :))

  20. 1. Hollie
    2. Colton
    3. Jessica
    4. Joshua
    5. Philips
    6. Skylar
    7. Elise

    Phillips will stay up to top 5 due to his ‘good look’ factor!! according to my little sister lol.

    Colton is the most marketable amongst all the contestants this year. He is so mainstream!! A current artist.

    Jessica has a diva attitude, very pretty and God she can sing! :))

    As for Hollie, she is sweet, beautiful and talented. But she needs to get loose. Hollie, you are beautiful without even have to trying so hard. She is a Goddess ;)))))))))

  21. Fighting for their spot;
    By voice category, Elise’ husky voice is rock she like to be love on that spot, Skylar is country but trying to be soul and still finding where she really belongs, Hollie is soul, Jessica is soul and this is Jessica’s territory and she owns it by far. My prediction for next week would be Hollie but only if Elise will choose the right song for voice and Skylar finds her comfort zone.  The guys has their own category too, PP is rock and so is Colton, Joshua is an R&B soul. Joshua might remain among the three. Colton and PP will fight on the Rock spot. I believe PP is better. After Hollie, it will be between Skylar, Elise and Colton for the rest of the week.Top 3 might be Jessica, PP and Joshua. If PP will stick to his singing for the rest the week with that growling voice which many now are annoyed. Joshua might have an edge. If case Finale would be Jessica and Joshua…this will be a battle of Soul, they are both winners for me but Jessica might have an edge, this a voting competition she has 3 countries voting for her (America, Mexico and Philippines). But in fairness to Jessica, voice range between the two, Jessica will own Joshua… Go Jessica!!!

    • I thought this was AMERICAN Idol? When did Mexico and the Phillipines become part of America? What a crock of crap. I didn’t know they got to vote. Of course Jessica will win now. Pfft. I don’t even want to watch any longer.

      • Only America, specifically US of A, gets to vote. Not Mexico, not the Philippines, nor any other country gets to vote. Even then, Jessica will still win.

      • Quila Luna probably meant that she can get support from Mexican Americans and Fil-Ams in the US.

    • Hollie is pop with a little country mixed in not soul. She is more likely to compete with Skylar for the country vote than Jessica for the soul vote. Joshua is the one Jessica needs to worry about when it comes to the soul vote. 

  22. To J-Lo: you always have this hate thing to all the talented female singers. Yes they are younger and obviously prettier than you. Last season Pia and Hailey, this season Hollie. WHY?

    Pls dont hate Jessica. Skylar is like Lauren last season. HaeJun was like Casey last season. Colton is like James last season. Phillips is like Paul last season. Hmmmm…
    Joshua is like Jacob last season. Elise: Hailey!

    Jlo oh Jlo!

    • well i guess you got the pattern the judges do when selecting the top 13 contestants of AI every year.. nice theory

    • They may be younger than JLo, but they are most certainly not prettier.  In all eleven seasons the only ones in the same class looks wise were Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and  Latoya London. Even Paula and Kara pale in comparison.

  23. the first time i watched this season of idol, i thought “Wow, the judges picked great singers! can’t wait to watch till the finale…” but now, i feel so disappointed…..not that they’re  not good singers (they all can sing) but most of the contestants this season are doing exactly the  same thing every week!!….they’re not at all giving me excitement because every time i watch the show all i see is the same arrangement of performances unlike season 8…where adam lambert, danny gokey, chris allen, and the rest of the gang during the whole season gave me goose bumps every time (okay, not every time but a lot than this season) they perform…oh how i miss those kind of performances……

    • Its been 3 seasons since Season 8 and I’m still waiting for another standout performer.  Last year I thought it would be James Durbin but the voters didn’t think so.  There may never be another Adam or James but this group of singers are very good and very unique in their own ways.  Now its just a matter of preference for the voters….

      • It all depends on your musical tastes. Apparently, I’m out-numbered this year and people love the whole diva thing. I never did like it. I loved Scotty last year..but I like country music. Scotty is doing VERY well and should have a pretty good career.  I think Phillip would be excellent in concert but again, going by the posters, I’m out-numbered on that also.

      • I’m thinking I would like to see Phil P. in concert.  I like his style of music.

  24. its not because i hate hollie, but she be the one eliminated, base on the performances, she had the not so good one, sorry for the hollie-ians, but its an opinion only. 

    • You’re so right.  Hollie isn’t emotionally ready.  Maybe in a couple of years but not now.  Jessica is an exception to handling nerves at 16.

  25. Thank  goodness Deandre is out! It’s really hard listening to him sing! It’s like listening to a song, then turning the volume knob up and down and up each time! There’s no consistency in the volume of his voice. He may be able to sing those high notes, but at least keep the level of the volume to consistency.

    Hollie should be next to take the boot. I cringed everytime she sings. She’s ALWAYS out of tune!

    Both of them should have been voted off first, before Hee Jun.

    Joshua should follow next. He’s always screaming and over-acting. I literally mute the volume each time he sings now – I feel better now than to listen to his banshee screams!

    I dunno what most sees with Colton. His voice is really not that good. Good looks? Really? Well that’s another story :-/

    As for Skylar, wow! She’s too nasal! It’s freaking annoying!

    I personally like PP’s groove and voice. The guy’s unique and has charisma.

    Jessica is the best among this year’s contestant, hands down. 

    I want a PP – Jessica finale.

    • A JSan/P2 finale would be a rerun of a DeWyze/Bowersox finale.  I’m not saying they can’t sing, but IMO neither one is marketable, neither will draw big crowds on tour and neither will have hit CDs.  This is ONLY my opinion.

    • I bet anything you just loved Adam and James huh? Nobody in the history of Idol has ‘screamed’ anywhere near the two of them, but it’s ok for them to do that wright? Singing three quarters of a song and then putting a huge, on pitch, in tune run towards the end of the song, yet Josh does nothing but scream, laughable to say the least!

      • LOL! Talk about those 2 banshees, Adam and James! I hated them both more! I actually stopped watching AI2011 after a few episodes. THE WORST AI season by far.

      • Oh. I guess it makes it ok then if you hated those two more then. Appreciate your honesty. I just don’t see how a lot of the people that loved Adam and James can honestly criticize Josh for ‘screaming’, it’s a double standard. But since you admitted you liked them least, I can accept your opinion a lil better. Lol

  26. They got it wrong, he was the last singer who can really make it big  in both  Pop and R#B. Whom ever wins now won’t last long, It makes me wonder just who is voting. I guess the ratings are down this year because no-way would this guy be sent packing unless the veiwers have turned AI off. I hope DeAndre gets a contract because I’ll buy his music. If I were the judges I would have saved him.  Bad call judges!

    • Disagree totally! His falsetto was so BORING and annoying to listen to. He won’t make it in the music business.  Adults can’t stand him and teens will be bored in ten minutes.

    • ITA.  The voting policy is skewing the results.  Teens vote a thousand times for their fave, but in the end they will buy only 1 Cd or concert ticket.  Nigel is stupid, but in the end all he cares about is the show, not the aftermath.

  27. If it weren’t for Phil being on the show I would have stopped watching the show. This season is just so off putting. I believe that whoever wins won’t have a long career(even my favorite Phil and including Jessica and before I start getting accused of being a “hater” let me explain that the “diva” type singer the market is overcrowded with them at the moment. The most Jessica will be able to get is a Disney Channel gig).  

    • Totally agree with you, Shawn.  I’ve been getting crucified on these blogs for saying no one this year is very commercial.  I don’t say they are untalented, just not marketable.  I’ve seen Clay Aiken, David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert in concert numerous times, but no one this season would draw me enough to spend money on a concert ticket.

  28. No way did DeAndre deserve to be the one let go this week…I predict that Jennifer will pull some strings and help him in the biz…

  29. Elise is still one of the BEST voices.  When the judges were asked if America got it right, they said not with one and they meant ELISE.  They know as well as all the record companies who is the best singer and performer.  The one that may win IDOL, is not necessarily the most successful or best singer.  I feel Elise deserves at least a top 3 or 4 place showing.  America needs to wake up and vote for Elise. All the singers are either good or great singers at this point and we all know that, but there are only a couple that are unique and Elise is one of them.  I can’t get enough of her voice.  When she sings she is the talk of my office.   Although, not everyone votes, they all would unanimously buy her records (CD’s)……  Unfortunately, the majority of the votes are coming from very young teens that vote based on popularity instead of who is the best singer and voice.  I hope this changes going forward.  To me Joshua screams too much.  He over-sings the songs and I mute him a lot when he sings….sorry.  Some others sound exactly the same no matter what they sing and that is boring to me.  I have never warmed up to Skylar yet…although I thought she did better this week and she looked very nice.  We’ll see what next week brings us.  Good Luck to all the IDOL contestants! 

  30. So, Branden, you finally got what you wanted. DeAndre is finally gone. You said weeks ago that you wanted him out so bad.

    Well, you got your wish.


    By the way, I hope you don’t mind me asking but were there two “judges’ save” this season? Apparently, the judges used their first save on “Elise” (Top 13 results show) and the second save has yet to be activated. Wait, is the first save even official?

    •  The TOP13 save is different from official JUDGES’ SAVE. The save that
      Elise got before was called the TOP13 save wherein the judges were in
      control of the elimination process. They are the ones who picked the
      bottom 3 boys and 3 bottom girls separately. The last two standing that
      time were Elise and Jeremy. Luckily, Elise got the save from the panel
      of judges. It was a twist then. Today, there is this official JUDGES’
      SAVE that’s

      •  still active. Everytime this save is activated and given to a certain contestant, the next week will be the most dangerous for there are two contestant
        leaving, seems like they are the sacrifice for the one who’s been
        saved. Next week, I believe the save will be activated. Maybe Joshua or Skylar will be eliminated, then the judges will use save either of the
        two, then the following week, it would be Hollie and Elise who will leave. That results to our TOP5


        2.COLTON DIXON


        4.JOSHUA LEDET

        5.SKYLAR LAINE

        Agree with my TOP5? Like it if you are.

  31. Finally, DeAndre gone. Just don’t understand why voters can’t see the talent  that Elsie has. See was talked into doing a different song this week. She should stay with song she picks. Every time she gains some confidence she is knocked down again. I could cry every time I see her face in the elimanation round.Wake up America vote for someone that could really go somewhere in music business. Not some teen.

  32. DeAndre, finally! WTF LoJ?
    Predictions (not my rankings, but what I think will happen)
    7. Hollie
    6. Elise-Judges might use save
    5. Skylar-Judges might use save if not used
    4. Joshua
    3. Phillip
    2. Jessica
    1. Colton – A total package that’s very commercial & lots of teen girls who vote

    • i agree with branden who says colton voice was good for 10 years earlier ,jessica is consistance good voice  but not that wow,next to go i hope will be hollie,then skylar (nothing special but was good last night),philipp is nice and  good but i think the very unique performers of this year american idol(i think this is the judges opinnion) is by far in this order is  elise    and joshua

    • I can see Colton selling a lot of records to young pre-teen girls and the bible belt crowd. I suspect that is the ONLY reason the judges are always have nothing but nice things to say about him. As they see … Money. But, from a talent stand point, he is down toward the bottom if the list for me.

  33. Yes. American got it right..and it’s about time!! I was hoping they’d use the save so when the “shocker” comes and Jessica is sent packing, they can’t save her. The Wanted…HORRIBLE. Wow…at least New Kids on The Block and Nsync could sing! Heck, Menudo was better than these clowns. Jennifer’s video was brutal…she can’t sing. It’s all studio made.  Anyone know what the theme is for next week?

    • At least, you admitted it a shocker should Jessica goes home. Sorry to disappoint you but she doesn’t need the save. She is going to stay and win AI.

      • It won’t be a shocker to me…but it will to all the Jessica fans..just like with Pia. I wasn’t shocked at all when she went home. I had been bored with her for weeks…just like Jessica.

      • Has your favorite been already sent packing? Prepare to get bored. Jessica will be singing for a long time to come. And we are going to love and enjoy her voice.

      • No Cris, my favorite has NOT been sent packing. I love Phillip. I think one of his concerts would be so much fun.   It’s fine that you like Jessica..everyon ehas their own tastes. I’m just not into the whole diva thing. She’s just like Mariah, Whitney, Celine…blah blah blah boring.

      • Yes, Pally45, each to his own taste. But truth to tell, I also find Phillip boring. Initially, it seems I will get a stiff neck watching him sing. So I tried listening to him, with my eyes closed, but got bored. Anyways, our favorites are still there fighting it out. Good luck.

      • Jessica proabley has the best tonal range of anyone this season, with runner up being Joshua. Tonal range and looks are nice … But, that sort of music seldom touches my soul.

    • I very much agree with you about Jennifer’s video. If that and the group “Wanted” are what passes for music that touches ones soul today … I feel sorry for young people.

  34. America absolutely got it right.  But I was surprised (and glad) that the judges didn’t save him. They knew he would never win this year, and they didn’t want to make a ‘Pia Toscano’ mistake.  So with both Heejun and DeAndre gone, we can concentrate on the talent rather than the annoying.

  35. I know i’m gonna get attacked by the jessica crazy fans BUT…After seeing skylars performance. I think Skylar has one of if not the best voice of all those remaining. She seems to be the only one to have the ability to sing all types of music. Yes the others are good but you all get on here and complain about Skylar not changing it up and is so country but thats who she is and has shown thats not all she HAS to be look back at all her performances. others could just as easy say the same thing about the others. Joshua always churchs it up, Elise is now trying to be a rock/blues chick, Colton only does alternitive rock, Jessica beyonce wanna be. pop girl. THEY ALL HAVE THEIR COMFORT ZONES AND STYLE THEY WANNA BE!!!!! America got it right last night thats for sure. but to get on here and attack people because they dont agree with your favorite is nothing but crap. open your eyes people THEY ARE ALL TALENTED!! and if you think you could do better you get up there and do what theyre doing and see the nasty comments you get on this site because someone doesnt like you. I know i sure couldnt do it. I respect them all so much and its sad to see any of them go.

    • Do you really think calling us crazy is not an attack against us. You start it and then cry that you are being bullied when they in turn attack you. So don’t act innocently when you have malice in the first place.

      • one i have never been bullied on here. two crzy was not the best word for it and i didnt mean to use it in the context. i am sorry for that. I meant it in more of a super fan term like crazy about her. all i was trying to say was these people are all talented and that should be reconized

    • Skylar brought the house down with that performance I’m glad she changed her song and didn’t do 9 to 5 not that I don’t like the song the time wasn’t right in the competition,I like her country voice.

  36. Good call by Randy and Steven, that is using their heads instead of emotions in choosing not to use the save. How far can Deandre go? Had he been saved then there should be arguments as to why Mr Han was not saved last week. IMO Hee jun sang better to continue on.

    Unlike last year when they saved Casey and the next week lost Pia, they are really saving it for the ’emergency’. Sorry J Lo, IMO you are on the panel to push the ratings rather than the big decision making.   

  37. I was a little surprised it wasn’t Hollie but I did say yesterday that she might get the sympathy votes like Haley did last year because of how cruel the judges were to her.  DeAndre wasn’t winning this anyway so it was time to go.   Unless Elise really steps up to the plate, it will be her and Hollie in the bottom two with anybody’s guess who will be the third one.  Its starting to get very interesting because anyone of these remaining 7 can really step it up. 

  38. There are only 3 that really have it to make it to the finals; Joshua, Jessica and Colton.  Only Colton has the “full quantum” to be a mainstream star. Really, he is the only one that can sell platinum with or without the Idol’s brand. That kid is going to become the next “Bono”.

    Joshua is a phenomenal “soul” singer. Jessica has a lot of potential but it is difficult to project her growth within a specific niche. Holly is a beautiful petite true blondy with an impressive voice, but to stiff and shy. Skylar has a great country voice, but country will not be the target for AI 2012. Phillip is not a crossover star. Magnificent blues artist, but can’t be driven out of the blues shell.  And Elise, great voice, but projects herself as a “dark and somber” artist.

    I’ll put my money into Colton!

  39. it should have been ellise or skylar….next week they will be next and possibly colton too,,,,,l find deandre a better singer than this 3 l mentioned….the saved is being preserved for a more deserving contestant…..

      • Yes, I would like to know the reasoning behind that statement as well. As Phillip and all the other performers seem to be stand up people. Come on, have the guts to explain your moronic statements for us scramsier.

      • Hi Pally45,

        Did you ever noticed that every so often a remark like that of Scramsaier , and other mysterious one time bloggers appears, sometimes it is Philip that they attack or Hollie, or Elise and most of the singers except for one,  guess who it is? 

        Just an observation,  sometimes I just go over some of the comments
        and it seems to me this type of attacks are getting more frequent, and always the one liners, a quick stab then zzzippp gone.

        Maybe  it is just my imagination running wild on me, gosh………..

    • “Hate” is such a terrible word.  Because Phillip is being true to himself, singing his own songs, wearing his own clothes and not kissing up to the audience  you call him rude & crude……What does that say about you?
      Judgemental, rude & crude……

    • Oh God, here we go again. Just like last year when most all the country and bible belt fans seemed to “hate” Haley so much. Saying she was “rude and crude”, saying she was a “stank, whore, slut, hotchie momma. It really is a shame some people need to stoop to such low levels.

  40. As a teacher at Skylar’s school I can attest that she is the real deal.  Yes she has a southern accent of which we true southeners have and are proud of.  She has always been and still is one of the most sincere and kind people you will ever meet.  We are all so very proud of her in her hometown.  She exemplifies true southern hospitality.  I get so excited and emotional watching her on live TV that it brings me to tears.  She will always be our little Skylar.  I know the Lord has a very special path for her.  I think all the contestants deserve respect and Skylar shows that each week.  Her mom and Mr. Ed taught her to treat others with kindness and respect.  Each contestant has a different style and that is what I like about the show.  I feel sorry for the losers each week but I know in the end there can only be one winner, and I LOVE country music.

    • Too bad they didn’t manage to curb the “let’s go shoot Bambi in the head” impulse she has.

      • Oh please. A lot of people hunt. Just because you’re too much of a girly man to handle it, don’t pick on Skylar because she can! BTW…you can’t shoot’s against the law. His mom or dad are fair game though. 🙂

  41. I want the elimination to go in this order… with comments and thoughts…

    7th place
    – ELISE TESTONE (but i think judges will save her.. so it would be a single or double elimination the ff week.. i really cant stand her attitude and her annoying male sound a like voice… she needs to go!)

    6th place
    – JOSHUA LEDET (if elise goes home next week and will be saved by the judges, double elimination is up, joshua and elise should go.. JACOB LUSK eat your heart’s out.. haha.. joshua is the best gay african ever to exist in ai.. i like him but not likeable though.. i just want to see him perform 2 songs..)

    5th place
    – COLTON DIXON (he should be the chris daughtry of the season that will go home when he reaches the top 5.. despite of being great and the handsomeness in him.. i dont want to see him to go farther than top 5..)

    4th place
    – PHILLIP PHILLIPS (4th place should be his reclaiming spot.. i like him he’s different and gorgeous but his performance every week is just merely the same..if i could compile all his songs i think it will be agreat 1 song.. because it sounded so much the same… tired of hearing him sing.. though i love watching his face.. haha)

    3rd place
    – SKYLAR LAINE (country girl should reach the top 3..  i want to see her perform 3different songs.. i think she can be a good competitor and shes a great singer performer.. and with those pipes? goodness gracious great balls of fire… she’s one of the best country singers in the history of ai..)

    Runner Up
    – HOLLIE CAVANAGH (i think she can be the dark horse of this season.. from being the best t0 worst to best again untilfinale.. i really would want to see a two way finale slash vocal battle between jessica and hollie.. the two shortest females in the history of ai but also 2 of the best power vocals ever existed in the show… i want her to regain her top spot again since her great performance of REFLECTION…)

    – JESSICA SANCHEZ (no doubt the best singer in this season and best filipina ever to compete in ai.. she would surpass jasmine trias.. she is the next superstar.. with her versatility and impressive talent.. she should sail until the finale.. NOTHING MUCH TO SAY.. im just waiting for her performance each and every week.. I LOVE HER!!!)

    • i wish it would come down to skylar and hollie but i think you about spot on with this.

    • Freaking racist homophobe!! You don’t know that man from Adam and have no right to speculate on anything having to do with that young mans personal life. You can voice your opinion all you want on someone’s performance and musical abilities, but making fun of someone’s race, creed, religion, nationality and sexuality is crossing the line and should not be tolerated! And for your information, Josh is an AMERICAN, not African. And he’s said he is not gay, but its none of your business what his sexual orientation is anyway.

      Branden and Matthew, that’s the kind of comment that should that should be removed and poster banned!

  42. Colton for the win!! with Jessica or Skylar for 2nd. .. When Philip said “I dont touch hands” comments, I was annoyed by Him.. he’s really arrogant..

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