American Idol 2012: Skylar Laine Relieved To Be Eliminated

Skylar Laine

Last night on American Idol 2012, Country singer Skylar Laine was eliminated from the competition in fifth place. While that might be disappointing for her fans she’s completely relaxed with that outcome.

“I’m actually very relieved. No more stress. No more, ‘Oh what song should I sing?” I’m just really happy that I made it this far, you know. It’s a blessing and I hope that I have a Country career in front of me,” Skylar told FOX last night shortly after the Top 5 results were revealed. Now that’s a refreshingly positive perspective on what could be a very frustrating experience for any of the singers.

When asked for her thoughts on the support she received from America in making it this far Skylar responded, “It’s amazing to know America has reacted in the way they have and I’ve made it to the Top 5. Fifth in American Idol? I couldn’t ask for more than that.”

Skylar didn’t name a favorite for who would take home the crown, but she did say that she’s “happy for whoever wins and I hope they have a long career and I have a long career.” Give this girl an award for the best Idol attitude of the season!

Watch Skylar Laine’s full interview from last night after American Idol.




  1. Good attitude. I hope she caught a flight to MS last night as she has to be in NYC on Live with Kelly early Monday morning.

    • I kind of think that phil is hoping to go home, too.  That boy is coping with a lot of pain as well as the stress.  Good luck to all.

      • Yeah I think at this point in the game they all know it doesn’t really make a difference who wins as far as career goes. I think maybe there is more than one that would be relieved of a lot of stress if they got eliminated. 

        On the other hand, what does that say for American Idol as a talent contest if winning doesn’t really mean a whole lot? I mean Jimmy is already talking recording contract for Josh and he hasn’t won so what difference does it make who wins and who goes home at this point? 

      •  Yep and in the long run, I think better for his career. I’m afraid if he won AI, it would be bad on the career and the cool factor.

    • So glad Jessica made it thru! I really felt from all the feedback it should have been Philips. And I don’t get the Judges comments and standing O’S they give Josh every week. For some reason the Judges think he is it?? He screams to me. They tell Jessica to dance and be more mature and then Randy blast her for it. The Judges are all for Joshua. I think we all know who is going to win and it won’t be a girl again, even though they are both way more talented than the guys. I hope I’m wrong, that would thrill me if I was.

      •  I don´t think that Holly is more talented than the guys. Yes she was good last wednesday , but the songs helped a lot. She had also a lot bad performances in the past. She can sing ballads, but for quicker songs she isn´t good enough and her voice is  too thin.

  2. class act all the way!!  no bitching, complaining, or excuses.  this little girl will go far!!  i wish her nothing but the best in her career.

  3. well someone has to leave this stage of the competition, despite all the praises you receive in the past, you’ll be judge on your last performance. I honestly think she’s super good, she deserves to stay, way better than that nasally sounding singer who’s super lucky right now.. you all know who Im referring to.. other than that, think its going to be a battle between P2 and JS… no Joshua please in the finale, my ears right now are bleeding hearing him sing LOL

  4. I like Skylor, she reminds me of a girl I dated in high school…im not a big fan of country music but I enjoyed her performances much more than I enjoy P2 or Joshua…wish it could have been her, Jessica and Hollie in the top 3…she had a nice run

    • The truth will all show about who is best when they have the true stress of being a star . Let’s hear those first albums if they make it through that !! Hope Josh sings church music !! I purposely dvr idol so I can rewind through him hurts my ears ! The judges would hate someone in the industy better than them that’s how they vote !

  5. Sorry to see her go this soon.  I thought she was getting better and better each week.  On the other hand – there are (were) 5 very good singer/performers left.  The “bottom” two, three, whatever, still gets millions of votes – hardly something I would call the bottom.  Good luck Skylar – your voice and personality are sure to make you a big star.  Lucky us.

    • @Gary, this isn’t so soon anymore.  Two more will leave, then it’s the finale.  Summer is here, dancing in the streets!

  6. Skylar was my favorite singer this season. She is the full package. Great singer, & performer. 

    •  I’m so glad to see Skylar act like the grown-up young lady that she is.  She will go far in her career.  Good luck Skylar.  I too (like the country singers) are embracing you.

    • “Next to go: Hollie”- which is what everyone has been saying for the past 4 weeks- and yet, she is still here! I am guessing you are thinking someone should pull her aside and tell her to give up and die already.

      •  If you took out your ear plugs you would hear Hollie is the best, she knows how to sing you can tell what she is saying. Joshua all he does is yell  or scream, that’s is good, no,no

  7. Skylar you are amazing , you showed a good attitude . It is very difficult to sing after the elimination. You just shows us how good you are. cannot wait any longer your fist album. After last night you are numero uno

      • Just be a sport and learn to accept the fact that his talented and you can’t take that away from him. P2 shld have left a long time ago he shld thank his good looks lol

  8. Skylar has no worries, she will definitely be a country singer.  Not another Carrie U. but more like a Keli Pickler and she deserves it.  

      •  Kelly P is one of the top 6-8 top selling idols all time.  Not a bad place to be.

      • Lawrence_hemlock.  You saying all country singers are the same is like my saying there is no difference between Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, and Lil Wayne.

      • If she does as well as Kellie (correct spelling) Pickler, I am sure she will be a happy camper since Kellie is #8 in sales of records of all AI Alumni to-date and is popular on tour.

      • You are entitled to your opinion but her name was spelled “Kelly” when she worked at the sonic down the street here in Albemarle.

      • Don’t worry, Taymaro.  Skylar will always be herself, not Kellie, not Miranda, not Carrie.  She will be a good addition to the family of country singers. She has gotten just what she desired from this competition: EXPOSURE.  That’s what it’s all about.  Only one can win, but many can get the exposure that results in a recording contract…..

  9. Skylar will be picked up for a recording contract….and she will not be locked in like the winner of Idol would be…she will have choices.

    • The funny thing is..she had just said the night before,how bad she wanted to win. She should have at least been honest. That comment made her look foolish.

    • The top 10 are locked into 19 Productions for 12-36 months, depending on the terms of the contract and most definitely until the tour is over. 

      They do release some after the tour who they think may not make it or who cause problems, like James Durbin last year, who refused to do the music Production 19 wanted him to do so they cut him.His debut album bombed. Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone,  Casey Abrams, Pia Toscano are still under contract to 19 Productions so there are 6 of the top 10 from last season managed by 19.

      • Thanks for the info on the contracts.  All those kids will make a bit of money, I’m sure.  The tour kids all get paid nicely for being on the tour.  That ain’t bad either.

  10. Skylar would be just fine. She’s ready for primetime. She could even be bigger than Carrie Underwood someday.

    • Only in her dreams. She could never be as big or as good as Carrie. An album or two and probably a faint memory. She blew it big when she tried to sing a Dusty Springfield song after she butchered CCR. The worst week she had and it cost her. She got too confident too soon.

      • Like she should have said “Oh no I don’t want to win or I don’t care” …then she would have been criticized even more.  And after being eliminated if she had been negative, then she would have been critized again…Seems like she can’t win with certain people….She has a promising career ahead of her.

  11. I think that Phillip Phillips will go home next week. He sounded the same week after week. I was alright hearing him singing the way he does up to top 8 and then now it is mediocre. I honestly believe he does not need AI to launch a career in music. He will as be as huge as John Mayer. At this point of competition, it will not affect anyone’s career if anybody gets eliminated.

    • if phil will go then it will be josh who stand alone against two girls…
      i could live with that…
      by next week he should go also

  12. I wonder why every week they say that phil is sick is there something wrong with him. i dont think josh should win .but not to many left i hope it goes phil and jessica

    • I think I read somewhere he has kidney stones or maybe gall stones (one of those stones) and that can be very painful.  Actually I think Ryan mentioned it after one of the Ford commercials.  You do not see P2 in any of them. 

      • Phil has had kidney stones since infancy.  They are chronic.  Early on in the competition he had a stint procedure to help, but they are still making him so ill that he’s had to forego the Ford commercial shoots.

    • They are just making excuses as to why he sucks! Then after the show he will get treatment and they will auto tune the hell out of his recordings and try to sell them as the real and healthy Phillip Phillips.

      Kidney stones are very painful. I have had them twice and had a different kind of outpatient procedure done each time. Neither of them had any long lasting affects. Once the procedure is done you are able to leave the hospital and go about your normal life. Maybe a little burning when you urinate afterwards for a couple of days. It’s not life threatening and it is very, very common.

    • Phil has some problems with kidney stones or something like that….

  13. Dear all Colton and Skylar fans

    We are not trying to steal your votes or anything and very sorry to hear that Colton and Skylar are not in the competition anymore. Both of them are fantastic artists. Colton is such a great performer. I still cannot get it over my head on why he got eliminated from AI. I thought he has tons of fans in America. Hmm….! On the other hand, Skylar is from the South, surely a lot of people would have voted for her. QUESTIONS? 1000x.

    It seems like this year AI was planned like in a movie. First, the exposure of the real identity of Jermaine Jones. Did the AI producers send him through to top 13 in order to have that one episode where he was being butchered with the police records on national television.

    Second, the episode where Jessica was eliminated. It seems so odd. How did Jessica get so few votes when she is clearly one of the singers who have tons of fans out there.

    Third, the shocking elimination of Colton Dixon!!! HOW WAS THIS ONE EVEN POSSIBLE? HE WAS DESTINED TO WIN THIS AI. HOW MANY TIME DID HE GET ROBBED BY AI? Last year he did not make it through top 42 and this year he was minced alive in top 7.

    Fourth, Joshua and Jessica are awesome but Joshua got countless times of standing ovation? I think Joshua will win this without the need of our votes. It will be done single handedly by the competition itself.

    This year AI is so ODD.

    • nice observation…you’re thinking too much…relax and enjoy the show

  14. Ok… I missed last night and I can’t believe Skylar was booted off. First it was Colton, then Ellise and Skylar. I am disappointed in Idol this year . I think it’s rigged and being racist to white people. Jessica needs to leave. Yes she can sing but she is boring. Playing her music in the car puts me asleep. Can’t sleep just play her music… Skylar was great she make you get up and moved. The songs choices it’s not her fault. Who ever picks them out for them. How much money does Idol people get to pick a wrong choice for Idol so an other Idol can win? I’ not watching anymore it’s rigged. If Jessica wins then maybe they should be investigated.

    • you are contradicting yourself there…you said her singing could put u to sleep then you said after that just play her music and you would not be able to sleep…????

    • How sad!  You need to accept the reality.  Well,  if you think Skylar is great, that’s fine, it’s your opinion and we’ll accept it.  But.. stop complaining about Jessica’s music, if you don’t like it, why bother listening to it.

      We have different opinion and for me, it’s the reverse!  We really enjoy listening to her songs and we loved it much. For me, she has best vocal in this competition and she always give justice to all her songs. 

      The admirations given to her by various music artists will prove that she deserves to be up there and whatever happens, I’m sure she will be successful in the future.

      I am just giving my opinion.

  15. well the judges do seem to be always do standing ovations for one person over anyone else and seems to be saying he is the best singer in the last 50 years!!! yea well maybe the others are tired of trying so hard and just seeing it is becoming one sided… 

  16. please… pleae… help vote jessica … God bless America!!!  LET’S SUPPORT AND VOTE JESSICA!!!GOD BLESS U ALL!

  17. damn why is every one againist josh face it pple he is awesome he is the best. Jessica comes after him,,, chill y`ll cos he is gonna win no doubts

    • Winning should not be determined upon sexual orientation or race, it should be on their merits when they sing.  When will people learn to accept things and if they don’t like it avoid it. No need to be mean spirited

  18. ok….were down to 4 contestant,,,,,this is not a question  of who sings better or better overall performance….this is a question of who has a bigger and loyal fan base,,,,,l would say jessica has the largest fan base even if you combine all the contestant on AI….her fan base  stretches all across the pacific,,,,

  19. call it a bad day for jessica,,,,her fan base will take care of that……this is not a singing contest anymore,,,,,,is a contest between who has a larger fan base,,,,,so its between the fans who will make the decision…….good luck fans…..

  20. I still say Hollie should have left a couple weeks ago. All of England must be voting!

      • People located in America, not Americans. Anyone can vote as long as they are located in America.

    •  No, it is Americans voting.  For example I voted for her and I know many people who do.  There are a lot of people who think she is the best singer.
      There are actually people who vote for the singing competition NOT the persons heritage or how cute they are or how old they are.

    • The only people with “England” in their location who can vote for Hollie are those who live in New England.

      Hollie has a great voice, has improved a lot over the past 2-weeks and was, overall, the best female singer on  Wednesday night, including the trio when she out sang Jessica.

      She and Skylar became best friends during the finals and I would not be surprised if many of Skylar fans vote for Hollie.

      Just for the record, she has lived in Texas longer then she lived in England, since she is 18 and has lived in Texas since 2002. So she was 7 or 8 when they came here, depending which month it was they moved.

  21. Jessica and Holly??? Really???  BORING!!!  They stand up like manequins and sing it’s so not fun to watch.  At the price of tickets to concerts I want a show too!!! Make it fun, make it energetic, make it worth the hard earned money I work for.

  22. PP,,joshua and hollie   have to start recruiting fans …not just their relatives or neighbors,,or their community,,,or even their state where they from,,,,,tell you what,,,is not gonna cut it…..

    • What do you mean–obviously they have fans & more than their family or community–they did make the final 4 & nobody makes it their with just their family and community voting for them.  I noticed you didn’t mention Jessica–so I am assuming that the power voting from the Phillipines is going to carry her through–you do know those votes don’t count! lol!  I think they all–including Jessica have a substantial fan base or they wouldn’t still be in the competition…duh!!

    • do you know how many fil americans are in the US ? what about the asian community ? don’t even count the mex american and the latino community .
      all these are useless if they don’t believe in jessica’s talent.
      they’ve been at least 4-5 AI fil-american finalists before most notably jasmine trias and of course , thia megia last season but i have never seen the fil american community as passionate as it is right now. so don’t give us that B.S. abt cheating (magic jack et al ) pls…

    •  dude you’re dellusional!  there are maybe at most 2 million filipinos in the US….even if they voted 50x each with 65 million votes is not enuf….talent is talent….the cream always rises to the top!!!

  23. There are a lot of different and good opinions in this thread so I will contribute mine.  I think Phillip should have gone home last night.  He simply cannot sing at all.  Some good singers have gone home before him so I think the little girls are keeping him on the show.  He does seem like a very nice guy, but I am talking singing here.  Colton, Elise and now Skylar are actually singers; especially Elise and Skylar.  Also, I once thought that Jessica was the Idol winner but the various styles of music have shown that her voice is not what we thought.  Hollie has the superior voice in power and clarity.  Beautiful.  The finals should be Hollie and Joshua but it won’t happen like it should.

    • Phillip is an artist..and he CAN sing. He will go on to have a very good career.

      • Enough of those “Philip is an Artist”. Side by side with Joshua’s voice? He’s mediocre!

      • Tyetus…seriously? Phillip sounds WAY better on You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling. Joshua sounds old fashioned.  Phillip makes it sound like he could record it today. 

  24. im a filipino but i think Jess aint gonna win…coz america surely gonna vote some white straight guy…

  25. I was sad to see Skylar leave, but I’m sure we’ll all be hearing her on the radio!  She is a great singer and performer.  I would much rather listen to her sing and watch her perform than Jessica.  At least Skylar came across as real.  Jessica is more suited for the Mickey Mouse Club.  I understand that she is young but I’ve had enough already!

    • I have had way enough of this praise on Jessica and Joshua  they will not sell many CD’s and their concernts will not pack the house
      let them go please

    • I agree…she has the  vocal ability but not the stage presence…yet…she needs not to win…to go away, mature a little and get a little of what Skylar has got…massive stage presence. 

      For those who don’t like Joshua, gotta know that what JLo has said is 100%, the music bus has not had for a long time a true R&B artist worthy…his take on the Bee Gees song, was amazing and if he released that as a single it will go to number 1 simply because the world is craving this type of music.  If industry stalwarts are saying that he is amazing and its not just one or two it is all of them and I personally agree…then they must see it in him as the voting public does.  I really, really hope that Philip does not win as this commercialism first song that is put out for the winner will do him any good.  He should finish 4th, with Hollie 3rd, Jessica 2nd and Joshua to win.  Just sayin…my opinion.

    • I think Jessica – whether she wins or not – is a perfect example of why the lowest audition age should go back to 16, or even 18.  Jess is very good but could use a bit more seasoning…..

  26. I was giving Skyler a standing O in my living room last night for the classy way she handled her elimination. No tears, no complaining – she just stood up and performed like a pro! I will most definitely buy that little girls album the day it comes out. I really hope Joshua goes home soon. I just don’t get it – I don’t seen America wanting to buy a gospel album. Who else thinks Hollie is only still there because America is voting against the judges?

    • No Hollie is good . The judges keep standing up for the boys alot that’s gotta stop. lol

    • Don’t know about the “against the judges” thing, but I do think Hollie might get Skylar’s fans’ votes…

  27. Skylar, Can’t wait untill your first album comes out and it will. You are a great person with great attitude too.

  28. One of the greatest things I learned this season was from Skylar:
    “My problems are as light as a feather because God holds them for me”

    Gonna miss you Pistol! Lasso in the moon!!!

  29. She’s putting on her best game face.  But, she’s not being truthful…she said so many times she wanted to win.  You don’t get to this point of the game and decide this wasn’t really your dream.   I’m sure she’s tired and down, but it’s all good.

    • I’m sure a singing career is her dream. American Idol has already served it’s purpose, and now it is time for her to start writing music and focussing on the future.

    • she did not say it was not her dream still, she was just gracias about being eliminiated.  she is a professional she will do good things

    • She is being realistic. Yes, she wanted to win. She said that the night before she was eliminated. She handled the situation in the most positive way which is the way she is. She didn’t throw a tantrum. She accepted the results and took the best from the situation. She gave her all even in her final performance.  Wish there were more people in this country who would follow her example. I’ve always enjoyed her performances and will continue to be a fan. You, essa, continue to discredit her even after she has been eliminated. What does that say about you?

    • …And I think Skylar is smart enough to know that a country singer was not going to win 2 years in a row….

    • ok then i will say, thats really a stupid commen of you to make

  30. All you people saying Hollie is “next”, how can you!? She hasn’t even performed yet! She’s probably still picking her songs!
    I’d rather Phillip goes, he has contributed absolutely nothing to this season except a lot of girls’ screams…
    Jessica vs. Josh or Hollie for the finale!!!

  31. I think this whole show is a scam.Skylar was the best performer the show had since the beginning. We all know who will win this one (the screamer) Hey get a clue” HE CAN’T SING”. I have to put in earplugs every time he comes on. I know that someone who knows real talent will take her to the top.Good luck  picking out real talent now.I won’t be watching any further.

  32. Cant believe she is gone, there will be no more fun in this show!!! No one one was as good as her. Im glad she has a good attitude about it.  I just dont want to see Jessica when, I will still vote just to make sure she dont, she just seems fake to me. Good luck Skylar I hope u make it very far in life with singing. May God bless you.

  33. like  i have said before the judges MESSED UP useing the save on jessica.. she shoild have been gone. skylar is for better then jessica. the save should been for her. this has about done american idol in. think it is time for some new judges. if hollie goes next good by ‘american idol’

  34. What America should do is keep Hollie and Phillip as the top two and vote out Joshua and Jessica….this will show how wrong the judges are to favor two contestants.  They should not control the outcome that way.  At this point, all the contestants are very good singers, but I as well as many strongly do not see Joshua as the “Best” Singer IDOL ever had or the “Best” in 50 years…..I still believe that Elise has one of the best voices, but seeing her perform on Ellen, etc…..just proves that she is better off being off the show.  The show is both a positive and a negative…it gives exposure and opportunities they would not have gained on their own,,,,but it is too controlling…not allowing the singers to be their own.  That’s way Skyler is also so relieved now that she is off.  Jessica is still too young…they are still molding her (although she may have an adult voice, she is still a child….How about IDOL Junior for the 16 year olds…..? She should never have sang the Tina Turner song, nor should she have dressed the way she has…it is too old for her.  She should be dressing like a teenager.  Good Luck Skyler, Elise and Colton.  Looking forward to seeing you on the IDOL Tour.

    • LOL, calm down. Randy is dumb anyway. He always said bombastic things like that every season

      • Randy, JLor & Steven T should be out this season end, next – 3 new judges please

  35. I just can’t understand how Phillip just keeps on sliding through. Everything he sings sounds the same.  His face looks the same and his body language is the same.  He and Hollie should be voted off the next two weeks.  The final three should have been, Joshua, Jessica  and Skylar.  They have performed far better than the rest.  They sing and tell a story that is so special and far above the rest.   

    • If you watch Idol for the past few years, it’s not about the best singer, but the most commercial talent, the package. At least that’s what the public saw during the shows. The career post Idol is a different story.

    • All five are talented,  but Phillip changes everything way to much, he does not have a personality and he needs to learn to dress. jessica cant dance and has no personality and all she can do is sing
      should have been Skyler but now i want Hollie and yes she can sing and she is cute and funny and getting better all the time

      • @Shelly an idol fan, may i ask you, does Adelle dance? what about Whitney or Celine Dion – do they have personality? i want to hear your opinion…what is personality in your meaning?

      • His kind of dressing belongs to his personality. I love this . Is shows, he is normal and grounded. He comes across more naturally than the   AI-girls with their  short dresses and the huge make up.

  36. It’s a shame but at the end of Idol it’s always a popularity contest. All those 10 year old girls voting for the cutest boy. It’s really getting old.

  37. Jlo needs to stop standing up for the boys if she wants a girl to win this year. Jlo stop it! lol

  38. I said from the beginning that the winner will be Jessica or Joshua…..

    • I said from the beginning the winner will be Phillip Phillips – thank you

  39. Carrie Underwood Confesses: “It’s Always Horrifying To Come Back” To ‘Idol’

    But Carrie didn’t seem to be too worried about country contestant Skylar Laine, who’d earned comparisons to Carrie this season but ironically was eliminated the same night Carrie performed. “She doesn’t need my advice! She’s already light-years ahead of where I was when I was on ‘Idol.’ I think she’ll be welcomed into country music with open arms,” said Carrie.

    • i hope so Im ready to buy her CD’s soon as she does them go Skyler

  40. In the past, judges commented on personality…not this year. Allison Iraheta was criticized for being “awkward”. Skyler had the most purging, upbeat personality this season. Jessica, who the judges swoon over, has NO personality. I don’t get it.

    • I agree, she has no personality, she to young, she cant dance
      and yes she is a great singer, but she is not the whole package of singer and entertainer and personality.  gee

      • i bet, jessica with that great voice, she can sell tons of album, lovine even called it magnificent

  41. I’m so upset that she went home, she was a great all around entertainer and I will miss her performances a lot. But I’m not worried about her, I know she’ll have a great career.

  42. Wonderful attitude. Kudo’s to her. I imagine that she will have a wonderful career.Way to go girl~!!!

  43. through these past weeks ive always imagined Skylar in Finale or top 3 …
    and yeah i think Skylar has a great personality she is so strong and has attractive behavior i think.
    and this is weird that Hollie is always in the bottom and she survives!!!!is n’t it all about chance??!!

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  45. I liked Skylar very much. She sounds like Reba when she sings. She was a very perky and happy singer. I was wishing that Philip would go home already. He has a lot of tweens voting for him. They think he’s cute. Come on people, vote for the most talented singer with the best voice. Does anyone remember Taylor Hicks? He has hardly been heard from since he won AI. Do we want another Taylor Hicks or do we want someone who makes an impression with their talent. A voice that will sell albums would be nice. Good luck to the top 4. May the best of the best win it all! Good luck to Skylar, she will make a great country singer. She has a good head on her shoulders and a great attitude.


  47. Skylar, I will miss you very much. The way you performed in the stage was very impressive. I believe that your talent will be recognized by a company after you leave American idol. Good luck !!!!!!!!!

  48. For the life of me I cannot figure out why the judges are pumping up Jason. I think they want him to win even though he is not the best singer this season. He’s a wedding singer at best

  49. I truly believe she was the best entertainer on the show! Hated to see her go but know she will make it with her great voice and entertaining performances! She also had the best attitude of any of the idols!

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